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Hillsong/Worship Playlist

I really enjoy music so here are a few songs I discovered that bring me so much closer to God and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

astronautbethjohanssen  asked:

beth and her cat headcanons? or beth + cats?

  • Beth is the biggest cat person ever, if she could adopt all the cats she crosses path with, she would. So it’s not a surprise the first thing she did when she got her first appartment was, in fact, adopt a cat. His name is Piper and he hates people, which is great for her, because she hates people too.
  • Piper is reluctantlyto her at first, he is a senior cat and is really fat. Beth follows his diet the same way she works on coding, like a religion, and sometimes she thinks Piper hates her more for that, but is for his own good.
  • Slowly, she wins Piper’s trust. She thinks it may have happened a day he couldn’t breath good and she stayed with him all the time at the vet, she noticed the cat let her pet him more often after that and that he was more relaxed in the apartment.
  • There was a couple of weeks when she tried to change Piper’s name to Cinnamon, since he really likes the smell of it, always calm when she lights a candle with that scent, and so. But like I say, he is a senior cat and it didn’t work and she kept calling him Piper when she forgot, so meh.
  • When she brings people to the apartment, especially guys she may think of date, the cat loses it and is mean to them. He doesn’t let anyone touch Beth, she belongs to him.
  • But the moment he met Chris? He loved the doctor. Or maybe he realized Chris is allergic and decided to slowly kill him, any of the options is actually kind of right.
  • She tried one to adopt another kitten, but Piper don’t like it and fought the other cat all the time. She ended giving the cat to her mother, so she still sees him when she visits.

do you ever get really emotional because maybe one day you’re going to meet your favorite actor/actress that plays your favorite character and YOULL BE LIKE WOW I CANT BELIEVE ITS YOU. YOU SAVED MY LIFE AND THEYLL HUG YOU AND GET A PIC WITH YOU bECAUSE I DO ALL THE TIME