i really love cheesy shit like this


Tron (1982)

imagine keith seeing a sad lance and having the desire of comforting him without knowing how to properly do it, so he resolves in shooting random compliments he never thought he could personally say out loud.

“listen i think you’re really great. like…super great. like….awesome. did i say great already? but i mean it. really. I love you—-r way of handling things. for real. you’re really pretty—-GOOD AT FIGHTING! yeah that’s about it….I like you—-r personality a lot….ahah….did i…fucking stutter”

lance looks at him and chuckles because he’s really happy keith made an effort to cheer him up even if he’s kinda left wondering Keith meant more to what He was saying

Austin Carlile

So, Austin released a statement telling us he will be leaving Of Mice and Men and why. I read that like 30 minutes ago and I’m still crying as I type this. I love Of Mice and Men and as cheesy as this sounds, some of their songs really have helped me through shit. And I’m so sad to see him go.

But, I stand with him in his decision, I support him and I hope to God he gets better, I can’t imagine having to live with that and how hard it must be on him especially traveling around a lot and staying up late playing shows.

 Austin will be missed by us all, and we really do hope you get better

the logic that bi girls ID’ing as “sapphic” or as “wlw” is somehow their attempt to “distance” themselves from heterosexuality (lol uh news flash but bi girls aren’t straight lmao) or that it’s inherently lesbophobic/harmful to lesbians or that they’re pretending that they face the “same things” as lesbians is just so awful and supremely idiotic on so many levels…. 

also there are SO MANY lesbians in happy and fulfilling and loving relationships with bi girls and i doubt they’d be happy hearing you say shit about their partners like that too so 

like i get that if someone dislikes the terms personally bc they find them cheesy or whatever that’s fine, or if someone only wants to be referred to as their specific sexuality (bc i get it, coming to terms w/ and being confident w/ how u ID is important and really difficult) that’s fine but tearing people down for ID’ing with those terms is so fucking heinous

esp. bc it’s not just bi girls who use those terms? lol? we’re united pls stop trying to tear us apart… we have different yet similar experiences for a reason lol it’s not going to kill you to operate on a community-based framework and not on a separatist or blind inclusionist framework 

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Lucina/Severa, 16 and 18?

16. Who wants to stay in bed just a little longer? 

I’m actually gonna have to go with Lucina. Neither are too terrible about sleeping in but I can imagine some especially early mornings Severa has to really prod her out of bed. 

18. Who leaves little notes in the other’s one lunch? (Bonus: what does it usually say?)

Lucina for sure, she’d say something cheesy like “My heart is always with you, love” but Severa would just gobble that shit up because she loves her cheesy gf

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Peter Maximoff is The King of corny Valentine's Day presents and he highkey gets you shit like the teddy bears that hold heart pillows that say "I'm yours" or the little bee toy that says "bee mine" when you pull the string and heart shaped boxes of chocolate and he's just? Super cliche but it's also really sweet that he puts so much effort into being so overwhelmingly cheesy?

thIS IS SO CUtE I WaNNA CRY HE’S SUCH A nErD!!! I love him?? so m uch???? (bonus if the bee toy is Barry B. Benson)

~ Clara

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It was really cute because it was in Green Park in London and the sun was out and there was lots of laughter in the air from other couples and families milling about - after she accepted they had a massive hug and didn't let go of each other and they were both really smiley and giggly and it was really cheesy but adorable ("It's supposed to be cheesy")

that is the kind of shit i live for

seriously i adore everything love related so proposals, promposals, asking to be bf/gf literally anything in that wavelength i’m like all for

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Imagine if monsters did Easter egg hunts though. For Doc and Teach, it could be Doc hiding sweets for Teach without telling him, and just following him around all day watching his reactions when he stumbles upon them. And Goop and Kid could just try to outtroll each other by hiding everyday items in the most obscure places, and inevitably at least one thing would be so obscure they'd forget where it's hidden and they'd spend the rest of the day disassembling the interior to try and find it.

Oh my god this would be adorable. I can really see Doc doing that for Teach, hinting that ‘hey, maybe you should look for more or those around the house’ or something. Trying to be coy and he’s totally fucking chill with doing something that cheesy for Teach when inside he’s probably screaming. Teach would fucking love it. Sometimes he forgets how cheesy/romantic Doc can be and shit like that is a good reminder.

Goop and Kid though? Oh god. It would become a competition.

Kid would probably start it. Hide something Goop was looking for and he’d find it and ask Kid if he did it and Kid would lie his ass off (because honestly when does Kid not fucking lie).

But Goop would know.

Next Kid would end up missing something and have to find it in an even harder spot. He wouldn’t confront Goop about it. He would already know. He would just have to look at him, and even though Goop could probably keep a straight face he knows that fucker.

It probably wouldn’t end until it got fucking ridiculous and Goop called it off, because I don’t think Kid would ever let up.

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The saddest thing is that Keith and Shiro's relationship is my favorite in the show. I love them so much and I really want to see tender and cheesy development for them, but I know every time I get a good moment the shippers make me feel like shit like "LMAO RIP ANTIS SHE//ITH IS ALIVE THEY WANNA BANG" and it just makes me so uncomfortable? Like these moments I should love also make me cringe. It's messed up.


this is almost EXACTLY how i feel about it too. i want them to develop their loving brotherly relationship without the sheiths screaming in our faces “LMAO ANTIS ARE DEAD ITS OBV THEY WANNA SMASH!!!” every time they have a nice moment together

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ok it may be kinda odd but imagine tom and his s/o are really musical and they always have to sit with that liquid stuff in their ears (cause it tends to build up in there to protect their ears from the noise, especially percussionists) and they say something cheesy like "the shit in my ear is melting away but not my love for you" or "melt my ass like this earw--" "before you continue that im just telling you it makes zero fucking sense"

i love this so much like???? it’s so dorky and sweet

But imagine

karaoke party
leo not being able to sing for shit
but he’s got special effects
“leo please put yourself out”
“you’re about to burn everything”
calypso sings a sad song and everybody cries their eyes out
calypso then sings something happier
“and that’s when the afternoon went from good to great”, chronicles noted
percy being all happy and everybody is like “shit he can sing? he can sing well? i’ve just discovered a whole new layer of reality?”
annabeth taking it too seriously and not moving an inch through an entire song
but then she just goes fuck it and dances so hard and she just really can’t dance
but she’s still happy even though she almost broke piper’s leg
piper accidentally loses control over her voice and some charmspeak sneaks in
everybody starts making out
it’s a mess
piper doesn’t sing for the rest of the party
jason dedicating a cute love song for piper to make her feel better
but he doesn’t quite get that karaoke is supposed to be casual and not serious
so he just acts like he’s singing the national anthem or sth
i know that there shouldn’t be multiple ships on one party but just
annabeth singing “shut up and dance with me” and EVERYBODY KNOWS IT’S FOR PIPER
idk if this is about percabeth or piperbeth anymore
you can choose your fav
back to the party
nico doesn’t sing
he’s above that
but just imagine what will does
“yes you are singing”
“no i’m not”
“yes you are”
and nico actually has a p good voice
now hazel
hazel just bein’ awesome
singing a duet with nico
she was never really listening to music so she just chooses random songs
one time she picked “never gonna give you up”
let’s just say it was a disaster
she had no idea why is everybody laughing
she’s just too pure for this world
frank thinks he can’t sing
singing the first song with the highest voice ever
but then he loosens up and it overall sounds kinda good
and reyna isn’t singing at first bc she’s too awesome for that
she sings one song and decides she’ll never do that again
because she managed to hit such a high note that all windows broke
because as much of a boss she is
i just really want to see them all have a good time for once
but probably midway through the party the world would’ve ended
because percy is somewhere else for ten minutes and all tartarus breaks loose

psst, to my fellow J/A fan I haven’t forgotten or jumped ship, not AT ALL, I’m just very obsessed with keith x lance right now but rest assured this ship is remaining one of my top favourites. And I’m still drawing them (trying to write for them too… but I don’t have a beta. And I really need one :/ )

In any case if you’d like to know I’m actually imagining an AU where Lance and Arya become friends (because they’re both very good with people and very agile methodical survivors on the battlefield, not to mention good thinkers with a good sense of strategy) while their short, hotheaded and overprotective boyfriends with secret lineage issues, Keith and Jon, act… overprotective. When shit rises. Making them both roll their eyes. 

Maybe it’s cheesy but whatever, I really love my own idea here.

This is the first year EVER I haven’t ranted about Valentine’s day

I think this shit’s growing on me

Like - I actually think all the things in work’s Valentine’s aisle are really cute this year

The thought of Valentine’s day no longer makes me want to gag

I’m suddenly in love with the idea of love

And I think I’m okay with that … . 


can someone please write me a really cheesy college bokuaka au in which kuroo dares bokuto to date a random person he picks. so kuroo picks akaashi, that guy in their literature class nobody likes because he’s always giving sassy comments and everyone thinks he’s a real smartass. bokuto accepts the challenge and obviously happens to fall in love in the process of trying to get akaashi to date him

like I love the philosophical aspect of trek, I love the deeper meanings, the important messages are like half of why I love trek so much because it doesn’t shy away from SAYING things that really matter

but also like. I absolutely love the fucking dumbass episodes where data becomes a moon goddess and picard geeks out about horses and archaeology and geordi falls in love with a hologram, like I honestly can’t get enough of this shit. I can’t take a damn thing seriously give me the cheesy shit please I live for this