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sounds of thedas: THE ANDERFELS

stone, dust, & the maker. harsh and unforgiving as their god; there is light, though it blinds. andraste moves in the very rock beneath you; even by day you can see the stars.

featuring tracks from the prince of egypt, assassin’s creed, dragon age: inquisition, gladiator, the kingdom of heaven, & journey



“I sighed, he sighed, the wind and flowers sighed too. I think those marble statues sighed along as well, in their lack of understanding the human condition” 


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Hey, did you check out the first Batman The Telltale series out yet? Any thoughts? Still don't know if I should get it but I trust you when it comes to Bats. :)

technical aspects for the pc edition:

  • run it in windows 7 compatability mode (either from the steam menu or the exe’s options)
  • if you have NVIDIA, make sure you go to the control panel, select the .exe from the program settings and change global settings to high performance otherwise the game’s FPS will be nonexistent and it WILL crash at the intro

story/gameplay aspects:

  • telltale is known for their storytelling mode with their merch so don’t expect arkham games-type action. is that bad? no. damn no. i have been craving a batman game focused 98% on good storytelling and it’s finally here
  • i’ve always been a fan of troy baker’s acting but he did a REALLY good job as both batman, bruce when he’s with alfred, and bruce “of the people”. it’s a bit make-or-break for me when it comes to bruce’s voice so this really just made me love everything even more
  • they let you be openly sulky and sarcastic bruce wayne?? like even if everything else’d sucked, that would sell me. or sell every episode to me. because i’m going to buy everything. there’s a crossover comic event in the next few months, catch me eating nothing for thirty days straight
  • the characterizations of everyone are incredibly canon and the interactions don’t feel forced. they give you the option to play bruce wayne as you see fit and even though they don’t let you deviate way too much (see: bruce starts hula hooping in the middle of a gala or something), you can still turn certain relationships around which gives you more freedom
  • i mean there’s seemingly good characterization for vicki vale, the character that’s been constantly butchered and down-played in the majority of batman comics history. this is big
  • sulky and sarcastic bruce wayne im

negatives: can’t adopt alfred. 0/10

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1, 2 and 11 :v

1. first gaming memory?

Playing “Boxing” with my brother on Atari 2600

2. first console?

Atari 2600 lol. And for fun, second one was SNES, then Playstation 1. All of which are older than I am XD

11. best soundtrack?

Oh this is totally unfair lol soundtracks are very circumstantial. Especially if you have nostalgia for it. Like there’s soundtracks I really don’t like that my friend Bailey loves since she grew up with them. Of course I like the Shadow of the Colossus, Undertale and Shovel Knight soundtracks, because each song triggers a memory of playing the game. But idk if I can call any of them the “best.”

One of my biggest headcanons with phan is that when Dan gets sick Phil just makes them both a bowl of soup, brings a bunch of DVDs into Dan’s room, and then just climbs in his bed and starts to play them without a word. And then when the movies start playing Phil wraps his arm around Dan and lays his head on his shoulder, rubbing his arm to make him feel more comfortable while being lazy all day.

But then when Phil’s sick I imagine Dan bringing all the pillows, all the blankets, and plushies into his room and piling them on his bed so they can make a giant fort where they then cuddle as Dan reads Phil his latest Stephan King book.

But really when either of them are sick I just know that they’re together and making each other feel better, sharing small kisses despite the chance of one getting the other sick. Because really if the other gets ill, then they just get to have another sick day.


“As I get older, I think about my children and the lives they may lead. I am so proud of them, I really am. Bailey is charming and loves people, Eric is so smart is unbelievable and I know hes going to do brilliant, then theres Molly who shows a knack for the written word so simpler to my own. I dont know as if I would ever be able to ask for better children to take on this world. They will be so amazing and beautiful every second. I know it. I wish I could see just how far they will fly, but I know one day they will lose me. I can only hope they will know I am always going to look after them. So my friend, as you read this know that I am happy. No matter what my life is looked back on as, I am happy with who I am, and who my children are.”

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Hi! I’m an 18 year old artist who has been struggling to keep up with school mainly because of computer difficulties. I’m in year 12, so how I do this year is very important, and with a heavy work load I don’t have time for a job. Recently, my computer broke down and I’ve been unable to fix it, and my ipad is starting to break and will not make the year.
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