i really love all the partners on this show actually

Closet Artists

Request: “Paladins when s/o can draw and draws a pic of them when the paladin isn’t’ looking. (S/o get’s caught doing art of their partner lol)”

A/N: i live for these


  • He finds out when your sketchbook is lying open to some doodles of him and the team
  • Asks you about them
  • A little shocked that you would actually draw him
  • When you show him some more, he almost dies
  • They’re just. so. good?
  • He just loves your art so much


  • Is rummaging through some stuff to look for something
  • Finds your sketchbook, realizes it isn’t his, but it looks a little familiar and flips it open
  • Is really blushy when you find him looking through it
  • Realizes that this is what you were doing all the times he caught you staring at him
  • Will deny it, but he actually really likes how you draw him


  • Sees you drawing him while he’s just chilling out
  • Doesn’t say anything, but he starts to pose
  • When/if you realize, will either totally deny it or just, “yeah i’m modeling for you, you can draw and I’m hot.”
  • Doesn’t really see why you’re so embarrassed
  • Assures you that it’s good
  • Loves your style


  • He sees your sketches of him when he walks past you when you’re drawing
  • Stops and kinda just… what?
  • Is practically breathing down your neck to look at the sketches
  • Wonders why you’re drawing him
  • And then he’s like, draw me


  • She just steals your sketchbook
  • Like you’re asleep and she knows where you keep it and she just looks through it
  • She flips through like every page and finds all the ones of her(probs finds some drawings of Matt in there too)
  • Feels so nice??
  • Like, wow you think I’m interesting enough to draw me
  • Laughs when you freak out
  • Will purposefully turn away/move more when you’re trying to draw her
It isn’t Lucas that Cory should be afraid of?

In Boy Meets World, during episode 7x02, “For Love and Apartments”, Jedediah (Topanga’s dad) tells Shawn that he didn’t like him because he was afraid of him.

“Because I always thought it was going to be you in the basement with Topanga. Hunter, I was scared of you. When actually I should have been afraid of…[laughs]

That reminds me of Cory chasing after Lucas as if he was afraid of him. 

But, I’ve been thinking, what if Cory is actually afraid of the wrong person all this time? When, in reality, his daughter belongs with someone else, maybe…Farkle?

It’s pretty obvious that Farkle loves Riley and only Riley since he doesn’t show romantic interest in Maya whatsoever. He has always been there for her, supporting her in ways no one could. They’re each other’s partner. They have really deep conversations (Belief, Texas 3, Permanent Record), plus their subtle glances and how they really know each other.

I don’t know about you guys but Cory should REALLY be afraid of Farkle Minkus.

jo-zee  asked:

Hey Guillermo, I just wanted to say that your presence as a mod here is actually really helpful to me as a fat person with a skinny partner. I struggle with internalized fatphobia and while he tries to be supportive, he has a lot of fatphobic biases to deal with. So having you, a skinny person, answer these questions, actually shows me that skinny people CAN understand these issues and helps me to demand more respect. Also, all y'all mods are 10/10. this blog has changed my life for the better.

<33333333333 You are a sweetheart. Thank you darling. I’m really glad I can be of any help. And I hope your partner can also learn and that you can grow together to a much healthier relationship.

Love you tons <33

- Mod Guillermo

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I don't believe Anders actually loves Hawke. He's not the first LI to lie to his partner but he is the only one that tricks them into helping him murder a bunch of innocent people. Imagine if a mage Hawke had actually been implicated in that. There was ZERO concern for Hawke's safety and well being. "if you love me you'll do this..." "help me get rid of justice" bull and shit.

That’s a really interesting point. I mean either way Hawke does get blamed at least partially for the events of DA2 I mean that’s why Cassandra showed up, but Anders didn’t think about all of that even if he supposedly cared for Hawke.

Love You Like I’m Gonna Lose You | Cisco and Jedikiah

For the first time since he could remember, Cisco was actually nervous, as he knocked on Jedikiah’s door. He had never really had a relationship where his partner treated him as an equal. And Jed did that even after knowing all the things he had done in the past. He was still willing to give him a shot, and that had been more than what people had offered him in the past couple of years of his life. He was more than grateful to the Kanima, and he meant to show it to him. So he had rented a nice car, and made a reservation at that Chinese restaurant he had meant to try out. He was wearing dark jeans, a v-necked white t-shirt, and a beige blazer. His hands were in the pockets of his jeans when Jed opened the door, and Cisco smiled. “Hello, Belo. I hear we have a date for tonight. Are you ready?”