i really love all the partners on this show actually

Closet Artists

Request: “Paladins when s/o can draw and draws a pic of them when the paladin isn’t’ looking. (S/o get’s caught doing art of their partner lol)”

A/N: i live for these


  • He finds out when your sketchbook is lying open to some doodles of him and the team
  • Asks you about them
  • A little shocked that you would actually draw him
  • When you show him some more, he almost dies
  • They’re just. so. good?
  • He just loves your art so much


  • Is rummaging through some stuff to look for something
  • Finds your sketchbook, realizes it isn’t his, but it looks a little familiar and flips it open
  • Is really blushy when you find him looking through it
  • Realizes that this is what you were doing all the times he caught you staring at him
  • Will deny it, but he actually really likes how you draw him


  • Sees you drawing him while he’s just chilling out
  • Doesn’t say anything, but he starts to pose
  • When/if you realize, will either totally deny it or just, “yeah i’m modeling for you, you can draw and I’m hot.”
  • Doesn’t really see why you’re so embarrassed
  • Assures you that it’s good
  • Loves your style


  • He sees your sketches of him when he walks past you when you’re drawing
  • Stops and kinda just… what?
  • Is practically breathing down your neck to look at the sketches
  • Wonders why you’re drawing him
  • And then he’s like, draw me


  • She just steals your sketchbook
  • Like you’re asleep and she knows where you keep it and she just looks through it
  • She flips through like every page and finds all the ones of her(probs finds some drawings of Matt in there too)
  • Feels so nice??
  • Like, wow you think I’m interesting enough to draw me
  • Laughs when you freak out
  • Will purposefully turn away/move more when you’re trying to draw her

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what's the difference between tae/kook and Ji/kook? I'm new to the fandom, and I've seen both of these pairings, and a lot of people say stuff like "they're more real" and stuff. I noticed that tae/kook is more popular, but I think i probably like ji/kook more. But...what makes them different, as in what makes the other more real??

I answered a similar ask here

First of all, welcome to the fandom! I hope you’re loving BTS and ARMYs are kind to you :)

It’s all just based on your personal preference to be honest. I, personally, see a jikook moment and think that it’s way more tension-filled and boyfriendy than when I see a tae/kook moment. But some people see th eopposite. For me, and most jikook shippers, jimin and jungkook have blatantly obvious sexual and romantic tension (ie. the many stares, the subtle touches, and use of informal speaking). They have this certain mood that surrounds them when they are alone or with others, one that makes you just go “oh, they’re dating.” 

I’m not going to say one ship has more real moments, becuase every ship does. There have been plenty of tae/kook moments that have made me squeal. But one major factor for me is that tae/kook seems like best friends, not boyfriends. When I see a tae/kook moment, the tension, the mood, none of that is there. I don’t sit there and contemplate if they could or could not be real because I don’t get that feeling from them. 

I mean, personally, I think some pretty nice jikook moments that kind of are more wow than tk moments are ones like: 

-the stares: jimin and jungkook have this thing where they always manage to make eye contact, or they stare at the other one for an extended amount of time. jimin and jungkook are always looking at each other, and those stares are usually accompanied by small smiles and lowkey blushes. And not to be that person, but a lot of the time I can see the sparkle and love in their eyes as they stare at the other person.

-the fact that they speak informally: satellite-jeon made a really good analysis to this once before, and since she speaks korean, it just makes it that more 🤔 A lot of the time, especially recently, jikook talk to each other in informal speech, which isn’t common between a hyung and dongsaeng unless they’re like… partners. All of BTS said jungkook could speak imformally, but he refused. He only speaks imformally with Jimin, showing how jk thinks of jm as his equal (further shown when he made both their actual ages 21) and he thinks of jm as closer than just his hyung. this is also why jk usually doesn’t say “jimin hyung” and instead says “jimin-ah” or just jimin. Because he is comfortable and feels close enough with jm to do that. 

-how often they are alone: jk and jm have gone off on their own A LOT. they did it for jk’s birthday in 2016. they did it during bon voyage. in hawaii. and now (rumored) in las vegas. and they are all nighter friends. they often have twitter videos together where they are obviously alone as well. these two spend a lot of outside time together that they don’t technically need to do. Not to say other members don’t but like…. jikook makes it known lmao. 

-the subtle touches: jikook touch each other frequently, like a lot. and ik skinship is common in korea, but again, satellite-jeon made a post about how skinship that jikook have isnt common between hyung and dongsaengs. like older ppl in korea rarely let those younger than them touch them that way. it’s not very common unless the two are again, partners. 

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There’s a lot more honestly, but I’m distracted by the bbmas rn lololol. 

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Oh shit, new HC blog. I'm all over this. HCs on how the chocobros react to their s/o telling them they're pregnant?

Oh shit, What up!  Welcome! I love the pregnant ones they’re always so cute or funny! Tell me how I do!



You had to admit, you really weren’t expecting this,  you expected maybe shock or a blank look. After all it was your Noctis, but the reaction you got was completely out of the blue.

You figured that while laying down next to your sweet loving partner, both of you caressing each other as you played around the rim of dreamland, it would actually be cute to tell him the exciting news.

“Noctis,” You called, as he hummed slightly showing he was still on this side of dreamland, yet his eyes remained closed. “Noctis, honey wake up please.”

“Yes?” He asked, pulling you closer. Only finally opening his eyes as you sat up on your bed, a look of hurt, than confusion, finally concern appearing on his face, as you turned to face him.

“Noctis, I’ve got some news.” You begun, as he stared at you wide awake now. Swallowing hard you, decided to just blurt it out, “Noctis, I’m pregnant!”

Now this is where everything went awry, you watched as it dawned on Noctis only to see him warp from the bed, falling to the floor.

“Noct, are you okay?” You gasped, as you crawled over to the side of the bed to see him laying across the ground, smiling at the ceiling.


You could help but smile at his silly grin, you really did love this man.


You needed the perfect timing to tell Prompto, so you decided to take him to see the new Chocobo babies being hatched at the nearby nursery. You stayed back as you wanted him coo and laugh over the cute little ones welcoming the world.

“Sweetie, come take a picture with this one.” Prompto called.

“Don’t you want one of you and one, you’ve been taking pictures of me all day.”  You reply, as you walk over to the blonde, going for his camera.

“But it’s two of my favorite things, Chocobos and you.” He cooed, placing a kiss to your nose, as you giggle.

“Yes, but maybe I want one with all of us.” You stated waving a worker over, as he released his camera to the cute girl wearing the uniform for the hatchery.

The two of you lining up with the family of Chocobos, smiling as the blonde wrapped an arm around your shoulders holding you close.

“All right, on 3.” The girl called as she rose the camera to her eye, “1, 2, 3.”

“Cheese.” “I’m pregnant!”

The camera clicked, as the girl handed you back the camera, with her congratulations before going to stop a kid from riding off into the sunset. Looking at the picture you could help but laugh, at the blonde staring at you in shock in awe, while you smiled at the camera like you were suppose to, looking up to see your love still standing there in shock. You could almost see the gears grinding back to work.

“Your face is perfect!” You laugh.

“You’re, are you serious?” He asked, as you walked up to him.

“Mmhm,” You giggle, as a large goofy smile appeared on that freckled face. Feeling him place a hand on your stomach, as he tilted your head up, pushing a kiss to your lips.


“I’m home!” Gladiolus called, from the front door, as you stood in the kitchen finishing the last of dinner.

“Welcome home babe!” You yell back, as you heard his heavy footsteps coming into the kitchen. Wiping your hands on a rag as you turned to greet him at the archway, having him lean down as you pushed a kissed to his cheek. “How was your day?”

The tall man stretched his long limbs above his head, “Same ole, same ole. What about you, feeling any better?”

You gave a nod, as you stared the man in the eye, you had thought that you had caught a bug going around, so you went to the doctor this morning, “So Iris took me to the doctor today, and well it turns out I don’t have a cold.”

“Really?” Gladiolus muttered walking over to the pot on the stove, seeing that you were making homemade ramen.

“Well, Gladdy,” You smiled as you took his hand into your own. “I’m pregnant! With twins!”

You beam, as the tall man stood before you, only for you to shriek his name as his eyes rolled into the back of his head as he collapsed like a huge tree. Panic engulfed you as you rushed over to the tall man, using a piece of mail to fan his head, pulling out your phone.

“Ignis? Ignis, hi, I’m sorry to call so late, but I need your help… No, no I’m fine, it’s Gladdy… no, no he’s fine. He fainted, yes tell Noct he can come, yes Prompto too. Yes, Noct it’s super funny, but I’d really appreciate it if you help me get the big guy off the kitchen floor, I can’t get to the stove.”

The big guy came around about 10 minutes later, as you assisted him to the living room sofa. After he got his bearings he pulled you close, a huge smile plastered to his face, “Whoa twins!”

Not even Noctis and Prompto laughing at him was enough to stop that goofy grin.


“Are you feeling all right, darling?” Ignis inquired as you both sat down for a light lunch in his office as per the normal lunch date. “This is your favorite.”

You smile softly, as you moved the food on the plate, “It’s fine, dear.”

You had been sitting on this news for over 24 hours and you had just recently gotten over the stun effect of it all, once you sat down across from the man. Taking a fork full of food to your mouth, you hesitated before setting it back down. Immediately setting off the man across from you as he reached out taking your hand.

“Something is bother you, what is it?” Ignis asked, “I do not mean to pry, yet I don’t like that you’re feeling the need to keep something from me. I shall respect your wishes should you not feel ready to speak about it, yet know that I am here.”

You couldn’t help but smile toward the man, as you laced your fingers within his own, “I’m just…Ignis for a while would it be all right if we make meals for 3?”

Ignis sat back in his chair, obviously thrown off by the statement. “I don’t see any problems with that, may I ask why?”

Moving to stand from your chair, you walked over to the man, taking one of his large hands placing it on your stomach, “I’ll be eating for two for a while.” You replied, watching as the man turned to you, than down to where his hand rested on your stomach, a gentle smile appearing on his face.

“It would be my pleasure, my loves.”

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silly question im sure but what classes do you think punk hanzo and mccree would share if any bc i love the idea of them being paired up for a partner project and it being hanzo's big chance to actually show off to mccree and yee

this is a really good question actually and i’ve been thinking about it too! i think they would share the creative classes.

first of all, Art Class. 

Where they have to draw each other, hanzo of course trying his best not to stare at the beautiful man infront of him. Getting really flustered but he’s really good at it and Jesse wants to keep the drawing.

Music Class:

Hanzo is incredibly good at playing the piano and Mccree at the guitar. Together they practise and hearing mccree sing in that low warm voice of his has Hanzo shake to the core. 

Dancing Class:

Both of them really know how to dance. at first they’re rather shy about teaming up together. They both know a lot of dances, but their personal favorite is Swing where they can really let themselves go and have fun, their bond growing stronger. 

Cooking Class:

Here is where Hanzo really shines, he loves to show Mccree how to cook japanese dishes. and mccree is very interested, eager to learn from him. This is where they also get the chance to chat and get to know each other better.

Husband Taeyong

Request: heey :) could you please do a husband!taeyong? i loved the one with yuta. your blog is amazing aha bye

  • my third husband request hehe
  • and it’s been long since i did a taeyong scenario so this is perfect!!
  • i remember he was my first bias and now idek where he is in my bias list im sorry taeyong ily
  • but maybe check out boyfriend taeyong first?
  • i’d die for husband! taeyong because he’s so husband material i love him
  • let’s start

  • i feel like he’d be a die hard romantic and be all cliche,

  • as compared to yuta & johnny
  • especially since he invited you to a five star restaurant like what??
  • who sells a plate of dishes for like 20$ each
  • and at first you’re like
  • “babe what are we doing here, we could just be eating mcdonalds right now??”
  • “you’ll know later”
  • and he’s all dressed up super formally, probably wearing a suit and all
  • and he bought you a dress too
  • which you had no choice but to wear because it was too pretty and it fits you perfectly
  • so you try your best to order the cheapest meal there
  • but taeyong stops you and asks you to order the things you WANT to eat
  • and to not care about the price
  • and he gives you the stern look™ so you have no choice but to listen to him
  • so dinner goes past like usual
  • with him sharing stories of the other members and what they did at practice
  • like how yuta got all emo because winwin couldn’t turn up & how doyoung was just laughing at him the whole time
  • that’s another story, let’s focus back here
  • suddenly the waiter walks up to taeyong and leans down to whisper something
  • then taeyong nods his head and gives him some kind of signal
  • and you’re just sitting there like what?? is?? happening??
  • and taeyong knows you’re going to ask him so he just stares at you and gives you this cheeky shy smile
  • the waiter arrives with a big plate of chocolate cake which looks super expensive
  • and there’s small little box beside it
  • the lights suddenly get dimmer
  • and there’s some sweet and slow music playing in the background like??
  • all the workers are staring at yall with their hands intertwined
  • taeyong gets up from his seat and goes over to you
  • he grabs the box
  • but he hugs you and he whispers into your ear
  • “will you marry me babe”
  • and then he opens the box and it’s the cutest wedding ring ever because it’s unique??
  • it has taeyong’s name engraved on it but also your birthday
  • and you’re like too speechless to say anything
  • you just stare at him and nod your head, on the verge of tears
  • he notices and he hugs you even tighter and gives you pecks all over your face
  • everyone is cheering!!
  • turns out he had been planning this for months
  • and thanks to the members they helped him plan it too
  • this child at heart actually wanted to fold a paper ring for you until yuta scolded him and told him to ‘up his game’ a little
  • how cute
  • okay but him as a husband, he’s really sweet and protective?
  • he has your back for everything
  • and would do anything to make you happy!!
  • he feels that it’s his responsibility to take care of you, so he usually does all the work
  • like housework, cooking, driving you to work amd so forth
  • you live for his cooking because it’s different everyday like how?
  • he cares and loves you so much he nags a lot
  • which you tease him about it all the time
  • “why didn’t you make our bed this morning”
  • “it doesn’t matter babe, it’ll be messy again anyways”
  • “no, you have to be neat”
  • “if you’re gonna be this naggy, i pity our kids next time”
  • “hey! come back here you-”
  • “i love you hehe”
  • “i wouldn’t mind having kids now though-”
  • “taeyong stop 👀”
  • y'all still act like a new couple though, and often get really childish and playful, but it’s all cute so!!
  • but being married to him means you automatically become the parent of nct too
  • which is why the other members always drop by your house
  • and asks y'all for help
  • “i’m hungry y/n!!”
  • “doyoung the fridge’s just there, you can just take anything you want”
  • “hyung! can i sleep here for today?”
  • “why?”
  • “yuta keeps clinging onto me”
  • “aw winwin come here”
  • “yay thanks y/n!!”
  • the dream members probably have your contact names set as mom and dad in their phones
  • while the hyung line’s ones are
  • “annoying but cute married couple”
  • but when both of you are alone and at home though
  • most of the time y'all spend time cuddling and watching shows and movies together
  • he still brings you out on small dates and trips
  • but other days you would just spend the day making out and feeling each other
  • he loves you and your body so much he always has his hands on you
  • and he becomes a total different person in bed, you love it
  • im a smol child i don’t write smut im sorry :-(
  • loves to show you off in public
  • “is she your girlfriend? shs’s beautiful!”
  • “actually, we’re married haha”
  • “really? how young!”
  • “thank you! and yes, isn’t she just beautiful?”
  • he’s your counsellor, your best friend, your partner and everything you could ever as for
  • because he’s always taking care of you and not complaining at all you love it so much
  • plus he gets super excited and becomes a small child at times it’s so cute
  • like that one time you told him you wanted to go to the carnival
  • he kept jumping around and hugged you excitedly
  • how pure™
  • he wears your wedding ring everyday and probably has your wedding photo kept in his wallet
  • so he can stare at it everyday
  • i’ll stop here and im sorry if it’s too short or bad im sorry ahh
  • i love taeyong
The Mystery of the Flirtatious Cat

Summary: Alya knows that Chat Noir loves Ladybug; after all, why else would he flirt with her and no one else? However, Marinette’s revelation that he had, in fact, flirted with her before throws her for a loop. Alya’s not sure why Chat Noir only flirts with Ladybug and Marinette, but she’s going to get to the bottom of this mystery.


“- And that’s why Ladybug and Chat Noir are totally together!” Alya declared triumphantly. It was the only answer that could be drawn given the wealth of evidence.

Unfortunately, Marinette seemed to be having a hard time accepting that as Alya spotted her rolling her eyes.

“They’re not together.” Marinette flatly said. At the same time, her voice held a note of confidence, as if she was completely sure of her response. However, as Marinette usually didn’t pay much attention to the city’s resident superheroes, Alya knew she had the advantage.

“Then how do you explain all of the evidence otherwise?” She put forth, not willing to back down.

“Maybe you’re just looking a bit too much into it.” Even as she said it, Marinette cringed a bit. Of course, Alya just raised an eyebrow in response.

Sure, there were a few times she jumped the gun and barreled into a situation, the incident resulting in her becoming Lady Wifi being the most infamous, but she was a journalist. Analysis, especially given a long period of time and plenty of documentation, was her specialty. Though she was pretty sure that the two’s magic interfered with her investigation.

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what are some good movies to watch? some with m/m pairing would be nice. it seems like u watch a lot of good movies so I thought I'd just ask u! ^^

I can’t tell if you’re wanting movies that just include m/m pairings or if you specifically want gay themed movies with m/m pairings but I’m going to just list the first one so if some of these aren’t “gay enough” for you, sorry. I’m not putting them in any sort of order:

1) Shelter (one dude think he straight one dude know he not… fall in love……….)

2) I Killed My Mother (angsty teen hates his mama… Also happens to like boys…….)

3) The Way He Looks (from a short film they turned into a movie cuz everyone loved it. Blind boy falls in love with another boy. Does other boy fall in love too?? Who knows… Watch the film)

4) Lilting (not sure if this is a spoiler but maybe don’t read this in case if it is: boy dies, boy leaves behind his boyfriend, boyfriend visits his dead boyfriends mom and forms a bond with her)

5) Boys (two dudes on a track team together… Have the hots for each other… One is !! NOT GAY !!…. Yes he is.)

6) Velvet Goldmine (weird ass film… It’s lowkey about David Bowie and Iggy Pop… Ewan McGregor is in it and he’s the love of my life so… Yeah)

7) London Spy (it’s a show but watch it… You’ll fuckin hate me afterwards but trust me it’s amazing) 

8) Queer As Folk (U.S.) (also a show but can’t get any more m/m pairings than that) 

9) Beginners (stars Ewan McGregor… Guys father comes out as he is dying… Lots of flashbacks in this film.. Amazing movie. Ewan trying to do an American accent.)

10) Any Day Now (two men fall in love… trying to raise a child together while the mother is in jail. they wanna adopt the kid. Sad film don’t watch it if you’re looking for a pick-me-up)

11) Philadelphia (tom hanks is playing a man dying of AIDs. He tries to sue his former employees for wrongful termination for firing him because he had HIV… Two gay men in love with absolutely no physical affection besides a slow dance…. Thanks Hollywood)

12) I Love You, Phillip Morris (starring Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor. Two guys fall in love in jail. Based on a true story. Very wild ride lmfao..)

13) Prayers For Bobby (based on a true story. Teen is raised in a strictly religious family. Realizes he’s gay… Slowly accepts it while he’s supposed to be “getting better” with prayer and such. I don’t wanna spoil the film but there is something potentially triggering in here involving suicide… Just a heads up)

14) Brokeback Mountain (starring Jake gyllenhaal and Heath ledger. Two southern boys fall in love in the 60s. Both get married and start families with women but keep coming back to each other on secret trips)

15) Weekend (boy meets boy for what is supposed to be a one night stand buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut it wasn’t)

16) Ludwig II (starring Sabin Tambrea. Based on the life of King Ludwig II of Bavaria.)

17) Shameless (U.S.) (a tv show… Used to be good… Went to shit and I won’t watch it anymore but yeah)

18) Seashore (two dudes go to this beach house because they’re on some sort of mission that never gets fully explained???)

19) Sense8 (tv show again. really good and there’s more lgtbq representation than just the m/m couple Hernando and Lito)

19) North Sea Texas (personally I hated this film but maybe you’ll like it idk)

20) Latter Days (Mormon guy struggles with his sexuality)

21) Edge Of Seventeen (teenager growing and accepting himself)

22) Free Fall (two cops like each other. one of them is kind of in denial and has a gf and a baby. And yes one of the guys in here is Wolfgang in sense8.) 

23) Geography Club (secret club for lgbtq youth at school they named it geography club so no one would wanna join. main character is a gay boy who accepts he’s gay pretty early in the film but doesn’t want everyone to know… he falls in love with a football player)

24) Pride (idrk how to describe this movie? but Andrew Scott from Sherlock is in here) 

25) Kill Your Darlings (based on a true story? Or like based on actual events? anyway Daniel Radcliffe’s character kinda falls for Dane Dehaan’s character… Yeah I don’t really know what to say about this film without spoilers so..)

26) Looking (tv show. gay friends all struggling with stuff involving gay male relationships and other parts of life)

27) A Single Man (college professor isn’t handling the death of his partner well and wants to take his life. ppl who love him try to help him)

28) Hit The Floor (tv show. Honestly have no idea what the show is actually about I don’t even think it’s that good tbh buuuut of course I watched for the m/m pairing because im always thirsty for lgtbq+ rep)

29) Shadowhunters (tv show… Acting isn’t very good but you know *shrug emoji*)

30) How To Get Away With Murder (again, a tv show… Sorry)

31) Suicide Room (you thought I was gonna write a list and leave out this poor representation that everyone was obsessed with in like 2011? Wrong!)

32) Were The World Mine (don’t know wtf this was… Wouldn’t ever watch it again… But I’m tryin to give u what u want here man)

33) Another Gay Movie (gotta love when there’s a movie super obnoxious and showing off every single gay man stereotype… or hate? can never tell…)

34) Kiss Me Softly (short film because why the hell not… Clinging to whatever sort of representation we can possibly find rn)

35) Dare (ANOTHER short film because whyyyyy theeee fuuuuck nooooot)

36) In The Flesh (even if you don’t watch anything on this list, watch this fucking show. Main character is a zombie he’s also gay but the show doesn’t revolve around him being gay BUT they don’t drown out his sexuality either. Very VERY good show. It got canceled so there’s no real ending to the story which is INFURIATING.)

37) Holding The Man (based on the memoir of Timothy Conigrave. tells the story of tim and his husband and their relationship of 15 years and their life living with hiv. very sad movie, just a warning) 

38) 4th Man Out (this is a comedy about a dude who comes out to his very straight group of bro-dude best friends lmfao. they try to help him find a bf)

39) Fair Haven (guy comes back from a gay conversion camp and ! surprise ! it didn’t work.. he’s still gay.. still likes his ex bf)

40) Bridegroom (documentary about a guy who struggled with no legal rights when his partner died because they couldn’t marry.)

41) The Falls (two mormon guys were assigned on a mission together… yeah)

hope this helps!

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KnB fluffy headcanons?

still not over knb ending tbh. also since you didnt give any specific characters i’ll do my favourites! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ


  • He definitely ‘accidentally’ scares his partner all of the time. He hides behind corners and appears out of no where just because he find their reactions adorable
  • Always insists on buying his partner milkshakes and although he would never admit, he secretly loves sharing one drink with two straws, He definitely finds it romantic
  • He loves watching his partner smile and laugh so when choosing movies, he always chooses comedies


  • He definitely uses cheesy pick up lines, before the relationship has begun and during the relationship. His personal favourite is “If you were a basketball, I’d never pass because I want to keep you all to myself”
  • He would love seeing his partner in the crowd supporting him. It would make him want to impress them and show them what he could do
  • He loves cuddling. He’s actually a giant teddy bear who constantly latched onto his partner and whines when he doesn’t get attention


  • He really likes playing games like Eye Spy with his partner, although sometimes it may get slightly inappropriate. Also loves to have thumb wars with them and gets all pouty when he loses
  • If he feels like his partner isn’t paying enough attention to him, he gives them the silent treatment and one of the only ways to snap him out of it is to give him a kiss
  • He loves sharing his music with his partner but he’d get embarrassed about it so he’d end up accidentally putting it on their phone one day


  • He is always touching his partner. Whether it’s holding hands or kissing or hugging, if his partner’s around, he’ll be practically glued to them the whole time. This can be a bit of a problem during practice
  • He’s definitely the type of person to turn to the crowd and point at his partner and yell out something along the lines of “Did you see that _______?” when he does something especially cool
  • He and his partner definitely dance around the house as 3am in their underwear with music on. He’ll have air guitar competitions with them and refuses to admit defeat

I didn’t come to yoga with a lot of natural flexibility or strength. I’ve always been curvy, and I’ve been sensitive about my body size since childhood. When I started practicing yoga, I would intimidate myself into thinking that there were certain asana that would always be completely out of my reach. I assumed that fat people have limits. I didn’t understand the power of progress. I didn’t understand that progress takes time. Our society thrives on impatience, and it’s easy to convince ourselves of inadequacy when we don’t see immediate results. I think my Instagram presence can make that internal battle seem like it’s in my rearview window, but that’s completely off base. Self-hate and self loathing are addictions like anything else, and stepping away from those vices means entering a permanent state of recovery. I am a self-hate addict- it didn’t magically go away when I started practicing advanced asana. But those struggles shouldn’t be covered up or swept under the rug. At the end of the day, those struggles are really what make us made for yoga. The practice doesn’t exist to inflate egos. Legit, my ego has NEVER served me- if anything, it’s consistently inhibited my capacity for happiness. I don’t want to live under the shadow of my childish ego forever. That’s why I keep showing up on my mat-because unpacking all this bullshit is the only work that actually matters. I love working with my #partner @mandukayoga- in fact, the ballet style leggings I wore in @glamourmag are by Manduka. In a universe where plenty of yoga brands could give a fuck less about showcasing a diverse yoga community, Manduka is actually out here trying to make progress. I chatted with the design team this past winter, and I expressed my concern about their limited sizing options. Some of us can’t even wink at a size Large, ya dig? The team was very receptive, and I’m looking forward to a size expansion soon. I’m just glad they give a fuck, honestly- and it’s time for everyone else to wake up, too.

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Monsieur Raeken

For the anon who wanted the reader dressed as a French maid to help Theo relieve his stress. It’s like a year late but I got it! It’s probably really bad but I got a rush of inspo.

Originally posted by werewhorewolf

Your husband walked into the house and let out a small chuckle at the sight before him. You were bent over, dusting some fixture; your lace thong visible beneath the nonexistent skirt of the costume you were wearing.

“Monsieur Raeken, you’re home early,” you said standing up and turning to him.

“What’s going on here?” he chuckled.

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Dancing Queen (Jungkook Scenario)

Requested: @hanxju


Genre: Fluff/Comedy

Word Count: 2036

(gif not mine)

Summary: You are the golden maknae in a newly debuted group, and you get to appear on a milestone episode for Weekly Idol. BTS is also scheduled for this episode. To say the least, things get competitive and cute.

A/N: I really enjoyed writing for a request!! I’ve never done this before, but I want to keep doing it. My exams are finishing up within this next week, so I should be able to post scenarios a lot more frequently. Request here!!

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It isn’t Lucas that Cory should be afraid of?

In Boy Meets World, during episode 7x02, “For Love and Apartments”, Jedediah (Topanga’s dad) tells Shawn that he didn’t like him because he was afraid of him.

“Because I always thought it was going to be you in the basement with Topanga. Hunter, I was scared of you. When actually I should have been afraid of…[laughs]

That reminds me of Cory chasing after Lucas as if he was afraid of him. 

But, I’ve been thinking, what if Cory is actually afraid of the wrong person all this time? When, in reality, his daughter belongs with someone else, maybe…Farkle?

It’s pretty obvious that Farkle loves Riley and only Riley since he doesn’t show romantic interest in Maya whatsoever. He has always been there for her, supporting her in ways no one could. They’re each other’s partner. They have really deep conversations (Belief, Texas 3, Permanent Record), plus their subtle glances and how they really know each other.

I don’t know about you guys but Cory should REALLY be afraid of Farkle Minkus.














anonymous asked:

I like the sentiment behind what Ginnifer said in your last gifset but don't you know it's not entirely true anymore? The women on the show are becoming less badass and more dependent on a man with every passing episode and it's just sad. I miss what the show used to be.

Sighhhh. I’m going to have to, respectfully, completely disagree with everything you’ve said. Wanting to be love and be loved does not, in any way, lesson a woman’s worth. And if you’re saying these women are less badass because they’ve found love, I think that’s a problem that you need to address, rather than a problem with the show, itself. The show has never based a woman’s worth on her relationship with a man. And by suggesting their value as characters decreases based on their relationship status, you’re the one who’s deciding their worth relative to men. 

Female empowerment has always been a primary focus on OUAT - it’s one of the things, I believe, the show does incredibly well. The females on the show are diverse, capable, flawed women.. and they’re all these things and more, loved up or not. In fact, I think it’s great that some of them (Emma, in particular) are learning that it’s okay be vulnerable and accept help. You can’t do everything alone. Having a support network of people who love you, and allowing yourself to be loved, is a strength, not a weakness. Plus, the men in the show actually tend to be complimentary characters to their female partner… so I really don’t know where you’re getting the idea that the women aren’t badass? Of course, there’s always room for improvement, as with everything. But I genuinely think this is one of the show’s main strengths and, like I said, completely disagree with your statement. 

anonymous asked:

what's your favourite australian celeb story you've heard? i feel like we must have some really dramatic celeb receipts that no one ever thinks to care enough about.

Haha, the problem is that generally I don’t care enough about Australian celebrites to retain any of the gossip about them! 

Okay, here’s some stuff in my brain right now:

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Dear Scandal Love Triangle, I DO NOT LIKE YOU!

(Disclaimer: This commentary is not meant to reflect the views of the Scandal fandom, just one viewer) 

While love triangles can have their proper place in TV, movies and books alike, this love triangle, because it has lasted season after season after season has adversely affected my view of Olivia Pope and the Scandal Writers.

  1. The show has been reduced to Team Fitz or Team Jake when it should just be about Team Olivia. It should be about her growth and development as an individual. Any romantic interests should be used to enhance her existing character. But in Scandal, the love triangle has taken over the storyline. Olivia should not be defined by the man she chooses.
  2. To me, it is an empty plot device that has severely gotten in the way of Olivia’s character development. It has become a nuisance, like an irritating fly that Raid won’t kill. Where is the focus on Olivia’s internal issues? Her inability to love? The loss of her mother? The loss of her good friend Harrison?
  3. I am having trust issues with Olivia’s character. Olivia has been portrayed as an indecisive, confused mute. Now, I find it difficult to trust that even after she has supposedly chosen a life partner that she will actually stick to him. I’m afraid that I will think that her choice is just the calm before the storm; before another suitor arrives to form yet another love triangle.
  4. The longevity of the love triangle has eliminated all points of believability of the show. Let’s face it, Scandal has never really been concerned with believability but something has to be authentic for me. Something has to be relatable to me. Something has to make sense on some level. This…does not make any sense. To have someone vacillate between two people for years is ridiculous.
  5. Olivia has been reduced to a sexual object to be passed between two men. It’s what the tweets, the postings, the blogs, the promos, the reviews, the recaps are about; which lover will she choose this week? It’s all a growing number of fans care about. How many fans actually care about Olivia’s development of self? Very few. Most only want to make sure their SHIP wins the fandom war. And that is not good.
  6. It has given the false impression that Olivia’s life revolves around what man she chooses to be with. For example, I had no idea why she would be hounding after Jake after he referred to their relationship as “Booty Call” or that she was not his “Girlfriend” or he degraded her sexuality in their bed. Was it that sex with him made life a little more bearable? It healed her in some respect? That to me is problematic. To define her ability to get better, to heal, to lead a healthy life, in terms of a man is not a good look, in my opinion. (FYI: I have actually seen long blog postings professing that Jake HEALS Olivia. SMH!)
  7. It has been a complete waste of time. Perhaps the triangle would have worked for a season but for it to last this long is just pointless and has created unnecessary drama. It has not served a purpose. It has done nothing but to add to the overall storyline, the plot or character development.
  8. Instead of helping Olivia grow to express her feelings it has become a method for her to hide even more. Olivia seems weaker and more confused; not stronger.
  9. Instead of taking the time to build up Olivia’s personal character or whatever romantic relationship she has, I feel like the writers are wasting time and toying with me. Maybe they think this creates more excitement or buzz for the show, I don’t know.
  10. I now have trust issues with the Scandal writers that they will ever (or can ever) write an actual relationship for Olivia where there is open communication and dedicated love.

I read this quote and it stuck with me:

“Her decisions for others drive the narrative, but for Olivia to truly be a strong female character, she needs to define her own story separate from Grant, Jake, her father, and any number of men in her life.”

 I really, really hope this love triangle goes away but unfortunately, I think the writers have relied on it so heavily to generate buzz, hashtags and surprises that they wont abandon it anytime soon. I would love to be wrong about this though. 

If Bleach characters and Pacific Rim characters met...

As requested by anon. :)

[Need more crossovers in your life?]

1. Mako and Hisagi

Mako: When I was a little girl, Mr. Pentecost saved my life from a horrifying monster.

Hisagi: Oh man do I ever know that feel. When *I* was a little boy, Kensei saved my life from a horrifying monster!

Mako: I ended up following in his footsteps.

Hisagi: Yeah, how could you do otherwise!

Hisagi: Not to mention the obligatory tattoo!

Mako: …there was no tattoo.

Hisagi: So….you didn’t love him then?

Mako: T-that isn’t the only way to show affection!

2. Raleigh and Ichigo

Raleigh: You know how it is, man. Being drift compatible is so rare that once you lose that partner, it’s pretty much over.

Raleigh: Unless of course you meet this really cool woman and it turns out that you’re drift compatible with her too!

Ichigo: I hear that. It’s like when you think you’ve bonded with your zanpakuto only it turns out that your zanpakuto isn’t you’re zanpakuto at all it’s your Quincy powers and the actual zanpakuto is the thing that you thought was your hollow powers.

Raleigh: ….how is that in any way comparable?

Ichigo: To be honest I stopped listening when it got confusing.

3. Stacker and Ukitake

Stacker: I mean…I think I had a good run. When you’re old and a leader and dying from a deadly disease, all you can really hope for is an epic, heroic death.

Stacker: Preferably with explosions.


Ukitake: Um, but if you’re old and sick but NOT a leader then you’re fine, right?

Stacker: That depends. Did your leader gloriously sacrifice himself?

Ukitake: He did, yeah.

Stacker: Then you should be fine, man.

Ukitake: Such a relief!

4. Newton and Renji

Renji: Niiiiice tats, man!

Newton: Oh, thanks. Yours are - weird.

Newton: But cool.

Renji: Bet I have more of them!

Newton: If you had to tattoo your forehead, that may in fact be true.

Renji: Only one way to find out!

Newton: A-are you removing your clothes?!


Hermann: …what are you doing now, Doctor Geizler?


5. Hermann and Kurotsuchi

Hermann: And when they said “Don’t try to drift with a Kaiju brain,” that moron said, “I’ll drift with it if I want to!” And then, of course, he got in way over his head!

Kurotsuchi: Clearly his mistake was asking for permission.

Kurotsuchi: When I wanted to duplicate all of my organs, I didn’t ask permission.

Hermann: Wait…what?

Kurotsuchi: Not when I wanted some Quincy to dissect.

Hermann: What’s a -

Kurotsuchi: And when I wanted to delete thousands of souls in order to restore balance, I certainly didn’t waste my time asking!


Hermann: You’re worse than Doctor Geiszler.

6. Chuck and Byakuya

Byakuya: So you did not care for the main character when you first met him, huh?

Chuck: You mean Raleigh? Yeah, he and I got off to a rough start!

Byakuya: I understand. But you patched up your differences?

Chuck: I guess. Sorta. I died, so it doesn’t really matter now.

Byakuya: The same thing happened to me.

Byakuya: No, wait. I didn’t die. I just gave a dying speech,

Byakuya: I am always getting those mixed up.


Chuck: Screw you, man.

7. Hannibal and Urahara

Urahara: So I hear you are a purveyor of “things” too!

Urahara: I thought we should meet. Bond.

Urahara: Perhaps share a hug?

Hannibal: No you seem weird.


Urahara: *I* seem weird?

8. Herc and Ryuken

Herc: And this is my dog. My son and I use it to express affection for each other that we can’t express openly for reasons of manliness.

Herc: See? If I pat the dog, then my son knows that I love him.

Ryuken: And that works?

Herc: I’m sure he understands.

Ryuken: Hmmm…

[scene jump!]

Ryuken: Uryu, observe while I pet this dog in your general direction.

Ishida: ….what?

Ryuken: I have done all I can.

Tropes: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Tropes get a lot of flak in discussions about good writing, but tropes aren’t necessarily a bad thing.  The truth is that you you’d be hard pressed to find a single piece of media that doesn’t have its fair share of tropes.  A trope is a convention in storytelling, something familiar (but not necessarily predictable or overused) in a character type, a narrative structure, a plot reveal.  Tropes are only a problem when they become a cliché (defined as something “stereotyped and trite”).   

It’s no secret about me that I love tropes.  I love seeing them played straight; I love seeing them subverted.   I love seeing them lampshaded; I love characters who are genre-savvy, I love shout-outs.  I mean, my favorite show is Leverage, which has so many tropes it has to have five separate pages on TVTropes in order to list them all!  But not all tropes are created equal.  If you’re thinking about what tropes you want to include in your own writing, here are some of my favorites and some that you should avoid at all costs. 

Warning: this post contains links to TVTropes. This site is a black hole of hyperlinks, and once you enter, I cannot guarantee you will ever return. 

The Good 

True Companions or Family of Choice.  I am a huge sucker for adopted or found families: people who come together because of circumstances and find that, despite their differences, these are the people they would do anything for.  My favorite example is Leverage, but also the Avengers team (in various incarnations, more in the comics and MCU fandom than in canon MCU), Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Young Justice

The Plan, particularly the Long Game, the Batman Gambit, or the Xanatos Gambit. Basically, a game plan that is incredibly clever and complicated without being unrealistic (like Gambit Roulette).  I love it when the main characters know what they’re about, but don’t actually reveal to the reader what they’re up to and we get to experience it in all its glory as it unfolds.  Have I mentioned I really love heists?  Favorite examples include Red Seas Under Red Skies and Ocean’s Eleven.   

Like Brother and Sister or Platonic Life Partners.  It is so rare to see a man and a woman in media portrayed as close friends or even best friends without any romantic involvement between them, but it is something that I treasure dearly.  Men and women can just be friends, and the more the media shows it, the more people might actually believe it. Favorite examples: Clint and Natasha in MCU, Felix and Allison in Orphan Black (to be fair, Felix is gay), Harry and Hermione, Donna and the Doctor.

The Bad 

Ordinary High School Student (or other ordinary person) who finds themselves thrust into extraordinary circumstances. Obviously this trope is incredibly common, and a part of many of my favorite media—Sailor Moon, Harry Potter, Buffy!  But… I don’t love it.  While it can and has been done well  many times, I find it tired as a trope and frustrating to relate to, and I’d much rather see characters who have earned their way into the stories they populate.  That’s not to say the plot should be of their own making or without unexpected difficulties, but I’d rather they be involved because of something they did (and not just “found a book that turned out to be magical”). 

Settle For A Sibling.  Perhaps not the most egregious of writerly missteps, but this one always rubs me the wrong way.  When a character has a dead fiancé or partner and later dates or marries that person’s sibling or other relative… it just screams of displacement.  There seem to me to be so many issues that would complicate that relationship, yet often go unaddressed.  Put this one down to a personal squick.  Examples: Wakka and Lulu in Final Fantasy X/X-2; Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter in Marvel comics.    

Reset Button Ending/All Just a Dream.  The act of undoing literally everything your story was about.  With a few good exceptions, this kind of ending is typically a cop-out, unrewarding for your reader and leaving us wondering what the point was.  I’d say it doesn’t count if your protagonist retains his memories and therefore his character arc or the moral lesson he learned, but I still find it a weak device. Alice in Wonderland, Dallas, Star Trek (many times).  Not to be confused with the Groundhog Day Loop, which I usually love.  

The Ugly                         

Humans Are Special/Humans Are Good.  The idea or implication that humans are somehow more evolved or morally superior to other creatures or races.  In SFF, this often extends to gods or aliens.  This often white- and Western-centric rhetoric is arrogant, usually eye-roll-worthy, and often harmful.  I love Star Trek, but it is a major culprit of this.   

Stuffed into the Fridge (aka Women in Refrigerators): a character (usually a woman) is killed or otherwise brutally attacked for the sole narrative purpose of driving another character (usually male) into a revenge plot, origin story, or character arc.  DO NOT DO THIS.  It is a cheap, lazy way to motive your character, and perpetuates the devaluation of human life and violence against women.  Examples are too numerous to name, but there are a lot in comics (from which the trope name derives). 

Mighty Whitey, aka the White Savior which I spoke about briefly when I discussed portal fantasy.  Even outside of portal fantasy, it is alarmingly common, especially in historical fiction and sports films, and, ironically, stories about racism.  I really shouldn’t have to explain why this is a problem.  If you don’t get why it’s bad, there are dozens and dozens of articles on the subject that you can google: I beg of you, please read them.  Examples: Avatar, The Last of the Mohicans, The Blind Side, District 9.

What I’d like you to know about us who are not out

I’m super late for the party, but international coming out day is today, and since the first hour i’ve been seeing different posts that celebrate and encourage people to come out to the world. Now, upon reading that we think of the world as this vast, never ending place where all the people live; the truth is, the world is shockingly small for each person, when we say “The world”, we’re often referring to those closest to us, people who are most present in our lives and who we love the most, so what we really read is “let your mom/siblings/father/grandparents/co-workers/best friends/partner know who you really are and are batshit scare to show".

But i’m getting ahead of myself. I’m actually writing this as a response to the very first post i saw on my fb wall for international coming out day: “To those who are still in the closet, there’s a real special day to come out. Today! And congratulations to those of us, brave people, who decided not to live a double life and accept who we are. <3”

While well-meaning, the message struck me the wrong way. I’m one of those “not brave” people- and i’m a fucking Gryffindor, i’ll have you know- that are still in the closet and does not plan to leave narnia in the forseeable future. I felt completely alone when I read that, because is the tone of lots of messages i saw today. I’ll always be the first to celebrate those who came out and proud and had to deal- or not- with unsupportive families, friends, and all sorts of crap just to gain the freedom of being who they are, all the pros to you, i mean it. I sincerely admire you. But i can’t be like you; not yet. And there’s so many like me who also can’t.

And now i’ll speak strictly fom my personal experience, but posts like the one I quoted make me feel ashamed of myself for not being out. I, and others like me, were treated as cowards. And liars. We were accused of leading a doble life, therefore, we are accused of deception, and not only deception, but betrayal. We are traitors to the cause, we are the ones who shy away comfortably in the shadows while the actual brave people do the dirty work for us til is convenient for us to come out.

And to be honest, it’s not like that at all, and there are some people, like my facebook friend from up there, who are out and proud that should remember how it was for them when they were in Narnia. We have reasons to stay closeted, powerful ones. My case? My mother’s biphobic. Plain and simple.

Is quite a curious condition, because gay and lesbian people? she’s fully supportive. She adores my gay and lesbian friends, and they adore her. This extends to trans people, gratefully, sometimes i jokingly say she loves my LGT friends more than she loves me, and i love that she is like that with them. But Bisexuals? Hell. No.

Not only they are selfish and greedy, they (we) are also disgusting. They (we) obviously carry all the diseases and are responsable for every STI ever transmited. Hell, she doesn’t like Queen because Freddie Mercury (whom i love, by the way) was bisexual and therefore a dirty man whore. I called her out on it once- always from my Ally disguise- told her Bi people had issues too, grave ones, and introduced the word “biphobic” to the conversation, and applied to her. She didn’t even fucking hesitated before firmly stating “Yes. I am biphobic”.

Of course, i never brought it up again.

And of course, i shut the possibility of coming out to her forever and went even further back in the closet, where i’ve remained for the past 5 years or so, ever since i realized i wasn’t straight. You can say it’s not so bad, that other people have it worse and they came out anyways, and my answer to that is: hell, probably. But my mom is all i have. My dad fucked off, it’s been her and I since i was 4, my family is the equivalent of the world to me, and the world has explicitely rejected me, several times. She’s my mother, she loves me, i know she does, but is the disgust on her face when bisexuality comes at the table, the anger on her expression when i defend them (us), the way she stopped being mad at the subject and just chose to ignore it, so now i don’t even get to see a rictus of feeling on her face, is the paralizng fear of having the world look at me differently without any other world to turn to, that makes me stay in the closet.

And i don’t think i’m a coward for it. Neither do i think other people in my situation are cowards for it. We’re fucking trying to survive. To lots of us is not save- physically and/or emotionally- to come out, and that’s it. And having the place we seek acceptance- our LGBTIAPQ community and friends- sending us lowkey dissaproval messages makes us feel ashamed and isolated from our own community.

Some of us who are closeted try to help the cause however we can. Some of us are disguised as really commited allies, try to educate people “from the outside”, try to make our families or friends more accepting, or simply just wear that subtle pride accessory that has our insides twisting with anxiety for the fear and thrill that someone will recognize it and


, but we do what we can in the ways we are able, we only ask for support and patience. I don’t mean to offend anyone, i’m just telling my personal experience and the grief it caused me, so please don’t take this the wrong way.

Rumer Willis Says Her Family Has Become a Total “Dance Family”

Naturally! Rumer Willis told Us Weekly and other reporters at week six of Dancing With the Stars on Monday, April 20, that her famous family has become a total “dance family.”

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s eldest daughter, 26, was asked how invested her superstar parents were in the competitive dance reality show. “I mean, I feel like if I was 6 years old, I would be on Dance Moms,” Rumer joked. “It’s awesome. My sisters were texting me the other day and they were like, ‘We have totally become a dance family.’ Every conversation somehow ends up with us talking about either dance clothes or what song I’m dancing to. They are very supportive. It’s awesome!”

Indeed, both Willis and Moore have made their way out to the ballroom to support their daughter. On April 7, Moore (joined randomly by actress Glenn Close) was seen getting emotional during her daughter’s portion of the program.

Moore isn’t your typical stage mother, though. According to Rumer, her famous mom is far from the oftentimes abrasive and pushy “Dance Moms” featured on the Lifetime series. “I have actually never seen the show Dance Moms, but she’s really not like that,” Rumer said of the Striptease actress, 52. “It’s nice to have a family that is so supportive and is so into it and loves coming here.”

In fact, Moore was seen getting mildly annoyed with the judges and their reaction to Rumer’s “raunchy” dance with Val Chmerkovskiy. “I get it,” Rumer told Us backstage of her mother’s reaction to Len Goodman’s commentary. (“No, I don’t like all that raunchy stuff!” Goodman told Willis and her partner following their dance on April 20.) “Len is a very traditional guy,” she continued Monday night. “That was racy for me. I was struggling this week to fully get all of that too, so I get it. I like the ballroom dance. I like the lines. I like the foxtrot and the waltz, even though it’s hard, I love that.”

She added that she wished the judges had elaborated on what they wanted from this season’s front-running pair. “My only desire is that I could have had a longer conversation to know exactly what they would have wanted to see, you know?” Rumer explained. “I feel like because we have such a short amount of time to talk to them, I wish I could get more specifics from them because they said they expect a lot of me and I wish I knew exactly what I could improve to have made that dance better.”

While Moore made it out to CBS Studios on Monday night, her ex-husband Willis was there in spirit. His daughter made sure to give a shout-out to her father, too, after a reporter asked Rumer whether she had a celebrity look-alike.“My dad used to say I looked like Natalie Portman when I was a kid,” she said Monday.