i really love all his sass

Stuff I’m excited to see in Justice League

I can’t fucking contain my excitement for this movie, I need to get my thoughts out so;

- Diana and Bruce interacting

- The recruitment of Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg

- Seeing them all in costume and awkwardly being like “hello yes i came via invitation with a bat on it, and you?” at the welcome to the group of supers party

- Naming their group Justice League (imagine that brainstorming session)

- Learning about each other and building trust

- Dynamics

- Imagine how they all react when/if Diana reveals she is over 100 years old

- The world building, the references and the easter eggs because it’s gonna be the most

- Unlocking tragic backstories when the friendship is leveled up high enough


- Steppenwolf

- The Amazons fighting Steppenwolf

- Jim Gordon and more Gotham

- Superman returning

- Superman meeting the team and reuniting with Lois and his mom

- Him discovering that Lois has the ring on

- Hal Jordan maybe?

- Alfred sassing and drinking because he is done™

- Zack Snyders cinematography and colour palette, motifs, symbols, allusions to paintings and art etc because like the world building it’s the most

- The action sequences oh my lord 

- The score

- Bruce being his extra self and riding the horse to the fishing village where Aquaman is instead of just driving a car  because it’s not like there’s no roads in Iceland Bruce

- Barry playing around with the Speedforce and discovering his powers

- (Hopefully) more references to the Batfamily

- Aquaman shamelessly riding the Batmobile and wrecking shit when fighting Parademons

- All the groupshots and the team acting like a team and cooperating to kick ass

- Getting answer to this quote: “They said the age of heroes would never come again” Who are “they”? what age of heroes? which heroes? are they referencing Diana in WW1? does it reference what might happen in Wonder Woman 2? why would the age of heroes never come again? seriously the world building in this universe is insane

- Bruce learning to trust people again and restoring his faith in humanity through the group

- A taste of Atlantis and Aquaman’s realm

- The plot and story itself duh

- All the sass, especially Bruce

- The advertisement for whatever shampoo Diana and Arthur uses

- All of the beautiful edits and gifs that comes after the movie’s release on this site made by fans

- Superman giving Bruce a “really bitch. you try to kill me but assemble a team with these guys”  

- Diana and Bruce having each other’s backs and becoming bffs

- Seeing these characters whom I love with actors whom I love

- Gush about and over this movie with other fans

feel free to add more!! 

I love suits. And I love Levi&Eren. So, yay for Office AU. \(^ 0 ^) / A little racy. Not really.

Office AU:

Eren is a cheeky-ass employee, but a really good employee. His co-workers think Levi only keeps him around for eye-candy (true), but Eren is quite the worker, very good at what he does, does everything on time, and actually does 5x the work of his peers. But his attitude needs tons to be worked on. Sasses all his co-workers, insults them with a smile, as if he didn’t mean it, and takes long lunch breaks (which were spent on helping Levi). (Eren got very defensive for Levi when his co-workers talks about him)

Levi, the hard-ass boss, is always stressed out with the incompetent work his employee does. Always rants to Eren about them never completing their work, and takes advantage of overtime pay. Eren, at the beginning was like that too, until he sees how tired Levi is, then he picked up his slack. As time goes on, he picks up his co-workers slack, and eventually kind of became Levi’s personal assistant.

Then they got together, smoothly and without drama. It just fell together naturally. But they each get their bouts of jealousy with the exes or something.

Those long lunch breaks are happy times, de-stressing in Levi’s private, recently sound-proof office, thanks to Erwin who could not deal with their shit. Levi and Eren kind of shamelessly uses any rooms anywhere, whenever they felt like it. (Lol, more times in Erwin office then Erwin liked. Hange was down with it tho.)

…I’m sorry for this shitty au and long ass post… (> =//3//=)>  

First Time With Them: EXO SEHUN

/ ChanYeol // SeHun // Suho // Xiumin // Kai // KyungSoo /

/ ASTRO // B.A.P // BIGBANG // BtoB // BTS // GOT7 // KActor // KHH // PENTAGON // SF9// WINNER // iKON // NCT // CNBLUE // MONSTA X // SEVENTEEN /

  • A cocky lil brat that knows everything;
  • Or he pretends to know everything;
  • He also pretends to be afraid of nothing;
  • But trust me in this… ;
  • If he hears a sound of pain from you he will die on the inside a little;
  • His heart will literally skip a beat out of fear;
  •      If you’re curious his knowledge mostly comes from porno movies;
  •           Though he does have real life experience as well;
  • But basically, after the first stages of pain and after it finally settles;
  • I think you won’t be able to recognize SeHun at all;
  • In the meaning that his personality would be a complete flip;
  • You’re usually used to seeing him as a bratty lil shit with too much sass and just the right amount of love;
  •      That’s if he really fucking loves you a lot but still;
  • It can be both a turn on or a turn off depending on what kind of person you are;
  • You might not even notice the change, because of his length, at all;
  • Your mind may be filled with all the different things;
  • For example his teeth sinking into your shoulder as he rambled on;
  • Or the way his back arched after you squeezed him;
  • Or the way he shuddered under your touch;
  • Basically, the first time with SeHun would be like heaven particularly if you’re into mushy stuff;
  • Because after he;’d be done it would be him being completely wasted;
  • And needing a lot of affection;
  • He’s also the type of guy that will probably be waiting to be complimented on their performance.
What the Hell?

Summary: A boy with a bat meets a girl with a hockey stick and it’s love at first swing. 

Author’s Note: Surprise! I wrote like 10 pages of this and I’m not even done! So here is part one. This is mostly backstory, nothing too exciting Fun fact: Dustin’s older sister was the one who taught him to curse…

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Your last Hercules fanart of AU, lead me here to beg you for Sterek Hercules AU! Which one is Hercules? And which one is Meg? I never found finished fics of such a beautiful story!

(For anyone wondering, the fan art mentioned is a Jean x Marco piece from Attack on Titan - which you can see here!) 

I could rant to you for ages about a Hercules Sterek AU but the perfect gifset was already created for it by @maybehonestly which you can find here. Nothing will ever top that gif set for me. I screamed for a solid 5 minutes when I found it.  

The first time I ever brought up a Hercules Sterek AU was to @weasley-detectives and I went on and on about how Derek would be Meg (poor thing was trapped on a bus with me and couldn’t get away) to which she was like, “Derek as Meg, are you sure Emma?” BUT OF COURSE DEREK AS MEG. HOW COULD ANYONE RESIST MEG’S TRAGIC ROMANTIC BACKSTORY FOR DEREK HALE??? THAT SASS?? THAT “I NEED NO ONE AND NO ONE NEEDS ME ATTITUDE” WHEN ALL THEY REALLY LONG FOR IS SOMEONE TO LOVE THEM??? 

Derek fits Meg perfectly and now I am sitting just here, thinking about Derek being tasked with finding a way to find out Stiles’ weaknesses; flirting shamelessly with Stiles to get him away from his duties

knowing what he looks like, knowing how Stiles looks when he looks at him. He’s got a great body and not even Stiles seems to be above noticing that. 

But then they actually go out. Stiles asks Derek questions - a million, actually - and holds his hand. He likes to make Derek laugh and when Derek slides in close and flashes a little flesh, certain this is the part Stiles is going to prove he’s not actually interested in him but only what he’s got on “offer”, Stiles merely gulps and looks away; covers Derek back up. It confuses Derek, that. But it also makes his heart flutter. Terrified, because what is he doing, he frowns and says, “sometimes it’s better to be alone, you know, that way no one can hurt you.” He’s expecting Stiles to give up at that, for him to realise Derek is a goddamn tragedy and worth no-one’s time. But Stiles only looks at him, confused, and takes his hand again and whispers, “I’d never hurt you.” 

Derek foolishly wants to believe that.   

Which, of course leads to…..

Derek being sure he’d never give his heart to anyone again, anon - thought his heart had learned its lesson - but then here comes along this brave, sarcastic wonder boy - “Derek, stop calling me that” - and he’s absolutely smitten. He’s got to face it like a grown up because he’s got it baaaad. His heart races a million miles a minute whenever Stiles smiles, or does that thing with his hands where he can’t stop gesturing, and ends up accidentally breaking a cherished monument in the process. Derek hates himself for it. He keeps on trying to deny it - no chance, no way - but he can’t conceal it, can’t get a grip, because Stiles is the earth and heaven to him and it’s a beautiful, awful problem.


Derek pushing Stiles out of the way of that pillar, just as it’s about to crush him because, “people do crazy things…..when they’re in love”:

GAH. I have so many Sterek Disney feelings raging inside of me. DON’T MAKE ME FACE THEM, NONNIE. I’LL NEVER COME BACK ALIVE. 

EXO Reaction when their members tease them after their honeymoon with their wife

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“You were saying, Soo? Me and my jagi did what??” *Perks of being a giant*


“Nope… I’m not listening to this. I’m going back to my honeymoon. Galaxy here I come!”


“I’m so great you guys can’t stop talking about me right? Bet you missed me! But I’m hers now, sorry guys. Not even chopsticks will help you this time” *So much sass*


*Tao doesn’t like this. Tao didn’t sign up for this*


*Starts giving them a demonstration of what happened, so they shut up for once and all* “And then… I moved like this.. you guys need to practice… they love it”


“You guys realize that your jokes don’t affect me right… okay maybe that one did.. why did I come back?” *Regretting his life decisions xD*


“Oh really? You want to tease… remember I have chopsticks and they key of this place… Right, I knew you guys didn’t want to tease”


“Oh no! I don’t want to hear those words coming from your mouths! Talk all you want about me, but do not dare fantasize about my wife!”


*Really annoyed* “You guys forget I know all your secrets…. do I need to remind you? No? Good!” 


*Goes all squishy and embarrassed* “You guys aren’t supposed to know this side of me… stop it! I’m the scary guy remember?” *Defenseless*


“Were you… guys there? How do you know this much… It’s not even funny anymore… Baekhyun… did you plant a camera? Who did?” *Suspicious unicorn*


“Well… if you guys want to talk about this… I guess it’s necessary I give you “the talk” again…” *Knows perfectly how to shut them up*

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Why dont you make Pay??????

Eh… I don’t want to.

But for real. You got a seat and some snacks?

I love Pay. I really do. I’m a sucker for secret twin/sibling stuff. And @trashpandaballs did an amazing job when he created him. He’s complex and well rounded enough that a lot of people can relate to him in someway.

And being such a great fandom character, many use his character go over addictions, mental issues, and emotions in general. As well as play out humor, practice cute outfits, and think about sibling bonding.

But some of those reasons why he’s relatable is also why I’m hesitant to draw him. Mostly, I end up changing him from his original design.

You see,under all the sass and fun, Pay is a drug and alcohol addicted man, who suffers from depression, at least that’s what I’m perceiving. He also is a rent boy ( ?is that what it’s called?) so that he can make ends meat and is in some why hurt from tough dealings all the time.

And the Pay I draw, ends up being a depressed man that is seeking to get there life together, because they’re learning that they deserve to have a life and to experience happiness. And sometimes gets bruises because he knocks into furniture due to having long limbs.

I honestly don’t see Pay that way. Or at least the way he is portrayed. It doesn’t make very much sense to me. (I also doubt that Pat would ever let Pay get to that level of homelessness or starvation without doing something.)

Knowing who Pat is, the character that is, and how he acts, gives no indication of a rough up bringing. Most of the time, Pat is shown being a pretty good adult. So however Pat was brought up, Pay would have been brought up the same way. Though that’s not to say twins will be exactly the same if raised in the same environment.

Take me and my brothers for example. (not exactly twins but) We all have loving parents who taught us to be kind, generous, independent, and responsible. And yet being raised the same, taught the same, and loved the same. We could obviously not be any more different. But we have the same morals, mannerisms, humor, and some other base stuff.

So again, whatever Pat learned as a kid is what Pay would have learned too. Not to mention how loving and attentive Pat can be. If Pat were to act like my brothers or me, he would love and care for Pay through all has mental issues and help him wholeheartedly. And Pay would give the same care and love to Pat. Most siblings who have a healthy family bond, will stick together and take care of each other.

Communication is also a big thing between me and my siblings. I doubt that Pat would just drop all contact with Pay because of work. And even with the distance between them, Pat being in the Red Army, they would still find time to talk with each other. I think I should have some experience in this, especially with my brother being in the US Army now.

But yeah. To sum it all up. I just can’t think of why Pay would ever be that way. Or at least a drug addicted rentboy.

I can definitely see him being a recovering alcoholic who has depression and is finally seeking therapy for said depression. Men who are depressed tend to turn to alcohol to “get over it” Statistically, that makes the most sense to me. (especially since i know Pat would keep Pay from doing illegal substances) But with all this kinda going through my head for Pay, I hesitate to draw him because I respect for other people’s ocs and au’s.

 I love trashpandaball’s idea and concept of Pay. And if I could, I would ask if it was okay for me to do that. But with Del gone rn, I have no concrete way of asking for permission to put out my headcannons of Pay like that. I’ll still draw them, but rarely. Mostly because I wouldn’t want it to seem like I’m trying to push my interpretation of Pay over Del’s.

Then again, Pay is just a hypothetical sibling made up by the fandom for a fictional character in a cartoon to give more content and entertain us while the actual show is at a standstill. So not much of this actually is serious, it’s all for fun.

Thoughts on Stranger Things Characters


Eleven AKA El AKA Jane Hopper My personal favorite character. Can we just take a moment to appreciate all the emotional scenes! I mean she has such little dialogue but manages to make me have all the feels! Eleven is just so badass, I though her story line “finding a home” was really well written and I just love how she is a mix of terrifying and adorable. Like every time she enters a scene (especially that intro in the final episode) it feels really intense and legendary.

Lucas Sinclair Okay I really liked Lucas’ chemistry with Max! He was just so adorable with his nervousness. His character is really opinionated and I love that. His sass is on point.

Max Hargrove AKA Madmax Wow I really liked her from the beginning! I mean she’s just so feisty and has a really strong personality. I think her backstory is really well written and it really make me feel for the character. If you didn’t think she was awesome in the scene where she speaks up to her brother with the bat then you a liar, she had me shook! I vote she be a part of their crew.

Will Byers I honestly thought Noah (the actor) did a AMAZING job at being all creepy spy possessed. I felt like I got to know his character a little more since he wasn’t a huge part of season 1. I really connect with how his character struggles with being different. I also love his drawing talent its freakin awesome.

Mike Wheeler Mike just gave me all the feels, his sadness over El is heartbreaking. Finn (the actor) did a great job of showing his inner pain in all the scenes and how it was something he really struggles with. I liked how his character didn’t act like everything is okay you can see how he is still broken up about losing El.

Dustin Henderson Gosh saying you hate dustin is like saying you hate puppies. I mean he just always brings a smile to my face. His smile is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I love how sweet he is, breaking all those masculinity stereotypes that are total bullshit. When he’s at the dance in the finale and he’s crying I just want to cry. He’s just so precious and committed to his friends.

Steve Harrington Okay I gotta admit I go back and forth with Steve but I think season 2 really gave his character more depth. I love how he helps out even though he and nancy aren’t a thing anymore. And you can really see how deep down he’s a good guy at heart. Him helping dustin out was really cute. 

Jonathan Byers Jonathan is amazing, I love how supportive of nancy he is, he’s just completely trusts her judgement. I also love how much he cares about his family, its something I really admire.

Nancy Wheeler Okay the main reason I like nancy is her persistence and determination, I mean the girl just runs into danger and is brave as hell.

Joyce Byers MOM OF THE YEAR I totally thought it was badass how far she would go to protect her family, you just know she would do anything for her boys.

Jim Hopper I thought season 2 did a great job of giving me more insight into who this guy is :) Him and El are really well written, I though they were a interesting dynamic. I love how much he cares about protecting the people he loved, he’s a lot like Joyce in that way.

Bob Newby Okay he was just such a cheeseball, at first I was like hmmm…He’s kinda annoying but I was so wrong he was a adorable dork and I was really sad when he died

First of all I think Stranger Things is the only show where I honestly love all the characters. Can I also just say all these actors are freakin’ phenomenal! Was it just me or were you really impressed with the emotional scenes!


The evening had started out wonderfully with Eggsy asking you out on a date. He forgot to mention that the two of you wouldn’t be alone, instead accompanied by his two mates, but you let it go. He didn’t get to spend a lot of time with his family or friends since he started his job. The food arrived and you were happily munching the delicious assortment on your plate when it started going downhill after several pints of beer.

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10 things I sickly love about Martin Freeman.

1. His perfect height. Yes, perfect. Gives a sense of equality and feet on the ground.

2. His voice. First, unmistakable, special, soft, kind of nasal, or not, I don’t know. Second, his intonation, which I have no way to describe, only know how it makes me feel. Third, my native language is not English, so yes, fuck it, his accent and the fact it’s not Spanish.

3. His hair, swoop or no swoop, although I like the swoop. Someone explain, why does everyone say his hair is blond? Is it? When it’s not greyish I see it brown. My hair is black as my conscience, and blond hair for me is yellow lol.

4. His swagger, oh, he has swagger. Swoop and swagger. I’m going back to bed.

5. I’m up. The way he crosses his leg, and touches it, lol. OK, bed again.

6. His eyes, it’s not only the color, it’s his stare, su mirada. Cliché yeah, but I swear I can see his soul and I don’t fucking believe in any of that.

7. Well, obviously everything his mouth does, eating, smiling, licking, talking, swearing, kissing, saying sexy things while a toothbrush is inside and singing take on me, oh and purring. Everything I can’t and never will see his mouth do.

8. Obviamente, his style, his socks, his earphones, headphones or whatever. The music inside them, well, some of it.

9. His oh my fucking figurative god, send me to figurative hell and lock me in it, hips. His delicious and delicious and delicious (deleting English vocabulary) hips. And how they look in the clothes he wears. No, por favor, alguien máteme.

10. His hands, I don’t know, his hands are fucking figurative heaven, I honestly don’t know what else to say, they’re just gorgeous hands.

11. Well, extra obviously, his disrespectfully magnificent acting skills. Give him any role, any role. And I’m just in Martin Freeman 101. I have tons of things to watch.

12. His damn brain and all the language that comes out of it, I know some find his swearing endearing, the sass and all, I do too, but, really, he’s just outsmarting us, he’s just telling us our ordinary brains and attitude towards the world are way simplistic. Get your act together, go read some books, talk to interesting people, listen to some good music, and then come back, if you dare. God, I love the bastard.

13. Oh I like his neck. Fffffuck.

14. Chubby Martin, slim Martin. Soft muscles Martin, fit Martin. All Martin.

15. His new film Y tu papi también, directed by @geek-royalty featuring Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal.

16. I could go on, but my stomach needs breakfast.

17. Thanks to @unexplored-girl for pointing this out. Something only a Spanish speaking girl would understand: the way he says cafecito (once I understood that’s what he was saying). Fucking Saint of coffee lands, that was soooooo sexy.

danisnotFIREBOY and AmazingWATERGIRL- Top Ten

Someone asked me for my favorite moments from the livestream yesterday but because doing time stamps takes too long and I’m feeling like a lazy bitch, here’s my top ten moments:

  • Dan is annoyed at Phil right away because he didn’t start at the right time. Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE whiny Dan? Cause I do.
  • Phil’s “that’s what she said” jokes still don’t make any sense and that’s why I still love them.
  • Dan stopping himself when he was saying he didn’t support Phil and reblog the video on tumblr… then adding a few seconds later that he was a “bad friend.” Okay boo, you do you.
  • Dan dying as he ragged on Phil for dying, causing Phil to give him a smile and get all sassy. “What were you saying???” Phil asks and Dan gets really giggly. I love love.
  • Growing up in a Christian household, “goddamnit” was/is literally the worst curse word we could have said so it’s always shocking to me when Phil says it and no one ever includes it in a “Phil cursed” compilation.
  • “Slow motion replay in court, please.” I love the sass. I feel like this is something Phil says often, as I remember him talking about Dan taking him to court in another gaming video. That’s probably his sassy response to Dan anytime Dan accuses him of something.
  • The word “vagina” does not exist anymore. It’s only the “lady door” thank you very much. Also, “Don’t mate me.” This is how Dan responds during domestic arguments when Phil will call him “Danny” or some other nickname and Dan will put his hands on his hips and say, “Don’t Danny me.” Okay, I’m thinking about this too much.
  • Dan and Phil both letting it be known that they never have plans for Saturday evenings except to hang out with each other and (now) us. Blessed.
  • Dan trying to keep Phil in time with with the jumps my clapping. Dan having an emotional breakdown when they kept losing. Dan threatening to delete the channel and stop the stream. Phil laughing as he tells Dan to put the scissors away. Dan’s heavy breathing. Dan getting distracted by Phil saying “tasty.” So much happened in just a few minutes time.
  • Dan getting offended when Phil asked about the endscreen. Phil’s face when Dan suddenly starts the endscreen. Dan’s adorable smile throughout the endscreen.

11/10 A+ content.

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top 5 middle blockers?

As always, the top 5 is in order of my favorite middle blockers, if I had to put them in order of skills, the rank would be…….dramatically different

1. Hinata. Well, of course, he’s my little sun and I live for that face basically everyone does when they learn he’s a middle blocker

Originally posted by fairytailwitch

2. Kuroo. *heavy breathing* I could watch him block….forever. Literally, on repeat, for the rest of my life

Originally posted by quenma

3. Tsukishima. I mean, he already is *the* middle blocker now, basically A LEGEND, and he could just grow stronger and stronger. National team material, I’m telling you, I can’t wait for him to sass everyone at the olympics 

Originally posted by kikyoshirax

4. Tendou. He’s so good, so pure, blocking means…so much to him, it’s his life philosophy, he treats a block like an ace would treat a spike: as his ultimate weapon…and every time I think about Tendou I just cry

Originally posted by manganimae

5. Lev. I love my Russian lion and all his long limbs so much! Since we’re gonna get the season 4 in 2Knever, do yourself a favor and read the manga…you’ll end up loving him even more!

Originally posted by kishou

- bonus: this is really embarrassing to admit but…I discovered just NOW that Yamaguchi is a middle blocker????????? 

Originally posted by itomorimachi

Thank you for your message!

Ask me my top 5 things!

Protective brothers

Request: I LOVED the last story you did for that anon!! Could your please do another one where its teamiplierxreader and it’s marks baby sister & there out and about and what not when a guy comes out of nowhere and says something inappropriate and try’s to come at her but they all get in ‘protective’ mode, and Mark gets heated but Tyler gets him before he does anything he will regret? And then after that, they go home and it gets super fluffy and the reader is so grateful for them? I hope this is ok love!

Originally posted by marielgum

It was a sunny day in California, you walked along side Chica as you held her leash. Mark your brother was next to you while, Amy was at his side holding his hand, and behind you was Tyler and Ethan. It was really a lovely time. You had wanted to get out of the house but you didn’t want to go alone. So you dragged the guys out of the house to walk with you and Chica. You all had been walking for a while around the park so you decided to go and get some ice cream. You walked into the store as Amy took care of Chica and waited outside. “What does Am, want?” You asked Mark, “She said chocolate” you nodded. Once you all ordered, Mark and you waited for the ice cream as Tyler and Ethan sat inside. You hadn’t noticed but you had an “admirer.” Tyler tapped Ethan pointing out the man’s wandering eyes. A clean cut looking tall man sat gazing at your body up and down. Ethan shrugged saying “Let’s just keep an eye on him don’t do anything stupid.“ As the man stepped up behind you just as you were about to walk out, Tyler and Ethan both stood up. Walking casually over to you. You all grabbed the ice cream and walked outside with Amy.Just as you had grabbed your ice cream from Mark you felt someone touch your ass. Yelping you turned around with a disgusted look on your face. Before you could say anything Mark pushed you behind him turning on protective big brother mode. “Did you just touch my little sister’s ass, pervert?!” He seethed. “So what if I did, what are you gonna do about it?” He shot back as he jabbed his finger into Mark’s chest, the guy was only slightly taller than Mark but, Mark didn’t even seem fazed. Tyler and Ethan had joined Mark giving him the same bitch face. “(Y/N), stay with Amy,” Tyler said not even turning to you. “Aww is that your name darling, pretty name for a pretty girl.“The man replied “Guys let’s just go it’s not worth it” you said completely ignoring his comment. Mark looked even angrier “You don’t get to talk to her that way asshole.” He spat. You and Amy shared a glance “Mark let’s go I’m not joking” you said louder “Why don’t you ditch these jerks and come hang out with me” he said. You had crossed your arms “Listen I’d really love to, but I don’t date guys with a smaller brain than their dick size” you sassed back. Ethan looked at you with a shocked face. “Hey bitch, at least I’m not a whore that has guys with her all the time” he sneered “Alright, That’s it!” Mark said as he grabbed the man by his collar and pushed him against the wall. “MARK!” Everyone yelled as they tried to pull him off Chica even started barking. Tyler and Ethan pushed him back and held him off "Mark calm down,” Ethan told him. “Whatever assholes I don’t need to put up with this” The guy spat and walked away. Mark walked up to you “You ok?” He asked looking panicked “yeah, of course, Mark thank you” you hugged him. As you walked back into the house you asked Mark “why would you do that though Mark I could’ve handled it.” “(Y/N) you know I’m not just going to stand around and let my sister get harassed.” “ I know Mark but you could’ve gotten in trouble.” you sighed “But seriously thank you.” You turned to Ethan and Tyler “And thank you for getting him under control.” You hugged them “I still can’t believe what you told that guy (N/N)” Amy said. You laughed “It was good huh” “hell yeah babe.” Amy replied. “I love you guys,” you said “Love you too” they replied


Everyone, I was so pleasantly wrong about this doujinshi when I mentioned it a few months back. It’s not Jason/Dick, it’s Dick/Jason. So here is the even more rare bottom Jason fanbook for your viewing pleasure!

Title: Birdcall
Artist: Maisuke
Rating: R18

Artist Contact: mai_suke@hotmai.com
*Please be sure to give the artist some love*

Translator: ShiroiTenshiNoYume (Thank you so much Yume!)

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Any headcanons for being Bella's twin (more sarcastic, a bit more rebellious, wild, passionate, pierced, tattooed, sexy, but no less sweet, compassionate, caring, loving) being in a relationship with sweet, pure little Seth!

  • Bella would not understand what Seth see’s in you since you two are so different
  • But then again who can understand Bella(cause I don’t)
  • Seth would trace your tattoos all the time
  • He’d like to hear the stories behind each one
  • Seth enjoying watching you sass the heck out of Paul
  • But he’d step in before you made Paul too mad
  • Cute picnic dates
  • Seth would love it when you wear skinny jeans
  • “They make your thighs look really nice”
  • Him giving you rides on his back(in wolf form) as he runs throughout the beach
  • He’d probably buy you two matching leather bracelets
  • When you got a tattoo of him in wolf form he would blush like crazy
  • Unexpectable kisses all over your face
  • I envy whoever becomes his imprint because he would be such a good boyfriend

~Admin Madz

2P!France Boyfriend Headcanons

((pls don’t kill me))
((lots of asks for this garcon))

⦁ y'all’re weird
⦁ never let me say that again what the fuck i’m so sorry i’ve never said y'all inmy life thE SOUTH IS CONSUMING M E–
⦁ a n y w a y
⦁ a h e m
⦁ francois bonnefoy
⦁ he’s, ah,,
⦁ il est quelque chose
⦁ (( i’m so sorry i’m trying to incorporate all the french i speak into this ))
⦁ no one ever believes that and it makes me sad
⦁ he is like kuro
⦁ he is standoffish and silent an everyone thinks he’s cold and rude
⦁ no one gets him
- but you get him, right?
- … right..?
⦁ it’s true; he has a lot going on with himself
- his internal struggle is high
⦁ but he doesn’t open up to people often
⦁ then you came into the picture
⦁ he trusts you so much
- ‘tellement’
⦁ i feel like he’s secretly a hopeless romantic, but he never gets to show it and always forgets once he has the chance
⦁ he’ll make it up to you, don’t worry
⦁ francois needs love
⦁ like
⦁ so mu ch
⦁ please give him attention
- my child loves attention, despite what most people think
⦁ he’s a softie, it’s true
⦁ he has probably cried in his bathtub with a bottle of wine and a chickflick playin on his phone in his lap
⦁ he’s very unmotivated and restless due to some things goin’ on in his brain, so make sure he gets out of bed to do a health!!!
⦁ he can play the piano and has a lovely voice
- he loves to play slow and soft and sad-ish songs, they’re so beautiful
- coax him to play for you
⦁ you better believe he’s a poet
- he loves to write
- he will probably write you love letters if you give him the chance
⦁ be gentle and aware of his boundaries, but don’t baby him to the point he thinks you’re pitying him
⦁ he’s gonna own you in any card game ever
⦁ his smile and laugh are so adorable and hilarious
- he has perfect teeth?? despite his lack of care for his health??
⦁ speaking of
⦁ you need to make sure he is staying hygenic and healthy
- he gets into depressive spurts a lot and wont leave his room, so make sure you (gently) bust in and cater to his needs
⦁ he hates crying in front of people, so if he cries in front of you then you know you’re gonna be there for a while
⦁ there’s a horrible correlation with depressed people being lazy **THIS IS NOT TRUE**
- NEVER call a depressed person lazy
- that is N O T what is going on !!!
⦁ h o w e v e r
⦁ he actually is a lazy person
⦁ when he isn’t in a state !! i promise im not being hyprocrytical  he’s a lazy fuck
- “amour hand me my glass” “franc it’s right next to you, on the opposite side of me” “it’s so far” “its two inches away” *loUD DEMON SCREECH*
⦁ he’S A D I CK LMAO
⦁ he is a CYNIC he will snO RT IF YOU TRIP his first priority is to lAUGH th En help
- he’s so clumsy he does not know how that wall got there oops
⦁ im sorry PARDON MY FRENCH but
⦁ he has such a sexy morning voice
⦁ like his voice in general is sexy bUt iN tHe MOrNInG
⦁ i’ll leave it up to your imagination ;)))))
⦁ his sense of humour is so dry and witty it’s great
- like, you never could’ve noticed how fucking funny he was before unless you were th e r e
⦁ he speaks in french a l o t
⦁ like, he hates speaking in english
- but he understands not everyone understands french so he does anyway
- i hc thats a portion of the reason he’s so quiet
⦁ also everyone headcanons him as some sort of gross drunkard who badmouths everyone and blows smoke in their face like??? nah fam
⦁ i say he only smokes when he is stressed
- i mean that’s like all the time, but,,
⦁ only if he really is stressed
⦁ and for drinking, it’s the same, but more leisure
⦁ and he iS NOT GROSS he is WELL DRESSED but ALso depressed so i think that’s where that stems– but he maintains himself most of the time
⦁ he likes fashion like his 1p but is less obvious about it
- model for him?  if you’re shopping??
⦁ loves light PDA
⦁ will hold your hand forever
⦁ in a constant state of tsundere grump, so smooch that frown off of his face
⦁ sarcasm and sass
⦁ your relationship is so playful,,!! bu t
⦁ he has a w e a k ne s s
⦁ he is
⦁ the most
⦁ ticklish person
⦁ known to man
⦁ like you fucking high five him and he’ll piss himself
⦁ that’s a reason for him not allowing people to touch him he will karate chop  your asshole in half
⦁ he likes taking you on quiet place dates like cafes or aquariums;;;;; anywhere he can just watch you and let you talk???
⦁ he’s super into art and goes to art shows with Luciano a lot
⦁ go with him please
⦁ him and matt are v close and you might be seeing a lot of him and the rest of the face fam
- you will undergo a series of interrogation tactics because they know how difficult it is for him to date
⦁ he will give you cute french pet names and maybe even teach you a lil
⦁ he’s a super irritable person but he’s so patient with you?? unless you’re like strapping him to a rocket and he’s like “we need to talk–”
⦁ i feel like he travels interdimensionally all the time
- “franco- fraNCOIS”
  “quO I ??” <——– he was debating whether or not mermaids would be able to shoot guns underwater ???
- ?????
⦁ hes so fucking weird lemme tell you
⦁ he will give you existential crises at three am
⦁ im so sorry about that
⦁ you probably wont go to sleep because he wont shUT U P
⦁ it sg reat tho
⦁ he’s great
⦁ tres bien
⦁ il est ton/ta amour et tu as son <333

Idk if dat lovely anons gonna return so gotta write this before i forget

Cedric talking to Harry with his charming smile and being really suprised cause it looks like Harry is unaffected, not flustered, 

Cedric acting all stoic but thinking “wtf how dare you” cause he has effect on everyone but one he intended to 

so he starts doing more and more obvious flirt and doing some ridiculous things

meanwhile Harry has a heart attack every time they speak because did Cedric Diggory just flirt with me  so he sasses out of conversation cause he’s pretty sure Diggory is making fun of him or something 

I can't be friends either (Liam Dunbar)

 https://radwriting.tumblr.com/post/160743403682/i-cant-be-friends-liam-dunbartheo-raeken PART ONE

“I can’t be friends because I want to be so much more than that.”

I couldn’t stop thinking about what he said. Liam had admitted he loved me and what did I do? I panicked and ran. I had been avoiding Liam trying to wrap my head around what was happening. Did I love Liam? I know I cared about him a lot. I was only sixteen, I didn’t even know what love really meant yet. The boys had lacrosse practice today. I had to go because Stiles was my brother and also my ride home. I sucked in a sharp breath knowing Liam would be there and I would have to face him eventually.

“why do you reek of anxiety?” I heard a voice say from behind me.

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Brett Talbot stood behind me in all of his arrogant glory.

“why are you here again?” I sassed back.

“coach asked me see how good you guys are this year, maybe we can beat you.” He said smirking and throwing an arm around my shoulder.

I quickly shrugged him off.

“you know normally Talbot I’d have the patience for your stupidity but not today.”

Brett laughed rolling his eyes.

“let me guess relationship drama?”

“I’m not in a relationship Brett.” I said looking down at my shoes.

“really? I thought you and Dunbar seemed pretty cozy together.” Brett said shrugging his shoulders.

“well we aren’t!” I snapped maybe a little too harshly.

“dang girl chill i’m sorry my mistake.” He said raising his hands defensively.

“he uh told me he loved me.”

I had no idea why I was telling Brett Talbot of all people my problems.

“don’t you love him back?” Brett asked suddenly sounding like a concerned friend.

“I don’t know.” I said dramatically throwing my head back.

We walked up the bleachers and sat down. I saw Liam coming out from the locker room dragging behind Scott and Stiles. He looked up meeting my eyes. He saw Brett sitting with me and immediately looked away.

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 I could see the hurt in his eyes and it killed me knowing I was causing it.

“well this is awkward. Hey Brett.” Mason said taking the other seat beside me.

“Brett invited himself to sit here.” I said looking back down to Liam, but he wouldn’t look at me.

I guess I don’t blame him. The more I thought about it, I realized I did like Liam in that way but I was scared. scared to love him and be hurt, scared to lose him, scared that he’d get tired of me after a while, just scared.

“earth to y/n!” Brett screamed in my ear.

“what!” I hissed back at him.

“somebody is flirting with your boy.” Brett said pointing down to the field.

I looked down seeing Hayden Romero. She had been giving Liam looks since she transferred here. She was beautiful and she played sports. She would be a better fit for Liam than me.

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“okay Brett that doesn’t mean anything.” I said rolling my eyes.

“sure looks like something to me, and hey on the plus side if you don’t like him he can always go for Hayden.” Brett said with a look that I wanted to smack right off his pretty boy face.

“you know what I don’t have time for this today.” I huffed skipping down the bleachers.

I walked in to the school sitting down in front of my locker. What was I feeling right now? Was it jealousy? I heard a thump coming from down the hall interrupting my thoughts. I walked down slowly taking a look at my surroundings. When you’ve been dealing with the supernatural you can never be too cautious. It was just Tracy Stewart standing at her locker. I noticed she was breathing heavily.

“tracy? are you okay?” I asked getting closer to her.

She turned around her eyes changing color and blood covering her face.

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“I guess not.” I said slowly backing away from her.

Tracy growled before totally morphing into a kanima. I started sprinting down the hall but it didn’t really matter. Tracy climbed the lockers and was running beside me. She jumped off blocking my path causing me to run into her. I fell backwards hitting my head off the floor. I could feel blood trickle from where I hit my head. Tracy leaned close to me raising her claws. I could see the venom dripping. I grabbed her arm trying to fight her off. She was about to swipe her claws at me when I heard a roar. Tracy was tackled off of me by Brett and Liam.

“guys don’t let her scratch you!” I screamed looking at the boys struggling with the kanima girl.

“why?” Brett screamed back.

Suddenly Tracy scratched Liam causing him to go down paralyzed.

“That’s why.” I said trying to get up.

I stumbled unsteady. Brett was struggling with Tracy. Tracy was about to scratch Brett when Scott came in roaring his alpha roar. Tracy stopped, looking at Scott before running off. I managed to get up and stumbled my way over to Liam.

“what is this? what happened? why can’t I move?” Liam said freaking out.

“hey it’s okay you’ll be fine in a few hours it’s kanima venom it paralyzes people.” I said running my hand through his hair, not that he felt it anyways.

Brett and Scott picked Liam up setting him in Stiles jeep.

“it was Tracy Stewart.” I told Scott looking at Liam’s handsome face.

“alright Brett and I are going to try and find Tracy, you stay here with Liam.” Scott said running off with Brett.

There was an awkward silence. I felt something drip on my shoulder. I realized I was still bleeding from where I hit my head.

“hey you should sit down.” Liam said noticing as well. 

I crawled in the back seat beside him.

“grab my hand, let me try to heal you.” Liam said looking at me with worried eyes.

“you need to focus on healing yourself, don’t worry about me Liam.” I said giving him a small smile.

“I can’t not worry about you, in fact that’s all I do. when you left practice I got worried. Why did you leave by the way?”

I was hoping he wouldn’t ask. Should I tell him that I was jealous? I could just lie and tell him that Brett was annoying me, which wasn’t totally a lie. I didn’t realize I had been quiet for a little until Liam spoke again.

“what’s wrong y/n? you can tell me.”

“I guess I might have a been a little jealous of Hayden flirting with you.” I sighed deciding to tell him the truth.

“why would you be jealous?” Liam said laughing a little bit.

“I guess I can’t be friends either.” I said looking him in the eyes and smiling.

He was smiling widely at this point.

“I swear as soon as I can move i’m going to give you the biggest hug.” Liam said laughing.

“tell me can you feel this?”

I leaned in and placed my lips on his. There was explosions as soon as my lips touched his. He kissed me back as if his life depended on it.

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I pulled away out of breathe.

“well I guess we aren’t friends anymore.” Liam said resting his forehead against mine.

“good because I want to be so much more than that.” I said kissing him again.

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anonymous asked:

2, 4, 28, 26, and 24 for Mitch AND Jonas. Plz and thnk

24. In their own words, how would your character describe what their lover is like?

(answered #2 for jonas here!)

02. What is one of your character’s biggest insecurities? Are they able to hide it easily or can others easily exploit this weakness?

mitch actually has really low self-esteem when it comes to his appearance and also doesn’t eat around other ppl. …he also forces himself to throw up a lot jkldjgsd sighs

04. What are their favorite traits about their lover? (one psychological and one physical)

MM jonas likes to act like he hates when mitch is overprotective of him (sidney does the same thing sometimes) BUT he appreciates it. esp at school, or at home when his foster dad is being a jerk. it’s not that he can’t stand up for himself, just that ppl tend to not take him seriously…… and physical uh he thinks mitch is cute in a. weird sorta way. n he has nice arms and big hands (thumbs up)

and shit mitch loves like everything about joey honestly (wow gay) but favorite psychological thing prob how he turns into such a smartass when he’s mad! he’s like a little sass machine and mitch  thinks its the funniest thing. physical UH he likes how jonas is soft n squish and also all his spotty spots

28. If your character became a celebrity, what would they be famous for?

JEEZ I DUNNO if not for jonas’s wacky superpowers then i guess either skateboarding or drumming? i doubt a life of fame is really his Thing though

mitch is much more likely to be infamous with his telekinesis i think lol. i cant imagine him being a celebrity omg how about a reality show following him around and his stupid fucked up life yeah id watch that

26. What is their lover like sexually? How do they feel about their lover’s quirks, needs, etc?

(since this one is n/sfw im puttin it under read-more HAHA SWEATS…)

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being best friends with peter parker and ned leeds (platonic)

• you guys are all huge nerds, god 

• ned makes sure you know who the alpha best friend is 

 • watch yourself y/n, you’re pretty but peter loves the ned-master more 

• the three of you choking on popcorn when aunt may catches you fifteen year olds watching a rated R horror movie with graphic scenes 

 • your parents getting to know aunt may and ned’s parents 

 • may finally having other adults/parents to confide in when it comes to her nephew and teenager problems ever since she lost ben

 • you constantly text them because you love them so much 

 • the group chat name is always changing 

 • one week it was peter sucks because he forgot to let you copy his physics homework so your grade dropped 

 • y/n you need to learn responsibility

 • and peter, you need to learn to suck my— 

• ned always breaks you two up, he’s the glue 

 • you and peter love each other but both of you are so dramatic and always have banter 

 • when one of you gives the other sass, one of you would leave the groupchat to make a dramatic exit 

ne®d: hey are you okay?! 

 • you: yeah i just want peter to realize he consequences of his actions  

ne®d: what?? what happened with him? 

you:…he called me selfish 

 • ned always being more loyal to peter even though all of you are really close (let’s be honest here) 

 • always inviting you over whenever one of them got a new lego set even though you’re not very good at it 


count me in you dorks 

• in reality you sit and eat some chips on their bed as they work on it by themselves 

• sitting with each other in lunch 

ned, i’ll trade you three fucks given if you give me your chocolate milk 

 • no, fuck you 

 • peter gives you your own handshake because ned doesn’t want you stealing his 

no y/n, ugh you messed up––it’s supposed to be slap, slap, snap, elbow touch, fist bump, and THEN you wrap your arm around mine 

• peter this is more complicated than the theory of quantum physics 

• you could just kiss me on the cheek— 


 • you guys have some classes together but not a lot and yet y'all never shut up around each other 

 • ned and you hanging out when peter is “busy” and having just as a fun time since you give peter updates 

 • you and ned making inside jokes about how stupid peter looks in front of the girls he likes 

• while ned is more brutally honest, you’re a little more nurturing 

• y/n told me that i should just be myself, ned, she says that i’m adorable on my own 

• peter, y/n’s a liar. you’re adorable but you can’t flirt for your life. 

• having two brothers who you trust with your entire life 

 • okay maybe not your entire life because once you asked them to hold your pizza and they dropped it on the sidewalk 

• them not being like usual teenage boys your age which is so refreshing™ 

• you don’t have to worry about things like them making moves on you or making you feel like a piece of meat 

• because they love and cherish you and are so much more intellectually and emotionally mature than just fifteen years old 

• they’re boys that your family can trust and you always talk about them and have plans 

• you would go shopping at the farmers market 

• ned bought some cool but weird shit he found and peter bought you a rubber duck bc you’re a little baby 

• you didn’t talk to him for half an hour 

• he bought you a churro and you forgave him 

• eventually finding out that he’s spider-man 

• you figure it out because you’re a Not A Fucking Moron 

• peter disappears and spider-man shows up, hmmm interesting isn’t it 

y/n it’s not what you think— 

ned, in the words of aunt may, cut the bullshit. 

 • you freak out because your one of your best friends is in danger like all the time 

• he’s so freaking stubborn you could punch him in the face 

mr stark said 

• i could give less than a flying shit what tony stark said, peter, i love you like a brother and i’m not losing you at F I F T E E N years old buddy 

• your families becoming like one big family over the amount of time you three spend together 

• ned and peter are actually really good at getting holiday gifts for you 

• except that one time on your birthday when ned panicked at last minute and gave you the first thing he could think of 

• it was a goldfish 

• it died after a week because you were in no way shape or form prepared for responsibility 

• once peter let you put on the spidey mask and you used it for hours to talk to karen 

karen, would you say peter is a nerd? 

well, though his awkward and dorky remarks are quite of the nerdy type, i’d say no. 

did he program you to say that?




• you had plenty other friends but you had only two Best Friends

• they knew you really well so they could tell when you were upset 

• cue to them trying to cheer you up and even though it only half worked you were thankful for caring friends like them 

• peter would joke about being spider-man all the time and you don’t know how ned deals with it 

• being spontaneous and buying these two boys thoughtful gifts 

• nice warm groups hugs and pep talks 

• the group chat is always alive jfc 

• you sending them long paragraphs of how much you love and appreciate them and you apologizing for being a shitty friend sometimes and telling them how much you really love them because you’re scared they don’t realize how much they mean to you 

• these two dorks are blushing so HARD 

• they love you so much and don’t know what they’d do without you 

• you feel the exact same way