i really love all his sass


Everyone, I was so pleasantly wrong about this doujinshi when I mentioned it a few months back. It’s not Jason/Dick, it’s Dick/Jason. So here is the even more rare bottom Jason fanbook for your viewing pleasure!

Title: Birdcall
Artist: Maisuke
Rating: R18

Artist Contact: mai_suke@hotmai.com
*Please be sure to give the artist some love*

Translator: ShiroiTenshiNoYume (Thank you so much Yume!)

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so i have this weird hc that Neil really likes high fives? 

  • being an Athlete you congratulate the small victories to keep your team pumped up
  • and like Matt and Dan are always giving Neil high fives after plays
    • Dan because she’s a great captain and Matt because he loves his best friend Neil
  • nicky gave him a high five for sassing the press once and Neil was pretty proud of that
  • Wymack once told him good job after a game and gave him a high five and Neil smiled for the rest of the day
  • Kevin taught Neil a crazy hard Raven drill and it took him weeks to perfect it, but when he did Kevin gave him a high five and Neil felt like he won 
  • anyway
  • Neil becomes captain and even though he doesn’t connect with the baby foxes like he did with the upperclassmen, he tries to be a real Captain and gives them a lot of high fives at practice and games
  • so they become pretty routine in his life
  • sees Nicky on campus *high five*
  • Allison gives him a haircut *checks reflection* *high five*
  • so after a long, mutually beneficial sexy time with Andrew they are laying side by side catching their breath and Neil sticks his hand up for a high five and says “good job tonight”
    • Andrew pushes him off the bed and bans high fives from the dorm room
      • especially the bedroom

idk what this was. i’m sorry

Idk if dat lovely anons gonna return so gotta write this before i forget

Cedric talking to Harry with his charming smile and being really suprised cause it looks like Harry is unaffected, not flustered, 

Cedric acting all stoic but thinking “wtf how dare you” cause he has effect on everyone but one he intended to 

so he starts doing more and more obvious flirt and doing some ridiculous things

meanwhile Harry has a heart attack every time they speak because did Cedric Diggory just flirt with me  so he sasses out of conversation cause he’s pretty sure Diggory is making fun of him or something 

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Any headcanons for being Bella's twin (more sarcastic, a bit more rebellious, wild, passionate, pierced, tattooed, sexy, but no less sweet, compassionate, caring, loving) being in a relationship with sweet, pure little Seth!

  • Bella would not understand what Seth see’s in you since you two are so different
  • But then again who can understand Bella(cause I don’t)
  • Seth would trace your tattoos all the time
  • He’d like to hear the stories behind each one
  • Seth enjoying watching you sass the heck out of Paul
  • But he’d step in before you made Paul too mad
  • Cute picnic dates
  • Seth would love it when you wear skinny jeans
  • “They make your thighs look really nice”
  • Him giving you rides on his back(in wolf form) as he runs throughout the beach
  • He’d probably buy you two matching leather bracelets
  • When you got a tattoo of him in wolf form he would blush like crazy
  • Unexpectable kisses all over your face
  • I envy whoever becomes his imprint because he would be such a good boyfriend

~Admin Madz

Random thoughts about tonights TBBT

-Penny and I have a love of pink wine and pizza bagels.
-Being an old married woman I am going to vouch for Lenny. This is real married life. Its hard, not all of it is lovely and magical. But you love each other and you make it work.
-Girls night! I loved how happy Amy was to play host.
-I loved all of Amy’s sass here.
-After seeing Sheldon in his undies so many times we could pick out his knees.
-Sheldon seemed… Uncomfortable? In his old place…
-Loved seeing them playing games again.
-Howardette plot was cute! I love Halleys nursery. Girls love space too.
-Shamy are just in such an amazing place! Sheldon is Working on his relationship. Really working on it and its a joy to watch.
-that kiss was everything! If thats the PDA just think about what goes on privately?? They are soooo in love.
-Lenny eh? Lets hope this is building to something.
-the spa, Amy you adorable moon child.
-I need to see Sheldon Godzilla getting drunk playing in the shower.
-Sheldon being asked to write the Lenny RA was like giving him two christmases.
-Loved the episode! In my new top ten!


Hi, I’m Kristen. I like to get really high, listen to music (chance the rapper is my love) ,sleep, give everyone sass, make jokes that I’ll laugh, and who knows what else. I like females so that means I’m interested in females. No exceptions haha
I work all the time now so I’m kind of bad at communicating. But I would really like to find someone to chat with that makes me feel talking is easy when it’s actually super hard for me.
I’m looking for friends, family, soulmates. Ya know, whatever. I can’t seem to find much of anything of a relationship where I’m at and with how my life is set up. (small town, working my ass off to get out so not much time for going out for the time being) Looking for something new and promising with great growing potential. I’m tired of wasting my time

So wasssup, don’t let me die alone 😊

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Can I get a ship. Girl, bisexual 5'51/2 with short brown hair and dark brown eyes. I'm fairly shy with anxiety and depression. Super kind, hella sarcastic+sassy and a complete smartass who is clumsy af. I love winter/cold. Photographer. I really love art but suck at it. love affection. I love nature and everything about it. I love making people smile and laugh. I'm a huge animal lover. Very protective of friends and family. Fiercely loyal. I will do anything for the people I love.

I ship you with Damian Wayne.

Whenever you have an anxiety attack he’s always there to guide you through them.  After all he thinks you deserve to live with happiness and happiness only.  Damian loves your sass because whenever one of his siblings tease him then you’re always there to sass them.  The look on their faces are priceless. 

Damian has no idea how you’re so clumsy.  He thought that everyone was good on their feet until he met you.  Your clumsiness makes him worry about your safety.  Its no secret he was raised without affection.  So when you  first did it he strayed away, but after craving it for so long he gave in.  Lowkey loves cuddling with you.  

being with kamenashi kazuya would include...

For @maztherhacker and her love of Kame. I’m finally getting around to writing it. Huzzah.

  • Probably meeting somewhere that doesn’t involve his work
  • And he would really enjoy someone who’s not all up in his grill because he’s a Johnny’s
  • You’d know he’s into you because he teases you whenever he can but takes offense when other people do
  • It’s kind of like you having a personal defense squad
  • Which is kind of awesome because Kame’s a sass master
  • Kame being weary to actually ask you out because he knows how fans of Japanese idols get when they start dating
  • Is there a dating ban in Johnnys cause I don’t remember but that’s not even important to him because who actually cares about the company’s opinion amirite
  • But once he’s sure he loves you he won’t be hesitant
  • He probably would consider coming up with a fancy plan for it but drop it at the last minute to spontaneously ask you
  • When you do get together he’d keep the relationship a secret for a while because he doesn’t want you being harassed
  • But once it does come out he’ll totally own it
  • And maybe be really open about it just to rub it in people’s faces because he’s a bit of a dick like that
  • He’s a big fan of skinship
  • It’ll be a constant with him and he doesn’t care if it’s in public or not
  • Other people can just go mind their own business
  • He’d probably be the guy to buy you nice things whenever you fight as an apology
  • And you’d fight on occasion because you both have strong personalities
  • But then make up sex too so it’s okay
  • Sex with Kame would be super hot tho
  • There’s probably a fight for dominance giggity
  • Kame normally wins and you’re just gonna have to get over it
  • He’d probably like it if you curled onto his chest afterward
  • Really he just doesn’t sleep well unless you’re right next to him
  • You probably only get married for the convenience because neither of you like sticking a label on your relationship
  • So you probably won’t have a big fancy wedding
  • Because why have a wedding with a bunch of annoying relatives when you can take a trip to Paris???
  • Or Milan???
  • Or any other fancy smancy tourist place you can think of???
  • There would probably be some sort of argument over how to arrange furniture and decorate your place
  • You can just rearrange shit when he’s out filming or something so you win huzzah
  • Waiting a while before you have kids and probably having two at that so they can entertain each other while you guys are busy
  • But you guys would be amazing parents
  • Like the kind who always stand up for your kids and know exactly what they need
  • Just don’t go picking fights at the PTA meetings kay???

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You know what I really need? Platonic platonic cuddling/platonic sleeping together.

Luke, post-Bespin, soaked in sweat and trembling with the afteraffects of his nightmares, climbing in beside Leia. She rolls over, wraps her arms around this boy who she loves with all of her heart, and hums half-forgotten Alderaanian lullabies until he falls asleep again.

The Rogues teasing Luke for being so cold on Hoth, constantly ribbing him about how he was always shivering, about how he used up all the hot water, about how he managed to wheedle three extra blankets just because he was friends with Leia (side note: the extra blankets weren’t Luke’s doing, though they were Leia’s), all the while calling him a “pansy-assed desert boy.” Yet, nonetheless, on the bitterest of nights, pulling all of their bunks together and piling into the middle, Luke buried at the heart of the squad, a veritable nest of blankets and pillows and arms and legs keeping him warm.

Leia falling asleep in Carlist’s quarters a handful of times, slumped over against his wall or against his shoulder as at last sheer, desperate exhaustion overwhelms her. On the worst nights, those first months after the Death Star, after Alderaan, when the pain of memory was too much for her even to beat it out by running until she vomited, shooting things until her arms cramped, or worked until the words ran off the pages, she would limp, stagger, crawl to Carlist’s room. She would knock, and he would answer, catching her before she could fall, half-carry her over to his bed. She’d let him take off her shoes if she was wearing any, and wrap a blanket around her shoulders, and then would sink against him, eyes wide and desert-dry. They never spoke on those dark nights–simply sat, Carlist a wall of warmth against Leia’s shoulder, a battlement of strength and stolidity against which she could shatter, silent and unseen. And eventually, ultimately, Leia would collapse into sleep, her head lolling against Carlist’s shoulder–and only then would he risk wrapping an arm around her, drawing her closer against his side, closer into his safe protection.

Chewie, on the nights when Han was drunkest–which happened most in the first few months after they met, shortly after Han’s discharge from the Imperial Navy–or after he had been badly hurt, sitting perched in too-small chairs by his bed, stretching out on the cramped, human-sized bunk, where he could make sure his friend was still breathing, still living, wasn’t going to choke on his own vomit. More often than not, morning would find Han plastered to Chewie’s side, face buried in Wookiee fur–and though Han would complain for days or weeks after of finding Wookiee hairs in his mouth or clothes or blankets, he never once asked Chewie to stop.

Leia, post Alderaan and the Death Star, when she had finally learned to truly trust Han and Luke, only ever sleeping peacefully when she’s curled on the couch on the Falcon, often leaning against Luke, who like to sprawl while he read the latest crime thriller he had (illegally) downloaded, or against Han, who as often as not had a glass of liquor or deck of sabaac cards in his hands, if only to fiddle with.

Han, Luke, and Leia all curling together on the floor of an Ewok hut that first night, none of them able to let either of the others out of their sight, as if afraid that, if they aren’t touching, the other might disappear.

That becoming a habit, so much so that, even after the three of them buy their first apartment together (on Coruscant, on Hosnian Prime), they spend their first few months in their new home sleeping on the living room floor, mattresses pulled off the beds and shoved against the couch.

Even later–much later, once peace has been settled, the New Republic founded and growing in strength, Luke’s New Jedi Order thriving–when Han or Leia are drawn far away to distant corners of the galaxy, it is not uncommon for Luke to crash at their new apartment, both to spend some extra time with his nephew, and also with his sister or his best friend/brother. He never sleeps in Han and Leia’s room–in fact, he never even ever goes into their room at all, except on the rare occasion that emergency demands it–but Han or Leia usually end up on the couch sprawled or curled up next to him.

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So I just wanted to say that I am having anxiety because I think Himchan and yongguk are going to enlist in the army soon and I don't wanna see all the cute cinnamon rolls be torn apart again. It is true that men have to enlist by a certain age right? Gah I'm scared and then I picture youngjae trying to be in the army and I just giggle because as much as I love his sass and quirks I don't think he'd survive a day not being yelled at [same for daedae] but ahhh #nerves

Yes, all men must enlist by a certain age, but Yongguk and Himchan aren’t at that age yet. Male celebrities are usually put either in entertainment units or enlistment duty, so you shouldn’t worry too much. This is part of life in Korea, and there’s really no reason to feel anxious. All male idols must go into the army at some point, and they all come out just fine. Re: daejae, they both know how to behave in formal, regulated conditions, they likely will be fine and not yelled at often.

We don’t know what the boys plans are yet, so just relax and wait, it’s not like that’s something we can change

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Hi! if it's alright may I have a matchup? I'm a taurus and INFP, overall I'm a shy, reserved, sensitive person who just prefers to be in the background, I'm often labelled as the 'cinnamon bun' or the 'the quiet one' of my friends, sometimes I want to sass certain people but I can't because i'm too polite all the time, I absolutely love animals especially reptiles and cats. I'm pale skinned have long dark blonde hair worn in a ponytail and grey eyes. On a side note I really enjoy your blog.

That side note was really sweet ^^

Ayato Sakamaki !

He would be so damn protective over you. Maybe you had no knowledge of it, but you, as the cinnamon bun would be very desired by various students, especially the vampires, otherwise known as his brothers. Ayato would be the jerk type of guy at first, and the mutual attraction would presumably grow from the amount of teasing. He’d know how sensitive you are and not hesitate in putting you in uncomfortable situations. He’d find excitement in your struggles though he would be aware that you are too polite to even mark your words. But eventually, you would take notice of the fact that Ayato would become very defensive if any one else teased you for it. You were his, and only his.

Got7 Fan Meet in Toronto 5/21/16

-Got7 is perfection
-They sound awesome live
-They are literal gods in person,  so gorgeous
-Marks smile is literal sunshine
-blond mark and black haired Jackson
-Yugyeom has no chill
-Neither does BAM BAM
-Marks dancing is on point,  I died
-Jr Needs to sit down so I can live
-Jackson is a literal angel that makes me want to sin
-Youngjaes voice is heals illness,  stops wars, and solves world hunger
-JB is next level delicious and made me super thirsty
-It was so cute watching him dance in his chair
-I subsequently  fell in love a million times
-my bias list is ruined
-my life is in shambles
-Mark is just sooooooooooo
-Watching them interact with each other is adorable
-Markjin is real
-Jr.  Is the ultimate sass
-The hip thrusts and sexy dancing made me so thirsty - the girl infront of me collapsed multiple times because of this
-Everyone was thirsty
-We all died
-Bam really wants a moose - I shall buy it for him
-Jr’s ability to DANCE is underrated and get it
-Mark sang love yourself and again we died
-So did Youngjae and he slayed
-Jackson wants to go to all our homes - he can come to mine and live there forever
-I wished yugyeom and youngjae talked a bit more
-Consequently Youngjaes English is the best
-Touching their hands and encouraging them with “fighting” made my heart race for a thousand years
-Mark, JB and Jackson smiling at me was just ahsihfbwkejfosbahgdaob
-We sang happy birthday to BAM BAM and gave him a cake
-We took a picture with got7 with everyone dabbing
-Got7 saved kpop
-They saved my soul

Hate at First Sight (pt 1)- Peter Parker Imagine

hey guys! there will be a part 2 simply because I love this idea too much to do it all in one part. sent in from @l-moriarty-who :Can you do number 37 and 7? Where the girl really dislikes Peter at first cause he’s so smart (and they have a bit of a rivalry cause she’s super smart too) and then she finds out he met Tony Stark and shows up at  his house. And then it progresses to them becoming friends and then to dating. They would probably banter and sass each other a lot! This would be so awesome! Thanks! (prompts from this post: http://fierce-flame.tumblr.com/post/144328193685/sentence-prompts)

Summary: Appalled at the fact that your intellectual rival is apparently is close with the renowned genius Tony Stark, you find yourself somehow enjoying his company.

Sentence Prompts: 37. “Why are you stealing my clothes?”+ 7. “I don’t believe in love at first sight, but I believe in hate at first sight.”

Part 2 here!: http://fierce-flame.tumblr.com/post/144581270810/hate-at-first-sight-pt-2-peter-parker-imagine

gif credit to: @natashabarnes (seriously, go check em out. great gifs, great blog)

Everything has a pattern, a rhythm. Eventually, the circle closes, the path ends, and becomes uniform. Everything’s trying to find its perfect still water, no ripples or changes. Yet someone always throws a pebble in, and the turbulent current returns. 

Your water had been perfectly still. It sat there in, in your clear plastic bottle with the filter and the pristine white cap. It had remained there, perfectly untouched until it was sent tumbling to the ground.

You looked up at the assailant, narrowing your eyes when you discovered it to be your intellectual rival, Peter Parker. You were a relatively nice person, but Peter got on your nerves like no other, like how on the rare occasion he made it to class only a few minutes late, it was panting and red-faced, breathing down your neck as he sat at his desk directly behind yours. The rivalry dated back to the freshmen physics fair when he narrowly beat out your wind turbine with a plasma conductor (how he got his hands on that, you had no idea) and had persisted since then. Neither of you had ever acknowledged the races you participated in, neck and neck to do better on the next test, get a higher mark on the next project. 

He looked down, palms leaving smudges on the surface as he bent down to pick the bottle up. “Sorry. Guess I should be looking where I’m going.” He strolled back to his seat, not taking notice of the crumpled white piece of paper that had fallen out of his pocket.

You had no intention of reading the note, simply picking it up to return it,  but as you leaned down, you saw on the corner the symbol of… Stark Industries? That couldn’t be right. You knew it was wrong, but you scanned the note. Pick you up at 7, kid. Got some new tech for you to try out. Tony. How could Parker of all people know the billionaire inventor well enough to be called kid? 

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12 Days of Japril - Day 5

I know it’s kinda late, but I couldn’t go to bed without posting this! So…

Ooooon the fifth day of Christmas, the fandom gave to meeeeeee

5 selfies that make your heart skip a beat

Had to scroll threw Sarah and Jesse’s Instagram and my tags to find them, and pick five. I really don’t know how y’all expect me to choose just five sasse selfies.  Anyway, here they are!


I know Justin and Camilla are in this picture, but I still love it. Why? Look at Jesse’s face in the bottom picture. He looked like he’s giving his mother the puppy dog face after she told him he couldn’t get anymore cookies lol. 


I think this is one of my ultimate favorite selfies! They’re just too cute in this one


What I loved about this selfie was the caption “Malpractice Face”


After the cliffhanger in Season 10, this selfie gave me some major feels.


Love this one simply for the big ass rock on her finger.

I don’t care what anyone says, we have the best captains ever! Whenever the fandom is having some serious feels and doubts, they post a cute selfie, and make it a little better. I can bet you Sasse has a selfie saved just for when the show comes back in February.

Credit to Sarah and Jesse’s Instagrams and google.


Make me choose

Hook in season 3 / Hook in season 4

Asked by @izyandthefortressofbooks

That was a really really really (x endless) hard  one! 

I decided to go with Hook of season 4 for a few reasons. 

First of all this person in getting more perfect every day, and so in season 4 his levels of perfection are even higher. 

I also really love his new look, much more than I thought I would because very surprisingly I don’t find myself missing the pirate outfit that much. 

I love seeing his version of “in a relationship” rather than just fighting to get the girl. 

I love seeing him as a 100% hero, but at the same time still 100% pirate (especially with the levels of sass).

But I think the main reason why I chose Hook of season 4 is because I love seeing him happy! And in it he was truly happy, he was living his happy ending and I loved seeing him smile so much and realizing he’s truly loved and important in the life of someone else.

100 away from my next thousand!

Hi, guys! Welcome to my blog!

This is a spn positive blog, with occasional posts about OUAT, Marvel, and The 100, but mostly it’s Supernatural.

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Ships are primarily Destiel/Cockles/Samifer, but really just love stories about the characters and their relationships with each other, whether familial, platonic, or romantic. Give me all the stories and feelings. Hopefully lots of sarcasm and sass as well.

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Did I mention the fics? And the fanart of the fics? And the cosplays of the fics?

Ask box always open! I love to talk Supernatural, fics, books, and writing!

Occasional posts involving rescue dogs and whatever I made for dinner. Or of me after I go for a run or something, using you to hold myself accountable to exercising regularly.

And I do weekly videos about each new episode of Supernatural. It’s a thing. I react to the episode and answer your questions, comments, etc!

If for some reason, you watch and yet do not like Supernatural. This is not the place for you. I don’t want to hear all the reasons why.

And if for some reason you don’t like all the actors/characters, or for some reason think some of them need to meet some horrible end and therefore never be on the show again

Seriously. Fairly non-tolerant of hate. We all need to vent and rant sometimes. That’s healthy. Hate and constant negativity are poison killing you and everyone around you. It won’t earn you the friends you want/deserve.

Everyone else?

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