i really liked you in haven

Some of my favorite things

  • dimples dimPLES DIMPLES
  • when people do the tongue thing while smiling
  • when someone’s nose scrunches up when they’re laughing AGH SO CUTE
  • snorting while laughing it’s the actual cutest thing please kill me
  • glasses I love them
  • when people notice little things you/someone else does and then mentions how you/that person does them often
  • and instruments too like yes you go
  • when they’re bobbing their head to music and their hair does the little *bloop*
  • not being able to tell a joke because they’re laughing so much
  • when they wear sweaters/shirts/anything really that completely drown them
  • getting really into a song and doing a little dance
  • scars that have weird stories behind them
  • names with stories behind them
  • anything with a story I love stories
  • soft people
  • quiet voices
  • loud voices
  • cuddly people
  • people that make sure you’re okay even if you haven’t been showing signs that you aren’t
  • people that make sure you’re okay when you show signs you aren’t
  • people that understand when you need space
  • people that get all excited when they see something cute
  • the baby voice people use around animals/small children OHMYGOSH ITS ADORABLE
  • people with animals
  • pUNS
  • I fucking love puns
  • bad jokes they’re the best
  • and good jokes
  • gay jokes
  • all jokes really
  • protective people
  • when people get all blushy and giggly it’s the most adorable thing I love it
  • when they show you something they care about
  • looking over to make sure you’re enjoying the thing
  • making jokes about things you’re embarrassed about so you aren’t as embarrassed
  • sweater paws
  • when they’re sleepy and lay their head on your shoulder
Hurricane - Leon Draisaitl

A/N: Okay guys, I’m really really really super proud of this one. I just love it. It is based on the song and music video of ‘Hurricane’ by Luke Combs (x). I hope you like it!

Word count: 1536

A/N: I don’t know, man. Bad stuff as always.

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Hadn’t had a good time
Since you know when

Leon haven’t seen you in what it seems like forever, but maybe that was because you’ve made a huge effort on avoiding him. He could not pinpoint the moment when you went from a-little-more-than-just-friends to you completely shutting him off your life. He doesn’t blame you, he knew he was a dick and he deserves the cold shoulder you are giving him, but he hadn’t realized how much he needed you until you weren’t there.

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any prompts of person A and B exchanging letters even though they could text?

You moved away in fifth grade but we’ve been writing letters to each other ever since AU

Texting is nice but I like to save all the letters and notes you gave me AU

You used to use a certain perfume on your stationary but I haven’t heard from you in forever and now the smell of it makes me heartsick AU

You really wanted to learn calligraphy so we started learning together and sending letters to practice AU

Playing chess via mail AU

Sexting via snail mail AU

You write me letters and send little bits of your life to me like a wrapper from your favorite candy or an old picture and I’m putting them into a scrapbook for us AU

I used to send you a card or letter at least once a month but you never responded so I stopped AU

I’m not sure if you still live at this address but I keep sending letters there because I miss you and one day I get a response AU


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I hope you manage to get some rest. Going to work with so little sleep sucks. I know see your some brightens my day. So once you feel up to it I was wondering if you're still working on blind!obi? If so could we see some interaction between him and dooku? Also would the fact that Qui-gon is alive affect dooku's alliegence in the war?

“I would apologize for the darkness but I do not imagine it bothers you all that much.” Yan drawled a bit as he stepped into the room and turned on the light.

“Not really. I haven’t seen light since I was a child.” Obi-Wan offered brightly in return.

Dooku chuckled a bit at that before moving to his chair and sitting down, watching Obi-Wan with his head tilted to the side as Obi-Wan sat at ease in his own despite being cuffed to it. “…I like your stockings.” He offered with a bit of amusement.

Wiggling his toes in response, Obi-Wan tilted his head. “Cody says they’re blue and covered in glitter. I just think they feel soft.” He smirked.

“Yes I imagine you’re all about sensation since you lack one.” Yan sat back in his chair as Obi-Wan gave a low hum in agreement. “…You are aware of course that I am your grandmaster yes?”

Laughing a bit, Obi-Wan nodded. “Qui-Gon wouldn’t shut up about you. Of course I am aware, he was very angry at you for Falling.” He tisked.

“Yes, he made me…quite aware of that.” Dooku hummed, pulling an orange from his robe and starting to peel it steadily.

Obi-Wan sniffed a bit. “And still you did it.” He tilted his head.

“Mhmm.” Yan hummed. “I have cause.”

“No, you took a decision and accepted the dark. You didn’t have to accept the dark to do this, that was a conscious decision on your part to make your crystal bleed for you.” Obi-Wan murmured and grimaced. “I can hear it, it sounds so sad…” He sighed.

Dooku said nothing, continued peeling.

“…You didn’t capture me to talk about light and dark though.” Obi-Wan shifted a bit.

“No. Nor did I capture you to speak of alliances. Though you would be marvelous in the dark.” Yan pointed out before parting the orange into two slices and then loosening one of the slices of orange and putting it in the redhead’s mouth when he opened his mouth again. “Chew.”

Huffing a bit, Obi-Wan did just that. “…Was that a blood orange?”

“Yes.” Yan loosened another boat. “More?”

“…Eh, alright.” Obi-Wan opened his mouth.

Snorting a bit, Yan feed him the rest of the fruit before settling back in his seat, watching him with a small smile. He did really like the boy even if he was being obtuse.

“I can hear you thinking.” Obi-Wan hummed. “And feeling.” He continued humming.

“I didn’t Force rob you, it would be strange if you could not sense my emotions.” Yan drawled. “But if you can read my mind I’m impressed.”

Milky eyes flickered a bit in the acid damaged face. “…Why did you abduct me?”

Yan floated the orange peel to the window and out, flickering his hand lightly to throw it into the garden. “You are my hostage of course. Qui-Gon will come for you, that’s my chance to speak to him again.”

Obi-Wan blinked slowly then sighed. “I see.” He shifted a bit, settling. “…He’s never going to join you. Darkness almost killed him before, Xanatos Fall did killed a part of him. I may be blind, but I have ears and I have a mind. I spoke with Tahl before she died… he lost a lot. Now you’re here, trying to convince him to walk a path of darkness.” Obi-Wan shook his head slowly. “…I can’t believe you’d do this to him.”

Grunting a bit, Yan cleaned his hands for orange juice with a handkerchief. “I am doing this for hi-”

“You are doing this for you.” Obi-Wan cut in bluntly. “Don’t try to hide your goals behind a fake facade of noble intentions. You’re serving a Sith master. He’s going to stab you the back in the end unless you do it first.”

Yan growled a bit before taking a deep breath and standing. “…I see we are getting no where. I will leave you for a while to think.”

Obi-Wan sighed a bit, listening to the man walk away, the door open and then shut, leaving Obi-Wan alone.

A light Force probing told him there was a basic surveillance system in place. ‘Well then… plan B it is.’ Obi-Wan shifted his fingers to reach into his left sleeve, pulling a bobby pin from the clip on his wrist. ‘Time to escape and get back to Los and Cody. And find my boots…’


Louise: “Oh my god Awa! I haven’t seen you in forever. You look great!”

Awa: “Mhm yeah okay wow Jenny you’re like really pregnant. I would like to see the poor guy who did this to you and wish him good luck”

Jenny: Ha-ha very funny” 

Louise: “Hey listen, Jenny and I were just about to go inside to get a cup of coffee? Would you like to join us? We should really catch up!” 

Awa: “You know what I would- but I’d rather get hit by a bus. Seeya” 

Jack: Nick, I’m surprised you didn’t just get the C-section on your due date. I mean, just because you haven’t gone into labor yet, doesn’t really mean you have to wait anymore. ‘Cause you can’t really give birth anyway.

Nick: Yeeeah, I know. But I just decided that I’ll let them stay in there for another week. The sound of a C-section kinda makes me a bit nervous, just thinking about being cut open. Plus I feel like I would actually…kinda miss it. ‘Cause y’know it doesn’t happen everyday, where a MALE, somehow, gets pregnant from illegal experimenting. Heheh, it’s strange though. I guess it’s because I never really felt alone sometimes when I’m by myself in the condo. They are always with me. 

Judy: Aww Nick, that’s so sweet.

Nick: Also I can’t really blame them for wanting to stay in there. I mean, all they do is lie around all day, it’s 98 degrees, all you can eat, it’s Miami in there.

[just scrolling through the notes and posts and realising how freaking much I missed, which reminds me that there are a couple of new things in my life I wanna catch you all up on too so here we are]

while I was away I managed:

  • to complete my BA degree
  • to fall down the rabbit hole that is the Supernatural fandom (no I haven’t resurfaced yet don’t you dare pull my out I swear it’s glorious)
  • to get a job (meaning my tumblr time will sadly still be limited in the next few months)
  • to write Collateral Damage: A Definition, a part of the Antonia Stark verse I thought I’d never have the courage or ability to write down properly yet 5k later here we are (and nope, I haven’t convinced myself to post it yet because this is not my usual shit at all)
  • to not once during several months of vacation to find the time to get my hair cut
  • to fall in love with Dean Winchester (and am I the only one who sees wonderful crossovers in my future? if so that won’t last for long *cackles*)
  • to not be very productive in regards to writing, so I sadly don’t have a lot of updates I can promise you

And I think that’s about it. How are you all doing?

You know what post makes me really angry whenever I see it?? The one where people are getting mad at the whole bay leaf in their food and all the comments are like ‘lol they’re so stupid, it’s supposed to be there! Haven’t you heard of spices??’ when in reality the bay leaf ISN’T supposed to be in the final dish. Literally every recipe that calls for whole bay leaves also tells you to remove it before serving. It’s bad form and just plain lazy to serve something inedible.

anonymous asked:

Literally I was like wtf ?? He gave her the pictures back , got up and was like "thats my son!! he looks so much like me i had to leave or they would have understood everything , didn't like his mom but he's my son , mine mine mine "

And let me list all the qualities about him when I barely asked about my own daughter, yet here is her mother in front of me who I haven’t seen in 20 years. And she keeps asking me if I loved his mother, but I really want to just talk about Willie and how awesome he is. Did you know he has the same name as my dead brother, like exactly the same, not like our daughter’s stupid name that I didn’t like and is similar to my father’s name and Willie, Willie, Willie.

anonymous asked:

hi! do you know anywhere i can get pkmn soul silver or heart gold at a good price? i lost my copy ages ago and have been wanting to play it again but all the ones i've seen so far have been really expensive.

No not really :( I haven’t looked but I’ve heard they are super expensive online now. Maybe you’ll get lucky in the old games section of a video game store? (Would be like finding real gold lol)

bell-amys  asked:

Hey there! i just have to say that "Airplanes" is my lifeline right now, it literally gives me life these days. I just read chapter 12 and i'm a crying mess right now. I just love everything you're doing with this fic. But quick question, could it be possibe to write a short drabble from Theo's POV of this chapter? Like what did he do when he left Liam? Did he cry? Did he hit something? Was he angry? Did he scream at himself for all the bad things he's ever done? MY ANGSTY HEART WANTS TO KNOW.

Hey! thank you so much oh my god!!

Totally! I’ve thought about doing a few like drabble things for some of the moments in airplanes from Theo’s POV I’m just really lazy and haven’t gotten round to it yet.

I have literally over 100 prompts to write right now so it depends on what inspirations i get for what fics but I’d love to explore Theo’s POV at some point :D 

anonymous asked:

Tell me what you think about boys that aren’t very experienced with sex and relationships. I don’t have that much experience with either and I haven’t done anything with anyone, I’m kinda shy and not sure what to do in general. I feel like guys might not like me so I don’t try. I’ve been flirted with a bunch by really handsome guys but I never know what to do so I just sit there and smile like an idiot. Is being shy and inexperienced bad ? What do you think?

Everyone is unexperienced at the beginning. Try not to be shy and put yourself out there. Go meet some people and try new things. If people are flirting with you then take advantage of it and show interest back

At the end of 602, I wanted to play it where I deny this, but then I also politely threaten her. I’ve had this done to me in business before, where someone says something nice to you, but then you step back for a second and go, “Wait a second, did that person just threaten me?” I’m not going to say who did it, but they’re really excellent at it, so I wanted to bring that same feeling into that scene where I sit down and say, “Look, you’re wrong. What you’re doing is, you’re barking up the wrong tree, but if you’re right, how far do you think a person like that would go to protect the people closest to him?” So we’re playing real cat and mouse, but I haven’t really dealt with her since. What I like is, she’s starting to poke at other people on his team. She’s on absolutely everybody.

Stephen Amell to EW.com

monumentalhero  asked:

"I fucked up" "You're special to me" and "I haven't slept in four days" with Alexander?

I didn’t really feel the last prompt fit well so I didn’t include it, I apologise for that! Hopefully you don’t hate this too much.

The last time you left your apartment was somewhere around four days ago, you’re not really sure though, you haven’t opened the curtains for days and have avoided looking at clocks and your phone.

Mostly you’ve been sleeping. And reading. Those two activities take up most of your time. You called work and told them you were sick a few days ago. You don’t want to be there, not with people around acting like you’re gonna break. So what if your boyfriend cheated on you? That doesn’t mean you can’t function anymore.

At some point between naps, there’s a knock on the door and you slowly make your way through the apartment to tell whoever it is to go away.

You’re not expecting to find Alexander on the other side of the door.

“What are you doing here?” You grumble, looking him up and down.

He looks about as terrible as you probably do.

“Y/N, I fucked up. Please don’t let my fuck up be the end of what we have,” he begs.

You didn’t want to break up with Alexander. With him you feel good, feel at home. You like leaning against him as he works on his computer, like playing with his hair when he needs to calm down. You like just being with him, and now that you actually allow yourself to think about it, you’re already missing him like crazy.

“Alex I… you’re special to me. So damn special, but I can’t ignore what you did. It hurt Alex. It hurt so badly,” you whisper, looking him dead in the eye.

“I’m so-“ he starts but you quickly cut him off.

“I want to work this out. But I need time to work through this. I need time to come to terms with what happened and to believe that you won’t do it again. Will you give me that time?” you ask.

He doesn’t want to, you see that, and you know him well enough to know that all he would want right now Is to help you through this. But he understands your wishes.

“You’ll call when you’re ready?”

“I will. Goodbye Alexander,” you mutter before closing the door, a tear slipping down your cheek.

anonymous asked:

Turn offs and Turn one for the Nordics please! If you haven't done it already,

We haven’t done it yet! So I will happily answer this one for ya!~Admin Sarah

Turn On’s
: Intelligence, quiet, loves to read, loves to play chess, knowledge of Games like D&D
Turn Off’s: When people say “play” games, but they really have no clue what they’re about, people who are loud, arrogance, a social butterfly.

Turn On’s
: A good sense of humor, cuddly people (only in bed), respect him and his private space.
Turn Off’s: Obnoxious people, people who force him to social events, social butterflies, people who are loud. PDA.

Turn On’
s: A kind heart, imprecation of sweets, dog lovers, similar music interests
Turn Off’s: When people pretend to know a band..and they don’t…rude people, people who scream alone. Loners.

Turn On’s
: Quiet, handy, intelligent. When they wear his shirts around the house, a good sense of humor (Berwald actually has a great sense of humor, he’s just quiet), taller (Doesn’t like to look down on people)
Turn Off”s: Pushy people, someone who always talks, lazy, someone who is reckless.

Turn On’s
: Nice smile, good sense of humor, love of legos, likes beer, short. (For arm rest purposes) likes dogs.
Turn Off’s: Buzzkill, boring, hates childish behavior/fun, angry people. 

anonymous asked:

Hi there, my friend and i discovered your fanarts and my friend really wants to cosplay your Empress Allura version. She just asked you if she could cosplay her I think ? Well, I’m going to do Lotor, and I wanted to know if you were open to make a version of Lotor to accompany her and how much it would cost ? I would totally understand if you don’t want to or can’t, and thank you for your time ! I love your art a lot !

You mean Lotor from the same AU like Empress Allura? To be honest I haven’t thought about his role there. Is he alive? Is he a member (or leader) Guns of Gamora? Maybe he’s near the empress, because she doesn’t want to kill him, but can’t just let him go. 
I’m not sure I can design him now, don’t feel like that, sorry.
And thank you! Good luck with your cosplay :)

anonymous asked:

mom, i like a guy and the guy likes me, but we haven’t really addressed any titles/labels. we have a date though, and i’m v excited but i’m (very loose) not supposed to date. i’m kind of stumped on where to go next and a little scared of commitment, any advice?

i mean i would just see where it goes and have fun. you dont need to put a label on everything and a lot of relationships are kind of in a gray area. after the date you can ask him where you guys stand and see whether he’s wanting an actual relationship or what. tbh i wouldnt worry too much about what you guys are and just enjoy hanging out with him