i really liked this thing okay

Snow: Alright, let’s hear about the kiss. Was it like… was it a soft brush against your lips? Or was it like a, you know, “I gotta have you now” kinda thing?

Regina: Well at first it was really intense, you know. And then we just sort of sunk into it.

Snow: Okay, so was she holding you, or were her hands on your back?

Regina: No actually first they were… they started on my waist. And then they slid up, and then they were in my hair.

Snow: Oooh!!


Emma: And then I kissed Regina.

Ruby: Tongue?

Emma: Yeah.

Ruby: Cool.

seungcheol in bed

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  • y’all have been floading our ask for this
  • here it is
  • a dom
  • i could end this here fjrkfj
  • okay but for real
  • i don’t see him being the sub 
  • like ever
  • maybe on his birthday when you’re like
  • “it’s your night, let me be in charge”
  • he’ll still find a way to control the whole thing
  • like by controlling your hips with his hands
  • just really loves being in control
  • make outs at random times
  • you’re doing something
  • and he just randomly comes and like
  • kisses your neck
  • these are really playful
  • where he has this amazing smile the whole time kill me
  • but some makeouts are intense
  • probably kisses that could bruise your lips
  •  while his thumb is pressed just below your adam’s apple
  • grinds on you and you know you’re in for a long night
  • has a daddy kink

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The Monster in the Woods [Primal, Non-human Monster]

This is a request for @namelessspacehybrid Okay I finally got around to writing this! I am so so so so sorry its so short, still kinda sick and life’s a tiny bit busy but a really hope you like him! He was a very interesting creature to experiment with!

You sighed adjusting the bag on your shoulder and stepped over another fallen tree, making your way through the overgrown forest behind your house. No one ever dared to wander into these parts of the woods for fear of what was lurking in it. Wolves, bears and venomous insects were the first thing to come to mind, but there were worse things to fear according to local legend. A towering creature that lurked about, preying on anything that was unfortunate enough to become lost in the woods. No one dared to even speak or mention it, unless they were warning their children, too scared to even investigate. No one had actually even given the creature a name.

So you just called him Oceldym

“Ocel’! I’m back!” Entering the large cave mouth you called out, pushing past the vines and overgrown foliage that spilt over the entrance to reveal a hulking creature curled up in the corner.

He raised his head in acknowledgement of your entrance and slowly lurked forward to where you were, raising on tall lanky legs and hunching over to nuzzle your face with a possessive growl.

“Calm down dummy, I was only gone for an hour.” You told him in response, laughing softly as you caressed the soft fuzz on his neck.

Oceldym was a… Strange creature to say the least, he was at least 8 feet tall, even hunched over. Black fuzz adorned his neck like a shawl and contrasted his slightly paler grey skin well. Atop his head was a set of four horns and a large pair of yellow eyes with with slightly paler pupils. His mouth was long and torn in a macabre Cheshire grin, large sharp teeth lining up his jaw perfectly. He never spoke either, only let out growls, clicks and purrs to convey his emotions, but you could always understand him just fine. He could talk, but only in clipped sentences, never proper ones.

He let out a whine in response to your statement, sulking back over to his corner and laying back down, poking out against the fuzz near his crotch was his dick, rock hard and leaking desperately, begging for attention.

Oceldym could never take care of these things himself, his hands to long and his claws too sharp, so you would always help when he got worked up. Which seemed to be quite often lately.

“Jeez, again? What’s gotten into you lately.” you teased, sitting next to him and caressing his back softly, making him growl happily as you trailed a hand down to help him with his current ‘problem’

“You… Smell good.” He managed to get out as you caressed his length happily. You laughed at his statement and hummed continuing to please your monster lover.

You had no idea how this happened. One day you were hanging up washing on the clothes line to save yourself from your power bill and out of the corner of your eye you saw him lurking behind your fence, almost 10 feet tall in broad daylight.

Needless to say, it scared the shit out of you and you ran the quickest you had ever in your life.

But slowly, over time, you had gotten used to his occasional appearances, and you noted they started to become more and more frequent the less scared you got.

Eventually he approached you. Even though you were becoming less scared of him it didn’t help that when you turned to grab something from your basket he had managed to jump the fence and stand less than 3 feet away from you, without you even realizing.

Your brief recollection of how you met was interrupted by a needy whine coming from your lover, cock pulsing in hand as he managed to croak out the word ‘more’.

His dick was just as strange as him, it was about the length of your forearm but way thicker than anything you had ever seen. two large bulbs, one at the end and a slightly smaller one in the middle of his length were a reddish color as the rest of his length was a icy grey.

“Okay, okay.” You gave in to your boyfriends pitiful whines and growls and stripped yourself out of your clothes, positioning yourself on all fours as you presented your ass to him.

As scary and terrifying a beast he was, he was getting more and more insatiable lately and if it kept up at this rate you wouldn’t be able to make the walk back home.

Oceldym made his way over to you and you could already feel him pressing against your entrance, spending no time into pushing into you slowly. Though that was the only gentleness he was going to show today, already thrusting into you needily like an animal in heat. Wait a minute.


“O-Oceldym, a-are you going into heat?” you managed to ask through your moans, turning around to try and see his face.

He gave a simple nod, his hot growls echoing off the walls as he sped up his pace, making you scrap at the stone floor trying to find something to hold onto.

He always managed to hit the right spots within you, brushing against the places that would reduce you to a moaning, whimpering mess beneath him.

His large clawed hands grasped your waist carefully, a stark contrast to the was he was pounding into you as he pulled you up and started to move you up and down onto his length frantically like you were his own personal fuck toy.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” You managed to cry out, the pace almost too fast for your fragile body as you felt your release fast coming, the white heat pooling in your lower stomach. “Oceldym please!” You begged him with an erotic whine of your own “I can’t last like this baby! H-Hurry up please!”

You knew that Oceldym would keep going and going and going until he reached his own release, which could take a very long time from your previous romantic encounters with him.

He let out an animalistic choking noise in the back of your throat, letting you know he was chasing his own release as fast as he could.

Soon enough you found yourself coming around him in a hot flash, body racking with convulsions as Oceldym bucked his hips wildly, his own release following a few minutes after yours. His come was hot and came in waves, filling you with ease and gushing out frantically as it glazed you’re thighs.

Your eyes had slammed shut when you had came, too tired to open them after. But you could hear you’re boyfriends tired panting as he laid back down, curling around your smaller frame as he kept you close to his chest, loud purring vibrating through his neck as you tiredly kissed his teeth.

Maybe you could stay with him tonight, just this once.

I want ST to win at the SAG Awards again just as much as the rest of the fandom, but can we please at least respect anyone who might win instead?

Other actors put their heart and soul into their work just like the people who work on ST. Just because you personally have never seen the show they worked on or have no idea who they are really doesn’t mean they’re less deserving than our cast.

It’s okay to be sad or disappointed if we lose (I know I will be) but the disgusting things I saw written about The Handmaid’s Tale and Elisabeth Moss after they won at the Globes was a million times more sad and disappointing. Insulting an actress’s looks when she won for her talent isn’t going to make anyone feel better. It’s petty and unnecessary and cruel and it’s not a good look for any fandom.

“Max clearly had more of a thing for Warren than Chloe”

LOL Bro, even if you played Max as straight, if you can tell me you really saw no romantic feelings from her AT ALL for Chloe (especially considering that she can choose to destroy an entire town with her family and Chloe’s in it to defy fate and save Chloe’s life), than I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t know what realm of reality you live in where someone would do that for “just a friend.” Revel in your time.

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Hi okay so I have a fear of driving and I drove again for the first time in a month and I felt super proud of myself for this one little accomplishment and I just felt like I had to share it with you okay? ;; Driving really, really freaks me out b/c you never can count on other people to do the right thing and accidents happen but I built up the courage to treat myself to lunch today!!! <3 <3 And also you're really sweet???

!!!! omg nonny congrats 💕💗💖 this is such a wholesome ask thank you for sharing it to me :’+) i really appreciate it !! i actually delayed getting my license when i was 16 cause i had similar fears of driving so good on you nonny for taking it slowly + building up the courage :’+) 💗 and yES !!! treat yourself!! i do it all the time. celebrate the small things in life + treat yourself w/ some bombass food. now that’s living the good life hehe but ily nonny !!! ty for sharing 💗

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heya! I came to ask if its okay if I can make stickers like the "characters in squares" designs you do? ;w;

yes as long as yr not copying my designs directly! the squares thing isnt mine, a lot of ppl have done it ( @oxboxer has some really good ones)

  • Gabe: Alright, let’s hear about the kiss. Was it like… was it a soft brush against your lips? Or was it like a, you know, “I gotta have you now” kinda thing?
  • Robbie: Well at first it was really intense, you know. And then we just sort of sunk into it.
  • Gabe: Okay, so was she holding you, or were her hands on your back?
  • Robbie: No actually first they were… they started on my waist. And then they slid up, and then they were in my hair.
  • Gabe: Oh!
  • Meanwhile…
  • Daisy: And then I kissed Robbie.
  • Jemma: Tongue?
  • Daisy: Yeah.
  • Jemma: Cool.

Y’all need to stop acting as if Rey/Finn would be the worst thing in the world, like would Finn/Poe be amazing, yes! But so would Rey/Finn and here’s why:

In the star wars films, there is a severe lack of of healthy relationships between men and women, obviously Padme and Anakin but even Han and Leia, I’m telling you, go back and watch Empire Strikes Back, that shit is so uncomfortable to watch and so misogynistic, Star Wars has been teaching straight men that’s it’s okay to harrass women and to model relationships on ones that really shouldn’t be modelled on and I’m not okay with that, it’s also why Rey/Kylo Ren makes me so mad because it’s just star wars resorting back that disgusting misogynistic trope that they just can’t seem to drop

So Rey and Finn could be such a good opportunity to show what a healthy relationship between a man and a woman

So would I love Finn and Poe to be together, absolutely but I would also love to see a beautiful healthy relationship between Rey and Finn that the star wars films have been needing for a long time

The List (4/4) (Stan Uris)

summary: Not all girls are going to like you, Stan.

warnings!: beaten up scene, language, heartbreaking


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“We don’t know when something is going to happen. We are just humans, we can’t see things in slow motion, we can’t predict our actions, but I wish I did. I wish I could have said something different.”

“Stanley, my parents want to meet you,” y/n smiled as she walked alongside Stan, who almost tensed at her presence. Sure, she was his girlfriend, but she could be really loud at times. “Tonight. At dinner? Is that okay with you? I mean, we could totally reschedule but my mom-”

“Yes, it’s fine,” Stan replied. “Your braw strap is showing.”

“Oh, ha, didn’t notice that,” y/n tucked the strap under her sweater. She turned to watch Stan, taking in a breath. He was hers. For once, something good happened, something really good, but she felt off. As if something was going on, as if she could just tell, tell that it wasn’t going to last long. “Okay, well, I’ll see you later, alright? Love you!”

As she skipped off, Stan couldn’t help but stare at the girl who’d walked in late, Rachel Barkley. Rachel looked horrible. Red eyes, ratted hair, she was practically wearing pajamas.

“Hi, Rachel,” he stood in front of her.

“Oh, hey, Stan,” she brushed hair behind her ear timidly. This was a sign. She was never shy. “You look great together, you and y/n.”

“Oh, we’re not completely together,” he lied. He couldn’t let this chance go, they were so close and he felt nervous, he felt refreshed and enlightened, he felt in love. “What about Jared?”

“He’s um, we broke up. I found out he wasn’t there for only me, there were chocolate strawberries in my house and… I’m pretty sure they were his,” Rachel laughed. “He’s… he’s just a douche. But enough about me, what about you? How’s your life?”

“Y/n asked me out to the dance and I said no because it’s too loud, but she made a makeshift dance outside at the park with lights and soft music to attract birds. I like the idea, but I can’t dance,” that was true. She did make an entire makeshift dance because she wanted him to feel like everyone else, she even invited Richie, and he accepted.

“You can’t? How about I teach you?” Rachel smiled and his breath caught, she was so beautiful. He nodded. Rachel grabbed his hands and placed them on her waist while placing her own hands on his shoulders. They were so close it looked like they were kissing.

He couldn’t focus on anything other that her, imagining if it were him and her at the outside dance, and it felt good. It was dim, beautiful, just right so that her “dress” complimented her brown eyes. It was perfect.

“Now you just move, like side to side,” Rachel tottered right to left, showing him how to move. He felt weighed down, like he knew something was wrong, but he couldn’t help but move closer, following her steps.

The two seemed to lean closer, lips only inches apart, breathing in sync, just perfect, but they snapped into reality as the bell rang.

“I should get to class,” Rachel pulled away and Stan was left feeling butterflies in his stomach. “I’ll see you later, Stanley.” As she walked off, he waved her goodbye, for once.


“Penguins mate for life, but they find that mate by holding a contest of sorts. Humans do the same. We try other people until we realize our true love is right in front of us.”


That’s how he was here.

Sitting at the L/n’s dinner table, watching as the others ate because he was too caught up in Rachel to actually do it, thinking about how he could confess to her after today.

He felt anxious yet excited, a feeling he hasn’t had since kissing y/n for the first time. He finally had his practice, he had enough experience to be with the one he’s wanted, and he wasn’t going to let anyone get in the way.

“So, as I was telling you guys, me and Stanley… are dating!” Y/n grinned as she gave out the news. Of course, her parents knew, but her aunt, uncles, and grandparents didn’t. As they congratulated her, Stan looked out of it. “Of course, me and Stan love each other–”

“I don’t love you.”

The table went silent.

“What?” Y/n looked over at him. Just hours ago, they kissed at her front door. Just hours ago, they held hands and smiled. Just hours ago, he said she loved him.

Her aunt chuckled, “Oh, my. He’s quite the comedian, huh?” The table laughed tensely, watching as the newly-broken couple were silent.

“You don’t love me?”

The table went silent again, watching them like reality TV. They awaited his answer and it didn’t take long, because what he said was true. All of it.

“You were my practice girlfriend, I’m in love with Rachel Barkley,” Stan stood up. “The food was very good, but I have to go. Thank you.” Stanley began to walk away and y/n was left alone, scared and confused, upset, disappointed.

Did everything have to leave her?

“So, my boy, Daniel? He–”

Y/n slammed her fork down and stood up, sulking up to her room with her head down. She slammed her door shut and banged her fist on the wall, the tears already starting to fall.


As Stan ran down the stairs, he grabbed his bike, the one y/n payed to fix up, and began biking to Rachel’s house. He needed to tell her before the dance, he couldn’t just let her go.

“Rachel!” He piped up, knocking on the door. There were chocolate strawberries in his bike basket, already prepared for his act of love for Rachel. As Rachel opened the door, he smiled the way y/n taught him to, simple and nice.

“Stan? I thought you had dinner with your girlfriend tonight?” Rachel asked. He held out the strawberries, gulping down what was stuck in his throat, in this case it was anxiety and saliva.

“I need to tell you something,” he said. “Ever since we met, me in first grade and you in second, I’ve had a feeling about you. You’re so nice, you don’t treat me differently, you’re pretty, you have boobs, you’re not touchy or bossy, and I think… I love you. I love you, Rachel Barkley.”


He felt his throat go dry. What did she mean, what? It was a confession, a proposition of his love, did she not get it?

“I said—”

“No, Stan. Stan, I heard you, I just um… chocolate covered strawberries? Did you… were you the one who left one in my house, Stan?” Rachel looked at him the way everyone does, pitiful and ashamed of him, a hint of hatred, it was scary.

“Well, I tried to talk to you and you said Jared sleeps early and he doesn’t like people knocking, so I climbed in through the—”

“You broke into my house!” Rachel shouted and he winced. She was the one who said she doesn’t want people to knock, he was just following her rules. “Are you an idiot? What are you, wrong in the head or something? Stan, that strawberry ruined my relationship! I- I thought he was cheating on me with my sister, Stan! Did you really think I’d want to date you?”

“Yes, but—”

“No! Stan, you’re an asshole! You’re a fucking asshole! I hate you! Why can’t you just be normal for once?”

Stan couldn’t breathe.

“Speckled sparrow…”

“And that poor girl! Stan, how could you do that to her? She was only ever nice to you!”

“House finch…”

“You’re just- ugh! You’re so insensitive!”


Stan choked. He couldn’t keep himself composed, tears already clogging up his throat and stinging his eyes.

“Stan, wait,” Rachel paused, realizing her harsh words. She was overwhelmed with her relationship problems, it destroyed her mind-filter and she couldn’t handle her emotions, it just all went out. “Stan, I didn’t… I’m sorry, I swear I didn’t mean it.”

“F-f-fig bird…” Stan stammered. “Fig bird.” He turned around and dropped the strawberries, running as far as his feet could take him. Rachel called after him, but he disappeared into his favorite place, the dry woods.

As he kept running, he gave in at a stump, the one surrounded by boyscout bird feeders and forget-me-nots, the flower he felt the opposite about in this time, he wanted to be forgotten.

It was silent, he sat on the tree stump, just staring at the sky.

He loved silence.

Silence was his favorite, one of the best things he’d ever been gifted, but in this time of his life, he learned that silence was really loud.


Maybe that’s what y/n was trying to do, stay away from silence. Because in silence, it’s hard to keep stuff out.

Stan exhaled shakily, leaning down to rub his eyes and run his hands through his now unruly, sweaty hair. He thought about the times she’d told him he was going to be okay, when she’d hold his hand in class to stop him from tearing his lips apart, and he looked up at the sky, inhaling to keep it from all coming out.

But it’s just all there. You can’t get rid of it.

He could see the tears in y/n’s eyes the moment he said he didn’t love her, the silence he created, the silence that most likely destroyed her, too. He liked silence, but this time, he wished he never had it.

Stan used to never see the pain he’d caused or the emotions of other people until he was told directly or saw them cry, but he realized that he caused so much indirect pain to y/n that he didn’t notice before. She was probably crying, she was always emotional, though he never saw her cry. She tried not to because she knew Stan was uncomfortable with people crying, she knew everything he was uncomfortable with.

Maybe that’s just it.

He never knew how much she knew, how many hours she slaved away reading books about birds to get his ramblings, how many times she’d defend him and end up getting tossed around and tripped, how many people she’s denied dates to because she genuinely loves Stan. But that’s just it.


She loves Stan. She always has. No matter what he says to her, how he reacts, how much he is too honest, she accepts it because she loves him and for all his reasons, she’s loved him through everything.

But she probably doesn’t anymore.

After all he’s said and done, what’s happened can not be erased. He broke up with her thinking that Rachel was the one for him because she was the first, but he didn’t realize that it doesn’t matter if she was first, it matters if she could have really loved him, he just couldn’t see that. He couldn’t see that she was only friends with him because of Richie Tozier.

He doesn’t blame Richie, he doesn’t blame anyone, he blames himself.

He didn’t realize it, but he started walking mindlessly towards a group of teenagers near the river. As he did, he felt empty, numb, stupid, horrible, he wasn’t sure if he was angry, but he was upset.

“Hit me,” he stared at them, standing shakily with shivering arms. They looked at him skeptically.


“I- I’ll pay you,” he hurriedly grabbed his emergency lunch money from his shoe, $20 dollars, and handed it to the tallest one. “Here.”

The teenagers looked at him, seeing his messed up and frail form. Maybe they shouldn’t beat him up, but Stan was sure he wanted them to, so he reeled back his arm and punched him.


Stan opened his eyes after about five minutes of them kicking, punching, even slapping him, to the sound of frustrated yelling and footsteps.

“Get away from him, assholes! Leave him alone!”

“Hey, he payed us to—”

“I don’t care! Get off of him before I shoot you!”

“Holy shit!”

Stan tried to turn his head, but he couldn’t. It hurt too much. As his eyesight became slightly less blurry, he could see a fuzzy silhouette of a girl kneeling down next to him, checking his entire body.

It was y/n.

“Stan, Stan? Can you hear me? Hey, hey, don’t move your head, just shush, Richie’s gonna drive you home, okay? I got you, you’re okay.”

“Do you really have a gun?” Stan whispered as loud as he could, his voice dry and cracked. With every word he spoke, the taste of blood became stronger.

“What? No, it’s a water gun, I painted it black years ago.” She was always smart.

“Stan? No, keep your eyes open, okay? Don’t go to sleep, you’ll be alright, okay? You hear me? Just um, keep talking, keep whispering. Richie’s almost here.”

“Speckled sparrow, house finch, fig bird, Baltimore oriole, grey king bird, woodpecker, wild thrush,” he repeated. He slowly let his eyes flutter open and closed, he was tired, but he had to stay up. He needed you. “Hummingbird.”


“I realize now, that birds are nothing like humans.”

“We aren’t monogamous, we have more than one person that we love, but we do have only one soulmate. Penguins may mate for life, but as humans, we have much more complicated relationships and lovers. Not every person you love is going to love you back. Humans aren’t smarter than birds in that way. We barely realize that the person that we love most isn’t always our soulmate, it’s the one that sticks around who’s the person we should love.”

“y/n, I’m sorry, and if you’re willing to read this, this story of what I felt for you, know that I know I love you now.”

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Excellent callout btw on the Blake doesn't know front. I really hope that is brought up because that seems like a one way ticket to yangst-town.

me: she doesn’t know so it’s fine that the things didn’t happen

ever since percy had that line in trials of apollo like, ‘my mom just forgave me for disappearing last year’ or whatever like…I’ve just really wanted an angsty percy-coming-home-and-adjusting fic where sally just has a complicated reaction to the whole thing. like obviously the tearful hugging reunion we deserve but like….after that. after the initial shock and euphoria that he’s still alive. he’s having a hard time readjusting because of his ptsd and sally’s having a hard time readjusting because she’s having a human, complicated reaction where she doesn’t exactly blame him for what happened but she feels an undefinable anger in general and it’s hard for them to get through to each other for a while. paul’s caught in the middle. like. idk I think about that line a lot???? it’s a storyline i’d definitely love to see explored more. 

The Missing Piece (part 5)


Reader x Mitch Rapp

Wordcount: +/- 1.3K

(part 4) part 5 (part 6)

A/N: HAHAHAHAHA this chapter wasn’t hard to edit at all. Originally everything that happened in the restaurant was one part but I decided “you know, the conversation in this seems kind of random and nothing is really fleshed out well. I should work on that.” Catch me a few hours later with a headache I thought was gone but three parts to show for it! Honestly, at this point, I feel like I’m rewriting the entire thing I used to have, but I’m so excited about it so I guess that’s okay!

Warnings: The restaurant in this chapter, while based on a real place, is entirely fictional and should not be looked for while in Paris. You’ll find a Les Ombres but it won’t at all be the same as depicted in this chapter. Also, I’m back at it again with the bad French. And the reader might be a little Bi. I might decide whilst editing later parts that she’s gonna be a lot Bi.

Summary: The reader is sent to recruit former agent Rapp for a mission and finds herself going along to Paris, where a group of cultists is planning a revolution.

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Mitch was not a suit guy. Although he looked pretty damn good in one–which I wasn’t going to tell him–he was very uncomfortable, and it showed. He kept tugging at his navy blue tie as if he didn’t understand that doing so just made it tighter, and pulling his hand through his hair, messing up the way he’d slicked it back.

But he looked good. He was wearing a black suit that was fastened with only one button and a white undershirt. He’d shaved again, his cheeks for once completely smooth. His hair had become kind of messy again, but not necessarily in a bad way.

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Slow tiny baby steps.

Guess what guys! I got an Acai bowl all by myself and I got food. 😁

I know it’s dumb and small but I have horrible horrible anxiety and now that I have to do things alone well tbh I felt like I couldn’t. But I guess one day at a time.


sketchy lines and tones because I got like zero attention span for things like comics– but hey, somehow finished! hope the layout and text work enough to be readable!

a scene from my take on the popularity poll fantasy au: some bakusquad! if this was a jrpg this would be one of the in-plot campsite skits.

(and.. you can guess what happens after that scene. heh)

Okay, y'all, I’m getting to say bye to my dark hair~ It wouldn’t be SUCH a big thing, but I haven’t dyed my hair in at least 5 years. Plus, it’s been a WHILE since I’ve gone really light. At very least, tho, if I end up looking like Ichigo Kurosaki, I know I can pull it off xD

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would you be mad if I did an alphabet meme like yours for b99 but I did different things for the letters? It just seems like a really cool idea but I don't want to do it if you wouldn't be okay with it. be honest, please. I don't want to do anything you aren't comfortable with, even if you're more subconsciously not okay with it than conciously.

oh my gosh, i wouldn’t mind at all! it’d be awesome to see what someone else comes up with, please go ahead!