i really liked this part of the chapter u

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is it bad tht i liked maid dragon for its charming parts?? yknow where it Wasn't fucking gross and creepy as shit?? like. when it seemed like a Good Anime, not something pandering towards shit fuckers. like i genuinely didnt know some things about it until you pointed them out too?? i didnt even know about the transphobia/homophobia in the manga so thank u for pointing that out;; i just feel bad for liking something w. a bunch of bad things i couldnt really Detect sdbkdka

here’s the chapters where the transphobic stuff is: (1) (2)

and here’s examples of the author’s pedo porn: (1) (2)

i can’t bring myself to watch it anymore (i was reviewing it to check if there was nasty stuff and there’s honestly a lot already) and knowing that the author has drawn child porn really should have been a red flag before anyone watches the show since it’s actually really pandering towards the shitty crowd

dont get me wrong i love jotaro kujo and i love stardust crusaders so dont think this is jotaro hate but like the whole fandom rides jotaro like a damn bike but then some people turn around like “giorno is so boring”. im not going too deep on this analysis because im tired and i want to sleep but like…

giorno is about as expressive at first glance as jotaro, just as calm and composed, (and albeit has a vastly different personality) but genuinely has a lot more thought and intention in the way his personality is, and a deal more complexity as show by the narrative. while jotaro seems to serve as an archetypal “strong silent” character (while subverting some tropes and not entirely playing into them in other cases because araki knows how to properly write archetypes without making them uninteresting), giorno’s design seems to be a lot more intentional in regard to his heritage. 

giorno displays a mix of jonathan and dio’s characteristics. he’s charismatic, intelligent, tricky, but also kind, caring, and passionate. He’s got a very righteous drive and a strong moral compass, but it is self-serving (thought not malicious) and with something akin to dio’s unrelenting ambition, he’s a little terrifying and unstoppable. He also has a tendency for cruelty, like Dio, but not towards his allies, whom he comes to rely on very deeply, like Jonathan. 

He has a lot of his own traits as well. he doesn’t lose his shit like dio does, but he clearly shows distress and rage, though he seems to keep a pretty good grip on himself so as to control those emotions and use them to his advantage, instead of letting them control him. there’s even more to his character, stuff that even the first few chapters of part 5 make clearly evident. he’s a product of his ancestry and his abusive childhood as well as his redeeming encounter that led to his life’s dream… giorno is altogether a really interesting character but he gets so much more shit even when his very same (baseless) criticisms could apply to a character that the fandom worships. i get that the translations arent the best but its not that deep yo

tl;dr if you dont like giorno i beg u to reconsider he is a good boy 

Nothing at Stake - 1

Okay so I’m venturing into uncharted territory here. I saw a post that someone wanted Jughead Smut and I was like, hun I feel u. But how do we get our lil Juggie in that situation, I think I came up with a kind of solution however I have never done any smut. So this is an offering of if you guys like this idea then I will write the smutty stuff that accompanies this piece. Peace out. (P.S: Also this bit is dialogue heavy, I really like writing dialogue, following chapters may not be so speaky(?)) 

[Part 2]

[Part 3]

[Part 4]

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Chptr 21

I have so many mixed feelings ???? Sangwoo makes me confused and makes me question life :T
But i loved bums hat 👌👌👌👌

I also love this part where Arima calls Marude from the main office–literally staring up at Aogiri on the roof– to tell him that there’s been a break in at Cocohlea, because now we know that his reason for not coming to the Aogiri Raid (his “emergency in the 24th ward”) was code for “I’m going to escort Eto and Tatara through the sewer and basically hold the door open for them” :’)

oh and Hirako totally knew where Arima actually was and that Yoshimura wasn’t the real One Eyed Owl

nice one

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This is such a small thing but I love how Jinbe was encouraging luffy to use his instincts instead of just doing what made sense. ALSO i want Luffy to get in the newspaper in that outfit so Sabo can see his little brother copying him

yesss i really loved that moment! 

luffy’s good instinct has always been a big part of his character and it really shows how well jinbe knows him that he would ask luffy to use it to judge the situation.  (esp after the last chapter with him laughing and saying he knew luffy would agree to the bege plan- he really does understand him ;;u;;)

also i have to give a shoutout to jinbe’s annoyed head rubbing and then brilliant way of resolving caesar, luffy and bege’s scuffle by asking them if they like big mom lol

they really would have gotten nowhere without jinbe this arc :’)

Ardyn And His Fancy Clothes

Guys, I just had an epiphany.

The fact that Ardyn wore so many god damn layers bothered me so much durring the game.

Like I know he is a fancy man (the fedora really says it all for his character) and what not but I mean for real how many coats and vests does one man need?

But like what if the reason he wore so many even in hot as fuck places like Lestallum was because he was part demon or whatever and the sunlight affected his human body.

Like in Chapter 13 there is a report u find talking about how the MT’s wear the armor so they weren’t affected by the sunlight. Maybe it’s the same case with Ardyn.

Just a random thought.

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what's ur favorite jikook fanfics? <3

Fanfics omg… I haven’t read any new fanfics in like 1859256 years I’m so sorry.

But I think my (all time, sorta) faves are:

Dream maker by @polkari-seuta ​ and @bottomkook ​ here on tumblr (Prepare tissues)

Brave by Yoonmin_Trash(ao3) (Prepare tissues)

I’m like a secret by flitter(ao3) (Prepare tissues)

Boy in Luv and I need U(Part 2 to Boy in Luv, ongoing) by whenIseeUsmile(aff) Side note: I absolutely love these fics…like they’re long and chaptered but so worth the read, I love them a lot!! 

There’s a bunch that I always go back and read, but I can’t think of them right now, I’m so sorry!!!!!

Oh and there is an ongoing fic by @drpuffles ​ called Nice Guy on ao3, and I’m really liking it so far!

ask me one thing you want to know about me :)

to quote my earlier self, “i miss dimple”; i still miss dimple and i’m secretly hoping he left some part of himself in mobs head *just for reassurance* (and totally not for a possible future possession) and has been building himself back up like he has done many times before for the past billion chapters 

(mob really needs u right now dimps)

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can u explain nanamiki to me? is there something in the game i missed or is it for pure cuteness? :o?

Oh it may be not enough for some people but I really like rarepairs so that plays a huge part on why I ship it…! I love it because of that scene in chapter one (I think it’s chapter one?) when Nanami teaches Mikan how to play video games;; it was really cute

To the Four of Us (Part Twenty)

spremise: modern AU chronicling the squad as they make their way through college and deal with general life things.
soundtrack song: Satellite - All Time Low
full soundtrack: x
words: 2,485
warnings: nothin really except swearing?? i went easy on u guys
a/n: IM REALLY TIRED SO IM NOT EDITING THIS WE DIE LIKE MEN HSDGKJDG ((I’ll prob edit it tomorrow but i wanted to get the chapter out
all chapters: x

tags: @heythereitsloey @anitheunicorn @newyorkyoucanbeanew @lafbagxette @justafangirlwithanavy @iamgrayfox @ordinaryornate @schuylerjoon @angelica-peggy-eliza @trashyperson101 @crazydragon15 @but-if-you-had-to-choose @geespilots @marvelous-hamilfan @5p00kygh05t @panda-powers @and-maria @lafeyettegunsandships @schokoobananaa @allthegoodurlshavebeentaken @aphboi @hell-yes-puns-and-ships @aham-threw-his-shot-away @hesitantcat @nonstopspook @hamrevolution @writethewayout @passmethegoddamnball @allthegoodurlshavebeentaken @sun-tree @angelizaandpeggy

dedication: @schokoobananaa for their AMAZING PIECE THAT I AM IN LOVE WITH ((ive been thinking about it all day tbh))

When Alexander pulled the car into the driveway, there was a dim light on the horizon which indicated that the sun was going to rise soon. He checked the clock on the dashboard. It was nearly 5 o’clock in the morning. Yawning, Alexander shut off the engine and tapped John lightly on the shoulder. They had been sitting quietly together until around an hour earlier, when he dozed off with his cheek pressed against the window. As hard as it was for Alexander to keep entertained by himself, he let John sleep.

They had two weeks to discuss what happened.

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Bulletproof chapter 5

I’ve been really exited to mush these two plots together for a while now so I hope I pulled it off! This is also where the actual lamp starts, so get hype! Logince is still gonna be a bit of a focus, but I’m really exited to write all these dynamics as they develop. I’m a worried this was heavy handed and a lil ooc on Roman’s part. Also, I’m a big ol cheater with names. I kno.

also. The oranges line was inspired by a real experience from yours truly I shoot u not. :/ like I literally was handed an orange.

—- denotes pov change! The povs are alex (anx), Patton, then Logan if it’s unclear.

If you want to catch-up, all the fics are tagged ‘bulletproof’ on my blog!

Warnings: hicky mention, ableism mention

Chapter 5:

The sandwich wasn’t bad, if he was honest. It was better than the microwave ramen Alex had been living off of, anyway, which didn’t take much. But hey, if your standards were low you get disappointed a lot less, right?

Alex looked up from where he was hunched over his plate. Patton Moe, as he’d introduced himself, was a talker.

“Most people at work call me Moe, since it’s be to obvious that the place was named after me if they called me Patton. I mean talk about getting a big head, right?”

Alex just nodded along, occasionally making noises of agreement or sympathy, or snarky comments. He wasn’t much of a talker, never had been. Sitting around, eating free food (he gave up paying when he found out the guy owned the place,) not really participating in conversation, looking at some dumb cheery idiot do cute shi- wait.

/when did I start thinking umbrella guy was cute?/

Alex looked at him, trying to pay more attention. Patton was talking about a local farm he’d been buying from. Apparently they let him pet the baby goats. Apparently, petting baby goats is life changing, because Patton had a look on his face like he was talking about witnessing a miracle.

“And Jodie said the little guy liked me! Can you believe it? He just followed me around all day head butting my leg till I paid attention to him! I didn’t even give him food or anything! It was the sweetest! And-”

Alex spaced out again for a bit, watching him talk. He had never been a fan of optimists. Especially squeaky optimists, who did things like buying local and carrying bright umbrellas.

They always seemed nice, at first, always fighting for a good cause, but as soon as they got to know you it was ‘you should really come to yoga with me’ and 'have you tried this kale from my friends garden it’ll really help’.
It made him want to scream things like 'yes, I know vitamins are good for you, but an orange won’t cure my depression, martha.’

But Patton didn’t seem to care about that. He wasn’t teaching a lesson, there wasn’t a moral to it, he was just… really exited that a baby goat liked him. Alex shrugged off the glimmer of hope.
/he probably just doesn’t know you enough. Once he finds out you aren’t vegan or whatever he’ll act just like the rest./
He tried to ignore the sinking feeling in his stomach as he watched Pattons dimples light up his face. Ok. Yeah. Maybe cute was the right word. Unfortunately.


Patton was halfway through a story about how he fell into the feed bin because he was trying to get the goat to stop eating his shoe when the door chimed. He looked up, expecting another late lunch customer, but did a double take, perking up even more before falling into a sympathetic frown.
“Logan! It’s been too long- oh no, honey what happened?”
The sweet hearted busker he met earlier looked at him funny.
“He looks calm to me.” Alex muttered into his food. (He ate like he thought someone was going to steal it. It made Pattons protective instincts go haywire, and he had to ignore the urge to follow him home to stock his fridge. Or. Haha. Stalk his fridge. Focus, Patton, dang it.)

After giving himself a mental smack on the head, he turned back to his friend. He would be the first to admit that Logan was hard to read, but after years of slowly getting him to open up with free pastries and suggesting decaf when his eye bags got overly pronounced, he considered himself literate.
Nice one.
(Focus, Patton.)
Logan let out a long breath, pulling a up a chair and crumpling into it. His posture was too loose, his fingers tapping too fast.

“That bad, huh?” Logan nodded. Patton got up, tutting gently.
“You try to relax, I’ll get you something to eat, ok? Oh!” He whirled back around to the table.

“Probably not a great time for introductions, but, Alex, this is my old friend, Logan! And Logan, this is my new friend, Alex! He might be a little prickly and introverted at first… you know what, you’ll get along great what am I talking about.”
Patton shot them a brilliant smile and fussed his way back to the kitchen, collecting empty plates and cups as he went.


Logan tried to pull himself together, noticing the other man at the table for this first time. He must be more upset than he thought, if he missed details like that.
Alex was finishing off one of Pattons sandwiches, slouched in the chair, black hoodie covered in crumbs. A guitar case was slung over the back of the chair. He was eyeing Logan carefully from above giant dark circles. He clearly didn’t sleep much.

Logan was intimately familiar with eye bags. He had made a color key at some point. Alex was somewhere near purple-green, on his way to practically having a bruise all the way to his cheek bones. Logan had seen those in the mirror too many times to not recognize them.

That wasn’t a voluntary all-nighter. That was a 'couldn’t sleep if you tried’.

“What.” Alex spit, accusingly.
Logan shifted his gaze.
“The guitar case. I’ve seen you busk here before.”
Alex shrugged.
“Yeah. Probably. So?”
“You’re good.”
He blinked, sitting up in his chair slightly.
“I’m- what?”
“I said-”
“No I heard you. I just. Uh. Thanks? I guess?”
It was Logans turn to shrug.
“It was just an observation. You know, Patton would hire you if you asked.”
Alex scoffed.
“Yeah, I’m not great a waiting tables. Keeping a smile on my face for that long hurts my face. And my soul.” Logan brushed off the hyperbole and went on.
“I meant as a musician.”
Alex furrowed his brow, but didn’t say anything, so he continued.
“Patton has hired live musicians before, for the patio or indoors. I haven’t seen him do it in a while, but it might just be him forgetting entire aspects of his business again.”
He let a small smile curl his lips, leaning in closer.
“He forgot they had a coffee machine for 5 months until he stubbed his toe on the box in the back room.”
Alex let out a small laugh. “I feel like you’re lying to me but I also feel like that could have happened.”
Logan pulled out his phone.

“I have evidence. I record him admitting it whenever he does something particularly scatterbrained. There’s a 'days since our last moe disaster’ board in the kitchen, too.”
Logan smirked. “But he never remembers to change the day number.”

Alex chuckled, leaning in to listen to Patton being coaxed into telling the phone what he did. They listened to a few recordings together, Logan feeling the heaviness from the morning lifting off his shoulders.
Alex was funny, quick witted, and more than ready to poke fun at Pattons antics. His dry humor was the perfect distraction, and Logan found himself hoping more and more that Alex would start playing regularly indoors.

Eventually, all the food was gone, and Alex was hefting his guitar back over his shoulder, looking out the window. “Looks like the rain cleared up… I should probably take the spot again before someone else does.”
Logan bit back disappointment.

“You’ll look into what I said, right? About the job here?”

Alex looked at him. Logan wasn’t good at reading emotions, but he looked surprised, then it melted into something soft, almost sad, that Logan couldn’t name but it made him want to pull Alex back down into the chair and not let go of his hand.
“Uh. Yeah, I’ll. I’ll think about it.”
Alex gave him a little smile, then headed outside to set up. Logan heard Patton bustling around the kitchen, cars running through puddles outside, the bubbly music spouting from the radio. He saw Alex start playing, and stretched his senses to listen, catching a note or two occasionally.

He tried to focus on clearing his email, but it was no use when his frustration with Roman started creeping up his spine again. He watched Alex play out of the corner of his eye until Patton came over, a gentle hand on his shoulder and a large pile of food.

The more upset he got, the more food Patton gave him. He must look really upset, judging by the plate. Or maybe Patton was just in 'dad mode’ today, trying to feed everyone he met. Logan always paid for it all, but Patton never charged for what he didn’t finish. The leftovers usually went into Pattons fridge for the next time Logan needed a change of scenery.

He started to eat, telling Patton bits and pieces of what happened between bites, when something caught his eye. Alex had stopped playing, and was talking to a well put together man with white slacks and a red button down shirt, who looked strangely familiar.

The man turned to hand something to Alex, and the collar of his shirt slipped, revealing a dark bruise. A very familiar dark bruise. With teeth marks.
Logan stood up very suddenly, a storm crossing his face. Patton broke off mid sentence as Logan strode across Pattons plants and swung open the door. Roman had spotted him and, seeing the now pretty obvious rage, elected to make a run for it.
“I- think about my offer, I should really go-”
Logan hated it when his voice broke, but it had the desired effect. Roman flinched back, pushing sunglasses back up his nose instinctively.
“Yup. Time to go.” He made a swift retreat to a black car waiting on the corner, followed by Logans glare the whole way. The car sped off, leaving Logan to run a hand through his hair aggressively on the curb.
Alex looked from the card in his hand, to Logan, to the car retreating down the street, and back to the card.
“I have so many questions.”

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it is a REALLY GOOD chapter Set ahhh !!! that part where Megamind flops back on the bed in sheer bliss? that is the flavor-feel of this chapter. there is so much to love in it !!!! zero!!!! omg!!! GRUMPY MINION XD i’m actually in the process of trying to condense my comments for it, darn ao3 word limits

💖💖💖I’M SO GLAD YOU LIKE IT!! (I really do worry) I was definitely going for the bliss flavor-feel; I tried to keep the angst down to just a touch; so I’m really happy that came through!

and ao3 word limits are  f r u s t r a t i n g;  you don’t have to condense if you don’t want to; I liked getting two comments on Dangerous Currents! (obviously you can condense, if you’d prefer! I just don’t want you to worry, either way <3 )

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Okay so its like 3 am here and I really should be sleeping but Dat Insomnia™👌. Anyways I was rewatching John Wick 2 and y'know that part where Winston is like "walk away Jonathan",, I want someone to make a mocking meme out of it where John is like "wAlK aWaY jOnAtHaN" or a meme where hes like "shut up ur not my rEAL dad,,, ur not the boss of me". Omg im sorry im really sleep deprived.


also, i made u the thing, because one should always embrace their weird side: 


Never be apologetic for being a dork, it’s what makes life fun. Never be apologetic for your kooky side, it’s what makes people beautiful.

All my love and good vibes, 


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when r u updating your fic in my way I really like it and can't wait for the next part btw 💗

Thank you!! I have started work on the next chapter now that my exams are over, and it’s half-written, so I’m hoping within the next couple of weeks there will be an update ^_^

Have a lovely day, lovely anon!

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It's really nice to see IchiRuki shippers like you :) tbh w/ u I didn't really read the last chapter because some spoiled me and I just had a massive panic attack and anxiety for a week(?) after that because my expectations of Kubo for years just got destroyed and something I loved and has been a part of my life for years just disappointed me and I couldn't really take it. And up to now he still isn't adressing that dreadful ending just hurts me in a way.

It makes me really angry but it does hurt me too, anon. I am so sorry that you experienced such awful things after the manga ended. I completely empathize. I was so disappointed and yeah, it’s just a story, but to have invested time, money, and feelings into something is just like a relationship. To have the creator not acknowledge it like he doesn’t even care about it after personally caring about it so much is very hurtful. But we will get through it like we have and hijack it and make it our own. :DDD

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i read ch 12 and Holy Moly that was such a great perspective and you can feel like you are In Connor's Head. and just. so heartbreaking but so important to the story. u did such a great job, thank you. i have to take breaks sometimes reading this story, but i really love reading it and find that the story youre telling is so important. thank you for writing, truly. i love chapter 12 (i dont really have a favorite, but i found ch 12 written wonderfully for the content of the chapter)

hi, thank you so much?? i rewrote chapter 12 several times because i felt it was so important to get that part correct. im glad that it translated well! thank you again 💜💜