i really liked this part of the chapter u

dont get me wrong i love jotaro kujo and i love stardust crusaders so dont think this is jotaro hate but like the whole fandom rides jotaro like a damn bike but then some people turn around like “giorno is so boring”. im not going too deep on this analysis because im tired and i want to sleep but like…

giorno is about as expressive at first glance as jotaro, just as calm and composed, (and albeit has a vastly different personality) but genuinely has a lot more thought and intention in the way his personality is, and a deal more complexity as show by the narrative. while jotaro seems to serve as an archetypal “strong silent” character (while subverting some tropes and not entirely playing into them in other cases because araki knows how to properly write archetypes without making them uninteresting), giorno’s design seems to be a lot more intentional in regard to his heritage. 

giorno displays a mix of jonathan and dio’s characteristics. he’s charismatic, intelligent, tricky, but also kind, caring, and passionate. He’s got a very righteous drive and a strong moral compass, but it is self-serving (thought not malicious) and with something akin to dio’s unrelenting ambition, he’s a little terrifying and unstoppable. He also has a tendency for cruelty, like Dio, but not towards his allies, whom he comes to rely on very deeply, like Jonathan. 

He has a lot of his own traits as well. he doesn’t lose his shit like dio does, but he clearly shows distress and rage, though he seems to keep a pretty good grip on himself so as to control those emotions and use them to his advantage, instead of letting them control him. there’s even more to his character, stuff that even the first few chapters of part 5 make clearly evident. he’s a product of his ancestry and his abusive childhood as well as his redeeming encounter that led to his life’s dream… giorno is altogether a really interesting character but he gets so much more shit even when his very same (baseless) criticisms could apply to a character that the fandom worships. i get that the translations arent the best but its not that deep yo

tl;dr if you dont like giorno i beg u to reconsider he is a good boy 

Chapter 157 Feels Attack post

Soooo I think this’ll be the first time I’ll be this vocal about a chapter in BnHA because it’s just so  f u c k i n g  good! Of course, there were others that left me like a dying whale calling for help but yeah, you know the point.

1. DEKU BEING THE BEST BOI (part 1). So let me begin with this. I am not able to articulate how much I admire him in this panel. You can really see his motivation, his drive to become the very best (that no one ever was lol).

2. MY PROBLEM WITH SIR NIGHTEYE. I know at one point in our lives we wished for an ability to manipulate time (either travel back into the past or see into the future or both). As it is, time manipulation is indeed a very useful (and powerful, to some extent) power.

But I realized that with sir Nighteye, as the chapters in this arc progressed, he had the habit of treating his visions as black and white? Like if his “prophecy“ or vision did not happen then everything is screwed up goodbye everybody see you in Hero heaven. 

His foresight does him credit, I give him that. But the problem is that he eliminates all the other possibilities just because he saw one likely future. I surmise he lacks faith in other people twisting their fates, which is just sad. But Deku’s gonna make him realize that fates are indeed twistable. Which brings me to the next one…

3. OCHAKO BEING THE BEST GIRL. I’ve always rooted for her. I‘ve always considered her to be the best girl. But I‘ll be damned, this panel just made me decide that she’s really the bestest girl in BnHA.

As I pointed out in 2, Nighteye easily loses hope when everything goes south. That’s the cue for our best girl here. She won’t take any shit from a prophetic guy who tells her boy friend (see that space there? yes, that’s going to vanish soon enough HAHAHAHA) is going to die. While some may argue that the likeliness of Deku being gravely injured (or much worse, dying) is kind of high, given the situation, I agree with Ochako saying that nobody truly knows what’s going to happen until it actually happens.

It’s not blind optimism, everyone. There are times that we must keep on pushing despite everyone telling us that we’re going to fail.

Also, I feel like she’s gonna unleash the torrential rain of rocks just like she did in her fight with Bakugo during the Sports fest. Look at those floating rocks! 

I feel like I should point out that this is, to some extent, an IzuOca scene!!!!!!!!!! I’m screaming

4. NIGHTEYE’S EPIPHANY. After Ochako’s best girl moment, we see in the next panel that Nighteye was reminded of Deku’s (or Mirios? I have quite forgotten) attitude regarding those future mumbo-jumbos. I think he realized that he should not let whatever future laid out before him unfold without doing something about it, especially when it’s about the death of his comrade. I‘m looking forward to what he’s going to do when he gets to the surface.

5. DEKU BEING THE BEST BOI (part 2). Need I say something?

6. DEKU BEING THE BEST BOI (part 3). Let’s see what we have here. I love how he made Eri‘s quirk look so unaggressive? Like it was not meant for destruction but for helping people? Those words, uttered by our best cinnamon roll, were what Eri needed during that time. She needed to know that she was not some weapon of mass destruction. She needed to know that even if she couldn’t control her quirk, there was someone who would entrust his whole being to her care. It’s so beautiful I can‘t help but tear up a little.

7. DEKU BEING THE BEST BOI (part 4). I had to refrain from screaming outright at this part because my mother was lying beside me and she might think I finally lost it.

I’ve seen people say that Deku‘s plan is half insane, half maniacal. It’s true, to be quite honest. Using OfA at its full potential without any regards to his well-being just because he’s with a person that can rewind his physical state is plain insane to me.

However, what I see in there is his complete trust in Eri that she won’t hurt him. Just like what I said in the previous item, Eri needed someone to see her as a person, not a tool. Deku, being the smart cookie he is, knew that and gave Eri the confidence boost she unknowingly needed.

And that’s it folks! Damn, it felt so cathartic, ranting like that. I initially thought this arc would be boring but boy was I wrong. I found myself hotly anticipating every chapter that comes out every week, especially when it features my best boi. GAH PLEASE GIVE ME THE NEXT CHAPTER 

Chptr 21

I have so many mixed feelings ???? Sangwoo makes me confused and makes me question life :T
But i loved bums hat 👌👌👌👌

2| Two is okay, three is too much.

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Ship: Leta Lestrange x Newt Scamander x Reader
Warning: none?
Request: Can you make a newt scamander x reader series where leta lestrange come back into newt’s life and him and the reader are dating but leta thinks otherwise and makes him cheat because he still has feelings for her and also can u make sure the reader doesn’t forgive him to easily but have a happy ending ALSO looked over you’re stories they seem really good keep it up❤
A/N: FINALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY I GOT THAT DONE. GOD DAMN I AM SO SO SORRY. This chapter is kinda short but you know it was supposed to be a one shot but turns out it’s a three chapter series. Next chapter up soon hopefully, it will be the last part. Hope you like it sorry for any error.
Word count: 1069


Previously on TWO IS OKAY, THREE IS TOO MUCH: Who in the world was she to take your Newt away from you on the weekends?!

It was the only time you could really share caring moments with him!

As you were about to move back to your shared bedroom, as whisper echoed close to you.

“(Y/N) what are you doing up so early in the morning?”

“Oh Newt..” You murmured acting surprised to see him.”I was just… getting some water… “

You saw him cocking an eyebrow. Your voice was too shaky for it to be convincing.

“How was your night out with Leta?” You asked, shaking the bad feelings off of your back, finally taking steps towards him.

You gave him a kiss on his cheek and smiled as he sent a shy smile back to you, grabbing your hand leading you to your shared room.

“It was great. Been long since I last saw her though. If that doesn’t disturb you… do you think I could do something with her tomorrow?” He asked.

You felt your heart sink but just ignored to feels and the voice yelling in your head: YOU  ALREADY PROMISED HER THAT YOU WOULD SEE EACH OTHER SOON, NEWT, YOU IDIOT!

You just pushed the thought away thinking that Newt had the right to see his long time no seen friend. You weren’t his guardian or mother. You had no word to say about his relation. Plus you don’t know Leta, so you can’t judge.

“Sure Newt, I have to go to the Diagon Alley though, you’ll have to do a list if you want me to buy what you need.” You said sweetly but slightly annoyed which your boyfriend totally remarked but pushed the thought of him pissing you off away.

“I’ll make sure to do so, now come on, let’s go sleep.”


Morning came soon and to your surprise, Newt wasn’t next to you when you woke up.

‘Must already be with Leta…’ You sighed at the thought and pushed yourself out of bed.

You then clothed and made yourself ready for the day. You grabbed Newt’s list he let on the kitchen table for you to see it in one hand and your bag in the other. You made sure everything was lock and went away.

‘I hope today’s gonna be better…’


As you walked in Diagon alley strange thoughts submerged you. What if Newt was gonna cheat on you? What if she was his old lover? He did not even woke you this morning… not even left you a note saying he went out. You took care of your creatures alone before leaving the house. They still weren’t fed and checked up on… Newt would never forget his beasts! How can he forget them?! He loves them so much. Something isn’t feeling right at all.

You sighed. Why does everything has to be like this? As you were caught in your train of thoughts, someone called you out from behind. You turned around noticing the voice was familiar. You were slightly surprised to see Quennie. A friend of yours whom you met a few years ago.

“Quennie!” You said happily as she finally reached you, but you noticed she seemed strangely shocked, maybe a bit panicked.

“(Y/N)! There’s- I mean come with me!” She grabbed your hand and ran.

You followed behind confused, why was she so strange? She never did that. She suddenly stopped and you almost ran into her but stopped in time.

“What on earth is happening !?” You asked in disbelief. Everything was meant to be peaceful why running around like crazy cows?



She stayed silent, looking in one direction. You turned around to see what was the problem and what could be so captivating for her not to listen to you.

Breath caught in your throat. Your organs squeezed together.

There he was, Newt, your boyfriend, kissing another girl. Leta Lestrange.

You backed a bit totally surprised by this. You knew Newt had a long story when it came to Leta but this was unexpected. You dropped the few bags you held and that did some sounds, enough to make Newt turn toward you. Quennie jumped in surprise and a flash of guilty feelings passed in her face as both yours and Newt’s thought ran in her head.

She saw Newt trying to get to you but she rapidly helped you picked up your bags then dragging you away from the boys. You followed her, your mind completely gone. Tones of questions filled your head, fear gripping your stomach, the tears threatening to fall down… Your friend got you to her’s and her sister’s, Tina, apartment.

Seeing you enter, Tina run up to you.

“Quennie, what happened?” She asked seeing your dazzled state.

“An incident with Newt…”

The sisters exchanged a glanced and the brown haired girl understood they would talk later. They made you sit on a chair, Quennie giving you a cup of her famous hot cocoa as you all sat in silence for a long time. You were lost in you thoughts. Why would Newt do that to you, after all this time? You’ve been together for years now… what’s wrong now for that to happen? Why did it happen? And the  answer popped right away. Leta… Leta Lestrange was the cause of all that. Newt probably loved her years ago and she served that as an advantage.

You bit your lip, this was so wrong. How were you gonna cope with him from now on? You knew he cheated on you but a part of you just couldn’t help but whisper viciously in you ear that you love him, that you need him. That you can’t give up on him, that you’ll have to talk to that miss Lestrange. He is your Newt! BUT on the other hand something else whispers you: if he’s happy than you should be happy with it. After all you love him.

As you were shared between which option was truly the one you should look up to, Quennie read your thoughts and was really sad knowing that you feel so confused. She would surely not let you go back home tonight and it was to no surprise that Tina was thinking the same.

“Let’s go get yourself some night clothes (Y/n),” suddenly said Tina, “you’re staying with us for a while.”

Darkest Side Of Me | Part Two

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x OC

“Am I a hero or the devil’s son? Can’t figure out what side I’m on.”

Summary: Continuation of Darkest Side Of Me (Part One). Elena finds herself becoming Draco’s potion’s partner. Their task? Brewing a sweet pot of Amortentia. The sexual tension is r e a l ™

Soundtrack: Filthy - Boy Epic

Word count: 2,861

A/N: I hope you guys like this chapter!! I got a really good response from the previous one so I hope this one lives up to your expectations 👩‍💻 also, this story has a gradual build up with Draco and Elena’s relationship - I didn’t want it to be forced or too fast, and I am a h u g e fan of sexual tension in fanfics: so expect a whole load more chapters ;)

Warnings: Intense Draco™, Flirty Draco™

(part 1, part 3)

Darkest Side Of Me | Chapter Two: Amortentia

Do you ever feel like you’re sinking? Like you’re drowning, gasping for air - but the only relief you get are those tiny little gasps you manage to breathe in when the water settles for just a second. That’s what I feel like. Drowned. At least Hogwarts left me a little breathing space, away from everything - everyone. I turn off the head of my shower, cutting off my thoughts - my first class started in an hour.

I had made friends on my way to Hogwarts, after rushing away from Draco in a hurry.

“Ron stop being a pain!” I heard a female voice shout, before a loud smack echoed the walls of the train. The door of the cabin beside me abruptly flew open, causing me to jump - from it came a tall-ish ginger boy cradling his arm in sincere pain “Blimey Hermoine, there’s no need to get violent” he said, rubbing his forearm up and down as it if would magically relieve its pain. Then a small girl came after him, her cheeks reddened from annoyance. “You know Ron sometimes I just-” she began, but her stopped speaking when she spotted me standing. “Oh.” She said, regaining composure and straightening herself “I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there.” Her eyes scanned me in curiosity.

I offered her a small smile “It’s alright, I was just passing through.” I said, my eyes glancing at the couple - the boy, who’s name seemed to be Ron, stopped rubbing his arm to stare at me intently. “Are you new or something?” he asked, earning him another smack from the girl beside him. “Don’t be so rude!” She whisper-yelled, causing me to grin and him to yelp away from her. She seemed nice - pretty too, not far from 5"5 I was guessing, her hair was short and brown, and her eyes matched its colour. She turned to me with a respectful smile “Hermoine Granger” she said before pointing to the boy beside her “This is Ron Weasley.”

I nodded, amused with the pair “Elena Hartmor” I said, causing Hermoine to gasp and Ron to mumble something incoherent.

“I thought Hartmor’s only stayed within the Beauxbaton Academy” she said.

I pressed my lips together “I guess I’m the exception.” I said, allowing seconds of uncomfortable silence to pass by as both Ron and Hermoine stared at me in wonder.

A head popped out of the cabin “Hey guys why is it so quiet?” it asked before his eyes spotted me “Oh, hello.” He said politely, his circular glasses that rested on the bridge of his nose made him ridiculously adorable. “This is Harry Potter” Hermoine explained making my eyebrows shoot up in surprise “Harry, This is Elena Hartmor.”

And from there, we became friends. Harry was perhaps the first person who didn’t question who I was, perhaps because he was rather clueless about the wizarding world until recently; which was more refreshing than I cared to admit. I smiled at the memory of us four laughing in the cabin of the train, they were effortlessly funny - I didn’t have to fake it with them. Too bad they weren’t in the same house as me.

I hurriedly got dressed in my new Ravenclaw uniform - it was actually quite nice, apart from the unnecessarily long black cloak, that is. Mother always did say blue was my colour. I grabbed my books and necessities before heading out the door. My first class was potions, which I was quite good at back home so I was looking forward to it. Safe to say I was a positions master - well, I was a master of everything really, I wasn’t in Ravenclaw for nothing. I shuffled past students, the halls uncomfortably crowded. Did I mention I was claustrophobic? Add that under the fear of heights and jellyfish. I hurriedly tried to push past students, murmuring “excuse me’s” every five seconds before bumping into someone quite forcefully, sending a “hmph” out of their lips “Sorry” I mutter, not bothering to look up as I try to squeeze past them.

“You just love bumping into me eh, princess?” A smooth voice says from above me. Damn it. My eyes travel up to meet that handsome face again. Draco. Inner me squealed in delight at the sight of him. He was no less beautiful than yesterday, of course. It was quite ironic, really - tales of the Malfoy family were…popular in Hogwarts - they were said to be the spawns of Satan. The sight of one of them begged me to differ.

“New girl’s here” came a voice from behind me. I flipped around to meet blazing brown eyes - I recognised him to be the boy from the train yesterday. “So squeaky clean and innocent. Like a little lamb, right, Draco?” He tilted his head. I backed away, clenching my jaw. Draco smirked and hit the other guy on the back, glancing in my direction.

My eyes blazed with challenge, making the boy quirk his dark brow “Something you wanna say, pretty?” I forced my face to remain impassive before parting my lips, ready to give him my peace of mind before I inwardly shook myself, forcing myself to regain composure, I promised my mother not to cause any problems, I dug my nails into my palm. “Wouldn’t want to waste my breath.” I said calmly, letting my gaze slither over them in disgust before I turned away, heading in the other direction. Perhaps ‘spawns of satan’ wasn’t so far off, I thought, my chest blazing with irritation.

I roamed the halls of Hogwarts for what seemed like forever, gosh..I hope I wouldn’t arrive late to my first class. It was safe to say that Hogwarts has exceptionally beautiful interiors, nothing compared to France’s Beauxbaton Academy of course - back home everything was golden and colourful. Here the walls were made of stone, with large, moving paintings hanging proudly from them. Hogwarts had the supreme feeling of ancientness. Somehow, it was calming.

I took slow steps, trying to find Professor Slughorns class - I vaguely remembered some information that had come in the mail the week before. It had my class schedule along with a map of the school. I rummaged through my messenger bag, trying to find it. “Are you lost?” a deep voice asked from behind me. I turned around, startled and came face to face with Draco once more. I glared at him.

“No.” I answered bluntly, making his eyes twinkle. His gaze moved to the book I was holding “Potions class? Well, lucky you that also happens to be where I’m headed” he said delightfully, making me clench my jaw and turn away from him; I began speed-walking, only for him to fall in step beside me. “Stop following me, I don’t need an escort.” I scowled at him.

I felt his gaze move over the side of my face “I beg to differ, love.” He drawled “You see, last time we met you almost tripped and fell twice, wouldn’t want any harm to come to that pretty face of yours while I’m not around to save you.” He said melodramatically, I rolled my eyes, a blush creeping onto my cheeks. “My hero” I murmured sarcastically, making the side of his lip tip up ever so slightly.

We rounded the corner of our class just moments later, the room filled with loud chatter. I instantly spotted Hermoine, her brows pinching together when her gaze drifted to Draco, then back to me. “Miss Hartmor!” Said professor Slughorn from behind me, making me jump from surprise. I felt Draco’s presence leave me. I turned to meet a short grey haired man, his eyes beaming with excitement “So lovely to have you here at Hogwarts, what an honour it is to be teaching you, take a seat.” He exclaimed with a smile before turning towards his desk.

I scanned the room, searching for an empty seat. Inwardly growling when I realised only one was empty. My eyes connected with Draco’s sparkling ones, his lips tipping up in, what no doubt, was amusement. He pulled the chair out for me as I forced my legs to make their way toward my new seat. “Looks like we’re gonna be partners” he murmured. I bit my tongue, sitting myself down.

“Now, class” Professor Slughorn began, “Today we will be making Amortentia,” he said as he scribbled today’s lesson on the chalk board before turning to us, dusting off his hands. “As you all know, Amortentia is the most powerful love potion in the world. It is distinctive for its mother-of-pearl sheen, and steam rises from the potion in spirals. Amortentia smells different to each person, according to what attracts them” he said, capturing everyone’s attention - his voice turning to a low murmur “Powerful infatuations can be induced by the skilful potioneer, but never yet has anyone managed to create the truly unbreakable, eternal, unconditional attachment that alone can be called love” he finished, clapping his hands loudly. “Now, each pair has a cauldron in front of them - you’ll be making this potion together.” He exclaimed, turning to write on his chalk board again “if you could all please turn to page 53 of your books and begin”

I flicked the pages of my book, finding page 53, titled ‘Amortentia’. I watched from the corner of my eye as a slender hand reached over to grab a rose thorn, I smacked it away. “Ow!” It exclaimed. “Ashwinder eggs go in first, Draco. You’re not messing up this potion because you can’t be bothered reading what’s in front of you.” I felt his eyes narrow on me “You didn’t read it either.” He commented, accusation lacing his tone. I turned my gaze to him “I don’t need to read it. I mastered this potion in my second year of Beauxbaton’s.” I said proudly with a smile as I threw in an ashwinder egg. “Now you can add the rose thorns - precisely seven of them.” I ordered, making his eyes narrow further. “The book doesn’t say anything about seven rose thorns” he commented with a scrunched nose “It precisely says: ‘a handful of rose thorns’” he unnecessarily added, pointing at the instructions. I sighed and closed my eyes in exasperation “Merlin, will you just add them in?”

I watched as he reluctantly added in seven rose thorns as I requested, murmuring something under his breath as I mentally counted each one to make sure he didn’t add more or less. “Perfect” I murmured and leaned into the desk to pour in precisely seventeen teaspoons of refined peppermint oil, a single powdered moonstone, and a whole tablespoon of pearl dust. This was perhaps my favourite potion to make, we did it at least once a year back home. I’d never use it of course, Merlin knows the last thing I’d need to use was this potion. I’d seen its effects though…they’re quite…memorable.

My nose scrunched as the faint smell of lemons travelled up it. I could feel Draco’s eyes on me, breaking my concentration as I glanced up to meet cloudy eyes. His icy stare did weird things to my body. I’m pretty sure what I was experiencing was called a panic attack. Every part of my body felt hot and then cold as if I was going to explode any minute. I blinked away. “You can stir it now.” I said to him, clearing my throat. I watched as he very inelegantly stirred the concoction, he used his whole arm to stir, making the liquid splash from the side of the cauldron. I bit my lip to refrain from smiling.

“Something funny?” He asked, glancing up from the liquid. “No.” I replied “You’re just very…aggressive when you stir is all”. That made his eyebrow quirk up in question.

“You stir it then, since you’re so good at it” he said, handing me the spoon “Well, take it.” He repeated. I moved closer, taking the spoon from his grasp “You just need to use your lower arm and wrist when you stir.” I said quietly, watching as the liquid started turning pearly.

He peered inside, then glanced down at me “I don’t see how that’s any different from what I was doing” he muttered and I looked up at him with amused eyes before turning back to the potion “Well, it’s not going everywhere for starters” I said with a grin before noticing his nostrils flare and his brows pinch together as a low hum came from his throat “hm, that smells good” he murmured to himself in confusion - as if trying to figure out what exactly what the scent was. I peered inside the cauldron in curiosity, as if it would show what, or who, he was smelling. “What’s it smell like?” I asked, his gaze flickering to me before inhaling again. “Uh, vanilla…jasmine..roses? and…old books?” He said in confusion “it’s very faint.” He murmured.

Faintly smelling amortentia wasn’t uncommon, usually, when one wasn’t fully in love - or rather, still falling, they would only smell the potion ever so slightly. If one was not in love, they would rather smell an object, or something else they loved deeply. My eyebrows formed a frown when I processed what he said. Strange, my perfume was made of vanilla, jasmine and roses. I leaned in to smell it myself, the fumes of the potion enveloped my nose, allowing me to let out a low moan of contentment. Wow. They should bottle up this scent and sell it by the gallon - it was heavenly. I noticed Draco shift from the corner of my eye, he cleared his threat before he spoke “Well? What’s it smell like?” Draco asked with a raised brow. My gaze flickered to the line of his jaw, the muscle above it ticked frantically. I licked my lips before replying “Uh, some sort of cologne…something citrusy, lemons maybe?..a new cloth smell, like fabric softener and…aftershave.” I said “Again, it’s very faint.” I murmured. A strange flicker of confusion passed through his features.

Class went by in a blur after that.



Vanilla, jasmine, roses. Where had he smelled that before? Vanilla, jasmine, roses, he chanted in his head. A few hours had passed since his potions class with Elena. He spent most of it watching her, her movements where like liquid - incredibly languid and elegant, he could watch her watch a brick wall and never get bored. And good lord, that low moan that came from her throat when she learned into the amortentia potion shot straight up his thighs. Thank God class ended quickly after that, there’s only so much temptation a man could handle.

His eyes roamed Hogwart’s halls, not exactly knowing what they were searching for - but stopping as they found a head of perfect golden-brown hair. Something about her was awfully alluring, so much so his eyes would voluntarily search for her without consent. She was a Ravenclaw, yes - she had their wit, their wisdom and brains..but he could tell she was also cunning, and determined, and wouldn’t be afraid to put up a fight. There certainly was more to her that meets the eye.

He watched as she laughed at something Ron said, while Hermoine simply shook her head. His jaw tightened as her face lit up in delight, her plush pink lips spreading into a wide, blinding smile as she threw her head back in mirth. His nose scrunched up in disgust - why would she, a pure-blood dare speak to filthy, mudblood Gryffindors? A feeling of irritation curled at his gut. Was that…jealousy? He shook his head. No. Why would he be jealous? He walked over to them, glaring in Ron and Hermoine’s direction. Hermoine’s spine straightened in annoyance when she spotted him

“And here comes Satan’s spawn himself.” she spat, glaring at him through brown eyes. “We’ll see you later, Elena.” Ron said, taking Hermoine by the arm as he glared at Draco. Elena simply muttered a goodbye as the pair left her.

“Am I a hero or the devil’s son? Can’t figure out what side I’m on” Draco said, making Elena turn her full attention to him. He was looking down at her with a triumphant expression.

Her lips tipped up with humour, making his gaze linger on them. He loved the curve of her mouth, he decided. He also liked to watch it move, to hear it speak any words at all. He wondered what else it could do that he would like.

“Hm, let me know when you’re figured that out then.” She said, bringing him out of his daze. When she turned to leave - his hand reflexively wrapped around her wrist, making her jerk away. His face lit up with a smile, and honestly, it was like staring at a fallen angel. Draco was gorgeous. “Sorry” he murmured with a grin. He affected her more than she could admit, and he knew it. Elena blinked, visibly swallowing. “I’ll see you around, Draco.” She said, averting her eyes. And with that, she left.

renegade-zer0  asked:

This is such a small thing but I love how Jinbe was encouraging luffy to use his instincts instead of just doing what made sense. ALSO i want Luffy to get in the newspaper in that outfit so Sabo can see his little brother copying him

yesss i really loved that moment! 

luffy’s good instinct has always been a big part of his character and it really shows how well jinbe knows him that he would ask luffy to use it to judge the situation.  (esp after the last chapter with him laughing and saying he knew luffy would agree to the bege plan- he really does understand him ;;u;;)

also i have to give a shoutout to jinbe’s annoyed head rubbing and then brilliant way of resolving caesar, luffy and bege’s scuffle by asking them if they like big mom lol

they really would have gotten nowhere without jinbe this arc :’)

The Littlest Kingsman [ 2 ]

Merlin & Child!Reader (with Harry and Eggsy)

[ Part 1 - 2 ]

Words: 2,315

Warnings: Zilch ! Just pure fluff !

Tags: @sammysgirl1997

A/N: Hi everyone! Thank you so much for such a great reception! I didn’t expect this fic to really take off, but you are all so lovely, it’s amazing!

This is the second chapter where we finally meet Harry! I hope you all like it! Please let me know what you think!

Without further ado, enjoy! \ (^ u ^) /

Originally posted by taroneggsy-ton

“Lovely day for a stroll,” Eggsy began by ways of introduction as he approached the bench; playing the role of a gentleman quite well, even without his bespoke suit. “Fancy meeting you here, Merlin.”

“Good afternoon to you too Eggsy,” replied the older man, unsurprised. “Do take a seat.”

“Don’t mind if I do,” the younger agent said, plopping himself down on the empty seat next to the quartermaster. With mannered introductions and niceties out of the way, Eggsy was quick to voice the queries that were piquing his curiosity.

“Why’d ya never tell me you had a kid, bruv?”

“Because I don’t,” Merlin replied wryly. “(Name) right there is my niece.“

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Ardyn And His Fancy Clothes

Guys, I just had an epiphany.

The fact that Ardyn wore so many god damn layers bothered me so much durring the game.

Like I know he is a fancy man (the fedora really says it all for his character) and what not but I mean for real how many coats and vests does one man need?

But like what if the reason he wore so many even in hot as fuck places like Lestallum was because he was part demon or whatever and the sunlight affected his human body.

Like in Chapter 13 there is a report u find talking about how the MT’s wear the armor so they weren’t affected by the sunlight. Maybe it’s the same case with Ardyn.

Just a random thought.

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Tha Japanese fandom is soo beautiful!! They're all so supportive!! Non touken shippers r also happy for their happiness!! Even the elderly fans r saying that it was a really beautiful and honest love making! Now look at this toxic so called fandom!! I'm so ashamed & embarrassed to be part of this Western fandom (but I love positive people like u!). I'm honestly planning to shift to Japan now 😭😭😭

Oh, in general jp fandom isn’t flowers and sparkles, but in this particular case— yeah, they had a more mature reaction to the chapter and didn’t harass ishida like the western fandom did.
I am also embarrassed to be part of the western fandom, but I know there are people in it who have basic morality and do not do this kind of shit even if they didn’t like the chapter and have their own different critical & or negative judgments about it.

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I saw your BotW Asks are still open so can you maybe draw Zelda cutting her hair short (like to her shoulders) and Link is shocked but loves it (and maybe don't do this part but he decides to cut his hair too and messes it up so Zelda fixes it and cuts it more pretty short for him but it lowkey looks amazing) thanks :D


This is actually from @rachaeltad-writes ‘s fic From the Ground Up. If you haven’t read it you should really give it a look! It’s really good, and i’m really excited to read the next chapter cuz it just came out >u> 

Good enough? (Part 1)

@80sbrokenscene: yo could you do one where the reader is super insecure about her body and bc she just doesn’t really think she’s good enough bc he’s so smart and just like plain amazing (if you have a fic like that already it’s chill you could just link it to me or something) ALSO UR WRITING IS AMAZING AND PLS TAKE UR TIME I DONT WANT U TO FEEL RUSHED JUST DO IT WHENEVER U CAN AIGHT THANKS ILY

A/N: I’m doing this as a multi-chaptered fic because I have so many idea’s!! I hope that isn’t a problem :) <3 <3

Originally posted by mentallydatingspencerreid

The subtle glow of the sun illuminated Y/N’s featured through the car window. Her Y/H/C hair gently fell in her face as she bowed her head anxiously, keeping her dainty fingers occupied by playing with the hem of her dress mindlessly. Spencer attempted to keep his eyes on the roar but his unusually quiet girlfriend caused concern to dominate his features. Spencer briefly glanced over at Y/N, frowning slightly at her nerve-ridden form.

“Are you going to tell me?” Spencer muttered, returning his intense gaze to the road. In response, Y/N hummed in confusion, not trusting her tight throat to form coherent words.

“Lack of eye contact, very quiet, keeping your hands occupied to control them from shaking-” Spencer began profiling but drifted off when Y/N huffed, saddened eyes dancing across Spencer.

“We agreed you wouldn’t profile.” Y/N complained, shifting her gaze to the window, swallowing back her burning nerves. Spencer placed his hand on her knee, squeezing slightly in attempt to ease her discomfort.

“Well…are you going to tell me what’s wrong?” Spencer’s concerned voice whispered, making Y/N look at him in defeat, placing her shaking hand over his.

“Not yet.” Y/N hushed, fingers dancing across his knuckles. Spencer returned his gaze to Y/N as he pulled into the carpark.

“They’re going to love you, if that’s what you’re wondering.” Spencer assured, squeezing her knee again before kissing her sweetly. In effect, Y/N laughed uneasily while Spencer got out of the car, locking Y/N inside. Y/N giggled, banging on the car window when Spencer appeared at her car window. Y/N noticed his team watching in amusement from the park enterance , glancing back at Spencer who opened the car door for her.

“What a gentleman.” Y/N joked, attempting to hide the nerves bubbling in her stomach but Spencer quickly kissed her, interlacing their fingers.

“Breathe.” Spencer chuckled lowly, dragging her along to his awaiting friends.

“Miss Y/N.” Derek grinned, eyes warm on the insecure girl.

“How on earth did pretty boy scare so high?” Derek asked, playful eyes flickering over to Spencer, who chuckled lowly.

“I’m really not that great.” Y/N mumbled nervously, smiling sweetly at the agents but Spencer tightened his grip on her trembling hands.

“Non-sense. You must be a genius or something to gain this one.” Derek smiled, slowly picking up on her nervous behaviour as her arm covered her stomach slightly, guarding her body.

“I’m seriously for from it.” Y/N assured, voice weakening but eyes and smile bright. Spencer frowned at her, realisation hitting him that there was something more to her unusual behaviour.

“Whatever,” Spencer joked, bringing light to the situation but concern lacing his eyes.

Masterlist.    PART 2

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can u explain nanamiki to me? is there something in the game i missed or is it for pure cuteness? :o?

Oh it may be not enough for some people but I really like rarepairs so that plays a huge part on why I ship it…! I love it because of that scene in chapter one (I think it’s chapter one?) when Nanami teaches Mikan how to play video games;; it was really cute

to quote my earlier self, “i miss dimple”; i still miss dimple and i’m secretly hoping he left some part of himself in mobs head *just for reassurance* (and totally not for a possible future possession) and has been building himself back up like he has done many times before for the past billion chapters 

(mob really needs u right now dimps)

To the Four of Us (Part Twenty)

spremise: modern AU chronicling the squad as they make their way through college and deal with general life things.
soundtrack song: Satellite - All Time Low
full soundtrack: x
words: 2,485
warnings: nothin really except swearing?? i went easy on u guys
a/n: IM REALLY TIRED SO IM NOT EDITING THIS WE DIE LIKE MEN HSDGKJDG ((I’ll prob edit it tomorrow but i wanted to get the chapter out
all chapters: x

tags: @heythereitsloey @anitheunicorn @newyorkyoucanbeanew @lafbagxette @justafangirlwithanavy @iamgrayfox @ordinaryornate @schuylerjoon @angelica-peggy-eliza @trashyperson101 @crazydragon15 @but-if-you-had-to-choose @geespilots @marvelous-hamilfan @5p00kygh05t @panda-powers @and-maria @lafeyettegunsandships @schokoobananaa @allthegoodurlshavebeentaken @aphboi @hell-yes-puns-and-ships @aham-threw-his-shot-away @hesitantcat @nonstopspook @hamrevolution @writethewayout @passmethegoddamnball @allthegoodurlshavebeentaken @sun-tree @angelizaandpeggy

dedication: @schokoobananaa for their AMAZING PIECE THAT I AM IN LOVE WITH ((ive been thinking about it all day tbh))

When Alexander pulled the car into the driveway, there was a dim light on the horizon which indicated that the sun was going to rise soon. He checked the clock on the dashboard. It was nearly 5 o’clock in the morning. Yawning, Alexander shut off the engine and tapped John lightly on the shoulder. They had been sitting quietly together until around an hour earlier, when he dozed off with his cheek pressed against the window. As hard as it was for Alexander to keep entertained by himself, he let John sleep.

They had two weeks to discuss what happened.

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oda said luffy zoro nami are the triggers/core in one piece in 2001 - thoughts/opinions on this?

i really agree with that. they were the ones who really got the ball rolling for the adventure and i dont think theres another trio that shares a bond as important as theirs. im pretty sure a lot of people believe that usopp and sanji are part of the core characters for one piece but they weren’t necessarily there RIGHT off the bat. like in the span of the first 8 chapters, both zoro and nami were introduced and given roles in the story. idk what im trying to say anymore i love the concept of luff and zorororo and nams bein the core of one piece i hope u picked up what i tried to put down 

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I'm a stony writer. I write a lot & often times I get a lot of comments on first chapters then absolute silence on the rest. It often makes me sad & have no motivation to write. So I always try to comment on fics I read especially if I see they have little to no comments because I know how important it is. I do have like one or two 'popular' fics people like but they were never my favorite. I do try to stay in character but I do project just a bit because I see me in them. Thank u for reading!

I think that’s a common problem. The first chapter and the final chapter get lots of comments, but that middle slog, where it is so hard to stay motivated, gets far fewer.  I know for me, I really, really need comments during the middle part because that’s where the real meat of the story is and I need to know if I’m forgetting things or not getting things across particularly well.  Comments really  help me to build and shape a story.  

It’s wonderful that you make it a point to comment on fics with little or no comments.  @polizwrites was making an effort to comment on fics with no comments, and I think that’s such a fantastic idea.  What a gift for those authors!  Think of how you are making them feel!  Just such a neat thing to do. 

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It's really nice to see IchiRuki shippers like you :) tbh w/ u I didn't really read the last chapter because some spoiled me and I just had a massive panic attack and anxiety for a week(?) after that because my expectations of Kubo for years just got destroyed and something I loved and has been a part of my life for years just disappointed me and I couldn't really take it. And up to now he still isn't adressing that dreadful ending just hurts me in a way.

It makes me really angry but it does hurt me too, anon. I am so sorry that you experienced such awful things after the manga ended. I completely empathize. I was so disappointed and yeah, it’s just a story, but to have invested time, money, and feelings into something is just like a relationship. To have the creator not acknowledge it like he doesn’t even care about it after personally caring about it so much is very hurtful. But we will get through it like we have and hijack it and make it our own. :DDD

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This is a very small detail but i really liked the scene in the latest chapter of ds where keith pines for lance and describes him as lovely while lance is dancing. It feels so affectionate and sweet. Word choices like that always get me and i like that word, especially in regards to my favourite characters. I really like your keith pov and that lance is not just described as loud/annoying/obnoxious and needs to change his personality.

ahhhh thank you so much!! i LOVE when people point out small details! :’D i’m really so so happy that you like my take on them!! also im just fuckin… i read very little fic myself, so i’ve only encountered most of the Bad Fanon thru secondhand accounts and im… i just kind of gargle helplessly every time bc @ fandom what the HALE are u doin g to these characters,,,,,,,, sdlksdjgsgd