i really liked this part of the chapter u

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what's ur favorite jikook fanfics? <3

Fanfics omg… I haven’t read any new fanfics in like 1859256 years I’m so sorry.

But I think my (all time, sorta) faves are:

Dream maker by @polkari-seuta ​ and @bottomkook ​ here on tumblr (Prepare tissues)

Brave by Yoonmin_Trash(ao3) (Prepare tissues)

I’m like a secret by flitter(ao3) (Prepare tissues)

Boy in Luv and I need U(Part 2 to Boy in Luv, ongoing) by whenIseeUsmile(aff) Side note: I absolutely love these fics…like they’re long and chaptered but so worth the read, I love them a lot!! 

There’s a bunch that I always go back and read, but I can’t think of them right now, I’m so sorry!!!!!

Oh and there is an ongoing fic by @drpuffles ​ called Nice Guy on ao3, and I’m really liking it so far!

ask me one thing you want to know about me :)

To the Four of Us (Part Twenty)

spremise: modern AU chronicling the squad as they make their way through college and deal with general life things.
soundtrack song: Satellite - All Time Low
full soundtrack: x
words: 2,485
warnings: nothin really except swearing?? i went easy on u guys
a/n: IM REALLY TIRED SO IM NOT EDITING THIS WE DIE LIKE MEN HSDGKJDG ((I’ll prob edit it tomorrow but i wanted to get the chapter out
all chapters: x

tags: @heythereitsloey @anitheunicorn @newyorkyoucanbeanew @lafbagxette @justafangirlwithanavy @iamgrayfox @ordinaryornate @schuylerjoon @angelica-peggy-eliza @trashyperson101 @crazydragon15 @but-if-you-had-to-choose @geespilots @marvelous-hamilfan @5p00kygh05t @panda-powers @and-maria @lafeyettegunsandships @schokoobananaa @allthegoodurlshavebeentaken @aphboi @hell-yes-puns-and-ships @aham-threw-his-shot-away @hesitantcat @nonstopspook @hamrevolution @writethewayout @passmethegoddamnball @allthegoodurlshavebeentaken @sun-tree @angelizaandpeggy

dedication: @schokoobananaa for their AMAZING PIECE THAT I AM IN LOVE WITH ((ive been thinking about it all day tbh))

When Alexander pulled the car into the driveway, there was a dim light on the horizon which indicated that the sun was going to rise soon. He checked the clock on the dashboard. It was nearly 5 o’clock in the morning. Yawning, Alexander shut off the engine and tapped John lightly on the shoulder. They had been sitting quietly together until around an hour earlier, when he dozed off with his cheek pressed against the window. As hard as it was for Alexander to keep entertained by himself, he let John sleep.

They had two weeks to discuss what happened.

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This is such a small thing but I love how Jinbe was encouraging luffy to use his instincts instead of just doing what made sense. ALSO i want Luffy to get in the newspaper in that outfit so Sabo can see his little brother copying him

yesss i really loved that moment! 

luffy’s good instinct has always been a big part of his character and it really shows how well jinbe knows him that he would ask luffy to use it to judge the situation.  (esp after the last chapter with him laughing and saying he knew luffy would agree to the bege plan- he really does understand him ;;u;;)

also i have to give a shoutout to jinbe’s annoyed head rubbing and then brilliant way of resolving caesar, luffy and bege’s scuffle by asking them if they like big mom lol

they really would have gotten nowhere without jinbe this arc :’)

The Clan (Minhyuk Fanfiction)

Genre: Dystopian AU, romance, adventure

Summary: A dystopian AU based off of All In. It follows certain events from the music video in addition to a minhyuk love story so we can all pretend we’re part of the story when we’re actually not cries 

Ch.1/Ch.2/Ch.3/Ch.4/Ch.5/Ch.6/Ch.7/Ch.8/Ch.9/Ch.10/Ch.11/Ch.12/Ch.13/Ch.14Epilogue/ Special Chapter!

Intermission (Wonho Fanfiction)/First Serve (Kihyun Fanfiction)/Follow Me (Changkyun Fanfiction)/ Marry Me at The Space Station (Minhyuk/Mysme Fanfiction)

Chapter One: A Prologue

     The streets outside were silent. This was considered normal in this day and age. You’d only ever heard of busy roads, bustling with people when you were younger through the stories your parents told you of their childhood. But those times were gone now.

     Sitting in your tiny bedroom, you tried to ignore the shouting coming from the living room. They were at it again. Your uncle and older brother, Hyungwon, were always like this. None of them would ever explain to you what was going on. Their choice of words during their arguments didn’t help you comprehend either. However, violence was your uncle’s main and only mechanism in solving their fallouts, and Hyungwon would always suffer a blue bruise on his eye or a deep cut on his lips in the end.

     In those moments that you were curled up in your warm bed, blocking out the world, you allowed your thoughts to drift away to a sad place. If your parents were still alive, would this be happening? Would you have lived a happier life? Why did they have to go out on that damn night?

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Let Us Live: Part 4


OKAY SO THIS IS COMPLETELY UNBETAED so I’m very sorry for any mistakes! I really like this chapter (mostly the latter part), which you’ll soon find out why I liked it so much. Thank you so much for reading :)


Pairing: Ten x Y/N

Word Count: 3,605

Warnings: Blood, Animal death, cursing.

You cracked open the door, giving the tall Korean man a broad smile - perhaps too broad. It made you seem a bit out of character.

Don’t be weird, don’t be weird, don’t be weird…

“Hey, Eunseong!” you toned down the grin a few watts, “What are you doing here at one in the morning?”

“Oh, you know…” he kicked at the ground, hands in his pockets, “Just happened to pass by, you know.”

You shook your head, laughing, “I really don’t, honestly.”

“Ah, Y/N!” He laughed, over exaggerating his voice, “You’re missing out on all the fun! I love standing out in the freezing cold.”

You grunted, “Message received. Come on in before you freeze to death.”

“Thanks, girlie.”

He walked on past you, heading into the kitchen. It wasn’t the first time he had been there, so he already knew the layout of pretty much your entire home. He was in casual clothes, a grey university sweatshirt (the one his little brother attended) and some dark wash jeans. He leaned against the wall, onyx eyes landing on your still figure.

“Why are there two mugs on the counter? Did I interrupt something?” He asked, eyes transpiring an unspoken question.

Is anyone here?

You shook your head, telling him that no, he did not interrupt something. You laughed, “I made a mug of hot cocoa from scratch and accidently put in salt instead of sugar. It was quite an unpleasant surprise, especially after cleaning a bunch of shit, so I made another mug - this time with sugar.”

“I’d hope so,” Eunseong chuckled, eyes crinkling. He cleared his throat, taking on a more serious note, “How have you been holding up?”

“Huh?” You were confused for the shorter part of a moment, “Oh, that… I’ve been holding up pretty well. Yuta told me-”

You jumped, hearing something clatter in the hallway, sounding like something fell in the closet. You played it off as a broom hitting the floor, having slipped of due to you propping it up improperly. Eunseong seemed to buy it, making you grateful for telling him you had been cleaning earlier.

You hoped Ten would not make any more noises and picked up from where you left off, “Oh, yeah. So Yuta told me about what happened to your… yeah.”

You saw Eunseong grimace, “You can say it, you know. It’s healing up already, not like it’s a big deal.” He held out his hand as if he was trying to prove something. The place where the joint should be was wrapped in a white bandage, no sign of blood. He probably had to self-treat, as well.

“He cut of a joint!” You shook your hands for emphasis, “How can I not flip my shit?”

“I’d flip my shit if he cut off part of your hand, so I guess you have a point…” He pushed some hair out of his face, “But really, don’t worry too much. The pain is mostly gone, now. I just have a bit of a sting or tingling sensation sometimes.”

You gave him a look, “Really?”

“Yes,” he pushed off from the wall, expression returning to its neutral state, “really.”

He took a shallow breath, awkwardly scuffing his feel across the floor. He had forgotten to take his shoes off, “Can I see how your leg is healing up?”

You nodded, and he naturally wandered off to the living room. Out of the corner of your eye you could see him glance down the hallway, making the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. You chastised yourself for panicking earlier and not giving Ten the key card – instead, you had to be stupid and insist him to hide. You didn’t like the guilt that crawled up your spine like foreign vines, wrapping around your neck and slowing choking you.

You could tell him – the thought crossed you mind. If you told Eunseong, he’d be mad, but… you trusted him to some degree. What you also happened to trust is his loyalty to the Calla Casablancas.

You couldn’t tell him, at least not yet, even though it would rid you of the guilt of lying and deception. Something you were never good at holding.

You shrugged off the fear, trimming the imaginary vines off your body and leaving them to waste away, taking any doubts with them.

Pouring the salty hot cocoa out and setting the two mugs in the sink, you coughed into your shoulder. A little bit of spit had gone down the wrong pipe, making your eyes water as you tried to get rid of the irritation feeling. Eunseong called from the living room, concerned, “You okay, Y/N?”

“Yeah,” you called back, coughing in the middle of the word. You heard Eunseong laughing at you, “Don’t laugh at me, you dick.”

“Don’t talk to your father that way,” He joked, “I raised you better than that.”

“I thought you said you weren’t my dad?”

“Not biologically.”

“Oh my god,” you choked, “Eunseong, please. You’re nasty.”

“Whatever you’re thinking, that’s not what I said. You made it weird,” He provoked, smiling teasingly. Normally he was pretty tame, so this sudden burst of playful and irritating behavior was completely out of the blue. His eyes were filled with mirth at your blushing cheeks, satisfied with embarrassing you.

“I hate you, making me seem like the dirty one…” you frowned, over exaggerating the downturn of your lips. Eunseong found that funny, tipping his head back and cackling. You kicked his shin, making him gasp in the middle of his laughter, cursing at you softly. You smirked, “You deserve that.”

“Wow, sadistic much?” He sure was getting a kick out of the kink jokes.

He took a breath and calmed down, trying to make himself chill. You made a low noise of faux irritation, giving him the cold shoulder just for the sake of making him apologize. He gave a small laugh, smile falling from his face as you began to wander back to kitchen, pouting.

“Hey, Y/N…” he reached forward, fingers lightly skimming your wrist. Classically Eunseong, classically conservative. You heard the frown in his voice, “Hey, you know I didn’t mean that, right?”

You nodded, giving him slack, “I know, I’m just tired… Let me change into something that’s not jeans, these are painful to roll over the scars because they’re too tight.”

Eunseong let himself relax, responding in quiet agreement. He settled back into the couch, picking at the end of his sleeves as you slipped into your bedroom to wrestle off your jeans. You slid on a pair of shorts with a cute sheep and cloud pattern, deciding to don yourself with a white crewneck as well, stripping off the shirt you had worn out to the club. You took off the jewelry too, only being too lazy to wash off your makeup. You almost forgot about Ten for a moment, and reminded yourself that you needed to Eunseong to leave.

A part of you wanted to play it up and make Ten suffer in the hall closet, but you decided against it. You grabbed a Sudoku book and a pencil, sliding it under the closet door with a sticky note on it, reading: “You can stay in my bedroom, but be quiet.”  You didn’t know if he could read it in the limited light, but it was something.

Arriving back in the living room, you bumped his shin with your bare foot, knocking him out of his own little world. He blinked, glancing down at you now exposed leg, “Wow, they’re healing surprisingly well,” he muttered. You curled up on the couch next to him, extending your leg onto his lap.

The cuts had scabbed over, and they were thin at that. It took longer to heal than other cuts you had had in the past on other parts of your body, but that was due to less blood flow in the shin (according to the internet). The knife that had been used was very thin and clean, which was better than something jagged and skin-shredding. Soohyuk was kinder to you than you had thought.

He let his left hand skim over your skin, being careful not to agitate the scabs. His lips pinned themselves into a slight frown, his brow furrowing a bit. You spoke up.

“So, what did you really come here for?”

Eunseong didn’t lift his hand from your leg, tracing the cuts up and down with a end-to-end figure eight pattern, crisscrossing the skin lightly. His hand stopped at the second cut, and he looked up to meet you tired eyes, “I just wanted to see if you were okay.”

You felt a smile coming on and didn’t fight it, letting the expression wash over your face like a gentle wave, “Thanks for caring.”

“No problem, it’s practically my job,” he laughed, removing his hand from your leg completely. He sat straight, face forward, “Don’t make me worry, Y/N.”

You nodded, whittling with a bitter smirk, “I can’t promise that.”

My enemy has made sure of that.

“I know,” he sighed, “How can you promise that when I can’t promise it either? Stupid…”

He stood up, “Anyway, I should probably get going. You need to get some sleep. I heard from Yuta that you’ve been a bit restless lately.”

“He’s right,” you laughed, standing up to see him out, “I’m tired as fuck.”

Eunseong sniffed, his nose running slightly, and opened the door for himself. You felt a bit guilty sending him out into the cold, but the circumstances didn’t exactly permit him staying the night. You pouted, holding the door open as he stood on the front steps.

He turned around, facing you. Despite being on a lower step, he was still taller than you - the damn giant. His eyes were candid, open, and honest. Sometimes he made you think of a dog, in a good way. He had the loyalty of one.

He smiled, pulling you into a hug. You tucked your head in his shoulder, enjoying the warmth from his neck. He patted your back with his good hand, being careful to not catch his bandaged finger on the fabric of your shirt, “Get some rest, Y/N.”

“I will,” you laughed into his neck, pulling away. The cold air entering your apartment made your legs break out in goose bumps. You crossed your arms and put your knees together to preserve heat as Eunseong backed up, dropping his arms to his sides. He made eye contact with you, getting a certain look on his face. You’d seen this look before – when you were with him alone. You had never known what it meant.

He sighed, “Fuck it.”

Eunseong stepped forward and bent down, pulling your head closer to his. You felt the bandaged hand through your hair, his good hand lightly gripping your arm near the elbow. His lips met yours, his eyes closed.

Yours, however, were wide open. You stared forward into the dark cityscape, your shocked orbs unblinking – yet truly seeing nothing. This was not how a kiss should feel. Your hands were wanting to shake, wanting to push the tall man away, wanting to slap him - you didn’t. Your muscles were stiller than cold, hard stone. It felt like they were stone, too. He was attractive, yes - kind and sweet, as well. You frowned, wondering why you it felt so unwanted.

Eunseong pulled away, his dark eyes looking into yours.  He smiled hesitantly, but the expression fell soon after he noticed how unresponsive you were. His eyes searched your face before he realized, backing away with an embarrassed hand threaded through his hair.

“Shit, I’m…” he laughed, voice cracking, “I’m sorry… I’m going to- I’m gonna go.”

“Yeah,” you nodded, looking away, “Sorry… travel safe.”

You closed the door as soon as he turned, putting your back to the door and sliding down till you were on the ground, hands over your head. It felt like the air had been knocked out of you.

“Oh my god,” you breathed, eyes glassy, “I thought we were- I thought we were just- holy shit…”

You had thought he was joking all this time. He must’ve misread signals, must’ve misread all the teasing as romantic interest, everything… You dragged your hands down your face, ashamed.

“Wow, I’m a dick.” You deadpanned, barely noticing Ten appear out of the hallway the leads to your room. He looked at your crouching figure with hesitant but pitiless eyes.

“That was rough,” he deadpanned, his eyebrow raise going unseen by your unfocused eyes.

You gave him a hum of acknowledgement, blinking hard to will away the blur in your eyes. You blinked a few more times – rapidly – in an effort to wet the delicate flesh. They had become quite dry, with all the shocked staring and all.

Ten bit his lip, “So, are you just going to sit there, or…?”

“Shut up,” you rasped, removing the white lanyard from your neck hastily and tossing it to him as you walked to hide in your room, “Take the stupid key card.”

He caught it just before it his face, glaring at your figure as you passed him. You heard his footsteps behind you, following you back to your room. Upon entering your room, you saw the covers messed up into a bundle, making you turn around to squint at the man behind you, “Why are my- are you a hamster, or something? What is with the nest?”

He shrugged, his sharp eyes looking at something amongst the sheets, “You said I could come back here, and its much better than trying to play human Tetris in your messy closet.”

You picked up the Sudoku book and set it on your desk, sifting through the sheets to find the pencil as well. You tossed that at your desk, promptly missing due to exhaustion and inherent lack of motor skills. You watched it clatter to the floor before flopping onto your squishy mattress. You groaned, wishing to be alone, “You can see yourself out. Don’t steal any of my shit.”

That’s how you’re Saturday night ended – or should you say Sunday morning? He left, you fell asleep without a whisper of good night.

Soon enough, routine had set back in for you. You texted Eunseong and apologized for your cold behavior. He said he wasn’t mad, and that he would wait for you. You told him he would have to wait a very long time. Things became awkward with him after that.

You and Yuta became closer, the spot that Eunseong left vacant filled by the Japanese man. You went places with him, watched over him and his fellow Casablancas during field work, and took care of your underlings at HQ. Eunseong went back into field work four weeks later, his hand finally healed.

You transferred the money from the transaction with the Black Bloods to the Calla Casablancas, and then King accepted it – no questions asked. You requested for him to speak of it to no one, not wanting to have people “up in your grill” as the man liked to quote. Besides the daily life, the causal fun times with your friends, life had become dull. Life had lost its hue, turning into a sad monotony. That was, until you ran into Ten again.

“Why are there so many fucking fish?” A man yelled, not looking like he was sober. Defiantly not alcohol, though. Probably LSD. The scene he was creating was explosive, even in an already loud area like the fish market.

He ran up to a stand, picking up a large fish and flapping it jaw like it was talking. He laughed hysterically, throwing the fish at the vendor who was wielding a very dangerous looking knife. He continued his hoarse shouting, voice agitating everyone within a 15 meter radius, “They speak! Look at them!”

He picked up a live fish from a tank, dropping it as it wriggled in his grasp, “They speak to me!” He ran up to the vendor, crazily swiping his stock of baby crabs off the counter onto the asphalt. They scuttled around, getting crushed by the man’s bare feet as he stumbled over them.

You backed up from the scene, holding your bag of herring away from the scuffle. You just wanted to get to restaurant, which was unfortunately blocked by the raging man in front of you. You watched with cautious eyes as he continued to create a mess, angering all surrounding vendors.

A vendor tried to restrain the manic, calling for help as the man kicked and screamed at him. Patrons stood to the side, wanting to avoid the fight but staying close enough to watch, human curiosity getting the best of them. All of a sudden a man pushed through the crowd, assisting the shopkeeper currently trying to deal with the situation. His black hair was pulled off his face with a tie and he was wearing black clothes, a good idea in a place like this. Fish… juice showed up pretty easy on other colors.

“Hey!” He called out and you immediately recognized Ten’s voice despite not being able to see his face. The vendor backed up, retreating a good distance as Ten – and his friend, Hansol – dealt with the brute. Hansol picked up a bar and hit the man across the face, making a sickening crack fill the air. The intoxicated man’s jaw went slack - a few of his teeth having been knocked out. He screamed, holding his face as blood poured from his mouth, two teeth falling to the pavement.

The situation was the complete opposite of didactic, Ten immediately engaging the royally pissed man. He lashed out with his free arm, the one that was not nursing his injured face, and grabbed at the Thai man’s shirt, gripping it loosely as he stumbled forward with an oddly hunched posture. Ten grit his teeth, tearing the hand away from himself and twisting his arm, flipping the man onto the ground. A strangled breath erupted from his mouth, sounding like the squeal of a branded cow.

He tried to scramble to his feet, only to be pushed face first into the hard asphalt by the bottom of Hansol’s heavy boot. He groaned, curling in on himself to form a pathetic, crying ball. He sobbed wildly, clawing at his ears, yelling about the voices that were “talking” to him.  Ten wiped his brow and took a step back, bowing his head slightly to the shocked spectators. Hansol laughed, taking out a large bill and placing it on the counter.

“For the damages,” he said, leaving the vendor sputtering, unsure of whether to accept the philanthropy. They didn’t have a chance, the two men turning around to carry on their own business. Behind them, a police officer appeared, making you instinctually want to bolt. You never knew, and it was best to avoid being on file for anything, even a witness reference.

Obviously, they’d want to question Ten and Hansol - which you doubted they’d be okay with – and you ran forward, awkwardly grabbing the shorter of the two’s hand. He went to yank his hand away from you, but stopped when one of the policemen called for you all to stop. He glanced over his shoulder, cursing as people pointed at them, saying they had stopped the assailant. Hansol caught on quickly, following you as your sprinted gracelessly out of the fish market holding a large bag of fish. Ten was on your heels, not losing his breath even when you had. He grabbed you hand, pulling you abruptly into a side alley. You all crouched, breathing heavily as the policemen ran past, rounding the above corner.

Sighing in relief, you went to lie back against the wall to catch your lost breath, only for the Thai man to yank you to your feet, making your dash across the street between him and the tall Korean. You cursed your arms, the forearm muscles burning under the weight of your to be dinner.

I just wanted to enjoy some nice grilled fish.

“I think we lost them,” Hansol gasped, looking windblown red. He cleared his throat, gesturing at you, “What’s your deal? Why did you help us back there? I thought you were a Casablanca.”

“I am,” You said, “I just figured… you know, birds of a feather flock together? Common enemy, and all that…”

“Stupid,” he scoffed, but dropped the subject. You backed up as dangerous expression rose to his face, “Hey, you were there. The Queen’s piece, right?”

You gulped, not liking where this was going.

“Oh, boy, the Boss is gonna like this! Wont he, Ten?” he bent down to your eye level, smirking in your face, “We have ourselves a Checkmate.”

You expected Ten to laugh, to agree – anything but what he actually said.

“We don’t have ourselves anything, Hansol. She’s off-limits.”

“Oh?” Hansol raised a brow, looking between the shell shocked look on your face and the calm one on Ten’s, “Did I miss something? We’re supposed to-”

“I know what we’re supposed to do, Hansol.” Ten snorted, “I’m just paying back a favor.”

Hansol frowned, growing uncomfortable at suddenly being the enemy to his supposed team mate. He narrowed his eyes, trying to decipher the hidden meaning of the foreigner’s words. You gradually grew more and more uncomfortable, shifting from foot to foot.

“So…” you opened your mouth, both of the men’s attention immediately snapping to you. You held up the bag of fish, “Who wants dinner?”

Okay, so, that was super fucking fun to write. Did I say I love writing fight scenes? Because I love writing fight scenes.

Anyway, feedback question time: Opinions on characters? Did you ever get grossed out? What do you feel for Eunseong? Bad for him? Angry with him? Did Y/N handle anything well at all?

I love to know what people think so don’t be shy! It motivates me to write and post more often (more like on time…), and helps me improve all this jazz for you! 

Thank you for reading!

thinking too much

vax/grog | 2/3 | ao3

Summary: Vax adjusts.  Grog gets revenge.  Vox Machina returns home.

Notes: I promise this will wrap up in part three.  Also, how do people write like 17k word chapters? this is just 3k and i feel like it drags

Months drag past.  Vax is bored in a way he hasn’t been since he lived in Syngorn; there is nothing for him to do in Whitestone, not really, so he spends his days following around Vex or someone with an actual job and waiting for another quest from the Raven Queen.  He can’t go anywhere else, because Vex is here, but Percy hardly needs a professional thief/paladin in his employ. 

Not that Vax truly wants to work for Percy, anyway.  He loves him, but if Percy ever seriously turns his poncey commanding voice on Vax he might find his underpants hanging from the battlements.

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No hate just asking, why do u hate high school au tho, like do u hate it for ianthony only or you hate any high school in general

I hate high school alternate universes in general. Don’t get me wrong, there are some out that I really enjoy, but for the most part, they’re all the same. They’re almost all recycled plots and are so predictable that I can pretty much guess what’s going to happen in each chapter. I’m about to spoil almost every high school AU ever for you. You ready?

  1. Flower crown wearing boy/trans boy constantly bullied because of being trans/“too girly” falls in love with the popular bad boy and starts doing bad stuff just to please the bad boy while the bad boy starts to become “soft” all because of the boy who wears flower crowns? Why? Because flower crowns… Seriously, why? But OH NO! He got seen with the flower boy and is bullied and loses all his friends and popularity… whatever shall he do? He yells at flower boy for no reason and doesn’t want to see him anymore, but misses him so he apologizes and gives the middle finger to the haters cause he all of a sudden doesn’t care.

  2. Whimpy, gay boy being bullied because he’s gay falls in love with his bully and SHOCKER the bully was only bullying him because he liked him too and didn’t know how to express it. Same as the previous, he gets caught, loses reputation, loses boy, gets sad, gets the boy back, regains reputation because… happy ending?

  3. Mute music student has a crush on a football player. Football player and music student end up in the nurses’ office together and purposefully fake sick just to see each other. Same middle and ending as above except he gets kicked off the football team and is let back in after coming to terms with his sexuality because PLOT! Oh, and the mute kid finally speaks for no reason. Like?

  4. Shy artist falls in love with extroverted band kid, yadda yadda, same plot, boring characters, blah blah.

Part of the reason why most of the high school AUs are bad is because they’re written by high schoolers.

In high school, losing your reputation, friends, or anything like that is the WORST thing that could ever happen to you. So, they make that the climax of their stories when that’s… not really an issue to older people like me and it just comes off as anti-climatic and immature. Hell, give it two or three more years and none of that stuff will be an issue for our characters either. You see what I’m saying? I don’t like high school AUs because it’s how a young teen sees a love story, not how it would work in real life. In real life, they’d probably never date, talk, or anything because you’re so worried about fitting in during that time of your life that you’re going to pass up a lot of dating opportunities because you’re worried about what Jenny will say to her friends if she saw you with that guy/girl. None of this flower crown, nurse’s office stuff. Plus, the grammar and plot pacing are usually always atrocious which just makes it even harder to read.

To prove this point even more, the only high school AUs I really liked were written by college students, young adults, or even adults in their 30′s. If you think losing your reputation and getting a rumor spread around about you is bad, wait until you have $30,000+ in student debt and surrounded with 8-10 page assignments while also deciding whether to sleep or to have somewhat of a social life. Also, BILLS. Lots and lots of BILLS. You’ll miss Jenny then!

Anyways, that’s why I don’t like High School AUs. They’re immature ideas as to how romance works and it’s just not appealing to me anymore. Plus, I hate recycled plots and bad grammar. That plays a large part in it as well.

BSD Novel: Dazai Osamu and the Dark Era (Chapter 4, Part 1)

Apologies for the delay on this. The week’s been really busy for me, so updates on these might be slower than I’d expected, but I wanted to get this chapter rolling first. Chapter 4 is slightly longer than the rest, so I’ll be estimating around 11 or 12 parts for this chapter.

Let me just take this moment to warn you for violence and general pain and suffering for the entire chapter, just in case you weren’t already aware what you were getting into. Without further ado.

Please thank @nakaharachuyaa @mlntyoonqi @bananasaurr!! Best proofreaders I could ask for.

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so i haven't been on tumblr in a long time but the minute i saw you updated mr min i dumped all of my thesis work in the trash and just Read That Shit and this is my favorite chapter so far (EVERYTHING KEEPS GETTING BETTER I LOV U?). jungkook's a sweetheart but ive been iffy about him since day 1 and it's good to see some more of his flaws bleeding through in this chapter bc i Live for characterization like that. moreover i really liked the dynamics between yoongi and hoseok here (part 1)

(part2) and by the end of the fic i was literally falling out of my seat bECAUSE YES. BITCH. Y E S. fics like these rely so heavily upon the characters and u mobilize them around the setting so well with your writing style im shaking the world is shaking God Himself is shaking. please never stop writing. as always, looking forward to the next update! until then ill be crying over chapter 5 for the next few weeks !!!

This was your favorite chapter so far?  Ahhh I’m so surprised people have liked it this much because I was super worried that it wasn’t a very good chapter.  So thank you!  

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U didn't survived TaT?

Nope. I’m really not into plots with sickness or death in it. I don’t like too much drama.

I’ve also only read Yellow and the second part. Never continued the last book. I think I’ve read two chapters or so of Green (?)

The only “mainstream” Camren fic that’s in my fave list is DIWK. And Surreal Perfection, if that’s considered “pop” as well.

you were my new dream (3/5) (skk tangled au!)

ahhh I’m really bad at cross posting ;u; 

on ao3 there are 4 chapters now…

also this is my least favorite chapter I’ve written rip me 

read on ao3

part one | part two 

“This is the place?”  Chuuya asks, frowning as he examines the small inn. Flowers lined the pathway to the entrance, and a sign out front had the words Lupin printed across it in large letters.

“Yup!” Dazai chirps, grinning. “Isn’t it cute and little, like you?”

Chuuya slams his fist into the other’s face, relishing Dazai’s groan of pain. He supposes that the inn is cute though, surrounded by flowers and cute garden decorations.

“Off we go then,” Dazai urges, taking Chuuya by the arm, much to his surprise. The two of them walk up the pathway and through the doors together.

Once inside, Chuuya gasps.

Contrary to its cheery outward appearance, the inside of the inn is decorated with horned helmets and filled with crooks, rogues and thieves. The shadows inside the inn make their figures seem taller, their faces more crueler, and Chuuya feels his heartbeat race as they study him as if they were planning how to chop him up into pieces.

“Hello, everyone!” Dazai greets cheerfully, “Sir, your best table please!”

Chuuya begins to back away, but then realizes that Dazai was still holding onto his arm. “Let go,” he hisses out, squirming, but the man’s grip is surprisingly tight.

“Why?” Dazai questions, tilting his head, “are you scared , Chuuya?”

Chuuya freezes. Did Dazai really just bring him here only to scare him?

This son of a bitch .

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Challenge~ Fairy Tail AU

chapter 8 of heads or tails~~~ 11000 words prepare ur booty


anyways, in case u hate reading on tumblr, here’s the fanfiction link —>here

and heres all the other chaps!! Part 1Part 2      Part 2.5       Part 3   Part 4  Part 5 Part 6  Part 7


I stared down the hallway like it contained a prophecy that would unveil my very future.

All I have to do is run…Gajeel could probably get me a fake ID and then I could continue my life, not as Juvia Lockser, but as Norma Shraknut. Or something like that.

If I took a step forward, I would condemn myself to a lifetime of regret.

If I took a step backwards, I would be forced to endure such tragic humiliation I would most likely never recover. Both options were less than adequate, and in all honesty a scapegoat would be manna from heaven.

“Juvia, what are you doing? Shouldn’t you be getting ready?”

I turned to see a concerned Kinana sticking her head out of the locker room anxiously. I’m sure I looked a lot like Heath Ledger before his untimely demise at the moment, hair sticking up out of its bun fruitlessly and smile etched onto my face like somebody had taken a pink sharpie marker and gone nuts.

“Yup. I’ll be right there.” I crackled, voice refusing to stay on one octave as it bounced around the decibel range from extremely high pitched to a baritone tuba, if that’s even a real thing.

I turned around, facing my shitty destiny as the world’s biggest swimming tease.

It was do or die.

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