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Hi! Um, I'm not Muslim, but I have a question, if that's okay. I'm a cashier, so I interact with a lot of people daily. Yesterday, a woman came in and she had on a blue hijab and a black garment that I think might have been an abaya (I didn't get a good look, it was a really busy day and I had a lot of people to take care of). I thought that the hijab looked really beautiful, especially how it contrasted with her other garments. Would it have been okay for me to tell her that, or no?

YES!!!! You are more than welcome to compliment a Muslim woman on her hijab or abaya. We love compliments on our outfits just like everyone else :)

- aabrs

AU where the Justice League forms like usual, except Batman maintained his “totally a myth” status and has in fact been active for years before the JL forms. He’s very cautious about trusting them, but still joins, and the others sort of accepts that as long as they trust that Batman has a really hard time with trust, it will all work out in its own weird way

Then, one day, in the middle of a JL mission, the League gets in a tight spot. Out of nowhere, this blue and black blur swoops in and saves everyone’s ass. Maybe breaking some shackles that were proving very difficult, maybe disarm a bomb that the League was just a hair’s breadth too slow to reach without help, but whatever happens, the shadowy figure pauses just long enough to say, “Hey, Batman, you know you there are these things called cellphones now and you can just call sometimes, it doesn’t have to be this dramatic?” and bounds away after shouting ‘let’s do brunch! Bring your new friends!’

Batman is mortified.

No one lets it go.

The entire rest of the mission, the whole League is asking so many questions. Who was that? Do you know him? How do you know him? What’s going on? I didn’t know there was a vigilante in this area?? They don’t let up until he talks.

“That was Nightwing.” Batman is mumbling. The JL forces him to bring them to the Brunch. Brunch happens to be in a run-down apartment on the edge of a bad neighborhood, at five in the morning, in costume. Nightwing introduces himself as Batman’s lovechild with justice.

“I did not realize Batman had a child,” Martian Manhunter says, calmly enough that no one’s sure if he’s accidentally plucking a really loud thought out of the air or if he’s trying to make a joke.

Nightwing stares for a moment falling over laughing. He doesn’t get up. Batman starts trying to apply anti-Joker venom but Nightwing just kicks him and laughs until he cries. He keeps trying to wipe his eyes and his mask keeps getting in the way, so he asks everyone to leave so he can please get a hold of himself

He is still laughing when they leave. Everyone is confused. Batman is furious.  Nightwing manages to breathe long enough to say, “We’re just so glad you’re socializing now, Batman.”

Superman turns to look at Batman very slowly. “…’we’?”

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This is the first drawing of my demonsona Alæru I’ve made in a while, with a full outfit design and everything~

Her versatile chaos magic is god-mode, but she’s terrible at using it for the majority of the story @cyanea-capillata and I have been writing together. Like me, she’s ace and demiromantic.

{Special}College!AU x K.A.R.D

no one asked for this,,,,but i love them,,,,support don’t recall + ohnana!!!! 


  • major: poetry 
  • sports: swim team 
  • really wanted to join the poetry club,,,but he got to shy to show up to the first meeting and jiwoo was trying to drag him into the room but he was like noOOOOOooo 
  • for a literal poetry major,,,,,,,,he never has the nerve to share any of his stuff out loud. there was a poetry slam night on campus and everyone was like you should enter!!!!! but he like,,,,,couldn’t and in the end somin went up and read his work and it was BEAUTIFUL and everyone was like “you have such talent!!!” and she was like um,,,,,,,i didn’t write this it was - but when she tried to point him out it turned out he just fled and somin’s like dammit i thought jiwoo and matthew would keep him put
  • as shy as he is,,,,he still has a really nice aesthetic going on. very simple, casual but still fashionable and people always ask to take pictures of his outfit and face and he’s like ,,,,um,,,,,,,why,,,,,,,,,and they’re like “do you have instagram???” and he’s like yes but i don’t really use it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • everyone thinks he’s hot but he’s oblivious to it basically
  • all his poems are about ,,,,, like ,,,,,,,,,, love,,,,,,and nature,,,,,,and like,,,,,,,crying in nature because you’re in love
  • he’s actually super emotional and deep but no one ever gets to know him because he’s really shy and tries not to talk much
  • even the members of his swim team are like “bro, you should tell us like your hobbies or your ideal type” and j.seph is like “,,,,,,,,,breathing is nice,,,,,”
  • and you had one class with j.seph on prose poetry,,,,,and even though he never shared out loud in class you had to do a group critic and ever since you read his poetry,,,,,,you had basically Fallen in Love
  • with his style, his flow, his choice of words,,,his voice in his poems is so strong and beautiful that you felt like you were looking at a painting and not words on a paper
  • and you’d begged him to submit something to the campus art journal but he had declined and it had left you heartbroken
  • but you didn’t give up,,,,even after your classes if you’d see him you’d be like !!!! hi i was wondering if you changed your mind-
  • but he’d just shake his head shyly and tell you that really, he couldn’t publish his work in the journal
  • and for a while you’d try to bug him when you saw him but you didn’t overdo it 
  • and at some point you had to give up because you didn’t want to come off creepy, even though you really at least wanted others to read and feel what you felt with his poems
  • and at some point you end up sharing a study table with somin and you know her as one of j.seph’s only friends and you’re like “hi,,,,this is going to sound weird but is j.seph,,,,,,,,,,not an open person?”
  • and she looks up from drawing and she’s like hmm what do you mean
  • and you tell her about the experience you had with his poetry and suddenly she seems really interested and she sets down her pencil and she’s like wait here!!!!
  • and about twenty minutes later she comes back holding a notebook and she’s like “ive had this for a long time, but it’s a poem i read by j.seph at a poetry slam a while ago. it’s the only poem i have of his but!!!! you could maybe publish it??? i really want him to be recognized by more people as a poet!!”
  • and you thank her and get all excited as you leave the building because omg the editor of the journal is going to LOVE it but then you try to read the poem,,,,,,,,,but you can’t bring yourself to do it,,,,,
  • like the words are right there waiting but you feel horrible because,,,,,you didn’t get j.seph’s consent. and it feels like you’re stealing from him
  • so you decide that you can’t publish it, instead you search the campus for him so you can return it
  • and you find him sitting on the steps outside of lecture hall and he’s writing aimlessly in his notebook and you’re like “um excuse me-”
  • and once he sees you he’s already like ‘im sorry, but i-” and you’re like i don’t want to bother you, but your friend gave me this ,,,,,,it’s yours though so im returning it. i didn’t read it by the way,,,,,
  • and when he takes the paper cautiously, opening it up he’s a bit shocked and he’s like “,,,,,,,it’s my poem” and you’re like yes and he’s like “wouldn’t you want to read this - you’re always asking me to show you my writing” and you shrug and you’re like “im asking you because poets should want to show off their writing. i have no right just looking at without your permission.”
  • and with that you bow your head in a goodbye but as you turn you suddenly feel his hand wrap around your wrist to stop you and you look over your shoulder
  • and j.seph is like “,,,,,,,,,,,,if you want,,,,,ill let you read this one.”
  • and your eyes light up and you take a seat beside him in such a hurry that you don’t notice that your so close your knees are brushing and you begin to read muttering the words to yourself
  • and j.seph is feeling a bit hot under the collar because you’re close and also reading,,,,,his work
  • and it’s a bit much for someone kind of closed off like him but when you look up all you can tell him is that you’re speechless. again. like when you first read his stuff
  • and j.seph’s ears turn red and he’s like AH don’t,,,,say that
  • but you point to a line and you’re like i love this!
  • and that’s how you end up spending like two hours sitting there talking about this one poem and somehow j.seph can feel your sincerity and that’s all it takes for him to open up to you
  • and before either of you knows he’s showing you more of his work
  • and only when you realize it’s getting dark out do you get up
  • and j.seph is like shyly,,,,,,,,like “i don’t know about publishing these in the journal,,,,,,but id love to show you more of my,,,,,,,,poems,,,,,”
  • and you clap your hands and you’re like yes!!! please do!!! and your smile makes j.seph’s heart beat
  • and your first date is basically at a cafe sharing some sweets and you gushing over his work and j.seph getting even more shy 
  • but also loving the feeling of,,,,,,having someone admire his poems
  • dating college!j.seph: staying inside all day at a library or study room and working silently on your separate projects but secretly holding hands under the table, delicate kisses where he holds you like you’re made of glass, book shopping dates, getting teased to death by matthew till both you and j.seph are flushed red, matching couple tees, sharing a drink and j.seph still getting worked up about a public indirect kiss LOL 

BM (Matthew) 

  • major: health law
  • sports: has tried all of them and has gotten bored of all of them so he just knows a bunch of athletes and is friends with them. like him and jackson from the fencing team and amber from the women’s basketball team,,,,,,but also jae from the schools band LOL
  • got into law and it was a shocker for like eVERYone because isn’t he just,,,,,,,the jock stereotype who should major in something like nutrition or physical education 
  • but nOPE matthew is seriously passionate about law, especially health law that has to deal with reproductive rights and drug safety. like he seriously just doesn’t understand why people are so hellbent on having control of other peoples bodies or making a certain medication highly addictive just to freakin suck money out of people LIKE WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD
  • and everytime they have to study cases for papers or tests he literally seathes with anger and asks the teacher 30243 questions that usually just come down to “matthew, the law let them.” and matthew is like not to sound like a law-anti but the Law IS Stupid. All Governments are Shit
  • everyone in the class:
  • the teacher:
  • matthew who is now standing on the table with the crumpled case in his hand: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ill just sit down now
  • but his passion is a good thing because law can get boring and dense, but he’s so amped up about it because he needs to know what’s the best way to help people not get wrapped up in trouble,,,,and be able to keep their damn human rights
  • he also works nights at a popular bar off-campus and his friends are always there (the boss loves it because the $$$$$ comes piling in. also matthew is,,,,,,,,Hot,,,,,,,,there are many people just there to appreciate his looks so hey even more $$$$$$)
  • but matthew also gives out free drinks like his life depends on it and dabs everytime a customer compliments him like what friendly giant tbh
  • also let’s all take a moment to hold hands and think of matthew in a cute bartender outfit ok moving on
  • when he has time he works out at the campus gym but it’s always at super super late like 3-4 am when he gets off work
  • and you also happen to work out at weird times because thanks college for draining you with studying and the only time you have that’s free is the middle of the night
  • and you notice matthew, it’s hard not to as he’s standing over six feet, and you think “oh someone else is suffering with me”
  • but halfway through your run on the treadmill you make a very big mistake,,,,,,you look over and see matthew doing push-ups with one hand, and then switching without getting up to the other hand,,,,,,and the way he looks
  • cut-off sleeveless tank, loose basketball shorts and sweat running down a chiseled jawline you damn near trip over your own feet
  • because okay,,,,,,,,he’s hot,,,,,,,,
  • and you’re like no no focus on the work out but it’s impossible,,,,,,,because when you look back you see him lifting weights, his back big and wide, the muscles strong in his arms and you’re damn near drooling honestly
  • and this goes on for like two weeks because everytime you show up to work out,,,,it’s like 3:19 am and it’s just you two and matthew smiles and greets you and then starts working out and you can’t not watch,,,,,,,,,it’s like addicting 
  • and at one point you’re like whatever and as you see matthew finishing up you drop your jump-rope and you’re like “hey can i ask you something?” and he turns around with his usual smile, wiping the sweat from his neck and he’s like “sure!” and you’re like “let’s make out, if you want, like right now”
  • and matthew’s eyes go wide only for a second because he drops the towel from his neck and smirks and is like “i thought you’d never ask”
  • and that is how you end up making you in the empty campus gym and matthew is as good as a kisser as he looks,,,,,and he’s good at other things Which I Will Leave Up to You to Imagine
  • and as you’re leaving,,,,,,the sun rising slowly on the campus you’re like “um,,,,,,,see you again soon?” and matthew is like “you know it!”
  • and you two make out every time you see each other which is like 3 times a week at the gym and it’s great and it’s fun
  • but also you talk,,,,,,,and matthew is hilarious and not afriad to embarrass himself and oh shit this is going from a hookup to a crush
  • and you’re super scared about telling him,,,,,because he’s so,,,,,popular what if he already has someone else,,,,,someone better in mind
  • and you don’t want to ruin the great thing you have going (great thing being physical only) and you’re like telling yourself to not ruin it
  • until you’re sitting in matthew’s lap and suddenly he pulls back from your kiss, arms slipping from under your shirt and he’s like “listen ive been thinking, we never meet up outside the gym and i wanna introduce you to my friends-”
  • and you’re like wait hold up he’s talking like we’re,,,,,in a relationship
  • and matthew can see the confusion on your face and his smile drops and he’s like “unless,,,,,,,,,being something serious is uncomfortable for you?” but you shake your head so much you’re scared you might crack your neck but you’re like “no!!! i do want to be something serious, i was just surprised i thought you’d ,,,,,,,,only thought of this as something on the side”
  • and matthew grins and he’s like “no way, i don’t make out with just anyone. also you’ve seen my - well,,,,,,,,you’ve seen big matthew and that’s nothing something many people can say”
  • and you’re like oh my god did you just call- whatever, yes id love to ,,,,, meet your friends and do some stuff??? together??? like dates??? and you and him are grinning like idiots in love hehe
  • dating college!matthew: long snapchat stories of you guys being a cute couple and trying out new resturants or going to the amusment park and buying matching headbands, wearing his big clothes, couple work outs, matthew always using your legs as his personal pillow, wild parties where you both get tipsy and spend an hour debating who grinds better and making a very embarrassed j.seph the judge, being silly dorks that are super touchy and pda is at an all time HIGH, couple rings 


  • major: neuroscience/pre-med
  • sports: women’s lacrosse 
  • she is FIERCE and nothing scares her. not the other lacrosse teams she has to face. not the judgmental looks people give her when she says she wants to become a neurosurgeon. not the way people snicker and point out her bold sense of fashion 
  • she’s her own person and she makes it known, because she’s a hardworker and she’s going to get into the top med school in korea just freaking watch her
  • and she’s gonna do it wearing fishnets, a motorcycle jacket, and heavy army boots like who said all girls have to dress a certain way??? and yes that’s a tattoo on her upper-arm like what are you gonna do about it????
  • matthew is always like holding jiwoo back from getting into fights at the bar he works at because if some guy as much as whispers something nasty/disrespectful/just plain gross under his breath about her or any girl in the vicinity she’s up and ready to throw hands
  • and matthew literally just wraps his arm around her torso while she’s kicking and going “let me GO” and he’s like “ow ow ow you’re so strong ow ow but thank god you’re short OW DID YOU JUST BITE MY ARM”
  • but she really studies super hard and she knows her stuff and the teachers love her,,,,,because she’s always the first to be done with her work and she really genuinely wants to be a surgeon to help people
  • ,,,,,,even though some of them are like “why,,,,,do you dress,,,,,,,so,,,,,” and she’s like “because i like it. what does that have to do with cognitive brain disorders? why does my appearance have anything to do with my passion and talent?” and the teachers are like ok ,,,true,,,,,,
  • you really look up to her because she’s so outspoken. also she makes even the scariest older classmates grovel at the knees like for instance pre-med ken made the mistake of cracking a joke about jiwoo’s resting poker face and she was like “coming from you who can’t even keep still in his seat for more than three seconds like some kind of over-energized rabbit, i don’t see whats so funny?” and ken was like i got it i Will Shut Up Now
  • and you see her a lot hanging around the computer lab of the library, probably to work on her labs and stuff and you don’t think she even notices you
  • because she’s always bickering with matthew or laughing with somin but,,,,,,,one day when you peek over you end up making eye contact
  • and you hide right away behind your hair because oh no she saw,,,you
  • but it’s too late and you can hear her boots marching across the floor and you feel the tap on your shoulder
  • and jiwoo literally spins around your computer chair and is like “heY,,,,,do you want to say something to me? you always stare at me funny? is there a problem”
  • and you’re like UH,,,,,,,turning redder by the second and matthew is already sighing across the room and getting up to get jiwoo but you just mumble out that no,,,,,no problem,,,,,,,you just think she’s really pretty
  • and the whole room turns to look at you two because oh god,,,,,,you just called jeon jiwoo pretty??????? no one has ever had the guts to approach her let alone,,,,compliment her
  • and you’re like This is The Day I Die but jiwoo,,,,,just clams up and she opens her mouth to speak but nothing comes out and she’s like uh uh uh,,,,,,,,,,wh,,,what did you say?
  • and you’re like “im sorry please don’t be mad i think you’re really pretty and cool so i can’t stop looking at you but it’s nothing mean or hateful please omg,,,,”
  • and jiwoo puts her finger to your lips and you’re like oh no im dead but is?????? is she blushing and she gets up suddenly and she’s like “let’s,,,,step out.”
  • and you follow her out of the computer lab down to a bench outside on campus and you’re shaking with nervousness but jiwoo won’t look at you and she’s just like,,,,,,,,,,,
  • “ok,,,,,listen i have never been confessed to so this is weird but,,,,,is it true,,,,,,” and you’re like ??????? what and she’s like tucking her hair behind her ear trying to seem uninterested and she’s like “that you think im pretty?”
  • and you’re like “yes of course, i’ve thought it since i first saw you,,,,i think you were giving an underclassman his lunch back when someone stole it from him??? i thought you were so cool and so cute-”
  • jiwoo: “cute?”
  • you: “y,,yeah cute, pretty, beautiful,,,,,,,you’re all of that to me.” and this time you’re 100% sure she’s blushing
  • and suddenly jiwoo is like “are you free tonight?” and you’re like um yes why and she’s like there’s going to be a party at the bar matthew works out,,,,,,,do you wanna come ,,,,,,,,,,with me?
  • and you’re SPEECHLESS because is this HAPPENING RN and jiwoo is like “give me your phone. im gonna give you my number.”
  • and that night you meet up with jiwoo and the j.sep + somin outside of the bar and jiwoo is like “stay close, ok?” and you’re like holy,,,my heart is beating so fast
  • and you’re kinda shy but jiwoo is like “let loose, c’mon!!” and as you’re dancing together she grabs your shoulders and pulls herself closer to you and you’re like ghldjsfgfdf and she’s like “try to look a little happier - you said im pretty right, and now im dancing with you, isn’t it amazing?”
  • and you’re honestly starstruck you’re like “yes, im so happy. i feel blessed”
  • and jiwoo playfully pushes your arm but she feels this warmth in her chest because,,,,,,being so special to someone feels so nice,,,,,,
  • dating college!jiwoo: quizzing her on hard science terms you can’t pronounce, letting her try out makeup on you, laying upside down off the couch and watching horror movies together, pda making jiwoo shyer than usual, having jiwoo tell matthew that if he even DARES to make a move - she will shave all that hair off his head 


  • major: interior design 
  • sports: no time, she spends all of her free hours at her internship with a famous seoul furniture designer and she comes back to her dorm only to pass out on her bed, jiwoo always finds her without a blanket 
  • originally was interested in fashion design, but people aren’t her strongest suit so she became more interested in making pretty things,,,,,,,,that didn’t have to be modeled on someone but instead,,,,,inside a house
  • finds fabric magazines more thrilling than gossip magazines 
  • gives off a very mannered, but friendly field. she’s called a ‘goddess’ by underclassmen in the major because when she works she looks so pretty and concentrated and the way she handles cloth and drawing ,,,,,, it’s so like gentle 
  • keeps two sketchbooks: one that’s tidy and clean for class and the other that’s a mess for her own ideas
  • likes working in soft pastels,,,,,,,,,,bright patterns annoy her. so when matthew shows up in his hawaiian print button downs she’s literally like Go. Change
  • her internship is really hard because she’s an assistant to this designer who thinks they’re a prodigy or something and is always making somin run around and do needless tasks and jiwoo is always like somin. i want to fight your boss
  • you’re also an intern,,,,but not to the designer but to their marketing team and so you always feel terrible seeing somin being nagged at or asked to go buy coffee for like the tenth time
  • and you think she’s really sweet,,,,and patient to never ever snap or say something mean behind the designers back
  • but you also worry because when finals come around you can see somin is skipping meals as she’s losing weight and keeps coming in with bags under her eyes
  • and you end up seeing her kind of stumble on her way to the kitchen in the designers studio and at first you brush it off that she’s just sleepy but you can’t just leave it at that
  • so you go to the kitchen to see if she’s ok and you see her???? laying on the floor????? passed out
  • and you panic, falling to your knees and getting her head in your lap and you’re like “somin??? somin???”
  • and you pull her up into your arms and stand up and you can hear her kind of coming too and you like get her over to a chair
  • and get a cup of water and some snacks and you’re like “somin, let’s drink this ok?” and very gently you get the cup to her lips 
  • and she’s already like conscious but she looks so so so weak and you unwrap the snack and encourage her to take small bites
  • and when she’s done,,,,with a bit of energy restored she shyly tries to hide and she’s like “im sorry you had to see me like this”
  • and you’re like “somin,,,,,,,,,you should ask for a day off. it’s finals, i know how hard it is but you can’t torture yourself to this point.”
  • and somin nods but you know she’s not going to listen to you 
  • but before you get up to leave, she thanks you and you’re like feeling your heart break because someone who does so much deserves a break,,,,,
  • but since she doesn’t want to take one you start to take it upon yourself to make sure she’s eating at the internship and you always give her fruits or candy and you’re like eat this on your way back to campus!!!!
  • and when finals are over,,,,you’re happy for you but also somin
  • and one day she comes over to hand you lunchbox she’s made herself and she’s like !!!!!! for helping me,,,,,,all this time
  • and you guys eat together for the first time and it’s kinda like an impromptu date and you even get her number
  • and you learn about somin’s passion for designing homes and you think she looks so cute getting excited talking about it
  • and when you walk together to campus one night,,,,,you feel her take her finger and lock it around hers and you both are giggling,,,,but it’s so cute
  • dating college!somin: having to remind her to take her sketchbooks because she always forgets where she puts them if she takes them out of her bag, forehead kisses while she’s working, sitting up until really late with tea and just talking about what makes you happy, bubble baths together on off days, having jiwoo get super protective over you two, somin always plays with your hair, you find out she secretly really likes to dance and you guys have a dance off in her dorm that matthew and j.seph walk in on,,,,,,,,,and then join it becomes a competition, telling her she’s doing her best and you know she is and that’s enough <3

I did a sort of mock up of what they are wearing under their capes! Really though the point of the design are the capes and you can wear whatever you like under them. And yes, Viktor’s crown spontaneously grows winter berries. 😂

Both of them are so not appropriately dressed for the weather, but it’s okay bc they’re immortal and not affected.


Why I do this Seven is treating Yoosung to a gaming convention for his birthday…on one condition XD


My Mind Is My Folly

Prompt:  Maybe you were the crazy one. What kind of person pretended to read a book while creeping on some random man at a bus stop?

Pairing: Lin x reader

Words: 4,721 (I got carried away…)

A/N: I am still debating on whether I should take a break from writing or if I should join the write-a-thon… I already have the ideas for some of the prompts, but I’m not sure if I have time to write and edit them. We’ll see! Sometimes if I am inspired enough, I can write a story in an hour or so. Anyways, I would like to thank @how-could-i-do-this ,@iwrotemywayto-revolution , and @imaginebeinghamiltrash . Thank you for being my soundboard, giving me encouragement to write, and editing. I was so close to scrapping the fic. I love you all and thanks for telling me that my writing isn’t as awful as I think it is.

You didn’t even have to stop pretending to read your book to know that he was here.

Every day for the last week, he would appear exactly at 7:30 A.M., ten minutes before his bus would arrive. He’d slide into the opposite end of the bench, coffee in hand and backpack slung over his shoulder. Then he’d sip his coffee and stare off into space, his knee bouncing up and down impatiently as he waited. Sometimes he’d come with a worn leather-bound notebook in hand or headphones in his ears; those were the days where the leg bouncing was the most intense.

Your weird fascination with him started the second you saw him. You’d been riding the bus for years now – partly because you were one of the few people that liked public transportation, but mostly because you found the inspiration to write when you rode the bus – and it was rare to see someone on this side, the “upper side” of New York City, use the bus. You were usually the only person at the stop, so naturally, your interest was piqued when he appeared.

He was a mess.

His hair was tangled, eyes puffy from the lack of sleep, and clothes wrinkled as if he slept in them. It was… not cute. He simply sat on the other end of the bench, not sparing you a glance, not asking if the seat was taken, and not even attempting to make small talk. He was so odd; you’d never met someone that was so out of touch with their environment.

But as the week unfolded and you noticed his little quirks, such as the leg bouncing and how he would pull at the ends of his hair when he wrote in his notebook, you began to look forward to seeing him, even if it was only for ten minutes until his bus came. He was interesting to observe.

You flipped a page and let out a noise of interest, pretending to have read something intriguing while you focused on him. Maybe you were the crazy one. What kind of person pretended to read a book while creeping on some random man at a bus stop?

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There are a few answers in the new Ghost interview in Metal Hammer this month that I thought were intriguing….

What kind of style should we expect from our new Papa, in contrast to other Ghost leaders we’ve seen?

The next album will be set in a much darker and God-fearing point of time. Where Meliora was in a futuristic setting - the Brave New World has very little fear of God - this new record will be set in a point of time where there’s an immense fear of deities. So there will definitely be a Papa around that has very little humour. That alone won’t make a show - there’ll be a surprise for everyone!

I read that the next album will be more medieval-themed. Will your masks and outfits reflect that also?

Yes! Where I think we took the theatricality a few steps forward on this album cycle, hopefully we’re gonna take it five more steps on the next one.

What can we expect to hear in the next Ghost record?

It will build on Meliora, production-value wise. There are a few things i’m really keen on exploring further; one difference is that it might be more of a sonically conceptual record. As opposed to 10 different songs it might be like one song that starts in the beginning and goes through to the end, seamlessly. Even though it’s gonna be an A and B side - because I always think in vinyl, so there will be two acts - and even though there will be eight or so tracks, when you listen through them it’s supposed to sit together. Even though lyrically it won’t be a story, there will be several stories that loosely sit together in front of a backdrop of a certain theme and a certain environment. I can’t really go into depth about it because it’s conceptual right now - we’re still writing it. But you’ll hear it…eventually.

When will Papa IV be revealed?

I can’t really say! There’s a slight twist to this, so Papa IV might take some time, let’s leave it at that.


After stepping away from the circus today, I thought I would share a funny story that happened at lunch with my Mom, and a few friends. I can tell you that between all the laughing last week, and again today….I should have killers abs by summer!

Anyway, ya’ll know that I am from the south, and my Mother is a very southern mother. She really frowns upon swearing, and side-eyes me ( even at 54!), when I use disparaging words like idiot, which I use quite often. I asked her once what she calls these people and without batting an eyelash said “Dear…those people are misguided and a little dim-witted and cannot help it. It really is sad to be in that condition”. Southern smackdown at its finest!!

Two of my best friends joined us ( they are OL & SC fans, and are very into TW and IG), and we started talking about the show. My mother does not watch OL because she refuses to pay for a cable channel! Anyway, I told them about the new GF, and they were all WTF…complete with Mom’s side-eye! One pulled up the latest pics on the trusty I-Phone, and let’s just say they called BS immediately. One then proceeded to pull up the T2 pics and said “didn’t they just go to this?….to which I replied yes. Enter Mom…stage left.

She said, and I quote about Sam and Cait…."They are a lovely couple, and seem very much in love, even though her dress was a little tight ”….sigh. We then showed her the Piaget event, to which she frowned and said “Bless her heart…she is trying really hard isn’t she? To which we replied what do you mean, and Mama said…"Well, it looks like she is trying to get his attention by wearing that horrible outfit ( of course, she was appalled that it was white since we haven’t passed Easter yet), and said ” that man was nice enough to take a picture with her, now he needs to find that pretty wife and go home".

When I told her that it looks like he may be now dating her, my Mama did not miss a beat. She frowned at us, picked up her iced tea and said…“Well…he is an idiot”.

Here’s to the wonderful wisdom of my sweet Mama, who just proved that even people who are not on the ship, or even average fans see what we see! Ship on sweet shipsters! 🙇😍❤

BTS - he likes you more than a friend.

Request: If reactions are still open, could you do BTS’s reaction to them realizing they like their best friend much more then a friend, like romantically. Please and Thank You!  

Seokjin: From the beginning he has feelings for you, but he never said anything because he was afraid of ruining the friendship.
You were going out with a guy and Seokjin was dying of jealousy. “But why do you have to go out with him?” “Well, he’s a nice guy..” “I’m nicer.” “Yes, but you are my friend.” “What if I want to be more than your friend?” He said and you were speechless. “Oh, no, forget it.” He said ashamed. “No. Do you like me?” “Kind of…” “Alright then, I kind of like you, too.” “Really?” “Yes.” “Hmmm, that’s good.” He smiled.

Originally posted by jiyoongis

Yoongi: He tried to hide the feelings he had for you, but it was so difficult for him. “Yoongi, does this outfit looks good?” “Yes, you look beautiful.” “Thanks.” You smiled. His heart was pounding hard when you smiled. He couldn’t hide anymore. “(Y / n) … What would you do if some friend were in love with you?” “Depends on which friend …” “If it were me?” He asked and you looked at him. “Well … If the friend were you, I would be very happy.” “Why?” He smiled. “Because I like you.” “Fuck, really? Why don’t we date yet?” “Because you never told me that you like me.” “I like you, let’s date?”

Originally posted by leojuseyo

Hoseok: "Why don’t you tell her?“ Namjoon asked. "This will end our friendship, she doesn’t like me back.” Hoseok said. “Who’s she?” You asked, entering the room. “Hm, nobody.” Hoseok smiled at you. “Oh, c'mon! Tell me.” “I’m leaving …” Namjoon said. “Nobody, forget it.” “Please, Hobi!” You pouted. “Ugh, stop. Okay, I’ll tell you.” He took a deep breath. “Well…I kind of like you.” “Kind of?” “I fucking like you.” “Are you serious?” “Of course I am.” He said and you hugged him. “What does this hug mean?” “It means I like you too.” “So instead of hugging, why don’t we kiss?”

Originally posted by jhope-ah

Namjoon: He was planning to confess his feelings for you for a long time. But he didn’t know how. “Joon, can we have ice cream?” You asked as a child. “Of course baby.” “Baby?” “Oh sorry.” He laughed nervously. “No. I liked that.” You smiled. “Would you like to be my girlfriend too?” “What? Really?” “Well, I’m just asking, but if you want…” He laughed. “I’d love to be your girlfriend.” You pulled him and kissed him. “Wow, that’s was easy.” He said laughing.

Originally posted by bwink

Jimin: You were watching a movie together on the couch. “You know, I like you.” He said smiling. “I like you too.” “Not like that, I really like you!” “Like girlfriend?” “Yes.” “Why didn’t you say that before? I thought I was on friendzone!” You said and he laughed. “I thought I was on friendzone too.” “Let’s get it over with.” You kissed him.

Originally posted by jiyoongis

Taehyung: He loved to spoil you, even though you were just best friends. Well, he wanted to be more, but didn’t know if you wanted the same. “Taetae!” You hugged him when he came to your house. “Hello!” He laughed. “I brought this for you.” He said and gave you a box. “What is?” “Open it!” You opened it and had a teddy bear with a paper. You read it and it was written on. “I think you should date Taehyung.” You laughed and looked at him. “Oh, he thinks I should date you.” “I think the same.” “But you have to ask me on a date first!” “Do you want to go out with me?” He laughed. “Of course!”

Originally posted by taedamn

Jungkook: Today he called you to sleep at his house and of course, you accepted. When you got there, he was playing video games with nothing but boxers. “Hm, what a body.” You said laughing. But you were actually dying inside. “Oh, sorry! I didn’t know you were coming now.” He said and covered himself with a pillow. “It’s okay.” You sat on the couch. “Should I get dressed?” He asked, looking at the TV. “No. Let me appreciate that vision.” You laughed and he paused the game, then looked at you. “Look, you can appreciate it better.” He gave you a smirk. “Such a perv!” “Let’s get to the point, why don’t you date me? Look how hot I am.” “Do you think I should date you?” “Yes.” “Okay, i’ll. Because I want to kiss you so bad, I’m going to die if you don’t do it now.” You said and he pulled you into a hot kiss.

Originally posted by purelyjimin

i don’t do it so romantic but i hope you like anyway.

requests are closed!

anonymous asked:

John, an ex army surgeon and a crack shot, wouldn't be THAT bad at Rosie's hair. He just lacks patience and imagination, and he's crap at brushing out tangles. Sherlock's better at matching her clips to her outfits too. But he's best at patching up skint knees and kissing booboos better.

Lol I think John would be pretty bad at doing hair tbh.  Some people just aren’t good at doing hair, and I think since he’s never really had to fuss with it he’d be bad at it.  Hell, I’M atrocious at it, and I’ve had long hair my whole life.  He just doesn’t strike me as the type who would be like “ah yes, the french braid.  how easy.”  Sherlock, on the other hand…he might not know how to do it beforehand, but he’d youtube it and he’d get that shit down stat.

(Oml why is this so blurry ;-;, tap image for higher quality pls) but anyways I really liked the outfit on the April fools art, because it looked like boyfriends wearing matching shirts ho ho ;3 and yes I know akutagawa’s eyes aren’t purple but whatever

Title: Faux Pas
Fandom: X-Men
Word Count: 1,307
Characters: Warren Worthington III x Reader, Jubilation Lee
Reader Gender: Female
Warnings: Alcohol mentions, swearing
Notes: Request from anon for “’You’re really hot, shame about the personality’ from one of your prompt lists (with warren please)”

Originally posted by brownvalerie

“Please let me set you up!”

“Absolutely fucking not.”

Conversations such as these were frequent between Warren Worthington III and Jubilation Lee. The latter of the two was nothing if not persistent – and the former was nothing if not stubborn.

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Songs and Vamps

Originally posted by casclarenceunicorn

Word Count: 2,220

Author: Deka

Warning: Blood, violence, weapons, sexual innuendos, fluff, a litlle angst, that’s it.

Pairing: Lucifer x Soulmate!Reader

Summary: After a good morning song, the boys and Y/N went on a hunt to kill some monsters, what could go wrong?

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Detective Conan 991 Spoilers [English Translation]
  • O: Kyoto Senshin High School’s…
  • O: Okita Soushi!
  • R: Eh?
  • R: Okita… Could it be that you’re the same Okita that Kazuha-chan told us about? Five-piece-thrust and all that…
  • O: Hm?
  • O: Hey, yer rly cute! What’s ya name?
  • R: M-Mouri Ran…
  • [A murder at the Kendo tournament!! Okita, Heiji’s toughest adversary, has appeared…]

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AN: Hiii beautiful peeps! how are you? So, this is something I’ve been thinking about for a while but, as I’m not as half as talented as the people here plus being English my second language, I’ve always been pretty scared to write this. However in the last few days it became almost painful thinking about this story and not putting it on (digital) paper. So here it is the first part. Leave a feedback, if you want. Of any kind.

Before leaving you with the story, I’d like to thank the people I talk to here on tumblr and other social media: YOU ROCK GUYS! (and sorry if sometimes I bother you too much or get overexcited) (you know who you are)

WARNINGS: few curses (sorry), mention of period (I don’t think it’s too harmful but someone could be grossed out)


here you are ‘Mangoes’ *plays trumpet*

You suddenly realized you were bouncing your legs and the ‘click-click’ of the heels could be heard in the whole airport.

You didn’t know why you were anxious.

Well, you knew.

But you hadn’t yet realized you were THAT anxious.

You rubbed your hands on your face.

You weren’t ready to face whatever was waiting for you behind that gate.

You hadn’t seen him in a week and, although you were over the moon when he told you he was going to bring Luz as his date to the Oscars, for both emotional and logistic reasons, you were regretting your choice: you needed to be with him.

To support him.

“Or to have his support?” You told yourself with a low voice.

The news caught you off-guard: you never said it out loud, but you were sure he was going to win.

To make everything worse? Paul, Benji and Justin were the nicest guys ever and you really enjoyed their work, but the love of your life was… The love of your life.

You weren’t worried about all that Egot, pegot, pigeon, how-you-wanna-call-it stuff. You were worried about all the preassure he received, you were worried about the future interviews, you were worried about the side effects of this loss on the creative process of the man you loved.

Deep in your mind you knew you were over-reacting but let’s face it: he had quite a ego and things like this could trigger in his mind trails of not-so-optimistic thoughts. You simply didn’t want him to build a fortress around his persona.

You’ve talked to him on phone in the past few days and even faced-time him: he seemed sad and upset, but it was something barely percepible. He said: ‘I have never thought I had a chance of winning. I was just thrilled to be there and to introduce Auli'i.’ On the other side of the emotions spectrum, Luis was furious and more than once he was stopped from publishing not so nice comments on twitter. Luz called you the evening after the ceremony and said she caught her mother sniffling on the balcony of the hotel room.

You knew what was happening: they were sad because they imagined he was sad, he was keeping all the emotions trapped in his chest to not worry them. He was usual to act like that until he reached the breaking point, which consisted in writing a heart-wrenching song or a fight between the two of you over ‘why the arabic coffee blend wasn’t as good as the brazilian’ or similar silly things.

But this time it felt different.

It was different.

This time you’ll have to be the 'glue’ to keep him together, a thing that he did for you during the hormones or job-related freaking out moments.

But were you ready?

You didn’t know. You didn’t know how to get ready. You didn’t know anything except that his flight has just landed, as the board suggested.

You checked the time on your phone just to be blocked be the sight of your lockscreen. It was one of your favorite photos: he was napping on the bed, surrounded by 'his girls’: the twins only few months old at his sides and your dog at his feet. You came back from the kitchen with two bottles of warm milk just to find that heart-melting view. You snapped the pic quickly before waking them up.

'Lin, wake up.’ You tried to call him.

He had developed this strange habit during your honeymoon (which happened almost a year ago): as he was hot, he slept wrapped around your body with his head on your chest. You couldn’t complain as it was January, in Iceland. 
But NY in September was surely hotter.

'Lin, sweetheart, you have to wake up.’ You repeated raising your voice a little.

'Don’t call me sweetheart.’ He mumbled in your skin.

'Ah ah, you are awake.’ You said poking at his head.

'Why did I marry such a smart woman that makes me appear so stupid?-he placed a kiss on your skin before turning his face towards you with a loving gaze- Oh, now I remember.’ He smiled.

'Don’t even try to compliment my beauty in order to stay in bed.’

'But it’s Sunday. And I’m on a very soft and warm spot I’d like not to leave.’ He smirked winking in your direction.

'Are you implying I’ve gained weight?!’ You tried to fake rage.

'Just in the right spots.’ He said.

'WHAT?!’ Now you were a little offended. You pushed him away and tried to leave the bed.

'Ehii. Don’t be mad at me! You are the one that explained me why women gain weight during period.-he stopped you on the side of the bed- And as I was saying, only- he kissed a spot on your shoulder-in- another kiss- the-kiss- right- kiss- places.’

'That doesn’t change my feelings.’ You replied sitting on the bed, checking the phone while he put his chin on your shoulder. 'Moreover I’m not on my period.’

'Yes, you are.’ He said.

'No, I’m not. Trust me, it’s difficult to not notice if you are bleeding.’ You snapped back.

You felt him streaching to reach his phone on the conforter.

'Yes, your period should have started 5 days ago.’ He said checking something on the screen.

'Please, tell me you don’t have a period app.’ You said trying to hide your laugh.

'If your wife turns into a angry and hungry, fire- spitting.. - you turned to watch him with revengeful eyes and he noticed- but super smart and beautiful dragon, you’d have done the same.’ He smiled.

'Well, your app is wrong… Not in the calculation (you mentally checked if 28 days has passed). But I’m not on my period right now. Although it’s very strange: I’m a Swiss clock!’ You said a little worried.

'Y/N, you have done crazy shifts at work this past week!’

'Yes, you could be right. It has to be the stress.’ You said putting your socks on.

'Absolutely! And you know which is the best remedy?’ He dragged you back on a lying position.

'Lin-Manuel Miranda, don’t even try. You have planned this brunch with our parents- you said getting up and heading towards the bathroom- So, you and that cute little ass of yours have to leave the bed. Or we’ll be late.’

'Hey! My butt is cute but it ain’t “little”!’ He replied lying on the side and pointing towards it.

You laughed and before entering the bathroom, you stood in front of the mirror.

'Did I really put on so much?’ You said with a defeated look.

'Man, I shouldn’t have never said it! - he facepalmed himself- or at least I should have put it in a better way. What I meant, you know, … It’s… Like… God, that’s embarassing…’

You turned to face him. 'Lin, I married you. And trust me, your 'emarassing-things-i’ve-done’ list is well know to me. Spit it.’

'Let’s say that your “side A” has … How can i … “Improved”.. Yes, that’s the word!’ He was stummering and blushing. He was simply the cutest.

'Whut?’ You giggled.

'In the last ten days, some outfits you wore were like.. Seriously mind blowing..’ He continued moving his hands as to show an explosion.

And you could recall few times he complimented you more than usual before leaving the house in the morning.

'But I haven’t forgiven you yet.- you said picking your clothes and heading towards the bathroom. Ah, I’ll need this room for a quite long time. Maybe it’s better if you use the other one.’ You said winking and closing the door.

'Damn, I knew this going going to happen.’ You heard him shouting.

What you both didn’t know was that you were having the same thoughts.

'What if she’s preg-..’

'What if I’m pregnan- No, Y/N, don’t even think about it. It’s just stress. Don’t think about it.’ You mumble to yourself while shampooing.

You were in your undies, washed, moisturized staring at your dress: a wonderful, pencil-skirt, teal and blue dress. It was one of your favorite as it was knee-lenght but it fitted you perfectly in all your right places.

It was the moment of truth: it was your reference to see if anything changed in your body.

You wore it and started pulling the zip up: 'side b’ area went smooth, no visible changes in you belly area either.

You breathed with relief.

'Ah! I was right!’ You said with pride.

You couldn’t be more wrong.

The 'improvement’ Lin pointed out was real and you had to remove your bra to close the zip all the way up.

'Damn it, he was right.’ You said putting your hands on your hips and noticing how your 'side A’ as he called it was quite prominent from the v-shaped cut.

You checked the time on your phone: 'LIN, WE’RE ALMOST LATE!’ You screamed rushing outside the bathroom.

'I’m ready in the kitchen waiting for you. Do you want some coffee?’ He shouted.

'Lin, we’re going to a brunch. Breakfast and lunch. Which means plenty of coffee.’ You answered back while putting on shoes, a blazer and taking your earrings.

'But I need my coffee.’ He insisted.

'You’ll have a ulcer soon if you keep ingesting all this caffeine.’ You get to the kitchen while putting on the jewels.

You found him staring back at you with his mouth open and his mug mid-air.

'What?’ You said putting your head down and shaking your hair to give them volume.

He was still silent.

'Lin? - you looked back at him- should I go change?’ You pointed at your dress.

'WAIT. NO. This is exactly what I meant earlier.. You’re just so.. I’m trying to figured out how you you possible ended up marring me..’ He said at the speed of light.

You were blushing as a 16 years old high schooler. 'I’m fluttered- you said kissing his cheek and putting his mug down, but I don’t think it would make a good excuse with the parents. Chop chop. Let’s go.’ You headed towards the door swining your hips more than usual.

'Is this some sort of punishment for what I said earlier?’

'Dang it. You really are a MacArthur genius.’ You winked teasing him.

The brunch went well until you all decided to have some fruit.

'I’ll take the mango salad.’ You said reading the menù.

'Mango? Y/N, you hate mango!’ Your mother said looking at you.

'I remember the time me and Luis’s sister were pregnant at the same time and we ate mangoes all the times. In fact, there’s a legend according to which if you’re pregnant with a Miranda, you’ll even dream mangoes.’ Luz said and all started laughing.

You and Lin, instead, widened your eyes and looked at each other remembering your unshared thoughts of few hours before.

You could almost see the huge, red-written sign spelling 'SHIT’ on each other faces.

Soon the other four people noticed your silence.

'Lin-Manuel, is everything alright?’ Asked Luis while the others were all smilig at you.

You were on the point of throwing up.

'Yes, papa. I think that Y/N wants mango just because I made her try the mango flavoured tea you brought us from London. Honey, maybe it’s better if you stick with strawberries. You know, fresh mango is a stronger flavour. You have plenty of time to exercise before starting eating it non stop for 9 months.’ He took your hand and gave it a little squeeze.

You got what he was doing as you haven’t drink any tea recently.

'You’re right.’ You almost whispered before excusing yourself and going to the restroom.

You could still hear Lin engaging a conversation with the two women about fruits and pastries to move their attention from what has just happened.

You went to the bathroom and put your wrists under the cold water in attempt to calm you down.

You didn’t want to think about this right now. You want to do it at home. With Lin.

Then you went to the bathroom and you found out your period came.

But you weren’t as relieved as you thought. Yes, you were sad. A little bubbly Lin wasn’t a bad thing at all. But apparently destiny had different plans for you.

Before going out you sent a text  Lin: 'False allarm. Red wave just arrived.’

You went back to the table and you found him still talking about the secrets for a flaky pie.

'Lin, your phone buzzed. You should check it.’ You said sitting down.

'Don’t worry, I’ll see it later.’ He answered.

'It could be something important’ you squeezed his thigh staring him in the eyes.

He got the message and took the phone. You could feel his smile fading. He took your hand and place a kiss on it.

The brunch continued and the six of you went for a stroll then each couple went a difference direction.

As you were walking home you passed in front of the supermarket and, as he could read your mind, he said: 'You still want that mango, am I right?' 

You nodded and added 'We also run out of painkillers and I’ll need them these days.’

'I’ll go to the pharmacy and you the store. Meet me in 10 at the ice cream isle.’ He said kissing you.

So you did. When you met next to the refrigerators, he was happier than when you left him minutes before.

'Since when pharmacy makes you happy?’ You asked while picking your favorite type of ice cream.

'Since they started selling… LOLLIPOPS!’ He jumped showing two candies and giving you one.

'You’re such a kid.’ You laughed.

He coughed showing the wedding band.

'Let’s go pay this fruit and ice creams.’

As you went home, you undressed to get ready to chill on the couch as each Sunday.

He was still in the bedroom when you called him 'Lin, do you want to watch a movie?’ You fell on the couch.

'Not yet.’ He shouted.

'Yet? Do we have to do something?’ You asked.

'Did your flood continued since this morning?’ He asked poking his head from the door.

'I’m sorry, what?’ You asked at the unusual question.

'Did your bleeding continued since this morning?’ He asked again with his hands wrapped around his torso.

'This is gross. But not so much.- you answered skeptically- Do you mind telling me why you’re asking me this? I’m ok with sharing, less details maybe.’

'Could you check again?’


'Please Y/N. I promise I’ll explain if you do.’

'You’re acting weird but ok.’ You headed to the bathroom with him waiting outside.

It actually seemed like your period stopped so you went out and told him.'For your information, my period is not active right now. Now, my explanation.’

'Sit down and I’ll do it.-he showed you a spot on the bed- This is something I remembered from when Luz was pregnant and I went with her to the gyno- he saw the shocked and disgusted expression on your face- I STOPPED IN THE WAITING ROOM. Today, words keep failing me. However, there’s this thing called 'implantation bleed’ that resembles period but it’s the egg.. Implanting… It was more scientific in my mind.’ He chuckled.

'Lin, I don’t think..’ You said looking down.

'The mangoes, Y/N.’ He said with his eyes sparkling.

'I love your mother, you know this. But as a woman in a world were science exsist, I can’t trust “mangoes stories”.’ You said placing a hand on his cheek.

'Let’s just try. I’ve bought the test.’

That’s why he was so happy. You didn’t know what to do: this morning you realized you wanted to have babies as soon as possible. At the same time you didn’t want to be delusional.
You were going to say no but you saw his expecting and hopeful eyes. You couldn’t let him down. Maybe he could have been right.

'Ok- he jumped up hugged you- but I’ll pee and then leave them in the bathroom. We’ll watch a movie and later we’ll check. Got it?’ You said.

'Yes, ma'am.’ He went to his wardrobe and took 3 boxes.

'Lin, three?’

'Just to be sure.’ He smiled.

'You’re a pain in the ass, Manuel.’

'I love you too.’

You both smiled at the inside joke.

You went to the bathroom, did what you have to do and then the both of you went to the living room with popcorns, your chopped fruit and the infamous tea.

Lin wrapped his arms around your legs, that were resting on his own, while your head was on his chest.

After ten minutes your heartbeat was almost normal, you started enjoying the story and started laughing at the improbable adventures of the characters.

15 minutes from the end, Lin stand up to go to the bathroom as he drank almost a litre of tea and you were so caught in the story, you didn’t even realize was going to happen.

You just heard him shouting.

You jumped from the couch and went to the bathroom expecting to see blood/ body parts missing from him.

'LIN! What the hell happened?’ You shouted as an answer.

You found your full grown husband on the floor with his hands on his face saying something you couldn’t understand.

You knelt next to him: 'Lin, what happened?’ You tried to remove the hands just to find his face red and covered in tears.

'Mangoes. Y/N. MANGOES.’ He said smiling even more.

You connected the dots and standed up to have a confirmation: the three test had 2 lines on it.

'MANGOES!’ You screamed crying before reaching the same spot Lin was.

After almost an hour of laugh, tears, kisses and 'mangoes’ you stood up.

You decided to not tell the news to anyone until the ultrasounds.

A month later you organized a little dinner at your house for your parents.

They found not one, but two little mangoes in their plates.

You could feel your heart in your throat. Your tongue was dry. Those memories put you even more on the edge of tears so you decided to stand up and walk a little bit just to see a huge billboard about Maldives.

“Oh, man.” You whispered with a defeated voice while the memories started to flood in your mind.



just some au’s

~ phil asking dan to go to the beach with him, and they end up dancing and wrestling on the sand, the sun shining on their skin and lighting up their eyes and one of them realizing “this is it. this is who i’m going to spend the rest of my life with,” and they confess their love while the sun sets, all cheesy like. 

~ married!phan where dan’s super nervous to ask if phil wants kids and he tries to work up the courage for like a week until he just blurts it out, and phil just stares at him and dan thinks he fucked it up until phil just says really quietly, “jesus, i’m so glad you asked first.”

~ phil getting super pissed and jealous when dan will not shut the fuck up about the new kanye album and ranting about how great he is until dan slips and calls him daddy, phil pinning him the nearest object and fucking him until he loses his voice from screaming, muttering “kanye can’t fuck you like i can.” (this one makes me laugh so hard ffs)

~ dan and phil watching each other from afar, falling too deeply in love with each other to ever escape, without hardly even talking to each other. phil tutoring him in french, bc the teacher ships it, and a week in dan passing him a note that read “je t'aime beaucoup” in messy nervous handwriting.

~ phil noticing that dan seems really uncomfortable in the clothes he wears, always tugging at the fabric and messing with it, and he seems to gravitate towards feminine things, so like the good boyfriend he is, he buys dan a skirt and a pastel sweater to see how he likes it, leaving it on his bed. the next day dan comes to school in the outfit just beaming, kissing phil on the cheeks and hugging him every four minutes. phil buys him more things, showering him with makeup and bows and complements.  

~ dan wearing black thigh highs and garters that he knows phil loves and laying on his bed, calling to phil and asking for a back massage with some bullshit excuse like “its more comfortable,”, moaning and saying really sexual things like “oh fuck yes, right there,” until phil snaps and fucks him into the mattress. 

i had so many more but i couldnt write forever , i had to let some escape or id blow up okay

also id be happy to write any of these if you wanted 

wingwomen ch1 (trixya, shalaska) - lale

Summary: Trixie was pretty sick of watching her best friend, Alaska, pine over the school weirdo, Sharon Needles. But when Sharon Needles made friends with the new girl from Russia, Trixie decided she was finally going to give Alaska the push she needed into Sharon’s arms – and, hopefully, herself into Katya’s.

A/N: Someone prompted yesterday: “Million dollar idea: high school au where alaska and trixie are cheerleaders+ best friends who get crushes on goth misfit sharon and weird nerdy Russian exchange student katya who also happen to be bffs and they have to wing woman their way into both of them getting gfs” and I couldn’t stop thinking about it!!! Expect updates all this week, and Girls Like Dollies will resume at the weekend as planned!

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look at the children grow. some things change and others just stay the same

(if i didnt draw them it just means they haven’t really changed! :( i still love them!! chloe is an exception tho)

the-duke-of-kansas  asked:

Sakuya's sister and C2 ノ°∀°)ノ⌒・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*☆

Huh. :0 A request I didn’t expect AT ALL but you know what? I’LL TAKE IT. YES MORE LOVE FOR THE SERVAMP LADIES. 

fun fact: I almost give her red eyes but then I remembered she’s not a vampire like her brother. lol I forgot Sakuya had green eyes at one point… 

SOBS THE OUTFIT YOU PICKED FOR HER IS SO CUTE. CAUSE SHE’S AN ANGEL…. but she really is in heaven now. ;__; I tried out a new brush setting for the lineart on this one, I think I am gonna use it for now on. :D 

Outfit Meme~ REQUESTS CLOSED!!!!