i really liked this lots

morning musume ‘17 members in kpop girl groups

based on mine and @helloidols own superior opinions. also so nonkpop fans can see what kinda group it is, i put a mv link.

  1. fukumura mizuki: twice / dal shabet
  2. ikuta erina: t-ara / kara
  3. iikubo haruna: after school / sistar
  4. ishida ayumi: red velvet / miss a
  5. kudo haruka: kara
  6. sato masaki: clc
  7. oda sakura: red velvet / exid
  8. ogata haruna: gfriend
  9. nonaka miki: orange caramel
  10. makino maria: sonamoo / rainbow
  11. haga akane: apink
  12. kaga kaede: lovelyz
  13. yokoyama reina: april

repeat after me please : assuming things about bakugou katsuki just by watching the anime is WRONG.


Sorry, Guys. I tried drawing. I tried advancing the story, but it feels forced and I look at the drafts I did and for some reason I hate all of it and ended up scrapping a lot of it. 

Hell I can’t even draw anything as of late.

I will not delete this blog. One day i’ll come back to actually advance the story, but there are memories I’m trying to get over, workload that I must finish, and in real life economic problems I have to overcome. 

I might post drawings here once in a while but… hopefully, I’ll get my mojo back soon enough. 


anonymous asked:

Pt 1 OH MY GOD HELLO PRIVET SO I'M RUSSIAN TOO AND WHEN I SEE SOMEONE TRY TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE LANGUAGE/CULTURE I'M LIKE YES PLS YES LEARN IT PLS ACCEPT US because most people have a very narrow opinion/perspective about us and our country


YEAH i love it when people want to learn russian or when they’re curious about russian culture but i don’t think that many people are actually like this?? like honsatly i don’t think i’ve ever talked to someone who would actually make fun of russia/russians??? i mean yeah there’re lots of jokes but i love them they’re hilarious :DD 

but even though i don’t come acr oss people who ‘hate’ russians or russia i rarely meet someone who’s interested in the language and the culture so i’m always SO EXCITED when i find out that someone is!!!! <3

ANYWAY thank you, i’m very happy you like my art and you have a great 2017 too!!!! <3

i think it’s the memory alteration thing that gets to me the most!
i really adore mahiru and i don’t really like the reminder that even as a human he’s been through a lot, plus he’s only 16; one can only take so much

i don’t know honestly, i just hate that sakuya made it all up, and what hurts me most is when we were shown the false memories and mahiru was saying “but he lost his parents too!!!!! we’re the same!”

i just want my boy to be happy

not to mention i have such an attachment to sloth pair. but i don’t want to make it seem like i only care about kuromahi; that’s not it at all.
i just want only good things for mahiru and sakuya just fucked with his feelings in my eyes. ;7;

ironically, sakuya was the first person i liked in servamp. i saw screenshots and that’s what got me to watch/read it.

but overtime, as i got deeper into the story and his character, he just… appealed less and less.
i don’t hate him, honestly, but he certainly makes me uneasy and his actions make me uncomfortable.
lol, the yandere type is REALLY hard for me to like.

Halloween 2016


I’ve made an animation wuwuwuuuu!!!

It is the very first animation I’ve done, a short video with older DipDip and Mabel :3c 
Ship allowed me to use his voice for this (isn’t he the best?!). I’m really happy with how it turned out 

underrated achievement hunter things
  • genuinely sweet geoff
  • geoff talking about millie
  • geoff joining in videos randomly and trying to join in but mostly just doing his own thing
  • geoff doing his own thing in lets plays in general
  • Old Man Geoff trying to stay Hip and With It
  • michael’s lil mischievous giggle (hmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhhm)
  • ryan and michael already having three stars by the two minute mark in gtav
  • the camera cutting to someone else doing something menial while chaos ensues elsewhere
    • “OH MY GOD THERES SO MANY COPS” “RUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUN” *hard cut to geoff playing darts*
  • jack singing
    • everyone subsequently joining in
  • editors getting fed up with those in the video
  • ryan and gavin being assholes to each other
    • ryan and gavin being assholes to everyone else, together
  • jeremy being an asshole, surprising everyone
  • when the end of jeremy’s sentence turns into a wheeze
    • gavin does this too but its way less often
  • everyone going to jeremy when trying to remember stuff from old videos
    • jeremy not remembering things from old videos, surprising everyone
  • everyone holding back jeremy from doing something incredibly stupid and dangerous for the camera
    • except gavin, who is holding the camera
    • and money
  • jeremy being as devious and murderous, possibly even more so, than ryan
  • in the biker gtav let’s plays where jeremy is sloshed by the two minute mark
    • when he wakes up on the toilet and geoff is just like. standing there
  • jeremy “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM” dooley
  • jokes about jeremy’s old fanfiction
  • jeremy being able to keep up the energy, somehow
  • jeremy in general, honestly
  • ghost ray/dead ray
  • when everyone talks over each other/has their own conversations at the same time and its just an incoherent mess, although apparently to them its not
  • geoff getting mad about rvb references
  • ryans inherent ability to understand what gavin is talking about or indulge in his weird questions/what ifs
  • when gavin doesnt even understand what hes trying to say
  • when someone else flubs and no one makes a big deal out of it, but ryan does because hes the only one they do it to and hes pissed about it
  • ryan being genuinely pissed (mingey)
  • when they make jokes or references about a video that hasnt even come out yet
  • when someone dies and they make a noise like the died in real life
    • when michael does this and goes all out (coughing, gurgling, “go on without me”)
      • when he doesnt actually die for awhile and he has to drag it out
    • ryan’s go-to noise for this (AGH-GHG!)
  • michael’s acting/roleplaying/improv skills
  • when someone comes up with a random off-the-cuff rule, scenario, whatever and everyone just immediately goes along with it
    • when everyone except one person does this and theyre like “what the fuck are you doing”
  • when someone in the video is responsible for a let’s play they all hate
    • when said person mentions off-hand how they couldve made it much worse
    • this usually being matt
  • matt fucking with people in general
  • mica teaming up with lindsay
  • when mica is really good at a game
  • when GEOFF is really good at a game
  • mica just being the sweetest person in the world
    • unless shes playing a game
    • then youre fucked
    • seriously it gets NASTY
  • when mica dies and ends up outside of whatever theyre doing and just sorta wanders around having a grand old time
  • mica’s costumes/cosplay
  • the fact that this list is really really long, and theres probably things that should be added to it

This is super late because of exams and because I’m not fast but CONGRATS, Jack, for reaching 13 million subscribers!! Thank you for being such a beacon of positivity! :D