i really liked the trees growing out of them

“I remember a picture left on a desk, a snapshot of a time that has never been.”

I wish there was an alternative universe where the four of them could live their lives together. Luke was still alive, Thalia was never turned into a pine tree and they would just hang out together like lighthearted young adults enjoying their friendship.

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on a real, can y'all please describe how joji looks? i don't know why i haven't asked someone this already. boi needs to deadass let me feel his face or some shit. x

Oh um, okay, I’m not sure I’m the best at describing physical features but i’ll try my hardest. Well first off he has very soft looking hair, very fluffy, and it’s straight. Usually he cuts it short with longer pieces in the front where normal people would have bangs but his hair tends to stick up until it grows out. Clearly he wants bangs but he can’t have them until his hair grows out enough to stop defying gravity. 

His eyes are a really warm shade of brown, i literally think of sitting under a tree and sunlight falling across my skin when I look at his eyes. He has eye bags for days too, i know someone asked him about it before and he said they’re natural. When he smiles, his eyes close a little and you can see the bags, they make his eyes look a lil puffy like he’s high or really sleepy. He also has a crease over his eye but it’s not very noticeable.

I’d say his nose is big, not very wide but big and the tip is hooked down. Full disclosure, for a while i thought he’d broken his nose and that’s why the tip was kinda flat and down turned but as far as I know, that’s just how it is. I think it might be cause the only person i know whose nose resembles his had theirs broken. 

His lips are hmm, not exactly thin but they’re far from full. I’d say medium? And his top lip is slightly off balance with the bottom, it’s a bit fuller. His lips are very pink too, at all times, I’m actually kinda jealous of that. Oh but then he smiles and I’m back to being slightly in love with him. His smile is so nice, he has laugh lines when he smiles and his teeth are very straight. Of course he had braces so now they’re straight but that’s beside the point.  I love his smile. 

His skin tone is warm, warm undertones? I dunno know man, I’m not make up artists but it’s all I know. The colour is a very light shade of brown, not exactly white but closer to maybe peach? I’m bad at skin colours. 

He’s got some really nice arms though, the boy works out, and his fingers are very long. I just wanted to say that, he’s got some nice nails too, could do with some proper shaping but that’s up to him. He also tends to grow this kinda scruff? Not a full beard, I don’t think he can but when it’s short and closer to five o’clock shadow it’s nice. When it gets longer though, not so much, he’s one of those guys who should go clean shaven or very slight beard at all times. 

Oh, his chest is very, very smooth. No hair to be found except at his stomach in a happy trail down to his dick. I have no idea why his chest is the most hairless part of him but that’s just how it is I guess. His thighs and legs are very hairy, and we love him for it. 

Hmm, I think that’s as much as I look at; oh his ass is nice, he got one and it’s nice. I’d say one of those asses with a layer of fat on it but you just know if you grabbed it you’d feel the muscle underneath? Also his eyebrows are thick and I doubt he does anything with them. 

Not Alone On Your Birthday (Jerome Valeska Imagine)

Summary: Today is your birthday, and you hate your birthday ever since you were little. But Jerome has a plan up his sleeve to make you feel like the luckiest and happiest girl in the world. 

Pairing: Jerome X Reader

Warning: Pity Party, Murder Spree but come on it’s Jerome here!! 


Fandom: Gotham 

Season: I dunno really? 

A/N: I’m doing this because it was my birthday yay on the 18/3. And it gave me the inspiration to write something. Also I’m sorry that I haven’t been updating recently due to having a whole bunch of assessments so I might not publish a lot of imagines for a while. 

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Oh great. Today is the day you hated more than ever. The day that you just want to hide from everyone. The day you wished could just skip. Today is your birthday. 

You hated your birthday ever since you were little. You invited a whole bunch of people at your school, they told you that they were coming, but they didn’t. And you waited all day and you went all out. Like having an jumping castle, having a clown, you went all out. But no one came. 

That’s why you hate your birthday. You’re always alone on that day. 

Until one special day… 

You sit on the lounge/couch as you read an magazine of your favourite/favorite drama. You flip the page, reading an interesting article. 

“Hello gorgeous! Happy birthday!” You hear as you jump out of your seat and dropping the magazine. You turn around to see Jerome with a huge smile on his face as you see that he’s hiding something behind his back. 

You frown as you look at him with confusion and curiosity.

“What’s behind your back?” You ask him as he smiles mischievously. He walks over towards you as a dumb smile forms on his lips. 

“Something special just for you.” He said as he pulls it out behind from his back and shows you. It’s all wrapped in F/C wrapping paper and a bow places on top of it, it’s a long and shaped in a small square. 

You frown, not sure what was he thinking. You aren’t sure if you want to take it or not, well it is from Jerome anyways but this kinda scared you. 

You take the present as you look at him, feeling unsure about it. You start to unwrap the paper as you lift the lid off of it, you see rose gold tissue paper as you pull them out of the box. Your eyes then widen, you see a white and F/C gun right in front of you. You smile brightly as you look up at your boyfriend who is smiling proudly. You get up and hug him.

“Thank you.” You said.

“I knew you’d like it. Plus, it even comes in your favourite/favorite colour/color which is a bonus.” He said making you giggle. 

He lets you go as another smile plays on his lips. “I’ve gotta another surprise for you.” He said as you smile. 

“Another one?“ 

"Oh yes, something tells me you’re gonna love this. But you’ll need your first present to go with the second present." 


Jerome takes you to a shed/garage at an empty warehouse on the docks. He opens the door of the warehouse as he walks in first, still holding the door for you. He grabs your hand as he guides you.

"Now I want you to close your eyes.” He said as you follow his instructions. You close your eyes to see darkness. You couldn’t feel Jerome’s presence and you knew that he’ll be back soon. 

You hear a operation sound and you see lights forming up. You hear his footsteps coming closer as he grabs your hand and starts walking. Once he stops he lets go of your hand as you stand there. 

“Okay, now open your eyes.” He said as you did what you were told. 

You opened them to see a whole bunch of people tied up in chairs around a table. You see the pastel decorations, fairy lights, and cake. The cake is an F/F type of cake, your favourite/favorite. You smile ever as widely as you look over at Jerome. You jump and hug him. 

“OH MY GOSH! THANK YOU!” You said as you smile making Jerome smile, but not his insane smile, a cute smile. 

“You’re most welcome doll. Do you recognise any of these people?” He asked you as you frown as you look over at the people. 

You first look at a boy, he has caramel brown hair that has a Justin Bieber hairstyle. He has green eyes like the trees. You gasp as you recognise/recognize him. 

“Haha! Hello Bradley! I see that you have been growing facial hair, you wanna know what I think? It doesn’t look good on you, it makes you look like a hobo!” You said making him flinch and you smile devilishly. 

You then walk to a girl. She has long blonde hair with bright blue eyes. “Veronica. Hi! I see that you’ve let go, you’ve gotten really fat! Seriously? You’re like a 

"Oh hello James, I see that you’re still wearing them glasses. Seriously you can’t see out of them. Get a new pair! Nobody likes it when you’re trying to look like Harry Potter, get a new look!" 

"Oh and last but not least! Sarah! You still wear a tone of makeup? Like seriously, nobody likes a cake face, especially when you think you’re the prettiest of them all. GET A LIFE YOU FREAK!" 

You smirk as you walk over back to Jerome as he smiles devilishly. 

"Thank you so much Jerome! Can I kill them now?” You asked as you heard all of the people scream under their duck tape on their mouths and struggle to get out of the tape. 

Jerome laughs at them as he looks over at you. “Of course you can! That’s why I brought you that new gun of yours!” He said as you smile widely. You grab the gun from your pocket and you look over at the pathetic people that lies in front of you. 

You first look at James and shot him first, hearing everyone scream under the tape. You then shot Sarah, then Bradley and last and not least Veronica. You smile widely as you look over at Jerome.

“This gun is amazing! What can we do next?!” You ask and you look at Jerome as he hums.

“You know what, do whatever makes you happy doll.” He said as you smirk as you grab his hand and walk out of the warehouse as you did a killing spree with Jerome. 

Best birthday ever…


also! a hawthorne headcanon post, because i love her and if i don’t just Post these i’ll keep adding them on forever

  • loves plants. the only plants she had around growing up were ones in agricultural houses (vertical hydroponics) or ornamental and much rarer. she likes being surrounded by them out in nature
  • (it follows that she likes climbing trees, of course)
  • she read books on falconry as a kid but never really had a chance to practice it until she got out of the city - she found louis as a chick once she got out of the city and things just… went from there. she probably messed up a bunch with him as a chick, but he’s fine now, so?
  • i more or less have her parents pegged for being assigned agricultural duty - they worked with the hydroponics, day in and day out. a city’s got to be fed, you understand.
  • (they liked their jobs, all things considered. it wasn’t until garbage from higher up the ladder started washing down their way that things got bad. bureaucracy in corporations that feed cities is never… like, Great)
  • she was an only child, which is probably good bc she was never quite sure her parents could really accommodate a second child comfortably
  • she always wanted a dog? and she was going to name him louis after a favorite child’s book character. well, she never had a dog. but one day, she had a bird. woman’s best friend, surely
  • childhood hero worship of guardians turned sour as she got older. they live up there in a fancy tower and life in the city isn’t Horrible, but the guardians… they get the best of everything. they don’t even (normally) have to deal with aging or death, and they don’t seem to give a rat’s ass about the civilians (oh sure, they fight Darkness and get raw resources, but how many of those resources end up funneled back into their own arms and armor? how much of what they do is for themselves and the civilians just benefit as an afterthought?)
  • i think her parents dying (not both at once, but separated by years and hardships) was the final peg for her to want to get the hell out
  • despite her somewhat confrontational attitude towards authority and relaxed joking in private, she gets nervous with crowds of people
  • about that assault charge… listen, she was maybe a bit drunk and maybe said some inflammatory shit but the ‘assault’ was purely self defense when the pissed off assaultee decided to make things very personal. then her fists decided to get personal, too.
  • was never very good in school. her parents very much wanted her to achieve higher than their agricultural positions, maybe get a job at a foundry. but she was a habitual daydreamer, and found studying books to be wholly unstimulating for her mind.
  • has a really great grasp for geography due to her wanderings
  • also a top-notch agriculturalist. she didn’t do well in school, sure, but she learned a Lot from the ‘bring your daughter to work’ days, where she was shown (a million times over, and the material was exceedingly bland to her younger self) the right ways to plant things, fertilize them, water them, etc.
  • someone taught her the basics of gun handling, but the rest is all self-taught and pure talent. she’s still alive, so that’s worth something
  • she really prefers you use her last name. people who use her first name either remind her of her parents scolding her for something or embarrass her bc it’s kind of like… a very casual, somewhat intimate thing to just use her first name like that. you have to know her well and vice versa for her to be comfortable with it
  • if you catch her in just the right mood, she can be very flirty
  • her character arc is less about ‘not seeing the city as a prison anymore’ and more about seeing the city changing for the better with her putting in a word here and there. she doesn’t want people to suffer, and life outside the walls isn’t for everyone. she has said some harsh things about it, true, and she wants things to improve - but the fact that it took a cabal invasion to make that happen doesn’t like, Make Her Happy. there’s no ‘see, i was right’ feeling there. she wants to help people - protect them without stifling them, give them room to grow. she hopes the consensus will consider this viewpoint as the city moves into the future.
  • her poncho is fashion-forward and durable and wind/water resistant - and also has a bunch of hidden pockets which is her Actual favorite thing about it
  • her hair is actually in a ponytail under the hood
  • she loves the scent of coconut (which i s2g still exists in the destiny universe in some shitty permutation or another) - even if she’s never eaten an Actual Coconut
  • this woman would die for… a pina colada… gettin caught in the rain… etc.
‘River on the Rise’ by Debra Blake for Vegetarian Times, March 1988 (Part II, final)

How the family took their vision to Hollywood dates back 10 years ago, to their final days in Venezuela. The family had little money when they left the religious community and River, along with his sister Rainbow, often took to the streets, restaurants, and even airport waiting areas to sing to people, entertaining them while trying to earn a dollar. River had been playing guitar since before he was 5 years old, and his talent became increasingly apparent to Arlyn and John. Back in the States, the family headed straight for Los Angeles, where Arlyn took a job at a broadcasting company to get the family’s collective foot in Hollywood’s door.

“We weren’t going for the glamour or the fame of it all,” Arlyn says. “We were going to take the kids’ talent-which was so obvious-to us-and turn it into something and help make change at the same time. That’s why we went.”

Weren’t they afraid that the kids wouldn’t share their vision, or perhaps lose sight of it as the endless glittery parties began to welcome them, threatening to turn them into Hollywood brats?

“No,” says Arlyn. “I knew they wouldn’t get into the Hollywood scene. We had our own business to attend to, and it wasn’t Hollywood. It was making change in the world.”

River’s business is making change, too. He’s clear on that score. “If I didn’t think I could be a part of a movement that could influence,” he says, “and be a part of helping and change, if I couldn’t help that through what I’m doing, I wouldn’t do this. But I’m seeing that through this position-in this career, and where I have these magazine interviews- I can be an example, and I think that’s important. In all the interviews I do, I say something about my being vegan. I don’t want to come off as if I’m a savior. I’m only a very small part of anything, but I think it’s important to be involved. I’m interested in meditation and finding spiritual fulfillment. But for me to just go off and devote my life to monkhood in the jungle would be ultimately abandoning the world, and the consciousness would be on a selfish level. I think I can do a lot more good for this planet if I am out there.”

River is still young. Does he share his mother’s confidence that he’ll be able to withstand the pressures that Hollywood places on young people-pressures that make them grow up quickly, losing their dreams and ideals in the process?

“Being out there,” River says slowly, looking around at the giant oak trees on the lawn, “you can go astray, and everything can be destroyed. I’m aware of that, but I don’t think I’ll get into that. Maybe I’m lucky; I’m not really attracted to all of that now. I think I’ll be strong enough, but I do see there’s that chance.

"You can’t really make any plans about things like this, though. You go with the flow but still against the grain, not for the ego of it but for the belief of it. The only thing I have to show is how I live. The vegan thing is one of the main things. I’m a peaceful person; I think that’s manifested through how I live. I don’t start trouble. But time will tell.”

River has moved around a lot over the years. He was born in Oregon, went with the family to South America as a young child, and has lived in countless California towns. He’s traveled-sometimes with only part of the family-to different countries to film on location. Just before last Thanksgiving the whole family moved to Florida, where they now reside. They wanted to leave the Hollywood scene and revive ideals about living in the country.

Florida winter afternoons are warm, and River spends hours in the garage, hunched over his new 12-string guitar. His hands are square and strong, and after so many years they’re used to playing the chords that sound good to him. He has the guitar plugged into an amplifier, and the rock rhythms echo out in the yard. He’s not in school (he was privately tutored for most of his life), and he says he’s not interested in working until the summer. These days he’s mostly hanging around, traveling a bit, hoping a bass guitarist will read the signs he placed around the University of Florida campus. “Needed,” the signs read. “Bass guitarist with young blood who’s into progressive rock and roll, jazz. For demo recordings.” River is looking for a buddy to jam with.

If he didn’t have his acting career, River thinks he could be a musician. He’s driven to it. “I love music,” he says. “It’s so much a part of me.” The roster of his favorite musicians is long and eclectic; he’s especially into early Squeeze and U2. But the rest of his list reads like the playlist of an early ‘70s FM station. “I like jazz, folk music, Bob Dylan. Older Bowie and old Roxy Music to fall asleep to. I like old Steely Dan music and some Pink Floyd. Old Led Zeppelin, too. The Beatles are my Bible; that goes without saying. And I like classical music.”

Modern music disappoints River, and he doesn’t like much of what’s commercially produced. His tastes in books and movies also show that River has one foot in a different age. He sounds a little frustrated by that, and says things like “movies nowadays. ..books nowadays. .. music nowadays.”

He doesn’t see too many new movies, preferring witty, intelligent classic comedies, and he likes the great slapsticks. But his idealism comes through even here. “I haven’t seen Cry Freedom [about Steven Biko, a martyred black South African], but it’s top on my list for a real conscious movie. And I liked Brazil. I like intense movies. Did you ever see Brother Sun, Sister Moon? It’s about St. Francis. I felt a rebirth after I saw that.”

He doesn’t find much time for reading, though he’d like to, but somehow he’s picked up a lot of information on health and political issues. The novels he’s read, or would like to read, are those that kids grew up on 15 and 20 years ago: Catcher in the Rye and Franny and Zooey by J.D. Salinger, Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha, Richard Bach’s Illusions, Ray Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

As for his own movies, he’s hot enough to be selective about the scripts he accepts, and he’s been pretty happy with the results. “I feel no need to invest in a movie unless I have an incredible passion for it,” he says. “And one that will not only be good for me but one I can be proud of-one that’s a benefit to society. I always hope the movie will, if nothing else, be a part of good art and influence people in a good way.”

Up to now, there’s been no compromising in River’s work, and he’s not planning on changing his record. Even as a child, no commercials he ever made endorsed white bread, and when he was in Seven Brides, the family made sure he wouldn’t have to go fishing or wear a coonskin cap.

River still chooses carefully, hoping the ideals he lives by will be reflected in the characters he plays. He liked his character of Chris Chambers in Stand by Me, directed by Rob Reiner. “Chris came off as a victim of the mentality of his town, but he was a good person. He was a great friend, he was loyal and he wasn’t an idiot-not just a big dumb l2-year-old. He was a real sweet guy, smart and intelligent. A good character.”

The last movie he worked on was Sidney Lumet’s Running on Empty. (Lumet directed Dustin Hoffman in the Academy Award-winner Tootsie.) River plays the son of parents whose antimilitary activities have kept them on the run for years. River likes the character but sees him as a victim, too.

“In dramas, kids usually are victims, either to their parents or to society:’ River explains. "I want to get away from that. It would be wonderful to see someone already in a clear-minded reality take it from there and maybe go beyond that, show what can happen.”

He can’t say precisely what kinds of films he’d like to do or what kind of work will draw him next. Theater would be interesting, perhaps, and possibly directing at some point. Unlike many actors, he’s not even thinking about who he’d like to work with. “I would like to work with Rob Reiner again,” he says, “Maybe just a cameo role in one of his movies. But for the most part I don’t think like that. I figure that time will tell, and if it’s right, I’ll meet the right people and work with them at some point.” Outwardly, River has few doubts about himself, as an individual and as a Phoenix family member. “I’m definitely an individual,” he said. “I feel very secure as an individual. And I’m proud of my family and what we’ve done together. I’m a product of my family, just like everybody else. These are my roots.

"I just want to live my life. Acting is what I love to do, and it’s worked out this way. I don’t know if it’s God’s perfect plan or whatever, but for me, not only do I love it and get great satisfaction out of it, but also I can work my beliefs in. I’m free to believe in what I do, and I can share those beliefs with others. Not in a preaching way, not telling others, but just by what I do. I find that very fulfilling.”

After lunch-tabouli, nori, blue corn chips, tofu omelet, tahini dressing-River and Rainbow, like older brother and sister in any family, take the family jeep to pick up the other kids from school. Back home, River runs into the yard to swing on the rope hung from one of the oaks. “Hey, look at this!” he yells. While Rainbow watches, River laughs, jumps high and grabs hold. 

A Phoenix on the rise.

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About the characters' and their discovering they're trans-- i was most curious about stella, theodora, Gabriela, and Graham c:

Stella (PTIMTH) had a pretty rough but familiar transitioning experience. She was the youngest in a group of sisters and was very effeminate from the get-go. Thought she was a gay boy in early teenage years, closeted for a while then left home due to the backlash- Struggled a lot and ended up seeking refuge in a more openly queer area, namely drag queens and dancing. Slowly started to gravitate to that identity herself but it just kept getting deeper until she felt more at home identifying as a woman entirely, and ended up leaving the drag culture aspect of things because it caused too much dysphoria. 

For Dora (Book Keepers), who identifies as trans-femme, it was less of a revelation as it was a constant gender queer lifestyle/environment growing up, so queerness has always been generally part of her life experience. Over time she slowly started to gravitate to female pronouns and presentation a little more out of convenience and because her interest in fashion is more feminine leaning. She doesn’t take hormones at all. Cameo of Lamees being a flirtatious butt in the icon, hi lami

for Gabriela, I wanted to have a character whose transition started extremely early. She has a single bisexual indie mom who could recognize the signs very early on. Gabby was absolutely miserable in her toddler/early child years, a completely different person than now. They moved a lot due to finances, so her mom used that as an opportunity to have her go to school identifying how she wanted to- and the rest’s history! She honestly barely remembers a lot of those years, but she’s instinctively terrified of what puberty and a high school environment will do despite being on hormones for a long time. Unfortunately, HRT can’t stop her from growing like a tree tho… ://);;

I adopted Graham to Dye recently, so they’re helping me flesh him out!!   Graham started to feel dysphoric in middle school because of how active/athletic he was (locker room hell..) He has a good relationship with his family, so in 7th grade he confides in them and they do a lot of research together and start him on hormone blockers. Because this subtle transition was happening through 8th grade into the summer, he started high school identifying as a guy from the get-go. No one really knows about his past, which has its perks and its drawbacks- despite being so popular, he has a lot of anxiety getting into the dating scene.

Not Dead Yet (Part 36)

*A bit of a jumble not gonna lie. Realized I made some plot holes and needed to fix them as best I can.*

Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

Warning: language

Ever since that day the new boy Rufio became my shadow. He was a interesting one to say the least. He was short for his age with naturally dark skin and a mane of red hair that made him easy to spot among the boys. Devin and the others thought it was funny that he was following me around like a lost pup. It seemed I now had two pets.

While my new follower amused the others it severely pissed off Peter. It was hard to find a moment alone with him tagging along everywhere I went. I liked Rufio just fine and a new face helped cut through some boredom but I would be lying if I wasn’t a little antsy for some alone time. Not just time for myself but ever since Rufio came to the island Peter and I hadn’t had any time together. When I usually got a moment alone Peter was gone or I was too tired to do anything.

I was walking through the jungle with Candace on my shoulder and Rufio at my side. I had just finished showing him Dead Man’s Peak and explaining the dreamshade poison. It was getting late though and I was very tired. Day by day more and more boys had been coming to the island. Some by Peter, most by his shadow. The camp grew so large we had to move it to a bigger clearing in the depths of the island that made coming to and from the coast a lengthy journey.

“There you two are,” Peter appeared on our path, “Rufio, beat it. I need to talk to Y/N alone for a minute.”

Rufio gave me a concerned look but I nodded for him to go on ahead. I handed Candace over to him and they disappeared into the jungle.

“Peter, I’m really tired and don’t feel like–”

“I’m not here about that.” he cut me off, “Well sort of. There’s something I’ve been meaning to discuss with you.”

“Can’t this wait till tomorrow when I’ve had some sleep?” I sat down and rested back against a tree.

“I know you’re tired but this is important.” He knelt across from me, “Recently with the new boys there’s been a rift.”

“I’d say. Half of them are crying their eyes out at night because they miss dear old mummy and daddy. They’re on an island where there are no rules, no responsibilities, no fear of growing older and you can create almost anything you want with a little belief. How could they not love it here?”

“That’s what I say! But again that’s not the problem, not exactly. The rift is something more internal. I’ve heard some rumors, whispers really, that they are planning an uprising against us.”

“An uprising? They do realize what you’re capable of? They’d never stand a chance.”

“I know that and you know that but they don’t know that. The fact that these ungrateful little shits are trying to turn against me has me mad but apparently they are looking to you as their leader.”

“Me?” the news perked me awake, “Peter I can assure you that I am not leading some rebellion.”

“Don’t be silly, pet, I know you wouldn’t betray me. They’ve only named you their leader because they think you’re the only one that can stand to fight against me.”



“Joking, only joking. Any idea why they think your second in command would turn against you?”

“Because you’re, ahem, queen.”


“Oh yes.”


“You have to admit that you do command a lot of respect on the island second to only me.”

“But why would they look to me? Are they hoping I’ll be there misguided mother figure? If they’re hoping I’ll coddle them they are in for a surprise. But I suppose I understand them. They wanted time away from their mundane lives and they got it. But the adventure is over now. They’re not like us, Peter. They don’t need Neverland like we do. None of them are the boy we’re looking for. Why not just send the cry babies back?”

“You know why.”

“No one leaves Neverland without your permission. I’m just asking you grant them that. Most of them are weak, unmotivated whiners. Why would you even want to keep them?”

“Because the moment they set foot on the island they became Lost Boys and this is where they belong whether they like it or not. If they wanted to truly remain in their boring lives they wouldn’t have asked to be taken away.”

“If this leads to war between the boys–”

“It won’t!”

“Just know that it could have been avoided.” I adjusted myself more comfortably. “I’m gonna take a nap.”

“You sleep a lot lately.”

“Not much to do once you’ve done everything there is here.” I yawned. “I’ll see you back at camp, okay?”

“Sure you don’t want me to take us back to camp in a blink?”

“No. I need a night where I don’t have to listen to the new boys cry the night through.”

“Alright. Don’t get yourself into any trouble.”

“I’ll be asleep. How could I possibly cause trouble?”

“I’m sure you’d find a way.” he smirked at me. I stuck my tongue out at him and fell asleep.


Devin had to admit he thought Rufio was flipping hilarious. Any other time when a new kid came to the island and they challenged Y/N she would break them in so to say and go back to her normal friends. Rufio though, he adopted her as his mentor and they formed this weird friendship. Only problem was that Y/N was slowly starting to lose patience. The boys that know Y/N best can instantly tell when she’s annoyed and when she gets annoyed you get out of her way unless you want your arm broken (or in one case stabbed). Poor naive Rufio didn’t realize how close he was to making her snap. That’s why when Rufio showed up at camp late that night without Y/N it was a relief. Maybe he finally got some sense about him.

“Oy Devin?” Rufio walked up to him, “Is there something goin’ on between Pan and Y/N?”

“Are you serious?” Devin laughed.

“I know it’s nonsense but we were walkin’ and Pan showed up and told me to leave. He looked ticked for some reason. Do they not get along so well?”

“Oh…” This threw Devin, “Well um…Pan and Y/N get along great. Really great. When it goes south though it gets ugly fast, they have actually tried to kill each other in the past.”

“Holy mother of god,” Rufio looked horrified.

“Yeah, just be glad that you didn’t have to suffer through the endless downpour when Pan really pissed her off. He knows not to mess with her anymore.” He gestured for Rufio to come closer, “You didn’t hear this but Pan is wrapped around her little finger. Everyone knows it but if you mention it then that’s a sure fire way to get yourself maimed.”

“But why? I know she’s a good fighter and she gets along with most the others but how did she become so important?”

“Sheer force of will.” Ben muttered from his spot next to Devin. “I’m sure she could move mountains just by glaring at them hard enough.”

“Yeah,” Rufio toed the dirt with his boot, “She’s pretty amazin’ like that.”

Ben and Devin exchanged a nervous glance. “Ben, your turn.” Devin whispered as he scooted back from the daydreaming idiot before them.

“What?” Rufio looked at them.

“Rufio, are you asking all this about Y/N and Pan because you might be interested in her?” Rufio’s face flushed as brightly as his hair.

“N-No, of course not. I just think that she’s exceedingly skilled but I’m not interested in her…did she say something?”

“Rufio, do not go down this road.” Ben warned, “Y/N is not that kind of a girl. We are her brothers, she our sister. You do not get those kinds of thoughts for her. You especially do not try to act on them.”


“No buts! Count yourself lucky that she welcomed you at all instead of dumping you after you had the insane idea to fight her your very first day.”

Rufio stared down at the ground disheartened. “I don’t get it.”

“Get what?” Ben asked but Rufio left without answering.

“Should we be worried?” Devin watched as Rufio disappeared back into the jungle.

“Nah, he’s not the first new boy to fancy Y/N. Once he realizes she won’t have him he’ll back off.” Ben shrugged, “I think what we need to worry about is these new kids Pan’s been bringing in.”

“The whiners?” Devin sneered, “Yeah, they need some sense beat into them.”

“That’s what I say. You know they actually talk like they’re going to escape. How thick can you get?”

“I suppose we’ll just have to rectify that.” Devin smirked and whistled for Nick and Felix. They had some planning to do.


For the first time since Rufio came to the island he hasn’t been stuck to my side all day. It was relaxing but also mildly concerning. What had happened that he finally backed off? I decided not to dwell on it and enjoy the respite from his company. I think I knew the best way to use my time off as well.

The boys were off at training for the morning. I searched for Peter but he wasn’t in his tent. He must be at training with the others. How was I gonna get him away from the others without arousing suspicion? I’ll deal with that mess when I get to it.

When I arrived at the grounds though it was a horror show. All the new boys that I had so generously dubbed the crybabies were were tied to trees with apples resting on their heads. The other boys were shooting arrows at them to varying results. Next to one boy I noticed the shaft of a spear stuck in a bush where it must have just missed their target. All the boys, including Rufio, looked terrified while the others laughed and kept firing.

Peter was standing back from the crowd with a wicked smile. I noticed Nick notch another arrow and pounced on him. “Ah! Y/N, what the hell?”

“You’re saying that to me?” I took the bow and snapped it over my knee. “What are you idiots doing?”

“Just a bit of target practice.” Peter strutted up to me, “Care to join?”

“I cannot believe you! They are Lost Boys, not targets!”

“This was not my idea. They already had this setup when I got here.” Peter raised his hands in defense. “I am merely an observer. They needed a lesson anyways, bloody traitors.”

“So who’s brilliant idea was this then?” I marched up to the boys wielding my club dangerously. “Someone had better answer me!”

Devin stepped forward nervously. “There’s no reason to make a big deal out of this. They’re the ones that were spouting treason.”

“I understand that but shooting out their eyes is not the right way to punish them. Untie them now.”

“You can’t just order us around. You’re not the leader here, Pan is!” Devin snapped back at me.

“I suppose he is.” I walked back up to Peter, “You condone this?”

“You were the one that was worried they would start a civil war. This is nipping it in the bud.”

“You didn’t do anything! You only ensured their revolt!”

“And if they try then they know what will happen.”

“Fine, they know. Let them go.”

“If you wish it.” he nodded and the boys cut the others free of their bonds.

“Y/N, thank you! Thank you!” the boys rushed to me.

“Get off!” I shoved them away, “Beat it before they change their minds.”

The boys nodded and scampered off. Rufio was left standing with a bleeding shoulder. “Y/N–”

“Not now.” I stressed through clenched teeth. He stayed staring at me, more at the possessive arm of Peter slung over my shoulder, “Not now, Rufio.”

He glanced back at Peter before leaving in the direction of the others. “I am done with you idiots. I cannot take another moment stuck on this island with all you stupid boys!” I shoved Peter’s arm off me. “You do not follow me. You do not try to stop me. I will return because this is my home but I cannot stay here for another moment.”

I snagged Peter’s pouch of beans off his belt and withdrew a handful. He didn’t fight me to stay and shushed the others when they did. When I was far enough away I dropped a bean on the ground and jumped through imagining a place with no boys in sight. Someplace completely unlike Neverland.

I was spat back out someplace surrounded by dense forest and snow up to my ankles. Well this is different at least. The cold wind tore through my thin shirt. I continued struggling through the snow hoping my breathing problems wouldn’t come back to haunt me. There was a small shack up ahead exuding warm light. Better than nothing.

When I got to the shack and knocked on the door. The door swung open to an old woman with a large drooping lip. “This is a day for lost children isn’t it?” she spoke unnaturally clear for someone with a disfigured mouth should. “Come in before your lungs give out.”

“Thank you.” I stepped inside. There were two more women that looked much like the old woman who let me in sitting at a spinning wheel. Speaking of the shack it was much larger than it looked from the outside. Every corner was filled with books, jars of pickled miscellaneous, pots of herbs, withered flowers, and piles and piles of thread.

“You should have chosen somewhere warmer child.” the spinner woman with a broad foot said. The spinner next to her had a thumb as swollen as a plum.

“Excuse me?” the spinner with the drooping lip sat me down and shuffled off to the whistling kettle.

“Oh to be someplace warm would be a dream.” the first spinner came back with the kettle and poured me a cup of tea. “But you’ve had your fill, haven’t you? Even now the scent of sun follows you.”

“What’s going on?” I looked at the three strange woman. “Who are you?”

“Bain, Cibil, and Dabria, we are. And you are the lost child, Y/N.”

“How do you know me?”

“Just as you know us my child.” Bain said, “Dabria, the window.”

The heavy footed spinner clomped to the window and locked the shutters in place just as a gust of wind rattled the shack. Where was I? These spinster ladies were making me uneasy with every word that creaked out of their wrinkle lined mouths.

“Do not be scared child.” Dabria smiled at me, “We only hope to help you with the hardships you will face soon.”

“What are you talking about? What hardships? How do you know any of this?” I demanded. My outburst didn’t faze them one bit and sat down across from me. All I had wanted was to get away from the island.

“Tut tut,” they silenced me, “There is not much time and so much you need to know for your upcoming struggles.”

They urged me to keep drinking my tea and started shuffling around the shack checking small things and skimming through the dozens of dusty books. “Ah here,” Cibil handed me a leather bound book with Neverland written on the cover in emerald green paint. “This should help.”

“But what is this? What’s going on?”

“Tut tut, you will know soon enough.” They took my cup and peered inside. “Oh dear, oh dear. Poor child, such a curse to bear trapped in a land of unwilling residents. What pain there will be for your hearts.”

“Hearts?” perhaps I had misheard.

“Oh yes,” the spinsters sighed, “Do not fret, there will be joys to compensate the sorrows. Lilies, wings and a darling bird.”

Flowers and a bird? Well I suppose Candace was darling as they put it.

“Anything else?” I asked the three strange women.

“Yes, for our services we do require payment.”

“Payment? I came by here by accident, you helped me without my asking. Why should I pay you? You’ve barely done anything.”

The three pairs of eyes glaring back at me silenced me into submission. “You knew what you were looking for when you left. You knocked on our door for assistance. Now, your payment.”

“I don’t have any money.” I showed them my empty pockets, “I do have a magic bean.” I withdrew one of the glittering beans I had taken from Peter.

“We have no need for your portals.” they waved off the bean, “That little baubles will do.”

My hand came up to clutch the pearl necklace resting on my sternum. “My necklace? It’s just a pearl.”

“A special pearl, no? It has been there every moment since you touched the island’s soil. It is sentiment. Priceless compared to that of a bean or gold.”

They held out their weathered hands and it was with a heavy heart I tore the necklace from it’s long resting home on my neck and dropped it into their palms. They smiled at the worn pearl. “It’s time to go my child.”

Bewildered and wanting to get out of that shack and away from the three elderly I nodded and clutched the book they gave me tightly to my chest. They dropped my necklace in a little chest and gave me soft smiles as I backed out the door. I braced myself for the cold but when I stepped outside the snow was gone replaced with tall lush grass and the sweet smell of flowers on the breeze. I turned back to the shack but that was gone as well with a massive oak tree in its place.

This is too weird for even me. I looked back at the book in my hands and sighed. I was hoping to be gone longer but I needed some questions answered. I dropped the bean on the ground and headed back home.

When I landed back on Neverland I could tell instantly that something was incredibly wrong. First I had only been gone for an hour at most. How was it night here? Also, the island was cold and the sky was muddled by rumbling clouds. I climbed up a tree and looked over the island. Darkness. Nothing but inky darkness. I should at least be able to see the camp bonfire or the lights of the Jolly Roger on the sea.

“What have you idiots done now?” I muttered to myself and dropped out of the tree.

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I feel like I’ve already said this before but if they were to ever go back to making g-bites again I think it would be really neat to see some pre-Gorillaz g-bites like animation of 2D falling out of the tree and having his hair turn blue, Noodle training, Russel and Del hanging out, Murdoc sneaking into his brother’s room to sift through his record collection, the list could go on. Understandably, there’s more impetus to animate moments from the current phase’s plot, whatever that may end up being, but at the same time, the backstories carry with them character experiences that have shaped who they grow to be and all we have as reference for that rn are a few stray pictures and ROTO. Also on a personal preference note, I would love to see kid!Murdoc animated but that’s just me.

This Cold Circle of Hell

Wincest Writing Challenge | partner @audaciousdean
Prompt: Leviathan!Sam
Rating: NC-17 | Wordcount: 4,487 | Warnings: dub con, blow jobs, violence
A/N: Thanks to samshinechester for working through a few messed-up ideas with me. Link to AO3.

Dean is trying to survive those first few months in Purgatory when he runs into a familiar face on a monster he has killed before.


A twig snapped near his head and Dean’s eyes flew open, taking in a view of the ground from underneath the fallen deadwood.

Two months in Purgatory taught him one thing - if anything gets close, don’t hide. You gotta move quick and be ready with a blade in your hand. He took a deep breath and rolled out from under the nest of pine needles and moss that had formed his blanket last night. The smell masked his scent from monsters, which meant he could try to sleep for a few hours.

“Well, you’re finally awake.”

Dean spun towards the familiar voice, shifting his bone lance to a fighting stance. As he got a good look at the monster’s face, the lance faltered. Only an inch or two.

“Sam?” His voice was rough from disuse. The thing didn’t react, except to squint its eyes, and the hair on Dean’s neck stood up. “Not Sam.”

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@henriettafoxes asked for kandreil “shopping for a christmas tree”. Thanks for the prompt! I hope you like it!

Also I know I’m so unimaginative with my titles I know

Day 11: Christmas Trees

Andrew sighs softly as Neil stops before the most expensive tree, running a hand through the fake leaves and smiling slightly in their direction. “What about this one?”

“Too expensive,” Andrew says immediately. It is nice, a huge, white one set with fairy lights and fake snow, and it would go well in their living room. But the price tag is $500 and, though they can afford more than ten of them, it seems like a waste of money. Fuck, they could chop down a tree themselves for free.

Neil turns his gaze on Kevin, who grins and slides an arm around his waist. “Looks nice, doesn’t it?” he says, oblivious to Andrew’s glares. “Where should we put it?”

“By the tv.”

“Stop spoiling him, Day,” Andrew interrupts, pushing the trolley past them. “He practically has you eating out of his hand.”

Kevin huffs. “Like you’re any different.”

Andrew doesn’t respond to this accusation except to roll his eyes and then toes at the box which holds the tree. He cringes internally at the price but grits out, “do you really want it,” to Neil, who whips his head around and grins.


Andrew gives him an even stare and Neil’s smile grows. He ignores the way his heart does flips at the sight. “Yeah I do,” Neil says.

Andrew nods, grabs the box from the shelf and sticks it on top of the trolley. He struggles to balance it on top of the decorations they’ve also decided to buy but Kevin shoots out a hand and steadies it. Neil tugs at his sleeve to pull him close and presses a kiss to his cheek, whispers a “thank you”, and slips his hand into Kevin’s.

Send me a Kandreil Christmas prompt and I’ll write it for you!

The Crying Trees

My best friend and crush, Lily, always told me how much she loved trees; so much that she even ended up making her parents plant trees in her backyard just so that she could sit there under a tree and listen to the birds sing while reading a good book. I had sometimes joined her to read a book while sitting on the stump of a tree they had chopped down, though I really wasn’t the type to read. But just to at least entertain her, I had to partake in it. The sounds of the birds at least was very nice, even to my ears. Can I just say though, Lily’s dark, curly hair looked so beautiful in the sunlight. I was enough to take my breath away and sometimes even make me stumble over my own words until I could find the right words to use.
I’ve never dared to tell her how I feel, but I’m hoping someday I can. My mother often encouraged me to confess my feelings, especially because she thought that it would be very difficult to get as close to anyone as I was to Lily. And…She might have a point. I mean, she and I had been friends since elementary school. We were always the ‘bestest of friends’ or ‘bestest girl friends ever’ as we would’ve said back then. Now I wish that the ‘girl friends’ part would actually become reality.

One time when I was sitting on the stump with her, she suddenly spoke up. “Hey, Delilah, have you ever heard of that one folk tale where sometimes, when trees died or too many of them had been cut down, families would bury their 1-year-olds alive near old roots, and they’d eventually sprout trees?”
Now, that was not a folk tale that I had ever heard, but I suppose it figures that Lily would know, she’s always been into this stuff. “Nah, why?” I asked, raising an eyebrow at her. “Kinda fucked up though if you ask me.” I added with a grimace, only to get a laugh from her. “Yeah, I guess so. But kind of an interesting story nonetheless, right? I heard it from this one dude online who’s on the same forum as me.” Lily explained, still keeping a smile and not lifting her gaze from the book. “How’d the topic even come up?” I inquired, genuinely curious. I always wanted to know about her interests more, even if they weren’t exactly my cup of tea. It made me happy to see her so excited about all the things she liked. “I mentioned that my little brother is turning one in a few days.” Lily answered simply, flipping a page and since her brown eyes were so glued to the page, she couldn’t see my slightly disturbed look.

I, personally, thought it was weird that the guy would bring it up, especially after mentioning a thing like that. I didn’t dare to say anything to Lily though, I didn’t want to upset her. “The folk tale also says that the kids always stayed alive though, so the trees ended up looking weird. “ Lily continued, only managing to make me more weirded out. I would’ve expected her to be even just the tiniest bit weirded out by it, but…I guess she was hard to shake. I just gave a small hum in response, showing her that I was at least listening. And then she just kept going.
“I was looking it up more and like…The illustrations people had drawn were pretty gross. The old ones though, were pretty. I really liked them. They said that the trees always grew super fast too. Imagine how much fun it’d be to have a tree that could grow so much faster than a regular one?”

“Okay, Lil, that’s getting a bit weird.” I said, trying to keep a light, joking tone to my voice. Lily gave a small giggle and finally closed her book after bookmarking it and turned her gaze to me, giving me that smile that reached her eyes. “Awh, sorry. I didn’t mean to say something weird. But hey, wanna go inside and get some soda?”
I nodded and followed her inside, letting that conversation eventually fade from my mind.
For a while I didn’t even think of that freaky folk tale, I completely forgot about it and everything kept going as per usual with Lily. We had fun, we laughed, we even went swimming. However, I started to get worried as I was scrolling through my tumblr dashboard and saw her reblogging and posting a lot about those weird…Baby trees. At first I ignored it, thinking it was just another thing she was super interested in and wanted to talk about. But then her own posts started to get…Worrisome. She started write about how she would really want to see one with her own two eyes and how it sounded like they grew fast enough to be really big that she wouldn’t even have to wait a week. Some trees grew even within just a day.

One thing that she said that really caught my eye was;
“The sooner you bury the baby after their birthday, the better. If you bury them on their birthday, it’ll grow in a day. How fucking cool is that???? Oh!! And I found out what they call them! They call them ‘The Crying Trees’.”

Now, this wouldn’t have worried me as much if it weren’t for the fact that her little brother’s birthday was just three days away. But…It was probably fine. I was probably just being paranoid, so I just brushed it off and blacklisted her tag for it so that I wouldn’t see more posts about it. Then I just went on about my day as normal, though I had a nagging feeling in my gut that something was terribly wrong.
The feeling just kept getting stronger over the days, almost to the point where I would feel nauseous enough that I’d have to throw up. Lily had become a bit more distant, which did make me a bit upset but I figured maybe she was going through something and didn’t want to talk about it right now. So, I didn’t force her.

Then came the day after her brother’s birthday.

My phone rang, waking me up from a fairly deep sleep. I groaned, turning and tried to slam my hand on my phone since in my groggy mood, I thought the noise was my alarm clock. Once it fully registered that it was my phone, I grabbed it and squinted at it, only to see Lily’s name. Then I saw what time it was and realised she’d never call around 6 am in the morning unless it was something really important. The bad feeling returned with a bang and I quickly answered my phone without a second thought. Instead of hearing Lily being panicked, she instead seemed very excited, telling me to get over to her house. She wanted to show me something really cool apparently. I agreed, happy to hear her so excited but this time I couldn’t even shake the feeling. I quickly got dressed and cleaned my glasses, just so that I wouldn’t end up having to stare through blurry lenses.
I rode my bike all the way to her house, and what I could already see from behind her house was…A very big tree. Ashy white in colour with the branches being so full of leaves, it was almost amazing. They looked a little bit like maple leaves.  I would’ve been amazed to see it, but then I remembered all about the folk tale Lily had told me about. I rushed out to the backyard, only to stop dead in my tracks when I fully saw what that…Tree was.

It was a big tree and on the very trunk of it was…I could only call it a grotesque mockery of a child’s face. What I could see of the leaves made me realise that they weren’t maple leaves at all, but shaped in a way that they almost looked like tiny little hands. I could feel myself getting sicker every second, and eventually I couldn’t even hold it in and doubled over to throw up on her lawn, my body shaking a little bit after the fact. “Delilah!” I could hear Lily calling. I looked up, only to see her with a beaming smile on her face as she near skipped over with a watering can in her hands. “I’m so, so, so glad you came!!” she squeaked. Before I could respond or ask her about what was going on, she walked over to the tree and dragged me with her. She then proceeded to water the lawn around the base of the tree.
“Isn’t it gorgeous? I knew the folk tale would be real and now I have the prettiest tree in the whole neighbourhood!!” she chattered on, almost jumping a bit on her place. Her grin never left her face, and now that usually so comforting grin to me was so…Disturbing. “L-Lily, is that..Did you…?” I started to ask, my voice shaking but I found myself unable to finish my sentence.

“Yeah!! It worked like magic and-” it almost seemed like a light bulb went off on top of her head and she grabbed my hand and placed it on the trunk of the tree. I couldn’t help but to have tears starting to form in the corners of my eyes as my eyes touched the bark. It wasn’t even bark, it felt like…Human skin. Cold and clammy to the touch. I shuddered, but all Lily did was giggle. “Awh, you’re so happy for me you’re about to cry, right?? That’s so sweet!” After that, she just went back to watering the base of the tree. I found myself completely quiet, not being able to bring myself to say anything. I just stared up at that monstrosity that I couldn’t even take my hand off of.

As the wind blew through the paper-thin leaves of the tree, I swear I could hear a baby screaming and crying in agony.
I don’t think I can ever get that sound out of my head.

Things I have learned about growing locs

I really gotta stop looking at other people’s locs and expecting mine to look like theirs, loc envy is a bitch and is the reason I keep taking out my locs to start over… I just need to let them grow how they want and embrace the uniqueness of my locs even in the awkward stage

Don’t wash so often 😭 my hair was so damn dry all the time and washing my scalp all the time probably made things worse… use tea tree oil mixed with jojoba oil to calm itchy scalp, or witch hazel water or rose water

Drink lots of water!!!!!!!!! Water is great for your entire body but it really helps with hair growth and having healthy strong hair

Less is more when it comes to products, olive oil gel is great for starter locs but after a few months just some water and oil should be enough for retwisting

I keep retwisting to once a month, in the future I might do once every two months. Less manipulation means thicker healthier locs!

Yesterday ( 10/28/2016 ) I started my loc journey over and I want to keep these things in mind this time around… wish me luck ❤️

Survival (Chapter 4)

Ivar Ragnarsson X Reader

Word Count: 1722

Warning: Like 1 Swear word repeated

Tags: @cheyannnnerios @cafe-sabor-a-chocolate @livinginthatstate @evilxcupcakexnik

<< Chapter 3

You woke up the next morning with a new goal after explaining to Ivar that you needed to go and see your parents before you left, you made your way to the houses. It was weird that everyone thought that a place like this existing in the middle of the forest was okay, in all honesty, you were still classed as part of Beacon Hills and sometimes the Sheriff would come down to make sure that everything is okay. The houses had somehow been built to look like they were a part of the forest, the trees curled around some of them and others have ivy and such growing over the walls but most of the reminded you of tree houses or really big playhouses that were built out of wood. You knocked on the door and walked into the house but you were surprised to see one of the newcomers hugging your mum, it was Derek. “Hey, guys.” You alerted them to your presence and your Mum seemed to jump and you frowned. “Am I interrupting something?”
“You haven’t told her?” Derek asked.
“Told me…” You frowned and your Mum smiled.
“What are you doing here dear?” She asked.
“You mean despite the fact that this is my house?” You asked and she rolled her eyes playfully, “I’m here to get some clothes Alpha Ragnar has asked for my help with everything happening in Beacon Hills so I said that I would go with him and the prince.”
“It seems that this talk is important then.” Your Mum mumbled seeming to herself.
“Talk?” You asked.
“Well now that we know Derek is still alive and in fact a few of your cousins are-”
“I’m sorry cousins?” You asked.
“We came from Beacon Hills, we were part of the Hae pack that protected Beacons Hills from the supernaturals that often came looking for trouble.” You Dad explained and you looked at him.
“The Hale pack!?” You asked eyes widening.
“By all technicalities, you are royalty too.” Your Dad said.
“Who else knows that?” You asked.
“Only the Alpha and Luna.” Your Mum answered.
“So you’ve had me living like a peasant!?” You asked sarcastically and that was when your parents relaxed. “I’m not angry I know what happened and I know why we had to leave but there was nothing that you could do to change it but I don’t think I want to have you seen the friends I’ve made!?” Your Mum laughed and kissed your head before walking towards your bedroom.
“Come on let’s get you packed up.”  She laughed.


Being in Beacon Hills was weird to say the least, there was so much that paralleled the way the Kattegat worked the only difference was how big the scale was, not to mention that their werewolves were the minority and no one knew about werewolves existing, it seemed like the families all ran their respective areas the way that they wanted. Kattegatt was by technicality all Ragnar’s estate and therefore his land, he chose what happened to it and had kept it separate from what the world recognised as cities, towns and counties because that meant that he was able to keep the area hunter free, whereas families like the Hales had merged their lives with humans and were forced to hide their nature because they were living in the same places as most of the hunter families.
Unfortunately for everyone involved Ivar had managed to cause a fight within 10 minutes of being in Beacon Hills, which was why you were sitting at the Sheriff Station running your hands through your hair “So Ivar and (Y/N)?” The Sheriff asked as he looked at you.
“Yes, Sheriff…” You trailed not knowing his name.
“Stilinski.” He supplied and you looked at him for a second before smiling as Ivar grunted. “What?”
“We met your son is all.” You answered and he nodded.
“Well, we would like to talk to you both.” He informed you.
“And I’ll answer all of your questions as long as she is there,” Ivar answered quickly.
“I don’t think that is how this works.” You informed him and he shrugged leaning back in the chair and it was clear that he was not going to change his mind.
“Dad!” Stiles rushed through the doors of the station causing you to look up at him, the Sheriff stopped and looked at his son.
“Them too?” He asked and the son nodded softly as the Sheriff looked back at you.

“So not only is he a werewolf but he’s a prince?” The Sheriff asked.
“Correct.” Stiles nodded.
“Why did he start a fight?” The Sheriff asked and Stiles looked at you.
“The guy looked at him funny… We’re working on it.” You said as Ivar shifted next to you confidence literally radiating off of him.
“How hard?” Stiles asked.
“Hard enough that you haven’t been killed yet,” Ivar answered.
“Apparently I need to work harder.” You sighed rubbing your hands over your eyes as you leant forward.
“You two can go but there is only so much that I can make disappear.” The Sheriff informed you and you nodded.
“I’ll try to keep him out of trouble.” You nodded standing up, Ivar looked at you before following suit and walking out. “It was nice to meet you.”


It took a week for schooling to be sorted out but your first day of school was a Thursday, you were shown around and befriended by a boy named Mason and you later found out that his best friend was Scott’s new Beta. You had literally been shadowing the two the whole day and was now following a very fired up, Liam. “Liam, wait. What, no, no, no, no. Liam.” Mason tried to get Liam to stop but he was unsuccessful.
“They’re like a sitcom.” You mumbled as you walked behind them.
“Brett!” Liam called and you saw Mason physically wince.
“Here we go,” Mason commented and you looked at him.
“What is going on?” You asked and Mason sighed.
“They are the team from Liam’s old school, he rekted their coaches car,” Mason answered.
“Why?” You asked.
“Because he was benched,” Mason answered.
“I like this kid,” Ivar commented and you rolled your eyes before looking back at Liam. “He’s going to kill him.”
“No, he’s not.” You denied.
“I just wanted to say… Have a good game.” Liam said sticking his hand out for the boy in front of him to shake but he just laughed.
“Is that what they told you to say in Anger Management? Apologize and everything’s fine? You demolished Coach’s car.” Brett reminded him and that was when you took a step forward.
“I paid for it.” Liam ground out through gritted teeth.
“Yeah, you’re going to pay for it. We’re gonna break you in half out there. And it’s gonna be all your fault.” Brett threatened and then you were in front of Liam.
“Hi, there asshole do you want to maybe step off a little?” You asked and he glared down at you and stepped forward, you heard something behind you and assumed that it was Ivar but it stopped quickly and then Stiles was in front of you.
“Hey, what’s going on prep students? Welcome to our little public high school. How you doing? Stiles.” He stuck his hand out for them to shake but none of them took it. “That’s a firm handshake you got there. Uh, we’re very excited for the scrimmage tonight. Uh, but let’s keep it clean, all right? No rough stuff out there. All right, see you on the field. Go.”
“What are you doing?” Ivar asked as he pulled you back over to him.
“I’m doing what we always do…” You answered and he smirked at you.
“You told me not to.” Ivar looped his arm over your shoulder as he guided you back over to Mason
“Yeah well, he’s an asshole.” You pointed at Brett who was already looking at you.
“Come on.” He rolled his eyes as he guided you back into the building as you dragged Mason with you.


After school, you found yourself at the game but you were worried about one of the player. “Look at Number 7.” You pointed as you leaned over to Ivar.
“What about him?” He asked.
“Look at the way he’s looking at Scott and Number 28.” You explained.
“He’s one of the assassins.” Ivar accused and you looked at him.
“How do you figure that?” You asked.
“Remember the photos that the human showed us?” He asked.
“His name is Stiles and yes.” You nodded.
“The Lacrosse sticks are the same shape around the stab wound and you see how he keeps running his finger over the silver button on his stick?” He asked and you nodded. “That’s probably how he extends or retracts the blade.” You said in realisation and Ivar nodded but just as you made the revelation Liam crashed into Number 28, you watched as the blade retracted.
“It was number 28,” Ivar said and you both got up running down the steps and into the school with Ivar close behind you.

When you got to the locker room you saw that there was a girl in there, you had seen her walking around with Number 7 but you had never spoken to any of them “I think you need to put that down.” You mumbled and she smirked at you.
“We’re coming for you (Y/N) Hale, for you friend Ivar, for his Dad.” She listed and you rolled your eyes.
“You should concentrate on tracking them.” You advised as you gestured behind her where Ivar stood, he easily knocked her out and looked over at Number 28 before smirking.
“So much for causing trouble.” He commented and you looked down to see the guy that you wanted to piss off earlier that day.
“Damn it!” You cursed as Scott raced down the stairs.
“What!? What happened?” Scott asked as he looked at you.
“He’s poisoned.” You pointed at Number 28 and “she’s knocked out… I think.”
“Who knocked her out?” Stiles asked and you pointed at Ivar and he winced. “She could be dead.”
“Maybe you should call you Dad.” You suggested looking at Stiles who nodded.

Requests and general question!

flame-cat  asked:

SO FLOWER JEREM y.... how he get like that. he birth like that. he come from a TReE???? i love flower jer

Here’s the quick comic i made based on the lil story(from the ahwu) which i’ll take as the beginning of this AU-thingy. Sorry it’s directly from my notepad. I guess the seed could grow into a tree..or a big flower..and he would emerge from a plant cocoon or something. Also thanks it was really fun to design <3  I guess i could fletch out this au thing and designing them all as reincarnated semi-gods/kings of different elements if the people want it… (???)

could also go in-depth about how/why they all died…(could be ender eye rye who knows, go have fun with ideas guys)

i love jeremy and flowers 

Plants related sentences
  •  “You’re as beautiful as that flower.”
  • “You love plants a little too much.”
  • “You take good care of them, don’t you?”
  • “You’re watering them too much!”
  • “Don’t you dare touch them!”
  • “I’m gonna call you a plant nerd from now on.”
  • “You were dreaming… about plants.”
  • “Make a wish~”
  • “Don’t touch them, unless you want to be pricked.”
  • “That’s one dead flower.”
  • “If you like them so much, why don’t you marry them?”
  • “You pay more attention to them than me….”
  • “Do you love plants that much?”
  • “As I thought… this flower suits you well.”
  • “This flower is a token of our friendship.”
  • “The mood and bed calls for rose petals!”
  • “Here, try on this  flower crown I made~”
  • “It’s just a plant!”
  • “You love for plants is weird.”
  • “Trees are only good for growing food and for shade!”
  • “Why do I feel like petals are falling around us?!”
  • “Who said you can pluck fruit from my tree?”
  • “Their so beautiful!”
  • “They smell really nice.”
  • “Look, it’s them or me. Which will it be?”
  • “Do you always carry around a plant?”
  • “Do you have books not related to plants?”
  • “I knew you loved me, this flower never lies!”
  • “Hang out with me, or I’m burning it.”
  • “Is plant hoarding a new thing for you?”
  • “Here’s a flower, you love me now?”
  • “If I wanna cut them, I will cut them!”
  • “Darling, you are my flower~”
  • “I’m don’t babysit plants.”
  • “I wanna watch flowers grow with you.”
  • “I gave you a rose, I deserve at least one kiss.”
  • “I cannot move, their in the way!”
  • “I love you more than I love flowers.”
  • “No rose petals in the bath!”
  • “I heard you like roses~”
  • “Am I doing it right?“
  • “This rose symbolizes my love for you.“
  • “Did you seriously just name it?“
  • “Did you break it?!”
  • “You need friends and no, your flowers don’t count.”
  • “Shove them flowers up where the sun don’t shine!”
  • “What are those?”
  • What’s your favorite kind of flower?“
  • “Where flowers bloom so does hope.“
  • “In joy or sadness, flowers are our constant friends.“
  • “Every thing I touch dies!!!“
  • “Oh my god, why am I so itchy!?”
  • “Watch where you’re stepping!”
  • “If I had a single flower for every time i think about you, I could walk forever in my garden.“
  • “You can cut all the flowers you want, but you can’t keep spring from coming.“
  • “To be overcome by the fragrance of flowers is a delectable form of defeat.“

anonymous asked:

idk if y'all will kno any esp being busy w the bang but do you have any new depressed!steve or make ur heart hurt fics or just rlly intense h/c? I'm dealin w a bad bout of Depression™ so it would b really appreciated (& hopefully help a bit) if u do thanks either way tho 💕

Ok here we go I have a selection of some of the not in the tags recently read stuff for you, I hope you like them!

a tree grows in brooklyn by newsbypostcard

POST-CIVIL WAR: They have to get out of Siberia. They have to get to a safehouse. They have to figure out what comes next – how to live in the world; how to stay out of sight.

If Bucky can only get a grip on himself and the way his mind keeps throwing out memories.

Aces and Kings by whoniverses

“That’s…a dog,” Steve says. “You got a dog.”

Bucky raises an eyebrow at him. “Uncanny observation skills, Rogers,” he drawls.

“I thought you were going to the grocery store?”

Unimpressed, Bucky rolls his eyes. He clips the collar around the dog’s neck, the ends coming together with a sharp snap. “Had to pick up food for Spot, didn’t I?”

“You named it Spot?

Bucky sighs.

Or: After SHIELD falls and Steve finds Bucky, he hangs up his uniform and takes a long-needed break from Captain America so he can just be Steve Rogers. Meanwhile, Tony convinces Bucky to get a therapy dog in order to help him adjust to his newfound Regular Citizen Life™. As the weeks go by, both Steve and Bucky struggle to deal with their own problems while trying to piece their glass relationship back together without stepping on the shards.

For the Holidays by togina

The Avengers spend their first Christmas together (because Tony won’t let them leave). They spend December trying to bring Steve some Christmas cheer.

Here’s a Conspiracy by castiowl

The pre-war years as told by an anomalistic radio.

Such Great Siege by eyres

In the aftermath of defying his country to save his best friend, Steve Rogers agreed to a plea bargain that would grant his friends immunity but send him to prison. That was two years ago.Bucky had a plan for when Steve finally was released from prison: a quiet house and a big bed, maybe a dog. None of his plans included Steve agreeing to sacrifice himself to save the very people that had stripped him of his title and took away his freedom. But old enemies have a way of coming back.

anonymous asked:

Imagine if the SepticEgos were children? Would they still have green hair? *thinks of nice things* Maybe Chase met Stacey when they were kids!!!

Aww childhood sweethearts! I like that!

I reckon they would have a streak of green that grows as they get older.

Can you imagine them as kids?

Chase getting scraped knees all the time from climbing trees. He got his first Nerf gun at 5 and loved it

Jack/Marvin the magnificent getting his first magic set at 6 and entering every talent show going with his tricks improving every time

Dr Schneeplestein being a book worm and really being a pro at Operation. No one can beat him

Jackaboy man running around shouting out how he’s going to rescue people when he’s older and jumping off high places in an effort to fly.

Anti pulling apart electrical equipment to learn how it works. He has an uncanny ability to learn things at a superhuman rate. Temper tantrums are a nightmare when they come from him.


Sage: “The girls and I are all getting dresses from this super exclusive boutique, and like, their dresses are all five thousand at least. It’s really posh and super fancy. You wouldn’t understand, but its worth it I promise. It’s like an investment.”

Edna: “Sage what kind of game do you think this is. Simoleans don’t just grow on trees honey, you’ve got to earn them. five thousand is ridiculous. Your spoiled and entitled, since I make good money, and your grandma made good money. When I was growing up I didn’t have near what you did, and I never expected hand outs.”

Sage: “So is that a no or….?” 

  • Aries: It is highly suggested by the stars that you brush up on your Shirley Jackson this week. Not only will reading The Lottery help you in your American Lit class, it will prepare you for this month's lottery. Things are looking lucky for you!
  • Taurus: The stars are lying. But don't let them know that you know.
  • Gemini: Self awareness is more important than ever in these stressful times. To reduce stress, make detailed lists about the state of your mind, body, and soul. Update these lists every three hours. If you miss one, you will have to start over again. Also, deep breathing can be useful.
  • Cancer: Looks like you're going on a date this week! Just make sure to let your spouse know in advance.
  • Virgo: Don't forget your grocery list next time. And don't shop on an empty stomach. And try not to buy brand name products. Stock up on coconuts and almonds, as they are high in psychic nutrients.
  • Libra: He loves me, he loves me not. I really wish he'd be more consistent.
  • Scorpio: On the Southern Hemisphere, trees are technically growing down. But that doesn't bother them. Trees are just super chill like that. Try to be more like trees.
  • Sagittarius: Your cybernetic brain-organ needs a tune-up. Consult your nearest electro-orthopedist. They can't help you, but they will give you the name and hotel room number of a woman who can. Meet her at the agreed time. Be prompt.
  • Capricorn: Just have fun this week. Quit your job, binge on ice cream, move to Fiji. You can figure it all out later.
  • Aquarius: It's all relative, really. It might not be that bad. Chin up.
  • Pisces: Question everything. Question societal norms, oppressive status quos, reasons for authority, gravity, grammar and punctuation, these assorted configurations of lines and dots that make up the Roman alphabet which we interpret as communicating information and meaning from one mind to another, and the profound delusion that anything is in any way comprehensible at any time.

Request: Could u do a Gabriel x reader x Castiel. She is the baby, and they are protective of her but eventually realized she is grown up now? With some flashbacks to when she was a little baby growing up with them please?? Fluff! Haha

Characters: Gabriel x Reader x Castiel (Plutonic)

A/N: So this is 5long overdue and for that I apologize profusely. I would also like to apologize for its short length, for some reason I really struggled writing this but please let me know what you think!

Super special thanks to @icecream-and-winchesters​ for the ideas, though I did not use it (just couldn’t find a good place to put it) I really appreciate the help!!!

You sighed and sat against the tree, blocking out ever noise Castiel and Gabriel were making as the chastised you for…well…you weren’t exactly sure what for. It seemed to happen so often that you no longer listed to their long rants about you being “too young” or “irresponsible”.

“Are you even listening to us?” Cas yelled making you jump slightly, neither of them raised their voice often so it definitely caught your attention.

“Yes” You responded immediately with a faint squeak in your voice causing Gabriel to laugh.

You and Castiel both turned to glare at him. “Sorry she’s such a bad liar”

“I am not” You said defensively, the squeak appearing in your voice again causing you to grumble.

“Nevertheless” Castiel said still glaring at Gabriel “You shouldn’t have gone out by yourself. You are too young and too irresponsible to do so.”

You cut him off with a loud groan “Yes yes I know. I’ve heard it a thousand times”

“Well obviously you haven’t heard it enough because you’re still doing things like this”

“That’s because there is nothing wrong with going down to earth by myself” You exclaimed.

“It’s against about a hundred rules” Cas said “This time it’s not just about us wanting to keep you safe it’s about us wanting to keep you in heaven.”

“That’s the thing though” You yelled standing up slowly “’this time’ you said ‘this time’ because you two are constantly imposing your will upon me in order to ‘make sure I’m safe’. I’m not a little kid anymore, I don’t need a fucking babysitter” With that you turned on your heel and began walking in the opposite direction, ignoring their calls as you flew off to another part of heaven desperate to get away from them.



You walked next to Dean as he told you about his childhood, his face lighting up as he talked about the fun times: fireworks, Legos, army men; purposely leaving out all of the bad ones.

“So what about you?” Dean asked, a small smile on his face.

“What about me?”

“What was your childhood like.”

“Nothing special” You shrugged.

“Come on you’re an angel!” Dean exclaimed with a small chuckle “You must’ve seen so much and done so much.”

“Nah, I’m actually no older than you” you explained “my childhood wasn’t that exciting.”

Dean stopped walking, a smile no longer on his face “That can’t be true, I had a horrible childhood and still managed to find some things that I liked, that made it special.”

You shrugged again “It’s not like I had a bad childhood, it just wasn’t anything special.”

Dean nodded “Well I’m going to change that” He smiled, taking another step towards you so that his face was no more than a foot away from you.

“Oh and how do you plan on doing that?”

Dean smirked, leaning slightly closer to you so that your faces were mere inches from each other “You’ll just have to wait and see”

You opened your mouth to respond but were cut off by another new voice “Hey Dean-o, Y/N”

Dean immediately jumped back from you and you groaned under your breath “Gabriel.”

“What are you doing out here Y/N” He asked, his voice kept firm and hard.

“We were going on a walk” You said.

“By yourself?”

“I had Dean here to protect me”

“Well that’s not exactly a comfort” he grumbled causing you to roll your eyes.

You opened your mouth to reply but stopped as another set of fluttering wings made their presence known and an all too familiar voice sounded “Dean have you seen Y/N?”

“Guys” You groaned.

“I think I should go” Dean approached you from behind whispering into your ear.

“I think that would be wise” Cas said.

You rolled your eyes and spun around so you faced Dean, ready to give him a quick goodbye kiss but was prevented from doing so by your brothers flying you away from the situation


The mere memory made your skin crawl and your face heat up with anger as you flew around aimlessly. They were always so damn protective! Father forbid you do something fun or remotely dangerous! And to think that was just when you interacted with anyone from the opposite gender who wasn’t an angel, it got so much worse when you went hunting.



You spun your angel blade absentmindedly on the table as Sam outlined some plan for a hunt before Cas snatched it from your hands, no doubt worried that you would scratch yourself.

You rolled your eyes and crossed your arms leaning back in your chair, even though you were younger here your reaction to their overprotectiveness remained the same.

Sam continued to drone on about the hunt as you practiced what Gabe called ‘selective hearing’ something he swore you only used when he and Cas were talking, which, by the way, was not true; you used it when Sam and Dean were talking too.

Everyone around the table abruptly stood up so you followed suit, walking towards the impala only to stop as you felt a hand on your arm.  “Where do you think you’re going” You rolled your eyes as Castiel used his deep voice, one that only really came out when he was trying to intimidate others.

“To the impala” You played up your naiveness just to annoy them.

“No you’re not” Gabriel answered as you swallowed your groan.

“No but you see I am” You did your best to keep your voice light and cheery “You see here I am walking” You made the motion of walking “and the impala’s that way”

“It’s too dangerous you’re not going” Castiel answered frankly.

“But you guys need me” You pleaded.

“We need you alive” Gabe said as he snapped his fingers making a table of sweets appear. “So you will stay here until we get back”

“And if we find you left the bunker for so much as a minute-“

“Yeah yeah” You cut Cas off “I doubt this is a threat I haven’t heard before”

The two glared at you before walking towards the impala.

“The faster you two leave the faster I can call Lucifer over for tea” You yelled after them before crashing down into your chair with a huff.


You rolled your eyes at the memory and relished the time you had no spent flying. This has been the most time you’d spent by yourself in a long time. Your mind, however, didn’t let that feeling linger long as it flooded you with memories of your brothers, both the good and the bad, until you forced yourself to land in the middle of a forest somewhere.

The moment you landed Castiel and Gabriel were there, their mouths open and ready to argue. You, however, stopped them with a shout “WOULD YOU TWO JUST SHUT UP!”

They both looked taken aback by your outburst. Their jaws clamping shut as your breathing began to get heavier and you struggled to contain your rage “I am so sick of you two constantly being by my side, constantly ‘protecting’ me, constantly doing what you think is ‘best’ for me. For once in my life I want to make my own choice and be left alone.” You threw yourself onto the ground and crossed your arms much like a toddler throwing a tantrum.

The two shared a look before slowly lowering themselves to the ground, neither of them saying a word.

“Would you two just leave me alone. What are you staying to protect me from myself?!?”

The two shared another look before Gabriel spoke “Look I know we can be a bit protective.”

“You think?” You muttered under your breath just loud enough for them to hear.

“But we do it because we love you” He continued glaring at you slightly “I guess we still see you as the little angel we taught to fly”

“But I’m not a little girl anymore!” You objected.

“I know” He said quickly “We’ve known ever since you saved our asses on that demon case a few months ago.”

“Then why are you still treating me like a child”

At this Gabe fell silent giving Cas a chance to speak “Old habits die hard is the earth saying a believe”

You simply glared at them with your arms crossed waiting for someone to continue.

“We thought we were doing what was best for you and never considered what you wanted” Cas said with a sigh “I see that now, we will leave you alone.”

Reluctantly the two stood up and were about to leave before you stopped them.

“Wait” You sighed “I don’t want you to leave me alone, not completely that is. It’s-it’s just that you guys are always around and sometimes it just feels like I can’t breathe.”

“You know we didn’t mean to it’s just…you’re our baby sister and we want to make sure that you’re safe and happy, often sacrificing the latter for the former.”

“I know I just” You sighed as you struggled for words “I’m sorry I stormed off like that. I love you guys.”

“We love you too” Cas answered immediately with a smile “And that is why we will leave you alone.”

“Maybe we can start the whole independence thing later?” You said with a soft smile causing the two to grin.

“Of course” Gabe answered as he sat next to you and Cas on your other side.