i really liked the colors in this

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Can I please request Matsuhanaiwaoihina or kiyoyachi?

i didnt know exactly what to draw so i hope you dont mind that i drew this scene from idol au!! (+ some extra dialogue)

An early birthday gift for ma sis @lilias-amell

Happy Birthday! 


One is transparent and one isn’t lmao.

Here is some Laf because he is my love and I just want cry. Also! I’m tired! So this is just shit speaking.

I used @terror-in-the-dream’s coloring tutorial, but the worse version?? Idk how to color and I don’t know what lighting is so kick me in the shin. But, bless their tutorial cause it made my art decent. I also kind of sort of used their lip style?? Not really the exactly the style it was just colored on the bottom not the top lmao- sorry btw. Oh and I also used other things familiar to their art style. Like where they don’t draw the shoulders. Also this is familiar to their earlier drawing of Laf and I only realized that half way drawing.

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your art style made me start drawing in a way i actually enjoyed rather than strictly photorealism - i feel like that's what a lot of people assume art is supposed to look like or evolve into all the time, and that's why you get a lot of unfair comments. keep doing what you love artistically and don't feel pressured to evolve your art unless it seems natural for YOU. just this year your style made STRIDES and it didn't have to do with realism at all - just depth and color. you are AMAZING ida

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Hi! Do you have any tips on how to match colors? Like what colors would look good together? I usually wear punk/grunge so I only know how to work with black and I feel so lost in fairy kei (and colors in general tbh) but I really want to try it. When I wear colors I usually focus on one color, like with a black shirt with a red design I'd wear red red shoes, red choker, red makeup, etc. Could something like that be done in fairy kei?

Hello! I’d recommend looking at coords you enjoy like, and see how they coordinate them ♪

Generally, these are safe colour combos: 

  • Pink x Yellow
  • Pink x Sax
  • Lavender x Pink 
  • Lavender x Mint

You should keep on as you are by focusing on one colour, and building your coord around it. If you base your outfit around a main piece, you can also look at the print it. For example, if your sax t-shirt has a pink print on it, you should incorporate this elsewhere in your coord!

Here’s an example:

You can see the mint cutsew, socks, and bows match in colours. The pink of the t-shirt matches the bottom layer of the tutu, and I’ve expanded on the purple using it as an accent on the socks and shoes! 

Item sources: T-shirt, Tutu, Socks (Listen Flavor) Bows (Chocomint @ Dreamy Bows) Shoes (Reebok)

I hope this makes sense, and if you need any more information please let me know✨

another attempt at the whole b/w->color thing. you really have to carefully stick to the greyscale painting when coloring or it’ll just look crap (see background for gross example). i don’t know, i want to like this workflow for its speed and simplicity but i’m not really warming up to it

i dont remember posting my bottle cap curse so here goes!

you need a bottle cap, a thumbtack, a small slip of paper and something to write with, and hot glue.

write the targets name on the paper and fill the bottle cap with hot glue, while it is still wet stick the thumbtack through the paper slip and push it into the glue

if you want you can also add your own touches like putting googly eyes in the glue to bring them unwanted or negative attention, sequins of colors you dislike or associate with bad things, anything you want really make it your own!

after im done i usually either throw it away or keep it as a representation of my anger to the person and cast an evil eye over at it ever once in a while if im still mad

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What is your favorite flower?? And color?

I adore all colors (being an artist and all), but I’d say my favorite set of colors is that transition from green leaves to fall colors; green, gold, orange, and red.  All together they’re gorgeous!  Out of those, green is my absolute favorite color, especially vibrant spring greens that speak of the first leafy buds of the year after winter.

My favorite flower is the red Indian Paintbrush!  They were the only native bright red flower in the part of the Colorado rockies I grew up in.  I found it absolutely magical to be hiking deep in the pine woods, surrounded by mostly greens, browns, and oranges, and come across a striking bright red flower in the middle of it all, like a flaming beacon. 

I also really love flowering trees, especially purple and pink ones!  Flowers are basically one of the best things ever, and so are trees.  Combine them for ultimate eye-gasm in my opinion!

Hello hello hello heeeeello!

Midnight here !!!! Okay no one cares for that i guess ! XD

Since i’m in a anxious mood, i want to go over and tag some people.

So one thing i would L-O-V-E to say!! Golly i haven’t interacted with people much….. But oh well ! ^ ^;!!

But! I would love to give people certain shoutouts so!!!!! Okay! >:D

To the art section ! I’d like to give some godly…goddesly… XD cool artists

Which is?
I really like your art cheatsy, it’s comical and happy ! The coloring is beautiful!!
Oh looord! Your style is so cute! I rarely see art that seems to be drawn traditionally ! I really enjoy your styles too, its AH-dorable.
A shocker huh! Okay i honestly love your styles. Friend, you can draw !! I love the style and your coloring.
Oh my gosh!!!! You have talent friend!!!!!
I love seeing your art friend !
I hope people notice more of your arts !

KAJAHU im a fAN of YOU friend!
But honestlyyyy??????! Your art is heart-attacking amazing.. Also your persona!
Hello you !!! I’m a fan of you too! Bad news ! XD means i annoyingly tag!
I love the very creative fact blog you made up especially drawings !! Wadda talented one whOA.
Follow for Ballora facts!
To find out news of your blue heeled lass~
I absolutely love this person(s) behind this because the drawings are so simple and adorable !!
Heck, shadow bonnie is my second favorite too.

I 100% recommend !!!!! You are amazing and your art and blog style is so ((WOW!?))
Keep it up friend !

Oooh okay anyway! Lets wrap it up !


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ths isnt a psa but im sure its gonna be full of Buzzwords? anyway ive been thnkin about this lately as an “artist” “of” “color” but recalling the genuine difficulty i experienced a few years back trying to accurately depict nonwhite individuals..ethnic features.. has been an absolute process of unpacking a lot of self hatred ive internalized as an e asian growing up in a white community/in a household where white beauty standards were enforced violently

like the best advice i really have for any young artist who is struggling the same way is to go out of your way to surround yrself with positive influences. maybe it comes across as a Tryhard action but for me, as a 14, 15 yr old who hated herself..i cannot express how cathartic it was following body positivity blogs, following the monthly asian face appreciation day tag, etc. normalizing those faces and stories brought an unimaginable comfort and while i obv continue to experience a lot of issues w my body, i can genuinely share that (as fucked up as this may sound) i find faces like mine more attractive and Normal. Acceptable? i really cant come up w words to properly describe it but ethnic features exist in my realm of consciousness now as a positive force

and bringing ths back 2 the note of the drawing process, ofc all ppl learn differently but when i started to try to work on my own racialized self image issues i can genuinely tell u tht jus looking at asian selfies helped me draw monolids better. lik no tutorial needed it jus came 2 me naturally. anyway im hungry and theres leftovr cake in my kitchen