i really liked that dumb outfit i put him in so i doodled it again

Spy Job

a/n: I have so much unfinished shit sitting in my folders waiting to get done and I could’ve definitely finished some of them, but I was inspired to write this little piece and I feel like I’ll add more to it later on. (btw i just wanna say that i love each and every one of you lil cuties for putting up with my ass.) p.s.: it may have mistakes. sorry. hope it’s okay though. :)

There was nothing inherently special about (Y/n) Argent. She was always quiet, never uttering a word unless she was spoken to first, and even then she’d only say a few words before returning to her own devices. Her own devices usually meant staring off into space, working mindlessly on work, or reading a book. She was as plain as the color white was if one were to put it into words. Always wearing the same few baggy sweaters/dark outfits, her hair always down and curly, always having that same exhausted look on her face like the entire weight of the world was on her shoulders. But she was beautiful in a soft way, something that wasn’t as obvious if you just glanced at her, but if you stared long enough you’d see it. Liam would know. He’s spent enough time watching her out of the corner of his eye. But if he were being honest, there was nothing really ‘special’ about her because she was just like any other ordinary girl.

And that’s why Liam was so caught off guard when Stiles asked him to spy on her for ‘supernatural’ purposes. Liam had never actually spoken more than a few words to the girl but he couldn’t fathom (Y/n) being anything supernatural, especially something dangerous. Stiles was absolutely off his rocker if he thought Liam was going to start spying on (Y/n) because of some ‘gut instinct.’ And Liam told him as much before trying to push past him to get to class.

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