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hey!!! I was wondering if you had any tips on how to draw? or like just tips on how to draw eyes?? every time I try drawing they turn out really wonky esp those with narrow eyes ;;;;;;

think of the eyes in terms of simple shapes, that way you wont be too caught up on small details like lids, folds, eyelashes, etc.

using guidelines can help you with eye placement

eyes arent completely flat, so they squish and distort according to the perspective/angle. 

heres a step by step i guess of my drawing process???

looking at lots of your favorite artists’ works and refs will definitely help you develop/refine your style! hopefully this helps, but feel free to ask me more questions!


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How about an MC who has a lot of siblings? Like, A LOT

As someone with a real sibling (and only one), I’d like to say - I know some of the interactions are kinda stereotypical and not very true to life, but I thought they were fun.


  • When MC told him she had older brothers, he didn’t think much about it
  • Until he went to meet her family and discovered she had five
  • Hahaha he’s sweating up a storm as he’s shaking their hands
  • Turns out their all really nice and just as easy to talk to as MC
  • One of her brothers is a little bit of a testosterone fest, but the family joke is that he’s so muscular so that he can give the best hugs ever, because really, he’s like a giant teddy bear
  • Yoosung is significantly less nervous walking out than he was walking in
  • One of her brothers does pull him aside as they’re leaving, however, and just says, “Don’t hurt her. Ever.”
  • He manages to muster his courage and declare, “I wont.”
  • Her brother immediately bursts out laughing, then shouts to MC, “He’s a keeper!”
  • Yoosung’s just “asjhflsakfhajskfhafaklsfha” *hides face in hands while blushing*


  • This is Jaehee’s face 😳
  • MC said they were having dinner with her family
  • “I didn’t realize we were going to a family reunion,” Jaehee whispered to MC when they walked into her parents house. “I would have dressed nicer.”
  • MC laughed, “Oh, no, I have twelve siblings. Most of them are older, so some are married with kids. This is just immediate family.”
  • Jaehee’s eyes bugged out so much MC had to try really hard not to laugh
  • She was VERY respectful towards MC’s mother, as well
  • Also, Jaehee had so much trouble keeping all of her siblings, their spouses, and kids, straight in her head
  • At the end of the get-together, pats Jaehee on the back, saying she did well, and promising to make a comprehensive guide to who’s who in her family (with pictures, names, and all in the form of a family tree), so Jaehee can learn if she’s interested
  • At least Jaehee will never want for family again


  • One morning, Zen gets up and finds MC cooking breakfast and on the messenger
  • He kisses her good morning and half-jokingly asks, “How did you get so good at multitasking?”
  • “Well, when you’re the oldest of seven, you tend to learn.”
  • ?!??!?!
  • Seven?! MC has seven younger siblings?!
  • Well, it turns out, five of them are sisters and two are brothers, there’s a set of twins, two are still in high school, and one is in 5th grade
  • When Zen gets to meet her family, he already knows their names and faces because of MC, and they take an instant liking to him
  • The sister in 5th grade likes him a little too much
  • She wants to take selfies with him every chance she gets, is overly affectionate, kisses him on the cheek, holds his arm, bats her eyes, monopolizes his time, and even chases MC away
  • Zen is super uncomfortable, but MC tells him that he can play along, she’s just a kid and can’t be taken seriously, after all
  • Her other siblings tell him the same thing
  • Aside from the one, uh, overly affectionate sister, the rest of MC’s huge family is nice, and Zen can’t wait to visit them again


  • They were figuring out the guest list for their engagement party
  • MC casually starts listing off her siblings, and it gets up to six before Jumin stops her and asks how many siblings she has
  • Turns out, MC is one of eleven
  • MC does explain that both her parents were married before they met, so she had four half-siblings from her dad, three from her mom, and she was the first of four born from the both of them
  • At the party, it fascinates Jumin to watch MC interact with her siblings, if only because she’s closer with some of them, but they clearly all get along
  • One of her older brothers comes over, and because he’s a lawyer, begins to… interrogate him, but casually
  • Jumin does well to impress her family
  • He also starts wondering if having a lot of children with MC would be better than having just one or two


  • When MC introduced Saeyoung to her family, he already knew all of their names
  • Which is impressive given that she had one older sister and six younger
  • Of course, Saeyoung, is respectful, but with so many younger siblings, Saeyoung discovers that if he’s goofy, performs magic tricks and the like, the younger set of her siblings (the youngest being in 4th grade) will adore him
  • Her family adores him, and her older sister even suggests that Saeyoung bring Saeran around next time
  • Because really, what’s one more member of the family? :)

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Out of curiosity, how would you have preferred to see the Pewdipie situation turn out?

He should’ve simply apologized, genuinely, in a single video and saved his attack on the media for another video. By doing it the way he did he made it seem like the apology was forced out of him by Disney and YouTube rather than a sincere act of contrition. 

The frustrating part is that I think his criticisms of the media are largely accurate. Most articles I’ve read about him don’t really talk about what he does and why he’s popular and do focus on the size of his audience and how much money he makes. Many of them do have a condescending, mocking tone to them. I can understand why he’s angry. I really can.

That said, however justified his grievances with the media, this firestorm occurred because of his actions. He needs to understand that he is a public figure who makes millions of dollars and has millions of followers. He is no longer the “little guy.” He needs to understand that people are following his example and are imitating what he does. To use the popular tumblr term he needs to collect his trash. He is not the victim here. Accountability is not victimhood. Having to clean up your own mess is a moral and ethical responsibility, not a form of oppression.

Annoyance: Young!Sirius Black x Reader

A/N: I was going through a list of prompts for some inspiration as this thing came to mind. Not a request, you can send those in right now if you’d like though. This is coming out a bit later than my stuff normally would but, I was in a writing mood and I really wanted to get this out. :3

This one’s a ton shorter than my last one with Fred, but I really love how it turned out so, it’s okay. 

 Anyhow, Enjoy! ♥

Word Count: 910

Warnings: Little NSFW, implied sex (Gets pretty heated but it’s not the full blown thing soz, we cool)

“Sirius, just leave me alone!”

“C'mon, love. Just five minutes.” He said, his cocky, crooked smirk pulling at the left side of his face.

“I don’t have ‘just five minutes,’ now leave me alone.” I huffed, focusing my full attention back to the pile of textbooks and papers that lied messily all over the wooden floor. “Go hang out with James, he’s always free.”

Sirius huffed out a sigh and lazily walked over to the old green chair that sat beside me, dramatically throwing himself in it and turning his head in my direction. “Then I’ll just wait here.” He propped up his elbows on the edge of the chair, proceeding to rest his chin on his palms as he watched me.

The room was completely silent, the only sound being the occasional page flip from one of the many textbooks sprawled out in front of me. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have to worry about wasting a whole day away to catch up on work. Why must my boyfriend be such a needy, annoying dog?

“Talking to yourself now, love?” Sirius’ mocking  voice cut off my thoughts as I slowly turned my head behind me to look at him. “You were grumbling to yourself, I wonder sometimes what goes on in that pretty little head of yours.” A smirk forming at the left corner of this mouth after the last statement.

“I-I’m not grumbling to myself,” I said hesitantly. Was I grumbling to myself?

His smirk grew wider as he picked himself up from the chair and walked over beside me. “You were, something about how I annoy you? Or maybe being a needy dog?”

A chill went up my spine when he said that last few words as I turned back to face my work again. “Nope, I didn’t say anything.” My voice squeaked out as he sat behind me, pulling me into his lap.

“Well in that case…” he whispered in my ear, “you wouldn’t mind if I sat here, would you?” I could basically hear the smirk in his voice as his voice dropped a few octaves.

Not getting an answer right away, he proceeded to blow cold air into my ear.

“No, no, no. It’s fine, y-you really don’t need to.” My mouth stuttered a rushed answer as my body tensing up against him.

“No, baby, it’s fine. Since I don’t annoy you, you should be able to continue your work like normal. I’ll do me, you do you.” The sensation went from cold to warm within seconds as he started to gently suck and nibble on my left earlobe. “That sound alright, love?” He whispered, his husky voice muffled in my neck.

“U-uh, y-yeah.” I could barely speak, he was attacking my ear and neck and acting completely normal about it, and somewhere along the line, I agreed to it.

Trying to ignore him, I stretched out my hand out to grab my pencil that had fallen earlier. Even my hands are shaking, why must he do this now? I thought as I firmly gripped the pencil in my right hand, glancing at the textbook to my left. I tried everything I could to focus on the book, but with the attack that was happening in the background, even the words looked foreign to me. Deciding to pull the book closer, I moved my body away from his to reach for the book, only to be forcefully pulled back as Sirius’ lips started to suck down my neck, just above my collar bone.

Squeezing my eyes shut, my body instinctively leaned back into him as I let out a quiet moan. My pencil, once again, falling from my hand.  

Getting the hint, Sirius’ arms tightened around me and pulled me closer to him, allowing him more access. My thoughts screamed to push him away, to make him stop with the ‘distraction’, but my body had a mind of it’s own.

Deciding that I could no longer focus, I reached behind me and tangled my left hand in his silky shoulder length black locks, arching my neck to give him more room. Growling into my neck his teeth suddenly sank into the pale flesh, causing my hand to pull hard on this hair. I could feel his chest shaking lightly from my reaction, clearly pleased.

With one last nibble at my neck, Sirius’ mouth stopped it’s attack with a quiet pop. “Do I still annoy you, babe?” He whispered hotly into my ear, dragging his tongue on the outer edge.

I cleared my throat, not wanting him to hear just how desperate I actually was. “Yes.” I whispered quietly, I could feel the heat growing in my face shortly after I said it.

“Do I…?” He quietly snickered in my ear. “I don’t think I do anymore, but if you really think so…” His right hand caressed my inner thigh, lightly squeezing it, causing my body to still once more in his arms.

“You can still change your answer, though it’s your last chance.” His whispers in my ear becoming impatient as he cupped my sensitive spot between my thighs. “Now…do I still annoy you?”

I squeezed my eyes shut, lightly nodding in reply to his question.

“Alright, I guess it’s been decided.” He smirked against my neck before biting down on the flesh once again, his right hand lightly tracing circles on my inner thigh. “Remember, this was your decision, love.”

It’s safe to say that I didn’t get back to studying that night.

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Alright, so. I have this prompt in my head and I just wanted to get it out there. A girl that is normally emotionless (you can't tell what she's thinking kind of thing) playing like board games (twister?) with Kuroo and boys of your choice and she starts getting pervy and all up on them but still keeps her poker face and they can't tell if she's coming on to them. You can write it in whatever way you like, also if requests are closed just delete this haha

Oooh yay I like this prompt! I was originally going to write for another character as well, but I really liked how the first one turned out so I’m just going to leave it at that!

-Admin Asahi

You stared ahead at the tall boy who was currently digging through his hallway closet for an old game of his. Even though it was your first time in Kuroo’s house, you didn’t seem to show much interest in it. It kind of offended Kuroo that you didn’t even glance around, but he only had himself to blame for his disappointment. He knew you preferred to keep a poker face; the reason for that… he still didn’t know. But he was hoping an exciting game of Twister would help you break out of that shell. 
He pulled the game out of the closet triumphantly and sat down next to you on the ground.
“Have you played Twister before?” he asked. 
“Yes,” you replied.
“Good, let’s get straight into it then.”
Kuroo laid the mat out in front of you and set the spinner in between you two.
“Ladies first,” he gestured animatedly.
You nodded and flicked the spinner with your finger. 
“Ah, left foot on yellow,” Kuroo commented. 
You stood up and stretched to place your foot on the closest yellow circle. You turned your eyes to Kuroo, who was gazing up at you with a strange look on his face.
“Come on, _____, let’s have some fun with this. Don’t look so grumpy.”
Something in you changed as soon as those words left his mouth. Your eyes hardened and your jaw clenched, but otherwise your face remained unchanged. It was your actions that would reveal the switch.

Kuroo glanced at you for what seemed like the hundredth time. Your face held its usual facade, but you were acting very different. For one thing, your hand was resting dangerously close to his butt for stability, and whenever you shifted positions, you made sure to brush your leg or arm or any other part of your body against him while doing so. It was so tantalizing because Kuroo knew you were acting more flirtatious than normal: he just couldn’t figure out why. Finally, after you slid underneath him to reach a circle on the other side of the mat and practically pushed your butt up against his hips, he couldn’t take it anymore. He fell backwards and landed on the ground with a low thud. You cocked your head as you observed him.
“I believe this means I win,” you commented.
Kuroo shook his head.
“I don’t get it, _____. What game are you playing?”
“Game?” You crouched down next to him and rested a hand on his chest, “I’m not playing any games.”
You leaned in. Kuroo’s eyes darted across your face, looking for the lie. When you were a mere inch from his face, your hand suddenly grabbed his shirt and balled it into a fist. The atmosphere changed in a millisecond. You leaned in close, but this time Kuroo felt tension rather than affection.
“Let this be a warning to you, Tetsurou Kuroo. Don’t ever call me grumpy again.”
You sat back on your haunches and folded your arms across your chest. Kuroo blinked at you in a daze. He shook his head to clear his mind and shot you a taunting smirk. 
“Why don’t we have a rematch? Prove to me you’re really not grumpy.”
Your eyes flashed again, but this time they held a light in them that previously wasn’t there. 
“You’re on.”

Leaving behind

Title: Leaving behind

Anonymous asked: Hi! I’ve been reading your sherlock imagines and I love them! Can I get a sister!Reader where she’s an intelligence agent he hasn’t seen in a while only to visit him to tell him she’s getting married and he goes super protective and even gets mycroft to do some digging on the guy but finds out he’s sorta perfect and gets really frustrated?? I hope that’s not too descriptive.. thanks!

Characters: Sherlock, you

Pairing: Sherlockxsister!reader

Warnings: none

Word count: 679

A/N: I’m really sorry it’s so short but to keep it so close to your request as possible I had to leave certain parts out that would have ruined the story otherwise. I do really hope you like it and aren’t disappointed with how it turned out.

________________________________________________________________________________________ You knew Sherlock was going to be in the morgue. You hadn’t seen him in years but you just knew. As his sister you had always had this unspoken bond with him, which made it even harder for you to leave him behind. You had been working as a secret agent for a couple of years before you left your family. You didn’t want to put them in danger because of you. Mycroft had tried to protect you and keep you under the radar but after you vanished even he wasn’t able to find you anymore. It had been almost a decade since they last heard of you which made what you were about to do even harder. On a job in Russia you had met a fellow agent. The two of you had become good friends almost instantly and soon after he proposed to you and now the two of you were going to get married in about a month. You slowly opened the door to the morgue, not wanting to startle Sherlock. You slightly cleared your throat as you saw Sherlock studying something through his microscope. “ah yes Molly, just tea for me please” he said without looking up. “I’m not Molly, Sherlock” you whispered. Quickly Sherlock turned away from his experiment, instantly recognizing your familiar voice. “Y/N? I thought you were dead” he said slowly. “not dead, Sherlock. Just like you Sherlock, I heard about that little Reichenbach trick of yours” you said. “glad to know you did hear about me even though I never heard anything from you” he said, clearly agitated. “please don’t be like that Sherlock. I only did it to keep you safe” you said. “of course, the little brother always needs to be protected” he said, sarcasm coloring his voice. “I also tried to keep Mycroft safe and he is clearly the older one” you said, growing tired of the conversation. “then why are you here Y/N, as it’s clearly not just to mock me” he said. “I’m getting married Sherlock. I thought you might like to know” you said. “you are getting married?” he said, surprised. “yes next month and I would like to invite you and Mycroft if that’s fine with the two of you” you said, nervous about the answer he might give. “who are you marrying?” he asked cautious. “a fellow agent from Russia” you explained. “I’m happy for you Y/N, I truly am. Mycroft and I would love to go to your wedding” he said with a smile. “thank you Sherlock, that means the world to me” you said, visible relieved. You then said your goodbyes to Sherlock telling him you would explain everything about the last decade to him at the wedding. As soon as you had left Sherlock called Mycroft to help him find out everything there was to know about your soon to be husband. After hours of searching the two of them came to the conclusion that your husband was a total ‘mister perfect’. He indeed was a fellow agent, only he wasn’t a field agent. He worked next to you as your secretary. He owned a dog and had never been married. No criminal record and he finished his education cum laude. He truly was perfect and it made Sherlock furious. Although he was furious he did promise to go to the wedding so that’s what he did. He had been distant at first but when Mycroft showed genuine excitement he accepted that this was your dream and he did not dare ruin it. “congratulations Y/N” Sherlock said after the wedding, knowing that since the wedding was over you would leave with your husband and perhaps never return. “thank you Sherlock. I’m grateful you and Mycroft could be here” you smiled. It was a genuine happy smile although it hid sadness. It was hard for you to leave your family again but it was the only way to keep them safe and alive. You gave Sherlock one last hug and turned around, knowing you would never be with your brothers again.

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what's a lesbian mod doing calling gay men out on 'mlm fetishization' and the 'defense' of it anyway, like, not your job, not your business, haven't got anything in this race but i guess discourse is it's own fandom now so who cares if you're screaming about how gay/bi men should have more say in m/m shipping and then turning around and telling gay/bi men who disagree with you to shut the fuck up about their own 'oppression' in fic writing fandom

we have 3 mods, two of which are mlm and one of which is a lesbian. she’s here to help us out, and i specifically asked her to take care of the misogyny ask because as a man, the words coming from me could be taken in the wrong context 

you should really go scream somewhere else if you haven’t even read our /about page

also we’re very clear that mlm have different rights when it comes to what is acceptable to write in m/m fics (becuase, listen, it’s their lives!!) but you clearly haven’t read more than 10 of our posts. this does not mean, however, that mlm are allowed to come to us, two mlm that are very worried about the fetishization of mlm in fandom spaces, and tell us that we’re wrong – just like we don’t go to their blogs to do it. 

calling out homophobia in fandom spaces is not problematic and even though some mlm find that they don’t care, it’s not in their place to talk over those who do

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Your thoughts about dani alves recent comments? I think he really admires him and the rivalry was made by media

I’m going to be very blunt now, I think Dani Alves is full of shit. He slammed Cristiano repeatedly, was incredibly disrespectful on many occasions. For whatever reason now that he left Barcelona he’s trying to excuse himself by blaming the media turning his words inside out (most likely because he knows most football fans are aware of how biased the media is, and how much they lie). If I were to call someone an ass, and a year or years later I were to say that I didn’t mean it like that, no one would believe me. 

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How would Kakyoin or Jotaro deal with and/or help a significant other who is a stand user that has a stand they are terrified of? (Neutral pronouns, please! Just they/them is fine!) Thank you!!

I don’t feel like these turned out too well, so I’m sorry about that ;w; I hope you like them anyways!

☆ Jotaro Kujo ☆

  • He’d be somewhat confused and kind of annoyed at first. What do they mean they’re afraid of their own Stand? A Stand is literally an extension of who you are as a person- are they afraid of themselves? They shouldn’t be, that’s stupid-
  • But when he sees exactly how terrified they actually are, he’d feel his stone heart break a little bit. He never really thought about how it might actually affect them; his s/o seems so afraid of accidentally summoning their Stand, it’s impacting their day-to-day life. He can’t allow that now, can he?
  • Jotaro’s only real solution is tough love. Especially given that he’s still fairly new to the concept of Stands himself; he wouldn’t know any way to help other than to try and get his s/o to just deal with it.
  • He’d try to make them summon their Stand, offering his arm for them to hold while they do so. They’re trembling so badly, he might have to hold them by the shoulders to keep them from keeling over.
  • If his s/o refuses to summon their Stand at all, or hides themselves behind him in an effort to avoid it, Jotaro wouldn’t quite know what else to do. He might try interacting with their Stand; he knows that anything done to the Stand will reflect on the user, so he may use Star Platinum to pet it if possible, in a vague attempt to calm everyone down.
  • If his s/o still won’t listen to him, he’d probably end up going to Joseph. He’s got no idea how to handle the situation, so if anyone can tell him what to do, that would be great.

☆ Kakyoin ☆

  • Kakyoin, on the other hand, would be much more gentle. He’s kind of confused on how one could hate their own Stand, but that may just be because he was so close to Hierophant Green growing up.
  • He would sit down with his s/o and try to figure everything out before attempting anything. What about their Stand scared them? Were they having trouble controlling it? Was its ability detrimental? Was there anything specific they wanted him to do?
  • He would want to start small. Get his s/o and their Stand to exist together in the same room for a few moments. Eventually move on to actual interaction, and from there, if his s/o is interested, begin considering battle.
  • If his s/o doesn’t want to learn to work with their Stand, Kakyoin would be somewhat sad about the situation, but he’d accept it. If they do put effort into learning to at least live with it, he’d be proud of their trying to make progress.
  • He tries to recall how he reacted to Hierophant Green as a child; he’d been scared too, right? He couldn’t quite remember how he felt, but he would at least try to share his own stories of getting used to a Stand, in an effort to make his s/o feel better about not immediately accepting theirs.

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For that matter, why are you and CK so obsessed with the idea that Doozer called you guys bitches or bitchy when not only did he not do that, I'm fairly certain he's never used that word in the 5 years I've known him. You are really invested in the idea of turning someone who said "this is not my problem, I've never heard of any of you and also can you not post negative stuff in the positive tag" into some kind of monster.

Jesus christ will you people, like, stop? Your friend has been talking about how he doesn’t care about harassment and abuse and rape and how people who complain about those things are “whiny” for days. Sorry that bothered me last night? But maybe stop acting like telling someone to cut it out on anon when he makes it so you can’t respond non-anonymously to his constant shit-talking about you AND TAGGING YOU so he’s sure that you can see his shit-talking is equivalent to mocking rape victims for not going to be police about online abuse for days, often while tagging them even though you’ve blocked them, and then claiming that the people you’ve been doing that about are harassing YOU when they say something about your behavior.

I’m so over how much I seem to attract internet crazies, this is ridiculous. I definitely should have let the whole thing with this one dude drop but like… look, being harassed for months about this shit makes you defensive about it, if your whole stance is “I refuse to have an ounce of compassion for someone in the face of harassment and abuse because beep boop I’m a robot” then fine, whatever, but don’t fucking make it the subject of like a million subposts on your blog about how stupid and whiny and laughable they are. 

For the record, this is me being done with this, I have enough on my plate right now without some petty tumblr war against a dude who’s mad that someone talked about abuse in the “positivity tag” or whatever and thinks that if a rape victim doesn’t go to the cops any subsequent talk of hers about abuse is “whining”. You and your friends don’t need to interact with me to be awful. You can be awful without ever tagging me or messaging me or commenting on my posts or reblogging from me. Go do that. 

Family Reunion part two

(Request: I just read the family reunion imagine and it was sooo good!! Could you please do another part that includes Negan where Rick is protecting you heaps but your not scared because you don’t know what Negan has done. Thankssss)

Note: I really liked how this turned out! I hope you enjoy it as well!!!

Warnings: swearing

part one

Originally posted by thewalkingdead

You woke up some time in the afternoon. It felt strange to allow yourself to sleep longer than two hours at a time. You were so used to sleeping on the rough ground, and now that you were sleeping in a bed that was actually in a house seemed alien to you.  You squinted your eyes at the sun shining through the window. This still seemed like a dream, finding your family and having food and shelter.
You threw on your now washed jeans and your clean black tank-top. You took your time to go downstairs, not prepared for what was going to happen.

You saw members of the group standing outside, they were all facing the gate. Maybe Aaron had found more recruits and they were going to greet them, you thought. You stepped outside to see what was going on, and that’s when you saw the big army trucks parked inside Alexandria, severe looking men were standing next to them. Then there was a man, he was tall and had a salt and pepper beard. What caught your attention was the bat covered in barbed wire that swung by his side.

“Half your shit Rick” the man spoke, leaning back a little and giving your dad a devious smile.

“It hasn’t even been a week yet” Rick argued. You could tell from his voice that he was tired, maybe even a little broken.

You started walking down the steps of the house and approached the group.

“Well who is this” Negan said, grinning at you.

Rick looked over and saw you standing there, his eyes nearly bulged out of his head when he saw you. He couldn’t let Negan take an interest in you.

“Hi, I’m (y/n)” you said, smiling at the man.

“Why hello (y/n), what a pretty name you got there darlin’. I’m Negan” his words made you blush and your father quickly moved by your side.

“(y/n) please go inside the house. I’ll be there in a minute” Rick whispered to you.

“Now Rick. You know we don’t whisper around here” Negan smiled at your father once again, it was like his signature move. “This your lovely lady or something?” Negan asked.

“My daughter” He said firmly, almost like a warning.

“Woah!” Negan turned to face his men while he pointed his bat at your dad. “Ricks got a little girl!” He smiled at his group. They all looked in your direction and you could tell they were eye fucking you. Who were this dudes anyway?

You crossed your arms over your chest and gave Negan an annoyed look. You didn’t like being known as ‘Rick’s daughter’, you wanted to be known for you, not someone else’s property.

“What’s that look for princess?” Negan asked, pulling a fake pout.

“(y/n) please get inside, you don’t wanna mess with him” Rick pleaded.

You knew what you were like. When someone challenged you, you wouldn’t back down. And this man was challenging you.

“Who’s your ‘princess’?” you asked, putting emphasis on the word ‘princess’. You pretended to look behind you for the person he was calling princess. “Cause I sure as hell know you aren’t talking to me”

Negan’s men all sucked in a breath when you said that, so did your new group. Your dad placed his index finger and thumb on the bridge of his nose, that was a sign he was getting distressed. Maybe you should back off, you thought. It was clearing upsetting your dad.

“You don’t know who you’re messing with darlin’” Negan said while approaching you. His voice was much darker, and he had a wild look in his eye, like an animal who was eyeing up its prey.

“Negan please, she- she doesn’t- she just got here a couple of days ago.” Rick spoke, he had walked in between you and Negan now.

Negan raised his eyebrows and took a step back.

“So she doesn’t know about my baby girl, Lucille?” Negan asked, now understanding why you were so upfront with him.

“Whose Lucille?” you chimed in.

“This” he waved his bat in the air, “is Lucille, and she is thirsty for blood” Negan said, before turning around and swinging the deadly weapon around in the air. Your group jumped back and Rick grabbed you, pulling you backwards.

Negan laughed at the site of your group cowering away. “But I guess she has to be fed another time” he grinned at you.

You looked around at your group. They looked traumatised, especially your dad. Had Negan killed some people from the group with that bat? you wondered.

Negan shouted at his men to get back in the truck, and that’s when you noticed a ragged looking man being pulled to the truck by one of Negan’s guys.

“Wait” your dad shouted out. “What about Daryl” he said, pointing to the man you had just spotted.

“What about him?” Negan asked, condescendingly waving towards the beaten up looking Daryl.

“You just gonna keep him?” Rick asked, confused.

“Well my fuckin’ bad!” Negan said. “Where are my fuckin’ manners” he shook his head and laughed. “Simon, bring him over”

The man who was holding Daryl brought him over.

“So what’s the deal Daryl? If you wanna stay here then just say those magic words” Negan moved is ear a little closer to Daryl, waiting for a response. When the man said nothing, Negan clapped his hands together. “Well there’s your answer Rick, we’re gonna keep him a little while longer” Negan smiled wickedly while your dad looked at Daryl with sadness. The man called Simon walked back to one of the trucks with Daryl and threw him in the back. Negan suddenly grabbed your dads shirt collar and yanked him forward, their faces nearly touching.

“You better find some stuff for me in the next couple of Days Rick. I’ll be back for half your shit.” He said, and then looked over to you and pointed Lucille in your direction. “You better thank your daughter for saving all your asses. I like her smart-ass comments” he said, throwing you a smile.

He let go of your dads’ collar and jumped into a nearby truck. He banged the car door with his hand which made the car drive off, followed by the other four trucks filled with his men.
Once Eugene had shut the gate, Rick turned to you and gave you a look of concern.

“You and your big mouth” he sighed, pulling you in for a hug.

“Why are you guys scared of him?” you asked curiously.

“He killed two of our guys with that damn bat of his. He nearly made me take off your brothers’ arm” he pointed to Carl who was standing by the house, watching everything that had happened. “And now he’s keeping one of our guys hostage, as you saw. His name’s Daryl, you two would probably clash with your snarky comments” he said.

“Shit” you whispered.

“Yeah” your dad agreed. “Whenever he comes ‘round, please stay indoors. He’s an unpredictable guy (y/n), and I don’t wanna lose you again” he said, sorrow filled his eyes.

“Alright, I’ll stay inside” you reluctantly said.

Your dad kissed the top of your head before walking off towards the supply room.

“That was hectic” you sighed as you sat down next to Carl on the steps to your house. “Heard he nearly made dad chop your arm” you said, looking over at him.

“The legend is true” Carl said, half-jokingly but half serious as well.

You now understood why the group was afraid of this man. The way he swung his bat around so carelessly and is forcing the group to give him half of what they own. He was crazy, but you just didn’t seem to be that scared of him.

Note: thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed and please send in more requests!

anonymous asked:

Hey Keii, if you're still giving advice, what would t KK someone who wants to start working on nsfw art? I'm honestly drawn to nsfw art not because it's sex but just because of how nice and detailed it always looks. I've tried a couple times to draw more 18+ art and it's turned out decent but nothing like you've done :0 of course I know it takes practice but I also need more references and I don't know how to find any omg

Haha I’m always down for giving advice, even when it’s 4am lmaoo. But well I’m not really sure what to say, just have fun with it! Nsfw is something that’s just enjoyable to draw tbh, it’s relaxing and I don’t have to think much while drawing it. It takes a while to make nsfw look nice though, I think the most stressful part about it is knowing what kind of nsfw you want to draw– especially with the poses. Nsfw stuff is something I’m actually still new to, so I have to look up a lot of references just to try and put together something that looks nice! In regards to finding references… I watch porn and pause at a moment that looks interesting and try to use that pose, with of course some added tweaks so that it better fits what I have in mind LMAO. (I’ve become desensitized to the point that I look at porn as a learning tool looool) That or go on google and type in a specific pose you have in mind and try to work with what you find from there. Cries// I’m sorry if I’m not much help regarding this though. Like when it comes to solo nsfw stuff, I don’t normally use references, but if it’s a couple picture I have to look some up! Make sure you’re in incognito mode LMAOO


Jasmine Tookes wearing the $3 million, 450 carat Fantasy Bra at the Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show in Paris, November 30th, 2016