i really liked how nami looked in this movie; she was so pretty omg

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What made you ship LuNa from OP? Why is that a popular ship? Why not ship Luffy with Hancock, Sanji/Law x Nami instead?

Come here, Anon!  Sit down!!  Get comfortable!

You come into my house and ask why I ship LuffyNami and not either of them and someone else, you’re going to get a good long talking to.

One question at a time, starting with what made me ship it.  I have a tag specifically for that. (it’s also full of fanart oops)  But to elaborate (a little, because no one will still be here when the sun burns itself out and I am still talking about Luffy and Nami), I’ve been shipping it since pretty much the very beginning.  And there wasn’t even anything super profound, it was just a culmination of all these stupid little things.

They both got hung up on Genzo’s pinwheel:

Chapter 81, Tears - I will cry literally every time i read it.

Arlong Park as a whole is really where I started seeing it in earnest, and it’s just snow-balled from there.

Arguably, I can see it starting as early as chapter 9.  The very first time Nami loses her temper and yells at him because he’s not listening and Luffy laughs and tells her “take it easy” in that laid-back, familiar way, like he hears it all the time (because he has, that’s exactly what Magura says to Dadan whenever she would start shouting a hot-tempered woman with orange hair, they say you marry your mother am i right..!).

There’s also this exchange when Nami first leaves them:

And yeah he’s this way about everyone in his crew, once he decides, that’s it, he’s decided - but he’s so adamant about it.

Right off the top of my head I’m trying to think of a handful of things without going on for forty years jesus christ  -  Whenever they’re seperated, Luffy and Nami are always two of the first to find each other (skypiea, water 7, strong world).  Luffy actually offers to share his food with Nami to cheer her up when they’re leaving Vivi.  Nami holds onto his hat for him when he’s fighting or missing (other than Usopp, she’s the only one who has); she sews it back together and sews Ace’s Vivre card into the band.  Skypiea was another heavy-hitter for me; that they’re the only two even remotely capable of combating Enel with any chance of success will never not tickle the shit out of me.  All of Strong World did you even see that movie.

Nami almost always calls for Luffy before she calls for anyone else, because she knows all she has to do is ask for his help goddamnit I’m crying



The real question here isn’t why don’t I ship them with anyone else, it’s why doesn’t everyone ship them, too??

It’s actually not a very popular ship at all, believe me, I have been meandering around this fandom for a few decent years and I’ve only recently found the small faction people that ship it in earnest.  Let me tell you right now it is a hard life to lead when what should statistically be the main ship turns out to be one of the bottom ships, and what’s worse is I don’t even ship normally - I’m not interested in the smut and lovey stuff that mostly everyone else is into, I ship stupid almost strictly platonically.

I like their relationship exactly the way it is, with maybe some extra cuddling on the side.  I also want them to have lots of babies and grow old together but we don’t always get what we want do we - 

So when I say “I ship it” I think mostly what I mean is “I see it”?  Because I don’t mentally change any aspect of their relationship, I can’t make myself deviate from canon characterization (it’s what makes me such a sour grape where reading fanfiction is concerned).  And, alright, every now and then I get a little frisky but that’s happened, what, twice - ever - and I never even finished any of the frisky things I started (except for that one - ) because my interest in it bottoms out super fast because it basically doesn’t exist.  But I’m asexual so - that’s just to be expected.

As for why I don’t ship Sanji or Law (specifically) with Nami, first of all, it’s partly because Nami tends to get passed around like a torch and shipped with everyone, and I don’t like it, so I don’t do it.  It’s just Nami with Luffy for me, she trusts him more than anyone, probably, and I can’t deal with it.

Also because Law hasn’t been around long enough to generate any serious chemistry with anyone and he’s been tense, stressed, and uncomfortable 500% of his post-skip panel time so how anyone can ship that poor bastard with anyone at this point is beyond me.  He’s said a handful of words to Nami, so I don’t really see the appeal (LawLuffy on the other hand, please get away from me, because that’s just another thing that I can’t deal with omg).

I don’t ship Sanji with any of the Ladies (though I was super interested in the potential his interactions with Violet had) because I’ve got a huge, mushy soft-spot for UsoppSanji, and I will roll right over to ZoroSanji at any given opportunity because that’s fucking hilarious, but I can be persuaded to (platonically) ship just about all of the Strawhats with each other.  I will ship anything if I think the potential for it is there, I’m shameless and I don’t aggravate too easily where shipping is concerned.

LuffyHancock deserves it’s own gigantic section (and this might sound as if I don’t like Hancock, which is not the case at all, I promise, it’s just that I’ve realized that this is almost a NOTP for me huh).  I don’t ship them for a very specific reason - because, let’s be frank, Luffy doesn’t like Hancock.

He says it right to her face that she makes him sick after she’s petrified Marguerite and the other girls just for helping him; after she’s gloated about how everyone will forgive her for it because she’s beautiful, she asks him “What about you?” and this is his response -

- because Hancock is the type of person that Luffy doesn’t like at all. She didn’t have any qualms at all with killing Marguerite, Sweet Pea, and Aphelandra over one small transgression, and they’re people that Hancock is supposed to take care of.  Nothing makes Luffy madder than people with no regard for their friends or followers.  Those people trusted you and you just threw them under the bus, fuck that.

He didn’t even bother trying to remember her name until after she helped him break into Impel Down so he could try to save Ace.

He only came around enough to actually hug her when she gave him the key to Ace’s handcuffs - and even after all that, Luffy has a more viable and intimate relationship with Marguerite than he does with Hancock.  Marguerite has actually talked and empathized with Luffy, Hancock puts Luffy on a pedestal, she can’t even look at him directly, let alone have a conversation with him - and Luffy isn’t interested in her in the slightest, not even a tiny bit, outside of appreciating her help and knowing he owes her a big favor.  There’s no mutual or equal ground between them at all.

Hancock is mean, selfish and vain (ironically enough, these are traits she shares with Nami), but the way Luffy interacts with Hancock is very different from the way he does with Nami. As just one example, he’s firm and direct when he declines Hancock’s marriage proposals, but he rolls over and whines whenever Nami is being demanding.

He likes Nami, even when she’s not being a particularly nice person.  He’s politely friendly with Hancock.

(And, as a side note, I don’t like the idea of shipping Hancock with anyone, anyway, let alone a man.  Not after her and her sisters were enslaved by the Celestial Dragons, we all know what probably happened and I just don’t have the time for that nope.)

Cover pages - Sanji x Nami P.7

This is the last part already!!! We’re at part 7 and we’ve gotten so much SaNami! As you probably know this is my cover analysis series. I go through the chapter cover pages, color spreads and Book covers in One Piece to see what SaNami I can find. Here are PART 1, PART 2, PART 3, PART4, PART 5 and PART 6 if you haven’t read them yet. :)

This was all for fun and to collect all the SaNami in one place. That being said of course I will be biased and some moments will be reaching or head canons.

This is the last part, but hopefully Oda will continue on to give us some really good SaNami both in the manga and on the color pages. I know he seems to have added more SaNami than before, and I can’t help but feel happy about it, even if I don’t expect anything from it. (Though the next chapter will apparently have a color page, so I can’t help but hope for more.)

This part will cover everything between book 73 until book 81 (+82) which is up to date in the manga. (Chapters 726 until chapter 817). Because it’s the last one it will be a little longer. I hope you all don’t mind, because we’ve got some of the best SaNami moments in this part. Let’s get to it!

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THERE WE GO! Now we’re cookin with fire!!

Who wakes the other up with kisses?
Robin wakes Franky up with kisses most of the time, it’s Franky’s favorite way of waking up, he usually perks right up with a “SUUUPERRRR”. However Franky has tried to kiss Robin awake before, she usually gets grumpy and forces him away from her until she wakes up on her own.

Who cooks for who?
Sanji always cooks for the whole crew, but there have been occasions where Robin has cooked up a nice little meal for everyone. Having been around the world she picked up a number of delectable dishes to feed the crew. She doesn’t like to openly play favorites, but she does secretly make Franky’s dish with a little extra love somehow.

Who is the morning person/night person?
Well according to Oda, himself, Robin goes to bed at 11pm and wakes up at 6am. Franky, however, goes to bed at 1am and wakes up at 9am. Sorry for the lack of creativity on that one but I’m quite proud of the fact that Oda answered that question on his own!

Who is the romantic one?
It’s hard to say, I feel like the both of them like to be romantic in their own special ways. Robin likes to be intimate with Franky, though it took her a while to be that way. She never trusted any men before because she knew what most of them had on their mind in regards to her, Franky was different so she grew comfortable being close with him.
Franky was definitely the type to try to woo her with super new inventions. Sometimes she was impressed, mostly she just loved how thoughtful he is.

Who is the top when it comes to sex?
Franky is often on top but worries about hurting her, she usually insists that she’s fine and begs him to continue. In the end he always seems to turn the tables and let her get on top so that she’s comfortable at her own pace.

Who would lead in ballroom dancing?
Franky, surprisingly. Robin knows how to ballroom dance but rather likes Franky leading. He is a pretty good dancer when he’s actually trying, but he still manages to goof up. She finds it really cute because he gets a very serious look of determination on his face as he tries to remember his footwork.

Who is the more cuddly one?
Franky enjoys cuddling more than Robin does but he hates to admit it. He really doesn’t like pushing his boundaries with Robin because of her past, and he certainly isn’t eager to let all the rest of the crew see him acting cuddly. Robin will usually initiate an opportunity to cuddle with him by leaning into him.

Who is more likely to pick the movie they watch?
Robin is much more cultured in the ways of the media so she always knows the right movies to watch. Franky isn’t picky and is usually intrigued by most of the movies she picks out. Robin prefers action and horror movies but likes to pick out sappy romances to see Franky get all misty eyed at the end. She loves to see him get all emotional, she thinks it’s cute.

Who is the one that pays for dates?
They take turns! All of the money comes from their limited allowance that Nami gives them. Robin usually insists on paying more often because Nami doesn’t mind giving more money to her. When she does, Franky insists on buying her new books to read.

Who is the one to initiate a quicky during (their visits to islands)?
(had to change it from ‘classes’ cuz that wouldn’t make any sense)
Most of the time it’s Robin but Franky will sometimes nervously hint to her that he’s in the mood. He has a hard time getting all the words out but she sits quietly until he tells her what exactly he wants, then she smiles, coyly.