i really liked her look how sassy she is

I just realized how much I like Matt being back, not only for the fact that we’ve been waiting for him A LOT of time, but for pidge and her reaction.

See, these kids are on war, they practically didn’t have a proper youth, they were forced to mature really early, pidge even more, I mean the girl is only 15 and she’s one of the most matures in the team. As we’ve seen in the flashbacks pidge was a genuine little girl, who liked to play with her brother, ever since they started to be paladins pidge has been serious, sassy, more focused, almost like a grown adult.

But when matt came back she was laughing and jumping everywhere, just look at how exited she was for showing matt the castle, how smiley she were the whole time.

she was being a kid again

Jughead’s Birthday-Reggie Mantle Imagine

Requested: No

Warnings: some dirty dancing and sensuality

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  “Are you guys insane?” Y/N blurted out. 

  She was sitting with her friends Archie, Veronica, Kevin, and Betty at their usual lunch table in the cafeteria. Things were going as normal as much as they could in light of Jason’s murder and their own investigation of it, when Betty had proposed the idea of throwing Jughead a surprise party. However, her outburst was met with the confused expressions of her friends.

   “What’s so insane about it?” Betty asked.

   “Betty, Jughead is an introverted, introspective, artistic emo kid who hates his birthday. He would probably rather be forced to go see Britney Spears’ Vegas show than have a birthday party.”

   “I’m with Y/N on this one, guys, he’ll just want to go to the movies like he does every year,” Archie said.

   “But this year is different. It would just be us, his friends,” Betty said.

   “And I would kill to start planning a party right around now,” Veronica added.

   “And he’ll kill all of us for planning this party,” Y/N said.

   Y/N was only slightly surprised that Betty wanted to throw Jughead a party. She was the sweet, bubbly girlfriend that would be a light in his life while Jughead was extremely comfortable being in the dark. She, Archie, and Y/N had known him the longest and were all too familiar with Jughead’s attitude towards his birthday. In fact, Y/N was about to continue arguing with her friends when her phone buzzed in her bag. She picked it up and her mouth went dry.

   R: Meet me in the common room now.

   Guilt began swelling up inside the seventeen year-old, but there was excitement mixed in it too. She and R never met in the common room before—-the locker room, under the bleachers, and the occasional empty classroom yes, but the common room never. Part of her wanted to hit R for being so stupid as to want to meet her in such a public place and the other part eagerly texted Ok before dropping the phone back in her bag.

   “I’ll be right back, guys,” Y/N muttered.  

  The rest of her friends nodded and didn’t pay any mind as Y/N stood and wandered out of the cafeteria. As she made her way towards the common room, she couldn’t help but check her hair, make sure her makeup was in order, and straighten out her long sleeved white button-down. Her body buzzed with excitement and anxiety when she finally reached the common room. Y/N took a deep breath before opening the door. Sitting on the couch was a smiling Reggie Mantle.

   “Took you long enough,” Reggie teased.

   “Shut up. Why did you want to meet here?” Y/N asked. “Anyone could see us.”

   “That’s exactly why I picked it.” 

   Reggie walked over to her slowly and Y/N hated herself for admiring how sexy he looked doing it. His short dark hair fell lightly against his tan forehead, his dark eyes were trained on her, and his football-chiseled muscles strained against the navy t-shirt and fitted jeans he wore with every step. When he finally got in front of her, Y/N pressed herself against the door, wondering why she wasn’t shoving away the person who bullied Jughead or gave the rest of them such a hard time. Then, she remembered their first kiss on the Fourth of July, when this all started. Though she and Betty had been hanging out, Reggie had approached them with the offer of beer. Betty politely rejected his offer while Y/N accepted, confused as to why Reggie was being so nice to them all of a sudden. One became three and three became five, and during the fireworks, she and Reggie had snuck away from Betty and the others to make out. The next day, Y/N had felt so hungover and guilty, but when she tried to avoid Reggie, he wouldn’t let her, and they wound up making out again. Then, it turned into a full on, clandestine fling. There were many times Y/N wanted to break it off, but she could never bring herself to and she didn’t know why.

   Y/N’s breath hitched when Reggie reached behind her to lock the door and close the blind in front of the narrow window. Then, he leaned down and kissed her. Slowly, Y/N kissed back as her eyes fluttered closed and she wrapped her arms around his neck. Reggie effortlessly lifted her into his arms and carried her over to the couch and lay her down without breaking the kiss. Y/N ran her hands through his hair, fighting a moan when he bit her lip. 

   “You’re so beautiful,” Reggie whispered as he began kissing his way from her jaw down to her neck.

   Y/N gasped not only because of Reggie’s amazing kissing skills but also because of his comment. Usually, he would call her “hot” or “gorgeous” along with a plethora of much dirtier words, but never did he call her beautiful.

    “Reggie,” Y/N whimpered.

    One of his hands slid down her body to the end of her shirt and he slid his hand underneath it, feeling the warm skin there. “Is this okay?”

   Y/N nodded. Though they had met up countless times, they never went all the way. Y/N knew Reggie was experienced thanks to the playbook she found with Veronica and Betty, but Reggie was the only person she’d ever done anything with. In fact, Y/N was shocked when Reggie didn’t make fun of her when she stopped him the first time he tried to go all the way with her.

   “I’m not a complete jerk, Y/N,” he had said.

   But it was true. That must’ve been part of the reason why Y/N had continued their secret affair.

   Y/N ran a hand through her hair as Reggie climbed back up her to kiss her jaw again. She couldn’t help but imagine her friends’ faces if they caught the two of them together. They would probably be in shock and Jughead would most likely never speak to her again—that was why Y/N usually felt awful when she and Reggie parted ways but would act normal in front of everyone else. However, he had stopped making fun of Jughead as much, but Y/N still felt a bit like a traitor.

    “Reggie,” she muttered.

    “All you have to say is my name? Really? You usually can’t shut up when you’re around your friends.”

    Y/N narrowed her eyes at him and sat up on her elbows to say something, but Reggie silenced her with a kiss. “I hate when you do that,” she said as they pulled away.

   “No, you don’t.”

   Y/N quickly lost track of time as they continued making out, loving the feeling of Reggie’s large, muscular arms around her waist and their hot embrace when she heard voices outside. 

   “What was that?” Y/N whispered.

   “Probably just some freshmen, don’t worry about it.” Reggie kissed her again, but the voices got louder because they were getting closer.

   Y/N panicked and shoved Reggie off of her as she tucked her shirt back into her black cigarette pants. “They’re trying to get in!”

   “So what if they do?” Reggie tried to pull her back into him but Y/N pushed him back.

   “They’ll tell people and it won’t take long before the whole school is talking about how Reggie Mantle, the head jock, scored with the nerd,” Y/N hissed in a whisper.

   “Would that be such a bad thing?” 

    Then, the voices stopped, meaning that they were gone and Reggie’s words sunk in. Reggie couldn’t be serious, he couldn’t actually want people to find out about them, could he?
    “If you wanted to keep your reputation, yeah.” Y/N stood. “Why? What were you thinking?”

    Reggie hesitated and then Y/N’s mind went to calculating and she quickly put two and two together. “I think we should be open about us.”

   “That’s why you wanted to meet in the common room, so that we could get caught. But you still locked the door?”

   “To throw you off.” Reggie sighed. “I’m tired of hiding you and sneaking around, Y/N. I want to be public about this.”

   “Why could you possibly want that, Reggie? It makes no sense.”

   Reggie maintained a straight, serious expression while looking at the y/h/c-ed girl. He never made that face when they were together and slowly, Y/N came to the startling realization. Immediately, she began shaking her head.

    “No, you can’t—”

    “But I do. I know this wasn’t supposed to be serious or anything, but I really like you, Y/N. I like how you speak up, I like the way you laugh, and whenever someone upsets you, I get upset too and I’m sick of the guys talking about you because they don’t know you’re mine.”


   “I’m not seeing anyone else and neither are you.”

   “You don’t know that.” Y/N folded her arms across her chest in a vain attempt to look sassy, but Reggie arched an eyebrow and she sighed. “Okay, you know that one, but it would be insane for us to tell people!”


   “For one thing, my friends hate your friends and vice versa. They would kill me if they knew about this.”

   “If they would kill you for being with me, then they aren’t real friends.” Reggie got up and stood in front of Y/N. “I like being with you, Y/N, and I know you like me too, even if you can’t admit that to yourself. Let’s just tell people about us.”

   Tears welled up in Y/N’s eyes as she shook her head and pulled away from Reggie. “I’m sorry, I have to go.”

    She tore away from Reggie and practically sprinted out of the room. It hurt but didn’t doing the right thing always hurt? Though she did have fun with Reggie, she couldn’t keep her friends disappointed faces out of her head nor could she seem to figure out her mixed up feelings about Reggie. On one hand, he was a stereotypical jock who was about as dumb as a doornail but on the other hand, he was very gentle and kind to her. And it pained her so much to think she had hurt him. Y/N couldn’t possibly…

   She cut off her train of thought as she pulled herself together and walked back into the cafeteria. Veronica, Betty, Kevin, and Archie were still talking when she sat down.

   “Oh good, you’re back! Archie’s on board with the party now,” Betty said carefully.

   Archie shrugged and Y/N pursed her lips.

   “What time should I be at your house tonight, Archie?”

   The others were surprised at Y/N’s response and they began to plan the party more. However, Y/N knew that she was using this party as an excuse to get incredibly intoxicated and forget about Reggie.

     A few hours later, Y/N was flexing her hands—-a nervous tick she developed at the ripe age of five—-in Archie’s foyer. Veronica, Ethel, and Betty had set up the decorations while Kevin and Archie figured out drinks.

    “Y/N, quit pacing, everything’s going to be fine,” Archie said.

    Y/N paused and narrowed her eyes at Archie. “You don’t know that. Jughead might implode from all of the emotions he’s been repressing for the last seventeen years or have a mental break down. He’ll kill us for agreeing to this.”

   “Oh, Y/N, you worry too much. Maybe you should have some of the punch,” Veronica said as she walked in.

    Veronica looked as pristine as always in a deep purple A-line dress with black pumps while Y/N felt ridiculous in a pink cropped sweatshirt, black leggings, and black ankle boots.

   “What am I even wearing? No one wears a sweatshirt to a party. I should just go.”

   “No way.” Veronica put her hands on Y/N’s shoulders. “Listen to me, Y/N, everything’s going to be fine.”

   “You don’t know that.”

   “They’re here!” Kevin announced.

   “I’ll take that drink now.”

   Veronica laughed a little as Kevin and Archie dimmed the lights while everyone else got into position. Then, Betty and Jughead entered to the small surprise party. Y/N closed her eyes as she sipped her first cup of punch. She slowly walked to where the rest of the group was to find a stunned Jughead and a beaming Betty.

    “What is this?” Jughead asked.

    “A surprise party for you, Juggie,” Betty said.

   “Happy birthday, Jughead,” Veronica said, handing Jughead his gift.

   Jughead glanced at it before looking up at Archie. “You knew about this?” He glanced at Y/N next. “Both of you?”

    “We just wanted to give you the birthday party you never had,” Archie said.


    Jughead was interrupted by Betty singing “Happy Birthday” and giving him his birthday cake. He tried to be a good sport as he reluctantly blew out his candles, but it was obvious that he was burning on the inside.

    It couldn’t get any worse.

    The doorbell rang and Archie answered it. On the other side was none other than Cheryl and the rest of the junior class of Riverdale High.

    “We heard there was a party and thought we would stop by,” Cheryl said.

    “But you weren’t invited,” Veronica hissed.

    “Aw, and we brought a keg and everything.” Cheryl fake pouted before turning to Archie. “What do you say, Archie-kins?”

    Archie paused. “Set it up outside.”

    And thus began the pandemonium. Loud Top 40 was blasting from the DJ’s speakers while all of us danced or played drinking games. Y/N lost her friends quite quickly but easily spotted a drunken Archie and Veronica in the middle of the living room. She stumbled over to them before she reached Archie, laughing when she accidentally spilled some of her drink on his shoes.

   “Sorry, Archie,” Y/N called over the music.

   “It’s fine! Wanna dance?”

   Y/N nodded as she, Archie, and Veronica danced together. Somehow, Y/N ended up grinding on Archie while twirling Veronica in front of her. Veronica smiled lightly and leaned towards Y/N.

   “I didn’t know you could dance!”

   “There’s a lot you don’t know about me!” Y/N giggled as she pulled Veronica close before casually switching places with her so that she could dance. 

     Archie didn’t seem to mind as the two of them got really into it, but Y/N casually continued twirling until someone grabbed her. She stumbled for a second before looking up and seeing a concerned Reggie staring at her.

    “Reggie? What are you doing here?” Y/N asked.

    “Cheryl texted everyone about this. Can we talk?” Reggie asked.

    Y/N shook her head. “No way, I’m at this party so I can forget about what happened?”

   “Why would you want that?” Reggie asked.

   “Because I felt bad about what I said.”

   Reggie was stunned by Y/N’s confession but when he tried to probe her for more information, the drunk girl simply begged him to dance with her, which he obliged. Reggie spun her around before pulling her close, smiling at the way she was laughing so much. Then, he did the unthinkable and kissed her in front of everyone. Y/N hesitated before wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him back. Soon, they were making out in front of everyone and neither of them seemed to care. When they broke apart, Y/N’s forehead was resting against Reggie’s as she panted.

    “That was fun,” she said.


    “All right, everyone, time for secrets and sins!” Cheryl called over the music.

    Y/N opened her mouth to respond to Reggie but got tugged away by Veronica and was forced to sit with her and Archie in the living room. Cheryl and Chuck looked much too confident for Y/N’s comfort, plus, she hadn’t realized that she had just made out with Reggie in front of everyone.

   “What was that with you and Reggie?” Veronica asked.

   “What?” Y/N asked.

   “Okay, guys, you know the rules, it’s like truth or dare but you confess something. Ronnie,” Cheryl said cheerfully, “why don’t you go first?”

   “I don’t want to play this stupid game, Cheryl,” Veronica said.

   “Aw, come on, Ronnie, you’re sucking the fun out of it,” Chuck said.

    Veronica glared at Chuck and Y/N shifted in her seat as she glanced at Reggie, who was sitting across the room from her. She felt bad as Reggie continued staring at the tips of his shoes.

   “I’ll play.” Reggie looked at Y/N before looking at Cheryl. “Over the summer, I met this beautiful girl—-amazing hair, body, face—-and she was way out of my league, but I still went after her. We started sneaking around because her friends don’t like me and I was fine with that, but now, I’m tired of hiding it because I’m in love with her even though she’s smarter than me and could have any guy she wants and her friends hate me, but I don’t care.”

    Y/N shook in her seat both from holding back tears and from nerves do to his confession. Foolishly, she wondered for a moment if Reggie could have been speaking about anyone besides her.

    “And who is this amazing girl that’s got our Reggie Mantle head over heels in love?” Cheryl asked.

    Reggie looked at Y/N. “She knows who she is.”

   Chuck glanced between the two and laughed. “Y/N Y/L/N? Really, Reggie?”

   “Shut up, Chuck,” Jughead snapped.

   “Why should I? The Riverdale jock has been sneaking around with this nerd.” Chuck stared Y/N down and Veronica protectively wrapped her arm around her. “Maybe I should’ve taken you out.”

   “Back off, Chuck,” Reggie spat.

   Y/N suddenly felt nauseous and she whispered so to Veronica as she stood. Veronica stood with her and glared at Chuck, but Cheryl blocked their path.

   “You don’t get to leave until everyone has a turn,” Cheryl said.

    “You won’t care about turns when my friend vomits all over your Gucci boots,” Veronica shot back.

    “But Y/N hasn’t told us how she feels about Reggie. Do you love him or were you just using him?” 

    Y/N glanced at Reggie, tears welling up in her eyes even more. Her drunken mind was far too jumbled up to create words, but her heart ache spoke enough for her. She could only imagine how hurt he was as Veronica led her out of the room and into the nearest bathroom. There, she emptied her stomach’s contents before resting her head against the cool porcelain of the toilet. When she was done, Veronica helped her lean back and clean up. Then, Y/N burst into tears, disgusting, hiccuping tears. Veronica knelt to her level and tried to console her.

    “What’s wrong?” Veronica said.

    “I…I hurt him, s…so b-b-badly,” Y/N managed to say between sobs. “H-he t-t-told m-m-me th-that he w-w-wanted t-to be open ab-about u-u-us but I d-d-didn’t want to.”

   “Why not?” Veronica asked.

   “B-because a-all o-of you h-h-hate him a-and I f-fell for him! I-I didn’t want t-to lose any of you.”

   Y/N expected Veronica to treat her coldly, say something classy but snarky, or quietly berate her. Much to her surprise, Veronica hugged her and rubbed her back.

   “You’re not going to lose me, Y/N, I’m happy for you,” Veronica said.

   “Wh-what?” Y/N asked as she calmed down.

   Veronica pulled away, smiling. “Sure, Reggie isn’t on the best terms with everyone, but you’re my friend and I care about you so if he makes you happy, then I’m happy for you.”

   Y/N sniffed. “Thanks, Veronica.”

   “Anytime. Now, let’s get you cleaned up before we get back outside.” 

   Y/N nodded and let Veronica help her clean up. By the time they got back outside, the party had dissolved with only Betty, Jughead, Kevin, and Archie standing near the front door.

   “What happened?” Veronica asked. 

   “Chuck took things a little too far,” Betty said.

   Jughead looked up at the two, specifically at Y/N. “Is it true that you’ve been sneaking around with Reggie?”

   “Yes,” Y/N whispered.

   “And you never told us?” Betty added.

   “No, but what was I supposed to say, ‘Hey, guys, I just finished making out with the guy you all hate and I actually love him too’,” Y/N replied.

   That stunned her friends.

   “You love him?” Archie finally asked.

   “Yes, I may be a little drunk right now, but I love Reggie Mantle. He’s big, strong, funny, and respectful and I don’t care what any of you think.”

   Archie was the first one to hug Y/N. “I’m happy for you, Y/N. But if he breaks your heart, I’ll break him.”

   “And I’ll help him,” Veronica added.

   “We all will,” Betty said.

   Y/N frowned. “So, none of you care?”

   “If he makes you happy, then I’m fine with it,” Betty said.

   “And it might take a while for me to warm up to it but I’ll still support you,” Jughead said.

   Y/N couldn’t believe it—-her friends actually supported her relationship with Reggie. She and Reggie could’ve been public sooner and they wouldn’t have had to hide in the first place, really.

   “Is he still around?” Y/N asked.

   “He’s outside, he was worried about you,” Jughead said.


   Y/N took a deep breath before walking outside of Archie’s house. Reggie was sitting on the first step of the porch, his back facing her. For once, she felt calm around Reggie as she walked over to him and sat down. He glanced over when he saw her.

   “You feel better?” Reggie asked.

   “Yeah, a lot better.”

   “Look, I’m sorry about what I said during that game—actually, I’m not because I love you and I want everyone to know and if your friends don’t like it, screw them because—”

   Y/N cut him off with a sweet kiss before pulling away. “I love you too, Reggie, and I’m so sorry that I hurt you. I was too afraid of what my friends would think and they didn’t care at all, as long as I was happy with you.”

   “And are you?”

   “I think so.”

   Reggie kissed her, making Betty, Veronica, and Kevin feel gushy while Jughead and Archie simply sighed in acceptance. All they knew was if Reggie hurt her in anyway, he would regret it. 

Bloomtale - Chapter 18 - Kaitogirl - Undertale (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapter 18 is up!!! After settling things and making that comic for you guys, next chapter is now up! I hope you like it! ^^

I specially like this one ;D

For those who can’t access AO3 or just don’t want to do it, the chapter is pasted under this sexy cut!!!

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7 Days of Fun!
(A Dare from Anon, who described it soo long)

AU Where the ndrv3: Saihara, Amami, Ouma, Kirumi, Kiibo, and Maki take turns on taking care of Kaede who suddenly lost her memories of her whole highschool life which kinda makes her childish and oblivious she was! (no killing game and they are all classmates) (while the others look for a cure) (owo)

I guess this is part 1 of 7:

Amami and Kaedes Day!

The whole day was spent on shopping. Amami couldnt believe that Kaede didnt really had that MUCH clothes or shoes on her closet like how every other girl would have, he felt like he was obligated to do something about it, so he did..

He brought her to the mall, going shop after shop, dress after dress, shoe after shoe. He had bought her the most beautiful dresses, sassy shirts and killer shoes he can find for her.. He was kinda proud to have a good eye on fashion, it made it easy for him to know which one fitted Kaede the most! But he wasnt really good with using the money..

(Amamo kun was used in purpose because she always forgets his name and the reference in the magazine ;) )

(Im not sure who to do next (from the choices above) any suggestions???)


Stupid Crush (Sebastian Stan x reader)

Request: The one where the reader is an actress and is 18. Sebastian thinks that she’s really young but can’t help having a crush on her and she has the biggest crush on him. While filming a scene, Tom (Spidey) starts flirting with her which gets Sebastian super irritated but doesn’t want to say anything because he thinks it’s wrong since she’s young. But the reader convinces him otherwise.

Warning/s: Jealous!Sebastian is coming your way. Beware.

Originally posted by amjeth

Hey (Y/N)! If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put ‘I’ and ‘U’ together.”

Sebastian, upon hearing this, couldn’t help but roll his eyes at the flirty remark of the young co-star. Tom Holland is a cool kid, he knows that. But lately, he’s been getting into Sebastian’s nerves. The reason why? He flirts with his other co-star, (Y/N) (Y/L/N).

(Y/N) is a sweet, caring, friendly, and cheerful girl. Everyone in the set loves having her around because there is never a dull moment when she’s there. She would start a gimmick on a different day and everyone, even the newbies, would participate. With a girl who is beautiful, and has a personality like that, she has a lot of admirers. And Sebastian is one of them. The only problem is that:

She’s a young 18 year old, while he is in his early 30s.

Which is like a 15-years age gap.

So he did what knows what is best. He watched her from afar, secretly. He admired the way her eyes would crinkle when she smiles, the way her nose slightly scrunches up when she laughs really hard, the way she turns serious when she needs to be, and the way she would look at everyone with warmth.

He was happy the way things are between them. But sometimes, he wished that he could’ve done something to let her know about what he felt. At the same time, he doesn’t want to. He didn’t want to put the media up on her ass and bombard her with questions as to why she’s dating a 33-year old man while she’s 18. He couldn’t risk her good reputation to everyone over a relationship.

“Gee, Tom. That is the corniest pick-up line I’ve ever heard.” (Y/N) told him as they rehearsed a fight scene.

Tom shrugged and caught her fist that she swung at him. “Fine, I have another one. You’ll like this.” he said, shooting her a wink.

Sebastian scowled from his seat, while (Y/N), oblivious to it, smirked at the young man. “Shoot.” she said and raised her leg up to kick him, to which Tom successfully dodged.

“Did it hurt?”

She raised an eyebrow. “What hurt?”

Tom smirked and flipped her and tackled her on the ground. “When you fell from heaven?”

Sebastian shook his head, grumbling. “Jesus Christ…” he muttered and pinched the bridge of his nose. The kid’s sad attempts to flirt with her makes him cringe all over, that he wants to buy him a book with a title that says, “How-to flirt without making other people cringe 101″.

(Y/N) scoffed and gave Tom a look. “Did you just call me ‘Satan’?”

Tom’s eyes grew wide and his grip on her arm slightly loosen. His cheeks turned pink as he opened and closed his mouth, thinking of something to save the situation. “I… I….”

When Sebastian heard her comeback, he couldn’t help but snicker a laugh and look down on his lap. That was a good one, he thought to himself.  Another thing that he liked about her: she can be really sassy when necessary.

“What are you laughing at, Vanilla Ice?” Anthony asked when he came up beside Sebastian.

Sebastian shook his head, chuckling. “Nothing.” he said.

Anthony looked over to where he was facing and saw a (Y/N) hitting a Tom Holland on the shoulder multiple times, as Tom tried to cower away from her. Anthony smirked and sipped his soda. “Instead of watching from a distance, you should tell her. You’re acting like a school boy.” he told him.

Sebastian slightly narrowed his eyes at his friend and shook his head. “You know I can’t.” he said. 

Anthony rolled his eyes and waved his hand around. “Yeah, yeah. It’s all about the ‘I-don’t-wanna-date-her-because-she’s-young’ blah blah. Man,” he put his hand on Sebastian’s shoulder. “This is the 21st century. Age is not a problem when two people are in love. Well, sometimes it is, but you get my point.” 

“I know, but I can’t risk anything. You know how social media is. One fuck up and everything you worked hard for is gone. I don’t want to do that to her. To both of us.” 

Anthony watched him carefully. Then he shook his head. “And let someone else have your opportunity? Whatever, man. You’re gonna regret it if you don’t do something.” he said, giving his friend a pat on the shoulder before walking away. 

Sebastian sighed and shook his head. He looked back to where (Y/N) and Tom were. 

The producers called Sebastian, (Y/N), and Tom. They said that the three of them were going to rehearse their scene in the big fight scene. The rehearsals started out really well. Sebastian made sure to be extra careful with his movements for he doesn’t want to hurt her. She and him had a little bit of a chit-chat while rehearsing. Everything was going smooth when Tom interrupted their conversation, and started slipping in a few of his usual flirty remarks towards her. 

Sebastian clenched his jaw as he glared at the back of the kid’s head. Keep calm, Stan. Keep calm, he said to himself. He did his best to ignore them, boy he did. But when they had to make another take because Tom keeps messing up, Sebastian’s patience blew off. 

“Son of a…. If you wanna flirt with her instead of rehearsing the damn scene, just go!” Sebastian exclaimed, surprising everyone with his outburst. 

He was fuming. His fists were clenched on his sides, and he was breathing hard. He glared angrily at Tom before turning away and walked out. 

The silence was deafening when the door was slammed. Someone coughed at the awkward moment. Tom swallowed as he stared at the door where Sebastian walked out. (Y/N) walked up to his side and squeezed his arm, reassuringly. “I’ll go and talk to him.” she said. 

(Y/N) headed out to where Sebastian went, and found him sitting on a chair with his hands on his face. She took a cautious walk towards him. “Well that was quite an outburst.” she said, earning his attention. 

Sebastian looked up at her as she went to sit on the chair next to him. He pursed his lips and looked forward, scowling. He didn’t say anything. 

She slightly bit on her lower lip and folded her hands together. “So,” she started. “Wanna tell me what that was about?” she asked. 

He glanced down and sighed, rubbing his face on his hand. “It’s nothing, really. Just…. I don’t know.” he said. 

She raised an eyebrow. “That didn’t look like nothing, Seb. You know you can tell me. Maybe I can help. Or something.” she insisted. 

Sebastian glanced at her and saw the hopeful look on her face. He sighed and shook his head. “Thank you but, I can handle it.” he said, giving her a tentative smile. 

“Sebastian, please.” She said, making him look back up to her. 

He stared at her for a moment, debating on whether to tell her or not. “You’re gonna regret it if you don’t do something.” Anthony’s words echoed in his mind. He took a deep breath and slowly faced her. Alright, Seb, make it subtle, he said to himself.

“I guess I just got super irritated.” 

“Super irritated? With what or whom?”

“Tom.” he mumbled. 

(Y/N)’s eyes slightly grew wide at the revelation. She furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. “Why? Tom’s a really cool guy. Plus, he’s kind of a cutie-pie.” she said, shrugging.

Sebastian felt a pang of jealousy hit his chest. He swallowed it and straightened up himself. “I don’t know…. He kept shooting you with these winks, charming smiles, and flirty remarks. And…. I don’t know…. I got annoyed.” he told her, refusing to make eye contact with her. 

(Y/N)’s eyebrows shot up upon hearing this. She felt her heart send a flutter, and her cheeks heat up. Oh my god, is he jealous? she thought to herself. She bit back a smile.


“What do you mean ‘why’?” 

“Why were you annoyed? Why are you acting like this?” 

Sebastian didn’t answer. He only looked down and hung his head low, folding his hands together. (Y/N) then knew the answer. 

“Sebastian,” she started, allowing a small smirk crawl up to her features, “Were you jealous?” 

Sebastian visibly tensed up. His cheeks turned slightly pink. He shook his head. “No. Why would I be?” 

“Why wouldn’t you be?” 

“I….” Sebastian didn’t have an answer. Oh shit, he thought to himself. He opened his mouth to say something but closed it back again. He pursed his lips together and huffed out an air. He didn’t even want to look up to see her face. 

“Sebastian, look at me.” 

He shook his head. 


Another shake. 

“Sebastian, please.” 

Sebastian sighed in defeat and slowly look up at her. He noticed the faint smirk tugging at the corner of her lips. This made his cheeks turn even redder. She slightly tilted her head to the side, looking at him innocently. “Do you like me?” she asked. 

Sebastian closed his eyes and looked away. “Don’t look at me like that.” he groaned in embarrassment. 

(Y/N) let out a soft chuckle. “Look at you like what?” 

“Like that! The innocent puppy-dog-eye look. Stop it.” 

“The innocent puppy-dog-eye look?” 


(Y/N) laughed and shook her head. “You’re adorable.” she said, without even hesitating. 

Sebastian blushed even more and narrowed his eyes at her. “Stop it.” he said, chuckling. 

Both of them laughed shyly. When the laughter died down, they locked gazes. Sebastian stared at her. And she did the same. Before he knew it, he blurted out softly, “I like you.” 

It was her turn to blush. She gave him a soft smile. “I like you, too.” 

Sebastian smiled and felt his heart warm up. She shyly looked down and giggled. He slowly reached out and placed a finger on her chin, tilting her head up to meet his eyes. When their eyes met, they couldn’t bring themselves to look away. He cupped her cheek and slowly leaned in. 

Their heartbeats were intensifying as their breaths start to mix in with one another. Just as their lips were about to touch, Sebastian paused. He gave her an unsure look. “Even if there’s a big age gap between us?” he asked. 

(Y/N) opened her eyes and smiled, leaning against his touch. She reached out and ran her fingers through his hair. “I don’t care.” she said. 

Sebastian grinned and captured her lips with his. 

While they were kissing, Tom had opened the door to see what is happening. When he saw both of them, he smirked. (Y/N) opened one eye and looked over Sebastian’s shoulder and saw Tom. She waved him over. Tom quietly walked towards them and gave (Y/N) a high-five and did their handshake. 

‘You owe me.’ Tom mouthed, pointing at her. 

(Y/N) shoo’ed him away with her hand and pointed at both her and Sebastian as if telling Tom, “Can’t you see I’m busy here?”

Tom smirked and walked back inside, chuckling as he shook his head.


So I’ve been seeing this “Villainous” show and I have to say it made me want to bring back an old character of mines named Rose. If she was to be on the show this is what her story would be, she is a secret agent that was sent buy her organization to make sure Black Hat isn’t doing anything that will distorted the world so she is an undercover evil maid that he hires to keep his mansion clean at all times since they are always blowing it up and making messes, but the thing is it’s hard to detect that she is not evil because she looks and sometimes acts like a bad guy, like she really enjoys messing up any villain’s planes in world domination, that’s just how she is normally. Her Full name is Rose ThornFire. Personality will be Feisty and sassy, some what of a sort temper, tough but far … sometimes, can be friendly but only to whom she likes, fearless, thrill taker and loves to keep things clean. So that’s all the info I have for her but hopefully I can get some fan work for this show, I just hope you all like my OC for “Villainous”

EXO Reaction when they go back being friends with their ex

Oh… this is the most awkward thing ever… or not.. who knows xD Xo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Really really awkward, even tho he tries to pretend everything is cool* “What should I do now? What should I say… should I say hi and give her a kiss on the cheek or… just a handshake…”


*Always running away from her* “This is… I’m going to start crying in front of her I better go now galaxy doesn’t cry this isn’t his style bye”


*Tries his best in making everything look normal but… kinda looks a little bit awkward* “I’m not a third wheel-I’m not a third wheel”


“Oh no bab-girl I’m okay.. I just.. got something in my eye… wait here I’ll go get a hug from Chen, brb” *Panda needs love, panda misses his panda girl* 


*Eats eats and eats so he doesn’t have to speak*


*Always so nice, always a gentleman* “I made you some coffee, I know this is how you like it. So.. how has it been for you?”


“Look at me.. look at me… I’m so sassy… flawless Baek!” *Trying to get the girl back*


*Stops functioning* “She’s… still so beautiful..-no don’t think of that Luhan stop!”


*He would be that ex boyfriend that would support you no matter what happens* “I told you I would be by your side forever”


*Tries to act normal but to be honest it’s really too much for his precious heart* “I’m just glad she’s happy… she deserves the whole world… I just wish I could be by her side…” *Can’t stop thinking about the you two every time he sees you*


*Always an angel* “I’ve missed you, are you okay? Is everything going well? Tell me about everything, come to me whenever you need me”


*It’s like seeing an old friend after so many years* “It’s been a while hasn’t it? We should catch up sometime.. I would love to chat with you sometime. Today was a good day, because I got to see you again”

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you’ve got a fire inside but your heart is so cold

Pairing/s: Cheryl x Veronica, Archie X Valerie, Betty X Jughead

Words: 3,843 (oops)

A/N: this wasn’t requested and the longest thing i’ve written in my entire life. if you find any mistakes please send me a message and i’ll fix it asap.

Originally posted by jonesjughead

“Camping? I didn’t think that was your thing, Veronica.” Archie said rather loudly. 

The gang was all sitting around their table during lunch when Veronica had suggested that Jughead, Betty, Archie, Valerie and herself all go down to Sweet Water River that weekend for a camping trip.
“Archie, keep your voice down or-” Betty was soon cut off by a certain redhead who had been listening to the entire conversation they’d been having.
“You guys are going camping? Count me in!” Cheryl had walked right over and sat right next to Betty, causing the group to sigh.
“Look Cheryl, no offense but I think we have enough people going already. We have no more room.” Jughead tried to reason, though he knew it was hopeless.
And he was right, because Archie just had to go and open his big mouth, yet again.
“What are you talking about Jug? I mean, you’re going with Betty, right? I’m sharing with Val, which leaves Veronica on her own. Cheryl can share a tent with you, right Veronica?”
“See? Perfect!” Cheryl exclaimed, “this weekend right?”
Veronica perked up. She liked Cheryl, and was always looking for ways to talk to her. Though didn’t think the sassy redhead was up for friendships.
“Yeah, Cher can share with me.” Veronica said, noticing how Cheryl’s eyes lit up at the nickname, “We’re leaving around noon on Saturday so meet us at Pop’s.”
“Perfect!” Cheryl stood up and threw her gorgeous red hair over her shoulder. “Can’t wait!" 

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mochipoof  asked:

Could you write how the RFAs would react to MC moving in with them? How it comes up? How life is for the first few weeks or something haha :') Do they just buy a house?

a/n i’m going to do the first few days week/s with the RFA because hOLY FUCK? they’d ALL stay where they currently are at first but i think they’ all move somewhere bigger when they got married or had kids?? they’re still just bf/gf so no mortgages for now ;u;


  • i think he’d suggest moving in but very indirectly 
  • “ i wouldn’t be late to classes if you woke me up directly you know..
  • “yeah maybe idk”
  • “… I mean only if you want you I’m not forcing you” (he’s whispering by the end of it)
  • so it’d be very quick and very short notice and when did this happen i’m literally moving into a 4 year old’s house isn’t this illEGAL??
  • so you’d bring in the last box and and you’’d shut the door and just stand there like
  • “this is home now I guess?”
  • then it’d hit both of you that like you live together now and all of a sudden he’s shy and just kinda scratching the back of his neck
  • “so..”
  • “yeah..”
  • “want to play LOLOL?” guys .. what did you even expect
  • the first few weeks would consist of snuggling and playing games and onesies -  it’s like the first few hours of a sleepover when everyone’s reaALLY hyper
  • there’d be unpacked boxes everywhere for weEKS (lazy mfs)
  • also the first few weeks would be living off ramen and sweets and getting 0 sleep (take this however you want)
  • you don’t even argue over chores because who gives a fuck they can just chill there
  • when theres a bug in the attic you’re both screaming aren’t you supposed TO BE A WARRIOR YOOSUNG
  • - WAIT hand me the frying pan we will outflank the enemy and i will protect you princess
  • the wasp comes closer and you both never return to the attic ever again
  • for now you probably both sleep on a pikachu bean bag or something because his single bed doesn’t fit to both of you and he feels guilty sleeping on the bed
  • the good guy who always puts the toilet seat down after he uses the toilet after the one time you flipped out on him
  • moving in with Yoosung means he doesn’t get as flustered anymore around you
  • you see him shouting and laughing a lot more and less blushing and wow 
  • you didn’t think you could fall in love with him any more until you saw him curled up on the couch with his bear onesie 
  • fuck he’s the cute one in this relationship isn’t he (yep)
  • so obviously you curl up next to him 


  • this cliche motherfucker i hatE HIM
  • he finds a clever/sneaky way to tell you to move in with you
  • makes you leave all your shit at his house over time and one day he just hands you a key??
  • “well you’re practically here all the time and you can’t get enough of me so”
  • “LISTEN HERE BI- wait nvm that’d be cool actually”
  • married couple life
  • refuses to let other people bring in the rest of your stuff in boxes (not much of it though) because he has to do it himself
  • also makes you wait outside so he can pick you up bridal style and carry you in
  • always leaves the toilet seat up fgs
  • on the second day you wake up to hear crashing and burning from the kitchen because he was trying to make pancakes for you
  • its then… that you’ll do the cooking from now on (thanks @god) but god damn it he’s always peering over your shoulder
  • “What’s that?”
  • “Pepper”
  • “..What’s that?”
  • “.. an egg.”
  • “yeah, i recognised them” (focus in school kids)
  • him using all your scented shampoos and you using his facial products you guys are the best duo
  • he helps you with chores though but he whines a lot (not in the first weeks though)
  • also picking out couple outfits for like the first few weeks and looking super coordinated (goals)
  • 100000 SELFIES
  • him forcing you to wear his shirt literally all the time - i have my own closet thx
  • “Zen.. I can’t wear this shirt to class it literally goes down to my thighs NOT TO MENTION it has your face on it”
  • a lot of sex in the first week??- fucking beast mode slow tf down
  • takes loads of slips of you drooling while you’re sleeping 
  • you threaten to cut his ponytail and i’m p sure that’s the first fight you have living together
  • but its quickly resolved when the X Factor comes on and you’re sitting on the couch with him judging everyone
  • “she can’t even sing”


  • who suggested this - how did it happen what the fuck
  • SHE definitely planned this out but couldn’t actually ask you so it was just like a matter of when will she manage to just come out wiTH IT GOD DAMN IT
  • she lets it slip out a few weeks later mid conversation
  • “well maybe if you lived with me then we wouldn’t be having this problem”
  • literally slaps her mouth
  • but you just shrug and respond with okay and i swear she melts and looks like a tomato
  • SHE TAKES THE DAY OFF W O R K FOR IT (stress cleaning)
  • like as soon as everything as been moved in she’s the cutest person ever and always asks if you’re comfortable
  • “so.. want some dinner?”
  • but guess what
  • apart from finding out she’s an amazing fucking cook, you see Jaehee with ANIMAL pyjamas and her hair down (well fuck me)
  • a lot of blushing in the first week, it’s like re-starting a relationship with her
  • no toilet seat problems though??
  • everything is always tidy and guys you can share clothes and makeup and woW why didn’t we do this earlier
  • when she gets more comfortable you guys both have wine and bitch about people (jumin)
  • you all know how sarcastic she is so the sassy comments will be endless
  • “well don’t you look like a picture when you wake up”
  • “I liked it better when you were a blushing mess”
  • “well, too bad.”
  • whenever you do anything outside the house she turns innocent again
  • but as soon as you step into the house BAM she’s super sassy
  • motivates you to do work and teaches you how to make really cool pastries!!
  • invite the RFA (minus elly because she’ll kill Jumin if she sees c hairs in her house) to have cupcakes & coffee
  • saturday nights you guys sing to Zen’s musicals at the top of your lungs but she doesn’t realise you’re facetiming someone… Zen 
  • freezes
  • ur dead the next day 


  • can we talk about the fact you’re already pretty much living with him halfway through his route
  • there was no invite its just you ended up there
  • “what do you mean you’re going home.. this IS your home?”
  • you look around and holy shit when did he move all my stuff here and how haven’t I noticed you sly motherfucker
  • did you not see in his route when he offered to redesign his house so it looks like your house
  • constantly reassuring him that the furniture is fine and that vase is worth more than my whole apartment shUT UP
  • when you go down to the kitchen to cook he’s very confused 
  • “We have a chef?”
  • “Don’t want them”
  • “i’ll just cook myself”
  • “oh right.. wait why?”
  • baby boy hasn’t ever had any homemade meals since they were all made by chefs n shit :((
  • oh may I mention that as soon as all the maids and stuff leave Jumin owns swEATPANTS 
  • he also wears glasses? excuse me this is r00d
  • watches you as you cook like Zen but doesn’t say a w o r d but makes a mental note that you look fucking hot while cooking how??
  • makes you cook a LOT more because commoner home made meals ‘apparently’ are better than other meals!!
  • slowly he’s transforming
  • you have a private en suite toilet so you don’t argue about the toilet seat thing - rich people
  • and you have a maid to do chores?? so thats also not a problem
  • but it’s kinda funny testing Jumin on his knowledge of cleaning products
  • “Jumin.. you can’t use a TOILET scrub to do the dishes”
  • ???? why not
  • he becomes shy especially when he opens your underwear drawer by “accident
  • also flustered when he can hear you singing while doing things around the house
  • how could I have forgotten Elly, he moves her bed out of his room (well your room too now) and you cry because you’ve come so far Jumin :’)
  • opens up to you quite a lot so there a lot more jokes thrown about between you guys
  • he. g i g g l e s.
  • you learn that he secretly also watches kdramas like his life depends on it me too buddy wait is that Zen??


  • he doesn’t give you a key
  • one day he says a random phrase to you in Arabic and you just know that your relationship has moved to the next level
  • as soon as you walk in with your stuff to his home you just cry
  • “I have been here for 0.35845 seconds and I think thats your underwear on the rug”
  • “…mm.. leave it”
  • but Saeyoung with a sheepish shy grin is holding up a badly home made cake saying “Welcome home!”
  • “this was the only edible cake that came out decent take it or leave it”
  • if he’s asked you to move in with him he’s 150% comfortable with your anyway so
  • first week with Saeyoung? tiring
  • no sleep at aLL
  • theres no inbetween you’re either binge watching movies on the couch with popcorn and pizza 
  • or screaming with laughter at eachother as he chases you round the house for 5 hours because you stole a chip from him
  • that is the start of prank wars
  • you look like you’ve been married for 60 years already?? i mean he closes the window and farts so you’re dying and he just laugHS (fucker)
  • so you take revenge by putting clingfilm over his toilet seat and you hear screaming a few seconds later payback bITCH
  • ugly pictures of eachother sent to the RFA with dumbass captions 
  • they’re wondering how you’re both supposed to survive when you’re both trying to kill eachother after a week???
  • you guys can’t hire a maid so you both start out doing chores (after threatening him to pour all his Ph.d Pepper down the sink)
  • but somehow the old Karaoke machine shows up and what are chores??
  • it takes you a lot of time to get used to all the valuable techy stuff he has in his room i mean why is your table remote controlled?
  • why does this pillow have a wire inside?
  • most of your fights in the first week are over food because even though you label everything he just eats it ALL
  • “Saeyoung.. for the last fuckING TIME YOU CAN’T WEAR MY UNDERWEAR”
  • you don’t leave your house once for a few weeks - its like living with your best friend its lit
  • yep things are pretty comfy living with Saeyoung and you’re always wearing his clothes (& he always turns pink)

Before I launch myself into the next episode, a quick recap of Anne’s episode 4.

First of all, I want to say that this adaptation did what no other adaptations was able to do - it make me like Diana. And I really don’t know what was that made me so annyed with her in all other version of this story - but here she actually feels like a person and idk I just really enjoying her in this show.

Second of all, I’m digging Anne and Jerry’s friendship more and more with every episode. They are that classic dreamer + realist duo and the bickering is great and idc I also ship it a little, fight me.

Honestly, let’s just talk about how exactly did we deserved Jerry? Like the creators sit down and probably were like ‘Okay what could make our show even better than it already is?’ and someone was like “French adorable sassy little shit called Jerry’ and everyone were like ’Bingo!’ and bingo it was. I love Jerry.

Just look at them, okay? Adorable.

I loved that the episode actually let Anne return to school on her own terms and when she was ready for that. I really love that this show don’t rush things and give them time to evolve. Feels natural.

I ALMOST GOT A HEARTATACK WHEN ANNE RUNNED INTO BURNING HOUSE. Seriously show, I thought I was prepared for you since I read books, but you keep proving me wrong. Anyway my girl was the hero and everyone recognised her as such. Good shit.

Lol, Anne likes to keep surprising Gilbert, doesn’t she?

And I have to say I love Ruby. Ruby is the one i always liked, but here she’s also so tiny and precious (and yeah I know she’ s a little bit spoiled, but she’s learning) and overall lovable, I just want to hug her.

That satisfying moment when Anne  destroyed Billy Andrews in public and then she was like “you’re right minister. honesty is the best policy”and he probably forgot how to talk for the rest of his life. That was so savage, Anne. Slow clap.

Marilla and Anne’s talks always gives me life, but the one at the end of this episode was my favorite so far and the most intimate they had. Bless.


- That moment when Gilbert helped Ruby on her feet and she was all ‘heart eyes’ at him and he just keep looking at Anne and she was staring at him too (way too much for someone who supposedly hate the guy) and everyone was just really awkward and with a crush.

Also this

Yeah, sure honey, whatever you say.

If You’re Lucky-Part 7

-5Howdy!!!!! So I had this idea before chapter 6, but I wanted you guys to suffer more slow burn than just a couple chapter. So I bumped this chapter down the line lmao

Also, an additional note: My nephew decided he wanted to contribute to this story so he key smashed a little bit. If you find weird symbols or numbers in the middle of the text, those are his work lol.(++9****) << prime example lmao

Chapter 6 - Chapter 7 - Chapter 8

Chapter 7: Do you think?

Song rec: Still Wild by La Marr

Word count: 802 words. I know, it’s super short BUT it’s also suuuuuper cute.

Warnings: Swearing (fucking duh at this point), dorky Stiles.

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So my friend made this for me! She was joking about the Codex cosplay I’m making (I’m actually just gonna use it as a Halloween costume tho) and thought I was FLIRTING with him! And she didn’t know that much about the characters and I said to her: “At least they’re being REMEMBERED!” (I’m sorry if it’s annoying how much I submitted, but I really love these characters and love making art for it!)

—TheNobles’ Reaction:

AH! That’s cute! Codex looks so sassy! And Virus is backing him up like a possy.
We can wait to see the cosplay too!

anonymous asked:

can I get Yuma for the "give me a character" thing?

Why I like them
I feel like Yuma is an underrated character, even though he’s a friggin Bae. Sorry, uh..right. A more in depth argument. Ahem. Well, aside from that, he’s just super likeable. He’s tall, strong, and another scary delinquent type like Subaru, but Yuma is more upfront about what he wants. It’s not that he’s necessarily more honest, but it’s just that he’s unafraid to do whatever he wants, but his damn grin and amiable personality makes it hard to dislike his brash nature. He’s just super easy to like, what with his backstory, survivors guilt, his lil garden and odd insistence on making sure everyone eats (because he experienced what it’s like to starve) he’s just always great to have in a scene. Also, his voice is super gorgeous.  Suzuki Tatsuhisa’s characters make me swoon

Why I don’t
He’s arguably more violent than Subaru. Where Subaru for the most part takes his frustrations out on walls, his room or fighting (or biting Yui), Yuma is super rough with Yui. His brute strength when he goes on a rampage can be really friggin scary, but again like with the others, this is just a part of who he is.
What I do loathe is his english dub voice.

Favorite episode (scene if movie)



Favorite season/movie/game

Don’t know yet, but his More Blood is great.

Favorite line

*to Yui* ’Big words, coming from someone who never voices their opinions.’

Idk, I just like that line. I feel like Yuma likes it when people are upfront with him.

Favorite outfit

Height differences make me weak. Yuma and Yui are totally up there as one of my fav pairs. Omg, they grow so much because of each other. I really think that Yui honestly enjoys being able to garden with him and they have an interesting dynamic. Yui starts off as her usual self but because Yuma keeps pushing, and pushing and pushing her, she ends up voicing her opinions clearly, to make him pay attention to her feelings. 

(the scene above is one of my favourites in DL)

In turn, Yuma slowly notices this smol human and learns to look forward into his future rather than constantly into the past.

Look how sassy she is oml

They’re just really great together. Cute, funny, hot, angsty, and full of feels.


Any of the Mukami’s. I like that he challenges Ruki’s authority occasionally, as it helps keep the group a unit where everyone is saying their piece, if that makes sense. I like that he squabbles with Kou over everything like real siblings, and I like that he tries to include Azusa in his usual way. Yuma is just really great in a group environment. 

Head Canon

Has at least five children with Yui if not more. He just seems like the type to want a big family. I can imagine his lil kids climbing on him like a jungle gym as he’s trying to work in the garden.

Unpopular opinion

Am I the only one who’s okay with the concept of Yuma and Shuu parting ways after they open up to each other about the past? Like…Yuma has changed A LOT since he was a young boy and can’t remember anything. And even if he did remember, the friendships you have as a kid aren’t the same as an adult. I just think that once it’s all out in the open, it’s fine if they’re not friends afterwards. People do move on. I think Shuu knowing that Edgar is alive, and that he’s been forgiven (even though it wasn’t his fault) would be enough. Idk

A wish
If there’s ever another game, for Yuma to be happy! From what I’ve seen, at the end of Lost Eden, it’s pretty depressing even though he does have Yui. Let Yuma have an army of kids and a garden. Also let him discover the truth about him being Edgar from Shuu without the drama train coming in like it does in every game and hitting me in the feels.

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen

Another damn sad ending. Why are Yuma’s endings so sad! I get that they’re meant to be, because they’re bad endings but dude, his ones always make me depressed :( 

5 words to best describe them
Tall, Hot, Brash, Adorkable, Sadistic

My nickname for them
Tall Bear

anonymous asked:

omg hi!! i saw this on other blogs but who would you associate your mutuals as wanna one? like __ is jihoon or something you feel? I thought it would be cute to ask!


Jisung - @danielsoftgf @ongjins

dian is like the SWEETEST MOM/DAD on this site i swear omfg she’s so freaking adorable and always checks up on her kids AND UGHH SHE JUST MAKES ME SO SOFT SOMETIMES


Sungwoon - @alliwannado-w1

idk she gives off this cute and adorable, but deadly vibe?? NOT LIKE SHE’S GONNA MURDER ANYONE BUT I MEAN LIKE she’s super SUPER talented at everything and is SOSOSOSO KIND but could be really scary if she’s mad idk HAHAH

Minhyun - @seunghyuks

she’s beauty, she’s grace, but she can also punch u in the face :^) when i first started talking to her she was super super nice n polite like minhyun and i was like she’s so precious??? but that was before i found out she can also throw a mean roast sometimes :(( but i lov her sm

Seongwoo - @laisgrl

I BARELY STARTED TALKING TO HER BUT JANA ALWAYS MAKES ME LAUGH OFMGOFMG her sense of humor has seongwoo shaking rn like all she has to do is just breathe and i’ll be on the floor possibly in a coma

Jaehwan - @kimjaehwanswife

ogmofmidf lucy reminds me of jaehwan so much just because of all her random but funny as hell shitposts all the time like i luv how she can just keep talking and talking and it’s just like a nice refresher on my dash nd i feel like she could probably outscream jaehwan if she wanted to u know

Daniel - @perkwoojin

she’s so?? well rounded?? good at everything?? OK LITERALLY JAS CAN WRITE, SHE CAN EDIT, SHE CAN GIF, AND SHE’S FUNNY ON TOP OF THAT LIKE WTF SHE’S THE FULL PACKAGE which i kinda relate to daniel bc he’s well rounded too AND I ALWAYS SAY THAT I HATE HIM BC HE’S MY BIAS WRECKER but i mean it w love which is why i’m always mean to jas a lot too luv u 🅱️ish this is the only time i’m saying it 

Jihoon - @porkjeojang

BC SHE’S SUPER FLOWERY AND ADORABLE I JUST LOVE HER she’s also really really freaking pretty like wtf she could probably kill a man if she did aegyo she just really brightens my day and my dash with her personality and WOW i love her so much 

Woojin - @pinksausageduo

AGAIN i used to think she was like an awkward person to talk to BUT LIKE AFTER 0.5 SECONDS SHE JUST BECAME RLY OPEN AND CHATTY LIKE WOW DID NOT EXPECT THAT and her dance moves are absolutely FIRE just like woojins :’) 

Jinyoung - @wannasseu

she used to seem like really quiet ish to me which kinda reminds me of baejin during the first few eps of pd101 when he was unconfident but as i talked to her more, she turned out to be SUPER FLUFFY AND HELLA RELATABLE A LOT LIKE TALKING TO HER IS SO MUCH FUN AND IT’S ADORABLE WHEN I COMPLIMENT HER WRITING WITH MEMES AND SHE GETS SUPER SHY ABOUT IT 

Daehwi - @laignlin

ok i used to think she was all sweet and adorable and stuff on the outside but NO this girl loves to roast me and CAN BE REALLY SASSY A LOT BUT she also makes my day 1000% better w/ how energetic she is or how passionate she is about her hatred for school JUST SO RELATABLE GUGHHG 😩😩😩 and her snapchats keep me alive in the morning i luv u :(((

Guanlin - @woo-jin-young

i mean she likes memes, she dabs, and she’s hot so what more do u need to see her similarities with guanlin (also her sense of humor makes me choke sometimes i’m so in fucking love)

ok looking at this now this is probably not accurate at all but idk i guess its also like a mutual call out post bc i luv u !!! im so sorry this was so bad LMAO

anonymous asked:

Hey Ania! I seem to have a big problem drawing expressions and I know that you did a tutorial before, but do you have any extra tips? All of the facial expressions I draw are either dull or awkward-looking and i can't seem to get them to flow naturally or look decent. If you have any advice it would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

hello! sorry for the super long wait for this reply. this ones been sitting here for a while, my bad. okay i think the most common problem here with expressions is there is no personality!!!!!! 

we are forcing the expressions IN the characters based off from the basic happy, sad angry face like shown above. When you want to draw a happy face, just draw their mouths curved upwards and thats it, right?

well its up to you. would you rather have a face thats extremely dull and black and white or one full of expression, personality and color! What a lot of us are doing is we are thinking of this simple iconic happy face that i drew on the left side and associating that with our drawings. Just look how dull my OC is in the middle. You can’t tell what her personality is like at all, is she kind? sassy? compassionate? you can’t tell because theres nothing to see. Besides, lips dont naturally curve upwards a lot when smiling.

My OC is a smug, mysterious sort of person, quiet and doesn’t like to express a lot of emotion. Now i don’t know if you got that same vibe from the drawing with color but I tried my best incorporating those traits into her ‘happy’ face. The smirk really shouts to you that she thinks shes the best person on the block and no one can change that. and the relaxed eyes shows how calm she is. Just adding these tiny changes in the face can really capture a persons personality for you, I only did like, 5 small adjustments?

and so maybe youre asking, what if the character doesnt really express themselves a lot? Still doesn’t mean you should slap on a frown and tears on their face and call it a day.

My OC in the middle is coming out really awkward and again, you cant tell what their personality is like. If you character doesnt show much expression then you need to show that that is what they are like! The drawing on the right shows a lot about their personality. Dont just make them frown and cry, add eyebags if you want like what I did to them and draw their lips all shaky. Make their eyes droopy and low, have their heads turned away etc. you can do so much.

Another thing that helps with expression are EYES AND EYEBROWS. Every feature is relevant of course but I feel like eyes/brows especially send the big message here.

i mean technically they can all work out (except for the confused one on the top, i wouldnt be able to tell if he was confused at all), but the top ones are a lot harder to detect what his personality is like. What I am getting from this is that he doesnt express emotions a lot which is not what I am going for. Eyes and eyebrows can change the person completely! Ahahaha the confused face at the bottom is my face 99.9998% of the time.

hope this helps a little!

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oh my fucking GAWD that video they look sooooooooooooooooo good and it makes the song better for me too like especially watching ally acting so SASSY and they are all so GROWN omg I cant wait to see what they have in store woooww

The video really confused me actually - the guy sleeping at the beginning, Normani looking like she just came from the set of Empire, Lauren playing baby spice with her pigtails, Ally rapping (still can’t process it), and Dinah, Dinah was alright 😂  Like I just don’t really understand the concept - it was aesthetically pleasing but at the same time it was a bit all over the place, I don’t know how to explain it but it gave me very mixed feelings for some reason, very weird vibes.

But anyways it’s still 100x better than Down - but they need to stop being half naked in bedrooms though, get out of there girls.

Another Set of Thoughts I had whilst watching Rogue One (Again)

-Cassian wiping the rain off his face and out of his eyes was so cute he looked like a lil kitten cleaning his face with his paw

-all the officers of the Empire are so bland and pasty and wow how can they not tell that they’re the bad guys?

-Krennic’s cape is cool but super impractical and looks silly when it gets wet

-Bodhi must be glad that the rebel rain hat came with built-in goggles so he could maintain his aesthetic

-I still don’t know whether that gas that Saw breathes from is just extra oxygen or some kind of drug or something

-Cassian looked so visibly uncomfortable in his Imperial disguise like wow how did anyone not notice he was a rebel

-Jyn looked really tiny in her disguise as well

-AT-ATs look really cute I wanna pet one

-(I realise that would be impractical but still…)

-Chirrut and Baze’s dialogue is so sassy you can tell they genuinely care about each other

-the Imperial cargo ships do look a bit like turtles

-the female pilot who flew the U-wing in Blue squadron, I don’t know who she is but I think I’m gay for her

-‘Rogue One; may the force be with you’ is still the saddest line, even when it is said by what is basically a humanoid fish

fan-girl-queen  asked:

hello. could you wright something about nekoma where they have a new manegee which seems to be very rude, sassy and aggressive to strangers and people she dont really know but in real she care allot for her friends. And the boys are shocked how soft and nice she can be after some time pas and the know each other better. (I dont know if it make sense but I hope so. PS.: Your Amazing)

Helloooo! Yes it made sense ahahaha. I hope you like what i made, not sure if this was okay tbh


“Okay everyone! Gather around!” Kuroo announces.

Everyone stops what they’re doing and turns to look at Kuroo. Beside him was a familiar face known to all of the Nekoma Volleyball team.

She was known to be a little rude, kind of mean, so it wasn’t a surprise when the team gulped as they saw her.

But nonetheless, they all crowd around Kuroo and the girl.

“This is our new manager, _____.” She gave a small smile. A smile she gave no one else in the school,

and they were shook.

She said a few words, how she would do her best, help them as much as possible, and the usual manager speech that pretty much everyone gave.

“and don’t be afraid to approach me for anything. I’d love to help.”

What happened to being rude and sassy? The members gave each other glances, except for Kuroo.

The team dispersed and Lev pulled Kenma aside.

“Kenma-kun, isn’t she the one who’s really mean?” He whispers.

Kenma doesnt look up from his game and answers, not missing a heartbeat.

“If you’re a stranger she’ll probably send you to hell.” He says. Lev gulps.

Kenma looks up from his game and looks at Lev.

“But she’s really nice and sweet.” He says nonchalantly.



Nekoma had just won against Nohebi and the guys were escatic. Each of them gave hugs and high fives to their fellow members, and _____.

Yamamoto ran towards _____ and lifted her up, hugging her and spinning in the process.

She giggles and hugs him as she’s set back down.

“And it’s all thanks to our beautiful manager.” He says.

_____ blushes and hits his arm.

“I’m glad to help! You guys did so well!” She exclaims as they all gave her hugs.

In the background, sweaty and tired, Lev approaches Kenma.

“Kenma-kun.” Kenma wipes his forehead and looks up at Lev.

“You were right.”

Falling for the Lunatic - Dean Ambrose Fanfic - Part 6

Part 5 and Part 7 - @ambrose-asylum-ft-mitch, @actualamyautopsy, @fearlessambrose, @awesome-ambrose-world

A/N: The last part of the chapter is inspired by Jim and Pam from The Office. I will put a gif of them at the end so you can visually see what happen with Dean and Elena. Sorry for the delay!! If you have any ideas that goes with the story, let me know. Thank you so much!

I slowly opened my eyes and saw the sunlight coming through the curtains. How the hell did I get back here? Holy hell, my head hurts! I turned my head and saw a bottle of aspirin and a cup of water. I quickly took them and slowly made my way into the shower. I let the extremely hot water roll down my back.

God, I messed up. I miss Dean like crazy. I should of never slapped him. I bet he hated me so much right now. This really sucks because I’m here falling in love with him and I just ruin it all. I’m sure he is in love with Renee, even though she barely talks about him. Come to think about it, they aren’t the same anymore. They use to look at each other with so much happiness, now it’s just a nod and a smile and going their separate ways. What’s going on? The only thing I know is that I gotta apologize. I gotta tell Dean how sorry I am for what I did.

I finished up and stepped out. I grabbed my phone and texted Roman. “Hey, do you know Dean’s room number?

By the time I finished drying off and getting dressed, Roman texted back a simple “2312”. I threw my slightly damp hair in a messy bun and made my way to Dean’s door and just stared at it. Once again, I’m scared to talk to him. I’m scared that he actually hates me, I’m scared that I just want kiss him again.

I was just about to turn around and leave when Dean opened the door, in nothing but sweats I might add. “(Y/N)? Are you okay?”

“How did you know I was out here?”

“I can hear you mumbling. What’s up? Is everything alright?”

“Oh. Yeah. Wait, no. Look, I’m really really sorry for what I did on Smackdown last week.The slapping you part.” I started talking faster and faster as I looked down and played with my fingers. “I really don’t know why I slapped you and I really wish I didn’t. I’m also really sorry for ignoring you this past few weeks too. I just thought that you hated me and I really can’t stand…”


“…the thought of you hating me. I’ve really missed you this past week…”

“(Y/N)…” Dean said a little louder, but I didn’t stop babbling.

“…and it is totally understandable if you hate me. I would hate me too if I slapped myself in front of millions of people. But that’s kinda funny, you know, if I slapped myself. Adds to the whole crazy look and it would be a really-”

“(Y/N)!!” I stopped talking and looked up to see him laughing. “I don’t hate you. I thought you hated me.”

I shook my head from side to side, “I don’t hate you.”

“But I would love to see you slap yourself, that would definitely be funny.” He pointed at me. I chuckled and playfully hit him in the arm which made him smile wider that his dimples came through. “Come on in!” He pulled the door back and I walked in to an empty room.

“Where’s Renee?” I asked turning around as he pulled a shirt on.

“She’s out with Nikki getting some coffee or something. I don’t really know. Our relationship has been really weird lately. It’s like we’re just drifting apart, ya know.”

We spent the rest of the day together talking endlessly about everything and I slowly fell in love with him more by the second.

*At Smackdown*

Smackdown was over and everyone was getting ready to hit the road for our next destination, which was a five hour drive away. I was sitting at catering, catching the last of the food before it was thrown away. I looked up and saw Dean talking to Roman and smiled to myself.

“You’re drooling again.” I heard that familiar Irish accent and turned my attention as she sat on the seat by me and took a bite of my cookie.

“Hey Becky, and no I wasn’t.”

“Riiight. Are you ever gonna tell him how you feel?”

“No, I can’t do that. He’s dating Renee and I’m sure he doesn’t like me back.” I looked back at Dean and saw that he was staring at me. I gave him a small smile and he returned one with a small wink. I quickly looked away as I felt my cheeks turn red.

“That’s not what I see. I think there is something going on between you two, but you are both scared to say something about it. I think he really likes you.” Becky said as she patted my shoulder and left to her car.

*Dean’s POV*

I was talking with Roman, kinda. I kinda tuned him out as I looked across catering and saw Elena and Becky talking and laughing. After this whole weekend, it was clear to me that I was falling head over heels for her. Just seeing her makes me happier than I could ever imagine. And man was she beautiful with the way she generally laughs and smiles with so much care in her heart.

“Dude, are you even listening to me? Oh wait, no because you’re making goggly eyes at Elena!” Roman said waving his hand in front of me.

“I was not and I was so listening to you man. Every word.”

“Okay, then what was I just talking about?” He said putting his hands on his hips in a very sassy way.

“You were saying how … about your, um … you were talking about - okay I was making goggly eyes.”

“See, I knew it!! But seriously man, if you really like her that much, you should do something about it.”

“I can’t. I know for a fact she doesn’t like me back.” As I said that, Elena looked up to meet my eyes and smiled at me. I gave her one back with a wink and could of swore I saw her blush before turned back to her conversation.

“I don’t think so man. I think there is a something huge going on with you and Elena. And if I could give you a word of advice, follow your heart and say something before you lose her to someone else.”

I nodded my head at what he said as we gathered our bags and walked to the car and throwing them in the trunk. At few seconds later, Elena, Seth, and Renee came with theirs and threw them in. We all got settled into the car with Seth driving and Renee in the front, and me and Roman in the back with Elena sitting between us. The only sound in the car was Seth’s rock music softly playing as everyone started to fall asleep. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Elena’s head falling forward before she shot back up. Her eyes full closed as she laid her head on my shoulder and fell asleep. I smiled to myself as I gave her a small kiss on her head. She smiled in her sleep and moved closer. I focused on her slow steady breathing as I rested my head on hers and fall asleep. I knew I was in love with her.

EXO Reaction to you being sensitive during sexy time (smut)

Hello lovelies! Here’s another request!! Thank you all for all your support, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/ 

Chanyeol: He slowly starts massaging your chest, you moan uncontrollably and this turns him on more. He thrusts really hard into you while continuing the massage and you scream his name really loud.

Kris: He slowly slides his hand under your panties when your body starts to tremble and you breath heavily. He understands he found your weak point and starts to finer you like a real master.

Sehun: *He bites your earlobe and starts kissing your neck really slowly and licking it a little. You can’t control yourself and you start to mumble his name. “Shhhh” he says, you need to control yourself, because this is just the beginning”

Tao: “Well yeah, I know I’m awesome on the bed!” *Sassy boyfriend*

Kai: Your pleasure = his pleasure. You bangs you all night without stopping until you both are out of breath and your bodies shiver.

Xiumin: *Really surprised* “Woah.. I only sucked her nipples a little and look how she is… this will be a great night”

Baekhyun: *Stops for a second* “Jagi are you alright? You are screaming a lot… am I hurting you?” *Sexually frustrated* 

Luhan: He talks about it with the boys, and thanks for the great movements he did last night and the screams due to your sensitiveness he feels like the best one in bed

Chen: He knows what his touch does to you, so he teases you all the time…

Kyungsoo: You should’ve been careful. He won’t let you go now! *attacks you until you cry out of pleasure*

Lay: He starts to thrust really slowly so you can feel every inch of him, taking you to a next level of pleasure.

Suho: Seeing you moan and scream his name like that drives him crazy and gives him more pleasure.