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Beat Of Your Hearts. (Tom Holland Imagine)

Request: Oh my god. I just read Tidal Wave and then Just friends and holy shit you are an amazing writer. Can you do a Tom Holland one where the reader and Tom are dating and they’re at an after party for some MCU movie or something. And tom asks the reader to dance and he’s being all cutesy and stuff and just like a lot of fluff and stuff??? Maybe the cast is there too and they tease them both about PDA? Sorry if this is long and/or vague. :) From @jensenbabe

Thank you so much! That means a lot to me! And your request is the perfect leh! ♥

And yes! I am back for the summer! So… can I get a woot woot!

Requests are open (just bear with me I need to get back in the groove of writing on tumblr).

I’m sorry that it’s so short or too cheesy. I’m also really sorry if this is not what you wanted!

I hope you enjoy!

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The night has been exciting… Then again… why wouldn’t it be? It’s the premiere of the long awaited Avengers: Infinity War part 1. You spent the beginning of the evening taking pictures on the red carpet, Tom at your side with his arm around your waist. The public went into a frenzy for the new hot Marvel onscreen and off screen couple. 

Throughout the night, you and Tom were giggling and playing around discreetly- obviously not wanting to be scolded for your “unprofessional” actions. 

Then it eventually rotated to the after party. You had taken off your heels since your feet were aching from the high arches. Tom had made fun of your bright red feet. “Do you walk on tomatoes?” He asked. 

You picked up a croissant then shoved it to his face. “Oh, go eat a quackson.” You mimicked before the two of you burst into a fit of giggles. 

“Ugh, look at the love birds.” Anthony Mackie joked as he and Robert Downey Jr. sat in between you both, separating you from your boyfriend. 

You pouted at your friends and RDJ stated with a straight face, “I’ve got to separate you two before you guys start popping out some babies.“ 

And as the mature adults you and Tom are, both of you yelled out, “GROSS.” 

After giving you and Tom a weird talk about having children, Mackie and RDJ walked off. He pulled you closer towards him and rested his head at the crook of your neck. “I love you.” He whispered.

You smiled though he couldn’t see and said, “I love you, too.” 

Then he piped up, nearly knocking your heads together. Tom frantically got up from his seat and held his hand out to you. “Dance with me.”

You gave him a weird look. Normally, you were all for dancing with Tom. You loved it. But this time it was different. “Baby, there’s no music.” You stated, curious about his motives. 

Tom simply shrugged. “I don’t care. I just want to dance with the love of my life even if there’s no music.” You gave him a loving smile before taking his hand and being escorted to the center of the room. 

Now, you thought Tom meant slow dancing… But, honey… Your boyfriend just broke out into a crazy dance sequence you couldn’t help but burst into laughter. “Dance with me, (Y/N)!” He laughed, taking your hands and spinning you. 

You both could feel the stares of your cast mates- who were undoubtedly taking videos and photos for their social medias and for the simple joy of the memory- but you both could care less. They can bother you later. 

Yes there was no music to dance to, but that didn’t matter. You were dancing to the Beat Of Your Hearts.

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hi! i recently became an ahgase! i watched many variety shows that got7 was on to know more about them. I feel like there are still a lot that i haven't discovered yet. Can you please list out all the variety shows that got7 were on or they were the one hosting it (ex. got7ing) THANK YOU :) btw, thanks for updating our boys all the time. i really like your blog. HWAITING!

Hi and welcome to the fandom! I’m sorry but I can’t list all GOT7 shows because there were too many ): You can start with these:

IGOT7 / GOT2DAY  / REALGOT7 / Running Man / King of Ratings / GOTing / Hard Carry

Shows with Jackson are listed here ; he has a separate list because he appeared on many shows

For the rest of subbed shows always check subbed tag: http://got7-updates.tumblr.com/tagged/subbed

Thank you for following our blog ^^

NCT Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan and Jaemin's ideal type (personality)


Anon: hi hi !! could you please do the next 5 members for the ideal type post? if you don’t want to that’s okay, too. Thank youuu!

Anon: Please please please do the ideal types of the next 5 members, personality and appearance. <3

Sorry that this has taken a while to come out! Hopefully it was worth the wait!  Please remember that these are all just assumptions. Tell me if you want the next 2 members (Chenle & Jisung)! Also thank you to everyone who sent in messages and helped me with this! It really helped!

Ideal type (appearance)

Ideal type (personality)


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Someone who likes to read would totally appeal to him; he’d love to hear them read and talk about their favourite books and debating about the author’s intentions behind certain parts. They wouldn’t have to be the intelligent type, overflowing with knowledge and facts, but someone who had common sense and could see sense in things would be very attractive to him. I don’t think he’d be able to deal with someone who asked questions that had obvious answers. He’d suit well with someone chill and laid back, who didn’t stress too much about life but was still very hard working and well organised. They should be quiet independent and be okay with the fact he might occasionally choose his career over them, even though it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love them anymore. Someone reliable and supportive, who can support not only him but the wrath of his members; they’d probably rely on his girlfriend for moral and mental support too. He wouldn’t have a preference for introverts nor extroverts, but might be put off by someone who is at an extreme end of the scale. They should be able to make a conversation flow well and always have something interesting to say, whether that was a story or fact. I think someone with a “normal” life would be perfect for him; he’d like the feeling of home and being around someone who could keep him grounded and sane. They wouldn’t have to have any specific talents or hobbies, but if they had a quirky or weird one, he’d be intrigued and find it fascinating, probably wanting to try it out too.


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I think he’d suit an ambivert; someone who could bring his energy up by being energetic and outgoing, but not overly excitable that he dreads doing anything or feels run down a lot of the time. Or someone who was quiet at first but then with time, opened up and grew in confidence; he’d like having someone to become more confident with. Age wouldn’t concern him too much, but at his age right now, someone who was either his age or a couple years younger/older than him, might suit him too. Someone who has a soft and sweet soul, but if someone messes with them, has good comebacks and knows how to catch people off guard. I also think he’d go well with an artsy and creative person. Or at least, someone who could share at least one of his main hobbies. They wouldn’t need to be good at art or like doing it, but someone who appreciates it and will admire his work and encourage him to keep practising. Someone who is easy to befriend and is observant; they can easily read people and always knows how to include people and make them feel comfortable naturally. Although he loves food, whether they can cook or not wouldn’t be a problem. If they can, he’d be sure to make the most of it, asking them to make things for him and the members and paying them back with affection and compliments. If they can’t, he’d be the one cooking and they’d be the one showering him with affection and compliments. Preferably someone who can speak Chinese (or Korean) so there is no language barrier. He’d be pretty relaxed about his ideal type, but being able to easily communicate is a must.


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Although I think he’d suit both loud and quiet kind of people, I think he’d suit someone whose quite gentle and calm and a little more on the shy side. I guess he’d want someone who has a life and personality that contrasts the hectic, tiring life he has an idol; they’d keep him sane and chill. Someone with an intelligent and clever mind, who has an unusual way of thinking and helps him develop into a well-informed and deep character. He’d totally be the type to want to have deep chats at 2AM and talk about everything and anything. Someone who always has something to say and will open their heart up to him; you wouldn’t need something “interesting” to tell him for him to listen to you; he’d like the conversations where you’d just tell each other about what you had for dinner or what you saw on the bus on your way to school. As well as having someone who opened up to him, they’d need to be able to listen to him too, and hear all about his troubles and anxieties. He’d definitely be one of them members in NCT who’d think communication in a relationship is crucial, despite his young age. Someone more mature than immature but can still be playful and a tease when necessary. Someone who has dedicated their life to a passion or talent of their’s instead of something educational. Like Renjun, he’d like it if they could draw, paint, sing, or anything else like that; he’d find it admirable and cool. Doesn’t necessarily have to be something he can do or has an interest it, but he’d defiantly be willing to pursue a hobby in it if you inspired him that much.


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He’d like someone with wit and charm, who’d always leave an impressionable mark on people and a good one. Someone who knew a lot about a lot would really impress him and, I see him developing and maturing into someone who was very socially aware, as a result of dating them. Someone who has a genuine and sensitive heart, but not overly sensitive that they’d be offended by any teasing or playful instead from him. He’d need someone who literally worshiped him and loved him with all their heart, and wouldn’t be afraid to express this whether it was physically or verbally. Obviously, someone who can match him well and keep up, so they’ve got to be sarcastic, like pranking people and be an energetic, active person. Someone whose the mum friend, not to him but to other people. He’d like how caring and sweet their heart could be, and this’d be very reassuring to him - knowing that if he was to ever feel insecure or upset, you’d be there to pick him up. Doesn’t necessarily mind an introvert or an extrovert, although an extrovert might feel more comfortable around him (an introvert would eventually feel more comfortable around him, it’d just take some time) As long as they knew when to listen and when to talk, and showed genuine interest in him and his life, he’d easily fall for them and showing as much love back too.


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Jaemin would probably suit someone quite extroverted and adventurous, but not to the extent that they literally cannot calm down and always enjoy the limelight and attention. He’d like them to be quite loud but still very modest and a good listener. He’d want to be able to go on dates that were unusual and different, ones that lasted the entire day so meant you had to wake up at 5AM and end up going to sleep at 11PM. Someone either very, very feminine or someone quite boisterous and a little bit like a tom-boy. I literally don’t think there’d be an in-between either lol. Someone who loves to be around others and wouldn’t mind having casual dates, where another member might tag along with the pair of you. Perhaps someone who’s the “mum” friend and will smother and look after him. He’d like the attention and affection, so he’d need a S/O who didn’t really have any limits and doesn’t mind the physical attention.Someone he can dance with and teach. They don’t even have to be good or have ever danced before. He’d love to have the opportunity and responsibility of teaching someone how to dance and then reaching the stage where you both can dance together. I think he’d be a really good teacher and very patient and adoring with you. A dog person over a cat person! Not sure why, but I think maybe when he’s older, he’d like to buy a dog with his partner and just go on long treks with you (and the dog) Someone who wouldn’t mind him showering you in little gifts; nothing that expensive, and sometimes they’d be homemade, but they’d be often and his way of telling you how much you mean to him.

my mom after pressuring me to admit that at the very least i’m questioning: you’re being such an idiot for thinking that i’d have any issue with it, you know that i’m liberal-minded, like i don’t have trouble with gays… as long as they’re being discrete and don’t advertise it and don’t go on parades and do demonstrations for their “rights”… two of my female co-workers are in a relationship [sidenote: i didn’t even know about this because no one in this hell town talks about gay people existing], so clearly i’m okay with them, of course if it was turned out to be you, i would struggle with it, and i would prefer if you were dating a guy and gave me grandkids, but you know that your dad only just talks like a bigot, but really he loves you anyway even if he would be grumpy and insulting and possibly not cool with it at all, and one of your aunts would totally not be okay with it and a lot of our family friends, but who cares, right, you shouldn’t be frustrated with this and just accept yourself!!!!! did i ever tell you about this other friend of mine who married a guy who turned out to be gay, see how easier it would’ve been if he was just honest and up-front from the start, like why would anyone, especially with a high profile job try to maintain an image of being straight when everyone’s so ~accepting~ these days, not that i want you to be gay or trying to talk you into being gay……..


YOI fic writing sprints?

I’ve just done a writing sprint with @nerily and it was great, I managed to focus when I would have just kept dicking around on tumblr. So I thought, why not include more people?

I don’t really know how to properly organize this since it’s the sort of thing that requires an instant messaging of sorts and there are no group chats on tumblr, but I thought I’d start by asking if anyone would be interested in something like this, then see about the logistics later if we have a group of people.

(if you don’t know what a writing sprint is, I’ve seen authors on twitter do it especially when it’s NaNoWriMo but not only - they decide a writing time, anything from 15 minutes to one hour, and in that period of time who decides to join tries to write and only write, knowing that a lot of people are doing the same at the same time in all parts of the world. It really gives you a motivation to write because at the end everyone sort of shares their progress in terms of words or something else, like “I finally figured out this scene” or something.)

Also I included “YOI” in the title because I thought if we’re all writing about the same fandom it’s easier to keep each other motivated and we could share headcanons and stuff about our favorite YOI characters. Idk.

I’m taking the liberty of tagging some of you guys who might be interested but feel free to ignore this or tell me if it’s a stupid idea (or if there’s already something like this that I don’t know about): @severeminx, @victuri-oh-nice, @kirinvlinder, @madamredwrites, @jubesy, @argentoheart 

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oooh shit okay it’s about to get hot and steaaamy in here fam ;)))

-Ponyboy likes to sit in the front pew because the church ladies who wear large hats really annoy him
-Two-bit flirts with all of the girls when he’s supposed to be doing that greet and hand shake thing
-Steve’s Roman Catholic and not even sure why he came with them
-Soda always ends up saying ‘Amen’ just a little too loud
-Two-bit thought it would be funny if he clapped at the end of a sermon…He got lots of glares. 
-The old ladies all pinch Johnny’s cheeks and he wants To Die
-Darry has most of the services memorized 
-Surprisingly Dally’s sitting quietly and listening, who knows what he’s thinking honestly???? 

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What are your top 5 Destiel fanfictions that you don't mind re-reading again and again?

Oh, okay. This is hard. There ARE a lot I like to reread. Let’s see:

I’ve re-read almost all of @ltleflrt‘s big ones, I think but I just reread Addicted to You and it’s still so good. All her fics are like curling up with your favorite blanket…of porn.

Speaking of porn, another favorite I’ve read a few times is “I Wanna Get Outside (of me)

I really love “The Last Great Race” and have reread that a few times!

Oh, and of course if I wanna cry forever I’ll reread “The Breath of All Things.”

Ummmm…gor angst I like to give “Living in Agony” a reread.

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Today we had our last religion class with a teacher we've known for five years. I felt like I was a scared 14 years old all again,a lot of us cried. He taught us that you shouldn't pursue happiness,as you can't really reach it, but you need to look for something that will make you happy. That will last. Also, you should do your best to be beautiful (not like, in your body, but in yourself) and you gotta show it. And,when everybody has seen it, hide it back away. Don't have a dream, be your dream

he seems like a cool teacher
mine were always just homophobic

i kind of feel bad for nina but i also dont??? like i like nina and i feel like she had a lot more to give but she definitely needed to go home. i feel like the competition really got to her and made her such a downer to the point where she just refused to apply herself anymore.

I guess we won’t know for sure until season 2 but I get the feeling that Ichi being a Karamatsu Boy™ isn’t lost on anyone because like…?

No one here looks surprised except possibly Jyushi. I guess you could say their expressions are from them ignoring Kara BUT they don’t react to Ichi at all. It’s just a typical thing.

Also Kara knowing isn’t up for debate LOOK AT HIS FACE

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Hi, I'm new to the fandom (just binch watched all seasons in like 3 days) and I have really important question *sarcasm*. Do you think that Evak had sex/were sexual with each other during that weekend after the first kiss and we just didn't see it or was their first sexual experience "the reunion"? I think that something must have happened, don't tell they were just cuddling the whole time, but they just didn't show us anything.

Welcome to the fandom angel!

I think a lot of people interpret what happened differently (which is cool! we can all have different ways of looking at things) 

but I personally think they totally spent that weekend making out, spooning, talking, getting to know each other without sex. I mean they probably totally fondled and explored and kissed like crazy but I don’t think they would have had sex in any sense because of a few things

  • Isak just KISSED A BOY for the FIRST TIME ahhhhh he was probably freaking out omg I don’t think he would have been ready to take it to the next level yet. so kissing would do…he needed the practice
  • Even was still with Sonja. he hadn’t talked to her yet. It was shitty enough that he just left her to make out with a boy in a pool and then ended up spending the weekend with him. He would have felt guilty enough…I don’t think he’d make things worse with sex
  • it’s too soon. I personally feel like neither of them would have been ready for that at the time because they had just spent 4 weeks staring at each other, smoking weed, talking, sending awful memes….and now they have kissed and this is happening, this is real….we are in each others arms lying in bed talking about nicolas cage….oh my gosh it’s not in my head it’s real. I personally think they would have just wanted to spend time reveling in this new feeling. enjoying this moment. the kisses, the cuddles, the way they just connect. 

after all there is always time for lots and lots of sex later as we all know. 

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hi :) i remember seeing (a while ago) on this blog a fic where one of them (can't remember if it was dan or phil) was an alien that came to earth to learn about humans.. could you help me finding it please, i've checked the alien/space masterlist but it wasn't there and i have no clue what the title could be :( thanks ^w^

Of All New Things, You Were My Favorite - Dan is a curious non-binary alien who doesn’t understand human culture but really likes to wear pastel pink skirts. And aliens, Phil learns, are a lot to handle – or maybe that’s just Dan.


We all need a little comfort sometimes

A full commission I finished recently for an awesome and supportive person by the name of @hadjiiembercolgatenerdmctillhawk, based on their really awesome fanfic, that you guys should totally check out. I had a blast drawin this, and I tried out a few new things with it that I think went rather well. 

Aywho, if you’d like to get a commission of your own, head on over here and then hit me up with an ask or PM, and we can work out the details. 

I hope you enjoy, and have a wonderful day/evenin/night. Stay frosty ^u^/)

Ok, I need to write this, because it’s only been one day of the hiatus and you guys are already giving me an anxiety cancer over this whole b.echo/b.raven debate (it’s my first hiatus in between seasons and… has it always been like this? damn…)

First of all, listen - I know this fandom has some big trust issues, but seriously - trust the writers. Think logically (and like them) for just a moment: audience loves parallels and callbacks, but do you think the watchers/readers like repetition of plots? I guess the answer would be “not so much”, because the first thing is interesting and cool, something like a nice treat to the fans, but the other? It’s just lousy writing, shows you lack imagination and no writer wants that.

Now look calmly at b.echo and b.raven.

If the first one gets together, it will be sth like this - they’re from different cultures and opposite sides, they worked together, she betreyed him, he hated her, he forgave her, they found common ground, they became lovers (and I skip the whole “you killed my sister” thing). Sounds familiar? Yes, it’s like c.lexa all over again, and that relationship was so big and important for this show, that I don’t believe the writers would want to repeat it, because it will kinda degrade the whole concept - it just won’t be as unique as they pushed for it to be.

Then let’s look at b.raven - if it actually happened (and let’s not forget I firmly believe bellarke is endgame), that would give us another love triangle with Clarke and Raven and some guy they both have feelings for and another situation when at the end he chooses Clarke. Like… would they really want to do that Finn drama again? Also let’s not forget, that Bell and Raven already tried to be together like that and it didn’t really work (but instead became this beautiful beautiful friendship).

We can say a lot of things about this show, but they never repeat the same plots - they parallel, they tweak here and there, but they never do copy-paste.

Ok, but now you can argue that “hey, so they can tweak it and make Bellamy choose Raven at the end” and that would actually made sense… if not for the golden rule of television - no couple that gets together off screen is permanent. Period. Audience loves seeing the whole road, the good and the bumps and everything, not just the destination. Showing how the characters are falling in love pulls the audience in, telling them “listen, these two love each other, you just have to take my word for it” never works. Just look at Gina’s situation - the moment she appeared, I was 100% sure she’s gonna die, or they will break up. Because there’s no way in hell they’re gonna put their Male Lead with someone random and without proper romantic build-up and expect me to care (at the end of the day most of us probably cared about Bellamy who cared about Gina, but not about Gina herself). Imagine reading a book and then it’s as if it skips a few chapters and suddenly our Main Character is in a relationship - we just won’t care about it, it’s that simple. And if we don’t care, we don’t watch and the show dies.

Believe in the writers - with the new situation they introduced at the end of the ep, they don’t need to reheat some old dish, when they have one hundred new possibilities to explore. So let’s take a deep breath and slowly repeat - either way bellarke will be fine. Just… what will be The 100 without it’s angst?

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Thank you for standing up for us aces 💜 it really means a lot to know people accept us and are willing to stand up for us. I've had my sexuality rejected by friends as well as family, so knowing there are people like you out there makes my day 🙌 hope u have a great day, bud!

👍 I stand up for all sexaul orentations fam

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i think one of the things i really like about you & your writing is you do hurt/comfort, and you focus a lot more on the comfort aspect than most writers i've come across. it's really nice.

Ah, thank you! :D That is the part I like, the comfort and recovery process, so it’s the part I prefer to write. When I find a story that focuses on the aftermath, too, it makes me so happy. 

I guess it’s kind of my philosophy on life? Like, bad things happen. Bad things happen to good people, to innocent people, to kids, all the time, in every country and at every age. That’s the world we live in, and I’ve had bad things happen to me, so I’m very aware. I do not need fiction to explore bad things happening. Of course bad things are going to happen to teenagers caught in an intergalactic war, since bad things also happen to teenagers (and children) living in the richest country on planet Earth all the freaking time. That’s just…very normal and expected.

But what I AM interested in is what happens after the bad things. How do people react? How do they cope? How do they find their way back to health? Who helps? How long does it take for life to settle down? When does some modicum of happiness and peace return? Does love conquer all, or is it more complicated? How do you deal with nightmares? How do you fight against bad self-talk? Of course you can’t go back to how you used to be, that’s impossible, but can you build something good with the pieces you have left?

There are lots and lots and lots of questions about recovery and aftermath, and they very rarely get explored with any depth. Probably because when badly written, it can get boring and kind of depressing. I think it takes more skill and effort and knowledge to write a good recovery story than a good torture story. That’s what I like and it’s what I want to do. And I seriously doubt that I could make a living writing mainstream fiction focused on the aftermath of Bad Things, so fanfiction it is, haha. I’m happy with my choices.

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May I ask 2pFrance as your boyfriend ples

Of course, dear  ❤

2P! France as your boyfrend:

-  you gotta have a lot of patience with him, hun
-  tbh if you got him as boyfriend and not just some hoe to fuck with then you’re very special
-  first things first we all know he has a veryyy high sex drive so prepare yourself for that ;))
-  doesn’t really like to cuddle so when you hug him, he’ll just sit there w/o doing anything
-  he’s very good at writing poetry mostly dark ones tho and it’s written in French
-  he’ll read them out to you once in a while
-  asshole will use you as a footrest just to annoy you
-  he really likes to hold your hand in private cause it gives him a sense of assurance
-  can I just say that him speaking French is just like really hot?
-  he’d complement you in French but not in English just so that you wouldn’t know since he’s a shy fuck
-  not unless you just happened to know how to speak French
-  “Votre sourire est un don” “Awh, Francois, you’re so sweet” //swEATS ‘holy fucking fuck she understood’
-  he’d unconsciously spoon you when you two sleep together
-  he’s not really vocal so you’ll have to try your best with him, dearie
-  the only times he’ll probably tell you he loves you are important times such as anniversaries, birthdays, etc.
-  but he won’t let you think otherwise ❤
- “Vous êtes la meilleure chose qui me soit jamais arrivée"