i really like working with the striped ones

Meanwhile, Molly

(Or: More Things That People Think Make Sherlock Canonically Straight But They Really Really Don’t)

Allow me to address one more incredibly beautiful part of Sherlock (and then I’ll stop overusing the word “beautiful”, sorry, I just loved series four): Let’s talk about what is the point of Molly Hooper.

I’ve always sympathised with Molly, but I admit that from a literary point of view, I didn’t quite get her. If she was a love interest for Sherlock, why would the story not revolve more around her? But if she wasn’t a love interest, where was her character going? Why was she there in the first place? It didn’t feel Moffat-y sound. (And yes, I just made that expression up.) 

But looking back on all four series, the intention of Molly’s character actually becomes pretty clear. In a nutshell: At any given moment of the show, Molly is an indicator of John Watson’s feelings towards Sherlock. (No really, let me show you.) 

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Little Sour Hearts

this would be the Holster/Esther Shapiro 6k Valentine’s Fic literally no one asked for. enjoy <3

Valentine’s Day 2013 – Freshman Year

Holster doesn’t believe in Valentine’s Day. It’s some Hallmark Holiday based on a Christian saint of some sort, and it’s an excuse to be sickeningly sweet with someone you love, and a good day to have just dumped your significant other the night before so you can go to the single’s bars and get wasted. For Holster, it’s always been a day to gorge on chocolate. It always was in Juniors and he doesn’t see any reason to change now that he’s in college.

“What are you doing for Valentine’s Day, bro?” Ransom asks, buttoning one of his nice shirts and holding up a couple different ties to judge their relative colour.

“Being bitter,” Holster says. “What are you doing?”

“Girl from my bio class,” Ransom replies.

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anonymous asked:

Personally I like the rainbow flag with the raised fist in the middle of a circle, shaded in different colors to match the stripes of the rainbow. Much more aesthetically pleasing tbh and makes the whole issue front and center as opposed to just off the top/bottom

I also personally like the look of that flag more I also think it covers all poc groups better but again the one with the two stripes on top was very contextual to Philadelphia. And it’s actually really upsetting and telling to see people remove context and refuse to work in good faith. I’m pretty sure the other version was made on tumblr and when you open the floor to literally everyone someone will out design someone else. Again everyone, please respect or at least look up Philadelphia’s More Color More Pride. There is not one community there are countless ones and I’n going to trust that More Color More Pride made the exact flag they wanted. 

Get to know me

I’ve been tagged by @aplevi (Thanks, I love you!)

Rules: Tag blogs you want to get know better.

Nickname: Hajimama, duh ;P

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Height: 165 cm

Last thing You Googled: ‘Tarte flambeé’ (Because I was super sure it got it’s name from a place for whatever reason)

Favorite Music Artist: Hard to tell… Probably Placebo

Song Stuck In Your Head: None, for once! 

Last Movie You Watched: Phantom of the opera (I didn’t like it but @assistent-official made me watch it)

What Are You Wearing Right Now: Oh that’s kinky ;) Ripped jeans, a grey hoodie and a black muscle-shirt

Why Did You Choose Your URL: Because shitposting is funnier with an important sounding URL lol

Do You Have Any Other Blogs: Well, I fucked up and this is only a sideblog so….

What Did Your Last Relationship Teach You: T.A.L.K!

Religious or Spiritual: I’m not really feeling religion for myself, but I’m kinda interested in them from an outsider POV, I guess I’m a tiny bit spiritual, like I kinda believe in something like ‘What goes around comes around’ and ghost stuff sounds pretty fine to me too, so does reincarnation, but then again I’m still skeptical of those. 

Favorite Color: Orange, Blue and Pink!

Average Hours of Sleep: 8-12

Lucky Number: Don’t really have one, I hate numbers tbh lol

Favorite Character: Wiccan, because I feel him on a deeper level, I too, am otherworldy, depressed and gay as fuck

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: two, because assistant hogs the warm blanket :’D

Dream Job: Working at a helpdesk for queer folks

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theupdatingart  asked:

Omfg could you please do a small tutorial on how you paint, ive been trying to figure out a similar style for dnd maps for my friends but i just cant figure it out and theres essentially bo tutorials for digital painting

Hi there. I’m not 100% sure what you mean by “paint”, but I assume you want know on how I go about coloring my artwork? 

I guess this’ll be a quick rundown for you and anyone else who may have the same question. 

First, I start with my line art. I’ll use this kitty cat doodle for example. Sometimes I work over a rough sketch, but most times I’ll just use my first pass, like in this case.

I then create a gray layer underneath the line art, which will be the basis for where I lay down my colors on top. From the gray color layer, I create several clipping masks over said layer, and paint in the solid base colors I want. It helps to label the clipping layers for organization reasons. 

It’ll look kinda like this:

and then like this. 

Once I settled on the base colors, I usually switch from an ink brush to a dry brush.

To create a sense of volume, I take the base color of each part and create a highlight by going warmer and create shading by going cooler. She’s an orange cat, so that means her highlights will lean yellow, while her shading will be more towards red. I personally like this better than simply using black to shade.

Also, make sure you have a basic idea of where your light source is coming from.

Once all that is done, I usually like to make final adjustments. This is usually the last step, where I like to blend the colors more smoothly, add details like a secondary color and/or things like stripes, color in the linework, darken certain parts of the linework, and add a final white highlight.

Should look a little something like this.

..and that’s really it! 

I don’t usually make tutorials and I consider myself far from an amazing digital painter, but I hope this helps you even a little! I’d say just experiment and find what works for you!

Also, I don’t agree with your last statement! I actually think there are PLENTY of tutorials for digital painting (tons of free ones even)! There’s tons of blogs dedicated to art tutorials on tumblr alone. I also suggest you look at speedpaints of your favorite artists or see if they have any tutorials on their blogs / gumroad. Search their FAQ and tags if you have to! 

Good luck! 🤗

helplesslynerdy  asked:

Draw your OC: Donna, 12 and/or 28? Please? ;)

28. In the work-clothes of the job they want or wished they had

(an investigative reporter seems fitting somehow, no?)

and a bonus 12. As a Scene kid

send me a costume doodle prompt!


Last week I had to finish up this little skybison baby in a rush, as the friend of mine who requested this had a birthday party on Saturday. I’ve been sort of putting this up but the birthday was such a good opportunity to give it to her that I decided to hurry it along. I’m glad I did, she was really happy, as handing in the commission was totally on a whim for her and she kind of forgot about it, so it was even more of a surprise than I anticipated :)

I actually spent a lot of time hunting for the perfect fabric for this project and hence have a kinda big stack of it lying about now. It had to be a really fluffy one and I wanted to have it a really soft off-white that had to go with the brown I wanted to go with so I was kind off limited in my options which didn’t work very well with the very limited colour range off plush where I live :P Luckily I could use up some of my fabrics from my stash for the belly and the face, as I had a really nice soft nicky from my totoro sweater, a metallic jersey from an old platypus project and random alcantara which I’ve used for the first jacket I’ve sewn (wonder if that still fits me…)

The pattern I basically eyeballed. I knew I wanted to be really close to the reference, but it varied a lot depending on the picture you looked at, so I took a few artistic liberties, especially concerning the amounts of stripes on his back. I’ve learned the hard way that it’s better for me to work off a good pattern I’ve really thought through all the way then improvise it on the go. I have a pretty good feelings for geometry and patterns, but when it comes to the executing projects, I usually power through a lot so I have to have a solid base to work from and have to have a plan, otherwise I tend to make rush decisions that don’t work out as well as I’d like to. It worked out fairly well for this one except for the muzzle, which did turn out slightly more ruffled than I intended, and the eyes which aren’t perfectly symmetrical because I sewed them on in the subway to the party :P. I first sketched out the pattern, which actually was done month ago and then I tranferred it onto paper in the right measurements (again eyeballing them in about the size I needed) carefully labelling every part with which part it was and how often I needed it in each fabric.

Then came the cutting. And admittedly, it was tedious to pay attention to the direction of the hair in every single piece I cut, cutting it out in a way that I wouldn’t cut away any of the hair I might possibly need  later on and then lie it out on my kitchen table so I wouldn’t confuse any of the pieces. This I think really saved a lot of time and frustration for me (and made for really nice pictures too :))

When I had everything cut up and ready, it came to deciding the order of sewing. Luckily I had thought this out before too, so it was just a matter of pinning it together (again paying attention to tucking in all the fur) and then hand sewing it all together. There were so many individual little pieces that I figured hand-sewing would actually be faster and tidier than doing it on the sewing machine. The only exception to this were the panels on the belly, which were made from alcantara and hand-stitching them would not have looked as tidy as I’d have liked it to (my machine didn’t like the fabric though and decided to skip stitches ever so often so I had to redo parts of it by hand anyways).

Making the arrow on the back was definitely the most rewarding part of the sewing process. I’ve never made anything like it and was so happy how it turned out! And I was really really hesitant to move on to the face as I feared it would mess everything up (Which ALWAYS happens, when I haven’t prepared everything beforehand…). At that point I hadn’t fully decided how to approach it and it was a bit tricky as there were different fabrics which all had a different stretch so in the end I opted for keeping the eye part and sewing the rest of the face in fake fur as the shape would be much more consistent and puffing the muzzled up would actually be easier when I would just sew it on top. So then I had a solid base to work from. At Friday way past midnight. And Saturday was a working day.

On the morning in the subway I decided to take things easy; there were only the (already premade) feet to be sewn on, the muzzle, the nose and the (already premade) eyes. So I spent my lunchbreak doing that. But I only managed the feet and the upper lip and as I really wanted the pieces to sit exactly where I wanted to, I opted to stay in a bit after work and finish up as much as I could there. So I sat there with all the colleagues who were already in weekend mode, sitting around with their beer stitching away in a frantic hurry, because I was already late for the party XD and turns out the colleague of mine who set next to me was a massive avatar fan XD He kept stealing glances at the little skybison and when someone asked what i was actually making, he chimed in “it’s appa!” almost in awe! XD And when I was leaving I gave the toy to him to hold for a bit and he was very happy about that too :)

So when I left, I had the nose and the eyes left to sew on. Good amount of sewing for a subway trip. XD The elderly man who sat across from me was a bit buffled I attempted it though tbh. Maybe also due to the military pocket knife I used to do the cutting XD Due to my stress the eyes, as I’ve already mentioned came out a bit wonky, but I think it’s not too noticeable and he still looks really adorable! I had opted to paint the eyes too and had also brought the colours with me but unfortunately I completely ran out of time for that too XD

All in all I’m absolutely happy with how this one turned out! And my friend is absolutely over the moon about it too, which is the most important thing!

Yo! Well tha’s my first headcanon(more like personal opinion), don’t blame me, i want leave smth in this fandom expect my edits.

So mostly of Akutagawa fans calls him “my emo child”, “my emo son” and this totally makes me suffer. Idk only me or other too? Don’t misunderstood me, u can call him as u want, but big part of this fandom associates Akutagawa with emo culture. 

I have even saw post, where user helps to not mix up goth and emo. It was actually made for fun i guess and i shouldn’t take it close to heart, but it feels like only emo can be depressed and only goths can feel too much feelings. Also only goths listen to Evanescence and emo listen MCR only. COOL.

Even one my friend told  me that Akutagawa may listen to MCR, Marilyn  Manson and etc. 

I just want to tell just about some my headcanons that filled my head for a long time.

  • First Aku isn’t emo, because of his ourfit. 

Frill, jabot - how many emos u have seen wearing them? Isn’t it gothic attribute? Otherwise Akutagawa’s outfit is pretty minimalist

His daily outfit is pretty minimalist too.  I don’t see propensity to emo’s fashion. 

Next, Akutagawa’s hairstyle is not from emo’s fashion too. I won’t be afraid to say, that’s it’s more gothic, than emo  (aku with his white stripes reminds me my fav gothic metal singer sorry)

  • Second Akutagawa is angry and depressed and it makes him emo automatically.

What a nonsense, actually it’s already a really silly thing to sort characters to subcultures only by specefic traits. Yep, Akutagawa is angry mostly of time, and looks like he wants to kill everyone, but I totally belive that inside he is soft man and if not hard childhood, work in port mafia, his ability, he would grow just an oridinary man. Also don’t forget that he has a special relation to Kyouka:

HE CAN FEEL OTHER FEELINGS TOO!!! And it’s only one example that he cares of people (not all, but he still does)

  • And the last one for today is his music taste.

It’s another fact why ppl  associate him with emo culture. There is no info loves Aku music or not, like Chuuya has. But ppl think it’s mix of rock\hard rock and etc. That’s headcanon anyway, but it’s more likely that Akutagawa enjoyes to listen classic music, something like new age or even ambient. Because he has really hard work. How u imagine Akutagawa coming home only for to listen MCR (tooo much mcr in dis post lmao). Logically he has no time to listen music on missions and home is the only place where he can do it, but does he? 

He looks fucking tired here, will he even have time to listen music? As i told in my imagination Aku likes classisc music, new age, ambient a good choice to relax, sometimes he will listen to darkwave too but it’s happens really rarely that he even forgot when he listened music for the last time.

Just a mix of headcanons, my opinion and etc. Don’t take it seriosly if ur opinion  does not match with mine. I just wanted to share it. Maybe for someone Aku is still emo, for some goth, for some Aku is Aku and no one gives damn about subcultures in bsd. So for me by outfit Aku is 99.9% goth (only for me i guess), the other has no attitude to this. Thanks for attention. 

reluctanthurricane  asked:

I noticed you used to do sword stuff and I've been taking classes lately but I got to the point where I have to take a grappling class if I want to move on and I don't like to be touched so it's been very hard for me. Do you have any advice? Thanks.

Aw, grappling! When I studied at Academie Duello in Vancouver, grappling turned out, unexpectedly, to be one of my favourite parts. I think because I’m 5′1″ and not naturally burly, and grappling was the first time my low centre of gravity really worked for me.

Depending on who you’re studying with it sounds like you have two potential avenues of help:

1) Moderating the class requirement

2) Making the contact less stressful

1) It’s been my general experience that martial artists of all stripes have a relatively good understanding that some people really don’t cope well with certain forms of touch or interaction. There’s a relatively high level of awareness of PTSD thanks to the military veterans and abuse survivors in the community, and people with all kinds of neurodivergences can make that work for us.

So it’s possible that if you ask, your school can waive the grappling requirement for you–a lot of groups teach grappling to give you a good theoretical understanding of more advanced swordplay, but due to health and safety concerns, they don’t permit fighters to grapple during actual fencing bouts.  So you may be able to skip that class, or sit in on it to see the principles without having to physically participate yourself.

That means talking to or emailing the instructor/administrator/school and saying something like, “I’m concerned about the grappling requirement if I want to progress. For health reasons, I am not able to physically grapple with others. Is there a way I can continue in my studies despite this?”

I mean, there was a time I couldn’t grapple because I had a knee injury, so I sat it out then. Some people have delicate spines or serious complications from bruising.  Health problems happen and we learn to work around it.  You can get detailed and honest if you want–if you feel like the people you’re dealing with are sensitive, trustworthy, and likely to do good things with the information. On the other hand, you don’t have to go into details or justify yourself, even if you feel like you’re being silly or oversensitive or anything like that. 

People have an awful habit of digging into things that are very painful for nothing more than curiosity, and we need not indulge them.  I once told a coworker in a mental health job that I had PTSD, and his response was literally, “Oh, what from?”  And I was working, would need to be composed and centred and emotionally alert as soon as my client came back. I was at a time in my life where even saying the name of what happened to me made me burst into tears. So I managed to bite out, “The kind of thing that gives people PTSD.” It was as much of an answer as he ever got (or deserved). We do not need to reward people who think they deserve that kind of personal information, especially since demanding it without any kind of admission that it’s a personal question or that they’re overstepping proves they’re not trustworthy in that respect. If they try asking, "Could you grapple in a box? Could you grapple with a fox?” trying to coax you into doing something you’re not comfortable with, ask, “What if I can’t? What would you do then?”

2) It’s possible you might have to do some form of grappling, just to demonstrate minimum competency to be allowed in tournaments or something.  Or you might  decide that you want to do a little grappling, but in a way that’s comfortable for you.  Then, it’s possible you and your instructors might be able to modify the class a little to make you comfortable.

One fix might be making sure you have instructors and partners you trust–making sure you’re paired up with someone who’s respectful and sensitive to distress, who will notice and stop if you show distress signals. (You might need to talk about these ahead of time if you do this in an atypical fashion, like freezing and dissociating instead of becoming physiologically elevated–in those cases your partner might need to get you to give an active signal that you’re present and ready to go every few minutes, instead of stopping when you look upset)  They might be able to pair you up with a partner of a gender or build that you find easier to deal with, or they might allow you to bring a friend you trust into the class to practice with.

Another possible fix is environment. When we grappled at Academie Duello, it was kind of like a middle school dance, all these couples spread out across the floor twirling around and bumping into each other. That would make it doubly bad for people hypersensitive to being touched–then it’s not just your partner touching you, but the risk of two strangers not paying attention careening into your back when you’re distracted.  In those situations, it might work to get a part of the area physically blocked off for just you and your partner, or (if it doesn’t create additional cost) for you to be able to do the class in a small-group or no-group format when you have a lot of space to yourself.

Finally, you might be able to make the physical sensations of being touched easier by wearing (maybe borrowing) clothing or armor. For example, the grappling I did meant holding your opponent around the back of their neck and their elbow; wearing a large gorget and elbow pads would reduce the specific feeling of being touched. Depending on which areas of the body your grappling involves, you can come up with different solutions.

I hope that gives you some ideas. If you have any more questions or want to tell me how it went, please do keep in touch. :) Metaphorically, of course!

Two colored Scarf Tutorial

Hey so if you want to cosplay characters like Roxy Lalonde, Eridan Ampora, Trickster!Roxy, Erisolsprite or any other one with a two colored striped scarf this could be useful for you. 

I’m going to show you how I made my Roxy Lalonde scarf but this will work for all of the above characters, just choose fabrics and their colors appropriateley.

So if this applies to you or you just like diy’s or are curious how I made this then read on :D

This is how mine looks:

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tatertitans  asked:

I wonder if there was a live action movie or something with La'gaan they'd use Abe sapien as a reference?

oh absoLUTEly

They have a lot of physical characteristics in common (I mean…they’re both fish peeps, so, not surprising), and for live action, goin for an ‘Abe’ look for La’gaan would be PERFECT. I think the most important things would be the eyes though, that’s absolutely how I envision Gaan’s eyes. Same for the stripes. Not sure if they’d give him gills, he’s only been depicted with gills once that I know of…I’d actually really like it if they did…I don’t think goin for the ‘no nose’ thing would work for Gaan like it did for Abe though….

MMMMMM I could ramble about possibilities for live action La’gaan all night but…I am going to resist. I WILL DREAM THOUGH. and maybe one day I’ll be a good enough artist to render that image sob sob

In Stitches

Because this picture by invisibleinnocence is so damn good. Mention of sutures/needles, if that makes anyone uncomfortable.


Cassandra grits her teeth. The curving suture needle passes through split flesh. Varric flinches.

“Who taught you to sew?” he asks.

His voice, despite the attempt at brashness, wavers. Cassandra watches him glance at the needle and the thread protruding from his skin, and blanch. So much as it is possible for him to lose any more colour. Varric’s face is milk-white. His bloodless lips press into a tense line. Cassandra pulls as gently as she can, teasing the thread through and tightening the suture. Varric doesn’t breathe at all. Cassandra finishes the suture, cuts the thread, and moves on to the next one.

“All Seekers learn to suture a wound,” Cassandra says. Varric’s arm trembles beneath her hands. “We must be prepared for anything.”

“The whole in the sky took you by surprise,” Varric points out. There’s no bite at all to the words. He sounds faint instead.

Cassandra jabs the needle through again, watching sundered flesh draw closed. Uneven sutures march up Varric’s arm like drunken ants. He will have more scars, to add onto his existing ones. Fine lines stripe Varric’s skin. She can even see scars peeking through the dense cover of his chest hair.

“We must be prepared for anything, within reason,” Cassandra amends.

She snips the thread, and Varric flinches again. He darts a look at her work, and frowns.

“Maker’s ass, Seeker. ‘S a hack job,” he says. “Don’t know what I expected.”

That last bit comes out in a tone that she really doesn’t appreciate. Cassandra’s whole face corrugates.

“Perhaps next time you will be more careful,” she bites out.

Whatever Varric was going to say, he shuts his mouth instead as Cassandra starts in on another suture. His face has a waxen, greenish cast to it.

“Your bedside manner is shit,” Varric observes.

Cassandra focuses on the next suture. She is close to finishing, and then she can leave Varric to lick his wounds in peace.

“You are not in a bed,” she says.

Varric clears a laugh from his throat. “Suggesting you’d be nicer to me if I was?”

Soft heat steals up Cassandra’s face.

“I am suggesting no such thing, dwarf,” she says.

Sweat beads at Varric’s temples.

Cassandra finishes the last suture. All that’s left is to apply a light bandage, and send Varric on his way. Before the numbing agent wears off. Before the pastiness of his skin can pull at her heartstrings.

Her fingers linger on Varric’s abused shoulder. A pair of long slash marks stripe his back, silvery in the fading light.

Cassandra sighs.

“Come then, it is done,” she says. Her fingers shake as she tidies her instruments. “Try not to move it overmuch.”

Varric moves to shrug his shirt back on, and hisses. Cassandra raises her eyes to the Maker. He is testing her, clearly.

“Usually women take my shirt off,” Varric jokes. His smile is crooked.

Cassandra snorts.

“Then you will have a good story for the next woman,” she says.

Varric sways in his seat, his eyes heavy lidded. With great effort, he raises his head and offers her a limp smile.

“Hey Seeker, wanna see my scars?” he says. “So no shit, there we were…”


Happy autistic pride day everybody! Here’s my favourite stim toys:

1:Two thinking putty tins, one with a plastic octopus in it

2:My squid spinner ring from @stimtastic

3:All 8 of my tangles, my favourite ones are the tangle relax, and the black one because it moves really smoothly

4:These gel mattress samples, they’re really nice for squishing

5:Metal vortex puzzle, I’ve memorized how to solve it so it’s a nice repetitive stim, it works really well to prevent meltdowns

6:My favourite stones from my collection. There’s a striped green rock I found by a river, some malachite, Quartz, serpentine, goldstone, two oblong rocks that are nice to roll around in my palm, and a polished stone that I can’t identify.

chloeolivialuce  asked:

Hey can I have fluffy headcannons for near & his s/o please, like cute little things they do together and so on I don't really mind. Thanks! I love your blog btw💓

-you bet your ass you two have matching socks. Like multiple pairs. Fuzzy ones. Striped ones. Lacy ones. The works.

-so. Many. Board game nights. He’s also a sucker for card games. Your free time is now nonexistent welcome to the constant hell that is Pokemon and Magic the Gathering.

-butterfly kisses always.

-He’s not big on going out so you get a lot of days inside, but that’s chill because he’s constantly expanding your collective pillow fortress.

-He tries to make breakfast for you but usually screws it up. You end up getting pretty used to burnt toast with lots of jam and butter.


re-uploading these in a photo post because that text post was messing up my blog layout and it was really annoying me. I had to shorten the loops slightly because of tumblr’s gif restrictions but happily it seems to work now.

some witch-themed bits of animation i did like 1 and a half years ago and thought i’d dust off. I gave ‘em new backgrounds and limited the colours, hopefully it doesn’t hurt your peepers too much.

one of the things i wanna do some day is make a sidescrolling shoot-em-up (like R-type) and make it look like this. just fill it with the most bizarre dynamite heady shit and make it really painful to look at.

An Article about Sapeurs (LONG POST)

Lately I’ve been fascinated by a unique group of African men called the Sapeurs. These black dandies are working-class men from the Congo who, for a variety of reasons, love to dress up regularly in their best outfits. 

The biggest rule of Sapeur style is that no outfit can have more than three colors or tones. This hails back to the days of early French colonialism that had similar rules regarding how dandies were to dress. I love the effect this has in their overall look. Every outfit pops and works in an amazingly coordinated way. 

Sapeur style also seems to lean towards solids and basic patterns, usually large ones like windowpane and stripes. I like the way that emphasizes the colors in the overall look.

What the Sapeurs’ style is really all about is more than just nice clothes. The culture comes from dandyism, a style that has existed for many, many years as a reflection of elegance and poise. Middle-class men in particular have been dandies, as they turn to the fashion to both hide their less-than noble family history and to reflect an inner tranquility. The Sapeurs’ way of life is that of non-violence, politeness, and elegance in all actions. Their group is also political; Sapeurs wish to end the sterotype of a poor, ragged, and ugly Africa. They call this SAPE, which means the Society for the Advancement of Elegant People, and these men are definitely that.

While the Sapeur culture is mostly male-dominated there are some women who are on the scene. While I am not equipped to comment on women’s fashion, I really like the look the woman in the middle of this picture pulls off, even if it reminds me of disco.

Unusual accessories in Sapeur fashion are pipes and cigars. These pieces are never lit, but rather are used to complete the neo-Victorian look Sapeurs love. 

In a nation that is constantly plagued by war, famine, and strife, the Sapeurs bring a ray of hope and joy to the people of their communities. Sapeurs are often asked to attend weddings and other special events so that a further touch of class and royalty is added to what are otherwise fairly plain celebrations. 

The SAPE began as early as 1920, during the final days of French colonization. Sapeurs usually pass down their love of style and grace to their children, who do the same. The man in this photo is a second-generation Sapeur, whose son is also apart of the SAPE. He says that one day his grandsons will also be in the SAPE.

What is beautiful to me about the Sapeurs is that they represent hope in the Congo. They show me how even in poverty and difficult times people are able to find a way to express themselves and their individuality. To me, that’s what wearing good clothes is all about.


Some more variations of that tiger and magpie tattoo for pieofthelord– sorry it took me so long! (TT︿TT)

My favourite is the first one! <3 The tiger’s head turned out really well, and they fit together and flow in a nice shape that I like.

The second one is more what you asked for. The magpie appears to have authority over the tiger, whereas in the other two, they appear to be near equal partners.

The third one is them attacking together! And it makes the pair seem more like they are working together rather than just existing together. But it sort of looks like a football logo…

I hope you like something here! Feel free to edit them; mix and match animals; add colour; remove stripes; whatever; until you get something you’re satisfied with. Enjoy!

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Batman mentioning something embarrassing (maybe his costume) that occurred while Jason was Robin; while they are teaming up against someone, please?

Hello! Thanks for dropping by and for the great idea that I can have loads of fun with. Robin costumes are always funny, especially at poor Jason’s expense.

Hood hated when he ended up fighting publically with Bats. Aside from the fact that it massively brought down his street cred; sometimes working with them was painful. It’s sickening how easy it is to fall back into their ranks, to sync up with his so called brothers having endured and embraced the same hellish training. He works at Bruce side without thought, holding point for the Bat like he never left. Yes, those moment hurt but there’s more than one way to get hurt.

“Goddamit!” He cursed, jerking back his injured leg while the Replacement groaned for the fourth time but pulled back his equipment regardless. “Are you trying to get me killed? Again?” He barks watching as the kid continues to gaze at him with annoyance and boredom. See? Brat used to shake in his boots at the sight of Jay and now he’s bored by him.

“Your leg needs stitches and since you refuse to let us take you back to base, I have to do it here in front of all your friends.” Robin deadpans as he leans forward and adds more antiseptic as he continues stitching together the large gash in his leg. Jay grits his teeth and growls but he won’t give the brat the satisfaction of seeing him complain again. He hates this but it’s better than the alternative.

The Scarecrow and Hatter had teamed up once more for another mad cap scheme to poison the city by infecting children’s toys and if there’s one thing he hates more than family get togethers, it’s dead kids. Bats is over talking to Gordon, presumably trying to prevent him from arresting Jay for his many, many criminal exploits. Doesn’t matter, as soon as the kid finishing sewing him the Red Hood is going to be gone before Gordon can make that decision.

“Could be worse Little Wing,“ Nightwing says, popping out from around the pile of beaten and handcuffed henchmen. "At least your legs have better protection in this costume, that wound could have killed you in your last costume.” He teases with a shit-eating grin. After a heartbeat, the Replacement ducks his head but Jason can feel the quiet chuckles coming from him. What the hell, his last costume?

Oh… Oh

He means his old Robin get-up. Yellow cape. Pixie boots. Scaly underwear.

“You shut your mouth Wingding; don’t forget you wore that fashion travesty yourself. Hell, you invented that shit costume. It’s your fault I had to wear a hand-me-down uniform that looked straight out of the funny pages!” He gripes probably a bit too loud because he becomes aware of the sudden silence around them as he’s gathered the other people’s attention. But Dick doesn’t appear fazed as he saunters over to them and lays a gentle arm around his shoulder.

“Oh but you really brought that costume to life little brother. I mean you were much bigger than I was at that age, with such beautiful, muscular thighs. You really made the green underwear work for you.” One finger striped hand landed on Tiny Tim’s head. “Our poor baby bird just couldn’t compete with the legacy of your luscious legs, Dad had to give him pants, isn’t that right Robbie?”

“Completely, my legs are too skinny to pull it off, had to give the short pants back to Aquaman.” At that point Jason was all but blowing steam from his ears out of both rage and embarrassment. Dick was grinning like the cat that ate the canary and Tim was quickly finishing tying off the stitches with a quiet, but visible smile on his face. Off to the side, he hears the henchmen whispering to each other. Clearly questioning the liberal use of danger words like brother, dad, and underwear. He’s sure the Bat will understand when he breaks his promise to not attack family members.

He lunches out from his perch, Dick giggling as he runs away while Tim had ducked just before Jay leapt having already cut the string and started sprinting in the opposite direction. Deciding that his older brother was the more prominent threat, Jason races after Wing who squeaks when he notices how close Jay is approaching.

“Come on Hood!” He huffs while he dodges a punch, “I was just trying to distract you from the pain. I bet you didn’t even feel Rob putting in those last 5 stitches, did you?” And dammit he manages to look sincere even while he’s grinning like an asshole. “You really shouldn’t run on that leg, besides Dad hates it when we fight!”

Gordon looks over as the two young men continue arguing and dancing around each other while Robin goes high and appears to be watching the show from above. The Dark Knight appears unconcerned by the ruckus his two (three?) sons are causing behind him, as if he’s become used to his sort of wild behavior. Jim thinks he beginning to understand what the man sees in the Red Hood, why he’s working so hard to protect him.

“Do you, ah, need to take care of them?” Gordon asks quietly as he watches Nightwing dodge a series of quick, deadly looking jabs easily while he continues bantering. Batman gives him a long suffering look that all father’s wear at some point.

“They’ll be dealt with later when scrapbooks showing the three boys in some questionable costumes and embarrassing positions are left out for them.” The man answers, “it’s good for character.”

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