i really like working with fire

Harry regularly embarrassing Draco in front of their friends like--
  • Harry: He waits up for me when I get held up at work.
  • Harry: He cooks for me... or tries to anyway-- I've put out three fires this week.
  • Harry: He's honestly just so damn cuddly, it's unbelievable really.
  • Harry: He makes this weird purring sound when I play with his hair.
  • Harry: He needs a minimum of eight kisses every ten minutes.
  • *Draco walks in with his nose in the air*
  • Draco: Hello there, Scarhead.
  • Everyone: *cooing sounds directed at Draco*
  • Draco: *furious* What the actual fuck have you been telling them about me this time, you utter bastard?
The Signs As People The Law Firm I Used To Work For Has Represented

Aries: Caught fire because a neighbor fucked up at operating a tractor so bad that literally everything for like a quarter mile caught fire.

Taurus: Stalked by co-worker, sued management for not doing anything about the co-worker. Management defended their inaction on the grounds that the stalker was from Eastern Europe and they thought stalking was “pretty much culturally expected over there.”

Gemini: Hacked a company’s store credit system and bought a bunch of stuff on nonexistent store credit; defended self on grounds that their security system was really badly designed and the store was asking for it.

Cancer: Angry preacher who wanted to shut up the people on the internet saying they ran an “orgy church.”

Leo: Kept a lion in a small enclosure in their yard.

Virgo: Assault with deadly weapon. Deadly weapon in question was a chainsaw.

Libra: Police officer fired for “taking the whole ethics thing way too far,” ie, interfering with other officers’ crimes.

Scorpio: Murdered “an old friend.” Obviously 100% guilty, visibly 100% unrepentant. Jury let them off, to the firm’s total bewilderment. Sent senior partner a lovely fruit basket.

Sagittarius: Used work email account and work computer to exchange sexual fantasies and photographs involving horses with like-minded individuals.

Capricorn: Their goats wandered onto their neighbors’ property “one time too many,” so the neighbors shot the goats.

Aquarius: Shot at neighbors, including a grade-schooler, for walking across their yard. When police were called, was enraged and offended, particularly when the police also walked across their yard. When asked whether the neighbors had in fact been threatening them in any way, appeared to be genuinely hurt by the question, and began complaining about how hard their life was and how little anyone understood their woes.

Pisces: Doctor suing the state for preventing patients on probation from taking their medications, which the state thought were probably basically the same as cocaine.

Like many of you I have been riding the rollercoaster of fury and hopelessness since the election. This is the closest thing I’ve done to personal work in a long time, and it felt really good- though I’m not sure if I’ll have the time to finish it. People that I cared about have fundamentally disappointed me, not just with their votes but their casual disregard for everything I value. I feel like the world is on fire, and every day is just… Hard. It’s really hard right now. 

Every day feels like an uphill battle that I’m not sure if I’m winning or not- but seeing the strength in Elizabeth Warren, and then being reminded of the sheer history of Women who have had to fight this battle and so much more is powerful. I might be tired right now, it might be hard, but SHE will persist. Women have persisted in the face of SO MUCH throughout history, it’s mindboggling to really sit and think about, and I want to honor that. I want to keep fighting the good fight, and keep making the world a better place.

Thinking about Elizabeth Warren reminded me of my childhood love of Watership Down, an impossibly dark and sad story of sheer survival. I wanted to incorporate that as both an homage to her name and a tie in with the spirit of that story, life and death and the cycle of how women have persisted.

Kaltain Rompier!

I know it looks really unfinished (dear god the ‘fire’ is dreadful-.-) but I don’t have time to work on it anymore:( It was more of a therapeutic image for me to get stress down but I love her so much, and really enjoyed drawing her so I’ll certainly want to draw some proper book scenes including her!

Also guys is there any specific character or scene from either the TOG or ACOTAR you’d like to see?


Active example of how “exposure” from reposting doesn’t really work.
Sure, it’s 200 more likes than I would have otherwise, but the numbers hurt: of the 17 THOUSAND people who interacted with the artwork (and more who simply viewed it), only 200 of those were invested enough to check out the original artist. 1.17%. One percent.
I even have the piece in question on my FB page, and it has 25 likes and no shares. Amazing

So no, reposting does not help expose the artist. It’s not ‘free advertising’. Reposting steals the fire that artists need - people follow reposters for the amazing art they share, but not the artists for the amazing art they create. Numbers absolutely matter, especially in a business sense. This is my job, and I need MY posts out there so people know I am also a real, living person, and not a neat piece of art they saw on facebook once. 

(dA is fully within their rights to feature the piece since I uploaded to their site as per their ToS, and it’s fully credited and linked. this does not apply to individual people. please DO NOT repost things without permission)

Personal Yuri on Ice Fic Rec List

I’m not really reading fanfic in other fandoms anymore, even though I’m still working on finishing up a few different fic rec lists. YOI has taken over my life. This is Part Two. There are also Part OnePart Three, Part Four, and Part Five.

1. Unimaginable
Sixteen year old Victor spontaneously travels to the future, where he’s…retired? And married?

2. Maelstrom
Victor Nikiforov is poised to win gold in his fifth consecutive Grand Prix Final. He has the world at his feet, is unparalleled in the sport–right up until a snowstorm blows into Sochi, and he finds himself repeating the same day over and over and over. He stumbles over Yuuri Katsuki, and everything changes.

3. Masquerade
“Just say the word,” came the whisper as Victor stepped close. Behind them Yuuri was aware of guns out and at the ready, of confused men and questioned loyalties. Here Victor was offering, and Yuuri was too selfish to say no. “Ok.” Yuuri smiled as this game of masquerade came to an end.

4. Victor On Ice
Victor Nikiforov won’t be skating this season. What was Yuuri supposed to do now?

5. Yuri Plisetsky: Wingman Extraordinaire?
In which Yuri is the aggressive wingman Victor didn’t know he needed, and the friend that Yuuri never asked for but appreciated.

6. The Comeback
Victor’s debut for his return to competitive skating, the European Championships, arrives, and Yuuri tags along to support his husband as he fights his nerves to overcome his fears and share his love of skating with the world.

7. In These Quiet Spaces
Yuri, Yuuri, and Viktor settle into a weird détente when Viktor comes back, but then puberty strikes like a hammer and Yuri is incapable of staying Yuuri’s rival.

8. Yuuri’s Desperate Fetch Quest
Viktor won’t kiss Yuuri until he wins a gold medal. But he never specified what kind of gold medal it had to be. That’s why, in the middle of the Russian winter, Yuuri’s at a sketchy fair, trying to find a way to win the rigged games. At this point, he’d settle for just one win.

9. Victor Effing Nikiforov
Yuuri still doesn’t remember the banquet, somehow doesn’t blow Japanese Nationals, runs into Victor at the World Championships, and has absolutely no idea why his idol is suddenly friendly and incredibly handsy. Does Yuuri care about his reasons? No. It’s Victor Effing Nikiforov.

10. 16 Glasses
Victor takes figure skating seriously, takes Yuri Katsuki seriously as a competitor, and really doesn’t see that banquet coming.

11. Stay Close to Me
At the Grand Prix Final, Yuuri misses the podium by fractions of a point. Embroiled in a skating controversy, he tells himself he’ll prove his worth in the World Championships, but there’s a long time in between.

12. Turn Backwards on Go
In which Yuuri and Victor, happily married and retired, find themselves thrown into the past and proceed to mess with everyone.

13. Way to Victory
Defeated after his loss at the GPF 2015, Yuuri doesn’t expect anything more from the GPF. That is, until he wakes up on the 5th of December, five days before the GPF even begins.

14. An Unexpected Guest. Surprise at the Japanese Nationals!
Yuuri just wants to know what is going on and why Russian Figure Skating Legend Victor Nikiforov seems to be convinced that they are dating.

15. The Weight of Gold
Yuri’s big win at the Grand Prix final poses questions about the future that he hadn’t thought to ask before. And Viktor doesn’t seem interested in answering them.

16. How to Return Home
Victor comes home, but for some reason it doesn’t feel like home anymore.

17. Gods of Circumstance
During his Free Program at the 2016 Barcelona Grand Prix Finals, Yuuri suffers a freak equipment malfunction and falls, hitting his head on the ice. When he wakes up, surprisingly not dead, he finds himself in the last place he expected…the 2015 Sochi Grand Prix Finals. Again.

18. For the love of a dog
Yuuri calls his mom before the GPF, looking for some courage, instead he gets the news his beloved dog, Vicchan, is sick. He’s barely convinced to wait the two days to see the competition through before getting on the plane home, but if he’s going to stay that long, he’s going to make it count.

19. katsuki_fc wrote
Just because Yuuri isn’t big on social media, doesn’t mean his fans aren’t.

20. a certain playboy
There’s no way that Victor, Yuuri’s childhood idol, could be calling Yuuri a handsome playboy, just because they’d met eyes at two skating events. Besides, a total stranger had given Yuuri the tickets. It would be totally absurd. Yuuri frowns, turning his head on the pillow. Wouldn’t it?

Many of these fics have been updating frequently, recently, so Wednesdays don’t feel as lonely as they could be…

Highlights from Firebringer
  • duck is lord 
  • sexuality and female empowerment being treated as a given, instead of being ignored or poorly represented as much of popular media currently does
  • the whole cast swearing like sailors 
  • the music (hello, percussion!), choreography, and costume/set/puppet design 
  • “all hail emberly, the fire shitter”
  • Brian Holden’s lone nipple 
  • the new cast members: Lauren Walker (Molag) being absolutely hilarious & having an amazing stage presence; Jamie Burns (Chorn) having the voice of a goddess; and Tiffany Williams (Tiblyn) being the cutest human being ever
  • shameless kissing 
  • “i don’t really want to do any work today” - same, Zazzalil, same
  • clark baxtresser blessing us with his presence since prehistoric times
  • rachael spanking joey
  • the shadowpuppets during “the night belongs to snarl”
  • schwoopsie inventing stand-up comedy 
  • privileged fucks becoming the starkid slogan of 2k17

When you trying to get that tip VS. when you ready to clock tf out so you can finish watching your K-Dramas.


Anonymous said:I really love your frederick and sophia work, is there a chance you might draw some fe characters in their aesthetic? Like a crossover, of sorts…

I never thought of dressing FEA characters in SF clothes before! So this was a very interesting and fun warm up exercise for me today haha. Hope you like it dear anon :) and also other anons who requested Laurent and Brady!

Newt Imagine: “Make Me”

Request: “Hey, can you do and imagine for nr.1 with reader x Newt, please.”
     “Make me.”

Warning: Very slight smut | TMR | Word Count: 1,859 (Hope you like this, this was a pretty quick but fun write so I really hope you enjoy it too!)

The Glade felt like it was on fire. You shifted uncomfortably in your tank top, fanning yourself every few minutes in between your work. The sun was glaring angrily down today, bringing the Gladers into a slow, lazy lull by noon.

“Y/N!” You heard a hoarse voice call you from a distance. You already knew it was Newt, your closest and oldest friend in the Glade, so you didn’t bother to turn around. You were feeling much too tired.

“Y/N!” He called again, this time with a twinge of annoyance at your lack of response. You sighed heavily before turning and squinting unresponsively in his direction. He rolled his eyes, walking towards you steadily, before stopping right in front of you. “Y/N, what are you doing? It’s past noon, Fry needs the meat to start cooking. You’ve been workin’ on that shuckin’ animal for hours now.” He furrowed his brows in seriousness, though his ruffled sandy blond hair and soft brown eyes made it hard to take him seriously.

You sighed and looked at him carefully. “I’m on it, I’m on it… It’s just so shucking hot, Newt. I can barely focus.”

Newt eyed the sweat beading on the side of your face and the hair clinging to your forehead stubbornly. “Alright, love, finish what you’re working on and then go take a shower. That ought to cool you down.”

You huffed and began slicing up the last bits of meat, hurrying to get them to Frypan.


As soon as you stepped into the cold shower, you shuddered with relief, half shaking from the freezing sensation, and half relieved to finally feel clean again. You didn’t worry about being the only girl in the Glade, because you had, more than once, proved yourself capable of taking care of anyone who dared try anything with you. Sure it had landed you in the Slammer once or twice, but that was a small price to pay for being able to take a shower in peace. No one had ever bothered you when you were in there except…

“Y/N,” that same voice called out. You groaned. You had never been so annoyed to hear Newt in your entire time in the Glade.

“What now?” You yell angrily over your shower. “Can’t I just have one moment of peace today, Newt, at least in the shower?”

Newt paused to stand in front of the showers on the other side of the barrier, not facing your direction. “Fry said he asked you to slaughter two animals, but he’s short on meat for the bonfire tonight. Any idea why?”

You grumbled and turned off the shower, accepting you weren’t going to ever be able to properly finish it anytime soon. You grabbed the towel to your side and wrapped it around you before padding your way out to face Newt, glaring angrily. Newt awkwardly looked in your direction, trying not to glance below at your body, even though you two were usually comfortable with each other, being best friends.

“No, Newt, I have no idea why –” You stopped short as it hit you. You remembered that in your anticipation to take a shower you had forgotten the second chicken… “Shuck.” You muttered only, biting your lip.

Newt raised an eyebrow. “Something the matter, Y/N?”

You roughly pushed past him, colliding shoulders with his. “Nothing’s the matter, Newt,” you snapped. “Go away.”

“Y/N,” Newt warned slowly, lowering his voice slightly, though it became raspier than ever because he was so parched. The heat was clearly getting to him, too. “Y/N, come back here.”

You continued walking.

“Y/N, don’t you dare walk away from me!” Newt shouted at you, though you were already halfway to the Homesteads now.

You shrugged simply and waved sassily back. “Watch me, Newt!” You called back out to him.

As quick as a whip, Newt ran up to you, grabbing your arm and swinging you around to face him. “Y/N, I am your second in command, you will do as I say,” he ordered you roughly.

You made a face and pulled yourself out of his grasp. “Make me,” you challenged, sticking your tongue out at him, and before Newt could even react, you turned and started running in the opposite direction. You clung to your towel desperately, regretting not putting on clothes immediately. You swore to yourself, but refused to look back to see if Newt was gaining ground on you; he undoubtedly was: even with his limp, you were encumbered by the towel, forced to run slower. As his unmistakable footsteps began grow louder behind you, you flung yourself into your hut and shut the door, though you knew that couldn’t keep him out for long.

Newt pounded on the door in a split second. “Y/N! Don’t make me barge in there. I will drag you out of there myself if that’s what it takes to get you to finish your work.”

You smiled to yourself, suddenly overcome with a desire to embarrass Newt. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” you called out warningly in a sing-song voice. “My towel fell off, and I’m trying to get dressed…”

Newt immediately withdrew from the door, but was resilient. “I’m not falling for that, Y/N! I’m coming in there in one minute, and you better be dressed.”

You pouted, creeping closer to the door to taunt Newt. “But that’s not nearly enough time, Newt,” you whined. “But you already know that, don’t you?” You smiled wickedly.

Though you couldn’t see Newt flush, you could hear him falter. “Y/N, d-don’t be ridiculous - I know what you’re trying to do. I don’t care. If you’re not dressed, it’s your own shuckin’ fault.”

You shrugged, slipping out of the towel and leisurely started putting on your clothes. “Alright, but don’t be surprised if you see me n –”

The door to the hut burst open, but you were wearing only your underwear and a large t-shirt, that was barely reaching a couple inches into your thighs. You smiled victoriously, pleased to see Newt’s red face, clearly more embarrassed now than in the showers. It didn’t help Newt and you had always felt attracted to each other, even started falling for each other as you grew closer in friendship, but neither of you acted upon it because Alby forbid it. Now, seeing Newt’s eyes reluctantly trailing over your half-exposed body, it made you want to forget there were any rules in place. 

Newt clenched his jaw and crossed his arms. “Go ahead,” he said in a hardened tone, trying to mask his obvious reaction at seeing you half-naked. “Get dressed.”

You raised an eyebrow incredulously. “Seriously?”

Newt gazed at you stonily, and only gestured for you to proceed getting dressed. You scoffed. You threw your jeans at him and flopped down onto your bed, sticking your tongue out again at him. You had pushed your luck too far. Newt closed the distance between the two of you in a flash, and climbed over you on your bed, pinning you down against the sheets. He glared at you with darkened eyes. “Do you think that I’m joking, Y/N?”

You panted slightly underneath him, unable to help but think this was the first time Newt had ever gotten on your bed. You had been on his plenty of times, but he had never been on yours. This was different. “Not anymore,” you replied breathlessly, afraid of what he would do next.

Newt nodded. “Good that. Now be a good girl and do as I say,” he growled at you roughly.

You smiled mischievously up at him, fully aware that he was still hovering over you, his face just inches from yours. If you just leaned up… “And what if I don’t?” you asked teasingly.

“I’ll punish you,” Newt said tonelessly.

You lifted yourself up slightly, meeting Newt’s cheek with yours, your lips brushing against the side of his face as you moved to whisper playfully in his ear. “I’d like to see you try,” you threatened, your lips pressed against his skin hotly.

Newt jerked back surprisedly, before his eyes filled with a new look of… lust. The wild, crazed desire finally unleashed within him, Newt grabbed you by the shoulder roughly and pushed you down against the bed, smashing his lips against yours. He kept you pinned down as he delved deeper into the kiss, your lips opening and parting to meet his. He pressed his tongue against your mouth, pulling away before giving you two hot kisses with tongue, each time exploring deeper and deeper. You gasped in order to catch your breath, taken aback by the suddenness and rushed manner of Newt’s kisses. He didn’t even give you a chance to catch your breath before lowering himself down on you again, pressing his lips to yours with a deep hunger you didn’t know he had in him.

You flicked his tongue with your own, moaning at his every touch. The blonde, instantly turned on by the sounds your moans, cupped your cheek, pulling you even closer to him, and you trailed your fingers up to tangle them within his disheveled hair. You smiled at his eagerness, and as your mouth twisted in victory you pulled away teasingly. Newt tried to lean down to kiss you but you merely turned your face slyly, laughing. Newt groaned in frustration and looked at you inquisitively, panting heavily. You watched him as his eyes followed you as you scooted back to the top of the bed. “It’s so easy to get you, Newt,” you giggled.

Newt raised his eyebrows in arrogant surprise. “Oh yeah? Sure about that, love?” He slowly crept forward and suddenly lunged to tackle you against the soft sheets, and though you laughed and tried to wriggle your way out of his grasp, Newt’s strong arms forced you against his hard chest.

You gasped for breath in between pouts and cried, “That’s no fair, Newt!” Newt smirked and flipped you over, releasing you playfully against the bed, running his hands up the side of your body until he reached your arms, which he moved up by your head and pinned your hands under his. He laced his long, rough fingers through yours and raked his teeth down the side of your neck, causing you to drop your head back against the sheets. You arched your back, surrendering yourself, as he lowered his wet kisses down your neck.

He paused, watching your eyelashes flutter and small, gasping breaths escape your lips. Seeing you crumble under his touch made him smirk, swelling his heart with pride that only he got to see you this way. “All’s fair in love and war, Y/N,” Newt whispered in your ear and pecked it with a small kiss after.

You smile and take his cheek into your hands, turning it to face his sweet caramel eyes towards you. “Well, if this is what a little war with you brings, I’m not complaining,” you winked and pulled Newt down to kiss him again.

Avatar/Prince Lance of the Southern Water Tribe and Prince Keith of the Fire Nation. 

These doodles are kind of like a sneak peak of an Avatar AU fic I’ll be writing. I have a pretty interesting story in mind and this will be only one of the 4 Klance fics I’ll be working on when my AO3 account decides it wants to be activated. Finals week is always the perfect motivation for my creativity because I’d literally rather be doing anything else. seriously I should really be studying.


*wyvern noises* (click for gr8 captions)

AU where Robbie is the drama professor and Sportacus is head of like….all sports. The only problem is Sportacus keeps scheduling games over Robbie’s plays and it really starts to piss Robbie off. So he goes on this crusade trying to get Sportacus to leave town/be fired and all the drama kids have a full out war with the sports kids until Stephanie, lead cheerleader, decides the two need to work it out over dinner. What happens next, I dunno it’s probably pretty gay.

my gods I’m really gonna have to explain this *kneads temples*

He says he wants to
A) get rid of the birth control mandate thing because freedom of religion/choice is being infringed with it, don’t like it, get a different provider, supply+demand, let capitalism work for you. Not ban birth control.
B) defund planned parenthood, which is not your only option at all and wouldn’t be under this kind of fire if they were truly about “women’s health” and not abortion
C) stop abortion

And of course, every single post and comment I’ve seen on the topic has been abortion, so again, don’t fuckin’ tell me this IUD craze isn’t about abortion.


tell me more about how we all love hunk so much!!! look at keef swoon for him!!! hanceome is real fight me