i really like valkyrie

whats been troubling me for years is the fact that people actuallu desperately ship skul and val??? as if thats a normal thing to do??? with a girl whos a teenager for the whole series and a 400 YEAR OLD SKELETON??? like nope. skulduggery is basically her dad. i only ship him with china sorrows.

idk man I really like the idea of Peggy Carter being in the Valkyrie with Steve when it went down and therefore being unfrozen with him in the future.

Like imagine this:

So why was Peggy Carter working on that American training camp in the first place?

The same reason Doctor Erskine was there.

Imagine that Doctor Erskine was not looking for someone to make the first super-soldier, but the second.

Imagine that Peggy Carter is actually the first super-soldier that Erskine created, but due to the time period and all that, no one wanting a woman in power and stuff, the two decided not to come out about a woman being the first genetically-engineered super-soldier.

So instead they went looking for a man to become the “first” super-soldier but really they were looking to make a team.

This was a project that only Peggy and Erskine worked up together. To make a team of two genetically engineered super-soldiers to kick Nazi ass form the inside and out.

Which meant brute force coming from the outside (Steve)

And super-spy espionage coming from the inside (Peggy)

So no one really knew that Peggy Carter was a super-soldier except Erskine, who took it to the grave.

So que finally battle, Colonel Phillips, Peggy, and Steve chasing Red Skulls plane as it is threatening to take off. But instead of Steve being the one to reach for the wheel well of the plane, it is Peggy.

Of course Phillips is all what the hell are you doing Carter, get your ass back in this car. But Peggy just turns to Steve and asks, well are you coming?

Peggy and Cap successfully kill the Red Skull but are still faced with the problem of the missiles and lead to the same conclusion. They notify Colonel Phillips over the radio who tries to convince them to find another way, but when both Agent Carter and Captain America are telling you there is no other way, Phillips accepts it. Tells them he expects a full report on his desk first thing in the morning, no exceptions.

With tears in their eyes, they tell him of course. Steve starts to explain the mission as if he were writing it down for his report. Then only static as the plane hits the water.

70 years later, the Valkyrie is discovered with the bodies of both Captain America and Peggy Carter. The frozen bodies are holding hands.

And they are both alive.

Shield, who was founded on the ideals Peggy Carter had set, is buzzing with questions.

They understand how Cap survived, but Peggy?

There could be no way.

But it is. She is a super soldier.

So of course everyone thinks that she went under some secret operation to try to be like the man she loved, but Peggy Carter thankfully sets them straight.

And Steve Rogers is right behind her to back her up because, of course he knew. There was no way he would have let her fight with him on the Valkyrie if she wasn’t; not like he could stop her though.

So now there is Peggy Carter and Steve Rogers, super-soldiers out of their time.

Shield exists and everything is relatively the same as it was in Cap 1 except now Peggy Carter is here and even more ass gets kicked.

Peggy gets her own patriotic Cap uniform and guns and maybe even a Shield???

Anyways, the point is Cap and Peggy finally get to dance eventually and live happily ever after in the 21st century together because Steve and Peggy defiantly deserved better than what the MCU gave them.


hey thanks 4 following me even tho im like,, rlly mean, annoying and anti social, i dont rlly talk much to anyone in the fandom because im v self conscious, thank u for dealing with me tho it really warms my <3

team jnpr with heart hand signs (that are honestly really reaching) to match team rwby, ren is cheating tho

Guardienne Tag

Rules: This is for your Guardienne. Fill with what your Guardienne could answer.

Tagged by @foresthuntermajrach​ (Ty dear <3)

Tag more than 6 people you want : A lot of people already did this,so idk who to tag xD

Name or if they have a nickname: Alexis,but I prefer Lex

Gender: Female

What race are they ( Faeries/Human/or something in between) : Not too long ago I was reborn as a Valkyrie.I don’t really like to talk about my past,but I was born as a human,even if my parents were faeries.

What guard are they in ? : I’m in the Obsidian Guard.

Which Companion do they have ? : I just got a baby Jeanylotte.Her name is Lavender and I love her a lot <3

Favourite Food: Hmm,I really like sweets.

Favourite Colour: Purple shades

Crush(and why): I don’t really have a crush,because I have a lover.Oliver ( @foresthuntermajrach ‘s OC ) is my awesome,handsome and loving boyfriend.At first we were just good friends,but I started liking his strong,kind (sometimes vulnerable) personality a lot,so we ended up dating. ^^

Describes yourself in five words: Strong,passionate,kind,hard-working,determined.

What do they like to do in their free time ? : I usually hang out with Oliver. We train together,go on dates,piss Ezarel off,usual couple stuff,you know.But if I’m not with him,I spend time with my baby Jeanylotte or with the girls,sometimes the boys.

What do they think about the Human World ? : I don’t know.I’ve never been there.I lived in Eldarya all my life,ugh,lives?Maybe I will go there in the future to see how it is.

What your Guardienne looks like :

I think today’s episode is probably one of my favourites of volume 4 so far.

Firstly we were given an update on Oscar and Ozpin who has finally accepted what Ozpin’s been trying to tell him and begun his journey. What I liked about this was that Ozpin actually apologised and sounded as if he felt bad for what was happening. Don’t get me wrong I love Oz but so far this volume it’s been almost as if he hasn’t realised what the situation actually is or realised what this must be like for poor Oscar (someone hug the kid please). What also interested me was that when Oscar encounters Hazel at the train station Ozpin says he is ‘someone from my past’ indicating that Ozpin has met the guy before. To me this means that Salem’s faction is more than just a group of bad guys, they’re a group who have clearly been together for a long time which then makes me question whether they’ve always been ‘bad’ or if Ozpin has always been ‘good’?

Another reason I liked this episode was that Ruby opened up about her feelings regarding everything that’s happened to Jaune. I liked how this kinda mirrored that pep talk she gave Jaune in volume one when he didn’t feel like he should or could be JNPRs leader. Plus it was nice to hear him acknowledge that Pyrrha’s death was hard for Ruby too as well as Penny’s and the scattering of her team. It was just nice to hear this acknowledged and for Ruby to be comforted.

Finally, the biggest reason I adored this episode; Ren and Nora’s backstory. Honestly, little Ren was such a sweetheart and I’m pretty sure I almost cried. I love that we got to see just how far back Ren and Nora’s friendship goes and just how far they’ve come? Like Nora is a far cry from the scared little girl we saw. Also, Ren’s semblance is shown, and I could be interpreting this wrong, but it looks as if his semblance is essentially peace. Nora visibly calmed down when it was activated and fear and other negative emotions are what attract the grimm but once activated the grimm couldn’t tell they were there at all. Plus this really fits with Ren’s generally calm and peaceful personality. Also, that hand hold at the end was really sweet regardless of what you ship.



Shameless ValDuggery fluff. Like. Rlly. 

At least you get a bonus anatomy lesson haha. I teach you with my trash.

On AO3. On FFn.

Skulduggery rested his chin in his hand, flicking through the pages of his book. Valkyrie watched him, phone dead. Every minute or less, Skulduggery would turn the page, perfectly still except for his hand.

“How can you hear?”

He didn’t look up from the book. “I feel like we’ve had this conversation before.”

“No, really.” Valkyrie sat up on the couch, leaned forward. “Because you have those tiny little bones in your ear, right? The ones names after drums.”

“They’re mainly named after hammers. I’m not sure where you pulled ‘drums’ from, but I admire the effort.” He glanced up.

“All right, so magic or whatever keeps you alive—”

“If you call the magic behind one of the most unique, interesting specimens of this Earth 'whatever,’ sure. Then I suppose your assessment would be accurate. Magic or whatever keeps me alive, sitting here, making fun of you. Judging you and your vocabulary.”

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Literally any other ship that isn’t incest or pedophillia I can get behind but Ren and Nora are TOGETHER. NO ONE COMES BETWEEN THEM STAY FIVE FEET AWAY FROM THE YELLOW TAPE.

anonymous asked:

What are your gency skin based ships?

I think i know what youre trying to get at, so i really like
Witch mercy/oni genji
Colbalt/carbon fiber

And also maybe classic mercy/ oni and or witch mercy/classic genji bc im trash and love my cinnamon rolls with their sinnamon roll™

So shiny! So chrome!

Why you should all read the Skulduggery Pleasant Series by Derek Landy

Okay you sorry lot, sit down and shut up. You are all about to get EDUCATED on the magical world of Skulduggery Pleasant. 

((So I am currently suffering through some terrible “the skulduggery pleasant series is over, I have read every book, short story and companion novel, my life is over why” feels and I think the way to make me feel better is to make everyone else suffer the same feels as me. So here you go.))

Learning Objectives for today: 

  • Learn about the Skulduggery Pleasant series
  • Go out and buy the Skulduggery Pleasant Series
  • Read the Skulduggery Pleasant Series 

What is the Skulduggery Pleasant Series all about?

“Stephanie’s uncle Gordon is a writer of horror fiction. But when he dies and leaves her his estate, Stephanie learns that while he may have written horror, it certainly wasn’t fiction. Pursued by evil forces intent on recovering a mysterious key, Stephanie finds help from an unusual source - the wisecracking skeleton of a dead wizard.”- Goodreads

The main protagonist is a girl called Valkyrie Cain who mistakenly discovers she has magic, she is mentored by a living skeleton called Skulduggery Pleasant. They are a crime fighting duo who save the world on multiple occasions. 

There’s nine regular books, plus a short-story collection and a spin-off.

The world-building is magnificent (and one of the things I love so much about it), almost every character is likable, the twist are mind-blowing, and you will bawl your eyes out or want to fling the book into a corner on multiple occasions.

There are a lot of strong female characters, even though not always in the traditional sense, many characters are very much queer (it’s only hinted at in the earlier books, but as the series goes on, it’s heavily implied, and the author himself has confirmed the “queerness” of many characters).

Also, the titular character is a skeleton who likes nice suits, fights with magic and drives in a Bentley. What more do you need?!

I’d recommend it if you like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and/or the Mortal Instruments. Or action in general.- kitsunetook

“Her parents wanted her to find her own way in life. That’s what they’d said countless times in the past. Of course, they’d been referring to school subjects and college applications and job prospects. Presumably, at no stage did they factor living skeletons and magic underworlds into their considerations. If they had, their advice would probably have been very different.”

What does the Skulduggery Pleasant Series mean to me?

I started reading the Skulduggery Pleasant series when I was 11 when I was going through a really traumatic period of my life. Not great things were happening in my life at that time and I had to move away from home to stay with foster parents. The people I was staying with had a son who had the book and I read it.  I literally relied on Valkyrie’s strength to help me to get through this time. I really found a lot of solace in Valkyrie as she was strong and fierce and indestructible. And I got through it, with Val and Skulduggery by my side.Since then, every year a new book comes out and every year I am the same age as Valkyrie. I have spent the past seven years of my life with Valkyrie, Skulduggery and all the rest. I really feel like Valkyrie is a close friend and the parallels I draw from her life and mine have really helped me with teenage struggles. Whilst she was fighting soul snatching remnants I was fighting nasty girls at school etc. It cannot be understated that the series has played a massive part in my adolescence and has literally saved my life. Thank you Derek Landy for creating this magical place, it will live on inside me for as long as I live! Until the very end.. 

I first read this book seven years ago when I was twelve: when the protagonist, Valkyrie Cain was also twelve. At the time I first met Valkyrie/Stephanie I was going through I very troubled time in my life and was staying with a foster family, their son lent me the book and I found great solace in it. If Valkyrie could cope with such a big change in her life so could I. Every year when a new book came out I grew a year older with her, and she has been a huge comfort in my adolescence. The end of the series has marked the end of an era, the end of my teenage years, and the beginning of adulthood!

Why should you read it?

  • Because it is quite literally THE best series ever, yes that’s better than Harry Potter.
  • SP has the best written female protagonist of ANY book I’ve ever read, all the other characters are also amazing! You find yourself becoming attached to psychopaths and murderers. 
  • The story world is epic, magic, richly detailed and literally awesome in every way. 
  • With a lot of middle grade/ YA fantasy it can seem like a simple good vs bad battle but it is anything but that, each character is complex and has good and bad points.
  • The writing is amazing, with serious poetic bits that make you cry and then parts where the sarcasm levels are through the roof and you are literally LOL’ing at a book by yourself.
  • The story line is always fast paced and exciting, just so good in every way.

I have never met another person who has read the series and gone “meh it was alright” it’s always “OMFG THOSE BOOKS ARE MY LIFE” and I think that sums up just how good the books are.

I might host a read-a-long at some stage this summer if it is something people would be interested in, let me know!

More characters gASP!

I mixed the design w/old FE and new FE (cz I really like some few old FE designs)

Valkyrie class - Lorah 

Quiet and mysterious princess of Druida kingdom. Her trusty retainer Joshua thinks that one of Sorcerer brainwashed her. Before the whole brainwash mess, she’s a very kind princess who wants to see people not suffer and believes that all the countries can work together without fighting.

Mage class - Laharal

A genius mage who wants to be like his father but realized that his father is a very evil king and the sorcerer brain-washed his sister…so he joins the Freehearts. Laharal is Kane’s student and wishes to be like the Legendary sage Merlin

Cavalier (ignore the spelling error lol) - Joshua

Mishe’s childhood friend but he left before the massacre. He blames himself for not protecting the town and princess Lorah so he does his best to make up for Mishe and princess Lorah. He followed Laharal when he went missing from the castle

Hawk Tribe - Kais

Little hawk boy from Tuika tribe. He was injured from one of the bandit’s attack but Mishe treated his wounds. Now he won’t leave Mishe’s side and wants to follow where she goes.