i really like those socks


riley is gay and proud of it, she loves who she even though it took her a while to realise and accept it

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Dude’s boss is after him to take a vacation, because he never takes vacations apparently. 

I mean, we took a long weekend in July, but that didn’t count I guess. We took a week in June? May? Whenever it was, but we spent that working, loading my sister’s house into moving pods and such. I had a blast mostly, but I guess that’s too much Work for a Vacation.

(ugh personal wittering behind the cut but tl;dr is Peru nice in January and am I the kind of person who can even really think about that??)

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it’s 4:30 in the morning and i just spent the last 10 minutes frantically trying to catch the second largest cockroach i’ve seen in my apartment so far so that’s cool i guess

plastic-knife  asked:

sdkfjslkdjf this is really stupid but i always had the headcanon that tord really likes those like,,,,fuzzy socks u know what i mean bc matt had a bunch of pairs and bought everyone some fr christmas one year that matched their hoodie colors and tord was like "yell heah" and was the only one 2 actually wear them. also edd is the only one of the main four that prefers coffee over tea

Thos are rlly nice!!!!!!