i really like this yoga place

in a matter of 4 days I 1) found a new, cute, wonderful place to live in st pete and 2) found a new job as an editor that pays great and the company is super awesome and let’s people bring their pets and has yoga and has perks for their employees!!!! like, my life has been a mess for two months and I’ve worked really hard to get things back on track and I not only fixed my life - I made it so much better!!!! My whole life is about the change and I can’t fucking wait. I’m so glad I have toxic people out of my life now. I’m so glad I’m moving to st pete and I’m gonna be close to all the cool things I wanna be a part of. I’m so happy y'all. I’m so proud of myself. I pulled myself out of a hole and up onto a mountain ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

some rly gr9 free yoga videos (!!)

so as the title states, I’d like to share with you guys some really great free yoga videos! for those that are interested. i hope you love them

Less than 20 minutes

Six Minute Yoga Abs with Kathryn Budig

Level 1 Yoga Basics Workout with Kino MacGregor (perfect place to start if you’re brand new to yoga)

Beginner’s Morning Yoga Sequence (another great beginner’s sequence to help kickstart your day)

Yoga for Runners with Erin Motz

Yoga to Open Tight Hips

Yoga Strength for Beginner Arm Poses with Kino MacGregor

Yoga for the Best Sleep (i luv Jason Crandell so much.)

Less than 30 minutes

Beach Yoga to Make You Stronger

Intermediate 20 Minute Cardio Yoga Flow (consistent flow to get your heart beating if that’s what ur into!!. also keep an eye out for her cutesy pup, Peanut)

Calming Yoga to Build Strength (both calming and challenging, but the perfect balance)

Sequence for Lower Body Strength 

Yoga to Relieve Stress and Tension with my babe, Tara

More than 30 minutes

Soothing Vinyasa Yoga with Faith Hunter (soothing and challenging 30 min of flowing poses)

Full-Body Yoga Stretch (30 min of hurts-so-good poses)

High-Energy Yoga Flow (tough but totally doable)

Deep Stretches for Relaxation and Meditation (for those times when you need a lil more than just a couple minutes of stretching)

Intermediate Vinyasa Flow

Yoga for Serious Strength Gains

45-Minute Yoga Practice for Runners

60-Minute Slow Flow Power Yoga

‘I HATE BEING SICK’ - (danisnotonfire imagine)

In my drowsiness and exhaustion I succumb to the impression that someone was in my house. I was too tired and my energy was at an all-time low, I really couldn’t be bothered to check who it was. I knew it wasn’t a home invasion or the creepy neighbour that is always watching me in Yoga class, it was someone I knew as keys had loudly been placed on the counter in the kitchen and footsteps quickly echoed through the hallway. Whoever walked in my home was about to see the utterly dreadful sight of me and run away in fright. I HATE being sick.
It seems like those who are your family and friends start to disappear in attempts to get rid of the “sick girl”. No one wants to hang around her, she moans and groans about her back and her throat and how she can’t get up because her remote is a meter away, a rerun of the Bold and The Beautiful torturing her in attempts to make things worse. Her head pounds, which makes her snappy and dopey at the same time and it’s fairly distracting when she’s blowing her nose every minute or so.
This sounds like the start of The Fault in Our Stars, I assure you it’s not. Although Dan does love reading that book. He cried like a baby when his man crush died, I won’t ruin the story for those who have not read it…
I simply have a cold. A nasty one at that.

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Okay fine since everyone is so intent on finding out about my interest in Pearl, I’ll tell you

Okay first of all, yes, I’m very fond of her. I think she does a good job of keeping Steven disciplined but still cared for, I mean she can be pretty overprotective from what I’ve noticed, but that’s what I like in woman. I’ve also heard her sing showtunes sometimes if I happen to be walking on the beach. I mean I’m not really sure why she bursts into song but her voice is beautiful. I bet she could even be on Broadway!

Y’know and of course the whole “her being hot” thing. I mean c’mon, look at her! Refined nose, yoga pants, dancer body…

HOWEVER, if anyone actually thinks I’m going to try and pursue her, think again because while I may be forgetful, I know my place. Pearl is supposedly some intergalactic alien warrior (according to Steven, but it’s the only lead I’ve got) who’s only concerns right now are protecting Earth and Steven and there’s absolutely no way I could raise my league up high enough to reach her’s. I mean look at me, I’m not exactly Greg Universe.

Honestly at this rate, while it would be nice, I don’t think she’s gonna be inviting me to tea anytime soon (we actually haven’t had a proper conversation aside from the whole power outage fiasco). I guess I’ll just keep admiring her from afar until I, y’know, meet someone new. Uh… If I meet someone new… Beach City is very small…

CEO!Luke Part 24

24 Weeks Pregnant

Warning: Smut 

Y/N’s POV:

11 weeks later and here I am laying in bed watching the Notebook while Clara rubs my feet. My belly has grown quite a lot the past few weeks and I’ve gained about three or four pounds. I’m not chubby or anything but my body feels like it. I’ve attended pregnancy yoga classes which are actually really fun. Luke and I cleaned out my old apartment and brought everything to his place. Luke couldn’t wait to buy a house so he bought one that was for sale across from Michael and Clara’s house. We checked it out and it was perfect for us so we move in next week which is really exciting. Luke and Michael are currently in Chicago on a business trip. Work has been stressing the both of them out lately and I feel pretty bad. Clara and I still attend work but we barely do anything due to the boy’s absence. I made about fifty tiny airplanes out of sticky notes and threw them at Jeffrey as he passed out the mail to the offices. Luke told me that I didn’t need to go into work since he isn’t there but I do it anyway because I hate sitting in bed all day. “The knots in your feet are tighter than my vagina!” Clara says groaning as she rubs my feet. “Clara what the fuck!? That’s the worst comparison I’ve ever heard” I laugh throwing my head back against the pillows. “It’s true! You should stop wearing heels and switch to either flip flops or sandals” she tells me getting up and heading to the kitchen.

“How about we stop moping around and go baby shopping!? Target has great baby clothes. Every time I go, I always stop in the baby section and look at them” Clara adds on sipping her coffee. “If you help me up then we can go” I grin holding my hands out. Clara walks over to me and pulls onto my arms as I rise off of the bed. “Thanks” I respond walking over to the bathroom. I throw on some mascara and a pair of pregnancy leggings my mom sent up a few days ago. Looking acceptable, I grab a water from the fridge and my keys as Clara and I walk down to Luke’s garage. “Oo let’s take the Jeep!” Clara points over to Luke’s newly bought car. “Alright but I’m driving” I tell her. “That’s fine” she says sitting in the passenger seat. I click on the black button that opens the garage and pull out of the driveway. Clara and I jam out to the radio as we make our way to Target. “You keep rubbing your head. Are you okay?” I ask her placing my hand on her shoulder. “Yeah I’m okay. Just stressed” she responds looking out the window. This morning she was all smiley Clara and now she’s all sad. Something’s up. “Clara, what’s up? All of sudden you’re like this” I ask. “I don’t want to put this on you Y/N. It’s just too much” she says shaking her head as I pull into Target’s parking lot.

“Hey, I’m your best friend and just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I’m all stressed because that’s false” I say turning to her after putting the car in park. “What’s going on?” I ask. “It’s Michael” she sighs. “What about him?” I ask. “We have been fighting nonstop about the stupidest things but some of the serious fights have been about honesty and trust. I’ve made him sleep on the couch for like four nights in a row. He walked out and slept at Calum’s one night too and to top it off, I’ve been bringing up the idea of starting a family and he just blew it off like it was nothing. We even discussed about having a baby on our wedding night and he sounded so happy and ready to do it but now he is acting like a jerk about it and I don’t know what to do” Clara cries out. “Aw babe, I’m so sorry this is happening. It isn’t right how he just walks out and blows you off like that. That is called commitment issues Clara so I suggest you sit him down and tell him how you really feel because you’re his wife and he shouldn’t be acting like this” I say. “It sucks cause our last argument was the night when he left to go to Chicago. He hasn’t called, skyped, or texted me” she cries even more. “I haven’t heard from Luke either babe so I think they’re just really busy at the moment” I say hugging her. “Maybe” she says looking at me with her blotchy red eyes. I take my thumbs and wipe away the tears under her eyes. “Are you sure you still want to go in with me?” I ask her. “Of course I do. I’m not going to let an argument with my husband get in the way of me shopping for my goddaughter” Clara smiles opening the door. I get out as well and we make our way towards the doors.

I grab a carriage and stroll towards the baby section. Toys, diapers, bottles, car seats, cribs all were organized around us. “The clothes are over here Y/N” Clara calls out my name. “Oh you have to get this one” Clara laughs showing me a cute pink onesie that says Daddy’s Little Princess. “That’s adorable” I smile looking through the racks of clothes. “How about this one?” I chuckle showing Clara one that says I’m Cute, Mom’s Hot, Dad’s Lucky. “Layla does have a pretty hot mom” she winks at me making me laugh. I picked about six cute outfits for my baby girl as we move onto a different aisle. “Luke picked out a car seat and crib before he left. It’s stored with some of my things in the garage I think” I tell her scanning the toys on the shelves. “What about bottles, diapers, pacifiers?” Clara asks me. “Those we need” I snap my finger looking at the diapers choices. “Can you get a pack of 10 of the baby bottles?” I ask her. “10?” Clara asks looking at me. “Preparation” I tell her lifting a box of Pampers and placing it into the carriage. “I got the pack of 10 and three pacifiers” she tells me putting them into the carriage as well. “Sweet thank you” I respond. “Anything else?” she asks. “Yeah I need a new bra” I say scratching my head. “Boobs getting big?” Clara asks. “They’re getting there” I laugh as we walk over to the bra and underwear section.

“The cotton ones feel really nice I don’t know why” I laugh. “You need this” Clara grins holding up a peach lace bra. “Maybe if I wasn’t pregnant” I say. “Is my best friend not getting laid!?” Clara whispers. “Not really. We haven’t been intimate for the past two weeks. We had sex a few times but it just stopped I guess” I tell her. “He didn’t have a problem with it before but he kinda blows it off whenever we get to that level” I say putting a bra into the carriage. “Maybe it’s because your belly is getting bigger?” she asks. “I’ve talked with some of the other girls from my yoga class and they say that they’re still intimate with their husbands. Maybe it’s just a turn off for Luke I guess” I sigh making my way to the self checkout. “Aw don’t say that Y/N” Clara tells me. “I don’t know” I respond. “I’ll just ignore my raging hormones and focus on my cravings” I say scanning the items. “Want to go to the grocery store?” Clara asks bagging the clothes. “Good idea. I’m craving pickles, whipped cream, and spaghetti” I laugh as we walk back to the car. I store everything in the trunk and climb into the drivers seat.

Clara and I picked up a lot of strange items at the store but we didn’t mind. “So spaghetti for dinner?” I ask putting away the rest of the groceries. “Sounds good” she responds. “I bought you some ginger ale. It helps with nausea” she smiles. “Oh awesome thank you” I laugh sitting down at the marble island in the kitchen. “So what should I do about Michael?” she asks me. “You sit him down and tell him your honest feelings on how he acted like a dick. You bring up his lousy behavior towards you and the idea of starting a family when he seemed excited that night you talked about it. You tell him to stop treating you like a ghost because you’re his wife and to grow some balls and stop bringing up stupid shit that causes fights” I say in one big breath. “Damn where did that come from?” she asks drinking her wine. “I’ve dealt with my divorced parents my whole life. I was even thinking of becoming a couples counselor” I laugh sipping my ginger ale. “Really? I mean you do give great advice” Clara laughs stirring the pasta in the pot. “Thank you but my dream was to move here and get a job at the Hemming’s Company” I say. “Look at you now” she chuckles. “You’re right. The receptionist is my best friend and my boss became my fiance and then one thing led to another and now I’m pregnant with his child” I grin getting stuck in a gaze. “Do you still consider him your boss?” she asks me.

“Well in Vegas he told me he didn’t want to be known as my boss since we are dating so I think I kind of stopped thinking that way. It’s still weird but you know that I switched departments so I still  do some of his work but I have my own stuff to do as well so I don’t really think that anymore” I tell her. “Oh yeah and how is that going?” she asks pouring the pasta into the strainer. “I love it actually. It allows me to work from home but when I do decide to go into work, I still have that same feeling. I love the feeling of having stuff to do but not too much you know? I think Luke notices my stress level so that is why he is pushing back a little” I respond grabbing two plates from the cabinet. “Funny how he has less work for you to do but doesn’t give you a lot of sex” Clara laughs. “I told you to ignore that” I whine. “Y/N! Whether you’re pregnant or not, intimacy is important in a relationship especially marriage” Clara says scooping pasta onto our plates. “I know but I just don’t want to deal with that right now. I want to eat” I say putting sauce onto my pasta. “Looks like we both need to have a talk with our boy’s” she says sitting down. “When did they say their flight will land?” I ask. “I don’t know I wasn’t able to get a word out of Michael before he left” she rolls her eyes. “All I know is that they land tonight” she adds on.

“Good job on the pasta” I say high fiving her. “Thanks babe” she mumbles with a mouth full of pasta making me laugh. After we finish up our dinner, we do the dishes and clean up the rest of the kitchen. Luke is a neat freak and needs everything cleaned and in place. “Michael is the complete opposite from Luke. His closet is full of clothes and his side of the bathroom is covered in toothpaste stains which I’m left with to clean up” Clara groans. “Oh my gosh you need to see Luke’s closet” I say widening my eyes. I take Clara’s hand and guide her down the hall. “Smells like lemon and clean laundry” she says looking around. “I feel a Christian Grey vibe” she says roaming her hands. “Thank you! That is what I told him and he just denied it” I laugh. “Luke and him are twins when will he realise that!?” she asks. “He even has the Blu Ray edition of 50 Shades of Grey” I chuckle turning off his closet light. “I’m not surprised” she says. “Thanks for today” I smile. “Not a problem. It was fun and now the fun is over” she pouts referring to her conversation with Michael she’s going to have later on. “Just be honest” I tell her opening the door. “I will and you too Missy. Tell Luke to give your lady parts some love” she laughs grabbing her purse. “Oh my god. Goodnight Clara” I grin. “I’ll call tomorrow” she informs me. “Alright night!” I respond closing the door. I check the kitchen again to make sure everything is spotless.

It’s about 8:30 PM now and I wasn’t able to shower or take a bath all day so I head to the bathroom to have one. I strip my clothes and throw them into the dirty laundry bin and turn the nozzle making water sprinkle out. I step in slowly letting the water hit my sore body. I scrub my head with coconut shampoo and wash it away after letting it sit for a few minutes. Then, I shave my legs and armpits and wash them with a Dove soap bar. Normally, I shower with Luke and he washes my body for me because he “wants to do it”. But he isn’t here. He hasn’t been here for a week and a half. I miss his touch. His voice. His jokes. His need to cuddle me. His kisses against my belly to Layla. I’ve been alone for a week and a half. I’ve hung with Clara most of the days but I miss him. I need his hugs. His kisses. His massages. His sweet nothings in my ear. His support. The fact that this is going to happen again in a few weeks just makes me sad. I’m lonely and my hormones are raging! I finish up my shower slowly and dry off. I wrap my silk robe on without caring to put on any undergarments. I brush my teeth and put my hair up into a messy bun like always and crawl into bed after that. I put on my recorded episode of the Bachelorette which munching on pretzel sticks. As the night comes, my eyes start to flutter shut but the TV keeps me awake. Eventually, my eyes close for a good few hours.

2:05 AM

Do you ever get that feeling where you feel like you’re going to throw up but it’s just because you’re hungry? Well that is how I feel right now. The growling rumbles of my stomach force me awake forcing my body to the fridge. I crave chocolate, strawberries, and pickles. Luckily, we bought all of those items today at the store. I make my way towards the fridge and open the door. The bright light makes me squint my eyes close for a few seconds before they adjusted. I grab the chocolate and strawberries out from the fridge and place them onto the floor. I could care less that I’m eating down here because Luke has his floors cleaned like two times a week. I sit criss crossed on the floor and pop open the chocolate sauce container. Then, I carefully try not to rip open the plastic top of the strawberries but my hunger is getting to me. Successfully, I got it open and picked out a good looking berry. I squirt some chocolate on top of the strawberry and eat it. “Ugh yes” I groan leaning on the dish washer. I eat a couple more. My face is stuffed as I hear a door open. For as a second, I panic hoping it’s not a robber or a kidnapper but was praying it was Luke.

I hear him try to walk quietly but due to his tall ass lanky body, he didn’t succeed. “Oh shit!” Luke shouts noticing my presence. “Welcome home” I try to smile with a face full of food. “Baby what are you doing on the floor?” he asks putting his suitcase to the side. “I got hungry” I mumble closing the chocolate sauce. “I’ve missed you so much” he whispers sitting down next to me. “We’ve missed you more” I say giving off a small smile while he kisses my forehead. “How are you doing Angel?” he asks holding my face. “Pretty good. Same schedule” I tell him. “How was your trip?” I ask him as he eats a strawberry. “It was good but tiring. Long meetings are terrible and just drain the life out of you” he sighs leaning his head back. “Well I’m glad you’re home” I respond. “Me too Baby me too” he smiles at me with his tired eyes.  “Ugh I’m ready for bed” Luke sighs getting up. “How about you Sweetheart?” he asks holding his hands out for me.

“Yeah” I respond taking his hands. I put away the food in the fridge and walk back to bed. While Luke is taking off his clothes there is this awkward tension. The question I’ve been wanting to ask just wants to spill at any second. As Luke pulls open the covers to get into bed, I just blurt it out. “Why won’t you have sex with me?” I ask looking down. “What?” Luke asks sitting on the edge of the bed. “Why won’t you be intimate with me?” I ask again. “We are intimate Y/N are we not?” he asks. “No we’re not Luke. For the past two weeks you haven’t even touched me or had any intention of wanting to go further whenever we make out” I tell him. “Am I getting too fat? Is the big belly a turn off or what? I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong!” I cry out. “And I was left with raging hormones for my soon to be husband but he had to leave for a business trip leaving me all by myself. I can’t even take care of it on my own” I breathe out. “Whoa whoa Y/N. Please don’t cry Sweetheart” Luke says walking over to my side of the bed. “Baby you’re the sexiest thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on and that will never change. You look gorgeous even now and will look even more beautiful as your tummy grows. The belly isn’t a turn off Princess because my little girl is in there. It’s her home” he whispers putting his hands on my stomach.

“I’m sorry if we haven’t been intimate for a while it’s just work is stressing me out but I’m not going to make that my excuse because that’s stupid. The reason is that I don’t want to hurt you. I mean you’re fragile now Y/N and you’re holding our daughter and I don’t want to hurt either of you. I have been wanting you so bad but I just couldn’t bring myself to tell you and I’m sorry because I know that you have been feeling the same” he says holding my hands. “Luke I told you that pregnancy sex is normal. It’s safe and even is good during the journey” I respond. “I know I know. I’m sorry I was just scared” he says looking into my eyes. “Please don’t be scared Luke. You won’t hurt me or Layla” I whisper holding his cheek. “I can’t even imagine how you have felt” he says. “I’ve wanted to pounce on you every time I looked at you” I giggle. “Really?” Luke smirks. “Yes” I laugh kissing his lips once. “Well how about now? You still want me? Cause I know I want you” Luke growls against my mouth laying me down on the bed. “Of course I do” I giggle. “Good” he responds untying my robe. “No clothes Princess?” he asks. “Too lazy” I smile as he takes off my robe fully. “Look at this beautiful belly” he says kissing my stomach all over making me laugh.

“I don’t think we need any foreplay Princess. What do you think?” Luke asks taking off his boxers revealing his hard length. “Nope” I agree shaking my head. “You got some chocolate on your face” he tells me. “Let me get that for you” he smirks leaning down and licking my cheek then sucking my lips. “Luke!” I giggle. “I bet these taste even better” he growls referring to my breasts. His large hands grasp my breasts as the callous’ on his palms harden my nipples. His warm mouth takes in my left breast as his other hand works its way down to my throbbing heat. He enters two of his fingers and pumps them in and out slowly working me up. “Luke” I moan closing my eyes. “Relax Princess. Let Daddy take care of you” he mumbles kissing my neck. Luke’s wet tongue slides up behind my ear making me open my eyes. I grab his face and attach my lips to his wanting to feel our connection again. “I love you” I whisper. “Forever and always Baby” he responds kissing me harder. Luke’s scruff against my neck makes me want him even more. “I need you now Luke” I moan. “Ready Princess?” he asks lining his member at my entrance. I nod as he slowly enters me making us both moan simultaneously.

“Fuck you feel amazing as always” Luke groans throwing his head down my neck. “Ugh yes” I whisper looking at the mirror on Luke’s wall and watching his perfect body thrust into mine.  “You’re so beautiful” he whispers locking eyes with me as his hips hit buck into me. He gently lifts my legs so they wrap around his torso creating another angle. “Ugh god yes Baby” Luke moans throwing his head back. His toned, sweaty chest pumps back and forth making the pleasure increase. “I’m going to cum Lukey this just feels way too good” I moan putting my arms above my head. Luke leans down and holds down my arms with his as he thrusts into me faster but gently. “Cum for me Princess. Cum for Daddy” Luke whispers in my ear. “Fuck yes!” I shout hearing his words as I release onto him. “Fuck fuck fuck!” Luke growls as he releases seconds after me. We both breathe as Luke lays beside me. “God feeling you bare is one of the greatest feelings in the world” Luke chuckles as he covers us with the sheets. “Oh really?” I ask. “Yes” he laughs as we get into our spoon position. I close my eyes as Luke wraps his arms around me getting comfortable. “But loving you is the best”

Hey guys I hope you enjoyed Part 24! Let me know your thoughts and keep voting for Military!Calum. I love you all and thank you so much for reading this series! Stay tuned for Part 25! Xx

The Signs as Things I've Said While Watching My Brother Play GTA V

Aries: “Isn’t this the place where you hung your wife’s yoga instructor?”
Taurus: “Don’t blame Franklin, he’s had a very hard day.”
Gemini: “Would you really rather sets yourself on fire than get him a hooker for a wife?”
Cancer: “Are there restaurants in this game?”
Leo: “I feel like a matte black finish with chrome wheels is a bit much for this tractor you picked up on the side of the road.”
Virgo: “Go check on your wife to make sure she’s not drunk yet.”
Libra: “You needed a little green juice today.”
Scorpio: “Stop taking hits from your son’s bong.”
Sagittarius: “Can you really get the same crime rate for flying into a high security prison and stealing $45 from a gas station?”
Capricorn: “Take me to see your stripper daughter, I’m worried about her.”
Aquarius: “Find him a hooker and make her fall in love with him so he’ll stop this reckless behavior.”
Pisces: “I’m glad they brought Johnny Cash into this game.”

user aethestics ♥

since i’m super near 1.1k oh my god i thought i’d never say that i’ll be doing user aesthetics because they seem really fun! stolen from knightbellamyy


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