i really like this yoga place

island acai bowl with hemp granola instead of the vanilla almond granola (bc only the hemp granola is vegan) from Better Buzz 🐝 so glad to be back in San Diego for school so i can live at this place again 👅 went to a Core2 class, which is heated, at CorePower Yoga in Pacific Beach, and then got this acai bowl to revive my ass afterwrds. hot yoga will make you sweat like no other 😅 also if you guys ever buy bottled water, try to reuse and refill the bottle. you can get so much use out of one bottle, save so much money, and really reduce how much you consume and have to recycle ♻️💦

Dating Bucky Barnes Would Include

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- Waiting nearly half a year for him to show you his metal arm

- He would watch your reaction as he rolled up his sleeve

- You would just reach out and gently stroke every single one of the plates, before finally curling your fingers around his wrist and placing his palm against your cheek

- Calling him ‘old man’ all the time

- Running your fingers through his hair

- You and Sam teaming up to constantly tear him a new one

- Sparring with him and ending up winning easily because he’s afraid he’ll break you

- He’d use really old pick- up lines on you 

- Comforting him after a nightmare by being the big spoon for a while

- Making him herbal tea and doing yoga with him so he can learn to relax

- He’d make jokes like “When I was your age”, or “Respect your elders”

- Taking him shopping for new clothes and essentially playing dress up

- Butt grabs

- Steve dragging you to one side when he finds out you two are dating to give you The Best Friend Talk

- Getting sick of his music because he always plays stuff from his era

- Making him listen to Tony’s records instead

- Now he’s obsessed with classic rock

- He has mental breakdowns every other day that usually result in a trashed room and an inconsolable Bucky 

- Nat teaching you Russian so you can surprise him one night

- His mama raised him right so he is a perfect gentleman towards you sometimes

- Dates are old-fashioned, normally consisting of dancing, a movie and dinner

- He gets super possessive if another guy hits on you

- Once you called him ‘Leather Daddy’ when he was in his combat suit

- You’ve persuaded everyone to call him that now

- Convincing the world he’s not the monster everyone thought him to be

- Hair pulling

- Training with him almost always leads to a steamy make out session

- Everyone finds your PDA super gross

- T’Challa is starting to regret not killing Bucky when he had the chance

Friends With Benefits


so I got like 40 likes on the post suggesting I may do a Bucky Barnes friends with benefits type thing and so here is part one

My chapters are usually very long cos I love to talk and the same applies to my writing (my mouth gets a better work out than any other part of my body

Here is chapter one: Alcohol makes you new friends….sort of

Hope you all enjoy it ☺️

It was girls night in the tower which meant wine and gossip.

You loved girls night.

It meant moscato. You loved moscato.

Well, you just loved alcohol in general.

Tonight was Pepper, Natasha, Hope, Sharon, Darcy, Laura, Wanda and Maria.

This meant a good mix.

“Okay, but seriously, you can’t tell me you don’t just wanna take charge and tell him to hell with his stupid gentlemen-ly crap” Darcy said to Sharon.

“Believe me I do, but it’s nice y'know, the guy is patient, which is needed given how demanding my job can be” Sharon spilled, stunningly sober compared to the rest of them, but then again o was Natasha.

“I don’t understand how you can all be around superheroes all the time and not screw them all” you said incredibly tipsy and mouth now that the 3 bottles of wine had hit you.

“Because some of them are just stupid” Pepper said with a slight hiccough.

“Okay, besides Tony” you said.

“Aww, does Y/N have a crush on an Avenger?” Laura cooed slightly buzzed, but still in her motherly form.

“Um, yes. On like all of them” you admitted.

“Ooo who’s number one on the list?” Wanda asked.

You just looked at Sharon.

“Sorry” was all you said while everyone giggled.

“I totally get it, Cap looks good for his age” Darcy said bumping her hip with yours.

“Next?” Natasha smirked.

“T'Challa” you groaned. “He’s beautiful” you admitted.

“I need this list in order” Pepper said laughing.

“Cap, T'Challa, Thor, Bucky, Fandral seems charming as hell so him, Peter seems like you could laugh with him so he’s next, so yeah, Starlord after Fandral. Then Strange? He’s not too old. I cannot include the Kid, Tony or Rhodey cos age differences. And Vision is like a brother to me along with Sam, so yeah” you explained sipping more wine.

“Okay so the real question is, which one would you sleep with” Hope said pointing a finger at you. “Cap isn’t an option, Thor has Valkyrie, Peter’s got Gamora, Strange has a girl too, soooo, T'Challa, Bucky or Fandral?” Hope asked.

“T'Challa isn’t exactly an option either, he’s got a kingdom to run” Maria pointed out.

“Yes, Thank you Maria” you said wincing as you had a glass of Pinot Griggio instead of the Moscato, the slight difference in flavours clashing.

“Who has more stamina, a god or a supersoldier?” you asked seriously.


Voices clashed together with different opinions.

“It has to be a god! I mean come on, they’re gods!” Pepper yelled.

“Cap’s a pretty decent match when he spars with Thor, and he’s way more built then Fandral” Natasha said.

“But Cap has the serum, I bet he can match a god any day” Hope said.

“But Bucky and Cap are slightly different super soldiers, so out of them, who’s better?” Darcy asked.

“They’re actually fairly similar” Sharon said in thought.

“Well I’d go with whoever’s got the best stamina, I need a few things before I’m satisfied” you said with a grimace.

“Woah, what does that mean?” Natasha said with a knowing glint.

“You know exactly what it means” you groaned. “When did guys become so bad at all things sex?” you asked no one in particular.

“When porn became reality for them” Darcy said.

“Idiots” you grumbled.

You all continued for a while not noticing that Bucky was in the room right next to the lounge, door closed, but super hearing working just fine.

Smiling and laughing quietly at the drunken antics going on next door until he heard what you had to say. Then he made his mind up about things.

“Ugh, 2am, I need to get home” Maria said. “Sharon, you can crash on my couch, I don’t wanna wake up in hangover mode alone” she mumbled.

One by one everyone left until it was you, Wanda and Natasha.

“I’m heading off to bed, last thing I need is Vis listing all the effects of alcohol and sleep deprivation tomorrow morning” she groaned before heading off to bed leaving just you and Natasha.

“I’m making you and Barnes happen” she smirked.

“You most certainly are not” you told her sternly.

“Oh I’ve already started” she said looking behind you at the tall figure which you didn’t notice being tipsy.

“You know it’ll happen” she called over her shoulder as she turned to head to her room.

“It will not happen” you said turning abruptly and smacking into something hard.

Groaning, you clutched your shoulder.

“Ugh, when was there a wall here?” you asked to yourself.

“There isn’t” a voice said.

Deep and Brooklyn.
Crap. Bucky.

“Right, hi Bucky, sorry for the walk in” you apologised.

“Not a problem” he said brushing it off. “What’s Romanoff so determined to not make happen exactly?” he asked feigning curiosity.

“Uh, something about me and fitness, not my forte” you stumbled over a useful excuse.

“I could help you out if you’d like?” he offered.

Well shit, you obviously didn’t think that one through. Course he’d offer to help.

“Oh, that’s okay, I’ll just stick to Yoga and Pilates” you laughed nervously.

“Yoga and Pilates huh? You must be pretty flexible, we could start out with something more suited to you, something that uses your flexibility, you’d probably be able to keep going for hours that way, we could really test out your limits that way” he said with some sort of undertone to his words that you were too drunk to place.

“Really, training with supersoldiers would not be a pretty sight” she said honestly.

“I’m sure we could find a work out that suits you” he said.

“I’m good, promise. I am gonna go to bed” you said quickly moving to get around him.

But you, with your marvelous fortune, decided to showcase just how truly drunk you were, in your heels of all things and would’ve unintentionally nearly dived into the floor if it weren’t for Bucky catching you.

“Woah, you’ve had a bit much to drink” he chuckled holding you up by your biceps.

“Apparently so” you said enthusiastically. “I’m gonna go to bed Bucky Barnes” you told him in a very matter-of-fact tone.

But before you could move he simply scooped you up in his arms.

“Hey! I can walk you know” you berated him.

“I know you can, I see you do it almost every day, you’re just not as proficient when you’re drunk” he teased.

“I can still walk just fine” you said stubbornly like his last sentence was all a lie.

“Y'know, Romanoff wouldn’t of had to set us up doll” he smirked as your mouth gaped like a fish.

“What?” you tried playing dumb.

“You know what I’m talking about” he smiled at your apparent shyness. “You could knock on my door rain, hail or shine and I’d open it for you” he said making your heart race.

Perfect. Just fucking perfect.

“That’s really not necessary Bucky” you smiled sheepishly.

“I know, I wouldn’t be doing it out of necessity” he murmured, his lips entirely too close to your ear making you tense slightly. Something he obviously noticed. “Am I making you nervous?” he asked innocently. “You seem kinda tense” he observed.

“No…” you said looking anywhere but him.

“I think that’s a lie sweetheart” he said in another teasing tone which would kill you.

“You think you know a lot don’t you?” you narrowed your eyes.

“I do” he smiled as he came to stop in front of your door.

Somehow managing to open it, he maneuvered into your room and put you down gently on your bed.

You moved to unclasp the necklace your high school best friend got you but once again, you were having no luck.

“Would you like some help?” Bucky asked, clearly amused.

“No” you grumbled attempting once more.

“Here” Bucky offered as you gave up.

Easily removing the necklace, he smiled.

“There.” he said. “It’s a pretty necklace” he said eyeing the pendant. A sapphire blue pendant that was wrapped in the silver of the necklace.

“Yeah, my friend got it for my 16th birthday” you said. “6 years later and I’m still wearing it, he got a matching ring” you said.

“Cute” he smiled.

“Thank you for helping me back to my room, I’m gonna go to sleep now” you said in an attempt to shoo him away from your socially awkward self.

“Can I steal another moment from you?” he asked.

“Why…?” you asked suspiciously.

“No particular reason” he hummed. “Except I think you should put a theory to test” he said.

“What theory?” you asked jumping slightly when he took your hand and starting rubbing circles into tops of your hand right hand.

“The theory that not all men are useless” Bucky said simply. “Some of us still know what to do and where to put things”

And here you are again. Gaping. Like a fish. Wonderful.

“Just think about it” he said getting up from your bed and heading to the door. “Goodnight Y/N” he smiled.

“Night” you said in a voice that magically came out higher in pitch than usual.

‘Screw you and your charm Barnes’ you though irritably.

“Oh and Y/N?” he said before shutting the door.

“Hmm?” you said looking up.

“I’m a super soldier, I’ve got pretty decent stamina” he smirked before making a quick exit.

“Oh Christ Almighty” you muttered before falling back into your bed.

Leaving a happy supersoldier walking away from your room whose supersoldier hearing picked up your groan of frustration.

Part 2: Spectacular 


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  • Jehnny Beth: You're quite a competitive person... I think, you don't want me to say that...
  • Damon: No, I don't mind, yes, I'm horribly competitive
  • Jehnny: I can tell when we go to yoga...
  • Damon: [laughs] Really? really?
  • Jehnny: I can tell..
  • Damon: Really? I thought it was the one place where I wasn't!
  • Jehnny: Sorry about that
  • Damon: No, it's fine, how do you...?
  • Jehnny: I recognigzed it because I am like that
  • Damon: It's the blanket competition
  • Radio Beats 1
Looking for more fitblrs to follow

It’s time to clean out my list and I’ve been wanting more people to follow anyway…

I’m really bad at interacting with people on here but I think it’d help me to see more real people on my dashboard.

So please reblog or like this if your blog includes:

-lots of personal posts

-recipes/meal plans/grocery lists/etc

-you’re like me (have 100+lbs to lose, still trying to figure it out, keto, trying to start weight lifting)

-or if you just have a really interesting blog.

Basically I need less fancy smoothie bowls, skinny people doing yoga, and expensive workout gear and more… actual people.  I want to be following more people that are in a similar place to me.

Real talk, Nadia and Asra are /that kind/ of BFFs.

-Asra would be like, “NADI, NADI!! BEST FRIEND!!” whenever he sees her from a distance

-Nadia would muse about his soft hair, running her fingers through it /all the time/

-Of course they would talk forever in a day about all the exotic places they’ve been

-And of course they would talk major junk. While drinking Asra’s tea. Tea while tea.

-Nadia would invite Asra to her chambers to do yoga. ((Asra and Nadia in yoga pants👀))

-She would also invite him over for sleepovers. They would sit criss-crossed on her bed while weaving bracelets/patterns. They would totally have silly hair ties and bows in their hair. Also they would try to do each other’s make-up.

I,,,,,,just really like the concept of their friendship. It’s so pure and it probably hurts Asra that she doesn’t remember,,,

Hands Off (Ethan)

A/N: I was in yoga today and it inspired me to make this little imagine. You convince Ethan to come to yoga with you, and he thinks the instructor is being a little too handsy while modifying your poses.

warnings; I think just cussing, mention of v*mit and I guess suggestive touching but not really just yoga


“You owe me big time, y/n.” Ethan grumbles as the two of you walk into your usual yoga studio. Since moving out to Los Angeles, you have become much more interested in your practice and after practically begging Ethan to join you, he finally caved. “I feel so stupid in this.”

Coming along with you wasn’t enough, you forced him to purchase and wear a brand new yogi outfit from Lulu Lemon’s men’s line. You had to agree, he did look quite ridiculous wearing joggers and a sleeveless hoodie, but at least it made his arms look good.

“If you quit complaining maybe you’ll actually enjoy it.” You tell him, receiving a huff from Ethan. Once the two of you entered the room you are greeted by one of the usual instructors, Brian.

“Y/n! So great to see you!” Brian exclaims. He is by far your favorite instructor, he is much more zen than the others, making you feel as though you actually got something out of your practice. “And you brought a friend, amazing!”

“Boyfriend.” Ethan corrected very bluntly, to which Brian nods uncomfortably. Once you set up your mats and are sitting cross legged, Ethan leans over and whispers. “You didn’t tell me it was a guy!”

“What difference does it make?” You ask, genuinely unsure as to why it made him to uneasy. “I promise you’ll like it. If not I’ll, well I don’t know what I’ll do but I’ll do something to repay you.”

30 minutes in, everything has gone smoothly. Besides the sporadic adjustments Brian had made to Ethan’s posture, he actually seems to be enjoying himself. That is, until you arrive in your side angle pose. 

“Heart forward, y/n.” Brian reminds you, placing one hand on your chest and the other in-between your shoulder blades straightening your posture. You’re unphased by this, but Ethan’s suddenly louder breathing implies he is definitely not. “That’s it, good adjustment.”

If that wasn’t bad enough, during one of your final downward dogs, Brian again fixes your pose. He places his hand on your lower back and stomach gently pulling your hips higher. Ethan’s sharp inhale signals how angry this makes him.

This, however, is not the final straw. Only 10 minutes before the class ends, Brian again modifies your pose. During cobra, he places his hand right above your breast and the other between your shoulder blades again. You hope that you will be able to get away with another huff from Ethan, but he has other hands. 

“Oh for fucks sake, that’s enough.” Ethan burst out, causing the whole class to look his way. “Hands off.”

“Ethan, sit back down. You’re causing a scene.” You hiss at him. He stares at you for a minutes then at Brian, who looks like he is going to throw up, then back to you. “I mean it Ethan.”

He mutters something under his breath but eventually goes back into the pose. Brian hesitantly backs away from you and continues on teaching the class. After the class finally finishes, you roll up your mat, grab Ethan by the wrist and pull him down to your height.

“Ethan Dolan, I want you to go to Brian and apologize to him.” You command him.


“No, you’re going to.” You tell him, not even letting him finish his argument. “That is not how you express your feelings, E, you know that!”

“Fine.” He groans, walking towards a terrified looking Brian. “Hey, man. I’m really sorry about earlier. I guess I just get a little-a lot defensive when other guys touch y/n.”

“No worries, Ethan.” Brian accepts, probably relieved that Ethan didn’t come over to beat him up. “You know, yoga is actually very good for controlling that anger. I’d love to have you back sometime!”

Ethan nods his head and you quickly apologize to Brian before you both walk out. Your walk to the car is silent until Ethan decides to speak up.

“I’m really sorry, y/n.” He apologizes. “I shouldn’t have blown up like that, I know its his job and all but you’re way too gorgeous for me to just brush off other guys touching you like that.”

“It’s alright, E.” You stop to look at him. “I just really wish you did it a different way.”

“Maybe Brian is right.” Ethan says and you give him a very confused look. “You know, yoga might help me control that.”

You smile and place your hand on his cheek. “I love you for trying.”

“You still owe me for this outfit.” He informs you with a chuckle, making you laugh along. “Alright, if we don’t get pizza right now I’m going to pass out.”

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Oooh what about Genji, Zen, Roadhog and Reaper headcanons for an s/o who is really busy with work and is stubborn in taking care of themselves, but is really caring about their lover's health? Like they would often find their s/o dozing off at their desk, but then other days their s/o would be the one worrying over THEM pulling all-nighters. Aah hope it makes sense - thank you though! Your writing is my absolute favorite!

brUH this so me though, I always worry more about everyone else when I’m the one having a mental breakdown every five minutes like wtf me think bout yourself for once (alsO SHH YOU NICE PERSON YOU)


  • While he knows responsibilities are important, he also knows you shouldn’t strain yourself. In his younger days he may have slacked off more than is…well, reasonable, but he’s since learned how to balance time for work and play. You, however, clearly do not have this skill.
  • Whenever he finds you hunched over on your laptop he doesn’t hesitate to gently pry it from your hands and put it aside. “Genji!” You always gripe at him but end up surrendering as he waits patiently, resting his chin in his hands. “Are you calm now, Y/N?” You grumpily nod to the man in front of you.
  • He quickly settles down next to you and pulls you into his arms. “You’re overworking yourself again.” He usually has his visor off when the two of you are alone, so there’s nothing in the way of him placing a soft kiss on your cheek while cupping the other. He chuckles as you blush. “You know I can’t stand seeing you like this.” After that he makes you rest with him, be it by doing yoga or just laying in his embrace.


  • You really don’t have to worry about Zen overworking himself, haha! But he definitely frets over you burning yourself out. Sometimes he keeps an eye on you while you work just to make sure you don’t exhaust yourself.
  • And in those moments when you do, he floats over to you. Usually you don’t even notice his presence until he takes your hands in his metal ones. Pretty effective at keeping you from working, I’d say. Zenyatta’s body language is enough to tell you he’s concerned, so you give in.
  • “Good; you must rest,” he motions for you to come closer. The omnic then pulls you into his lap. (I really wanna sit in his lap only because I’d be floating and that’s fuckin rad) “I don’t just mean your body, Y/N,” he runs his cool fingers over your shoulders and down your arms, feeling the tension in your muscles. “Your mind, as well. Worry less what others want of you, and rather what you want from yourself.” Ah, the benefits of having a philosophic boyfriend. Plus he gives you encouragement fist bumps when work is absolutely necessary.


Holy shit my first time writing for ze pavement pig! Hope I do him justice lol

  • First off, Roadhog does whatever the fuck Roadhog wants. No need to even think about him working himself to death. Hell, he doesn’t even hesitate to put Junkrat in his place because dammit this guy can be really annoying but he’s paying Roady good money.
  • He has no qualms about simply picking you up when you’re pushing yourself too much. And even though you may struggle, it always ends with you eventually just relaxing in his hold. “There’s a good boy/girl/lovely.” (I dunno lovely just seems like a nickname he’d use casually??) 
  • He easily shifts you so he’s got you resting in one arm. He’s so strong like what the fuck. (BETTER HOPE ZARYA DOESNT STEAL YOUR SWEETIE MAKO-) But usually he carries you away from your responsibilities to cool off. That ends up being you two just sitting and talking together more often than not, but there’s always the option to go watch Junkrat blow something up again. (One time his pants caught on fire and Mako laughed harder than you’d ever seen as Jamie flailed his arms and jumped right out of his trousers. It was gold.) 


  • Reaper’s issue is less overworking himself and more, like, forgetting how to rest his thoughts. Those, in turn, keep his body awake too. You often find yourself waking up in the middle of the night to find the other side of your bed empty. You get up and tend to find him gazing at the moon out the window. All you have to do is silently wrap your arms around his torso and he goes back to bed with you. On nights like that he pulls you close upon returning, and you don’t ask about what’s bugging him, instead letting him sleep. (Not that he does often. Normally he just stays up and hold you all night.)
  • Reaps is very blunt with his actions when he finds you toiling over something for far too long. He walks over in his emo boots, closing your laptop and picking up any papers around you before tearing them. Yeah, he can be an ass. “This paperwork doesn’t matter.” He crosses his arms. “Says you! Gabe, those were important files.”
  • Ah, here comes the soft Reyes™ With a scoff and roll of his eyes, he walks forward. He places one hand on your shoulder and looks you in the eyes before pulling you close to his chest. “Don’t strain yourself.” A hand runs through your hair as he mutters to you. Ya can’t help but hug him back. “..Fine. But you better not do that again.” “Sin promesas.” “Gabe!” Cue deep chuckle and a kiss on your forehead.
some rly gr9 free yoga videos (!!)

so as the title states, I’d like to share with you guys some really great free yoga videos! for those that are interested. i hope you love them

Less than 20 minutes

Six Minute Yoga Abs with Kathryn Budig

Level 1 Yoga Basics Workout with Kino MacGregor (perfect place to start if you’re brand new to yoga)

Beginner’s Morning Yoga Sequence (another great beginner’s sequence to help kickstart your day)

Yoga for Runners with Erin Motz

Yoga to Open Tight Hips

Yoga Strength for Beginner Arm Poses with Kino MacGregor

Yoga for the Best Sleep (i luv Jason Crandell so much.)

Less than 30 minutes

Beach Yoga to Make You Stronger

Intermediate 20 Minute Cardio Yoga Flow (consistent flow to get your heart beating if that’s what ur into!!. also keep an eye out for her cutesy pup, Peanut)

Calming Yoga to Build Strength (both calming and challenging, but the perfect balance)

Sequence for Lower Body Strength 

Yoga to Relieve Stress and Tension with my babe, Tara

More than 30 minutes

Soothing Vinyasa Yoga with Faith Hunter (soothing and challenging 30 min of flowing poses)

Full-Body Yoga Stretch (30 min of hurts-so-good poses)

High-Energy Yoga Flow (tough but totally doable)

Deep Stretches for Relaxation and Meditation (for those times when you need a lil more than just a couple minutes of stretching)

Intermediate Vinyasa Flow

Yoga for Serious Strength Gains

45-Minute Yoga Practice for Runners

60-Minute Slow Flow Power Yoga

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Prompt, OQ: "I know you're pregnant with my twins but that doesn't change the fact you're still sexy as hell."

This got M really fast. I’m not too sure what happened but I hope it isn’t as crappy as I feel like it is! You guys know I’m scared of smut writing!

He groans the minute he sees her, pulling her attention from the pancake batter she’s stirring and gaining an infamous eye roll as she all but ignores him. Still, he can see the proud smirk pulling at the corner of her lips even from his place in the doorway. He loves that little smirk. 

It’s not a surprise to see her in such clothing - black yoga pants painted onto her toned legs, ending just below her knees with a pink stripe decorating either side from her hips to her shins and a cropped black top that sits just above her stomach - because pregnancy has turned her into an oven but it’s a delight each and every time that he can’t help but marvel at. 

She’s the most beautiful sight he thinks he’s ever seen and especially so like this. 

“I know you’re pregnant with my twins,” he greets in a gruff voice that he can’t seem to shake these days with Regina looking as she does every day, “but that doesn’t change the fact you’re still sexy as hell.” 

“Thank you for the early morning ego boost,” she replies, feigning indifference despite the pink hue that’s colouring her cheeks, “now pass me the strawberries from the fridge.” 

He grins, letting his fingers tickle across the small of her bare back as he goes and revelling in the shiver she tries to suppress - pregnancy has also turned her into something of a hot mess when it comes to sex, her sensitivity wonderfully heightened to a point where they have to wait for the boys to leave the house entirely before they partake in any such activities lest Regina’s keening scar them for life. “Here you are, my love.” 

She exhales heavily when he sidles on up behind her, slipping the tub of strawberries onto the counter beside the mixing bowl before wrapping his arms around her and allowing his palms to curl around the curve of her stomach. “What are you doing?” she asks, voice trembling slightly as he drops his head and mouths kisses down the slope of her neck and over her shoulder. 

“Saying good morning to my girls,” he replies as innocently as he’s able to. 

“You haven’t shaved this morning,” the mixing spoon has all but slipped from her lax fingers and is sinking into the thick batter as her head falls back to rest on his shoulder, body practically vibrating against him. 

“It must have slipped my mind.” He doesn’t even try for innocence this time because he knows what it does to her, his unshaven jaw dragging over her delicate skin. “Why? Is it bothering you?” 

“Fuck you, asshole,” she breathes without heat, hips undulating back against him, rubbing that delectable rear against the semi he’d awoken to. 

“Is that a promise?” he asks huskily, one of his hands slipping up to gently cup her sensitive breast as the other begins a slow trail down over her stomach until his fingers find the waistband of her yoga pants and slip beneath. 

“The boys…”

“Will be fast asleep until nine, at the very least,” he finishes for her, thrilled to find that she’d forgone panties this morning as his hands slip over her smooth skin and find her slippery to the touch. He groans into her neck as he delves a finger through her sodden folds and circle her clit briefly before he searches for her soaked opening, dipping that same finger into her and curling it up the way she likes. 

“Fuck…” she exhales on a shuddered breath, a hand lifting to grab at the hand still massaging her breast, guiding it down enough to lead it back up beneath her top and filling his hand with the softness of her. She bucks into his hand when he sweeps his thumb over her already pebbled nipple and sinks a second finger into her. 

“You are so fucking gorgeous,” he growls into her neck, sucking a kiss there that isn’t hard enough to leave a mark but that has her legs buckling slightly. “I love you so much.” 

“Oh God,” her brow furrows as his palm settles more directly over her clit, each rock of his hand pushing her closer and closer to the edge, “Robin - I-” 

“Just feel, my love,” he lifts his head to whisper, watching her lashes flutter against her cheeks as she tries - and fails - to suppress her needy moans, her body pushing and pulling against the waves of pleasure radiating through her. She’s getting close, he can feel the way her walls are tightening around his fingers - one of his favourite feelings - and he loves that she turns her head so that he’s able to watch her fighting against the urge to scream out, expression tight as she chases her peak. 

“Kiss me,” she manages on a breathy whine, “now, Robin…” she grits out through her teeth, “kiss me.” 

He licks his lips, hard as sin against her gorgeous arse now as he rocks into her and ups the pace of his fingers before swallowing her growing cries with a desperate kiss. 

Her free hand lifts to claw at the back of his neck, keeping his head in place as she dips her tongue into his mouth and takes and takes and takes

When she comes, it is with a muffled scream that he hopes is too quiet for their sons to hear as her body jerks and trembles in his arms. He holds her up, slipping his fingers from her once he’s helped her through her orgasm and cupping her sodden mound as she tries to fill her lungs with breath that she just can’t seem to find. He can’t help it though, once she’s calmed enough and regained her balance, he slips his hand from her pants - leaves the other to affectionately massage her swollen breast - and lifts his damp fingers to his lips, moaning at the taste of her on his tongue. 

“You’ll ruin your breakfast,” she manages on a breathy whisper that pulls a deep and rumbling chuckle from his chest that vibrates against her back. 

“God, I love you.”

Ignorance Isn’t Bliss (Cheryl x Reader Request)

‘I was wondering if you could do a cheryl x reader where reader has somewhat of the same behaviors as Cheryl like she tends to ignore happiness etc. and the reader always goes out with different guys and fools around with them and Cheryl confronts her about it and reader starts crying and then fluff happens. Thank u and sorry if this was hard to understand. 💕 oh also reader is popular.’ - Anon

Characters/Pairings: Cheryl x Reader, Kevin, Betty, Veronica,

Warnings: Kissing, underage drinking, implied smut.

Word Count: 980

Notes: Decided to write in 3rd person for a change, hope that’s okay.


Originally posted by fyeahriverdale

‘I thought Cheryl was bad, isn’t that the second guy y/n’s been with tonight?’ Kevin observed, drink in hand as he, Betty and Veronica gathered in the corner of the hall of the ever famous Thornhill Manor. Y/n was shoved against the wall by a blonde broad shouldered guy. Their mouths collided messily, both clearly under the influence of alcohol

‘It’s really not a pretty sight.’ Betty grimaced.

‘I’m all for “you do you” but it’d be great if they could do it somewhere out of my line of vision.’ Veronica quipped, taking a gulp from her cup.

‘I think your wish will be granted Ronnie, you’ve heard the rep y/n has.’ Kevin raised his eyebrows at the two girls. Right on que, y/n grabbed her blonde beau’s hand and led him upstairs.

‘I don’t even recognise that guy, does he go to Riverdale?’ Betty asked slightly bewildered.

‘I think there’s some people from Greenvale here, some stayed after the game to party I guess.’ Veronica answered.

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anonymous asked:

Tips on getting out of the habit of procrastination and getting shit done?


understand that at the end of the day, the most vital part of all this is accepting that you just have to sit down and fucking do it

I do have more tips but like… to get that out of the way it really does come down to just fucking doing it. And I know it isn’t easy – trust me, I know what it’s like to have absolutely zero motivation and to be so apathetic that I can’t even bring myself to do the simplest of tasks, and honestly I still have those days even now. But not as many of them. And it’s more hours than days now.

  • the thing is, it’s so much easier to stay motivated when you start seeing positive effects, but you can’t get those positive effects until you start doing stuff.
  • so like, start small.
  • (and i mean really small. start by like idk, making sure you brush your teeth twice a day or do the laundry once a week or write 100 words a day or read five pages of a book or something)
  • (idk what your mental state is but seriously, there’s no such thing as Too Small)
  • you will be so surprised at the positive effect that these small things will have once you start seeing results

Seriously, I thought it all sounded like some of that “um have you tried yoga to cure your crippling depression sweaty :)” bullshit at first but it deadass worked. It really is a lot about changing your frame of mind.

  • because it’s so easy to stay in one place like… it’s scarily easy
  • and once you’re stuck in that place it’s difficult to get moving because getting something moving is always the hardest part you know
  • did you know most of us possess the strength to easily push a car at some speed along a flat road
  • it’s just getting the wheels turning in the first place that’s practically impossible 
  • so like tl;dr getting started is the hardest part
  • literally
  • even keeping yourself going on hard days will be easier than initially getting over the urge to do nothing

…which is actually a good thing, because you’ll remember how difficult it was and you’ll say to yourself “wow, is skipping writing 100 words today really worth the week of effort it’s going to take to rev my motivation back up?”. The answer is no. What’s in motion stays in motion, and all that.

So say you get this out of the way. How do you keep going? I’ve found all the following help a ton.

keep a bullet journal oh my god

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Some of the ones on here are so beautiful but like… that’s not my style tbh. Mine is purely practical, rather than both practical and creative. I’ve made it my own, but its primary focus is to keep track of things and hold me accountable.*

(*more on that later)

I have a simple spread. Each day has its own box and I jot things in that box that I need to do or remember, like…

  • the hours I’ve worked
  • fics i’m writing and how many words i need to write that day
  • errands that need to be run
  • bills that need to be paid
  • how many pages of a book i need to read
  • even stuff like setting aside an hour to queue posts or answer asks

I also have a weekly goals list to keep my daily goals moving in the right direction. It has all helped tremendously.

  • it’s so much easier to stay motivated when you have a set goal
  • honestly break things down into manageable chunks and go at them with a plan
  • things also seem less intimidated when they’re broken down into tiny chunks written in sparkly gel pen just saying

Related to this…

hold yourself accountable

To an extent. Setting unrealistic goals and beating yourself up for not making them = not good. Setting realistic goals and beating yourself up for being lazy and just not bothering when you know you could have done better is called self discipline. A decent amount of shame over your laziness is healthy. It’ll stop you from doing it again.

In the same vein, you can hold yourself accountable for making your goals. Reward yourself! Have a break! Have a day off if you can! Laze around and say to yourself hey, I deserve this, because I did all of this today!

  • the main thing is getting this balance right
  • @me a year ago no you can’t do one (1) thing on your list and then use that to justify doing nothing for the rest of the week ok
  • you will get it right eventually though
  • generally once you get the shame balance right

Bullet journals are good for this accountability stuff too.

  • it feels really good to tick off boxes
  • plus a visual record of your achievements is very encouraging
  • it also highlights what you have trouble committing to or focusing on
  • which is always good to know

It’s very good to know, actually, so you can do this:

balance work with play

My bullet journal isn’t full of tasks I don’t want to do. It would be a really depressing list otherwise, and not motivating at all. So I have fun things in there as well. I have stories I want to work on. I have books I want to read. I have trips pencilled in in a way I can cross off, like “go to Edinburgh” or “get the train to London”.

  • in this capitalist society this might be a controversial opinion but
  • you are still productive when you’re working on personal projects
  • productivity doesn’t strictly mean making money, or doing “proper” things like homework or chores or work
  • (even though that’s all stuff you should be including too)
  • your hobbies and passions are important
  • you are being productive if you spend a day reading about a passion
  • you are being productive if you spend a day writing
  • you are being productive if you spend a day in bed finally finishing that book you’ve been meaning to read for a while
  • seriously please remember this
  • just because it doesn’t seem “useful” or provide any financial gain doesn’t mean you’re not being productive
  • self-improvement is productive!!
  • doing things you enjoy is productive!!
  • so long as you’re doing something, you’re being productive!!

Learning this (and accepting it) was perhaps one of the best things I did for my productivity. There’s a lot of internalised shame, I think, that comes from doing things society tells us is “pointless” or “just” a hobby. Compared to school or work, it doesn’t seem “real”. While understanding your priorities is important, everything that has an impact on your life isn’t pointless or “just” anything. Yes, some days you’re going to want to read or write over studying for that final or going in for your shift, but that’s where the self-discipline will kick in. You’re not selling yourself out for understanding priorities. That’s called being a productive adult. And anyway, once you get the hang of this, you’ll have the energy and motivation to balance both.

And finally:

go at your own pace.

Please. There’s no rush. It took me a long time to get to the point where I was lucky enough that I could follow these steps and have them stick. I understand not all of you will be in the same place. I understand that for some of you, reading this will make you feel even more dejected. Please try not to feel that way. Remember what I said first of all: start small. There is no task that is too small. It’s all a starting point, and even if you only do that one thing, that’s one more thing than yesterday. You’re being productive. You’re getting shit done.

now for the tl;dr

Because this really did get long.

  • learn and accept that you’re going to have to force through a lot of “ugh I really don’t want to do this” to get things started
  • I really recommend keeping a bullet journal or at least some kind of to do list
  • kick your own ass if you have to (you will have to)
  • reward yourself too
  • balance things you enjoy with Actual Boring Adult Tasks
  • understand and accept that capitalism equates productivity with making money and this is bullshit and not true
  • remember everything you care about is important and worth devoting time to
  • go at your own pace
My Scented Candle (Part 1/??) (trixya)- Maureen

AN: Hey guys! This took me 2 and a half days to write this, and I’m somewhat proud of it. I enjoyed writing this and I hope you enjoy reading this! Constructive criticism is appreciated, too!

Summary: Trixie and Kim are going to there first session of a yoga class, and she seems more interested in the yoga teacher than she is with actually doing yoga.

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It especially frustrates me when people pull the “not everyone can b neurotypicall!!11″ or “Imagine being neurotypical” to any positive post ever because, many times, people mention mindfulness or positive activities that are specifically encouraged by mental health professionals like going on a jog or cleaning the house.
In case anyone is wondering, mindfulness is a coping mechanism useful for depression and anxiety. It is a meditation practice especially helpful for depressive disorders, and it’s proven to be an effective method for aiding depression along with cognitive therapy. In the hospital, we all did it every day in my out-patient therapy group, and it was one of the biggest topics we covered and it’s been amazing. It’s basically what that Steven Universe song is about. Anyone can practice it, but it’s known best for its affect on depressive disorders.

You don’t HAVE to do these things, but they are known to help some people with mood disorders because it encourages you to shift your attention from intrusive thoughts and triggers to doing something else that’s positive. cleaning the house or drawing are bonuses because they naturally make people feel they’ve completed something, but you can also watch anime or play a video game which can give relief as well and stop destructive thoughts.
I exercise or play video games to practice mindfulness and cope, but people are more likely to get upset if I mentioned the former rather than the latter. 

There’s a difference between someone saying “if you’re depressed you need to do yoga and eat right and yadda yadda” because those are ignorant statements, but honestly I’ve yet to encounter anything like that. Most of the time it’s just a friendly reminder or gentle suggestion kind of thing. And calling people “neurotypical” for getting better with their practice of mindfulness is really shitty, because it takes time and a lot of strength for people to get to that stage in their recovery in the first place. 

I realize that it must be discouraging if people have blogs called “mental illness help” and only give advice for major depressive disorder, but goodness y’all. I really want to hear a good explanation as to why it pisses people off so much to see a one sentence personal post that says “I cleaned my room today I’m so proud!!” because chances are that person may have gotten to a good point in their recovery and finally had the mental strength to clean their room after months or something.

Hi there. My name is Ashley. I’m 29 years old, and I was first diagnosed with depression and anxiety when I was 16 years old. Since then I’ve seen 4 therapists and tried 5 different courses of medication. For both the doctors and the medication, some were better than others.
What led me to diagnosis and treatment at such a young age and continue for so long? To you reading this, it doesn’t matter. What happened to me only matters to me and it shouldn’t be compared to whatever happened to you. If I tell you why, I don’t want you to do what I did to myself and say, “ what happened to me wasn’t as bad as that. I have no right to feel the way I do when she went through all of that”. Everyone is entitled to their own experiences and feelings. It’s your reality and no-one elses.

All suffering is relative and so is all treatment. What worked for me might not work for you. The drugs that I tried that almost ruined me might be the ones that save your life. The therapist that I left because they were a bad match might be the one that helps you reach a breakthrough.

One thing I can tell you universally is there is NO shame in getting help in whatever form you need it. Doctors, pharmaceuticals, marijuana, talking, yoga; these are all just tools.

Lately, I’m doing really great!
In fact I’m better than I’ve ever been in my life, but there will always be setbacks. I still get debilitating episodes of depression and anxiety but I’ve learned how to get through those set backs. Accepting that setbacks will happen allows me to have a recovery plan in place and over time recovery has gotten easier because it’s familiar. Everyone needs to have their own plan, and mine probably doesn’t look anything like yours. That’s okay because we are different and need different things to recover!

That’s it for now. I just wanted to share my thoughts.

Lucifer 2x04

 has easily become my favourite episode so far!

  • That bar scene alone
  • The girl bonding
  • No one calls my skank a skank”
  • The fighting
  • Chloe smacking a bitch down with a yoga mat
  • Maze trying to apologise
  • Linda cheering on Maze while she kicks ass
  • Lucy having a fit when he realises they are going to move in together
  • Drunk Chloe imitating Lucifer
  • Ella hugging Maze
  • Hurt Chloe when she thinks no-one really wants to be her friend (lol me)
  • The boys hanging out vs the girls hanging out contrast
  • There’s a special place in hell for women who fake friendships as a way of manipulating other women
  • The secret sharing
  • Amenadiel partying 

On a whole I feel like this series just gets better with each episode, onto the next!

By His Cover || Chapter Three (Negan x Robin Ballard)

Gift For: The story is based on an anonymous request. 

Genres: Alternate Universe, Romance, Self-Insert, Series 

Fandom: The Walking Dead 

Pairing: Negan x Robin Ballard (Original Female Character) 

Summary: Robin takes Negan to her home and makes him dinner. 

Rating: SFW 

Warnings: Guilt, Horror Movies, Injury, Language, Medication 

Previously: Robin took Negan to the ER and used her status to get his foot treated. She promised to take him home and care for him while he recovers. 

Story Masterlist 

It takes us some time to arrive at my home. I like living outside of the city, and I don’t really have a neighborhood. My house, which I had built here, is a stylized log cabin of sorts. It’s the place I’ve always dreamed of; I love it and it suits me. 

Negan seems surprised when he sees it. It’s certainly not as big or as ostentatious as it could be, considering my means. It has a master bedroom, a guest bedroom, a home office, and all of the other rooms you might expect in any average house. The porch is enclosed; I use it to do yoga every morning and evening when I can find the time. There’s a fire pit outside for warmer nights, and the lake behind the house sparkles as the sun sets. 

I smile at him as I get out of the car, opening the front door to grab the bags the driver picked up for me, reaching into my purse to grab him a very generous tip. When I hand it to him and he counts it, he stammers, “Ma’am, please. I appreciate it, but this is far too much. This is more than the car cost for the time you had it.”

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anonymous asked:

Which Christine's do you think are the stronger and more skilled dancers??

Sarah Brightman, of course. A skilled pointe dancer who had previously starred in Cats and impressed Gillian Lynne. SB is the sole reason for why Christine was made a ballet dancer in the ALW version in the first place. 

I would also say Maria Kesselman, who had an equally solid background in dance and classical ballet. Like Brightman, she did the whole dance routine in Hannibal en pointe, and a more demanding one in Masquerade.

It really looks like Tamara Kotova and Elena Bahtiyarova in Moscow also knew their shit, judging by the number of backstage photos of them rehearsing, stretching and dancing.

And possibly Sierra Boggess? Though I don’t know if this is valid for her early days as Christine. But in recent years, due to both yoga and ballet classes, she looks like a quite solid dancer, also dancing en pointe.

(ETA: and all the Japanese Christines strikes me as strong dancers, dancing en pointe, and the whole Hannibal routine, as it was originally done)

Challenge Seventy Nine

Today’s challenge is to do a short yoga routine!

You can do this on your living room floor in front of the TV or in your room with a computer. If you want to go out to a place that… does yoga… (what is that called??) that’s cool too!

I personally like doing the routines from YouTube. I’m not one to promo anything, but I really like Yoga with Adrienne. She has routines for people who has any level of experience. She also has morning wake up ones and bedtime ones. Plus, she has ones for back pain, and things like that. So if you’re looking for a resource, I recommend her videos!

Take out the time– even just 15 or 20 minutes– and focus on the yoga, let yourself have the uninterrupted time. Have a wonderful time doing your yoga!