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Oooh what about Genji, Zen, Roadhog and Reaper headcanons for an s/o who is really busy with work and is stubborn in taking care of themselves, but is really caring about their lover's health? Like they would often find their s/o dozing off at their desk, but then other days their s/o would be the one worrying over THEM pulling all-nighters. Aah hope it makes sense - thank you though! Your writing is my absolute favorite!

brUH this so me though, I always worry more about everyone else when I’m the one having a mental breakdown every five minutes like wtf me think bout yourself for once (alsO SHH YOU NICE PERSON YOU)


  • While he knows responsibilities are important, he also knows you shouldn’t strain yourself. In his younger days he may have slacked off more than is…well, reasonable, but he’s since learned how to balance time for work and play. You, however, clearly do not have this skill.
  • Whenever he finds you hunched over on your laptop he doesn’t hesitate to gently pry it from your hands and put it aside. “Genji!” You always gripe at him but end up surrendering as he waits patiently, resting his chin in his hands. “Are you calm now, Y/N?” You grumpily nod to the man in front of you.
  • He quickly settles down next to you and pulls you into his arms. “You’re overworking yourself again.” He usually has his visor off when the two of you are alone, so there’s nothing in the way of him placing a soft kiss on your cheek while cupping the other. He chuckles as you blush. “You know I can’t stand seeing you like this.” After that he makes you rest with him, be it by doing yoga or just laying in his embrace.


  • You really don’t have to worry about Zen overworking himself, haha! But he definitely frets over you burning yourself out. Sometimes he keeps an eye on you while you work just to make sure you don’t exhaust yourself.
  • And in those moments when you do, he floats over to you. Usually you don’t even notice his presence until he takes your hands in his metal ones. Pretty effective at keeping you from working, I’d say. Zenyatta’s body language is enough to tell you he’s concerned, so you give in.
  • “Good; you must rest,” he motions for you to come closer. The omnic then pulls you into his lap. (I really wanna sit in his lap only because I’d be floating and that’s fuckin rad) “I don’t just mean your body, Y/N,” he runs his cool fingers over your shoulders and down your arms, feeling the tension in your muscles. “Your mind, as well. Worry less what others want of you, and rather what you want from yourself.” Ah, the benefits of having a philosophic boyfriend. Plus he gives you encouragement fist bumps when work is absolutely necessary.


Holy shit my first time writing for ze pavement pig! Hope I do him justice lol

  • First off, Roadhog does whatever the fuck Roadhog wants. No need to even think about him working himself to death. Hell, he doesn’t even hesitate to put Junkrat in his place because dammit this guy can be really annoying but he’s paying Roady good money.
  • He has no qualms about simply picking you up when you’re pushing yourself too much. And even though you may struggle, it always ends with you eventually just relaxing in his hold. “There’s a good boy/girl/lovely.” (I dunno lovely just seems like a nickname he’d use casually??) 
  • He easily shifts you so he’s got you resting in one arm. He’s so strong like what the fuck. (BETTER HOPE ZARYA DOESNT STEAL YOUR SWEETIE MAKO-) But usually he carries you away from your responsibilities to cool off. That ends up being you two just sitting and talking together more often than not, but there’s always the option to go watch Junkrat blow something up again. (One time his pants caught on fire and Mako laughed harder than you’d ever seen as Jamie flailed his arms and jumped right out of his trousers. It was gold.) 


  • Reaper’s issue is less overworking himself and more, like, forgetting how to rest his thoughts. Those, in turn, keep his body awake too. You often find yourself waking up in the middle of the night to find the other side of your bed empty. You get up and tend to find him gazing at the moon out the window. All you have to do is silently wrap your arms around his torso and he goes back to bed with you. On nights like that he pulls you close upon returning, and you don’t ask about what’s bugging him, instead letting him sleep. (Not that he does often. Normally he just stays up and hold you all night.)
  • Reaps is very blunt with his actions when he finds you toiling over something for far too long. He walks over in his emo boots, closing your laptop and picking up any papers around you before tearing them. Yeah, he can be an ass. “This paperwork doesn’t matter.” He crosses his arms. “Says you! Gabe, those were important files.”
  • Ah, here comes the soft Reyes™ With a scoff and roll of his eyes, he walks forward. He places one hand on your shoulder and looks you in the eyes before pulling you close to his chest. “Don’t strain yourself.” A hand runs through your hair as he mutters to you. Ya can’t help but hug him back. “..Fine. But you better not do that again.” “Sin promesas.” “Gabe!” Cue deep chuckle and a kiss on your forehead.
some rly gr9 free yoga videos (!!)

so as the title states, I’d like to share with you guys some really great free yoga videos! for those that are interested. i hope you love them

Less than 20 minutes

Six Minute Yoga Abs with Kathryn Budig

Level 1 Yoga Basics Workout with Kino MacGregor (perfect place to start if you’re brand new to yoga)

Beginner’s Morning Yoga Sequence (another great beginner’s sequence to help kickstart your day)

Yoga for Runners with Erin Motz

Yoga to Open Tight Hips

Yoga Strength for Beginner Arm Poses with Kino MacGregor

Yoga for the Best Sleep (i luv Jason Crandell so much.)

Less than 30 minutes

Beach Yoga to Make You Stronger

Intermediate 20 Minute Cardio Yoga Flow (consistent flow to get your heart beating if that’s what ur into!!. also keep an eye out for her cutesy pup, Peanut)

Calming Yoga to Build Strength (both calming and challenging, but the perfect balance)

Sequence for Lower Body Strength 

Yoga to Relieve Stress and Tension with my babe, Tara

More than 30 minutes

Soothing Vinyasa Yoga with Faith Hunter (soothing and challenging 30 min of flowing poses)

Full-Body Yoga Stretch (30 min of hurts-so-good poses)

High-Energy Yoga Flow (tough but totally doable)

Deep Stretches for Relaxation and Meditation (for those times when you need a lil more than just a couple minutes of stretching)

Intermediate Vinyasa Flow

Yoga for Serious Strength Gains

45-Minute Yoga Practice for Runners

60-Minute Slow Flow Power Yoga

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Tips on getting out of the habit of procrastination and getting shit done?


understand that at the end of the day, the most vital part of all this is accepting that you just have to sit down and fucking do it

I do have more tips but like… to get that out of the way it really does come down to just fucking doing it. And I know it isn’t easy – trust me, I know what it’s like to have absolutely zero motivation and to be so apathetic that I can’t even bring myself to do the simplest of tasks, and honestly I still have those days even now. But not as many of them. And it’s more hours than days now.

  • the thing is, it’s so much easier to stay motivated when you start seeing positive effects, but you can’t get those positive effects until you start doing stuff.
  • so like, start small.
  • (and i mean really small. start by like idk, making sure you brush your teeth twice a day or do the laundry once a week or write 100 words a day or read five pages of a book or something)
  • (idk what your mental state is but seriously, there’s no such thing as Too Small)
  • you will be so surprised at the positive effect that these small things will have once you start seeing results

Seriously, I thought it all sounded like some of that “um have you tried yoga to cure your crippling depression sweaty :)” bullshit at first but it deadass worked. It really is a lot about changing your frame of mind.

  • because it’s so easy to stay in one place like… it’s scarily easy
  • and once you’re stuck in that place it’s difficult to get moving because getting something moving is always the hardest part you know
  • did you know most of us possess the strength to easily push a car at some speed along a flat road
  • it’s just getting the wheels turning in the first place that’s practically impossible 
  • so like tl;dr getting started is the hardest part
  • literally
  • even keeping yourself going on hard days will be easier than initially getting over the urge to do nothing

…which is actually a good thing, because you’ll remember how difficult it was and you’ll say to yourself “wow, is skipping writing 100 words today really worth the week of effort it’s going to take to rev my motivation back up?”. The answer is no. What’s in motion stays in motion, and all that.

So say you get this out of the way. How do you keep going? I’ve found all the following help a ton.

keep a bullet journal oh my god

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Some of the ones on here are so beautiful but like… that’s not my style tbh. Mine is purely practical, rather than both practical and creative. I’ve made it my own, but its primary focus is to keep track of things and hold me accountable.*

(*more on that later)

I have a simple spread. Each day has its own box and I jot things in that box that I need to do or remember, like…

  • the hours I’ve worked
  • fics i’m writing and how many words i need to write that day
  • errands that need to be run
  • bills that need to be paid
  • how many pages of a book i need to read
  • even stuff like setting aside an hour to queue posts or answer asks

I also have a weekly goals list to keep my daily goals moving in the right direction. It has all helped tremendously.

  • it’s so much easier to stay motivated when you have a set goal
  • honestly break things down into manageable chunks and go at them with a plan
  • things also seem less intimidated when they’re broken down into tiny chunks written in sparkly gel pen just saying

Related to this…

hold yourself accountable

To an extent. Setting unrealistic goals and beating yourself up for not making them = not good. Setting realistic goals and beating yourself up for being lazy and just not bothering when you know you could have done better is called self discipline. A decent amount of shame over your laziness is healthy. It’ll stop you from doing it again.

In the same vein, you can hold yourself accountable for making your goals. Reward yourself! Have a break! Have a day off if you can! Laze around and say to yourself hey, I deserve this, because I did all of this today!

  • the main thing is getting this balance right
  • @me a year ago no you can’t do one (1) thing on your list and then use that to justify doing nothing for the rest of the week ok
  • you will get it right eventually though
  • generally once you get the shame balance right

Bullet journals are good for this accountability stuff too.

  • it feels really good to tick off boxes
  • plus a visual record of your achievements is very encouraging
  • it also highlights what you have trouble committing to or focusing on
  • which is always good to know

It’s very good to know, actually, so you can do this:

balance work with play

My bullet journal isn’t full of tasks I don’t want to do. It would be a really depressing list otherwise, and not motivating at all. So I have fun things in there as well. I have stories I want to work on. I have books I want to read. I have trips pencilled in in a way I can cross off, like “go to Edinburgh” or “get the train to London”.

  • in this capitalist society this might be a controversial opinion but
  • you are still productive when you’re working on personal projects
  • productivity doesn’t strictly mean making money, or doing “proper” things like homework or chores or work
  • (even though that’s all stuff you should be including too)
  • your hobbies and passions are important
  • you are being productive if you spend a day reading about a passion
  • you are being productive if you spend a day writing
  • you are being productive if you spend a day in bed finally finishing that book you’ve been meaning to read for a while
  • seriously please remember this
  • just because it doesn’t seem “useful” or provide any financial gain doesn’t mean you’re not being productive
  • self-improvement is productive!!
  • doing things you enjoy is productive!!
  • so long as you’re doing something, you’re being productive!!

Learning this (and accepting it) was perhaps one of the best things I did for my productivity. There’s a lot of internalised shame, I think, that comes from doing things society tells us is “pointless” or “just” a hobby. Compared to school or work, it doesn’t seem “real”. While understanding your priorities is important, everything that has an impact on your life isn’t pointless or “just” anything. Yes, some days you’re going to want to read or write over studying for that final or going in for your shift, but that’s where the self-discipline will kick in. You’re not selling yourself out for understanding priorities. That’s called being a productive adult. And anyway, once you get the hang of this, you’ll have the energy and motivation to balance both.

And finally:

go at your own pace.

Please. There’s no rush. It took me a long time to get to the point where I was lucky enough that I could follow these steps and have them stick. I understand not all of you will be in the same place. I understand that for some of you, reading this will make you feel even more dejected. Please try not to feel that way. Remember what I said first of all: start small. There is no task that is too small. It’s all a starting point, and even if you only do that one thing, that’s one more thing than yesterday. You’re being productive. You’re getting shit done.

now for the tl;dr

Because this really did get long.

  • learn and accept that you’re going to have to force through a lot of “ugh I really don’t want to do this” to get things started
  • I really recommend keeping a bullet journal or at least some kind of to do list
  • kick your own ass if you have to (you will have to)
  • reward yourself too
  • balance things you enjoy with Actual Boring Adult Tasks
  • understand and accept that capitalism equates productivity with making money and this is bullshit and not true
  • remember everything you care about is important and worth devoting time to
  • go at your own pace
Girls Night Part 3

Title: Girls Night Part 3

Part 1    Part 2

Pairing: Dean x Reader (we’re getting there!)

Warnings: a few curses

Word Count: 1254

A/N: Okay so this is short because I’m going to keep their first date in one part. I’m a details freak so that will probably be kind of long. Also I 100% believe Dean would be this awkward if he really liked someone and wasn’t looking for a booty call…just go with me here. 

Sitting at the library table, Dean stared at the screen of his phone and fiddled with the slip of paper holding Y/N’s number.

Sam entered the library after grabbing some coffee. “Dude.” He noticed the slip of paper in his hand, he’d been carrying it around like a little kid since the other night. “Seriously? You still haven’t called her?”

Dean just looked at him.

“Hey, she gave you her number and usually that means she actually wants you to call her.” Sam sat down to resume what he’d been working on.

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hi, i'd like to say to that anon and anyone really that try to argue your point of islam being portrayed properly, as a muslim woman, i literally cried watching sana pray, every. single. time. an islamic prayer is showed on media it's always with a comedic undertone, just a few days ago i was watching weeds and they just showed a non-muslim character show up at a masjid, place a yoga mat, and hiss at the guy next to him where to get illegal passports.... anyway ily thank u for existing <3



Yeah, I .. got goosebumps, when I saw Sana pray her Salah, especially when we could hear her pray Surah Faatiha and Surah Lahab. Like, you could actually HEAR what you she was praying, and that was …… that sent chills down my spine. 

It is so important that Skam are taking this seriously and showing it like this.


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ot4 as youtubers?

Niall: he’s the really sweet one who goes above and beyond for his subscribers and ‘please subscribe and give it a big thumbs up if you enjoyed. thanks for watching, see ya next time, love ya’. makes acoustic covers of his favorite rap/hip hop songs and also way too much justin bieber. just him and his guitar, maybe a loop pedal. he uploads 2-3 times a week and he has letters and pictures/drawings from his subscribers taped up on a wall in his tiny bedroom that he uses as his filming background. he does q&as every month and he sings all of his answers. probs films on his macbook and has shit editing but he’s passionate and adorable so it’s bearable

Harry: okay literally don’t even FIGHT me on this. Harry is the #relatable youtuber who does shit like ‘tasting pumpkin spice things!!!’ and ‘TRYING STARBUCKS SECRET MENU ITEMS!’ he buys expensive bags/shoes “i know it’s a little expensive, but guys it’s so worth it. the quality is so nice. plus i’ve wanted them forever so i know i’m going to get a LOT of wear out of these’. does what i got for christmas videos(with the disclaimer, always), what’s in my bag, and does collective try-on hauls. moved from his small town to LA once he got big. goes to soulcycle/yoga every morning. vegan. 

Liam: the daily vlogger that starts every video with ‘HEY WHAT’S UP GUYS! TODAY I’M GOING TO BE GOING TO____’. he also does dumb shit like ‘exploring an abandoned mall!’ ‘PRANKING MY GIRLFRIEND(GONE WRONG-COPS CALLED)’. definitely uses a loT of clickbait and has really insane editing. he has like a million subscribers but he’s still really humble about it. does videos where he prank calls his subscribers. he definitely started the ‘CALLING IN SICK TO PLACES I DON’T EVEN WORK AT’ videos but everyone knows he’s a FAKE because he always ends up laughing in the middle of it. 

Louis: he always does 12 minute collective makeup/clothing hauls because “guys, I can’t stop spending money omg someone cut up my debit card”. over saturates his videos so they’re blindingly bright and give you a headache. get ready with me videos. probably does drunk q&as. you’re not really sure if he’s sweet or if he’s a bitch but you watch him anyway. constantly throwing shade on his social media then tweets ‘unbothered’ with the nail painting emoji even tho he’s definitely bothered. gets in petty little arguments with other youtubers over the dumbest things. his uploads are either really irregular or really frequent. 

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Hey ally how do I find people on the Internet to meet while travelling? How did you find travel buddies and what are the best social medias to reach out to on/ how will I know what people to contact Basically: please help me you beautiful ray of sunshine and travel knowledge

Most of the friends I met through the internet and travelled with, I became friends with long before! People like @oats-and-yoga @marissakai @findingyourinspiration etc I had been talking to for years before finally getting to visit each other.
However, a really easy way to meet new people while travelling is the location check ins on Instagram. Look at the places in your area, find people who are into similar things as you, start following them and spark up a conversation.

You can also post in my Facebook group Als Pals and use the search tool to see who is from that area. The girls in that group are always keen to make new friends.

I talk a lot more in detail on these things in a video I made about it all:


Nowhere Fast

Pairing: Regulus Black x Lily Evans

AU: Modern, non-magical, college AU

Word Count: 1,407

Written For: muclbloods + takeupserpents [#regulily gospel crew, tbh]

Regulus gets a tie pin for his twenty-first birthday.

Allegedly, it’s a treasured family heirloom that’s been faithfully passed down from father to son for at least three generations—but it’s sharp and it’s bulky and it’s basically just this ugly yellow gold stick that’s inexplicably encrusted with actual real-life rubies, and if he’s being honest, the two Greek letters perched on the top sort of make his stomach turn because he’s the younger brother by fourteen and a half months and the only reason his dad hadn’t given the fucking thing to Sirius is because Sirius had ‘refused on moral principle’ to rush Delt-Ep and offended, like, all of the Black Family Ancestors in the process.


Sirius had dropped out of school and fucked off to Barcelona for an extended homoerotic bro-cation with James Potter that their mother liked to imperiously refer to as ‘shameless vagabonding’ but that Regulus was pretty positive was just Sirius being passive aggressive while he killed off some zeros at the end of his trust fund balance and shouted ‘Fuck you!’ to their parents from six thousand miles away.

Not that it matters now.

Because Sirius is still gone—his last postcard had been addressed to ‘The Regulus Show (get it???)’ and mailed from a village in rural northern Italy—and Regulus is still a brother at Delta fucking Epsilon with all the bullshit, cringe-worthy responsibilities that that entails, and the tie pin—

The tie pin is still his.

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Oh yeah this morning I woke up thinking about kagehinayachi

With Yachi practicing yoga at home because it’s relaxing and she read somewhere that it lengthens your life expectancy and after practice while everyone is stretching she tries to show Hinata and Kageyama some poses she’s learned and it’s really cute because they both try VERY hard to mimic her and maintain balance and they’re wobbling all over the place.

Also Yachi taking selfies with Hinata while the team is traveling to another town or something and get off the bus for a while. Like she sees a weird statue and asks Hinata if he wants to take a selfie with her over by it and he’s like “YES !!!” And they’re being really darn cute but after a few snapshots and giggling they realize something is missing and run back to the bus to drag Kageyama with them.

And Kageyama taking selfies is a pure delight, he’s so unsure and stiff and keeps asking “what what, what are we doing? What do you want me to do.” And Hinata yells at him to shut up and just smile it’s a PICTURE- what else are you supposed to do and Yachi tells him he doesn’t have to smile just act natural it’s fine and he ends up looking confused in every picture so Hinata and Yachi just end up using him as a prop instead.

They leave the statue and just start taking pictures around and over Kageyama, hooking their arms with his and posing, bunny ears, they get Yamaguchi to take one of them doing Charlie’s Angels, and one with Yachi on Hinata’s shoulders to act super tall compared to him (again Kageyama has resolved to just stand there he has no idea what to do but they seem happy so…)

And then back on the bus Yachi sits on one side of Kageyama and Hinata on the other and the two scroll through the pictures laughing and they both hold Kageyama’s hand and Hinata teases him like “woah who’s that hot guy in all these pics wow what a hunk, oh Kageyama you’re there too.” And Yachi’s like “even if you didn’t move you make a really great statue Kageyama thank you that was fun :’)))”

And they both end up leaning on him, sighing happily and Kageyama figures he’s been a good boyfriend since both his s/o are content sooo……nice…nailed it…

And everyone on the bus is like wooow gushy first years get a rooom


I was tagged by the beautiful human @poddleoddle she is amazing check her out

Nickname: Cat
Zodiac sign: Virgo
Height: 5'4
Last thing you googled: technically ‘search history’ not technically ‘sam stardew valley’
Favorite music artists: umm this has always been a difficult question bc my taste in music is all over the place, uhh I listen to Instrumental Core a lot, Hans Zimmer is up there, I also really like Coldplay and I don’t listen to Wintergatan much but they’re super cool too??
Song stuck in your head: Hey Mama by David Guetta and The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy
Last movie you watched: oh jeez it’s been so long since I’ve watched a movie umm probably Hidden Figures?
What are you wearing right now: band t-shirt, yoga pants, and a hoodie
Why did you choose your URL: it means space kitten in poorly translated Japanese, and those are three of my favorite things
What did your last relationship teach you: yeah I’m aromantic so no relationships for this chick ✌
Religious or spiritual: Spiritual
Favorite color: gayness
Average hours of sleep: like 6? On a weekday
Lucky number: 7
Favorite characters: everyone from Undertale, GLaDOS from Portal

I tag @im-glowing-in-the-darkness and @chasejackson :))

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I want to work out to feel really good and healthy. Any tips for a beginner and home work outs?

Hi Darling, it’s so lovely  to hear that you want to start working out! I’m not sure what your fitness levels are like or what kind of exercises you would like to try so I will try cover a few options! :) 
Ok here are some home/free workouts:

  1. Yoga - this isn’t for everyone and I definitely am not the biggest fan of yoga classes but I do really enjoy Tara Stiles youtube videos. I have only tried a few but they are good fun. She has a beginners playlist and I would suggest that you start here and here
  2. Workout videos - again youtube is a good place to look for these BeFit is a channel that seem to have lots to choose from (I haven’t done any of these so look through and see if anything takes your fancy)!
  3. ZUMBA!! I loved Zumba, it made exercise fun and it helped me get some basic fitness before I tried harder classes. There are a few channels on youtube with zumba workouts here is one. There is also the option to buy the Zumba DVDs here is one set I found
  4. Insanity and MetaFit - these classes are very similar and are high intensity. MetaFit isn’t as challenging so I would suggest you start with MetaFit if you can find any MetaFit videos - I couldn’t find any, each class is between 17 and 26 minutes long and you work hard and get a great workout in a short period of time. Here is a link to a youtube channel with lots of Insanity videos - here is the first class (here is a link to purchase the insanity DVDs)
  5. Running/jogging/walking - it’s free and it gives you a chance to go outside and clear your head/get fresh air. There are lots of apps out there that can be used to track your runs, measure your progress or set goals and training plans. Here is a list of some of the best apps out there, I use the run keeper app all the time and I love it! I also love the My Asics app - I used it to create a training plan for my half marathon. 
  6. Body weight exercises - squats, lunges, crunches, sit-ups, russian twists, burpees, push ups, leg raises etc. There are so many strength exercises that you can do with no equipment, just start with the basics and the google is your friend when looking for new ideas! 
  7. Skipping - an amazing workout and REALLY cheap

So there are some ideas on where you can start, I hope you find some of this helpful. One last thing is remember that you need to fuel your body properly to sustain you when you are working out. When you are working out you are increasing your energy output so it is important that you increase your intake enough to fuel your body through this!

Lots of Love xxx

Cooking Sensation

Request: Hi can I have a request where rm is making food for his pregnant gf surprisingly his cooking is good because he been takeing cooking lessons

Originally posted by kseoulsunshine

not my gif

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Rap Monster x Reader

Word Count: 1.360

A/N: I’m referring to the baby as “it” because I didn’t want to make it gender specific

You stretched your legs and arms, trying to relax your body a little bit. The baby had been kicking all day, making it hard for you to breathe so even though you had barely done anything you were exhausted. Your whole body hurt and all you wanted to do was to get a little bit of sleep.

Running a marathon was probably easier than dealing with a kicking baby, you thought. Slowly you tried to roll over to stand up from the couch. But it was easier said than done. Your huge belly and swollen legs were in the way. You sighed and mentally prepared yourself to put all your remaining strength into that one move and to pull yourself up.

“Uff”, you gasped as the baby bumped his head into your lungs. Softly you caressed your belly and smiled. “I really don’t know what’s up with you today little one but mommy is really tired. Would you mind calming down a tiny bit and let mommy sleep?”, you whispered against your tummy.

Another kick followed and you held your breath, still stroking your belly. “I guess that was a no then”, you chuckled and slowly got up.

“Let’s see if we can put on some of daddy’s music to calm you down. That usually helps”, you said while waddling through the living room, searching for your phone.  

After an hour of playing music to your unborn child, you heard Namjoon come through the door, getting rid of his shoes and jacket, making his way over to the living room. 

“Hey babe”, he chuckled, looking down at you still playing music to the baby and kissed your forehead. “How was your day?”, he said while smiling at hearing his music play through your phone.

“Well…”, you sighed. “I didn’t really do much as I’m not allowed to work anymore. So I watched some TV until this little munchkin down here-”, you signaled to your stomach. “started to get grumpy and wouldn’t stop kicking me. I’ve been literally trying everything to calm it down. I took a hot bath, ate fruits, did some yoga, tried to take a nap, read some bed time stories out aloud, even played your music!”, you held up your phone and finally paused the music. “I really don’t know what else to do.”

Namjoon gently grabbed your chin and placed a soft kiss on your lips. “Sounds like a really rough day for my girl.”

He plopped down next to you on the couch and cuddled up to you, leaning onto your belly. 

“Hey you, midget”, he started speaking to the baby in a serious tone. You couldn’t help but let out a laugh. Namjoon looked up at you and smiled.

“I know you’re really excited to come out into this exotic and extraordinary world but you need to let mommy rest a bit. She has to carry you around all day long, eat for both of you and basically has no privacy anymore because you are always with her”, he stated, slowly moving his hand over your tummy. “Everybody always keeps touching her belly - which I do not approve of by the way, your mommy should only be touched by me - and she always has to listen to all these old ladies talk about their experiences and what apparently is the best for a child. But you know what? I think she already knows what’s the best for you. She always knows what’s the best for me. I think she’ll be the best mom in this world, so you need to give her a little break so she can be the best for you and daddy.”

You looked down at Namjoon who was now holding you tight and pressing his ear against your belly, whispering soft melodies. A single tear escaped your eye as the little speech he had just hold made your heart flutter. How did you deserve someone like him? You did not know but you gently grabbed his hair and started playing with it, happy that you got to spend moments like this with him.

You two had been lying there for about an hour until you felt your stomach rumbling. A chuckle escaped you lips. “Babe? Remember how you just said, I know what’s best for you and the baby?”

Namjoon looked up at you and nodded. “Yeah, you always know what’s best even though I might not admit it most of the times”, he laughed.

You rolled your eyes and playfully pinched his cheek. “I think right now food would be the best for the baby”, you grinned. 

“Let’s order some take out, I’m too tired to cook something”, you added and were already on the way to stretch for your phone when suddenly Namjoon pulled you back onto the couch.

“You know what, let me cook dinner today. I want to try something out”, he smiled sheepishly, kissed your cheek and was already gone to the kitchen, not letting you stop him.

“Oh dear… I guess we’ll have to go to bed hungrily today”, you chuckled towards your belly.

After what seemed forever, Namjoon finally called you into the kitchen. Honestly, you didn’t expect much as Namjoon usually never cooked. He had tried it once when you two just had started out dating and it was a catastrophe. Since that day you two had come to terms that you were in charge of cooking and you were okay with it.

But as you walked into the kitchen, the table was set up beautifully with candles and roses. It smelled deliciously and your stomach started rumbling together with the baby kicking.

Your eyes went wide and your mouth fell slightly open. You did definitely not expect this.

“Do you like it (Y/N)?”, he asked you shyly, moving the chair back for you to sit on it. 

“I love it”, you smiled and leaned as far over the table as possible with your tummy, signaling Namjoon to come closer and give you a kiss.

He kissed you and smiled into the kiss. “Then wait until you eat the food I made for you!”

He served you the food and you were taken aback. It looked delicious and smelled even better! You were stunned. There was no way he had done this all on his own. 

The baby had been kicking non-stop but you were trying to ignore it, shoving the first spoon of it into your mouth. It felt like heaven exploding in your mouth. You couldn’t believe that Namjoon had cooked it all by himself! 

Then you froze. You looked at Namjoon and a wide smile spread across your face. 

“What?”, he chuckled. “Are my cooking skills that good?”

“They are amazing! But that’s not it. The baby finally stopped kicking, babe. Your food made it stop kicking, finally!”, you sighed, leaning back in your chair, closing your eyes and finally relaxing.

“And now, who taught you how to cook this good?”, you furrowed your eyebrows and smiled cockily at him.

His cheeks flushed a light shade of pink and he looked down at his plate. “Okay so remember how I said, I was spending extra time at the studio? Actually I was attending a cooking class because I knew how stressed you would get sooner or later and I wanted to be able to help, not only with the baby but also with the chores and cooking and all that. So yeah that’s where I have been the last couple of weeks and that’s how I learned to cook”, he explained.

You got up from your chair and waddled over to his, sitting on his lap. “I think that’s the most romantic thing you have ever done for me. I love you so much Namjoon, thank you”, you smiled while caressing his dimples and kissing him.

“Everything for my lady”, he grinned and leaned in for another kiss. “I love you too (Y/N).”

“Now, eat up, I didn’t cook all this for nothing”, he commanded and shoved a spoon full of food into your mouth, making you laugh and playfully hit his chest.

“Yes dad”, you smirked.

Long term female friends:)

Hey! I’ve posted on here a few times last year, but have lost contact with most of the people I met. I’m looking for some long term female friends between the ages of 14-18.
Anyway, I’m a teenage North American girl who is kinda nerdy as have a few obsessions.

Music: I’m really into any Rachel Platten song, but my favourites are Fight Song and Better Place. I also listen to some other popular pop music.

School: My favourite subjects are math, science, and socials.

Hobbies: I love photography and cake decorating. I a big fan of the cooking channel and the home and garden television channel. I also like yoga and healthy eating and I played in my school band last year.

Message me on tumblr @teenphotogirl
Or insta is also teenphotogirl

I can give you my other social medias later :)

Anyone have tips on cashiering while autistic/nvld? 

I got a job in a grocery store, and those seem to overstimulate me really fast. Hopefully it won’t be too bad because with cashiering I only have to do the same thing over and over, rather than trying to maneuver around people. (uggh but the lights and the intercom and the noise and the people and the long shifts)

so far I have:

1. Stim specifically when I get home/ do a lot of “active relaxation” things like guided meditations and yoga rather than tv or internet

2. I have a nice pocket figit toy that makes waiting on line in food places almost bearable- so bring that

3. Try to keep my blood sugar steady

4. when I feel myself start to get overwhelmed do some breathing 

Today - July 20, 2014

Today was a really good day for me. I had been feeling like I wasn’t dedicating enough time & energy to myself. I felt as if my life was becoming way too much of a routine and that I was an angrier person because of it. Sometimes, I think we get too focused or stressed about the things we feel are “important” when spiritually they’re not. I love nice things but I care a lot more about my well being. I decided that I would start to show myself a little more attention. So, I quit my job and started focusing on a business idea I had. Quitting my job freed up a lot of time, and locked up a lot of money (lol). So I chose to find mind freeing things to do that were cost effective. The first thing on my list was a regular yoga class.

I found a place a few blocks from my house that offers yoga classes as well as free meditation classes. The free meditation classes immediately caught my attention because a few months ago I was really interested in meditating, but never felt like I was doing it right. So I decided to go today (especially since it’s free, see how things work out, lol). It ended up being only me and the instructor there but I really felt like I learned a lot.


Before, I used to try to meditate and I would always get so restless. I would always want to check my phone “to see the time” or I felt like I wasn’t doing it right because my mind kept drifting and I was always thinking about something else. Today I definitely got a clearer understanding.

We sat in the actual meditation position (I wasn’t doing that at first), with our feet crossed and our hands at our knees. For the first 15 to 20 minutes we focused on relaxing & montoring our breathing. We took deep breaths in and long breaths out. She commented on imagining breathing in really clean and crisp air and it revitalizing the cells in our bodies. She instructed me to not think about not thinking (which is something I always did, which only makes me think longer and harder lol), instead, to think of the thoughts as passing traffic, notice & acknowledge them but allowing them to pass & not to linger on one thought for too long. It felt really good, I really felt as if I was alone with my thoughts & I eventually ran out of things to think about (a good thing). The whole point of meditating is so that with time you can eventually silence your mind and experience stillness so that you can be more conscious. If you haven’t read on meditation you should. Deepak Chopra’s - 7 spiritual Laws of success speaks a lot on it.

After the breathing exercises we focused on our chakras this was really cool for me. I had heard and read about chakras but had never really combined them with my meditation practices. As we continued our breathing we gave energy to each of our chakras.

The first one was the root chakra. She told me to imagine a strong red light beaming from my root (see attached picture). The root chakra focuses on life, grounding, manifestation, the material world, perseverance. The way I comprehended it was as if it was us, in our every day routine feeding energy to our ability to keep going and to not give up.

The second chakra was the sacral chakra, it focuses on our sexuality, our creativity, who we are as a person. She told me to imagine a strong orange light beaming from this section of my body.

Next was the solar plexus chakra, which deals with self esteem, social identity, ego, happiness. We fed energy to this area as well since through our daily lives sometimes it can be what is most tainted. She told me to imagine a bright yellow light for this area.

Then it was the heart chakra, which deals with compassion, love, understanding, hope and forgiveness. I’ve recently read a book that had a chapter on friendship. This chakra brought thoughts of the ideas mentioned in that book. Friendliness is beautiful, when you walk around with a friendly attitude, smiling, being courteous and considerate it’s amazing, because you’re doing it without expecting anything in return from that person. When I walk around New York I see hundreds of people a day that I will probably never see again, even though I am sometimes so annoyed I make a conscious effort to be extremely nice and polite to everyone I come in contact with. At this point in the meditation I fed energy to that particular part of my personality. She told me to imagine a bright green light illuminating from this area.

The fifth chakra is the throat chakra, which deals with communication, listening, speaking, honesty. We imagined a bright blue light for this section. We all know how important it is to be completely real, but also how hard it is so I think feeding energy to this chakra is equally important.

The third eye chakra focuses on connecting to your higher self. It is awareness, spirituality everything I am interested in learning about. She instructed me to imagine an indigo light beaming from the middle of my forehead.

The last chakra is the crown chakra which focuses on enlightenment and universal consciousness. Feeding energy to the last two chakras are very important for spiritual growth. It is what spiritual growth is based in, expanding your consciousness and awareness.

The entire experience was really special to me because it embodied everything I want to be as a person. Aware, growing, honest, loving, friendly, confident, creative and strong. Practicing this visual exercise almost daily focuses your attention to building a better person and keeps it at the forefront of your mind. I definitely plan to walk my happy ass down there for these free classes all 6 days that they offer it (we’ll see though, lol) as well as the yoga. I hope you enjoyed reading my first official blog post on my actual spiritual blog and there are much more to come. Please share with your friends! And feel free to ask me questions.

The Signs as Things I've Said While Watching My Brother Play GTA V

Aries: “Isn’t this the place where you hung your wife’s yoga instructor?”
Taurus: “Don’t blame Franklin, he’s had a very hard day.”
Gemini: “Would you really rather sets yourself on fire than get him a hooker for a wife?”
Cancer: “Are there restaurants in this game?”
Leo: “I feel like a matte black finish with chrome wheels is a bit much for this tractor you picked up on the side of the road.”
Virgo: “Go check on your wife to make sure she’s not drunk yet.”
Libra: “You needed a little green juice today.”
Scorpio: “Stop taking hits from your son’s bong.”
Sagittarius: “Can you really get the same crime rate for flying into a high security prison and stealing $45 from a gas station?”
Capricorn: “Take me to see your stripper daughter, I’m worried about her.”
Aquarius: “Find him a hooker and make her fall in love with him so he’ll stop this reckless behavior.”
Pisces: “I’m glad they brought Johnny Cash into this game.”

Learn to Stop Being a Dick (Hex)

So long story short, my boyfriend has been having a lot of problems with a certain coworker that aren’t just affecting him and his job, but also the customers, me, and the other coworkers as well. He goes out of his way to repeatedly make other people uncomfortable, miserable- it’s not an accident. He’s thrown stuff around, yelled at people (customers included) and isn’t doing his job whatsoever. Meaning my boyfriend picks up his slack and somehow still ends up the scapegoat when he talks to his manager about it. He ends up very upset which translates into me being upset (not just as an empath either). I want this guy to finally learn a lesson so I’ve been brainstorming a way for that to happen and this is what I’m came up with.

What You’ll Need:
- a sheet of paper
- a pen/pencil
- a black marker
- a black candle
- their name (at least first)
- a fire proof dish/ cauldron-something you can safely burn shit in
- hatred for how you/ your friends and family are being treated

1) So start out by lighting that black candle (or whatever color works for you really). Personally I prefer using the black candle in this case because I associate that color with both protection and hexing/cursing so it’s two birds one stone for me~ also I’m a sucker for a theme color.

Anoint it with a chosen essential oil if that pleases you. Carve sigils into it if you must. Feel free to get as elaborate or minimal as you like with this.

2) Write their name at the top of the paper. Doesn’t have to be a full name if you don’t know, so don’t worry if you only know their first name.

3) Underneath that (almost as if you’re writing a letter to them) detail all the crap they’ve been doing that you’re sick of. Just vent about what you or a loved one has been dealing with because of this person and try to cover as much ground as possible. Use exclamation points if it feels right.

Ex: You always pretend to be my friend then wait until I’m letting my guard down to attack me unprovoked! You’re spreading lies about me but pretending you’re not- even though I already know. You make other people’s day, not just mine, unbearable and have no regard for others whatsoever.

4) Put that black marker to good use and start blacking out that entire paragraph (but not their name); feel their behavior change, visualize them learning a lesson each time they start being a dick. Chant/ mutter/ whisper and set any specifics or limits that you feel are right during this time. Cross it out meticulously or really channel your raw anger in scribbles if that’s better for you. Just cover it up in the marker like a CIA report (Leave room at the bottom for one more line of writing.)

5) When you’re done with that, write “You will learn” at the bottom. Feel free to modify that with whatever reflects your anger properly. Underline it if you must. Circle it repeatedly like an exasperated school teacher.

6) Light that bitch on fire with the black candle. Once again, visualize them learning to stop making everyone else’s life so sucky. Chant if you really start to get caught up in the moment.

*if you aren’t in a situation/place where lighting stuff on fire is feasible/ safe/ preferred, don’t. Rip it up with your bare hands like the badass you are.

7) Shower/ cleanse yourself/ cleanse your room/ do some yoga/ take a walk- whatever feels right for you to do at this time to ensure you won’t continue to stew in your anger too long after thinking about all the crap they do. I would recommend at least one of these or an equivalent just for you sake and peace of mind :)

And of course if you’re like me and journal your rituals/spells do that as well~

Happy hexing~

‘I HATE BEING SICK’ - (danisnotonfire imagine)

In my drowsiness and exhaustion I succumb to the impression that someone was in my house. I was too tired and my energy was at an all-time low, I really couldn’t be bothered to check who it was. I knew it wasn’t a home invasion or the creepy neighbour that is always watching me in Yoga class, it was someone I knew as keys had loudly been placed on the counter in the kitchen and footsteps quickly echoed through the hallway. Whoever walked in my home was about to see the utterly dreadful sight of me and run away in fright. I HATE being sick.
It seems like those who are your family and friends start to disappear in attempts to get rid of the “sick girl”. No one wants to hang around her, she moans and groans about her back and her throat and how she can’t get up because her remote is a meter away, a rerun of the Bold and The Beautiful torturing her in attempts to make things worse. Her head pounds, which makes her snappy and dopey at the same time and it’s fairly distracting when she’s blowing her nose every minute or so.
This sounds like the start of The Fault in Our Stars, I assure you it’s not. Although Dan does love reading that book. He cried like a baby when his man crush died, I won’t ruin the story for those who have not read it…
I simply have a cold. A nasty one at that.

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