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Prompt for Wanny. Wars waking up in the middle of the night cuz of PTSD caused by dad, and Danny being supportive and comforting? Telling him he loves him and talking about what keeps him up at night. Like, I really need some fluff and reassurement.

Wanny! Yay! 😘💕


Danny woke with a start at Ward’s shuttering scream and flailing limbs. He focused on Ward’s struggling form in the dark, He was tossing himself side to side, hands fighting an invisible attacker. Danny leaned over closer, reaching out to Ward and carefully stopping his arms and as soothing as he could, murmured Ward’s name.

It took a minute, but when Ward woke with a startled gasp his fight went out immediately. Through the dark Ward still recognized him and without​ a word wrapped his arms around Danny’s middle, head burying into his chest.

“It’s okay now. You’re right here, it’s over.” Danny kept whispering into the dark while Ward’s breathing and racing heart both calmed down.

Danny ran his fingers through Ward’s soft hair, it was longer nowadays. Hanging loose and undone around Ward’s face. He’d have to pull out the clippers soon, he smiled to himself when he imagined the fight he’d get against that idea.

Ward’s breathing evened out into an exhausted lull, but his arms stayed gripping Danny’s lower half just as hard. “You want the light on?”

Ward shook his head, resting it on Danny’s chest as Danny laid back fully. “You want to tell me what you saw?” Danny’s hand resting on Ward’s nape, caressing gently.

Danny decided to pull the smallest bit of aural energy, infusing it through his fingers into Ward’s knotted neck and shoulders. The effect was almost instant, his shoulders relaxed and loosened from around his ears with a sigh.

“What’s the point? It’s always the same. God, it’s been years, what’s the matter with me.” Ward answered, voice hoarse and tired. Danny hated to hear Ward sound so frustrated. Especially because, of all the things could heal in the world, the one thing more important than anything or anyone, he was powerless to fix.

“There is no way to measure trauma, no easy way to erase the scars. I promise you’re already so goddamn strong babe. You blow me away.”

Shut up.” Ward huffed.

I’m serious,” Danny laughed out, “you’re a genius, first of all, but yeah strength is one of your greatest virtues. Ever since we were kids.”

“I thought my ass would be up there somewhere.” Ward joked, looking up into Danny’s eyes through the blue moon light streaming through the wide windows​. His smile was small and tired but it still made Danny’s heart pick up.

“Oh it’s a close third, I mean I’m not blind.” Danny said, laying hands on Ward’s cheek and wiping away the dried tear tracks.

“Do you still dream of them?” Ward asked after a moment, eyes cast down.

“Yes, sometimes it’s the good memories, sometimes it’s the bad.”

“But you don’t wake up screaming twice a week.” Ward filled in frustratedly.

“I also wasn’t raised by someone touched with so much evil. Your father was abominable even before The Hand. I promise you the nightmares woke me up for years, and even though they never truly went away, you become stronger than them.”

Danny leaned up and pulled him into a kiss that Ward returned​ with fervor, his hands slipping down and under Danny’s t-shirt, nails scratching deliciously on the planes of Danny’s stomach. He could kiss his guy like this for hours, Ward’s effortless sensuality somehow translated into a sinful tongue and an all too alluring gravity.

The kiss was turning heated as Ward pushed up and swung a leg over Danny’s hips. Straddling Danny without breaking contact and grinding down slow and easy. Danny’s eyes rolled back as Ward’s virtuous ass turned Danny into putty, dick first.

Ward finally broke the kiss long enough to sit up and lift his tee up and off. Danny could swear he was going in slow motion as he revealed his tanned unmarred skin to the soft blue light. Danny couldn’t help sitting up and peppering Ward’s middle with brushing kisses, one hand coming around to grip Ward’s ass and the other tracking up Ward’s side.

Ward smiled as he leaned away and pulled Danny’s shirt up and over his head, tossing it wildly who knows where. Danny was pushed back down and before he could whine at the loss of ass contact, Ward slipped down, taking one of Danny’s nipples between his teeth.

Laving one teasingly while pinching and hardening the other, Danny groaned loud and unashamedly. His finger slip into Ward’s hair and gripped it, being as careful as he could be while this turned. He was hard in his pajamas and as Ward ground into Danny’s hip he knew Ward was too.

Ward’s hands began moving down, fingers running over Danny’s skin and scars with intimate reverence. Danny could barely see with Ward’s wicked tongue driving him crazy but he felt Ward’s fingers slipping under this waist band perfectly well.

Danny moaned obscenely as Ward’s huge hands cupped him through his briefs, grinding up into it. Ward chuckled, loosened his touch and with cruelly slow movements he reached up and over the waist band.

Just in time to be interupted by Danny’s blaring phone next to them on the bedside. They froze.

“Is that the Darkwing Duck Theme Song?” Ward asked first hand still stuffed down Danny’s short.

“You recognized it! Good, I thought no one would get it. It’s the gang, emergency probably.” Danny said reluctantly letting Ward fall away back to his side of the bed.

Danny snatched the phone before it could vibrate off the table, spotting Jessica’s name and picture of her giving the bird in a bar.

“Jess? What’s up?” He answered already changing into jeans and a sweater.

“Get to Luke’s, Curly Cue. I just got a lead on the Noshiba case and I need a body. I mean backup. Matt’s two minutes out.”

“Be there in ten, I’ll bring snacks​.”

“No, don’t bring those gross ass-” she was cutoff before she could insult Danny’s homemade rice cakes any further.

“Remind me sock Jones in the throat when I see her.” Ward grumped from the bed, arms crossed. He’d replaced his shirt already and Danny couldn’t help but smile st Ward’s pout, how could such an intimidating man flip to this pouting child so quickly.

“You’re on your own there babe.” Danny joked as he came around to Ward’s side, leaning down and placing a soft, purposeful, kiss on Ward’s lips. “I love you, get some sleep if you can.”

“I will, I love you too. Go save the world.” Ward answered leaning back and watching Danny head out. “Be safe, come back.”

Danny paused by the door, looking back and taking the moment to pause and be grateful. He had a strong amazingly great guy, someone who he would always come back to. Always.


RFA in Autumn

It’s getting colder – I hope everyone stays warm ♥ I’ve always wanted to draw autumn themed art it’s so fun *THROWS LEAVES EVERYWHERE*

I also posted wips && previews in my instagram earlier♥


HYUKOH — Leather Jacket / TOMBOY / Wanli万里

How strangely beauitful, the moon in front
The boats engulfed by the dark sea under
Yesterday’s regrets gone with the sky
All of today’s gone with the sea


make me choose ↳  @capcassianandor​ asked: jonathan byers or steve harrington?

It’s just, sometimes… people don’t really say what they’re really thinking. But when you capture the right moment, it says more.

Well look at that, i actually drew a decent Lance!

I honestly never had so much fun drawing Lance as i had today! Maybe its bc i have gotten too know his character better or so but omg this was so much fun!

Also his hand is suposed to be in his front pocket if you are wondering why his hand was missing!


5 truths you know and 1 that you don’t



pretty odd + subtitles


In which Ellie Miller needs a smaller font


OiHina Monthly: September - Road Trip Prompt

Inspired by @mooksmookin‘s wonderful road trip au. ♥