i really like this trilogy

  • kaz: the stars are very beautiful tonight
  • inej: yeah, they are
  • kaz: do you know who's even more beautiful?
  • inej: *blushes* who?
  • kaz: me with four million kruge

I had time to kill on a train ride and decided I’d start the Foxhole Court… I’m pretty pumped about it so far

PSA: Padme Is Important

Look I know that Disney is trying to distance itself from the prequels, but I’d really like for the sequel trilogy to at least acknowledge Padme as being a major driving force in the entire saga because she is. It is her hope in Anakin’s goodness and her relentless pursuit of justice and peace that are the real undercurrent of the story. The hope she has in Anakin is carried in through her son, who, like her, recognizes the goodness inside Vader. This hope draws Vader back to the Light and ultimately defeats the Empire. That same hope is also passed on to Leia, who similarly sees good in her son despite how far he has fallen. We don’t know the story will play out yet, but without a doubt, Leia and her hope in Ben/Kylo will probably be a huge factor.

Padme’s unceasing determination to secure peace and freedom for all also carries on through her children. Her political prowess and strong leadership live on in Leia as she leads the Rebel Alliance and later, the Resistance. Her compassion and desire to help others live on in Luke’s drive to save/help anyone he can, even at risk to his own life. Together, the twins’ combined strengths are a formidable force against evil and darkness in the galaxy, just as these strengths were in their mother before them. And I am certain that these same strengths will be passed on to the next generation of heroes, regardless of who the “secret Skywalker child” is. Or of there even is one.

Padme, even though her life was cut short, isn’t just the Skywalker mom. She’s not just a memory of a time long gone. She IS the hope of the galaxy so often spoken of in the series. It is her love and determination that drive the entirety of the saga. The Rebellion and the Resistance are built on the hope she had for peace in the galaxy. The compassion and love the heroes have for each other echoes the compassion she had for all life before her own life ended. Never let it be said that Padme Amidala doesn’t matter, because nothing could be further from the truth. She and what she stood for are a fundamental element of the Star Wars saga. Her legacy is and will continue to be a crucial driving force in the story whether or not it is consciously recognized.

Padme Amidala is Important™, and don’t you forget it.

Ubisoft: Ezio Trilogy Remaster!

Everyone else:

My Ezio Trilogy loving ass:

Confession:  The ending(s) of ME3 sure get a lot of hate, but I really feel like it’s a proper end to the trilogy. We worked so hard, so so hard, to get there. We cried when we lost friends, millions are dead. And then, it’s just over. Abruptly and without much feeling. I didn’t have enough score for the Synthesis ending, so I chose Control. It made sense to me. I felt so broken when it was done, but satisfied. The after-credits scene was clever too, loved that.


Far down the stretch of the main deck, through the tangle of rope and rigging, I saw Mal. He was flanked by Corporalki guards, but his focus was trained on me. He’d been watching, waiting for me to turn. I stepped forward. The Darkling seized my arm.

“No farther,” he said.

“Let me talk to him,” I begged. I hated the desperation in my voice.

“Not a chance. You two have a bad habit of acting like fools and calling it heroic.

— Leigh Bardugo, Siege & Storm, page 32


They wanted a Grisha queen. Mal wanted a commoner queen. And what did I want? Peace for Ravka. A chance to sleep easy in my bed without fear. An end to the guilt and dread that I woke to every morning. There were old wants too, to be loved for who I was, not what I could do.


Cillian Murphy x Sackcloth

“Would you like to see my mask?”

Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008), Inception (2010), Peaky Blinders (2013-)

Animorphs: Draft David into a guerilla war less than 24 hours after he’s just lost everything he ever loved.

Animorphs: Intentionally terrify David by giving him the full, gruesome, details of the Yeerk war and the living hell his parents are currently trapped in.

Animorphs: Refuse to even consider the idea of helping David’s parents.

Animorphs: Repeatedly allow Marco to rub salt in David’s fresh wounds.

Animorphs: Threaten to murder David the very first time he disobeys them.

Animorphs: Force David to sleep in some cold, smelly, barn with animals despite there being several better alternatives.

Animorphs: Apparently expect David to die alongside them despite having known him less than a week.

Animorphs: Are somehow surprised when David betrays them.

David: Takes a human life in a desperate bid to save his own.

David: Tries to get the morphing cube in a desperate bid to rescue the only family he has.

Animorphs: Take a traumatized, homeless, child and drive him into a full-blown mental breakdown then feel sorry for themselves when they are forced to deal with the actions of the monster they created.

Animorphs: Sentence said child to a fate worse than death just so they can keep their hands clean for a little bit longer.

Animorphs Fandom: Clearly David was a sociopath. Animorphs did nothing wrong.

  • secret government agent: *punches me in the face* say it
  • me: never
  • secret government agent: say that christian bale was a better batman than ben affleck!
  • me: *spits in their face* fuck you

2015 book challenge: a trilogy

Stop thinking of what you intend to do. Stop thinking of what you have just done. Then, stop thinking that you have stopped thinking of those things. Then you will find the Now, the time that stretches eternal, and is really the only time there is. — The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb

I'v finally seen Star Wars. I liked the movie, but just because I felt happy to find this universe back. A universe I liked so so much during my childhood. Both trilogies amazed me, I don’t feel like we can compare them as they were intended for different generation, I understand the reasons why the generation before me liked his trilogy, and why they felt betrayed trough the 1,2 and 3; But I really like the second trilogy too, and the first episode is one of my favorite (knowing Jar Jar is a fcking burden ). When I’m watching both trilogies I’m looking for something different.

Unfortunately I felt disappointed about this new one, the show is great but it’s way too close from The New Hope episode (srsly wtf) but without all the things that gave it its magic: Only few characters and we had time to appreciate every part of each characters and landscapes…. I draw Kylo Ren but I didn’t really like him, I didn’t see enough about what happened in his brain, he looks more like a emo teenager than a bad-ass villain. Anyway, I liked it but I hope they’ll manage to bring more originality in future episodes


“The problem with wanting,“ he whispered, his mouth trailing along my jaw until it hovered over my lips, "is that it makes us weak.” And then, when I thought I couldn’t bear it any longer, he brought his mouth down on mine.