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I know this is a bit more serious than your normal awesome anons so I'm sorry, but I really look up to you as an artist and wanted to know if/how you deal with negative feelings about your art? I just spent the past hour trying to draw anything remotely good and I'm crying and so frustrated and hopeless. It doesn't help that I keep giving up for months on end but it's so hard to deal with. Do you have any advice? I'm sorry you don't have to answer I know it's not a cute or funny ask I'm sorry

Please don’t feel the need to apologize, I appreciate your ask, it’s okay!
I understand what you’re going through, especially since I constantly feel like I’m disappointing myself or that I can do so much better. For me, I think the best thing to do is to not deprecate yourself. You’re doing your best, and it’s amazing that you decided to pick up a pencil today, you’re doing great already! 

Try to find the things that you’ve done well in your drawings! Maybe that one brush stroke was really smooth and your lines are amazing or that color looks really good and that one circle actually looks like a circle. Even if it’s a really small detail or something you liked during your drawing process, then you’re succeeding !!

Take your time, and be lenient with yourself. If it feels like you’ve been drawing for hours and nothing turns out the way you want it to, take a break. you can come back to it later, you did your best for the day, it’s okay
Allow yourself to doodle whatever else is on your mind without thinking about how good it should turn out, kind of like as stress-reliever or just to blep down silly ideas

Be proud of what you can do because you’re giving it your all, you’re constantly improving with every line you make, and you’re the only one who can draw the way you do! even if it wasn’t a complete piece, whatever you’ve drawn is already making you a better artist, so please keep going <:


LR - beautiful Liar ( L and Raito Version )  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Seriously, i’m really like this song. You can see this music video in HERE . 
just really want  to draw this, because their look like Raito and L, and they are a liar  ✧

look what you done!

dedicated to @woanu because she’s a “motherfuckin” meme of a child that i love + as thanks for listening to me moan about this for 2-3 days♡

Music Shuffle Game

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1. Send My Love (To Your New Lover)- Adele

2. Shape of You- Ed Sheeran

3. Stay- Zedd & Alessia Cara

4. Swalla- Jason Derulo ft. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla Sign

5. Million Reasons- Lady Gaga

6. Say You Won’t Let Go- James Arthur

7. That’s What I Like- Bruno Mars

8. Green Light- Lorde

9. The Night is Still Young- Nicki Minaj

10. Cheap Thrills- Sia ft. Sean Paul

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PJO/HOO Characters as Fall Out Boy lyrics
  • Percy: "I'll keep you like an oath, may nothing but death do us part"
  • Annabeth: "You will remember me, remember me for centuries"
  • Hazel: "Some legends are told, some turn to dust or to gold"
  • Frank: "I'll be the watcher, of the eternal flame"
  • Jason: "when Rome's in ruins, we are the lions free of the coliseums"
  • Piper: "You look so pretty but you're gone so soon"
  • Leo: "Light em' up, I'm on fire"
  • Nico: "I'm bad behavior but I do it in the best way"
  • Reyna: "I can move mountains I can work a miracle"
  • Will: "They're your wounds but they're my sutures"
  • Bianca: "We could be immortals, just not for long"

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Tag game

@electrofolk, thanks for tagging me buddy <3 

Okay, game is 10 songs that I’ve been listening to lately I really really like (b/c if I do the other it’s gonna be Neil Young w/ a smattering of Tom Cochrane and Red Rider (and that ain’t no fun)).

1) Oh my Lady - The Stampeders
2) Guys and Dolls - Frank Loesser (from the musical “Guys and Dolls”)
3) Glöm mig om du kan - Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson (from the Swedish version of the musical “Chess”)
4) Campaigner - Neil Young
5) Long Long Way - Ian Thomas
6) Lunatic Fringe - Red Rider
7) Crime of the Century - Supertramp
8) If I had a Rocket Launcher - Bruce Cockburn
9) Give it a Whirl - Split Enz
10) Castles in the Air - Don McLean (the version from “Tapestry”)

I’m gonna tag @thisismyplacetoshitpost, @myeonghao, @matineeidyll, @bilbao-song, @poni–mitchell, @5amz, @roman725, @marybq@steviestills, @younglusts, @moveslikekeithrichards, @hadescavedish, @dougiefromscotland, and anyone else who’d like to do it (just say tagged by me).

Have fun y’all ^_^

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Could you do jinkook for fxxk it from bigbang? <3 you're amazing!!

thank you! :) *just a short ps that i’m aging jk up so he’s the same age as seokjin haha* *also, sorry if this isnt very similar to the song but i just got the general idea lol*


“you’re saying, you really out there juggling two bitches at a time yet you’re still pining for him?” the scotch is…really weird. jimin never liked liquor, but for the sake of looking fancy in a classy, rich people lounge-slash-bar, he does that. he can only ever drink cola. bless his soul.

“now, now. don’t call them that. they’re fine ladies.” jungkook, on the other hand, drinks scotch like water. jimin winces when he drowns it in one go. “but i’ll never love them like i love him. you know that.” it’s as if he’s tired of explaining himself, and it’s as if he doesn’t know why jimin always asks him that. “he’s in spain for the next few weeks. i miss him.”

jimin snorts into his empty glass. “yeah, right. like you can’t follow him there like, right now.” jungkook gives him a look. “seriously, come on man. do something! you’re wasting every second just sitting there and being dumb when you can follow seokjin’s ass like the literal puppy that you are.”

“shut up.”


the thing is, jungkook doesn’t like riding his private plane without any company besides the two pilots and one flight attendant. he doesn’t feel safe at all. but he finds himself in spain the following day. it’s late, he’s jetlagged, but even his fuzzy brain can still see that seokjin is as beautiful as ever. radiant, like the sun, at 2am on a sunday.

“why are you here?” okay, so maybe jungkook’s mind is making things up because seokjin does not look radiant at all standing there at his doorway in his robe, hair sticking out in all ways and face oily with all the beauty products he likes to apply before bed. but sometimes love does things to you. “kook, it’s 2am.”

the more important question is how did jungkook know where he is but that’s gonna come in a later time.

“missed you.” jungkook walks past him, into the house without so much a fuss and seokjin lets him. seokjin always lets him, and that’s the thing jungkook hates so much. seokjin always lets him do anything he wants (love him), but seokjin will never love him back.

“’s late, you should crash. ‘m tired, too.” seokjin pads back into his room and the couch is all jungkook’s for the night. he has half a mind to join seokjin in bed but he knows seokjin won’t like that. 

he passes out on the couch, with seokjin so close yet so far away. jungkook falls in a dreamless slumber.


“this benz is nice. where did you get it?” the spanish countryside is beautiful. jungkook is still a little sleepy, but seokjin drags him for a drive at noon. the weather is nice, just a little bit chilly but that’s fine.

“borrowed it from a friend. he’s in bali for a couple days and he trusts me enough with this.”

“sweet.” jungkook leans back on his seat and takes in the scenery. it’s all meadows, but it’s the perfect amount of sunny and the road is smooth and seokjin’s driving is phenomenal (in korea and even in fucking europe). it’s perfect. he’s perfect.


“it’s a good day to relax, jungkook. don’t.”

“but that’s the thing!” jungkook sits up and faces seokjin. the seat belt is digging through his pecs, and he’s the perfect picture of frustrated but seokjin is ever calm, like they never have this talk every time they meet. it’s a little alarming. “you know i want you. i love you, and i know you–”

“you don’t know me, jungkook-ah. you only like to think you do. don’t get ahead of me.”


“you might want me now. does that mean you’ll still want me in ten years?” he’s still calm, his driving is still stable, and jungkook’s mind is in overdrive thinking about how calm seokjin is about all of this. “you’re responsible and kind to some people, you do your job, you’re rich, and you make everyone fall for you. but you hook up with every girl you see and claim you want me? love me, even. what does that make me?”

he’s always been right, but jungkook is a stubborn little shit who thinks he knows every temporary feeling.

he sits back in his seat and sulks. for a twenty something young adult that he is, he really isn’t that mature. seokjin bites back a smile and stops in the middle of the road.

“would you like to hold my hand?” he looks at jungkook for the first time since they’ve been on the road. he offers his hand and jungkook takes it for now, happy that seokjin lets him do things like that.

“when will you love me back, though? for real, because i’ll have you know i’m not just playing around.”

seokjin steps on the gas and drives on. he spots a little town ahead and smiles. “i’ll love you when you’re ready.”

(send me your fave song + bts pairing and i’ll make a drabble out of it!)

Munday Tagging Thing No. 1

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Name/Nickname: Uh, Arthur or Artie is good for this blog. :)

Favourite Color/s: Red, black, and blue. :)

Last song I listened to: Shite, em Uso from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Favorite TV show:…Why must you do this to me?!?! Em… There are a lot… Community, Over The Garden Wall, Psychoville, uh…. infinitely more, actually. XD I should make a masterlist sometime. XD

First Fandom: I have no clue… I really liked The Nightmare Before Christmas when I was little… Like, starting when I was 4. XD Also Little Big Planet and uh… Animorphs (cringe). Those were my first. :)

Hobbies: Knitting, sewing, cooking, drawing, playing piano, etc.

Books that I’m currently reading: Ehh… Black Butler? Also a book made in the 1700s- Candide by frenchman who-did-pretty-much-everything Voltaire

Worst thing I’ve eaten: Mac and Cheese. No thank you.

People I’m tagging: @fruk-de-lys@ask-the-german-commander @ask-aph-franceypants @ask-aph-francis @beauty-grace-united-states @ask-aph-ameridork @ask-ollie-bloody-kirkland

A Thousand Years

Fandom: Haikyuu!!

Pairing: Iwaizumi/Oikawa

Words: 2083

Dedicated to: Vika, because you’re the main source of all the angsty headcanons and you brought that on yourself with all the sad music you’ve given me. Always here to brighten your evening. 

A/N: inspired at midnight by Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years. I’ve definitely listened too much to this song, but it’s so atmospheric I just can’t help myself, not really. This one is kind of angsty, I guess? Read while listening to the song for the best impact. Sorry for shitty formatting and possible typos, it’s like 3 am over here. The idea just struck me down and I’m trying to drag everyone with me, senpai being the first in line. I’m going to make a full-sized fic out of this once, or even a series. But for now, enjoy!

Oikawa puts the disk into the DVDs with a robotic movement, his hands shaking nevertheless. He turns the program on, quickly clicking the necessary settings. His fingers feel cold and numb, his chest empty, as if his heart was ripped out of it, leaving a huge hole, not meant to be mended.

Am I really going to do this?

He knows that he is, he doesn’t have any choice. Oikawa’s mind refuses to acknowledge it, though. Denies the fact that the disk is already in the player, that the program is about to open and the video is about to load, headphones on his head. It can’t be, and yet it is. His heart misses a beat, as if mocking him cruelly.

Who would’ve thought it’d end up this way, huh? 

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How did you like the way they finished the album?

Don’t get me wrong, I loved seeing them come together as a family to pay tribute to Rayna. It was beautifully done. My problem with all of them finishing the album together is that I cannot stop thinking of Rayna telling Deacon how it would just be them, singing everything, recording everything. So, now you have (at least) one song on that album that’s not just them, and I really don’t know why, but this is seriously bothering me so much, I even got mad for a second. It’s okay now, but I’m still not a 100% happy with it. Maybe that’s just me, but y'know, I wish they really had this one thing all to themselves — that when Deacon listens to this, he would hear their voices and their voices only, no one else’s. I’ll get over this kinda disappointment, though. I mean, at least I got to see my baby smile again, and I’d suffer through pretty much anything to see a gleam of happiness on his face after everything that’s happened to him.



Don’t worry! I may not know much about Star Wars but this was very very fun to draw, thank you! :D

(I really like the car scene, so I did the car scene) Those booster add-ons are low-key horrifying. And by that I mean they’re awesome. Also a bit radioactive.