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lend me your shoulder

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Title: lend me your shoulder
Pairing: Kim Kibum/Reader
Summary: Not everything is as happy as it seemed for the idol Kim Kibum, but maybe he could find someone to lend him a shoulder, even if it wasn’t someone he didn’t really know.

She learned one thing in her whole life and it was that she always stood alone. From the moment she got her first apartment, trashed and with a few creaks in the ceiling here and there, when she would wake up to the sound of the kettle whistling as she prepared herself a cup of coffee, looking at the city outside of her window was an impossibility as a big building was in front of her window, but she liked to imagine that there was something out there, like thousands of people who would love her for something she did, for being good at her job. When you are lonely you lack something and that’s love, no one loves you…or at least it feels like it, so you learn not to love someone back. She decided to wear comfortable clothing every day and instead of going to the workplace of her dreams, where she’d do just what she loved…she was stuck in that job that she despised to no end, the one that kept her caged in an inferno, like a fly inside a vase that was upside down, with no other response other than sitting down on the floor and hugging her knees up to her chest, waiting for a ray of light to hit the dull atmosphere of her heart, but it was hopelessness that chased after her when the morning reached ad she was up to another moment of dullness.

A hoodie was placed over her body and it covered her body from the cold morning, as well as keeping her hands hidden from the breeze that was bothering her so much as she prepared some things around the shop, organizing what was left out of place and cursing the people that were outside of the shop. Her eyes trail over the group of people that were outside the shop –more like they were trying to enter the building in front of the shop. She knew what it was all about, idols, those people who were obviously there to make others happy and they released music just to make fans pay for it and they could get rich by it. It’s not to make herself feel special by saying that she never liked a group of some sort, she has but she has grown up as well, she knows that there is so much more than putting your life over something like another person, after all, people were always lonely and that wasn’t an exception. Some fans lifted up their handmade signs and screamed to the top of their lungs, which made her sigh as she pressed her fingers to her temples. It wasn’t exactly that she was annoyed…

Well, yes, she was absolutely annoyed.

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Kiwi Music Video Explanation.

So I haven’t really thought this through and if I gave it a few more minutes of editing, I could definitely word this better, but patience is a thing that I don’t have and I’m really a believer in doing the bare minimum possible, so here goes!

Kiwi is a song about the industry taking your art ( your ‘baby’) and delivering it the the masses at the cost of turning it into a product and the artist losing control over how it grows. All artists are just like naive kids drooling over sweets and cakes, hesitating to reach out and take from the pile, all knowing that there are many others like them also wanting a taste and that the moment someone makes the first move, it will be a stampede. Harry is Beau marching in with her own box of deliciousness and throwing it at people, finally gearing them into action. And so what if not everyone gets to have cake, at least someone will. Maybe a puppy will get to have some cake. Puppies deserve a little cake. And once they are all done fighting like mad men for their cake, they will come and pose for a picture, presenting a perfectly serene facade to the world. As Harry smirks at the end of the video, it’s like he’s letting you in on the secret. You now know better.


The real winners. 


170428 【VCR】 tell me your name

All Our Days
Jeff Williams & Casey Lee Williams

(Hopefully I got the lyrics all right. One or two words might be wrong)

Long ago, before we met 
I dreamed about you. 
The peace you’d bring. 
The songs we’d sing. 
The way you make things new

Then one day, you arrived. 
I heard your angel’s cries. 
Helpless, small, and perfect,
Welcome to your life.

And on that day, I made a vow. 
Whispered and true. 
No matter what, no matter how
I made this promise to you.

I will cling, I will clutch 
I’ll hold onto you, I won’t turn away. 
I won’t leave, I won’t go
I will stay with you all our days.

Years of joy have past since then. 
With time I seen you grow. 
Watched you play, new each day. 
I begged the time to slow.

And though I miss the little girl
You’ve made me awful proud. 
Funny how our lives change
Cause your my hero now.

But things in life will rearrange. 
Friends come and go
Don’t ever doubt don’t ever fear
I’m always here, you know.

I will cling, I will clutch 
I’ll hold onto you, I won’t turn away. 
I won’t leave, I won’t go
I will stay with you all our days.

I will stay with you all our days.