i really like this song


Caravan Palace - Wonderland

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Oscar Isaac - Night Lab
“ And breathe out the sickness trapped inside your lungs…
  …And breathe in the goodness thats inside my soul”

Winona: favorite quote?
I usually default to the entirety of the “All that is gold does not glitter” poem from LotR, but I’m going to use a quote from a song instead.

“Beware, beware, be skeptical
Of their smiles, their smiles of plated gold
Deceit so natural
But a wolf in sheep’s clothing is more than a warning”

Day Dreams
Amy Bruce Spaceshow
Day Dreams

You are the first thought I have in the morning and the last one before I sleep. You are my mornings afternoons and nights and the spaces in between the parts of my day when I don’t have to think. You are my day dreams you are just what I see when I find time to blink. And I get as low as I get high. I’m taking comfort in your company feel free to take it in mine. I’m following my heart and I’ll see where it takes me. It’s a start but I’ll love myself if you make me.

Amy Bruce Spaceshow - Day Dreams