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Hi! I want to draw people with a lot of emotion captured, but I don't really know how to do it so that the viewer feels something. I want to show more emotion, I guess? (This was really unclear, I know :0) Thank you so much!

What a great question, @everchangingotps​!

I think studying anatomy helps a lot. Facial muscles are a bit complex, and they move in different ways to make the frowns and smiles happen!

Here’s a few great resources I found:

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Alright SJM fans let's get real for a minute about another series you need to be reading

The Kingkiller Chronicles, by my hero Patrick Rothfuss.


(Now ACOMAF is on par with TKC on a good day, but they are SO DIFFERENT the comparison isn’t really there… but I digress)

Do you like Harry Potter? LOTR? YOU WILL LOVE THIS SERIES. Two of the three books are out: #1 is The Name of the Wind and #2 is The Wise Man’s Fear.

You like world building books? Rothfuss spent YEARSSSSS writing these books, the world building is UNREAL.


And the CHARACTERS my GOD. You’ve got the badass protagonists who make stupid ass mistakes but then LEARN AND GROW FROM THEM. The innocent, quirky characters you would lay your life down for. The EVIL ASS MOTHERFUCKING CHARACTERS YOU WANT TO DIE A SLOW, PAINFUL DEATH. The mysterious characters you NEED to know more about. You got ‘em ALL.

Oh wait - quick segue - do you like Hamilton? Or In The Heights? Or Moana? Of course you do, they’re masterpieces. And what do those three things have in common? LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA, who JUST SO HAPPENS to be a massive superfan of The Kingkiller Chronicles and IS GOING TO BE THE CREATIVE PRODUCER OF THE TV ADAPTATION COMING OUT IN A COUPLE YEARS. THAT’S RIGHT. Not to mention that a song from Hamilton was actually inspired by a scene from The Name of the Wind - but I won’t say much more on that.

If you like fantasy and fun and badassery and character development and amazing friendships and romance and woke af writing?


Thank me later.

I’ll Teach You (Jughead x Reader Smut)

Prompt: i just read that you don’t mind writing smut so this one’s gonna be dirty, bare with me. can i request a jughead x reader where the reader and him are dating. jug is pretty inexperienced when it comes to sexual stuff but he really wants to please his girlfriend. so like she guides him through eating her out LOL. i feel like you could make it so hot. thank you!

A/N: I’m making them a bit older in this one as well! Jughead will be classified as Demisexual in this fic which falls under the asexuality spectrum. P.s. I’m pretty sure I sucked at this. Let me know if you liked it! Requests are Welcome!

Warnings: Light Smut

I’ll teach you (Jughead x Reader)

Gasping, your hands pull off the crowned beanie and tighten around his black locks.

“Jug.” You pull away from his lips, shaking your head to clear your head.

You two had been watching a movie on Jughead’s laptop when he got distracted and kissed you.  

One kiss turn into two then three and now you two were panting as he’s pressed against you with his lips to your neck.

“What?” his voice husky and low, making your heart skip a beat and your body feel warm all over.

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I hope with the Grace of God to continue along the path of Catholic Ideals and to be able one day, in whatever state God wills, to defend and propagate these rare and true things
—  Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati

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Why do you hate Patti Smith?

I never really knew anything about her but after I read Just Kids I found how she presents herself as just an aggressively cis, straight, white, goyishe woman as so cringey and bad… Her concepts of #spirituality are completely embarrassing, just fetishisation of other religions and cultures, her whole romanticism of leaving home to become a starving artist living in a hotel, how she writes about trans people, black people (look at this wiki article its shocking) … I mean, the book was published in 2010 like the language she uses (transv*st*te) ??? jhgfhjklhgfdhjk


genre: fluff
word count: 980
notes: shapeshifter!reader; inspired by x.
synopsis: her main form is a black kitten and jaebum.. just really wants to pet her.

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u should share a link to ur playlist!! like on spotify or something. (unless u don't want to lmao)

:00 ya heres the link!! https://open.spotify.com/user/xilently123/playlist/1zYV07UTz3mNMKWcf0UJRj,that was the one that i was listening to, but u can go on my profile and see others :0 i’ve hidden some tho bc im not happy w those playlists yet lmaoo

also pls dont judge my username … god… i made that who knows how long ago

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Are there any fics where Bucky thinks that the avengers are his new handlers and expects them to treat him like hydra did but ofc they don't and Steve's really worried and sad? I've read a few of these and I was wandering if there was more

heres a few for you in this post  and also

A History of Birds by OddityBoddity

“You look like him,” Bucky says. No prompting, no nothing. He just speaks, like this is a thing he does.
“What?” Steve asks. He didn’t really hear it, too stunned by the fact that words were coming out of Bucky’s mouth to understand their meaning.
“You look like him. So did Pierce.” His voice is soft, gravelly from disuse. “Is that why they picked you?”
Steve’s heart plunges like an elevator with the cables cut. “Buck, it is me.”
The hard line of Bucky’s mouth softens just a little. “Sure,” he says.

Thawed Out by auburnnothenna (auburn), eretria

He’s not the Asset. He’s not the Winter Soldier. But neither is he Bucky Barnes. With the help of Steve, Sam and the Avengers, James takes the long, slow road to recovery. Nothing is as easy as either of them thought it would be.

Welcome to Week TWO of Hannah’s Sunday Reading List!!! Another week of beautiful writing once again… you guys seriously brought it this week! I love to see more of you tagging me in your stuff! I also added some of the other things I’ve seen on my dash as well again… Please PLEASE keep tagging me! And if you aren’t tagging me, please start to do so!! Sometimes it’s hard for me to go out and find fics so if I get tagged, bam! it’s right there in my notifications. I really love to read all of your wonderful writing and I would hate to miss it!

So without further ado…. Read, enjoy, and leave these authors feedback!!! xx

Almost Gone by @spencerreidsmiles (Spencer Reid x Reader)
OKAY CLIFFHANGER!! Does he wake up? Does she get to tell him how she feels? Does he feel the same way?? No way you can leave it like that… Your writing is beautiful as always, my dear. I loved the fairy-tale within the story and how you connected it back to the reader. I hope our poor Spencer wakes up… (if you write a part 2 to this, please don’t break my heart…)

One Night Later by @axstheticminds (Spencer Reid x Reader)
*squeals excitedly* I LOVED THIS! I’ve always wanted to see Spencer as a dad… no, I need to see Spencer as a dad. “…you were always it for me” UGH I love this line. So simple yet so romantic that it gives me chills. This is always such a great trope that I could never get tired of reading. I’m so happy that I found your blog! You are a great writer :)

The Constant by @spencerreidsmiles (Spencer Reid x Reader)
First of all, I just want to say that I love your writing style… all of the detail you use is so awesome. This was so cute! I like how you left it open for us to imagine what would happen next… Once again, I feel like you always capture our favorite doctor’s awkward, quirky character so well. You continue to grow with each and every story you write and I am living in it!!! Seeing a notification that you tagged me in something makes me so so happy. 

Passive-Agressive Partnership (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) by @dontshootmespence (Spencer Reid x Reader)
Have I ever told you how much I hate admire you? You pump out quality stories like it’s no one’s business… You are my idol, lol. Anyway, this series is phenomenal! I’m loving this dynamic you have going on between the reader and Spencer. The reader seems very Temperance Brennan-y and I’m a huge fan of that. Finally, a woman that can keep up with Spencer! Can’t wait to read more. :)

The Perfect Family (1, 2) by @axstheticminds (Spencer Reid x Reader)
I’m totally blown away by this so far like I’m already obsessed with this series. I honestly can’t stop thinking about this lol. I’ve read a lot of fanfiction (and I mean a lot) and I’ve never seen this scenario done with Spencer before. You’re a rockstar. I am not so patiently waiting to see more of this! (Pretty please? I’ll bribe you…)

Coffee and You by @brywrites (Spencer Reid x Reader)
This was amazing, Bry. There’s this post I’ve read somewhere that states something along the lines of: “We all have that one writer where they could write a McNugget AU and we’d still read it.” You are that writer to me. Everything in this flows so beautifully and honestly, I have a hard time putting it into words how much I love this story and all of your stories. I always get so excited when I see a story of yours on my timeline!

Softly (1, 2) by @criminal-minds-fanfiction (Spencer Reid x Reader)
Personally, I hated this story. And I hate you. Why would you do this to poor Urnayme? After all she’s been through? I only put this story on here so I could tell everyone how much I hated it. (But seriously, this is one of the most unique Spencer stories I’ve ever read. You’re an asshole amazing writer) It’s not like I needed my heart anyway…

The Best Kind of Punishment by @zugzwangxo (Luke Alvez x Reader)
*briskly fans self* I didn’t know how much I needed this until I read this masterpiece… WOWZA Lee!! If all y’all need some Luke Alvez in your life, I recommend you read this. Thank you for writing this. There’s not enough Luke Alvez fics out there… Could I please get some more Luke Alvez fics from you? You write him so well… Please? I’m open to dishing out bribes now…

Are You Still Awake? by @original-criminal-fanfics (Spencer Reid x Reader)
Oh you know how much I love fluff… My guilty pleasure! Not only did I enjoy this so much because of your wonderful writing, but because this is similar to how my boyfriend and I started dating… We started out as best friends as well, which is why I especially love to read fics including best friends turned more. Your writing makes me so happy, Jasey!!! Never stop xx

i’m reading hp and the chamber of secrets and rons obvious feelings towards hermione (that he may or may not be aware of) reveal themselves more and more with each passing page i love it

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Hi. I was wondering if you could help me find a fic? It's a Larry fic in which Louis is a songwriter and helps Harry finish his album. I can't remember very clearly but I think Zayn and Liam are Louis' friends and they are in the Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra? It's Louis' first professional songwriting experience and Niall is a manager/friend. I've been trying to find this fic all day.

Hello !! Fuck, it looks like something I would love, and there are some parts of this that are ringing a bell but nothing really fitting all the criteria (I have one with Singer Louis and Harry helps him to write his new album and Gemma is at the London Symphony Orchestra and Niall is the producer. Close but so far away of your request^^ - but read it if you haven’t already).


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this isnt really prinxiety but i just read you previous story about anxiety getting yelled at by prince and loved the idea of morality, logic, and prince all helping him through an anxiety or panic attack. could you write something like that if youre not too busy? thanks love your writing

Alright, I just want to let you know that the story you’re referring to was actually written by @prinxietys , not me. But. I shall try to write with a comparable amount of skill. (I mean, c'mon, @prinxietys is so talented it’s crazy, so don’t judge me too harshly)

So here’s what you asked for (but I wrote this one):

Breathe in. Breath out. That was about all Anxiety could manage at the moment. Focus on the feeling of breathing in and out. He could get through this.
And then he heard their voices. His mind started racing faster and it felt like he couldn’t fill his lungs with enough air. And he couldn’t focus anymore.

They couldn’t see him like this. The shaking. The dizziness. The pressure in his chest. He felt like he might cry.
He couldn’t act normal like this wasn’t happening. And they were headed right towards his hiding spot.

“Anxiety? Are you in there?” Morality asked, knocking on the door. Anxiety knew Morality could hear his labored breathing, and knew he was in there.
“Go away.” Anxiety was able to spit out.
“Anxiety, are you okay?” Morality spoke softly, like he was approaching a wounded animal.

“Go away.” Anxiety said again.
“Logic, Prince! I found him!” Morality called to the others throughout the house. Anxiety stayed quiet, trying to slow down his frantic breathing.
“What are you doing in there, Anxiety?” Prince asked outside the door. When had he gotten there? Anxiety was sure he would have heard the footsteps.

“Anxiety. You are going to come out here.” Logic said through the door.
“No!” Anxiety whimpered. They couldn’t see him in this state.

Very slowly the door cracked open. And the silhouette of Prince blocked the lighting.
“Do you trust me?” He slowly reached out his hand. Anxiety looked at him unsure, he could still feel his own hand shaking in his lap and his heart beat was too fast.
“Do you trust me?”
“Yes.” A clasped hand and a gentle tug, brought Anxiety out of the room and into the living room.

Prince led him over to the couch, while Morality brought in a steaming cup of tea. The warmth from the cup seeped into Anxiety’s body, making him hold it tighter.
“Now Anxiety, I want you to try to relax. I promise there is nothing to be afraid of.” Anxiety looked at Logic dumbfounded.
“Trust him.” Prince said, “And relax.”

“Okay. That’s good.” Logic said as Anxiety visibly relaxed, even though his body was still shaking.
“Now, breathe in and out with me. In…out…in…out…” Logic continued.

Anxiety could feel his heart beat start to slow down. As he breathed and relaxed. And remembered he did have friends here. Morality stood by the wall, waiting with a blanket for when Anxiety had calmed down. Prince sat beside him on the couch, letting him know he wasn’t alone. And Logic stood in front of him, coaching him through the attack.
He wasn’t alone. And his friends weren’t going to let him go through this alone.

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Are there aus by other authors you really like/wanna read?

Ok ok I promise I’ll make a comprehensive fic rec list at some point,,, I keep meaning to but the issue is I really want to read everything on my to-read list before I make it?? I’m basically waiting for spring break where I will devour All the Fic™

For now though here are just a few AUs that immediately came to my mind that I have loved. I’m probably missing a bunch that will eventually be on my full rec list but you should definitely read these!!!!

  • like your french girls by @ebenroot
    • This is the first YOI fanfic I ever read!!!! Super super cute and is that sort of fic that makes your heart hurt (but like in a good way). Artist AU where Victor is an artist and Yuuri is a skater & his muse.
  • Kings in Couture by @forovnix​ (WIP)
    • Devil Wears Prada AU that ruined my life & cured me of my sins. Victor is Meryl Streep the head of a fashion magazine and Yuuri gets a job there and they’re both enamored with each other from the get go. Ruined my life & will ruin yours too (but in a good way)!
  • Until My Feet Bleed & My Heart Aches by @kazliin​ (WIP)
    • Pretty sure literally everyone in the world has read this by now–Rivals AU where they’re both still figure skaters and Yuuri really, really wants to meet Victor. So good it’ll give you goosebumps!!!
  • lie to me to make me like you by @ablations
    • I started reading this one after it was completed and honestly just had such a good time reading it!!!! It’s adorable & perfect in every possible way. Victor is a retired actor and will go out with anyone who asks him out at the beginning of the month, but all of his relationships seem to inevitably end. Then he meets Yuuri (and as u may guess, everything changes). Honestly this fic just warmed my heart.
  • never tasted rubies by @ebenroot
    • Radio Show AU!!! So good!!! V v funny and made me laugh out loud more times than I can count. Yuuri gets roped into hosting a radio show and a mysterious student on campus keeps calling in. I bet you can’t guess who that student is.
  • Write Me in C Major by @thehobbem​ (WIP)
    • Victor is a figure skater who is lacking inspiration and Yuuri composes music!!! It’s so so so adorable!!! Lots of pining as well which is always, always a good thing. Just makes me very happy to read in general tbh

As for some AUs that have been pulled off of my need-to-read list:

Heaven || Day 1

lin manuel miranda x reader

prompt: it certainly wasn’t an easy task being someone’s guardian angel. all your life you’ve only  known of protecting lin from harm’s way so when you’re kicked out of heaven, you truly know nothing but to protect your ever so clumsy human.

a/n: so this is the first day imagine for @hamwriters write-a-thon! i’m really excited to participate, and i’ll try to have the previous day listed in each new fic incase you’d like to read the others. this was inspired by my favorite tv show, supernatural, and the song heaven by troye sivan. i hope you enjoy!


You watched Lin crossing the street, anxiously sitting on your hands and biting your lip as the brunette clumsily bumped into various pedestrians trekking the same busy Manhattan streets as him, his head down as he continued to quickly made his way through town haphazardly.

‘He needs to be more careful! He can get hurt!’ You muttered to yourself, gasping as Lin crossed the street, his head still down as he looked at his journal. A taxi cab was flying down the street, barrelling towards Lin, and didn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

You stopped the moment, flying down to Earth to move Lin out of the dangerous situation before returning to Heaven to watch over your human.

Your life consisted of this and only this.

You never knew of anything else besides protecting Lin Manuel Miranda and making him happy. Everybody had their own guardian angel, and you were assigned to the one and only Lin right off the bat. To say you were immensely enthralled with the boy was underestimating the feelings you coped with each and every day watching Lin carry through his brilliant and abstract life. He was so intriguing, so different. How could you be assigned to such a diverse being?

Alongside being a complete and utter genius, Lin was quite the clumsy and careless man. His head was always floating in the clouds, his mind somewhere else as he carried through his day and didn’t pay attention to situations that would make the normal person’s heart leap into their throat. Lin simply shrugged off the moment, carrying on with whatever he was doing and continuing throughout his day as though death wasn’t facing him and mocking his movements.

You never realized, but you were always in love with Lin. Angels weren’t capable of loving anyone, especially their humans. It was seen as obscene and banish worthy. But something about Lin and the way you protected him from the most minuscule pain inducing sequences in life was different from the way other guardian angels allowed their humans to face pain that each human would and needs to feel in order to perform naturally through their lives.

You knew you would never lose the feeling of protection over Lin. The smile on his face brought too much happiness, not only for yourself, but for the people around you.

You would never let Lin face unnecessary happiness as long as you could prevent it.

You vowed to yourself right then and there.


Something was different.

There was a chilling sensation all along your body, shaking you down to your bones. You were shivering, goosebumps flooding your skin as you urged yourself to awake from your position, but no matter how hard you attempted, you remained unsuccessful. You’ve never experienced such a feeling in your lifetime. In fact, you’ve never felt the feeling of discomfort ever.

“Lin! Lin, I think she’s waking up!” You heard a familiar voice, the usually muffled words from your viewing space now surrounding you.

“Anthony?” You mumbled, slowly coming to your senses as you groggily tried to sit up, a dizzy spell slamming into your body as you settled on lying down once more.

“Lin, she knows my name.. How does she know my name?!”

“I don’t know man!”

That voice.

You knew that voice better than anything in your life.


That was your Lin.

And this was his apartment and that was Anthony, a  good friend whose relationship you witnessed blossoming throughout the years.

Everything was normal besides the fact you were met with such a disarming feeling you’ve never experienced before and the normally distant voices you heard from your daily viewing of Lin’s life were close and vivid.

You prayed that what you thought happened was not the reality.

“Hey,” You heard Lin say softly, a weight causing your legs to shift as he sat down on the couch beside you. “I know you’re not feeling well, but I’m Lin and I’m going to take care of you, I promise.”

“Lin!” You shot up from your position, your eyes wide and full of confusion and astonishment as Lin shrieked, falling from his couch and banging his head on the hard table. He let out a groan of frustration, rubbing the back of his head as you cringed, the answer to your question finally being revealed.

You didn’t know when and you most certainly didn’t know how, but you were kicked out of heaven. You were unable to receive connection from other guardian angels as much as you tried to summon your power to contact them. You were a human. You were now capable of feelings and emotions and to express yourself freely without the bounds of being a guardian angel holding you back. You weren’t able to protect Lin though and you would trade any new found sensation for Lin’s safety and happiness any day.

“Do I know you?” Lin asked groggily, still rubbing his head as he peered at you from his cross legged position in front of the couch you were once lying upon.

“I’m Y/N, your guardian angel.” You replied bluntly, your lack of communication skills evident as you held out your hand happily, waiting for your human to shake it.

No, not your human any longer Y/N. Just a man who was nice enough to bring some girl he knew nothing of into his apartment. You’re no longer his guardian angel. You’re just Y/N.

“Did she just say your guardian angel?” Anthony questioned, a confused expression matching Lin’s on his face as the two boys stared at you.

“Ant, why don’t you leave us alone.”

“What? Lin, I-”

“I’ll talk to you later. I promise.” Lin said, turning to face the curly haired boy who shrugged and pulled on his coat, bumbling over towards the apartment’s door before exiting the building leaving you and Lin in a thick silence with questions bouncing in between.

“This isn’t like Enchanted or something, right?” Lin asked, quirking his eyebrow a bit as you shook your head, a smile still gracing your face.

“Not at all! I’m a human now because heaven was displeased with me for a reason unknown to me. I used to be your guardian angel, but I’m just me now!” You explained happily, a content look on your face as Lin inspected you.

He came home the previous night exhausted from a show. He wanted nothing but to climb into bed and sleep the night away, knowing more interviews and shows and impromptu rehearsals met him when the sun would rise above the misty horizon. He never expected to be greeted with a girl passed out in front of his front door.

Any other day, he would have picked the person up, brought them in, and took care of the sickly figure till they were back on their feet, but Lin had had enough. He wanted to step over the discarded body, sneakily enter his apartment, and make little to no noise in hopes of the person not bothering him that night. Something about you was different though. He felt as though he had a connection with you or like he needed to help you.

You weren’t just some drunk teen passed out on his doormat. You were somebody in his life that he knew so well yet never met before. You were something so close yet so out of reach. You were a person he knew in a different life but he couldn’t place a name to your face.

And now he received his answer.


The name fit your smiling and graceful face, such an angelic look to you as you happily sat one legged crossed over the other and beaming at him as though he were the best thing to ever be put on this planet.

“My guardian angel, huh?” Lin questioned, his inquisitive face softening a bit as you nodded enthusiastically.

“I’ve been here since day one! I know everything about you! Well, almost everything. Sometimes I zone out a bit, but I promise you’ve never hurt yourself when I wasn’t paying attention!” You reassured, your eyes wide and hands now gesturing wildly while you explained your situation.

Lin couldn’t help but smile at you. You were just so lively, so happy, so untypically angel like. There was something so incredibly endearing about how socially uneducated you were and how you spewed out any words that came to mind. He was beyond confused and tired, but alongside those discomforts he felt content and satisfied. Something about your presence and meeting the person who has been protecting him all his life was a comforting feeling.

“Well Y/N, my guardian angel,” Lin teased, winking at you as you giggled at the emphasis of those words, “I’m going to teach you to be human.”


“You know the basics, but you really speak your mind, a bit too much to be considered normal if I want to be honest.” Lin expressed as he took his coffee and your hot chocolate off the counter, thanking the barista as he lead you to a table in the back of the cafe, banging his leg on the edge of the table as he attempted to pull out your seat for you.

He swore frustratedly to himself, placing your cups down on the table as you watched the scene unfold with wide eyes.

Lin took his seat across from you, sighing heavily as he took off his coat and rested his elbows upon the cold wooden table, rubbing his face tiredly as you took your cup into your hands, relishing at the feeling of the warmth emitting from the cup.

“Is chocolate good? I do know that it’s sweet since it’s in cakes and cookies and it’s in the candy family. I’ve never eaten or drank anything before.” You rambled, your fingers feeling the texture of the cardboard wrapped around the cup containing your hot chocolate.

“Wait, you never ate or drank anything before?” Lin asked, taking a sip from his own drink as he peered up at you with his dark eyes.

“Nope! I’ve never eaten, drank, or slept. Angels don’t need any of those things, but I’ve always wanted to try human food. It’s so interesting really!” You began to babble again, raising your cup to your lips and taking a timid sip from the cup, moaning at the feeling and taste of the hot chocolate.

“I assume you like it?” Lin chuckled, smiling at the sight of you continuing to drink generous amounts of the hot chocolate.

“Hey, hey, slow down a bit, you could get a stomach ache.” Lin lectured, softly lowering the cup that was now half full from your lips.

A sheepish smile graced your face as Lin shared a gentle smile, the two of you sitting there and taking in the view of one another as though it were the first time you had witnessed seeing a person in your lifetime. Well, in your case, that was partly the reason as to why you were looking at Lin with such fascination. Overall you were so mesmerizing by his beauty, every detail of his face and  the way he moved, spoke, smiled, and laughed to everyday occurrences capturing your attention and holding it in its grasp leaving you helpless.

You couldn’t pry your eyes away from Lin at that moment, all of your attention focused on him. He looked back at you with just as much interest yet he wasn’t focusing completely on your face, just a spot that you couldn’t place your finger on.

“You have, um, a little something- right, right here.” Lin stammered as he took one of the paper napkins provided on the table, folding it a bit before running the napkin over your lips.
The small action sent a blaze to your cheeks, your heart racing as Lin’s hand lingered upon your lips before sitting back in his chair and setting the napkin to the side of the table.

You reached a hand to your lips, feeling the tingling sensation upon them that stayed with you as you shyly looked at Lin who was just as flustered as you were.

“I think I know why I was removed from heaven.”


“And this is the room that you can stay in.”

Lin flicked on the lightswitch next to the door, the room erupting in a gentle light exposing the simplistic guest bedroom that belonged to his apartment. You wanted nothing but to lay down on the inviting bed and snuggle underneath the warm looking blankets after the long day of exploring the city with Lin. You have never experienced the feeling of the tiredness or the lack of sleep, but you knew it was something that you were not enjoying.

Your day was spent experiencing different things that Lin thought you would enjoy or just felt that you needed to experience in your life as a human. You were filled with so much knowledge and soaked in every city light and every sight and taste and feeling that you had felt today. Most importantly, you came to the realizations that you were kicked out of the place upstairs because of your attractions to Lin. You weren’t in love with the man and maybe you only felt these feelings because he was your human, you were experiencing affection for the first time, and seeing the person you’ve been protecting your whole life, but you did know that you adored Lin, either in a platonic or loving way.

“Thank you Lin.” You finally spoke after standing in silence as you examined the room.

“You’ve been protecting me from so many life threatening events in my life that I didn’t even blink towards. I couldn’t just leave you in the dark.” Lin shrugged, coming from behind you to sit on the edge of the bed, patting the place next to him.

You swallowed hard, giving yourself a small shove as you pattered across the rug and sat beside Lin, instantly melting in the close proximity.

“But I was some random girl passed out in front of your door. You could have-”

“I’m just happy I met you and brought you in. Thank you for all the things you’ve done for me. I’m finally repaying you although my repayment is nothing compared to your gift.” Lin cut you off, talking quickly as he turned to face you and give your nose a poke as he ended his speech.

You chuckled, smiling to yourself and looking down at your hands in your lap as he took his hands in yours, running his thumb over your hand nonchalantly.

“Do you think you’ll go back to heaven if you have the chance?” Lin asked after a moment of silence, his words choppy and uneven which was so unlike him.

“Of course not. I like the hot chocolate too much.” You replied as the two of you shared a laugh, relishing in the moment.

“Anything else you like?”

“I like the music and the feeling of sitting down after walking a long time. Oh! And I enjoy the city lights at night and the few nice people that greet you. I like the sunsets and the skyscrapers and the warm bread at that sandwich shop-”

“Please don’t leave me.” Lin cut you off, eyes wide and serious as he stared at you desperately awaiting for your response.

“You- you don’t want me to leave you?” You asked, taken back from his sudden request.

“There’s something about you I can’t let go of, and I’m well aware of how selfish it is to ask you to choose between me and Heaven, but gosh I can’t let you go knowing I didn’t at least ask.”

You studied Lin hard, still astonished by his request of you staying on Earth with him. Even though you have known him for his whole life, meeting him in real life and experiencing just how vibrant and lively he was in person was just so different. If you loved him than you most certainly loved him now. You couldn’t imagine leaving him just to sit and watch the man you’ve somehow fallen in love with in a flurry of new found emotions and experiences.

“You know when I said earlier that I remember why I was kicked out of Heaven?” You asked, looking him directly in the eye now. Lin nodded in response, anxiously awaiting for what you were going to say next.

“I came to the conclusion I had feelings of you, a human. And I wasn’t supposed to shield you from so many of things I did, and I vowed to myself I would protect you. Protection is a sign of love so they removed me from Heaven since it’s against the rules.” You explained, darting your eyes away from Lin so you wouldn’t see his reaction.

The next thing you knew Lin’s lips were upon yours, emotions crashing over your head like a tidal wave as you kissed him back, so many sensations coming upon you that you knew you would never get used to.

In that moment, you vowed to yourself again that you would stay by Lin’s side no matter what. You would protect him the best you could even if you didn’t have the same abilities you once had when you were an Angel.

If you were losing a piece of you, that piece being Lin, maybe you didn’t want Heaven. And you decided that right then and there.

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so my dh thinks illidan is gross but that doesnt stop her from saying things like "by illidan's tattooed tits" and calling the black temple "illidan college"

i feel like there are definitely a lot of illidari equivalents of “thralls balls” and whatnot that get thrown around, probably especially by the older demon hunters who’ve really been around the bend w/ the old shitty demon drama queen and nothing pisses off the young & hotheaded Kayn Sunfury’s of the order more than having to read turns of phrase like “a conspiracy that runs deeper and more foul than lord illidan’s luminescent asscrack” in official illidari memos

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Hi, I would really really like to rec Even as a Shadow by rubysharkruby. I cried so hard while reading it. It's not for the faint of heart (because it's devastating), but it's honestly a really well written original story. I would definitely recommend you put it in your Sad, Make Your Heart Hurt Fics tag. Thank you for all that you do here. <3

thanks for your rec!

Even as a Shadow by rubysharkruby 

Bucky was different now but he was still here, still Bucky, and Steve didn’t love this new quiet version any less.

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Hi, I just read your whole legacy from the beginning and first of all I have to say, It's so good! You really are an amazing writer. Secondary I have a few WCIFs. First WCIF Sam's braid from when she plays the piano? Then WCIF her blue bathing suit? Last, WCIF her updo from when she lives at Jasmine's place and they go shopping?

Hi love! Thank you so much for the kind words. I’m glad you like my legacy! ♡ The braid has been answered here, the updo has been answered here and the bathing suit is a recolour by @qvoix which can be found right here! :^D

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I like this girl but she claims she's really busy and can't talk to me but when she isn't at work she posts on snap, watches my snap and reads my messages and doesn't respond. So today I texted her and told her I needed space because I just lost my mother last month so all this piling up is not helping me mentally. I've been depressed and suicidal before but I don't want to go back down that road off of some girl. Am I over exaggerating and was it best to cut her off? Thank you ❤

If you felt it was right to cut her off then yes because she was clearly ignoring you. I’m so sorry for your loss and I honestly can’t say anything that will make you feel better on that but hold on tight and don’t give up your mother would want you to live your life to the fullest so stay strong lovey

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What kind of parents (in an alternative universe that we the mimos would so love to imagine) do you think mimo would be like if they were have a child together?

All these Mimo asks gonna make me loose my mind, y’all have me in too deep.

Ok so, Mimo’s dynamic as parents would literally be the best because you’ve got Momo who’s generally a pretty chill person and then Mina who is really well organised. Mina will have an schedule, she’ll know exactly what to do, she’ll have read every parenting book under the sun, and then Momo is just like “my mum said being a mother just comes naturally so I don’t need to prepare.” They would be so cute with their child, they would be so affectionate, constantly giving hugs and cheek kisses. If the kid cried in the middle of the night it would most likely be Mina who wakes up to deal with it, but sometimes Momo kind of follows Mina and just shuffles into the room half asleep, petting her kid’s head gently before softly kissing Mina on the cheek and then shuffling back to bed. They both spend as much time as possible playing with their kid and taking them out to the park or on another fun activity they know the kid will enjoy. Once their kid starts going to school Mina will become head of the PTA and Momo will run the bake sales and all the other parents will be jealous of them because they’re literally the perfect power couple with amazing kids.