i really like this show already

Ahahaha, today I went to an anniversary party for my friends, right? And we’re all sitting at the table, talking about whatever. And this couple at the far end, they’re talking about TV shows. The guy mentions Supergirl.

(And like. I’m already surprised, because this group isn’t really into genre TV, for the most part.)

‘Do you watch it?’ he asks me. 

I tell him yeah, but that it’s annoying me right now. 

He looks at me and WITHOUT ANY FURTHER EXPLANATION FROM ME, he just says ‘It’s M*n-El, isn’t it?’

This guy. This forty-something guy, a casual viewer, he says, ‘god, that guy is annoying. he’s ruining the show.’ 

No one. Likes. Pod Boy.

Okay… I normally try to not really… Say stuff in this fandom and just post headcanon things and other stuff, but… I’m sorry I gotta speak- You guys made a petition… To bring back Jillian…

Guys, stuff like this happens all of the time; voice actors change often. It stinks, it really, really does stink that a character like Lloyd, who’s been around for so long in all of our lives, is getting a new voice actor.

It does stink.

I hate to say it, but petition isn’t going to do anything since they probably already have his new voice actor. Petitioning isn’t going to do anything.

I know you’re upset, but just relax and support Jillian in what she’ll be doing next, whether it’s another show or something else, and give this guy support. He’ll be doing his best and will need the support. He hasn’t been announced, please take it easy.

It’s okay to be upset, just please try to be open about this and be willing to accept the new change to the show.

Hello, folks! Today I want to talk to you about my favorite characters from Hamilton!

Okay, so let’s start with Angelica. I already told you that she’s my favorite female character from this musical. I’ve fallen in love the moment I first saw her. She is incredibly strong-willed and decisive character. That’s the person I’ve always wanted to be. Seems like she knows what she really wants but she’s doing something for the good of others instead. I think you have to be morally really strong person to sacrifice your own happiness for somebody. And I really like that in the musical they showed us Angelica is much more than a sister of main character’s wife. And she deserves a lot better than what she got in the end.

Next! I really like Madison, bc he’s neither good nor bad character. I mean, He’s doing his job and he wants other people to do their job so everything will be okay in his country. That’s all! Also, he looks like that kind of people, who do their best on their job but when they came home they enjoy domestic life. Like delicious dinner, a cup of tea or hot chocolate. Then they just go to bed and put blankets up. So Madison is just like “I’m so happy that Hamilton and Tomas didn’t kill each other today. What a good day”. And that’s all he needs to be happy!

Alexander is the most attractive character in the musical not only bc he’s the main character. But bc he’s so curious and he has more determination than anyone I know! He never does what other people think is right, but he does what HE thinks is right. And that’s amazing! Alex listens to no one and doing what he wants. Of course, he has his own objectives, for example, seek to leave something behind that’s worth something, and it’s okay! Many people are seeking to that! Even if it hurts his friends and family. Maybe it’s not right, maybe it’s unfair, but who are we to judge him? He just does what he thinks is right.

And the last one is… Charles Lee! I know that some people say that he’s a jerk and… He IS a jerk! But he is my favorite jerk! To be honest, I don’t really know why I even like him, haha. Maybe bc Jon Rua starred as Lee /and I love Jon Rua as hell bc he dances well and I like how he looks like and his voice is so cute/… His voice! Yeah, I really like how he sounds like in the musical, I mean, he’s acting so real. And this fear, selfishness, and disgust in his voice are SO REAL. I know that things he was doing wasn’t right and he’s a self-obsessed coward, but who said people should like only good characters or great and cool antagonists? In other words, I like Lee bc he’s so real person even though he’s a jerk.

And well, in summary, I like how every character looks like, and I like their voices, and I have so many headcanons about them that make me love this characters even more!

P.S. So appreciate that somebody read this post to the very end! If so, you should know that you’re cinnamon rolls and not even burnt! I know it was hard to read this post bc of my English, so thank you!


Minseok ah~~ you’re already 27 ㅋㅋ~~ Time really flies without me noticing. I still remember when I first started watching exo showtime, you were the first person that caught my attention despite being the quietest amongst the noisy people (cough cough beagle line). Just somehow you showed your charms although you didn’t talk a lot. I remember in ep 12 when you said you wanted to talk wittily like baekhyun, and not be afraid of public speaking. Looking at the Minseok then and the Minseok now, you’ve really come a long way in many aspects and I can’t express enough how proud I am of you. I like you as that cute hamster in exo showtime, I like you as the confident performer you are now, but what fills my heart the most is seeing how you grew in many aspects, and seeing you achieve the things you wanted. From playing the lead role in a webdrama, to being part of exo’s first subunit, I just want you to know that I’m very very very extremely proud of you and of everything you’ve acheived. You’ve come a long, long way since debut, and even though you’ve changed in the physical department, to me it doesn’t matter tbh. I liked you as the chubby cute Minseok you were, and I’m happy to see that that part of you that I love is still there. I’m glad that people are noticing you more the last 2 years, you should really get more recognition because you deserve it. My heart really hurt when you said that you didn’t think you had a role in exo, I felt really really sad that such a thought ever crossed your mind because without you exo won’t be exo. You’ve contributed to the group as much as the other members have, so please don’t think that you don’t deserve your place in exo because it’s what you worked for, it’s you well-earned place and nothing can change that.

Scrolling through the #HappyXiuminDay tag on twitter, I realised just how precious you are in my life and how much I still treasure you. I feel like you haven’t changed a bit, yes you gained a bit more confidence, but I still feel like I’m looking at the same Kim Minseok I saw in 2013. The way you smile, the way you wave to the fans, I love all these things about you.

This 2017, my wish for you is to really just be happy. You’re enlisting in about 1-2 years:-( treasure your time with exo, perform each stage like its your last, and just enjoy every moment. I hope you’ll live life to the fullest because once you enlist, it’ll be a long time before I can see you again. I’ll miss not having weekly updates on your witty ways of dealing with Baekhyun’s dumb antics during concerts, I’ll miss not seeing you introduce yourself with exo, I’ll miss seeing exo’s oldest hyung trying to deal with the maknaes and trying to keep beagle line in check.
May you have a blessed birthday 사랑해💓💓

obsoletetrillion  asked:

Hey Matt, what would you consider to be the most "just there" episode of Super Mario Bros. Super Show (A show many would argue is already just kinda there)?

Hm.  I’m not sure, actually.  I never really gave it much thought!  I mean, it’s like you said, Super Show (And quite frankly most of the combined Mario cartoon as a whole, with Mama Luigi being the sole exception) has always just been ‘kinda there’

I mean, looking back, virtually the entirety of Super Show is kind of a blur to me.  I remember binge watching the show when it came out on DVD back in…2006 or so?  And the memory – besides the live action segments which are amazing, as you obviously know – is almost completely gone.  The whole show is just perfectly within the realm of mediocrity.  It’s not memorable, it’s not so bad it’s good, it’s just kind of…there.  Funny that it’s the complete polar opposite of the live action segments which, even taking YTP out of the equation are pretty damned funny in their own right.

Like SMB 3 and World are kind of in that same vein, but they only have a dozen or so 11 minute segments each and due to YTP they’ve all kind of been hammered in memory even if you don’t particularly remember seeing the episodes unedited.  But Super Show?  We’re talking 65 episodes here, most of which have gone untouched over the years.  It’s the opposite of AoStH where just about every scene from that show has been used in a video at some point over the last 10 years  (Wow, almost 11 in about a week) because that show is so ripe with funny material to emphasize and poke fun at.  The cartoon segments of Super Show, though?  I’ve never done the proper research but I guarantee anybody who’s ever made a YTP of it just put the cartoon segment in the video as an afterthought because it was part of the live action segment that was very likely the intended focus of the YTP to begin with, including myself.  It’s just…like you said, ‘kinda there’.

I don’t think this answered your question at all.

My dad knows me well
  • Me: *Talking to my dad about Yuri!!! On Ice*
  • Me: .. So basically the main character name's is Yuri and he's a figure skater and all..
  • Dad: And I bet you think he's gay cause that makes you happy
  • Me: ...
  • Me: Weeeeelllllll actually, on that point..

Arthur came back to life without any warning or whatsoever. He just one day popped up behind Merlin and took him by surprise, aka the merthur au no one needed

i already made some quick textposts but here’s a quick list of what i caught during baekhyun’s live ig story thing (let me know if i missed something!!):

  • baekhyun said he ate lots of good food today 💕😭 
  • baekhyun really looked so tired and sleepy and was yawning and in bed and stuff during the whole broadcast and was acting like it was 2 am but it was 2 pm soihfeowijefoiwjefwe
  • his mother changed his sheets/bedspread to pink lmfao (i’m assuming he’s at his parent’s house ant not the dorms)
  • myongryong’s legs hurt bc he’s been running around a lot and welsh corgis’ legs hurt very easily apparently so he has to take him to a hospital soon :(
  • there are baekhyun posters put up all around his room that fans gave him and im crying
  • someone asked him to speak in english in the comments and he got a little embarrassed and said ‘hi my name is baekhyun’ he’s so cute
  • and he also read a comment that said ‘good english’ and laughed (i’m unsure if the comment was in english sounding korean or actual english though)
  • he put his face so close to the camera to read comments and it was so cute im ded also he covered his face a lot w/ the blankets and looked super comfy im 💕💘💗💟💓💖
  • after showing his room really quickly he giggled a little (i d*e) and he was like ‘it’s really clean huh??’ (as in his room) he’s so neat and organized wow

sulli deserved better treatment and protection. that whole “sm is now suing for defamation of their idols” should have happened years ago. krystal deserved better support too. to this day i still question why on her reality show with jess she felt so alone and broken “no one would listen to me.” luna deserved better in general, bc SM never really cared tbh. they did not try hard enough to promote her solo activities as much as they did for the others. vic and amber deserved better because it’s like SM keeps sending them off to do all these individual activities u know, and yeah for what? more promo? f(x) are already known, they could have just made them promote as a group with their MUSIC so they could do world tours. Dimension 4 was so amazing, they had to add concert dates. but no, SM still doubts f(x), and still not even an Asian Tour. ..and now we have a frustrated band member, and angry and anxious MeUs… i’m really trying to stay positive but this is all too much…

Nah, but for serious if I was looking for any kids show to introduce a trans female comfortably and with success, I would be looking at Star vs The Forces of Evil. A show which has diverse personalities for all its female characters - Jackie, Janna, Star, Ponyhead, Starfan 13. All of them are different, but they are all still girls. None of these characters are ever told to be more feminine or are called manly. Janna who literally says in the show, “I just hate contributing to gender stereotypes”.

If Marco were to identify as a trans girl in the show, they’d know not to make him any different than he is already. They already know that girls have different interests and looks and attitudes and everything. All they’d have to do is for Marco to say the words, “I don’t think I’m a boy” or “I’m a girl” and you’d believe it because that is what the show is about. Being a girl. Not wanting to fit into the standards people expect of you as a girl. Marco identifying as a girl fits into the show so well and fits into everything it is trying to represent.

Tomi Lahrenn being interviewed by Trevor Noah is truly and utterly astounding to watch.

I can’t put it into words. Not really. Just watch it yourself.

Noah spends most of the time like a calm, cool psychiatrist arguing with a mental patient. He points out logic to her. He points out that Trump can’t feasibly do all he said. He points out that Trump is already going back on his word.

She denies it all. Reality is lost to her. Intelligence is lost to her. It’s honesty very disturbing to see. 

See it. It’s like Orwell on acid. 

Last night while trying to sleep I had this scene in my head. Maybe for season 12 or maybe next season, but I want Dean to find out somehow that Cas is truly in love with him, like make it known textually on the show, and for a whole episode or two, Dean struggles with this news, even though he kinda already knew, it’s like, solidified now, and what is making him panicky is that Cas knows he knows.

So we have Castiel a little sad maybe because he really didn’t want to reveal how he felt, but he did and it’s done, but he didn’t really get the response he had hoped for from Dean, so he’s just sitting alone on a bench, overlooking a lake as the sun is about to set. He’s deep in thought, with his squinted eyes and cute wrinkled brow, when Dean finally tracks him down. (that gps is a handy tool) 

He sits next to Cas, who just turns his head slightly to acknowledge the hunter’s presence. His hands are fidgeting in front of him, he knows it’s about to come - the “talk” about how these feelings are inappropriate and need to be dealt with if they want to remain friends. 

But Dean doesn’t speak right away, he just looks out at the lake and sighs. The silence is deafening, and Castiel swears he can now hear his own heartbeat, loud and hard in his chest. 

When Dean finally speaks, Castiel hesitantly looks his way, bracing himself for the inevitable blow that will surely break his heart into a million pieces. But something is different in how he played this out in his mind for the last hour. Dean is smiling, a nervous smile - you know the one he does when his mouth twitches, his lips quiver, and he exhales a few times before allowing himself to let any words come out. 

“You know, a very smart lady once asked me if I ever took the time to watch a sunset.”

Castiel isn’t sure where this conversation is going, so he just nods and offers a fragile smile, turning his attention back out to the shimmering water of the lake, that is now consuming the colors of the sun. 

“I guess I should, once in a while,” Dean adds, now bringing his hands in front of him and resting them between his thighs, a nervous gesture, for it’s not cold outside. He’s staring at Castiel now, and the angel all but chokes when he finally meets the hunter’s green gems, which are piecing through him as they always do. 

“Yes, it’s quite pleasant,” is all Castiel can say. 

They remain still with their eyes locked, as they’ve always done since they first met, but this time seems more intense. There has been a revelation, Dean knows he’s in love with him, and yet here he is, sitting by his side and making small talk. 

“She also told me to follow my heart.”

Castiel feels the air in his lungs escape as warm fingers reach for his and soon Dean is holding onto his hand, a side smile creeping up his face. “And I think it’s about time I do that too.”

While this is not even close to what Castiel was expecting, he gladly closes his fingers around Dean’s hand and squeezes. It’s hard to make an angel feel like he’s going to faint, or sweat, or even have a heart attack, but he feels all of it when Dean scoots even closer and smiles as he gazes out at the setting sun. 

For all the words his best friend lacks, he makes up for in his actions, and while he may not utter those three words back to Castiel, this here, right now, is all he needs. For this is the beginning of a new journey together. 

Okay but Rogue One and how they’re hugged and how they hug back headcanons. Hug headcanons. I live for platonic hugging, anything I like must have headcanons or fic for it.


  •  Baze hugs Bodhi by picking him up and squeezing him super tight.
  • Chirrut holds his arms open and waits for Bodhi to come over. (The first time, Bodhi was a little unsure. “What? What are you doing? Is this some Jedi guardian thing?” “It is a hug so come here already. Are you really denying a blind man, I can’t see you to hug you so get over here.” Baze laughed and laughed and laughed.)
  • Jyn hugs Bodhi like she wants to be covert. She’ll hug him fiercely and quickly and then act like she didn’t just bruise him.
  • Cassian pats Bodhi on the shoulder first, like a warning, and then gives him a one armed hug.


  • Baze just puts an arm around her shoulders and lets her turn into him for a hug. Chirrut usually shows up a moment later to make it a group hug. (If she shrugs them off at first they’ll let her be for a little while before trying again.)
  • Chirrut just tells her to hug him when he senses she’s nearby. (“Come here little sister, and give me a hug.”)
  • Bodhi hugs her nervously. He’ll do it impulsively and then stammer and try to explain until she tells him he doesn’t have to explain wanting to hug her.
  • Cassian hugs her like he never wants to let her go. Even when its just a one armed hug he holds her tight.


  • Chirrut just leans into him mostly. Or drapes himself over him.
  • Bodhi is too scared to straight up hug him so instead he pats Baze on the back or shoulder. (And then Baze grabs him in a bearhug.)
  • Jyn just leans against his side, puts an arm around him.
  • Cassian, much like Bodhi, is a little unsure about hugging Baze and usually waits until Baze is sitting so he can squeeze his shoulder, or prop his elbow on him and just lean on him. (Cassian also gets bearhugged.)


  • Baze just leans against him. Unless he did something that made Baze scared for Chirrut’s safety, in which case he wraps his arms around him like a shield and hugs him tighter than anyone else.
  • Bodhi always asks first if Chirrut wanta a hug, and then hugs him gently. (At least until after the first couple times Chirrut hugs him back with more umph than Baze. After that Bodhi just hugs him normally.)
  • Jyn does the same thing to him that he does to her; when she sees him she tells him to give her a hug.
  • Cassian hugs him briefly and reassuringly around the shoulders at random.


  • Bodhi hems and haws for so long before hugging him that Cassian hugs him instead.
  • Baze and Chirrut always tag team Cassian and hug him from either side. They usually do it because he’s overworking or stressed so they make him hold still and breathe for a moment. (He doesn’t actually mind.)
  • Jyn likes to hug him from behind, wrapping her arms around his waist and pressing her face into his back.


  • Hugging him is irrelevant to him since he can’t feel and uncomfortable to the humans because he’s made of metal. So instead they pat him or, in Jyn’s case, rap their knuckles against him. Eventually he starts patting them back too, sometimes.

*Bonus* Group hug:

  • If Chirrut and Baze are hugging Cassian, Jyn will squeeze in to hug him too and drag Bodhi along. When K2 walks by and sees them he sighs, and points out to Cassian that “the odds of this happening every day keep becoming higher, you know.”
Don’t Flirt With Him

Word count: 2,241

Warning: smut, spanking, little bit of fluff

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Summary: Y/N has to flirt with the most horrible and sexist man ever to get info for a case and Dean isn’t too happy about it so he shows her who she really belongs to.

The sound of Dean’s alarm woke you up and you reluctantly opened your eyes to see Dean and Sam already up and getting ready.

“Do you know what I think I like most about the bunker? Normal sleeping patterns.” Sam laughed, agreeing with you as he brushed his teeth.

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I’m sure as I rewatch I’m going to notice a lot more stuff but something that really stood out to me was how Rapunzel reacts to stressful situations. I don’t know if it’s intentional or not, but she does the same things that I’ve experienced in real-life so it popped out to me quickly, and intentional or not, I really like it (and will 100% self-indulgently use it as part of my headcanons/characterization for Rapunzel). There are already amazing posts on Gothel being emotionally abusive towards Rapunzel, and what I like about this series is that we get to see Rapunzel coping and adjusting after being away from Gothel, and how this specifically shows up with stressful situations. 

She’s very enclosed in on herself, and will often slightly curl up and try to turn away from the object that’s causing her stress (she’s turned away from the castle, turning only to look at Eugene, and an exception is when she’s on the bed, curled away from Cassandra, who’s not her true stressor, etc). But, overall she tries to shield herself - she literally hugs her arms around her body in the beginning, and when she speaks about not wanting to marry Eugene, she puts her hands over herself. 

I don’t remember it happening often enough so it could be a one-time thing, but I did notice that when her hair grows back, she seems to pull on it more often, which reminds me of her literally covering herself in her hair in the original movie when Gothel was singing about danger. She also tends to avert her eyes from the stressor and - what I assume is lip biting. Overall, she tries to make herself as small as possible, and look away from what’s giving her anxiety. 

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