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Apparently there's a sexual content rating/warning for tomorrow's episode. If they give an alternate version of Hook and some random, nothing female character the type of scene they refused to give Captain Swan, I might actually throw something. Or cry. Honestly, this is so unfair. I hate A&E so much.

I suppose there has to be at least implied sex if a baby is made (which we don’t even know yet) so it’s not really that shocking.  However, I take your meaning.  It would suck if they end up showing much and the first love scene that Colin gets on this show has nothing to do with CS.  

If that happens, I’m sure I will think about all the missed opportunities with CS and be quite displeased with the writers for deciding they could go there in this scenario, but not with Hook and Emma.  

If the show weren’t already on it’s deathbed, I’d think a potential move like this would be a HUGE mistake in terms of turning off viewers, I don’t believe most are ready to see a version of Hook romancing someone other than Emma. It’s jarring and it’s too soon. However, you have to have viewers to turn them off and… S7 not so much. 

Honestly, I’m having trouble getting too worked up because I won’t be watching the episode(s.) And I’ll be whisking anything to do with it off my dash via unfollowing, blacklisting and blocking, so I don’t plan to talk much about it or really dwell on it. 

However, if you have any asks about Captain Swan, my inbox is gladly accepting those.

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So for yall, is the cultural context of manifesting your code different from showing the soul? Does the soul lore apply?

* there wasn’t a whole lot of actual ‘soul lore‘ built into the game, at least not from what i’ve gathered hearing the guys upstairs talk. that said, manifesting one’s code is a pretty private thing because you can tell a lot about a person just by looking at it. personality traits, habits, predispositions, what kind of modifiers they might have installed…

* everything, really. it’d be like if everything about who you are were written out on a whiteboard for everyone to see and read at a glance. so, yeah, definitely not something you do in front of just anyone. not that there’s a lot of call to do so in the day to day.

Okay say what you want about How To Get Away With Murder but how iconic is it that in a mere eight (8) episodes of season 4 they’ve given us Tegan talking about a woman she was with, Bonnie finally confirming that she loves Annalise (which we all knew but still) and Connor having two dads and now we find out that Simon was in love with Oliver like?

That all on top of the five LGBT characters that have appeared on the show in the past three seasons, three of them mains who still are on the show like?? HTGAWM is really over here like ‘straight people? NOT ON MY WATCH THERE AREN’T’ and I love it

(That being said, making Simon queer just to kill him off 0.7 seconds later was a real dick move and I do kind of hope he’ll end up surviving wow who thought I’d say that)

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This might be a bit random but what Hogwarts house do you think Korekiyo would be in? Most people put him in Slytherin and I can see his ambition but I think his FTEs really show how much he likes to learn and so he'd be in Ravenclaw.

i don’t like him being thrown into slytherin bc people think he’s “”evil”” is lame (and DISRESPECTFUL to slytherins bc they ain’t evil but that’s a rant from my days as a 14 year old potterhead) BUT KORK IS A TOTAL RAVENCLAW I MEAN HES SMART AND HE WANTS! TO! LEARN! EVERYTHING!
likE That Plot (u know the one) can show an ambition but I think THAT borders more as an obsession so.
But like this Boi just NEEDS to know as much as he can so I think he’s perfect in ravenclaw. Actually I think I know what my next sprite edit is brb I’m putting him in ravenclaw

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hi i feel incredible fomo reading your vaguepost about tiny ships. what fandom/ship are you talkin about pls?

Sorry, I wasn’t trying to be vague! I felt like it worked better as a general post without specifying, but I wasn’t being, like, avoidant.

I was talking about Dawson’s Creek fandom, which was nearly all Dawson/Joey or Pacey/Joey, while I was hardcore Jen/Audrey (which was SUPPOSED TO BE CANON until the WB decided they’d met their gay quota with Willow/Tara, SORRY I’M NEVER GOING TO BE OVER THAT).

Busy Philipps and Michelle Williams became best friends on the show and have stayed close and it’s really adorable and great.

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Ok but Liam actually made elena really happy, at least she always smiled and looked happy with him so why tf did she need damon? Let her be happy and date someone that she didn't have a toxic relationship with like? Even tho stelena is my otp I'd rather she be with a nice guy than damon

The point of DE, which the show didn’t do well, is that it’s not supposed to matter that Elena is happy without him because when he’s around she can’t shake him, the love and attraction is so overwhelming and consuming that she would choose something that hurts over something that would be decent and healthy because it’s just *that* powerful. The issue is that none of that is earned

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I don't think the show would ever explore this idea, but I like to imagine that Rapunzel probably has some flavour of DID/OSDD after what she went through in the tower - roughly 18 years of emotional abuse/neglect isn't good on anyone's psyche, after all. Maybe in the tower she would think of her alters as imaginary friends, thinking that it's just a normal thing but no one talks about it - and then, entering society, would learn what's really going on? Idk I just thought I'd share here :0

I tend to give her PTSD and anxiety in my RPs. And though they’ve never hit hard and heavy, they’ve hinted at that in the series.

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Yo! So I'm hoping to get to see the Your Welcome show when they bring it to the UK and I'm a Photography student so I sent Mark an ask to try and get permission to photograph the show. I'm actually so scared that like he never answers or something but I couldn't find an actual email address! Just thought I'd share my excitement and nerves haha. - 🔥

AAAA THAT’S SO EXCITING! Hopefully he responds, I’d love for you to be able to! Keep us updated, please, I really hope he answers and gives the green light to! -Non-Jim

here is the problem i have with the fandom (and the show) acting like dean is suddenly oh so much better to jack now just because he doesn’t want to murder him in cold blood and oh he said jack’s not really a monster.

jack: [excited, happy voice] the victim had bite marks… like from a zombie!!! :D

dean: [annoyed voice; annoyed look] or ANYTHING ELSE with teeth.

like, this is exactly why dean’s an abuser in the first place? it’s not just the ‘big’ things like repeatedly threatening jack’s life and saying he’s evil; it’s the little things, too, like dean always being dismissive, negative, criticizing, disapproving and acting like everything you say and do is wrong.

and i guess maybe dean’s behavior is supposed to be blamed on another excuse like “oh dean’s an angry sleeper~” but as cas, who said that line, has also said before: dean’s always a little angry. so i don’t think dean being abruptly woken up really gets to be an adequate excuse when he’s always that way anyway.

speaking of: virtually every time that cas has been excited about something, dean’s shot down his ideas and tried to control him. so it’s also not like this is something new at all either. and ~funnily enough that’s exactly what happened with cas in that scene, too, because cas had to sit there and wait for dean to finish his coffee 'cause dean is the one who gets to decide when they leave.

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You have been given an adequately sized crew of skilled people to help you work on your own Sonic game/movie/comic/etc. You have as much creative freedom as they can reasonably give you. What medium do you go with and is there anything you can tell us about it? Any plot ideas or even just minor tidbits you'd like to share?

Honestly the concepts I have are both really ambitious and really tenuous. I think I’d probably go with something like a webcomic that can be produced over time.

Webcomics are nice because the Sonic series was really conceived, well, in terms of the games which translate into singular large “arcs”, so I think if I’d want to translate the AU, which is similarly conceptualized, I’d want to go with something episodic like a show or comic (animated series in my wildest dreams, ha ha) because it both accommodates multiple potential arcs, but also has greater room for continuity than something with more large, defined installments like a series of movies or games.

As far as actual stuff I have about my personal Sonic alternate universe, I actually have a whole sideblog dedicated to that with art and meta posts.

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Hiya! If you're still playing the ask game, I think my icon is a dead giveaway of my favorite gem lolol But seriously, Lapis is the whole reason I started watching SU. The second I saw her nonchalantly raise the water and take down the Ruby ship, I was like "yup, that's my new fave. Where can I get more of her?" Side question for you! (If you don't mind) What specific scene, or episode, in SU really cemented your interest in the show?

You must be excited for Lapis’ redemption arc getting started, then! :D I know I am, hehe.

For me, the scene that really got me interested in Steven Universe was the part in “Alone Together” where Stevonnie is running in front of the sunset across the beach.

Much like you and Lapis, that scene made me go “Where can I get more of that, thank you”. LOL

Also, I’m an animator myself, and when I see good traditional animation I’m like:

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I started out really wanting a ball python and to honest I still do, but the more I do research, the more I feel like a corn snake or a kenyan sand boa would be better suited to me? Since they're smaller in size and still a beginner snake, and this would literally be my *first ever* snake and I really don't want to mess it up? Idk, any advice?

All I can really advise is to go with whichever you love the most. And! Go to reptile shows to meet and talk to breeders of each in person, get a feel for their care and if you’d be able to handle it one way or another. Sometimes you get cake snakes like Clem or Kabu who eat like garbage cans or you get Alphies, who was just. a mess. So! Remember it boils down to the individual themselves too. Hope that helps!

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Apparently a hotel in Las Vegas decided not to hold a brony convention because the demographic because the demographic was not “conservative” enough for the image of the hotel (whatever that means) and would likely “jeopardize” their gaming license. SInce you are a brony who is politically conservative, I'm curious about your opinion on this. Link to an article about what happened (just remove spaces): equestriadaily. com/2017/11/high-roller-pony-con-changes-venues-d. html

I personally don’t think the hotel was referring to conservative in the political sense, but more like in the traditional sense. Hosting a convention filled with people dressing up as colorful cartoon ponies likely isn’t something they want on their record, and I can honestly see why. The hotel probably wants to keep up a ‘reputation.’

I like the show, and have had a lot of fun at pony cons, but let’s be honest here, they aren’t really super great for general reputation, especially in Vegas culture, I assume.

This isn’t really a big deal IMO. And I highly doubt it was done from the political definition of conservative. 

Project Runway Fashion Week!

I know some appreciate the sniping, but I’m really happy to have four finalists who at least seem to respect one another and aren’t at each other’s throats. 

Thoughts before the show: it’s been a fun season.  A little useless drama.  I’d rather they spend more time focusing on the designers overcoming the design challenges and learning to master their creative process than on the personalities and bitching, but I realize that drah-MAH! and petty stuff tends to garner more viewers.  Oh well.  The inspiring part about the creative process still comes through.  Looks like the reunion will bring PLENTY of that.

Cut for spoilers and such.  I have a special little space in my heart for Ayana and Margarita, and am cheering for them.  This may be the best finale set of designs that I have seen.  I hated none of them.  I also deeply appreciate that there was only one white dude.  And I really thought these designers would be in the final set from the start.  

Okay, I love Tim standing with the designer backstage and watching with them. And I want to give Liris a big hug.  Go girl.  

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((Hello mun! I found a repost of the sweater and the goop ask on a blog named voidreversal those I dunno if you’d knew that already I just wanted to let you know beside that keep up the cute art! ))

((i am uh. really discoordinated sorry <w>” I took it down. I knew something went wrong when I queued the answer to that one and it didnt show up on awkwardgoop blog 

((yeet sorry, this is a great example of me having my life together XD I’ll try to avoid it in the future my apologies 

((thanks for being really quick to catch it though! makes me confident my art is less likely to be stolen by a thief who could away with it

((yes, I run both blogs, this was an error on my part, no one else’s

I was worried it was shallow for me to like a character because they’re transgender. I mean, I don’t wanna be defined by mine, so I try really hard not to define others by theirs. It’s why I make my stance clear but avoid gender debates. I wanna hold my ground but also recognize that gender identity is only one part of a person.

After thinking about it a little, though, I realize I was being kinda silly. Of course it’d make sense that I like a good transgender character. Even if the character’s a woman, I can still relate to their circumstances, and I can appreciate that the writer actually included them and gave them an important role.

I appreciate this junky show for giving me kind of a confidence boost. It’s immature, but it does feel sincere enough.

General musical descriptions

Dear Evan Hansen: Ben Platt looking into the audience with a sad expression for like 2 ½ hours

(bla bla bla) Great Comet of 1812: simple plot surrounded by a kinda easy plot surrounded by a lot of other crap (but still somehow managed to be amazing)

Hamilton: over hype: the musical

Falsettos: oh the GAYNESS of it all

Charlie and the chocolate factory: we say we’re family friendly but we also show a child getting ripped in half. (Very underrated)

Sunset Blvd: it’s like a really fucked up beauty and the beast.

Phantom of the Opera: sInG oNcE aGaIn WiTh Me OuR sTrAnGe DuEt

Cats: a two hour tourist trap

School of Rock: talented children+ Alex Brightman + Sierra Bogess= a show I wanna see!!

Something rotten: Shakespeare was a prick

Come from away: WELCOME TO THE ROCK

Spring Awakening: don’t have sex: or you’ll get pregnant, and die

Wicked: you already know

Heathers: it’s like if Caty just fucking KILLED REGINA.

Carrie: rated R Matilda

Matilda: R E V O L T I N G C H I L D R E N

Once on this island: Moana?

Sweeney Todd: Worst. Haircut. Ever.

Newsies: boys jumping for 2 hours

Book of Mormon: Repress your emotions woooo!!!!

Waitress: sad and pregnant + pie!!!

(these are jokes I love all of these)


I’m backkkkk (againnn) 

Apparently I have contribute my new works for my dear friend @ke-ne-su at FanExpo 2017 and here are prints and stickers that will be available there at table A372 

If you guys want to meet us feel free to come to our table anytime :D 

Hope you guys like these works. Steven Universe is one of my favorite show and I have a really fun time doing this work :D 



Some things never change lmao 😂😂