i really like this show :d

I can’t believe we’re having a dance party!  It seems so...silly!

Mini 4: Throw Down!

Avatar is my all time favorite world-wide-dance-competition anime.


Cersei smiled the sort of smile she customarily reserved for Jaime.

- George R. R. Martin, A Clash of Kings


Kind of a continuation of this thing, where Spock and Kirk end up as kids for whatever reason and poor Bones has to keep up with his childish superior officers who are…actually children this time :P

In the end it’s just horribly self indulgent fluff to make myself feel better X’’D

Please do not tag with any ships! Thank you!

At the fireworks show today there was a dude selling light up flower crowns so ofc me and my pal got some and on the way home this little old lady stopped to tell us we looked very pretty and I felt like a shiny flower prince it was sweet


Isaac, can you hear me?


also it would be hella if there were like “official” looking nasa like shirts that said like “Hephaestus Mission” (or just fancy patches/stickers) or whatever and also shirts that just say how could dare you in large letters