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color doodles from a while ago. 
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Hi :) I only recently watched Haikyuu (and Oikawa and Iwaizumi are my favorite characters, naturally), but I was wondering if you could explain Iwaizumi's interest in Godzilla? I think it's really cute and charming—is it a headcanon of the fandom? Thanks so much ^^ Love your art!

Ohh nice!! Welcome to Haikyuu!! and the fandom!! I hope you enjoy it!!
Oikawa and Iwaizumi are great, aren’t they?? WAHAHA I LOVE THEM :D

Ahh yes, Iwaizumi and Godzilla!! A wonderful pair! And this one is actual canon and not just fandom made :D

We know from the manga that Iwaizumi not only has a Godzilla keychain on his bag but also a patch

Also his phone case shows us that he likes Godzilla!

If I remember correctly this is from an official haikyuu calendar…?
And we also see his phone case again in “let’s haikyuu”

The story behind this is that he finds out that Hinata and Kageyama got to Datekou and find a monster there. So he really wants to see this Monster/Godzilla like beast.
Following this we have the Jump Movie Poster of Kageyama riding a giant Hinata into battle against a giant, Godzilla like, Monster.

And then we have another little sketch of Iwaizumi desperately wanting to switch with Kageyama so he can face the monster too.

Kageyama: ‘Sup Iwaizumi-san

Iwaizumi: *fidgety fidgety* Kageyama, next up, switch with me…!

Kageyama: ‘Kay

Hinata: Owowowowow!! Get off!! Kageyama get off!!


This is all from official art! So it’s pretty canon that Iwaizumi loves Godzilla and other Monsters that are similar to Godzilla and gets excited over them!!!
Isn’t he a beautiful dork!!!?!?!?

BTS Reaction to you being really chubby and insecure.

Genre; Angst/Fluff??? Small bits of smut???

Authors Notes; Thank you so much for the request!! I personally feel that all of BTS wouldn’t really care about your body type and would just love you for you 😊 Hope you like it ^_^


Jin; Being quite the motherly/caring type I think he would just want to make sure you were okay 24/7. If he saw you comparing yourself to others he’d make you forget about them and show you just how much he loves your body 😉 Jin wouldn’t be one to really care too much about weight or body size, his main concern would be your self-esteem and making you know how much he loves you, all of you.

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Suga; We already know Yoongi doesn’t care about physical appearance but I do think he would feel like he wanted to protect you constantly. His main focus would be on making you feel good about yourself as he doesn’t like seeing you upset. He may seem cold on the outside but with you he’s a little fluffball who pays you lots of compliments, and may god have mercy on those who make you feel anything less than beautiful.

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J-Hope; This little ball of sunshine has two sides when it comes to this; you’re my goddess & I will kill anyone who says otherwise. Hobi couldn’t care less what you looked like as long as you’re happy and he’s the one making you happy. He’d kiss every inch of your body every day and find your chubbiness incredibly cute 😊

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Rap Monster; He hates to see you upset or insecure about the way you look because to him you’re the most beautiful thing on the planet and much like Yoongi, Namjoon would go for anyone who thinks otherwise/makes you think otherwise. This boy loves to show you in the dirtiest of ways just how much he loves you and your body 😉 Chubby or otherwise Namjoon will love you with his entire heart and soul.

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Jimin; Smol bean has had insecurities about being chubby himself so he knows exactly how you feel and just how to cheer you up. He’d take you on cute dates anytime he’d see you comparing yourself to anyone. He loves to hug you from behind and kiss up your neck anytime you feel less than the amazing person you are. 😊 😊

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 V; Taehyung’s main priority in life is to make sure you’re happy, when he first finds out about you being insecure about your body and being chubby he’d sit you down, get down on his knees and explain to you just how beautiful you are until you’re beaming. He’d also make sure you never skipped any meals, making sure you ate properly at all times. Tae would only care about your happiness and wellbeing.

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 Jungkook; Kookie would at first be annoyed and perhaps angry if you saw yourself as anything less than gorgeous but would then understand that your self-esteem isn’t really your fault and insecurities usually come from bad feedback from others. Lil kook would love it when you smiled and he’d often poke your cheeks calling you a cutie. Jungkook is honestly the type to “fite” anyone who disagreed with his view of you and would always protect you, making sure that you felt good about yourself, not caring what you look like.

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I’ve been seeing a lot of political-based explorations and critiques of that episode, which are obviously very important and necessary. However, that’s meant the character-based analysis has slipped to the side a bit. It’s also probably due to the fact that no-one seems to be 100% certain on Bill’s character yet, but I figured I’d start off a discussion by throwing some of my ideas out there and seeing if anyone else has been thinking the same thing.

- Bill’s very open with her emotions, not just with feeling them, but with showing them. Definitely a lot of that is from Pearl Mackie’s incredible face, but I know Bill’s character was informed by Pearl’s acting strengths, so I think that’s a pretty credible thread. And that kind of makes Bill vs Cybermen both an obvious and powerful match up. Of course, I only really like this if Bill wins in the end, but if definitely looks like she hasn’t lost all her emotions yet, so she’s winning that fight. 

- Another note of Bill’s character is that she seems to resign herself to the fact that shitty things happen to her. She doesn’t like it, and she’ll argue a bit, but she doesn’t seem to expect that to make a huge difference? It’s really sad, and it’s been something I’ve really been wanting to see Bill triumph over, see her say “no I don’t deserve this and I’m not going to take it”. She’s been getting better at that throughout the series - insisting on her way to the Doctor as she gets more comfortable, but we haven’t yet seen a direct mirror of the threatened mind wipe from the Pilot. A Cybermen emotions wipe though, that is a thematic repeat, which gives Bill a huge opportunity to show her growth and evolution during this series.

Both of these are very much based on Bill not just surviving but also defeating the Cybermen on a very personal level, resisting and escaping conversion, and saving herself. But given that the thematic threads of this series seem to be very much pointed towards that ending, I’m 99% sure that’s where it’s headed.

I have absolutely no clue how it’s going to happen practically, but thematically I just can’t see another option.

things i didn't like about the finale

i just kinda feel like i need to get this off of my chest so i can go on reblogging all the positive stuff. i’d put a read more but im on my phone.

-the noorhell (obviously). especially the fact that noora has somehow completely overcome all her trauma around sex and is willing to fuck in cars at a moment’s notice
-the fact that noora and willhell were talking about having sex at an eid celebration like wtf
-the fact that in 4 seasons with over 10 female characters in a show directed at teenage girls we have 0 wlw representation. and evilde really was bait all along
-listen magnus is a nice guy but honestly vilde really should have been gay
-that random as hell p chris/emma pairing. yet still no wlw. ok.
-the fact that the only girl in the girl squad who didn’t end in a relationship was chris
-sara and ingrid talking about fasting like it’s some trendy diet
-still don’t understand why yousef couldn’t be there????
-even’s neck. why is it so long
-jonas needs a haircut

All my crushes were soooo obviously fake looking back, I would literally decide who to have a crush on next
Like once when there was a new boy in my class and he hadn’t even arrived yet we were just told he’d be there in like the next week and like I consciously thought “okay I’ll fancy him” and then like I did for years??
And when I went to a girls school (5 years of barely seeing boys wasted) and there were no boys to like I eventually joined scouts and obviously didn’t like any of them but then one vaguely attractive guy showed up and I was like “YES! YOU!” and then I liked him
(My friend was really nervous to tell me she liked him too but I was *extremely* chill about it loool)

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I don't know if you still take prompts, but if you do, then 3 times where Emil wants to kiss Mickey and +1 he gets kissed in a way or situation we all did not expect ;) (would be nice if mickey is the +1, but surprise us hehe) have fun <333

I sure am taking them!! (especially for EmiMike…they’re my weakness and my strength)

This sounds really cute and I’ve actually never written a #+1 style drabble before. I hope you like it!!


The first time Emil felt the urge, he was sixteen. He’d been so excited to show off the new quad he’d just learned, that he didn’t take the time to properly lace his skates.

He’d barely made it onto the ice before Michele stormed over and demanded he take a seat on the bench. Emil, surprised that the older skater was actually talking to him - and initiating the conversation - immediately acquiesced, plopping down onto the faded wood.

“Honestly. All that talk about impressing everyone,” Michele muttered as he grabbed Emil’s skate, roughly untying the messy knot and starting over. “You’ll never make the podium if you trip over your damn laces.”

Oh. Emil’s face burned with embarrassment. “Sorry, Mickey…”

“Don’t apologize. Just don’t do it again,” he demanded, brows drawn down in concentration as he pulled the laces tight. 

It felt nice, having the older skater looking after him. It made Emil feel special. Something warm bubbled up in his chest as Michele finished up. Then he switched to the other skate.

This knot was particularly spectacular and when Michele’s teeth came out to worry at his lower lip, Emil couldn’t tear his gaze away.

Oh. This time Emil’s face was hot for a different reason.


The second time was a year later during a competition. Emil was stoked. He had been working really hard and was ready to show the world what he was made of.

He hummed happily to himself as he walked out of his hotel room and toward the elevator. When the doors opened, he was surprised to see Michele standing there, holding a fluffy purple bathrobe.

Still, undaunted, Emil took the opportunity to speak to the older skater he admired so much. “Good morning, Mickey!”

Michele’s head snapped up, almost as if he hadn’t realized anyone else was there. His violet eyes widened and he glanced quickly between Emil and the plush-looking robe he held.

“Sara left it in our room,” he blurted out quickly, his cheeks tinting pink.

Emil blinked and raised his eyebrows. “What?”

“The robe.” Michele held it out. “It’s…It’s not mine, okay.” He licked his lips nervously and Emil couldn’t help but to follow the movement. They looked soft. “I’m just bringing it down to the pool for her,” Michele continued and Emil cleared his throat before sidling up to him and wrapping an arm around his shoulders.

“Of course, Mickey. I believe you.”


The third time Emil couldn’t ignore it was the night they all went out clubbing in Barcelona during the Grand Prix Final.

They were together on the dance floor. Sara and Mila had disappeared and, for once, Michele wasn’t playing his sister’s keeper. In fact, he seemed more relaxed than Emil had ever seen him. Laughing and smiling and dancing to the music.

He looked so good like that.

And when Michele turned to ask him something - what, he didn’t know - and that warm, unusually carefree smile was directed at him, he nearly swooned.

“What?” Emil asked over the thumping of the bass.

“I said-” Michele leaned in closer, close enough for Emil to feel his warm breath waft over his lips. He swallowed. “I’m thirsty.”

“Oh. Right.” Emil nodded and let Michele lead the way over to the bar.


Michele wasn’t completely oblivious. He saw the way Emil looked at him. He’d caught him staring enough times over the past year or so to cast aside any doubt that the younger skater liked him.

Of course, even with that - and Sara’s constant cajoling - Michele wasn’t exactly sure Emil wanted to be anything more than friends.

It was a contradiction. He knew that. But there was always the chance that he’d misinterpreted something and that Emil’s ‘like’ wasn’t the same as his.

But when Emil walked him back to his room, mindlessly chattering on about this and that, Michele knew this was his chance. “I had fun tonight,” he said once they reached the door.

“Me, too,” Emil replied, rubbing the back of his neck, a goofy grin on his face. “You’re a really good dancer, Mickey.”

“You, too.” 

A silence fell over them as Michele quickly began losing his nerve.

“Well, I’d better head back to my room-”

“Emil, wait!” Michele started and then looked down. This was harder than he thought.

“What is it, Mickey?” Emil stepped forward and Michele took advantage of their close proximity. He reached for the front of Emil’s shirt and fisted the fabric. “Mick-”

But Michele silenced him, pressing their lips together in a short, but - hopefully - passionate kiss.

When they broke apart, Michele reached into his pocket and pulled out his room key. “Thanks. For tonight,” he added, quickly unlocking his door. He walked inside and turned back to look at Emil, feeling a bit proud when he saw the other had brought his fingers to his lips, his face flushed. “See you tomorrow morning for breakfast?” he asked.

Emil seemed to come back to himself. He nodded, offering the brightest smile Michele had ever seen. “Sure, Mickey.”

Hooray~ I hope you enjoyed reading this.
For some reason I was having trouble with the format. Getting stuck? How odd, haha. Then again, I was trying to do too many things at once, instead of focusing on writing.

Thanks for the prompt~
You can read more fluffy drabbles here.

Seventeen Reacts to: their Bi crush being sad because she found out her crush (a girl) was straight?

He would try very hard to comfort her in every way he could possibly figure out how to. Buy her anything she wants, gives her candy and probably listens to her pour her heart out.

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“Ah~ Well, I’m sure there’s another cute girl waiting for you to show up. Don’t feel bad, my crush doesn’t really like me either.”
Would comfort her in a non-awkward and actually sincere way because he’s had that happen to him before *coughseungcheolcheatedonhimwithminghaocough*

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He would be a little confused as to what bisexuality was but was too shy to ask questions so he’d give her hug and asked if she was honestly okay.

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“So I have a chance?”
Makes it obvious he has a crush on her but wouldn’t be too flirty or try to force himself on her. Just teases and jokes around about it for a little.

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He would feel so bad for her. She loved to talk about her crush and when she told him that she asked her out and was turned down, he felt crushed as well.
“She rejected us both, lets cry and watch sad movies.”

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He would be a little awkward because she was crying and he didn’t really understand what she was saying through the tears. So he’d kinda just pat her head.
“It’s okay..”

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“Aish, Vernon tried that one on me..”
Would try to cheer her up with random things that came to his mind, like joking about why Vernon said they would never be a couple. 

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“Aw, no.. Let’s not be sad, lets be happy that you took a chance, yeah? You tried and she still loves you as a friend. We all go through that, let us not cry.” Hugs and cuddles her tightly

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“Thughao can pimp you out. We’ll find a cute girl for ya, no worries.”
Makes jokes towards her about it, not in a harsh way though.

(c-ing my way out sorry for this) 

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“Ooh, that’s rough. Wanna talk about it or are you just gonna cry and watch movies clung to my leg?”
Watched a  movie or two with her whilst eating food.

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He wouldn’t know what to say. He’d probably just give her a tight hug.
“I’m sorry that happened to you.”

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Oh you bias wrecker whore slut bag get outta here before i dIE 

Gives her flowers, food and tissues.
“I hope it’s not awkward between you guys after this..”

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He would do anything with her that she wanted to make her feel better.
“She turned you down though? Was she at least nice about it?”

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You know what I loved about the last episode? Eskild confusing the hell out of William 😀 he actually managed to force him to show emotions

Haha! I have to disagree with your past part though. While I loved the Eskild/William interaction William looked like a serial killer right there. Like what the hell?!? He was staring creepily. I’m not salty about Noorhelm being endgame and I really liked the fact that they’re taking things way slower, sign that they’re growing up, but if I was a William fan I’d be mad that he looked like he was in the funeral of his father that he killed himself to get the heritage early.

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i'm not really sure how to feel about pitch perfect 3

For people who have been following this blog for awhile, I’m sure they know by now that I’m not the biggest Pitch Perfect fan. I like that it gave Anna exposure. She also looks like she’s having a blast every time she makes one of these. As a fan, I want her to be happy and to do projects that she wants and feels passionate about.

However I don’t think Pitch Perfect is doing much for her career. I enjoyed the first one, sure. The sequel was good in aspects but in many others it didn’t work for me. I’d prefer Anna doing dramas or black comedies. Some of her early films really show how good of an actress she is. She was nominated for an Oscar. She can get to that level. But Pitch Perfect is just a fun movie and that’s it. I’m glad the third is being marketed as the final film. I need Anna out of this series and for her talent to be put to better use elsewhere. But that’s just me.

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Who would you rather have sex In front of? All your ex's or a bunch of homophobic religious bigots?

homophobic religious bigots for sure. 

my ex’s already know how hot gay sex is, i’d like to show the homophobes the most intense passionate dirty kinky sex they’ve ever seen cause why the fuck not. maybe they’d realise more or less love and making love really isn’t about gender, it’s about this incredible shared intimacy and human connection

ID #52121

Name: Cathi
Age: 17
Country: UK

Hi, I’m Cathi! I’m 17 and I’m just about to finish my first year of A-Levels where I’m studying French, History, English Literature, and Drama. I like linguistics and am really interested in language overall, so I’m a big reader and will be happy to discuss novels with people - just as long as I can read them first! I’m a giant nerd and so if I’m not into something like a show or book, the chances are I’m just waiting for the right moment to get into it! I’d like to meet new people across the world because I like exchanging cultures and learning about how life is different for different people.

Preferences: I don’t mean to be rude, but preferably people from the age of 16-19, since that’s my age range, but if you’re slightly older or younger than that I don’t mind. Gender and place don’t matter at all, even if you’re from the UK too!

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Same anon as before! I say the writers care about what the audience thinks is because of the way j0neryz (the far more beloved ship) is set up in the leaks. It seems so fanservicey and d&d have always been eager to show how much they love characters like d@ny and tyrion who are so different and whitewashed from their book counterparts. Then again, I'm a pessimistic Jonsa shipper and have no faith in the writers, but I hope I'm proven wrong.

I really wouldn’t put so much faith in leaks, nor would I put so much faith in it being endgame. The trajectory of Jon and Dany’s characters are vastly different to one another. Either they aren’t endgame or Dany finally gets her heroic sacrificial moment by giving her life to save Westeros. 

But I don’t think the writers are catering towards the audience. They might amp up certain scenes based on previous fan responses, but like I said before, the story had a conclusion long before the show started. If Jonsa was endgame, they wouldn’t change that simply because the fans prefer Jon3rys, and vice versa. Unlike other shows, Game of Thrones was always meant to end and not carry on forever with convoluted plot after convoluted plot purely to please fans and rake in the dough. 

Don’t be so pessimistic ;) Just enjoy the ship fandom, join in the fun tinfoils and metas, and beautiful fanfic/fanart/graphics/gifs that so many people are making. 

Pessimism kills and that’s a fact. 

(No, it’s not but it would make for a nice motivational poster.) 

+ honesty weekend – ask/send me whatever you want about anything you want +

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Wow, Ashely posting that really confirmed it for me that twincer isn't happening. I was already at a 70% chance bc Marlene had said something about twincer being amazing all those years ago. Another thing that confirmed it for me was when A.D. just left like that. So who else could it be if it's not a twin??? Ugh now I'm nervous as hell for the finale. I really hope they don't have someone in a Spencer mask speaking like Spencer. Like if airport Spencer was was someone in a mask? Ew.

I will regret every single minute I spent theorising over this show, if it’s turns out that AD was someone like Melissa or Mary wearing a Spencer mask. I agree, that just sucks. It’s not realistic at all, it’s way too Scooby-Doo, and so random, unoriginal, boring and pathetic. I could find a million other adjectives to describe it but I’ll leave it there.

I don’t believe Ash has control over her Facebook because all her posts are basically just latest gossip. As someone pointed out to me, it’s possible her account is even run by a computer which automatically publishes articles that gain high traffic. And of course, that’s a Twincer post. I dunno though, maybe I’m not in the position to comment on that since I really am biased on the topic haha

It’s 5.30am and i snuck out of bed to read the article and i have Thoughts i need to parse through so quickly:

1. That was a fucking heartbreaking interview. I wasn’t sure at first, I thought i didn’t like the way the reporter seemed to delight in pegging him as an underdog, but it felt less malicious by the time I’d read everything Louis himself had had to say.

2. I can’t believe he resisted the break, for some reason i never thought he had, and now i really wonder why I’d thought that.

3. I will walk through fire to show him he’s talented and great and deserving of all.

4. I just wish that interview had been longer, really.

5. Someone needs to help that boy quit smoking STAT.

alas poor Confidential

…This is where I really mourn the loss of Doctor Who Confidential.

Because I want to know ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING about the making of that episode.

I want to see Pearl Mackie’s reaction to Bill being shot. I want to see Moffat talk about how he got the ideas to bring the Master back and repeat the story about Simm taking back what he’d said about only being Tennant’s Master like two minutes after he said it. I want to know how he felt about the Mondasian Cybermen and whether he thought they were much scarier than their later incarnations like I do.

I want to meet the people who played the converted colonists. I really want to see them putting on Simm’s Rumplestiltskin makeup while he complains bitterly about how horrible it is. I especially really want to see EVERY SECOND of the read-through, and Michelle Gomez’s reaction when she realized what John Simm was actually doing there since she didn’t read the script beforehand, and see the two of them being interviewed together because my god the chemistry.

Sorry, The Fan Show. You’re sweet and all, but you’re not a patch on Confidential.

There better at least be some ‘making of’ featurettes on the dvd.

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Hi! Is it okay if a fan (read: me) creates a tvtropes page for the show? I saw no one’s made it yet, and as someone who really enjoys tropes I’d like to make the page so I can enjoy them with other fans. I don’t wanna do it if the People In Charge are uncomfortable with it, though. Either way, I love the show a whole heck of a lot & really appreciate its existence <3 Best wishes!!

Hi there! 

I would love this, very very much. I love TV Tropes; it feels kind of like taking apart a machine and looking at all the parts to get a better understanding of how the whole thing functions. In all honesty I have had some self-indulgent wonderings of what a tropes page would look like for the show, but I’m probably too close to see the whole blueprint. If you want to do it, please do!

ID #49260

Name: Eline
Age: 15
Country: the Netherlands

I really want to meet new people and i’m a little bit socially anxious so I thought I’d try this out! I speak English and Dutch and I’m currently learning Spanish (in my free time) and German (at school). I love music, classic literature and tv shows. Some tv shows I like are twin peaks, friends, trailer park boys and I’m currently watching narcos. I’m also really into art (klimt is probably my favourite artist). It’d be cool to write someone who is fluent in either Spanish or German so I could get better at those languages but if you don’t speak those languages it’s cool.

Preferences: 15+

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i love the Twincer theories however i think that altough it would be satisfying to have got it correct, it may be disappointing when we realise we sorta already knew. almost like if wren had been charles. also the fan theories would have been much more detailed than the result

See I’m not going to feel satisfaction of having gotten it correct. I’m not rooting for Twincer because I want I want to put on my resume “correctly guesses the ending to PLL”. Instead, I’d be satisfied because Twincer makes sense and that’s what I want for the show. I really don’t care about shock factor anymore. They frickn showed us Mona in the bell tower with Charlotte ahead of 719 (they shouldn’t have done that, but they did!), they’re not trying to shock us anymore haha