i really like this scene but ew

Okay, let’s start with how extremely adorable Jughead is. Like, he cares so much about the drive-in and as we found out, the place was literally his home. Like, someone protect my son please. And he tried so hard to save it, talking to the mayor, talking to Fred and handing out flyers and stuff. Forget Archie and that love triangle, this is the important story here.

Speaking of Fred and Archie, look how nice Fred was to that fucking pedophile. Like, he was complimenting her, inviting her to dinner and being such a great guy and that bitch is just sleeping with his son. Ugh. I hate her. 

Betty keeping a diary is so cliche™ but I love it lmao. 

I AM SO HERE FOR BETTY, RONNIE AND JUGHEAD HANGING OUT. Kevin’s okay too, I guess. Still haven’t decided if I like him or not. I mean, he’s funny and all but idk he just feels way too stereotypical and I’m still most certainly not over the biphobia. But maybe he isn’t really biphobic and that was a one time thing bc how else would Betty and Veronica, who are both obviously bisexual still be friends with him? Idk man. 

Cheryl, I love you for being a bitch but damn you just got your ass handed to you by Hermione Lodge, who is just as much of a goddess as her daughter. 

Betty calling out Archie on his shit 👏 👏👏

but like she was so…good about it?? Like she got her point across but didn’t immediately threaten to tell and stuff. And, Archie, honey, how could Ronnie even back you up? Firstly, what you’re doing ain’t cool and secondly, that’s her girlfriend you’re arguing with so ??? 


Where can I sign a petition to get rid of Alice Cooper? 


Betty questioning Grotesque Garbage is   👌 👌 👌 she was really good at that too honestly I just really love Betty Cooper man. 


“I don’t think of my students that way” lmao bitch stop lying

Jughead being a rebel with a cause is my aesthetic. And awww, he’s talking about himself and his family for once. This boy must be protected at all costs.. 

Archie, wtf are you trying to do, telling Betty to stay out of it? She’s literally doing what’s best for you like smh man shut up. 

BETTY AND VERONICA BEING DETECTIVE GIRLFRIENDS IS MY JAM. Like, seriously, they have so much chemistry like just let Bernoica happen man. It’s literally already canon. 

I would sell my soul to Satan and sell my body on the black market to make Beronica canon. 

I’m fully aware I’m being queerbaited but Betty and Ronnie are just. so. goddamn. cute. 

‘Jennifer Gibson’. THAT BITCH.

She has a gun in the car. THAT FUCKING BITCH. SHE’S THE KILLER!!!11!

Alice, wtf is wrong with you. Fred is a chill parent. He isn’t going to tell his son to stop talking to his best friend just ‘cause you’re a psycho who wants to control her daughter.

Okay, but like I really love Hermione and Veronica’s relationship it’s so good and–WAIT A SEC THEY’RE BUYING THE DRIVE-IN. Why must you crush Jughead’s happiness?  I TRUSTED YOUR HERMIONE.

Omg Alice saw the gun oops shit shit shit (betty what were you thinking hiding it in your fucking drawer smh girl). Wow, Alice just hit a new low. It’s not cool to read your daughter’s diary 

I would have felt bad after learning about Grundy’s backstory but my obvious hate for prevented that from happening thank god. 


Let’s talk about the drive-in.

Poor Juggie god I feel so bad for him Archie where are you your boyfriend needs you


Veronica Lodge is like fine wine. She gets better and better the longer she exists. 

I kinda sorta weirdly like the Veronica-Cheryl-Kevin squad?? They can be the ‘burn you to a crisp’ squad.

Ooh, Kevin’s got a new hottie. Also, did I mention I really love Kevin’s dad? He’s so nice.

YAS KEVIN GET SOME (My feelings are so conflicted like I want to support Kevin because he’s the only important, openly LGBTQ+ character on the show so far but like, something’s just off about him) 

Archie, please never speak to Grun–OH. HE’S LEAVING HER. YES ARCHIE YES YES YES–OH WAIT. OH NO. 


Alice why tf do you have to stick your nose where it doesn’t belong? 

Man, I feel bad for Fred. 

Archie, don’t defend that woman, please. She deserves it. 

Such drama much intense very wow. 

Oh no. My bby Betty is crying FUCK YOU ALICE. 

Okay, I know there’s probably some people sad about Grundy after her backstory but we got nothing but good stuff immediately after she left? 

Fred and Archie having a moment 👌 👌 👌 (I mean, I feel bad that Archie cried and that he was upset but it had to be done) 

Betty finally standing up to her asshole of a mother  👌 👌 👌 (I still kind of think that Betty is actually Polly but idk) 

A cute scene between Betty and Archie  👌 👌 👌

The scene where Veronica confronts her mom was certainly…something.


Grundy is like a bag of opened chips. She gets worse the longer she exists. Archie, you could not have been more wrong when you said she wasn’t a child predator. I already feel bad for that poor new kid victim of hers. 

On the whole, this was a really, really good episode. I give it a 9 out of 10, but that’s because my queen Josie wasn’t in it and there was not enough Jughead and Archie and there was way too much Archie and Grundy interaction but hey, at least she’s gone now. 

God, I’m literally crying over Jughead. The picture with him and his sister (who tf named them Jughead and Jellybean tho) was so adorable and so sad. My poor child. 



Also, I would just like to add, Betty is the best friend anyone could ever have and she needs to be appreciated more. 

So, what do you guys think? What do you agree and disagree with me on? Let’s talk! Reblog this while adding your notes or send in an ask (PLEASE SEND ME ASKS) or send me a message or something and I will see y’all next week.

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No pressure at all, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on the new Google Feud video! I love your analyses so much, thank you!!! Personally, I loved it

thanks for the lovely way you asked this :’) wow you’re so sweet. i really did enjoy this video so much! got so many messages from people saying they found it really significant and ground-breaking in the level of flirtation and openness that dnp exhibited. i sort of disagree (i mean, halloween baking as well as some of the first few vids of gamingmas are going to be hard to top at least in my opinion, as far as flirty and sexual bants are concerned). but there were still some great moments here and couple genuinely thought-provoking ones. 

instead of grouping my thoughts into larger categories this time i’m just going to paste my notes here basically unfiltered bc my night sort of got derailed and i didn’t have time to turn this into something more coherent. but i feel like all of my opinions (probably more than i would share regularly) are covered here and there were so many good bits to discuss ahhhhhh: 

  • ‘google e’ bants: dan being rude af and phil finding a positive interpretation is this just persona-driven bants or really how they are idk anymore
  • the macaroon bants: thanks @ phil for knowing the difference between macaroons and macarons. dan’s voice was very natural and he seemed genuinely surprised they were out of the biscuits. phil says he ate all of them. again, something that on a macro level could be like a phil trope™ but seems like,, that’s just genuinely how he is. phil shutting dan up with a gentle shush. dan immediately falling silent. all of this is too good. also phil said it’s the last macaroon in “our house” and ik that’s old news but it doesn’t make it any less sweet to hear it.
  • phil automatically dragging dan for the dini spon “are we having plugs right now” it was so INSTINCTIVE he didn’t even miss a beat i was literally like :O ? ? ? ??? damn. and also i was v interested in dan’s retort about phil sponning merch? because ??? the merch is both of theirs? this makes it seem like it’s usually phil’s decision to advertise their merch at the end of videos and that’s FASCINATING to me because phil is also the one who seems to take the most initiative with sponning merch in live shows, with posting about sales and new stuff on twitter, with updating us on anything to do w their ticket sales and whatnot during the tour. so it frequently seems that phil has more interest in this more business-y side of their ventures but it was surprising to hear this subtle sort of confirmation of that fact from dan in this way
  • why was dan so insistent on typing?? ? like? what about that warranted all the sassy eye rolling and the “this guy is such a need.” also. he definitely said “need.” it didn’t sound like he had been on course to say “needy” but just cut it off prematurely. but then there’s a jump cut and i automatically imagined phil making fun of him for the word flub and goading him to finish the thought and there were probs some gross “you know you’re a needy bf u spoon” bants that we will never get to hear #rip
  • dan getting things wrong and IMMEDIATELY GOING ON RANTS ABOUT HOW THE GAME IS OBVIOUSLY FLAWED AND WRONG AND BULLSHIT has there ever been anything so typically dan (and phil respectfully trying his hardest not to call him out for how dumb his guesses are like bless him,,, tbh. “does it hurt to pull out hairs” dan wyd). it’s so captivating to me how consistently dan displays this need to never be wrong or mess up on things that he feels he should be good at and so when that happens here, he automatically blames the game instead of admitting that his guesses are kinda shit (though he does admit it one time when phil gets michael jackson and jordan, but that seemed more like an acknowledgment of how good phil is and that he’s bad in comparison, rather than bad in an absolute sense lol.
  • phil happily/comfortably saying “have sex” and “penis” and not being too weird about the word “bondage” all in one video. good. progress. 
  • MORE bAby TALK I WANT TO DIE? (phil guesses “how to raise a baby” and instead of just letting it go he immediately goes into the side comment about “how does anyone actually know how to raise a baby by the way? .. do you just learn it from mother nature?”) how many videos in a row are they going to talk about babies, mention babies, discuss the difficulties of raising babies??!?!?!?!? i’m having a hard time just chalking it up to coincidence at this point, i really wonder if they’ve been correlating the discussion of not being ready to have a dog to the discussion of not being ready to have children anytime in the foreseeable future??? i mean idk why they’d even entertain the idea at this point in their lives but it’s just weird to me that it’s come up sooooo much on dapg recently
  • dans cute flirty mocking and weird faces at phil throughout… 

when he guesses puppy based on phil’s guess of kitten and he makes this face:

then later makes this face:

  • in case anyone was in any sort of doubt, dan flirts like a fuckin five year old. 
  • the effort taken to clarify to anyone who still has any doubts that dan’s ‘anger’ and aggression in dapg vids and especially in competitive dapg vids is completely played up for the purposes of entertainment/comedy. the most interesting thing about this is comparing it to past instances of dan engaging with this topic. most recent was yesterday’s live show when he read out a message that said he was kind of mean in the quickdraw vid and his instinct was to mock them by going “oooooooooohhhhhh was i?” in the most sarcastic, biting tone i’ve heard from him in a while. it reminded me forcefully of the iconic vyou answer about him being mean to phil, when he was like “no. i’m not mean to phil, i’m never mean to phil. … this may not have occurred to you .. etc. etc.” and he’s super condescending and annoyed. on face value, it seems like in the little bit during today’s vid when they’re discussing it, he’s a lot chiller about it and he’s laughing as though to brush it off as just being humorous, even though clearly in the past it’s a topic that has annoyed or upset him. which actually brings me to the thing i found most fascinating about this scene: the JUMP CUT before it, and the sort of FORCED way in which phil says “chill out dan” which gives dan the cue to clarify the whole situation. it seems like a bit that was clearly planned/scripted based on these little details, which makes me wonder if something about the bants that precede it (when dan is making those cute mock-y faces at phil and is like ew i don’t even want the “crummy macaroon”) reminded dan of these comments about him being mean and then he brought it up to phil and asked if they could discuss it for a min before moving on. it seems likely to me that something like this happened, bc the exchange seems really disjointed from the scene before, idk!!!!!!! and if this is what happened, it just cements to me that as casual and amused as dan seemed while talking about it here, it’s clearly something that STILL UPSETS HIM otherwise he wouldn’t’ve randomly remembered it and asked to clarify it to the audience, and idk something about that makes me feel v warm like dan literally won’t tolerate people actually believing he’s angry at phil or mean to him even tho .. it’s obvious .. and poor boy really doesn’t need to go to all this effort to confirm that :( he’s cute and good :(
  • phil seemed to get mildly flustered by dan’s proximity when he’s all like “a bird? a bIRD?” bc he then just gets all high pitched and forgets grammar and goes “chickens is there so yeS that is a very popular question” like honey that barely made sense but ok u tried ur best
  • not even that important but it made me happy: dan reads “how to raise a boring girlfriend” and phil says “stop being mean significant others” and a few years ago phil the Heteronormative Icon would’ve most certainly said boyfriends there and he didn’t, he used a gender neutral term, and i felt years being added onto my lifespan
  • when dan says “blood pressure, they’re basically the same thing, i’m terrible” what the fuck is he talking about? is he saying that “raising an adult” whatever the hell that means, and raising blood pressure are basically the same thing? i don’t .. understand… i replayed that so many times and i still don’t get it
  • “kidnapping your senpai” comment. literal gold. the way dan looks at the camera then pointedly at phil. he wants us to have this one. your efforts have been recognized and much appreciated dan. dw.
  • “i don’t like screaming that often,” says dan. hm.
  • “what the fuck are you doing with babies and duct tape you creepy fucking weirdos,” says dan and i am having incredibly violent flashbacks to 2011-2012. like he literally sounds straight out of 6 years ago and it’s a bit wild.
  • and then obvi. the feeding scene. when they first showed the macaroon at the beginning i literally KNEW that it would only end in feeding (or, as a possible but less likely second option, the loser eating it before the winner can get it). so i was thoroughly unsurprised that it happened. once again, the thing that interested me was the CLEAR jump cut in the scene. so dan first says “i don’t want it. no phil! it’s the dan versus phil board. here we go,” and his hand with the macaroon starts moving towards phil’s mouth, and then the jump cut happens, and it’s like dan has started the feeding process OVER, bc the angle is totally diff, the framing is totally diff, and this time dan is giving the camera that weird stare:
  • INTERESTING. so to me this means they once again paused the scene to talk about what they were going to do, and they ended up doing something that was nearly an exact duplicate of this scene from the nov. 24 live show last year where dan feeds phil chocolate and hams it up big time for the camera and phil is basically like, “what are you doing” and dan verbatim replies “i’m feeding it to you” and idk it makes me wonder what their motivation is (or, i assume, *dan’s* motivation, bc it was dan’s idea in the live show to do this) to just redo this exact exchange for a wider audience?
  • to me that scene in the live show was a big step towards them acknowledging the sort of (romantic) things they obviously know the audience wants them to do and for them to tacitly tell us that maybe once in a while they will actually start to do them but not without a healthy accompanying dose of sarcasm and teasing us for being such trash that we could possibly get excited over something as banal as them feeding each other. it seemed like a BIG step to me at the time bc i was like, ok, here’s them basically telling us that they KNOW us and they hear us and they acknowledge that their boundaries on camera have been very strict and forced and they’re gonna start making some efforts to change that, but like also, we (the audience) won’t get off scot free in that transaction bc we deserve to be made fun of a bit too, for caring so much about such simple and objectively unexciting things. it’s ‘fan service’ to the extent that it is an acknowledgment of what the audience wants to see and of the fact that they have been holding it back for some time, but it’s genuine and brave in the sense of them showing us that they may take these steps and bend some boundaries now from time to time. and it seems like they HAVE to do it this way, with all the sarcasm and blatant stares into the camera, and either vocalized or implied “giving the people what they want” comments, in order to not ACTUALLY LITERALLY be accused of baiting/fan service. think about the tricky position they are in where even if they want to loosen boundaries and act more natural, literally everything they do gets scrutinized and becomes fodder for people to accuse them of faking shit in order to gain views. it seems the only way to stave it off is to make fun of it themselves and jump out ahead of that criticism. all in all, the exchange in this vid seemed to me like they made a conscious and somewhat premeditated effort to communicate something very similar, but this time for their dapg audience of 2.6M rather than the limited live show audience of some tens of thousands. that seems significant. i want to keep thinking about it forever

ahhhhh i’m sorry this is immense but like, who expected anything different???? what a gr8 vid, they keep giving me so much to think about. and they keep UPLOADING. JFC. it’s crazy! god bless the 2017 rebranding which seems to be all about flirting and softness and touching and phil being assertive and dan being petulant and both of them following through  more than i ever expected on their promise to re-commit and focus more on making youtube content. dnp r the only thing saving my 2017 lol <3 

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I'm extremely upset with AL, I thought he was the captain of Richonne. Did you read his statement to EW ?! he was talking about how there was sexual tension with his character and Jadis. No respect to Richonne, really unnecessary his words .

Hi there. While I can understand your frustration, this is not what I took away from that article; I didn’t feel like he was disrespecting Richonne at all.

AL was answering the question from Dalton Ross regarding what it was like working with PM and what she brought to the show. He did not say that there was sexual tension between them; he spoke of the dynamic that Jad!s brought to their scenes.

The only mention he made about what Rick was feeling was him being ‘kind of amused by them, but also inspired’. That was mainly because, even though they spoke in a strange manner, they meant what they said and said what they meant.

Dalton Ross was the person who said there was a flirtation between the two of them, not AL. AL said, on Rick’s part, it was about humour and a lightness to Rick which is part of his journey right now.

I get why you’re upset, I really do; but go easy on Andy. He isn’t aware of how fandoms work; he isn’t aware that there are people out there who will latch onto the New White Woman™ and ship her with Rick. He doesn’t know how certain fans will take his words as fodder for their fandom fuckery and crackshipping. He was just answering a question about what his new colleague brought to the scenes, not that Rick was reciprocating any of those dynamics (or feelings).

He ended the interview talking about Richonne, even though he was not asked about Michonne or Richonne in this article. This is why he is the Captain of the S.S. Richonne. He brings them up even when he doesn’t have to.

Literally the last word in the interview is Michonne’s name.

Please consider my take on this and then go back and re-read the interview.


Elevator Scene Masterlist

Close Encounters by Luddleston (1/1 | 1,545 | Teen And Up)

“Dude. We have to get out of here, we have to—oh my god, oh my god, we’re going to run out of oxygen and die.”
“Well, we might if you keep hyperventilating like that.”
“Not helpful! Ugh, I’m going to die with Keith. Ew. I’m going to die with Keith, and I’m going to die before I even get to kiss Allura or become a super-badass hero, or even have sex, oh, holy quiznak, I’m going to die a virgin.”

Don’t Let it Get You Down by quiiiznak (1/1 | 2,002 | General)

What really happened when Lance and Keith got stuck in that elevator

Claustrophobia by pidgeotto_gunderson (1/1 | 1,680 | Teen And Up)

Season 2 fix-it, adding onto the infamous pool scene in episode 5

//claustrophobia //panic attacks

Elevator by QueenieTheFangirl (1/1 | 1,246 | Explicit)

On the way to the castle’s pool, Keith and Lance get stuck in the same elevator. In nothing but swim trunks and towels.

Stuck With You by swankyturnip76 (1/1 | 1,599 | Mature)

Based on the elevator scene from Season 2 Episode 5 of Voltron. Keith and Lance must work together to climb out of an elevator and reach the pool.

True Q - 6.06

Oh, Q, you rake, you scalawag. You’re so mischievous that you’ve snuck into one of these mostly-unis episodes like the scoundrel you are. Also I believe this episode title, much like Return of the King, contains a spoiler within the title. But we’ll get there.

“Don’t even try to out cheekbone me, girl. I’ll eat you for lunch.” —Bev

Keep reading

‘The Walking Dead’: Josh McDermitt says yes to Richonne and ‘Say Yes’

Every week, The Walking Deads very own Josh McDermitt, who plays Dr. Eugene Porter, is taking EW behind the scenes of the hit AMC horror series. For each episode, McDermitt will share his thoughts on what went down and what’s coming up, plus walk us through the ins and outs of the show. This week, McDermitt dives into the 12th episode of season 7, “Say Yes.”

The opening of “Say Yes,” last night’s episode of The Walking Dead got me really excited for some Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) ass kicking and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. Thank you, Greg Nicotero, for directing an awesome episode.

Rick and Michonne looked like a S.W.A.T. team moving from house to house, location to location clearing and scavenging for supplies. And then of course, there was a bunch of love-making. I always felt like there would be more love-making in the apocalypse. With Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) no more, who else should pick up the torch but two characters that seem to have been at odds from the very start of their relationship? I remember way back in season 3, in an episode called “Clear” (my favorite pre-Eugene episode BTW), Rick and Michonne go on a supply run and bump into a crazy version of Morgan (Lennie James). Even way back then, the tension between Rick and Michonne was thick and I remember hoping they would wind up together some day. Well they did. This was a slow burn. Scott M. Gimple wrote the episode “Clear” and I wonder if he was planting the seeds way back then for an epic payoff last night.

RELATED: The Walking Dead Cast and Crew Pay Tribute to Steven Yeun

Rick and Michonne felt like an old married couple to me and I loved it. At one point, they fell through a roof and laughed about it. This episode at times seemed like a much needed break of fun from the terror and heartache we see most weeks. When they were backed up against the dumpster and deciding who should kill which walkers, Rick leaves her with eight. Eight? “You can handle eight…” was Rick’s response to her objection. The chemistry between these two was really evident in this episode so beautifully written by Matt Negrete. They’ve known each other a long time. Their relationship has a deep history and yet this is all so new between them. Michonne has the ability to be such a hard ass, someone you don’t want to mess with, and then she shows she can be so soft and delicate. The dynamics between the two of them were certainly fun to watch.

Michonne tells Rick, “It’s up to us to reorder the world once Negan (Josh McDermitt/Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is gone.” Rick is reluctant to take on that role. In fact, this whole episode, he’s reluctant to go back home so quickly. Perhaps because he knows what’s about to happen once they actually have to go to war. People will die. Or maybe because he’s able to take a break from being a leader and turn his body over to Michonne for some uninterrupted adult time.

Either way, I think the more logical reason is basically what he was explaining to Michonne at the end. He says he doesn’t want to lose anyone else. And they will. Maybe a lot of people. Maybe even each other. But even then, it’ll be worth it. Michonne says she can’t lose him. What kind of life would they have just surrendering? Making a future — that’s living. Rick is trying to convince Michonne that she can lose him because it’s not about them. It’s about the future. And she will have to pick up the torch and build that future. It’s such a great scene between them and I don’t like it because it sounds like Rick is saying goodbye to her. Eugene may be Negan now, but Josh still loves Rick.

In the end, “Richonne” are able to score a huge win and find a giant supply of guns. I mean, it looked like there was some heavy firepower in there. And they turn over the weapons to Jadis (Pollyanna MacIntosh) and the Scavengers, aka The Heapsters. I want to see a whole episode where Rick negotiates with Jadis. I love that he turned it on her and said, “Say yes,” the way she said that to him. How’s that taste, Jadis? BOOM!

Tara (Alanna Masterson) had a great scene with Baby Judith where she basically told her why she’s keeping the Oceanside community a secret. Week to week I would wonder why Tara wasn’t saying anything about the huge stash of guns at the little beach community. It can’t just be because she promised, right? Well, it’s obviously more than that. She kept that promise to Cindy not knowing that coming back to Alexandria would turn her life upside down. And the fact that Cindy saved Tara’s life means something now in this world of people only taking care of themselves. If Tara brings Rick to Oceanside, everyone is in for a world of hurt. She summed it up best by saying, “What makes our lives worth more than theirs?” She’s holding out hope that maybe Rick and the others could find some guns and another community doesn’t have to enter the fray. And it seems that’s where her hope lies at the moment… but at least there’s hope.

Quite possibly my favorite scene from last night’s episode was with Rosita (Christian Serratos) and Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam). Rosita went out to find guns and didn’t find any. She came back and basically blames Father Gabriel for talking her out of being reckless with her actions. She said, “I had a gun. I was gonna use it.” And Gabriel smacks her back with some good, old-fashioned preacher wisdom. “It’s easier to be dead. If it’s my fault you’re alive then I’ll live with that. You can blame me for having a life, but after that? What are you gonna do with it?” That’s my line of the whole episode.

It was nice to be reminded of where Rosita is coming from with her anger… And where she’s going: Hilltop. Rosita goes to Hilltop to see Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green). Oh, remember we’re not friends? Now we are? This should get juicy. But Rosita diffuses all of that by giving Sasha a sniper rifle. Rosita is frustrated with how things are moving back at Alexandria. “They need more guns, people, time, excuses.”

“This is a one-way ticket for both of us.”

Things are about to get crazy, I can feel it.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

'Supergirl': Is J'onn Falling In Love With M'Gann?
David Harewood talks J’onn and M’gann’s relationship and teases the returns of Lena Luthor and Cyborg Superman

We’ve seen J’onn J’onzz do everything from read minds to shape-shift into Supergirl. Now Supergirl fans are set to see him do something new: fall for someone.

In “The Martian Chronicles,” Monday’s aptly titled installment, J’onn (David Harewood) starts to confront his burgeoning feelings for M’gann (Sharon Leal) as he and the rest of the team find themselves trapped in the DEO headquarters with Armek (Terrell Tilford), a White Martian intent on capturing M’gann because she betrayed their side during the war. How does our favorite Green Martian actually feel about falling for a White Martian? EW turned to Harewood to answer that question, tease the intense bottle episode, and talk about the returns of Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath) and Cyborg Superman (Harewood).

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Based on the promo, “The Martian Chronicles” looks like it’ll be a bottle episode. Is that a fair assessment?

DAVID HAREWOOD: It is a bottle episode. Fortunately, we really do have some tremendous acting on the show. It’s great to play something that is so contained and I hope we do it more because it allows you to really play these long, tense scenes where the outcome isn’t specific, in that it could go anyway. I think it’s a really enjoyable thing to play, and the whole DEO becomes a bit of a playground. We get to see areas of the DEO that we haven’t seen before and it just becomes a really exciting episode, almost kind of Blair Witch [Project]-esque where you just never know what’s going to happen next and what’s around another corner. I think they can be really, really fun episodes for the audience to watch.

The promo actually teases a lot of exciting stuff that happens: Winn using a makeshift flamethrower, J’onn and M’gann fighting said White Martian. Who would you should say is the MVP of the episode?

Well, I think that’s what makes the show so successful is that the MVP becomes the collective. We all end up doing our bit to rescue each other, and I think that’s the lesson that we’re left with: If the collective work together strongly, we can overcome anything. I think that’s what the thrust of the show is. Although, M’gann comes through brilliantly at the end and she’s just such a fierce fighter. She’s really, really vital and I think without her, J’onn would perhaps be in a very difficult situation.

You recently teased on Facebook that you shared some “lovely” scenes with Sharon Leal in this episode. What can you tell us about those scenes and the status of J’onn and M’gann’s relationship in the episode?

I don’t want to give too much away, but J’onn is trying to protect M’gann. So, he follows her and shape-shifts into different people to kind of make sure he can keep an eye on her, and she’s aware of that. We get some wonderful comedic moments when she keeps finding him as a little old man or something like that. So, there are moments where she knows that he’s following her and trying to protect her and look out for her because he cares for her. I think that surprises J’onn; I don’t think he ever thought he would care for a White Martian, but I think she’s forcing him to confront the reality. I think that’s very destabilizing for J’onn, but also, it’s nice to see him kind of fall for someone. It’s nice to see him have those heart flutters when he sees her. He’s obviously very concerned for her, so those are nice moments. He’s definitely putting himself on the line and you see him [be] vulnerable. We’re not used to seeing J’onn be vulnerable with anybody, but he’s vulnerable with his feelings and it’s surprising to him that he has feelings for M’gann.

Just to clarify: Is there a romantic connection developing between J’onn and M’gann, or are they strictly platonic and familial?

I like to think it’s a little bit more than that. I think her courage, her strength, her personality — I think all of those, perhaps, speak to a feeling he hasn’t allowed himself to feel in a very, very long time. I’m sure people who’ve lost loved ones or know what that’s like when they start feeling for somebody else [know] it’s very difficult to move on from somebody you’ve loved and lost. Sometimes that can be a very difficult decision to make and I think J’onn will experience a little bit of that next week. 

In season 1, the team fought another White Martian, who said there were millions of White Martians back on Mars waiting to invade Earth. Does Armek’s arrival in “The Martian Chronicles” represent the first wave of an invasion?

Possibly. That’s very possible. I think these White Martians are specifically looking for M’gann to come back and answer for war crimes. But, yes, perhaps it’s the first wave and there could be more because they’re pretty formidable.

In an upcoming episode, Lena Luthor is accused of breaking her mother out of prison, and despite the evidence,  Kara still tries to clear her name. Where does J’onn fall when it comes to Lena? Does he think Kara should trust her?

I think J’onn is very astute and I don’t think he’s going to cross [Kara]. I think he believes in Supergirl and believes she’s on the right path, so I think he’ll allow her to make her own decisions when it comes to Lena Luthor. I think he’s always very much about caution and I think he has faith in her. So, I think if she wants to go ahead and trust her, I think he’s prepared to sanction her.

We know we’ll see Cyborg Superman again this season. What can you tell us about his return and where we’re going with the Cadmus storyline?

Yeah, that goes on throughout the whole of the show. He comes in and out of the next four or five episodes. He’s up to no good, basically. I don’t think it’s the most well-delineated character. That’s the one character that strays, really for me, away from the mythology, and that’s sometimes difficult because I have many questions that aren’t necessarily being answered by the script. So with Cyborg Superman, I pretty much read what’s on the page and just go on with it. At the moment, he’s just a bad guy, but I would love to know why he’s a bad guy, how he became a bad guy, and what are his abilities as this bad guy; those are the things that I really want to start getting into the nitty-gritty of. At the moment, it’s all very much shrouded in mystery, so I can’t quite make any character decisions, because I don’t quite know where he’s from and what he’s about. That’s the one character that’s straying quite far from the mythology in the comic books that we should make concrete decisions about.

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.


PHILKAS WEEK: day 3 : a scene: 
such a perfect scene. i love anne so much and she deserved so much better. she could have been a mother figure for lukas since they seemed to get along very well. i love this scene because it’s the first time lukas tells somebody else that he likes philip and even if the scene is just a couple of minutes, it’s super nice to see lukas being open and honest and thinking that someone is gonna judge him but no one does. in fact that person that he talks to, anne, just gives him a kiss on the cheek and tells him that it’s gonna get better. yeah i don’t know if this makes sense but it’s such a perfect scene. that’s all you really need to know. it’s a perfect scene.

Ladies Drink Free/Playing House

The biggest reaction I had about this episode was about Claire, but since it’s slightly wanky, I’ll save it for the end so you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to. My other thoughts generally went into a Mick direction - who the hell is he, and what are they doing with him?

Because this guy - he’s supposed to be this bookworm who’s never seen any action, but at the same time he kept a remarkably cool head around the Alpha Vampire and, more importantly, he killed a kid without falling apart at all. No hesitation, no second thoughts, nothing. He’d spoken to her mom and all, and that made no difference. So now I’m kind of wondering - of course, narratively they decided it had to happen this way to establish a Claire precedent and give them something to fight about, but Mick wasn’t disturbed, or apologetic in the slightest. I mean - he’s not a psychopath, so there was this barely there sadness clinging to him, but it’s also clear that to him, these are animals, and, sure - it’s a shame to put down the family pet when it’s got rabies, but what can you do? It’s certainly not something that’ll make you sleep any less soundly. Plus, he was perfectly capable to hold his own during the investigation, and even saved Dean’s life at the end. I think Sam and Dean are underestimating this guy - assuming he’s just a squint and it’s Mr Ketch they got to worry about - and judging from next week’s promo, that’s something that will land them into a lot of trouble.

It’s also remarkable that they agreed to continue with this alliance at all, and it’s not clear, to me, what is forgivable and what isn’t in their world. Asa’s friend and that Alpha Vampire’s sidekick were exiled, or worse, but when Mary’s duplicity resulted in another hunter’s death, nothing much happened. Here we’ve got Mick killing a young girl and potentially damaging the investigation (they’re supposed to work as a team, right? and that girl had vital information into who the werewolf was), and yet he gets a second chance because, what, he knew about a method of curing lycanthropy which should never have worked? I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it, per se, just that I don’t know where the line is anymore. Maybe that’s the point?

The other thing is, if Mick was played as a Cas parallel - in a very vague, ‘dorky and slightly unshaven guy with tan coat riding in the back of the Impala’ way, then I’m going to be superhappy that he cosplayed as one of Dean’s established crushes. I mean, Mick was wearing grey both at the beginning and at the end of the episode - he only changed into a deep blue shirt in time to be mistaken for Dr Sexy, so surely I’m not the only one who’s slightly suspicious about their motives or noticed the look Dean gave him?

I’m also happy about Dean ‘repression&deflection’ Winchester calling out Mick for not being open about his feelings (dude, seriously?).

And it was nice, as always, to see the storyline focusing on toxic masculinity and toxic heterosexual relationships and Dean being pissed at men who treat women like dirt. Someone who grew up like he did and lives a life of motels and random violence could very easily have been one of those ‘women are bitches’ fuckboys, and the fact he’s not never fails to warm my heart.

That said, time to use my mom voice and talk about Claire.

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The community has really embraced [Speechless] in a way that is incredibly moving. For instance, when we did the Oscar party episode, a couple of the kids had cerebral palsy. We had a young man with autism. All of their parents and the kids themselves were just gushing about the show and how they finally feel represented on television for the first time and in a real, holistic way. It’s not just like, “Oh, there’s this sweet little boy who uses a wheelchair, and he’s basically just Tiny Tim 150 years later.” Micah and these other kids are given dimensions, and that disability deathmatch scene is great because they’re all trash-talking and they’re all being snotty little teenagers at each other. This is as it should be. They’re allowed to be kids, and they’re allowed to be viewed as occasionally really obnoxious […] We just haven’t had a chance to see kids with disabilities be that real.

EW: That “Strike a pose” moment, with Kate then saying, “Dad, I think I want to be alone right now.”

Milo: Yeah. God, she was so good in that scene. Really great. We were in the hair and makeup trailer beforehand before the day started and she said, “I’m scared.” I said, “You’re scared?” She’s like, “Yeah.” I said, “Why are you scared?” She goes, “What if I mess up?” I said, “Oh, no, you’re not going to mess up.” I said, “It’s the best part of it being a set. We want you to mess up, and then you do it over again, then you mess up and you do it over again, and you get this perfectly imperfect performance.”

And I said, “Let’s do one pass where you’re mad at me. Let’s do one pass where you’re mad at mom and you want me to know that you’re mad at mom. Let’s do a pass where you’re mad at your brother. Let’s do a pass where you’re sad. Let’s do another version where you want to be happy, you’re trying to be happy, but you’re crushed and heartbroken.” And I said, “Now, this last one, put them all together and mix them all up.” And then at the end, I’m like, “Are you afraid now?” She’s like, “No.” And it was funny, I got messages from Dan in the editing room and he’s like, “Where did this performance come from?” [Laughs.] And I was like, “She was afraid, and we made her not afraid.”

—  Milo talking about working with Mackenzie

anonymous asked:

So this girl at my school was going on and on about how accepting she was of "the gays" and she was only talking about mlm.... When I asked her, "Oh, so you're cool with lesbians?" She was all, "Ew, no, that's gross, I don't​ get it." And then she goes on to draw mlm in s*x scenes and even young gay boys at our school were not spared... I don't know if I'm just sensitive or something, but it was really gross, and it seemed to me like she was just being a crazy fetishist... -Butch Sapphic

aww how lesbophobic of her!

ok but seriously

so I’m not at all defending Jenna because she is a rapist and a terrible person, this is just my hyperrealistic nitpicky self being annoyed by this scene

these people in the background!!!! they see a guy physically try to intimidate a blind girl and THEY JUST KEEP WALKING

again I’m not defending Jenna because ew. But!!! This bugged me!!!! They shouldn’t have had anyone pass by at all, like, during this scene I was just so concerned by the fact that this older couple just walks past??? like they don’t know the story!! They don’t know that Jenna is a rapist and a bad person, they should have intervened!!!

On paper, “The Post-Modern Prometheus” is a gamble: It’s a black-and-white retelling of the Frankenstein story set to the music of Cher. But that risk pays off in impossibly stylized fashion, culminating in a sweet ending in which Mulder and Scully give a monster one last hurrah. To the strains of a lone piano, the partners hit the road, and the scene that follows plays out almost like snapshots in a scrapbook: looks exchanged from the front seat of the car, Mulder’s outstretched arm, and, finally, a dance. The X-Files rarely uses outside music. It hasn’t filmed in black and white since. The effect is surreal, but like the show’s heroes, it finds the truth behind the magic: Mulder and Scully really feel the way they feel. — Entertainment Weekly, “25 Great Music Moments on TV”

The White Princess Episode 1 Live Blog

You asked and I have delivered.  My live blog of the first episode of TWP is below the cut.  It’s four and a half pages of stream of consciousness notes I took while rewatching the episode.  I don’t go into historical accuracy, that’s just not really an aim of the show so I don’t think it’s fair to critique that aspect.  But I do think I touch on 15th C. social mores a little.  Hope you enjoy.

The opening credits are really cool.  They remind me a lot of the credits for TWQ.  The graphics are pretty awesome.  Love the Tudor Rose imposed at the end.  

I guess this first scene was used to establish a tie between the last series and this one.  I’m just glad it was brief while also giving an idea of what we are working with.  However, I think this scene wouldn’t make much sense if you hadn’t seen TWQ.

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@zwitterionics unsurprisingly someone blocked me so

Ah, okay.

I think it really depends though. I mean I like writing and reading dark twisted sex scenes, whether het, gay, or lesbian. Is writing them with men in them okay, as long as no one is saying the gayness is the sin thing?

Does it mean I’m not allowed to write an intentionally dark and twisted fic or story where an older villainous guy seduces a younger guy who has internalized homophobia and “go ahead and sin with me” is part of the seduction?

Does it mean I get to write that but I’m forbidden from trying to sell it, because late capitalism ew?

JiKook Backhugs

“Jikook is one-sided” my ass

Excuse me, but did Jungkook have to go and hug Jimin? No. He did it himself. And look at Hobi squishing and trapping him.

Jimin looks sly af like “Yeah biotch he’s hugging me on camera”

They’re so adorable together. I love Jikook

JinHope are like “Guys you can’t do that right now!” but JiKook are like lmao try to stop us

I just love this moment

Jungkook just casually slips his arms around Jimin and slowdances with him and Jimin just acts like it’s a natural thing to do

Excuse me Jungkook but did you really need to go on his back to put the headband on him?

Ew why is it so small?
“What scene are we?”
“Back hug scene”

Ok we get it Jungkook, he’s yours

They’re just talking and Jungkook slings his arm over Jimin

And of course Jimin backhugging Jungkook <3


Casually hugging during a broadcast with Seventeen I think???!!!!!!!!!!!! (Thanks @doodlemin)