i really like this quote

“we became friends under the stars and maybe I will tell him soon: 

"I really like you”

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New work in progress!

baby Juhaku dancing under the moonlight with flowercrowns (wow long title lol)

The picture is inspired by a cute children song about magic and love.

Especialy the lines: “we became friends under the stars and maybe I will tell him soon: "I really like you” I always had this picture in mind when I heared that song. Dancing chibi juhaku with flowercrowns under the moonlight. I wanted to draw this since a long time. ^^

It’s the night when judar realized he got strong feelings for hakuryuu. 

the fluff is rly intense here lol :D


“I really liked being able to film with him. He has the basics down of elegantly being considerate toward another person. I learned a lot from him and, as an actor, he inspired me in many different areas. It really hit home that I might never be able to meet such a character at another time. I also wanted to try all of the action scenes myself, so I grew ambitious. It was very hard, but I felt like I achieved a lot because of that.” - Hyun Bin

anonymous asked:

hey I wanna start journaling so where do you get/find things to put in your journals?? tysm bubs 💖

hey there!

my journals are mostly filled with writing, but sometimes when i feel inspired i try to do something artsy.

✏ old/new magazines - the library is a good place for this. there is usually a stack of magazines that you can take home. i cut out pictures that i like to make a collage or to accompany whatever i’m writing about. fashion magazines work really well for this.
✏ tumblr - if i see a quote/text post/poem that i really like, i write it down!
✏ tickets/price tags/flyers/programs - sometimes it’s nice to save these little things. you’ll be able to look back and remember the day you bought a nice dress at a thrift store that made you so happy or the time you sang a solo at the school holiday concert.
✏ pictures/photos - this isn’t something that i do a lot, but occasionally i print out photos on regular paper or just cool pictures i find online.
✏ pressed flowers or flower petals - this works best in a journal with thick pages.
✏ your art - if i find a small drawing that i did on a scrap piece of paper, i paste it in my journal.

i hope i helped! you can also follow journaling blogs, they are very inspiring.

  • MC: Where’s Seven?
  • Jaehee: Probably off somewhere disappointing Jesus.

we were like gods at the dawning of the world


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  • Isak: Making my way downtown walking fast
  • Emma: Oh hey, Isak!
  • Isak: Fucking sprinting

Even when a creature is her enemy, her animal loving heart cannot help but be endeared.

Other notable Walani things:

  • She asks the bunny men if they give good hugs.
  • When she sees a mosling, she says “Don’t you just want to pick it up and squeeze it?" 
  • No animosity for the gobbler. “He’s a doofy little guy.”
  • She calls koalefants “big guy” and encourages them to hang ten.
  • Her catcoon quote is the GREATEST. “It’s very independent and loves garbage. Me too!”
  • She loves all the birds in the reign of giants world, unlike SOME so called bird lovers who reject the crows for being too creepy. *coughs at Wilson*
  • When she’s looking at the cactus armor, she says “How can I hug trees wearing this?”
  • Cat Cap: “I can feel the spirits of catcoons that made it.”
  • I could go on and on forever. She has a LOT of cute quotes about the animals and lot of hippy-like quotes. Walani is the number one animal lover. Let her chill out and snuggle her animal friends.