i really like this pv okay

Okay as much as I want Viktor being extra as fuck about Valentines day (we all know he would), I also really want Yuuri to surprise Viktor by being NEARLY as extra. Like, Viktor plans a huge, elaborate thing for Yuuri (it involves every single food Yuuri has ever said he loves, lingerie, roses, the whole shebang), but Yuuri has stuff up his sleeve too. Viktor showers him with love all day, makes him breakfast wearing his new lingerie and a skimpy apron (Viktor has 0 chill, he would be that ridiculous), takes Yuuri out on the most romantic date he’s ever been on in his entire life. 

Then when they get home and they’re cuddling on the couch, Makkachin curled up on both of their laps, unwinding after a very intensely romantic day, there’s a knock on the door. Yuuri has been sitting there with butterflies in his tummy for the past hour, and the instant he hears the knock on the door he flushes bright red. He turns off the movie and leans over to whisper “I love you, happy Valentines day” in Russian, just as Yurio steps into the apartment. 

“Don’t be gross while I’m here,” he grumbles and passes Yuuri a box. He makes his way into the kitchen and grabs the leftovers of the cake that Viktor made for Yuuri earlier. (They hadn’t eaten much of it because Yuuri felt the need to kiss a smear of icing off of Viktor’s mouth, and that had turned into a whole… thing.)

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it’s 2 am. i’m really tired. but i need to get this off my chest or i won’t be able to sleep. this ramble is going here because it is about pv ladrien or, as i like to call it, felibug

i like to think about what the pv love square might have been like because i feel it would have been 100x more hilarious than the current love square

imagine felix, poor, ridiculously emotionally constipated felix, not ready to admit even to himself that he might actually like ladybug as more than a way out for his curse. and then something happens - an akuma attack, a mugger, literally anything - and ladybug swoops in out of nowhere to save him and takes him somewhere secluded to make sure he’s okay

imagine ladybug, who is marinette/bridgette, a natural queen bee that people just like and she likes them back and everything is sunshine and roses in her life until she falls for felix. he’s the first person she’s met that doesn’t automatically like her back and she doesn’t know how to win people over because she never had to before and just doesn’t understand why none of her literal stalking and aggressively cheerful and pushy approaches seem to work on him. still, she’s smart and knows how to read people better than anything

imagine them being alone and felix thanking her for the rescue, genuinely and maybe a little too fondly, and ladybug noticing it, sensing it in the same way a shark smells blood in the water. she compares it to the cold reactions she’s had from him before and thinks i can work with this before she starts hitting on him. hard

imagine felix caught completely flat-footed by this turn of events, because here is ladybug, who has shot down every romantic overture he’s made as chat noir (because he’s not used to winning people over either, never wanted to before but is stuck trying to now that a kiss is his best chance of escape from the hell that’s become his life), and she’s flirting with him. he doesn’t know what to do. none of his research (harlequin novels, romcom movies, shoujo manga) has prepared him for this

imagine that felix freezes up. he stammers. whatever is left of his ice king demeanor is gone and ladybug is thrilled, thoroughly taking advantage of felix’s weakened state and i’ll let you fill in what happens next because i’m too asdgfaf

tl;dr pv ladrien aka ladybug/felix aka felibug would have been such a GLORIOUSLY hot mess and i wish it could have been made into a reality and i’m probably going to end up writing pv fic one day gdi orz

Okay so, I was looking at the third novel again last night and a few things kind of… clicked, I guess? 

In the Outer Science PV we see Hibiya and Hiyori playing in a river/stream together- Like there’s nothing going on. Like they were close. Best friends, even. I mean, for fuck’s sake, just look at them!

Of course, this on its own probably isn’t enough to really prove anything. So, let’s take a look at the third novel, when Hibiya and Hiyori are on the phone. 

First off, let’s look at how Hibiya acts. Aside from the whole… creepy blabbering and fumbling about his words because of his ‘crush’. 

He goes so far as to call her dude after she mentions negotiating something with him- Something that, honestly, I figure he would only do if he considered himself to be friends with someone? Since he’s usually so… polite, I guess? (if calling Momo Oba-san can be considered polite.)

(“Oh, dude, you’re always totally welcome to… uh. I mean, sure, no problem. What’s up?” -Hibiya, on page 17 of the third novel.)

Hiyori then goes on to explain how she found his bus pass at school, and how she found something in the back of it. Obviously, Hibiya jumps to conclusions and thinks she’s talking about his stupid fucking picture. (Which, luckily enough for him, had been stolen.)

… Uh, are you even listening or…? ‘Cause there’s all these, like, weird pauses whenever it’s your turn to talk? So about your bus pass….”
“It’s not mine!” 

Which, on its own doesn’t really mean anything. Hiyori’s just questioning his weirdness with the conversation, and he blurts that out, no big deal. But then we move on to the next page, and Hiyori points out that it has his name on it. Hibiya goes on to point out that it could belong to someone with the same name- Which, while unlikely, is possible, right? 

Except Hiyori then goes on to point something out in their conversation. 

“Well, I mean, it’s kind of got your name on it, y’know? Like… How’d you even get off the bus if you didn’t notice it was gone?”
“Uh, maybe someone with the same name? Probably that! There’s got to be, like, a million people around here named Hibiya Amamiya!” 
With that weird name? Like, no? I don’t know anyone else, anyway. But, uh, I wanted to ask about what you had on the back of it?” 

Seems like normal conversation, right? But, the question is- Why would she know who Hibiya even is? He’s just another boy in her school looking to woo her, right? Why would she care about him and his bus pass? And his ‘need’ for a stupid ass cellphone? 

It would be stupid to take someone she hardly knew anything about with her to the city, right? Especially with how just about every boy that she went to school with had a ‘crush’ (more like obsession, but shh) on her. 

But who’s to say that Hiyori Asahina hardly knew Hibiya? It’s completely possible that, due to the screenshot in Outer Science, as well as the fact that she even acknowledges him and brings him to the city with her, that she at least knows him somewhat. 

… And her haze wouldn’t be focused around Hibiya dying if she didn’t care about him, either. I get the feeling that she dragged Hibiya along for more reasons than just “I need someone to carry my shit.” 

… She probably brought him along to try and get to know him again- So they could be friends again, like they used to be.