i really like this pv

W E L C O M E  T O  T H E  M A D N E S S

Yurio, you’re such a little punk. ilu.


Gazette Gif-a-Day 2016

[3-5/?] To Dazzling Darkness
→Credits to trauma_radio for the translation ☆


Happy Party Train Icons! (:o Edition)

I really liked this part of the PV, since we get to see everyone in moments where they’re alone.

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(more HPT icons: shiny background | ;D/dance | :)/verse | miscellany)

Just little 2D!Miraculous Ladybug Things
  • Marinette’s ahoge
  • Dark broody cat boys
  • The four leaf clover on Tikki’s head
  • Plagg’s overtly teasing nature
  • Felix’s library
  • Ladybug’s attacks involving bursts of rainbows
  • The villains actually being intimidating
  • Dynamic scenery
  • Papillion’s Blimp
  • The Pigeon and Mime Guy being constant henchmen under Papillion
  • The big beautiful rainbow moth symbol
  • Paris on fire
  • Cool city wide attacks of weird purple and green energy
  • Marinette drinking tea
  • Chat Noir’s paw prints on his gloves and feet
  • Chat Noir’s thigh highs
  • The rose on the Eiffel tower scene
  • The first time Chat Noir sees Ladybug
  • Marinette attempting to ask Felix out
  • The heroes’ bubbly Sailor Moon-esque transformations
  • The trailer music

Feel free to add anything else you can think of or something that you enjoyed the most about 2D!ML

honestly dont want to be THAT person but older anime voice acting has something so much more special to it than current voice acting. the voices nowadays sound much higher pitched (especially with women) and so damn near perfect. But in older anime it sort of feels like actual people are speaking. Idk just a thought.


There’s a maplestory crossover for outer science with the title outer story (artist’s blog is in the link!)

This video was uploaded by the original artist on youtube!

anonymous asked:

AoaPP is, like,,,,, the MOST relatable song I think you've ever made and like I know that's not necessarily a good thing bc the subject matter is...wrow....but it really articulates a lot of the problems I have defining my personality and it's also like the song I've played on repeat the most often - I already have almost the entire thing memorized. I really like the fact that you changed up the PV style - it's so different from all your other stuff, and it's uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh a good 🅱aesthetic.

YEA H ngl i think aoapp might be the most self-descriptive song i’ve written so far? and i’ve seen a LOT of people commenting about how it’s relatable, more so than on my past songs, kinda sucks to hear so many people get it but :’))))

otherwise i’m glad u like it tho!!