i really like this post i have to say

i don’t understand why some people are so ??? upset?? about equal rights???? does it PERSONALLY OFFEND you if people are trying to ask for more right??? is a woman asking for equal pay, a choice in their life, representation in politics REALLY attack you?? if you say “i’m tired of seeing these no one cares” that’s like seeing a post saying “be happy with yourself” and going “FUCK OFF IM TIRED OF POSITIVITY AND GOOD MORALS” and i don’t understand why people have the need to say “it’s because women belong at home taking care of children” and “women choose to have less rights” because WHO ARE YOU TO TELL ME WHAT I WANT why can’t men stay at home with children? i know plenty of men would love that but there’s no one telling them to “stay in the kitchen” and why would i choose to be oppressed and why don’t you believe me when i say i want to be free to do what i want? YOU want to own mORE GUNS and dePort innocent people BUT I CANT HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE MY BABY’S FUTURE????

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This isn't Harry Potter, but I felt like it needs to be said, and I don't have a tumblr to post it on. I'm really tired of the narrative that women are nurturers and women. Some are, and that's a good thing, but it goes back to the times when women could only stay at home or be nurses. I'm a woman and I don't want to be a stay at home mom. I don't want to be a professional "nurturer". I want to be strong. I want to be a scientist. And screw society if they say I can't.

Girl, go do some science! Don’t let society tell you what a ‘proper’ woman should and should not do… there’s an entire world out there, you don’t have to be some happy homemaker to be A Valid Female. ~Taiga

Can I just say that I am really fucking proud of...

…every single person around the globe that joined the marches today/yesterday? Peaceful protest, hell yeah! I have felt deeply devastated about the state of the world for the past few weeks. Worrying, despairing, crying. Now I’m sitting in my bed at 7am and looking at all the coverage of those marches around the world and I’m crying to, but because of happiness, of pride and because this is what hope and unity feels like. You/we freaking rock, ladies! And I’d like to thank every single one of you for making me feel like it’s not the beginning of the end, but only the start of a resistance and movement that’s stronger than any political party or president could imagine! Thank you for reminding me that we are not worriers, but warriors! Thank you!

i love narusasugaa with all my heart but i mostly value sasuke/gaara as loyal friends and people who enjoy each other’s quiet company and bond over the fact that they are both traumatized and both did things they regret and both love naruto

like they don’t really feel anything romantic with each other per say but there is a special intimacy there for sure. and PLUS whenever naruto isnt around they have someone to share their space with them so they can try and ward off crushing depression??

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Andy I read your tags in that aro/ace post and thank you cause you are amazing and you saying that does help me as an ace person who keeps seeing ace discourse and you are just a lively person than you it helps

Andy: listen, I really fucking hate the fact that people in our own damn community make you feel like shit. As a genderqueer pansexual, I will use my super gay privilege card and personally apologize for the community because someone has to.

You have been made to feel as if you are invisible. As if your voice does not exist. The community should be reaching out and offering a hand, not a slap in the face.

I love you. You are important. You are powerful. You are here.
I am sorry.

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You guys are doing a great job on this blog, thanks for all the fic recs! I read Red Skull's Glorious by ReturnProse_By_Rose, it's really funny and I'd like to rec it for the humor tag. One of my favorite post-ca:cw fics <3

Thank you! This looks hilarious.

Red Skull’s Glorious Return by Prose_By_Rose                

“You’re telling me Captain America won?” Red Skull says furiously, “I gave you clear instructions on how to train the new fist of HYDRA! The best in brainwashing technology! A loyal servant enhanced by the serum and he lost?”

“Well, I wouldn’t say he lost, more… um…” the scientist says, “Things took a bit of an unexpected turn, it couldn’t have been predicted! And Captain America and the Winter Soldier… they… well…”

“They eloped,” the female HYDRA soldier says bluntly.

“They what?” Red Skull says.

Update - Still at it

Sorry I’m still in the thick of it. I’ve been very busy, and some of these have been really hard to choose between. It’s a little agonizing saying no to stuff that, in a different anthology, I’d be doing cartwheels over.

I’ll post an update when the emails go out. It looks like emails are gonna go out in the mornin. Sorry y’all.

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Do you have a link to the vent piece you wrote during the election? I just saw on a news feed that the twitter account of the Dept of the Interior was suspended by the govt for posting the pic of Trumps inauguration side by side with Obama's. This is pure and utter censorship! I can honestly say I am scared now. I would really like to re-read your piece. I found it uplifting and calming. Thank you.

Eeh, Anon, I think you may have mixed me up with someone else. I don’t recall writing a vent piece, or at least, not an uplifting one. I mean I wrote History May Not Repeat Itself but that’s more a “guide to fascism”. (Please note: points two and three are now well underway, and the above is an example of point four.) It’s certainly not what I’d think of as calming.  

If I did write the thing you’re looking for, you can almost certainly find it in my No Pasaran tag; if you can give me more context for what it was about or any remembered phrases that might jog my memory. Otherwise I think possibly you’re looking for someone else. 

Sorry! I hope you do find what you’re looking for and that it uplifts and calms you. We could all do with a little of that. 

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"i think people forget how young taylor swift is, how much she already done in her life and how much she still has left to do" still left to do? like what continue to sit on her ass and not make a difference in the world for women and everyone else?

wow some people truly have a warped perception of what ‘making a difference’ actually means don’t they? 

this isn’t a competition and i don’t really like doing this but what has the ability to make more of a ‘real difference’

1. the photos people who attended marches today posted of themselves 

2. the 1 million dollars taylor swift donated to louisiana flood relief last year

i’m not saying she’s perfect or those two things are even comparable, but i’m honestly shocked that of all people, you would accuse taylor swift of sitting on her ass when she’s always one of the first celebrities to put her money where her mouth is in any situation 

Mary’s Message, and Schrodinger’s Sherlollies

(So maybe I have a thing for alliteration, sue me.)

So I’ve been thinking about The Final Problem, the I Love You, Mary’s message and the possibility of future seasons and/or a secret episode as some out there have been saying. I’ve decided to put my thoughts down once again, and if you feel like reading, I hope you enjoy it.

WARNING: It’s kind of a long post. Keep that in mind.

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/post/155951501812 WCIF that map(is it a map? haven't played ts2 so long that I have forgotten some terms)

Map works! Otherwise you can say terrain / SC4 terrain (just don’t say template :p)

This terrain is by Frillen and can be found here. :)
(Looks like I’ve edited a little though, I really can’t remember lol)

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So can your Gijinka characters just switch back and forth from being cats, or is everybody a human but some are cats or?

my gijinka characters are only /human/ like real human(only their hair colors aren’t like real human i guess) they neither switch between cat and human nor have cat habit. basically the cats don’t appear in official gijinka au. that’s why i use /subjunctive/ in my former gijinka post.. my personality interpretations are even a little different between cat and gijinka ver considering that(in gijinka au) their values and concepts would be effected by human society which has much less influence on cats. well what i tried to say is i don’t take my gijinka and cat ver completely the same. so even if the cats really appeared in gijinka au they would be different characters from human ver! (((i would love to draw more gijinka and cats interactions tho..(i already drawn a lot anyway) i just haven’t really put the cats in storyline cause i need proper explanation for it which i may never find out lol

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You know what I love when Niall goes ghost?! Lol it's that he really goes ghost & no one has any idea where he is, but w/ Niall honest to god, he could be absolutely anywhere. In the last 24 hrs. I've seen an anon swear he's in LA, another swear he's still in London, others have asked ab. Argentina, & a fake private account says he's on holiday "someplace warm." From Argentina to Alaska, California to Australia, or anywhere in between, whatever random place I wouldn't even be surprised lol😂

he REALLY could be anywhere. its so funny. and whats even better is his friends play along. when he doesnt want to be seen, he is NOT seen. hes really very good at that. 

tho i will say, he liked a post on ig about the march yesterday, so that gave me some warm fuzzies and tiding me over for now.

Hey guys!! tonight I’ll either be posting a Murphy or Bellamy imagine and/or a “dating Murphy would include” so look out for one of those!!!

Also I just wanted to mention that I have a lot of requests for Bellamy and Murphy. Actually the only request I have that isn’t for either of them is a Lexa imagine!! which I’m really excited to write!! So please send some more requests for other characters!!

If you’d like to see what characters I write for, click the little link in my description that says “request guidelines” and they’ll be a list of all the characters you can request for!!!

Ps. Thank you for so many notes on the “dating Bellamy Blake would include” I’m really happy so many of you enjoyed it. 💗

Hey everyone! I have some news. These past few days have been really busy for me and trying to get back into the the rhythm of school and work is a lot harder than i expected. Im exhausted, to say the least. But i am working on the mini series right now, here and there. I’m working on part one, that i will most likely name ‘departure’

I appreciate all of the sweet messages you’ve sent me! I really do!! I’ll be answering those and posting up the first parts of the series sometime next week!! So please just wait a little longer, I promise it’s on its way!!

Thank you for your patience, I cherish all of you! I’m glad you’re sticking around for this!

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Even though this doesn't really match up with anything regarding "Wholesome Week", I would still like to hear your thoughts about a few things that have been on my mind for quite a bit. WARNING! Everything that I want to say will add up to one lengthy post, so I greatly apologize in advance. Alright, here we go! *gaaaaaaaaaaaaaasp*:

Long Ask after the KEEP READING!

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I have over 600 followers and that’s not bragging or anything but about 20 at most actually look at my blog or care. When I set this up, I wanted to talk about movies and shows and games and the world but when I post something I write about any thing or ask question, no one cares or they don’t pay attention. Why?? Like if I wanted to be ignored I would have just used all my other social media but tumblr seems like the place of fandom and serious conversations and it’s not really. Unless you are “tumblr famous” no one gives a shit about what you have to say and it’s annoying, why?

Do you have nothing to add? Like if I ask something I actually give a shit and want to know. Or do you not have an opinion or seen a show or movie? Cause you could be like “not have seen it but have you seen” or be like “na I don’t like it, it’s not my thing”.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me and all that craic.

that post sounds jumbled bc I’ve been drinking wine for 6 hours consecutively… literally I’m just wondering why I’m seeing iffy things tonight? Posts trying to say things like, this is “my” experience “my” anatomy and I have a right to talk about it! Okay yes you do we know that, but really the way to go about it is not dismissing anyone in the process who is different and still in the same fight