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I just hope that Taylor sees all the secret sessioners who are choosing to be absolute dicks about the secret sessions and realises the mistake she has made with some of these people. 

Look, I get it, it is exciting to get an opportunity like this. You have had an experience that a very select few people have had and will ever have. But I would hope that as someone who is part of a “community” of people who all share a common interest, you would have the empathy and genuine love for your community to be decent and non-boastful and hope that other people get to experience the magic that you just did. 

Realistically, you are no better than anyone else. You were lucky enough that your username passed through Taylor/Taylornation’s feed at just the right time. You are simply one of thousands of people who wants this opportunity. You were just lucky enough to be at the right place, at the right time. 

So post your pictures, talk about how sweet she was, talk about how glorious your experience was, wish this experience upon your peers, but be gracious. Don’t rub this in people’s faces. Don’t post things reminding people that you “know things that none of the other swifties will ever know”. 

If you do post those sorts of things, I hope you know that you are likely disappointing the person who has just welcomed you into her home. Do you really think you were invited so that you can put other people down and make them feel inferior? If her generosity is any indication, I think you know that she would be utterly disgusted to know that this is what you have chosen to use your experience for. 

“Hey I feel like we can talk about this really interesting undertale topic, it’s about how boss monsters are practically immortal without a child to make them age, or how did shyren sister fall down if she wasn’t even old to begin with and-” *well elaborated post with pictures regarding said texts*

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BTS reaction- Being asked about you in an interview/variety show

Anon asked: “BTS reaction where the interviewer/host of a tv show asks them about you?❤️💙💛”

A/N: I am posting a reaction after SO long so I am very sorry if this isn’t up to my usual standards :) I promise the next couple of reactions will be better written!

**As usual gifs are not mine. Credit to the rightful owners. Images sourced from google images**



Jin would probably be very embarrassed and would be laughing so much. His ears would turn red while answering the question directed towards him but it just means he is happy to talk about you.

The camera panned to his red face as just a few seconds ago he had been asked about you. “So is it right? You went on your first official date?” the interviewer asked. Jin couldn’t stop laughing. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand before responding. “Yes. Yes were are officially dating. I hope ARMY’S can give us a lot of love, and support y/n and give her as much understanding and love as they give me” his ears had turned red by this point. “ When is the second date then?” the host teased. He turned to look at the camera. “ I am waiting for your answer y/n” and he handed the mic back to Namjoon prompting a lot of ooh’s from the boys.

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Reflecting on Grief

Forwards or Backwards? Earth, or an alien planet? Or somewhere entirely outside of time and space as we know it?

That’s part of the thrill of watching Doctor Who. Step inside that blue box, and you could be taken anywhere. And every fan has wondered, at some point, where they would go if they were given that chance.

Peter Capaldi was asked where he would want to go at Calgary Expo earlier this year. He gave a few lighthearted answers about seeing the Beatles or the pyramids, before eventually saying: "I think I’d go see my folks, who aren’t here anymore.”

I used to have wild dreams about where I might go too, but since my I lost my dad, grandpa, and uncle this year, my heart has been right with Peter. 

Hand on the lever, with all of time and space before me, all I would want to do is go home.

Doctor Who has always been comfort food for me. No matter how confused or messed up this world could be, it gave me hope that there was something I could do to get through it. Evil could be defeated, justice could be found, and loss – while painful – could be overcome.

But after everything that happened, I was reluctant to come backWith my own pain so fresh, even Doctor Who could be too much. There are too many painful losses. There’s too much to dwell on. There are too many girls with dead and dying fathers. 

I did come back to watch Series 10, thinking I might be safe from those painful feelings. And then along came Bill Potts, who lost her mother when she was a baby and had almost no photographs of her to keep her memory alive.

At the time “The Pilot” premiered my family was preparing for my father’s funeral, and I was in charge of collecting photographs from family and friends. It was a heartbreaking task. I marked out the whole path of his life, from childhood to adulthood, documenting the things he loved to do and his relationships with the family and friends he left behind. There were official photographs with his sarcastic smiles, and candid pictures capturing small tics of his personality that we’d never see again.

Bill asked the Doctor if pictures could really help after someone’s gone, and my immediate, bitter thought was that they don’t help nearly as much as you want them to. 

But then the Doctor traveled back in time to capture new photos of Bill’s mother for her. The dam burst and I cried through that scene as Bill did. Pictures aren’t nearly good enough, but when they’re all you have, they help more than you could imagine.

It was little moments like this that brought me back to Doctor Who while I grieved each of my losses. So much of grief is wrapped up in time – time borrowed and lost, regretted and re-lived, stolen and reclaimed. You spend far too much time reliving each terrible moment of your loss, pulling it apart piece by piece to figure out where everything went wrong. You regret the moments you didn’t take advantage of – the conversations you never had, the questions you never got answered. And you’re haunted by the future you were supposed to have with that person in your life. 

Friends and family and a good therapist will tell you that you have to accept that there’s nothing you can do to change what happened. That’s true and good advice, but not always advice we’re ready to act on when our pain is fresh. Doctor Who gives you space to say to hell with that. Every impossible scenario ever dreamed up in grief is possible in a show where time and space aren’t boundaries any more. We’re free to imagine the impossible and indulge in denial and bargaining for just a little while longer. We can imagine going back in time to see the people we loved one last time. We might even imagine going back in time to save their life.

When my dad was in the hospital, I kept going back again and again to “Father’s Day,” the story from Series 1 where Rose goes back in time and tries to save her dad from being killed in a car accident. I’d only ever seen it once, and it shook me so much that I never wanted to watch it again. It wasn’t just the thought that one day I would also lose my dad – that just seemed like an inevitable fact of life. I was terrified by the thought that maybe I’d know his death was coming, and still be powerless to stop it. That I could only sit there and watch it happen. 

The moment where Rose finally says goodbye to her dad tormented me while my dad was dying. All I wanted to do was go back in time and just fix it. I knew exactly what I would say and do, but instead I was stuck waiting for the inevitable to happen. But when all I wanted to do was run away and hide from it all, I reminded myself that I wouldn’t get any do-overs. 

I stayed, and I held his hand.

Grief, like time, doesn’t move in a straight line. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance don’t pass one after the other in a neat, predictable order. You swing back and forth between each emotion, sometimes going around and around in circles. 

If you want to know what grief looks like, watch “Heaven Sent.” Grief is our own bespoke torture chamber, a hell of our own making. It has a way of bringing out all of our deepest regrets and fears. And every time you think you’ve found a way out, you’re dumped back in again.

Until one day, you’re free.

I finally went back to watch “Father’s Day” a few months ago. It was painful, but unexpectedly easier to watch this time around. After all, my worst fear had already been realized. There was nothing it could scare me with anymore. Yet strangely, I felt comforted afterwards too. It felt like exorcising a bad dream. 

After a loss, it’s normal to obsess over what you or anyone else could’ve done differently. It’s not entirely rational – even if you did think of something that could’ve been done differently, you can’t change what happened – but that doesn’t stop the thoughts of “if only…” from keeping you up at night. 

Knowing you can’t change anything is very different from accepting it. And somehow it was easier to get that message from a science-fiction show where everything might be possible. Doctor Who doesn’t answer phrases like “If only I could have done this differently" with “You can’t.” It says, “Let’s try.” There’s space to release every grief-driven fantasy that’s trapped and clawing at your chest and tormenting you in nightmares.

But Doctor Who rarely provides pure wish fulfillment. The Doctor and his companions can’t always save everyone. Rose doesn’t get to save her dad. He was always going to die. And as awful as it sounds, it was comforting to see the Doctor and his companions fail. Even with hindsight and a time machine, they can’t change everything. 

It took all the power out of thoughts of “if only…” Somehow I needed to go to the most absurd, impossible scenario to accept that there was really, truly, nothing I could change that would bring my loved ones back. Because no matter what I could go back and change, it still might not have been enough. Seeing the Doctor and Rose and Bill and Clara and so many others discover the limits to their own abilities helped me accept how limited my own actions were. 

The thoughts of “if only…” won’t go away, not entirely. But they can’t hurt me anymore.

Life moves on, and I get a little closer to acceptance and something almost like being okay. It doesn’t help that this year manages to exceptionally suck even beyond my own family’s grief.

After Deborah Watling passed away in July, I went back and watched “The Tomb of the Cybermen” again. It’s one of my favorite stories, but I’d been avoiding it this year. At the start of this story, Victoria has just lost her father, but the poor girl doesn’t get much time to grieve. Instead, she’s rushed in and out of the TARDIS with barely enough time to change into a short dress before she’s thrown back into another terrifying adventure. 

But midway through the story, we pause for one of the most heartfelt scenes in the whole history of the show. As the rest of their companions sleep, the Doctor and Victoria sit together and talk about their families. Victoria confesses that although she enjoys being with the Doctor and Jamie, she still misses her father. She’s convinced that her memories of him will always be sad, tainted by the memory of his death. When the Doctor tries to convince her they won’t, she says that he probably can’t even remember his family, considering how old he must be.

The Doctor responds:

Oh yes, I can when I want to. And that’s the point, really. I have to really want to, to bring them back in front of my eyes. The rest of the time they sleep in my mind, and I forget. And so will you. Oh yes, you will. You’ll find there’s so much else to think about. 

The first time I watched this story, the Doctor’s comment felt unnecessarily cruel. After all, Victoria’s still coping with her father’s death. The last thing she wants to be told is that one day she’ll forget him.

But now I realize that’s not what the Doctor is saying at all. Victoria will always carry her memories of her father. But at that moment, they’re looming over everything else in her life. She can’t enjoy her time with the Doctor and Jamie without thinking about how her father isn’t there to enjoy it with her. But in time, they won’t overwhelm her. That grief and pain and sadness will fade. And Victoria will eventually be able to move forward with her life.

This, I think, is the hardest part of grief. Building a life without your loved one is a way of acknowledging that they are gone. It feels like we are leaving them behind. It feels wrong to imagine a future where my grandfather and uncle won’t get to tease my partner, where my father won’t walk me down the aisle, where none of them will meet or help me raise my children. 

But as another dearly missed companion once said, everything has its time. I wish we had more together, but I’ll treasure every moment that I had. 

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A bit of MORE angst - imagine in a Kuron scenario real Shiro coming back to the team just to learn that Keith sacrificed himself.

It’s too early in the morning for you to hurt me like this (I say as it’s like…noon). I want you to think about what you did and — oh who am I kidding, I love angst.

LISTEN. I’m like 100% sure that in a Kuron scenario where Shiro came back to learn that Keith sacrificed himself, Shiro would crumple in on himself and just — fuck, it would hurt him too much to bear.

I don’t think Shiro would play the blame game on others — he would totally understand why Keith did it and accept that this was Keith’s decision — though I do think there’s a chance he’d feel partially responsible for it. I see him as this long term thinker who absorbs things in this really extensive big picture way. Like he’d probably be thinking all the way back to the past where “If we hadn’t even gotten close, none of this would’ve happened.” BUT he would also recognize the fact that none of them would even be this far in their efforts of winning the war if it weren’t for Keith. I think he’d be really torn up between these two ideas, and more.

But I think ultimately, if he loved Keith romantically, this self-sacrificial aspect of who Keith IS is just one huge thing he knew he signed up for, one that makes him love Keith all the more. And heck, he probably loves that about Keith whether it’s romantic or not in canon. There’s a reason they’re such close friends and I’m sure it’s because they have this silent and mutual understanding of each other and what’s at stake for the universe and the greater good.

If Keith’s sacrificed had succeeded, I think Shiro would do all he can within his power to make sure it was not in vain. Maybe he’d think about Keith every time he looked at the sun, close his eyes, and remember a boy who was so devoted and intense, he burned too brightly for the rest of them to hold onto.

Heyyy, I really want to buy Sonic Forces but money is scarce so I thought I could open up commissions?

I´d draw a full body picture with flat colors (except for the eyes) like shown above. (single colored BG is standard)
(( You can browse through my account here for more examples but most of them are doodles //D))

Payment would be via Paypal but i´d prefer if it was sent as € EURO
(paypal-fee is already included in the price)

If you are interested feel free to contact me via chat here on tumblr <3

-Ocs are fine!! (it would help a lot of you could show me a reference)
-Canon charas are fine as well (but i am not that skilled with robots)
-If you have a specific pose in mind please make sure to let me know! // same goes for expressions and so on
-If you want colored outlines please let me know as well. (if you don´t say anythign specific about the lines i´ll just make them black)

I will start after I´ve recieved the payment. You can ask me on updates for your comm.

I´d open 4 slots for now~


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I would like to thank my love (once again <3 ) for bringing this sketch to life with this amazing coloring! The picture looks greater than ever! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! But I love the mod of @askspiritrootsandthetree  even more! I love him for making me smile and supporting me all the time. He is the best person I have ever met and really means a lot to me. I am glad and lucky to be his girlfriend.


There’s lots in this picture that’s still a WIP.  Meliora’s boss stage isn’t done, Luna really needs her battle sprites worked on (initially they were made for a more typical rpg-esque style so I may need to redo most of them) and Meliora needs some touch-ups.  This is just a simple mock-up of what a fight could look like at some point.  

I haven’t talked a lot about the battle system and that’s because I want to try to test it out myself in-game first to see how viable it is and how much it keeps the “scare” factor in the game.  Once that’s taken care of I’ll write more about it~

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Ok I love c and d and I would love a picture together but yall are saying that there's no picture together because people are trying to cover up their relationship but then if there was a picture I can bet yall would be freaking out and saying "they posted this to show that cc is close to coming out" or something like that and idk but I just feel like everyone's overreacting a lil bit

Really anon? Over reacting. When was the last time there was a pic of them together?  After Ellen I believe with others in the photo.  Not over reacting. It is a big deal. and yes, when we progress to the next step, which will happen, we will scream and shout and riot.

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I was wondering if you could give any tips or perhaps a tutorial on how people make their gifs and graphics really smooth and soft (they have this glossy appearance). Sorry, I'm really bad at explaining xD

Hmmm smooth/glossy?? Like high quality? If it’s high quality i got some tips for you……

  • Always Sharpen

Doesn’t matter if it’s a gif or a graphic, sharpen it to make sure it’s not blurry. I sharpen not only characters or pngs, but sometimes even the textures that I use. 

  • Download high quality pictures/videos

For videos, use AT LEAST 720p. Your best is 1080p. With pictures, make sure they’re not blurry when downloading them (obviously) but also try to get them in large sizes so that you’re not trying to stretch them (which causes more blur) and it gives you free reign on sizing it smaller. 

  • Avoid noise/grain

Some psds or colourings create grain or noise (especially colour noise) that ruins the look of the gif/graphic. For gifs especially, I see a lot of colour noise in dark areas. Try to avoid colouings that do that to the gifs. 

Topaz is an add-on for photoshop and it really helps with cleaning up scans and overall cleaning up gifs/graphics (especially if they’re low quality to begin with). I highly recommend using it!

  • When saving, make sure you’re saving it in high quality

If you’re saving a jpeg, there will be a window that prompts you after you save it in a folder what resolution you would like to save it at. Make sure to save it at the highest resolution possible. For gifs or pngs, utilize the below window’s options (in Save for Web). In particular, where it says Selective and Diffusion, use that to your advantage and try out the different options in those menus.

That’s all I can think of right now, let me know if this was not what you’re asking;; (and if so I am SOOO sorry ahh)

Spider Webs | Nailing It

For somebody who doesn’t like spiders, I’m sure doing a lot of spider-inspired tutorials!  These spider web nails are perfect for this month, and look really cool in a variety of colours!  Using a black background polish is classic, but going with an orange or even a bright green would look really cool as well.  Send me some pictures of your recreations of this design, I’d love to see them!


1) Base Coat

2) Top Coat

3) Black Nail Polish (feel free to use other colours as well)

4) White Paint

5) Small Paint Brush


1) Prepare your nails with a layer of base coat.

2) Paint your nails with two coats of black nail polish.  I also did one nail in orange for a pop of colour.

3) Dip your small paint brush into the white paint.

4) Paint a diagonal line from one corner of your nail to the other.

5) Starting at the same top corner, paint a second line between the edge of your nail and the first line.

6) Once again, paint a third line between the opposite edge of your nail and the middle line.

7) Paint a semi-circle between two of the long lines. 

8) Leave some space before painting a second semi-circle below the first. 

9) Continue adding semi-circles down the section, trying to keep consistent spacing.

10) Repeat steps 7 to 9 in the other sections.

11) Finish the entire design with a layer of top coat.

flower bois.png


DRESS : Voodoo Vixen Autumn/Winter 2017 - Veronica Pencil Dress
SHOES: Dolce by Mojo Moxy
BAG: Vintage

Voodoo Vixen has done it again!! And this time they’ve collaborated with one of the first pin-up fashion bloggers I ever found Miss Victory Violet <3 🙌🏾

This stunning, plaid (squee!~), bow accented dress with cuffs & pleated back is figure flattering & very comfy. Can’t say the same about these shoes sadly. VV doesn’t carry XS, & I recommend sizing down if you’re in between. I’m not wearing any shape wear which I tend to do for my wiggle dress otherwise it’d look a lot “neater” as the fabric is on the thinner side.

I really liked these pictures, the outtakes were CRAZY though lolol I might post them but I’m already spamming these since I definitely feel like a total vixen in this dress .


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Depop: @RandiNicholeJoan

💜 NYA! 💜 Happy Voltron Fandom Positivity Day!!!

(-^    v  ^-) if you’ve been following my blog at all~ then you already know that this Pidge is all about that fandom family vibe!!!! (^O   w O)^ MUCH LOVEEE!!!! *throws confetti in the air* so thank you so much to @stargazershiro for organizing this exchange!!! My piece is dedicated to @lyrikin !!!!!!!!! MUCH LOVE TO YOU FANDOM FRIEND!!!! (-^    O ^-) and the best of luck with your writing project! gawd knows i’m not a writer!!! so you’re heads and tails above me just by trying your best!!! YOU GOT THIS!!!! <3 <3 <3


Edge of seventeen tag by @alwaysimming

i was tagged by @soft-almond and @mummasim and i’m so sorry this took so long to do i took this wayy too far.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i have like 3 more posts about this so Look Out