i really like this picture of them

i just wanted to say that i really, really do not think that sana is going to release the messages. mostly because yes, sara’s very ugly and completely awful side deserves to be exposed, but by doing so, sana would hurt people that she still, deep down, cares about. whether people think she should care about them or not, she still does. and i really don’t think she’d do something like this during the month of ramadan, a month that without a doubt means so much to her and during which she’s going to want to not only be a good person, but also better herself. and i feel like the idea of using noora’s e-mail address to spread pictures of isak’s private conversation with someone, in which eva and vilde are bad-mouthed is not going to sit right with her and is not going to fit her desire to be a good person 

there’s a reason why we haven’t seen her use those messages the way we’ve been led to think she could, i.e. by logging into noora’s account and spreading them. she clearly is still hesitating, and in the end, i think she will lean toward not using them this way. it doesn’t mean that she won’t use them at all, though. there has to be a reason why we’re being shown these glimpses of the struggles vilde in particular seems to face. once again, as much as we rightfully think that vilde has been horrible to sana this season, i still do think that sana wouldn’t want to do this to her, and i think that sana actually feels for her. what exactly is she going to do with the messages? that i’m really not sure yet, but i think she’s going to use them in order to get her friends away from sara, and in a way that wouldn’t hurt people she cares about 

and i, personally, would really really love to see her sit down with jamilla and talk about this with her, about how conflicted and hurt she feels, and for jamilla to understand, as someone who not only knows and sees sana, but also knows what ramadan stands for and means to her, and for her and be there sana

I have serious concerns that the Stemily trend will bite Olicity fans in the ass.

I know I don’t have enough power here to do a damn thing, but this is my concern…if every time SA and EBR appear together and joke around and just exist with the chemistry that they are famous for the internet goes nuts with they are in love and SA is going to leave his wife STEPHAN AMELL WILL STOP APPEARING WITH EMILY!!!!

it happened last time Olicity was hot and Stemily went crazy.  The appearances stopped, the photoshoots stopped, all pictures of them together off the show stopped.

I believe its for these reasons:

1. Stephan respects his wife and doesn’t want the internet saying he’s cheating on her.

2. Stephen respects Emily and she is a very private person who really does seem to like that sort of attention

3. Stephan loves his daughter.  Full stop.

Seriously, think about it.  A romantic Stemily is not harmless fun

some lil javid moments in newsies live:
  • “you’re really good” aka the canon moment davey starts crushing on jack
  • when medda tells them to stay jack has a hand on davey’s shoulder and they both have hands on les’ shoulders like what a fucking family right there people
  • their need to get up in each other’s faces before world will know 
  • “you following me?” *jack immediately hides behind davey*
  • i really wished they chose a different angle for this moment but when jack says “you’re gonna wanna snap a picture of this!” he actually runs over to davey and it looks like grabs his shoulders but it cuts before u can tell
  • “Jack!” “I hear ya” before the main part of seize the day
  • them fighting wiesel’s guys together
  • davey’s face of relief when he sees jack in medda’s theatre
  • davey smacks jack on the ass with a newspaper in HD (2017) 
  • and he does this whilst saying one of the most iconic javid lines “there’s no escaping us pal, we’re inevitable”
  • not exactly little but in wwh reprise they changed the tone of davey and jack’s argument so it’s more angry/serious and just… that angst tho
  • davey pulling spot off jack when the fight breaks out in the rally
  • again not exactly little bc i never stfu about this but the Look Of Disappointment davey gives jack at the end of the rally and jack tries to call after him but davey runs off
  • that look of love davey gives jack when he says “it’s good to have you back”
  • all them glances in pulitzer’s office
  • jack looks so proud when davey says “so what does that make you?”
  • when roosevelt and jack shake hands and immediately he turns to davey like “omg ow”
  • when pulitzer asks to speak to jack alone you can hear davey say “i’m not-” and jack says “it’s okay” so i’m pretty sure davey is about to say “i’m not leaving you alone” or similar and honestly i cry  

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I have important question! And I promise to not attack you because it is mean! What is your opinion on Otayuri? Just curious! 💖

Hi anon!!!! I’m //sweating// because this is a controversial topic,,, I’d like to start out by saying that I respect people who have ANY OPINION regarding this ship (or any ship for that matter), and only lack respect for those who attack other people for their preferences.

I don’t ship Otayuri! If it’s in the background of a fic, I’ll still read it, but I don’t actively ship it / write for it / read specifically for it. There wasn’t enough development in the canon for me and I can’t really picture a relationship between them with the way that things are right now. HOWEVER, I do see the potential for their friendship to develop into something more in the future if the show-runners choose to take it that way.

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I really love your story and sims. I feel really attached to them and I'm not being mean. I don't want it to come across that way at all but I think your pictures, maybe the way you edit them lets your blog down a bit? They aren't captivating I guess is what I'm trying to say. Maybe have a look at some of your favorite blogs and not copy their style but take some inspiration, experiment a bit. Try different angles, lighting etc? Sorry if this offended you it's honestly not meant to.

While I’m really happy that you like my sims, I hate to keep letting you down but my editing and picture taking most likely wont change. I am a writer, it says right in the description of my blog, Story Simblr, I use my words to tell my story and it’s not gonna change. I don’t have a ton of free time so with the little time I do have I’m not gonna spend it editing, when my blog is basically an outlet for my writing. Now as for the blogs I follow, i don’t follow people for sim edits, I’m not really on this site for digital art, I’m here to read other people’s stories, and sure lots of them have really beautiful pictures but I’m more into really well thought out characters, amazing writing and plots that I can sink my teeth into and those are the things that inspire me on this blog, not artful shots and spending hours in photoshop. But it’s okay, if my blog is such a let down to you there is an unfollow button, you can hit it and move on and I won’t be offended because at the end of the day, this blog is only here for me and my enjoyment and sure I might not get tons of notes but there is other people who enjoy it, just the way it is too.


@akumadeenglish I could REALLY use your help, or the help of another *native speaker*. I’m working on a reference “book” of real items and brands mentioned in the manga, and this is a difficult one. I’ve identified the Wedgwood Jasperware that’s shown in the bottom (5th) picture, but the licensed and fan translations read very differently (the second & third pages versus the fourth).

You see, Royal Doulton isn’t known for having *ever sold teas*, so the Ceylon shouldn’t have come from them. It looks like a rare case of the fan translation making more sense: the Ceylon is being *served* in Royal Doulton but was *prepared* in Wedgwood blue and white (the Jasperware shown must either be in “Wedgwood blue”, which is a soft blue, or in cobalt. Both color dips were available at the time, and the earl would definitely prefer a shade of blue over the other colors available). Sebastian might be specifying that it’s “Wedgwood blue”… and white, which is appropriate.


By the way, there’s a mistake in calling it Royal Doulton. It wasn’t called that until Victoria’s son, King Edward VII, awarded Doulton a Royal Warrant in 1901, just after ascending to the throne. But we will let Yana-san have a few mistakes. The floral pattern that most-closely matches the one on the other tea set shown here is from Royal Doulton’s “Royal Albert” line. That whole line didn’t exist until 1905. The pattern “Old Country Roses” wasn’t available until at least the 1960’s…. A lovely blue and white version, called “Moonlight Rose”, wasn’t available until the 1980’s or so….

I also tried to see whether the floral tea set could also be Wedgwood, but I haven’t found any set remotely like it.


So, yeah…. Can you please confirm how it’s stated in the original Japanese?

1. Is Sebastian saying the Ceylon tea came from Royal Doulton (which doesn’t really make sense)? Or is Sebastian saying he’s just *serving* the tea in Royal Doulton dishes (which makes way more sense, even if the historical timeline is off)?

2. Is Sebastian saying he’s serving the tea with the Wedgwood blue and white (a pattern that doesn’t seem to exist)? Or is Sebastian saying he used the Wedgwood blue and white (like the Jasperware shown in ch3) to *prepare* this Ceylon (from an unmentioned supplier)… before *serving* it in the Royal Doulton?

Please, please, please, with a cherry on top… help me with this 😩

I know the follow forever isn’t a flashy picture, but I kind of want to speak from the heart with this post. I don’t really believe having a flashy promo or follow forever really matters as long as you enjoy what it is you’re doing (not to discredit anyone that does make everything look beautiful and amazing with their promos/follow forevers!)

So, I started this blog about a month ago and Ken is one of my two muses that I created when I was a kid. The other muses name is Akio Shimada and both of them were like separations of myself. Eventually, as time passed on, Ken became more of his own character. I brought him to tumblr about a month ago and the reception I received with him was astronomical. I’ve heard people reading about my threads (people who I don’t even interact with) to people who have recommended my blog to other people. Seriously, it’s a huge honor and it makes me feel so good that people actually feel like I’m someone worth telling  other people about. I don’t want to keep it super mushy because I have people who I really want to mention below

@domina-gladiis : You should have known you were going to be on this list. We’ve talked about Ken and Elizabeth so much that Ken has actually mentioned Elizabeths name in a couple of my other threads LOL. You’re such a wonderful person to talk to and I was so surprised that you came to me to talk about Ken and Elizabeth. We’ve been talking ever since that first day and I really enjoy all of our threads. Those two are so cute for each other and are definitely one of my favorite ships on this blog. I love the two of them so much.

@radiantdescender: There are so many things that I want ot be able to express to you and some other people that I can’t in mere words. You’ve been with me since I first started my blog with Akio and you still decided to follow me onto this blog. While Rias may like Akio more, I personally like Ken and Rias a lot more. They have such an interesting dynamic, but it’s really hard to pick favorites with either of my boys LOL. Seriously, you’ve been so supportive since I began this new blog and I appreciate you so much for it ♥

@morteem: Yet another person who has been so supportive and has followed me to the ends of the Earth. I really appreciate all the conversations we have and the fact you take the time out of your day to talk to me is phenomenal. I’m so glad to be apart of your life!

@karismatickitty: and yet ANOTHER person who I literally can’t describe in words. I’ve known you for a very very LONG time and everytime we’ve talked you have been supportive. You were with me when I FIRST started Akio and we’ve been RPing and friends ever since (even though we don’t really talk as much anymore). You’re a great person and I never want you to change. I appreciate all it is you’ve done for me (especially all of those cute drawings you did of Akio when we first met LOL). I really really enjoy our conversations and I hope you’re doing well!

@aceprinccss: You literally talk to me everyday. I’m honestly surprised you haven’t gotten tired of me. Even though I may not seem like it, I am genuinely interested in all the stuff we talk about when it comes to Eve and Ken. It all makes sense honestly and the two of them together are super cute. Ken will protect his smol girlfriend at any cost.

@seacrowned : I don’t really know where to begin honestly. We talk on skype a lot and you really do mean the world to me! 

People who I don’t talk to as much, but we all have threads together and we’ve talked once before. I love you all! I want to talk more to people!

@rosaiism @fxlsificxtion @unknxwn-hxcker @vericulumvenatrix @kizcku @oblitusxxpuella @queenharumiura @kinkshameus @undesiredcrown @awadatsu @woodrattt @belladonnax

People who I have yet to talk to yet but never be afraid to message me! <3

@panthertastic @behutend @gothiciism @galaxtia @milagrosloera @juhososhiken @nekoka @crxssedworlds @thecrystalizeddemongirl @the-younger-umino @bubbleheartz @pplwatchrz @captivusborn @maddesan @hikxrii @amxgii @summersworn @fructevampir @oongxku @childxvil @detectivewxlf-revived @sullyxwan @succubiism @ousaiacademy @ammxt @fragilefated @shxnigxmi @stzgesu @bluepedant @sofficecuore @divinaedominus @lunarcyrus @lcvasuite @insomniius @kxkehi @fanxlis @koseisha @bimycu @chiijoku @avengeriiism @kniightli @verdiansoul @dissimulxte @sxikii

If I didn’t tag you I’m so sorry! Thank you so much everyone! I love you all! My inbox is always open and it always will be! ♥♥♥♥

EDIT: In conjunction with this here is a picture of my discord!

Hey hi hello!

Just wanted to say that we’re all fans, we all love the band, we all enjoy seeing pictures of them. This feeling of closeness, however, should not motivate you to learn personal information about bandmate’s lives that is not publicly shared. Following friends of the band on social media or searching through their posts in order to get more information about the band’s private life is unacceptable. It is stalker-like behavior. If someone did it to you, you’d be terrified. You do not know them and (I mean this kindly) you probably never will. It’s fun to fantasize, and believe me I have and still do, but please please PLEASE, do not spend your time finding connections to related people for a few pictures and videos. It makes me super uncomfortable to see images circulating from private events, and I know it’s exciting to see, but we should all try to not give notes to any material that is not directly from a band member or public account (ie: radio stations, festivals, etc).

Just as a rule of thumb, pap pictures (though luckily the guys don’t get those), private media, things from their past-if you find it, don’t share it.

Thank you ☺️

Do you ever look at a picture you’ve seen a million times and then it hits you. Like yeah, you’ve seen it before, you’ve reflected and chuckled because of it, but then BAM in the face motherfucker. What what what is that bracelet even supposed to symbolise? No, but really?

I mean you don’t show stuff unless you want to attribute them with some kind of meaning. Or have them be important somehow, Chekhov knew what he was on about. So what’s this supposed to be? This seemingly random amulet. Friendship? Hope? A tangible link to Alice link to humanity and community? I hate to admit it, but the movie isn’t that deep. Also Harold, it’s a fucking rainbow. No matter how much you twist and turn, still a rainbow on her wrist. Throw in a drag queen in the background and this would be more flamboyant than the Salt Lake City from the pre-Apocalypse during Pride. Okay, that was mean, I’m sorry, but also - *awkward cough*

Fuckery aside, I really do wish I could have listened in to the creative roundtable discussion that went on before someone said, “so— maybe she should wear a rainbow bracelet” and then after a moment of quiet reflection they all nodded and went, “Great idea, Barry. Lets do that.”

So turns out Barry got hubris or simply was a greedy little sob, because it wasn’t enough for him to push the decidedly randomass idea of Alice wearing the bracelet (without them really doing anything with it in the story), no he somehow got his will done so completely that they ended up using a picture of it as official promo material. And not only was she wearing it, rather prominently displaying it, she did so while shaking hands with another woman and staring intently into her eyes in a way that probably make homophobes awkwardly sputter about wholesome gals being wholesome pals or cry out in conservative despair; “won’t someone think of the children!!”

Like damn, Barry no one should ever doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion, and us gays. Thanks, buddy. Perfectly superfluous storywise, but thanks.

And on an even more shallow note, I weirdly enough am a big fan of Milla’s veins. I appreciate that she really does look like a skinny little mutant freak who would and could kick your ass from here and into oblivion. That’s meant to be read as a compliment.

Dear followers,

I’ve gotten a few asks about if Emily is still dating Gio and now I’m getting asks about Emily unfollowing Norman. I’m just going to address both situations now just so I’m not repeating myself in the asks.

Emily and Gio are most likely broken up. This is strictly based on facts such as: she hasn’t posted any pictures with him, she unfollowed him on Instagram, she has liked posts related to making poor decisions about dating, and she has gone to a few parties without him. So, I’m going to assume they are done.

Next, is Emily unfollowing Norman on Instagram. This is a really tough one for me and not because I ship them together, but because this is big for Team D. I think everyone is just in shock right now about her unfollowing Norman and so am I, but we really need to ban together and figure out what this means for Team D because in my opinion it’s not good. I don’t mean to be negative and I hate to be the messenger of bad news, but the reality is that if Emily was filming with Norman right now she would not have unfollowed him just because he made a few posts about DK. Do you know how awkward that would be during filming? I get that people film together and don’t get a long a lot, but these two are playing lovers?

I think this is something that could point to Beth not returning. I hate to say that, but it’s MY OPINION at this point. I’m in limbo with Team D right now and I have been since the season 7 finale, but this is making it worse. I love Team D and I hope that she comes back, but I don’t think she is at this moment in time.

I don’t mean to discourage anyone. If you still believe she’s coming back that’s great! And I hope she does. I won’t even tag this with Team D tags because I don’t want anyone to feel like I’m trying to persuade them. I think it’s just something we need to think about.

Either way I’m super sad that this has all happened. Whatever is happening I just hope Emily is happy. It seems like she’s detoxing her life of negativity and I hope she continues on a positive track💗

I love you all thank you for your questions and support! xo

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You make the biggest stink you need to about shitty fuckin people using your art without credit. You put time and love into every piece you create. Bunch of moldy fuckin trash bag shit-gibbons want to act that way and speak to you like that. Unbelievable. And idc if you post this publicly. Actually I wouldn't mind at all. Send them my way.

It’s so dumb bb, I’m really scared of upsetting people - REALLY SUPER SCARED, good job being on the internet I guess, pff - like I wish I just hadn’t said anything on that picture in the first place. They do make a good point in that my watermark is on it too, I shoulda just left it alone in the first place I think :( Feeling pretty sad rn

EDIT: OH!! I really really really hope no one will attack the people who posted it and stuff, please I’m really not upset about that at all and yelling at them would only make me feel worse, don’t yell at anyone for my sake pls <3 

EDIT #2: I won’t delete this ask in case anyone wants to hear what happened (especially the people who were upset in the first place - I’m sorry!), but I absolutely don’t want anyone going off on that other post so I deleted it now. Ych y fi what a mess :(

Whenever someone asks for nudes, I usually just send them pictures of my dog in different headbands. He actually really likes headwear, like to the point where he will bring you a headband so you can put it on his head, and if you don’t then he’ll bark at you until you do

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I'd like to know what you did to edit your "livingroom" picture because damn, it's really nice! :O

// sweats // thank u so much sweet anon!! well i did two pictures (before and after) and i did them both in completely different ways, so i’ll try and do a quick lil overview okay!!

before;; a product of cupidjuice’s sweetpea action and an edited version glitchysims’ psd, which is why it’s so saturated!! i used thesweetpea action with the perfect setting (foreground colour ‘f4cbbe’) and went backwards to the last gradient; i then adjusted the hue-saturation settings a lil and then i duplicated the psd onto the screenshot and set it at 20% opacity, i think. there was so much more i did, probably, but i can’t quite remember. that’s the gist of it!!

after;; i used an edited version of snapdragon’s psd for this one (i hid some of the selective colour layers, a vibrance layer and a brightness layer) and curves. after duplicating the psd onto the screenshot at 89% opacity, i added two ‘lighter’ curved layers to it. then i fiddled a lot with selective colour to get rid of the overwhelming orange and reds, and darkened it just a little. it’s not a completely accurate way of what i did, probably, but it’s relatively the same!!

and now that i’ve just wrote all that and actually thought about it, you probably didn’t ask for a tutorial and were maybe just asking in general. this wasn’t much help anyway. sorry. hehe ♡


I wanted to warm some hearts today, so have some Dimdeux.
Gonna tag @ask-castle-bleck / @flipsidesworst since Dimdeux is technically interacting with his characters (but they’re all off-screen because I haven figured out how to draw them.)
1. Deux doesn’t understand the whole “feeding Moonsoon” thing so he just drew him a picture in hopes he’ll like it.
2. Deux talks to Vempi ( @opalcat2004 ), who is one of Duxten’s gang members. He’s assuming that everyone in the gang is evil because they want to hurt Sitch.
3. Dimdeux managed to find the Land of Cragnons and bring back an entire Floro Sapien because he remembered hearing he likes flowers. At least he didn’t bring King Croacus.
4. I really wanted to make a cryptid joke involving It, and I really want Deux to at least catch a glimpse of It at some point in his life, so this is a good compromise.
Anyway that’s all. Just wanted to share that.

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"TJGoalShie" or oops I mean "Welbecks" or whatever winning team she wants to hop on. She's a fair-weather fan and I called her out on it!

You literally know nothing about her and the way she approaches her interests, you’re going off blog content, that isn’t the full picture. And she’s allowed to like different sports, liking different sports means talking about them at different times, and sharing different things from different teams. I shouldn’t even have to be saying this. Not to be rude, but it’s not really your place to judge anyone on how they act towards their interests. 

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So, I thought I might just tell you because it's kind of interesting, but my sister's graduation was a few days ago and her dress looked EXACTLY like the description of y/n's dress in IWSY. It has everything from the colour to the details of the dress. Every time I looked at the dress it reminded me of that😅 So I was wondering do you use references to things like describing what the dress looked like? Or do you make it all up? Anyways, just wanna let you know that your writing is amazing! ~Ro❤️

Oh my goodness no way?!? I bet she looked amazing wow! I really wish I could have a dress like that 😭😭 and - I just imagined it in my head, I didn’t use a reference picture for the dress. However, for the shoes; I did use a reference picture because in the story I described them as being a brand name so i already knew what I wanted them to be 😁


Edge of seventeen tag by @alwaysimming

i was tagged by @soft-almond and @mummasim and i’m so sorry this took so long to do i took this wayy too far.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i have like 3 more posts about this so Look Out