i really like this picture of them


I spent a big chunk of this lovely Sunday morning reimagining my pedalboard. The drawing is crude, yeah, but it’s really just about making sure there’s room for everything. When it comes time to build it, as the bottom picture of my current setup shows, it’ll be tight. I pride myself in my technical craft as much as I do in my artistry.

I’m at something of an inflection point, musically. I don’t really know what the next ten years of my music sounds like yet, but it seems almost certain to be pretty different from the previous twenty. It feels like time for the high-gain, multi-channel amps which do a bunch of things pretty well but none of them fucking amazingly to give way to a single-channel vintage amp that does only one thing but does it fucking amazingly along with a new complement of pedals to offer different sonic possibilities.

To spend a lot of time on gear planning while being unsure of where the music is going probably seems backwards. One probably ought to decide on a musical direction and then shop for the toys to support it. But I’m going at it the other way intentionally. I find myself playing and creating what sounds good given the tools at hand. Give me a gained up, scooped-mid half stack and I’ll naturally start to shred. Give me a spanky clean silverface twin and a Strat and I’m likely to bang out funk licks. And so on. The tone I’m going for here is a moderately compressed mid-gain crunch, something where I can back off the guitar volume into something fairly clean, or crank it and stomp on the red channel of the Full-Drive for a sustainy solo tone. I also need room for a reverb pedal since my Marshall doesn’t have it, and I want to add my looper pedal since that seems like an interesting way to go as an artist. I know that once I have those tones underneath my fingers, the music I want to create—I am loathe to use either of the terms “Americana” or “roots rock” but they at least get you in the neighborhood—will come from it. I write with guitar in hand, literally. I have to get into the right aural idiom first.

So. Those new pedals mandate a bigger board and travel case, and since I’m going that way, I’m going to add a Timefactor and a second distortion based on the old Muff designs in case I need that “alternative” rock tone again. At 36″ x 14″ there’ll still be room on the board to spare in case I want to expand later. 

This project represents a moderate-to-severe financial and time commitment, and I’ve got a ton of other stuff to do. But the events of the last four months, globopolitical and personal, have impressed upon me very deeply. Life’s too short for bad tone.

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i get off to your son's pictures 😍😍 thanks for posting them, mom of the year 👅

Just because there’s an option to send people messages anonymously does not mean you have to be a disgusting creep. I mean, did you really think this was a good idea? And for what? To try to make me feel like a bad mom because I have a photo of my son on my blog? That doesn’t make me a bad mom. There are parents who have entire blogs dedicated to photos of their children….it doesn’t make them bad parents. But sending messages such as these does make you a shitty person.


All the everyone OC’s I know from the Pixelberry fandom!(and I made for someone too!) I had so much fun drawing them! And somehow I want this to make as a friendship gift (or valentine day gift but i was too late for that sniff) and somehow I want apologized. Really, really apologized if I was being a jerk, awkward and not replies on your chat/ask at the past. Also, please accpect this as a gift of friendship!

.:The first picture, from left to right:.

Tony, @ethanblakes ‘ OC, Reifai, @archie-artblog ‘s OC, Cyan, @grimdarkpixels ‘ OC, Piper, @sarcasticace ‘s OC, Samantha, my OC, @principal-mc ‘s OC (I somehow forgot their name again, sorry!), Aimee, @watermelone-n-chicken ‘s OC, Astra, @7stars ‘ OC.

.:The second picture, from left to right:.

Maus, (his account was gone, I miss him), Ivan, @rottenheartedchild ‘s OC, Amanda, @spacetravels / @jebsplayshss ‘ OC , Aro, @arowanathestudent ‘s OC, Penelope, @pixelberrygardens / @poppygardens ‘ OC.

.:The third picture, from left to right:.

Holly, @hollyashton ‘s OC (I made it for you, I hope you like it!), Molly, @molliartsie / @i-am-a-fandom-hoe ‘s OC, Ming, @robozombiepocalypse ‘s OC (sorry if i made her wrong sniff)

.:The forth picture, from left to right:.

Estella, @xiodorous / @askmaxwarren ‘s OC, Aeon, @aeon-hwuhss ‘ OC, Bunny, @cinnabani ‘s OC.

I hope you guys like it!

did u guys know that i have the best little brother in the world even though he is 15 and most boys get really gross when they reach like 12/13 but hes so nice and sweet and he has an instagram just so that he can follow the national geographic and various accounts that just post pictures of cute animals and he tells people about me and ciara all the time and when my dad used the word “it” to describe a friend i had said wasnt a girl or a boy and i was like “dad dont say that” barry chimed in with me and told him to use they/them pronouns instead and the other day i mentioned the word nonbinary to him and he asked what it meant and when i told him he was like “oh! i didnt know there was a word for that!” and he makes pots of tea for me and him and hes super careful and kind to animals and hes so nice hes such a good kid!!!!

You know what i am really pissed about? 
AH Stans really think that them showing us ONE picture of her “bruises” and accusing us of all kinds of things is telling us information.
But when we actually talk about court documents and talk about actual facts and ask them questions what they thing about the wholes in the story or her behavior in that situation they ignore us and say “it is like talking to a brick wall?” Well you could very well just respond to my questions!
I am so sick talking to a bunch of Teenagers who want to have more followers online so they pretend to be feminists!

unpopular opinion but like…i don’t think allura would make that good of a black paladin? i think she does an incredible job as the leader of the resistance and leading a large group, but personally i think it’d be a waste to make her the black paladin? allura is so focused on the Bigger Picture and the Greater Good that i think it’d be really frustrating for her to pilot the black lion. like, she’d get easily frustrated with the paladins and hold them to such high expectations that when inevitably they don’t live up to those expectations, she’d get..not discouraged, but irked? and i feel like she wouldn’t be that open to listening to the others? like with shiro we see him working /together/ with the paladins (which is what makes him such a brilliant leader of voltron) and listening to their ideas and trusting them, while with allura it’d be more of her /directing/ the paladins rather than really…working with them. and as the princess of altea, and a resistance leader, that’s a really good quality to have. but working with a smaller team? not so much. that’s why i think that she and shiro make such a good team, because besides coran, shiro is really the only other person that allura listens to. they both trust each other, and balance the other out. shiro focuses on Voltron, while allura focuses on the Big Picture, and together they meet in the middle. 

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can people send you links to their fox related work?

I really want to say yes to this, but if I open a submit box there’s no way to tell how much submissions I’ll get. My main priority is to not spam people’s dashboard with pictures and if I get submissions on art work/projects people have done then there’s no way I could ignore it. I would literally post each one I get. I really don’t like ignoring people, especially when it comes to their work. I am also very picky with what I post (hence why I don’t really allow requests)

OR, and maybe this is what you meant, people can message me their tumblr post/blog if they do artsy stuff and I can respond to them with what I think! This way it wouldn’t take up as much room on people’s dash while giving people an opportunity to check it out, which I am very open to :) I think this is what you meant, but I will keep the first part of this answer just as a PSA.

@atomicmangos hit 10 thousand followers!!! you guys should follow her if you love art and people who are cool. plus, she draws starco, like this picture right here!!

this is probably the drawing i reblog constantly, because it’s just a really beautiful star and marco moment. i really love how marco looks at her here and star’s hair is so pretty and i wanna see them dance again so bad. I love my kids. get married.

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I think no one's sleeping above ten,,there's no mattress?¿?

Hmm..I can’t see really well since he blurred a part of the picture, maybe he is living alone?! Since 127 and Dream members live together now, Ten probably lives in another dorm? Or maybe they all live in the same building, different apartments? They should stick them together somehow…because in the end they are all the same team and they need to keep in touch often.

From what I understood (this is just my feeling), I think they all live in the same building, various apartments?! Like, when Doyoung said him with Yuta and Winwin stay in the room above and they couldn’t hear Haechan and Mark bickering at night, this means they live on the upper floor? They might’ve created a passage from a apartment to another or it’s just a big apartment with 2 floors…I don’t really know exactly…It’s just my assumptions. 

Something tells me that, on the off chance that Marinette and Chloe actually agree on something (gasp!) the two of them would be a force to be reckoned with. 

Two confident, no-nonsense, gives-no-shits, will-shut-you-down-in-a-heartbeat girls working together on something? They’d be unstoppable. 

Like imagine the two of them just happen to both walk by a douchey boy in their school laughing with his douchey friends about, I don’t know, posting a really rude, sexist, gross comment on a picture of one of the girls in his class. 

Marinette would straight up take this boy’s phone out of his hands, delete the comments, and just leave Chloe to drag this kid in the corner and rip him to shreds over being downright disgusting. “How dare you think you can talk to girls like that, you soggy dish towel. I have half a mind to tell Marinette over there to screenshot everything you just said and show it to everyone in school so they’ll see how much of a pig you are.”

“Way ahead of you Chloe.”

Hello ARMY!

Please take your time and read.
I just found out that BTS is really struggling with sasaeng fans at the airport. The sasaengs would buy the same plane ticket as them and take pictures of them in the part of the airport where you only can go in if you have a ticket.

So I want to ask you to please not share those kind of pictures if you happen to see them! It’s not respectable to admire someone’s fashion or visuals if the photo has been taking without any care of their privacy

I know that I have probably accidentally uploaded a picture like that somewhere, but I’ll delete whatever picture I find that I have uploaded. If you see a picture on my blog that is like that, then please feel free to tell me.

And please share this to other fans, it’s extremely important!

You may share this on twitter if you want, some Korean people started doing it in July or so but they stopped



“I think it’s as though everyone has a small place inside themselves, maybe, a private bit that they keep to themselves. It’s like a little fortress, where the most private part of you lives–maybe it’s your soul, maybe just that bit that makes you yourself and not anyone else.” [x] [insp.]

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