i really like this picture of them


I don’t know why, but I keep picturing Draco in fluffy baby blue pajamas with cute little teddy bears on them, which Harry got him last Christmas. He wears them all the time and Harry loves the sight so much, he doesn’t really know what to do with himself? Like, Draco’s sitting on the couch, reading a book, sipping his tea, his bare feet peeking out from under the blanket, his hair all ruffled and a light stubble on his jaw. He just looks so handsome and he’s wearing these cute and ridiculous pajamas, not only because he knows it pleases Harry, but because he actually likes them himself? And Harry goes over to him, snuggles into his side and grins at him like a loon. And all Draco says is “Shut up, Potter” before grinning himself, draping an arm around Harry’s shoulders and planting a kiss on his forehead.


//here you go heart anon/my secret admirer. Here is the evolution of faces I made when I re-read your notes to get me in the same mindset as when I first saw them specifically so I could take these pictures. I hope this helps whatever doubt lays in your mind. You made me really happy. You’re still making me really happy. This is kind of sappy but I don’t care. It’s for you. *hides in hands and looks out timidly like in the first picture I guess*

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hopping on the praise train, bc ur most recent comic really blew me out of the water -- i really really admire your work, esp. your josuyasu content; it's really true to their characters, and hits so many of my favorite dynamic buttons, esp. their friendship/romance and the way you show them really strongly having both! your art is amazing & has so much like, personality and character and warmth to it

I’m yelling thank you so so much!!! I love Josuyasu and having them kiss and be romantically cute to each other, but what I love even more is that they are best friends before anything else. I find their friendship REALLY important; the heart and soul of their bond and I just can’t picture them any other way. I love how comfortable they are together; how they’ll bicker and then have their arms over each other the next moment, or sometimes even bicker whilst at close proximity. It’s kinda funny, and so endearing at the same time. I think it’s a friendship that brought a lot to BOTH their lives, not just Okuyasu’s. And that bond goes deep; Josuke doesn’t really open himself up quite like he does when Okuyasu is around. A partner in crime, but also the company he seemed to lack, even after meeting Koichi.


Also I’m very in love with the whole elf x human thing if you couldn’t tell by now


So, picture this in your head, yourself- what ever the skin color or hair color or eye color you have you beautiful human you- walking in Rivendell. Once in a while there’s a few merchants that come down the valley with food and fabric to sell and one of them has really pretty dresses that you can really only look at because wow expensive.

And Glorfindel comes down to look around at things, he just likes to chill out and watch people and elves walk around shopping for this and that, call it people-watching. But really, today, he’s got his eyes on you. You barely notice him, it’s a big crowd, but he notices how much you’re eyeing a particular white dress on the merchants cart. He listens in when the merchant asks for your size and you tell him but decline quickly to purchase the dress.

‘It’s too expensive, perhaps next time you come I will have saved enough’ Well, Glorfindel’s an elf lord, he’s got some mula to spare, so after you walk away he approaches the merchant and asks for the dress you were looking at in your size.

Now, I see Glorfindel as the very sort of shy admirer who would send you little notes trying to express his love that comes off a little creepy but very endearing. You think it’s lovely, I mean it’s Rivendell, bad things don’t happen here, and it’s just an admirer. The dress comes in a package, with a letter on top of it:

My star-

I saw you in the market today looking at this dress and so I got it for you, as a present. I do hope you like and that you will wear it at the feast tonight.


And Glorfindel is just at the very end of the corridor, out of sight of you, waiting for your reaction. You smile and pick up the box and his heart just sort of melts in a puddle of goo.

You wear it, leaving your hair down and putting on a flower crown for a nice touch. The dress really made you feel like someone special, like a princess of sorts. You leave and find the feast easily, and Glorfindel spots you as soon as you walk in an hoooo boy do you look stunning.

“Hello, my lady, you look absolutely breath-taking.” Glorfindel’s talked to women before, many of them find him attractive, but why is this so hard for him to do?

“Thank you.” You smile and he nearly faints.

“May I confess something to you?” He walks you away from the crowd, away from attention.

“Of course, what is it?”

“It is I…who…sent you the dress and the letter.” He’s blushed and you stand rooted to the ground in a small amount of shock, so that was what the ‘G’ meant.

“I- I’m sorry, I don’t-” He looks up, shocked and hurt radiating from him, “I don’t think myself worthy of you.”

“No, my lady,” he insists, “you deserve the world and all of the stars, I do not think myself worthy of you.”

“Glorfindel, you’re an elf lord and probably one of the most well known warriors in the world, you’re important and I’m- I’m just-”

“You are not 'just’ anything. You are as beautiful and as stunning as the brightest star in the sky, you are caring, loving, and incredibly kind-hearted.” You’re blushing now and Glorfindel is smiling. You reach for his hand and he lets you take it.

“Dance with me.” Your smile widens.

“Of course, my lady.”

–Meanwhile Elrond’s in the background smirking to himself–


Did I ever post this???? I literally cannot remember??? 

Do you guys remember that beautiful hug from Hoechs’ date night? 

I need to find those pictures again! I won’t lie, I’m loving every minute of this sudden public display of affection/bff. All those cute moments thet gave us over the years or every time they’ve mentioned each other came back to mind. 

Yup, I’d seen them at cons, but the blinddate was the first time I was like, oh, they really are friends, lol!

Okay, so I sent these Eggsy/Harry/Roxy thoughts to @elletromil directly, but I decided I really needed to share it with everyone. 

Please picture -

Eggsy and Roxy doing something decidedly young - playing a game on the playstation, like Zelda or something - and Harry off to the side, in his arm chair, doing something decidedly old - doing the crossword in the newspaper with fountain pen.

And Roxy and Eggsy are having fun, but they kinda want Harry to join them - they miss him even if he’s just on the other side of the room. So they don’t say anything to each other, ‘cause they don’t really need to at this point, but together they set down their controllers and walk over to Harry.

One of them on each side, and they just run their hands on his arms and press against his sides until he huffs and sets down his pen and paper in his lap and looks up at the two of them. Roxy grabs both items in one hand, and Harry’s hand in the other, and Eggsy grabs Harry’s hand in both of his own, and they pull him up from the chair and drag him over to the couch and dog pile him.

And the rest of the afternoon is spent in this warm bubble of them helping Harry with his crossword, and the two of them teaching him how to play their game, and the three of them snogging lazily as the sun shines in through the window, everything now forgotten except each other.

Please also consider that Harry likes to collect pretty young things, with absolutely no shame. And Merlin being exasperated about the whole thing because how did he manage to get BOTH of their new knights, because Harry completely shows off with the both of them in and out of HQ.

They all go on a mission together and spend the whole time being peacocks, and Merlin being like 'you can never all go on a mission together again’

During said mission, there is hot threesome sex caught on the glasses, and not on accident - they are SHOWING OFF for the handlers. And Merlin having to remind them that ISN’T how they should be acting on missions, and the handlers trying to sneakily keep copies of the vid, and Merlin getting so irritated trying to purge the stupid vid from EVERYWHERE.

Really, I just want the three of them to be stupidly into each other, and not caring what anyone thinks about the three of them together.

Dancing Hamsters
External image
External image
External image

Hey, this is the same anon that first brought up Dancing Hamsters a week or two ago, just sharing the collection that made me remember these guys exist and how much I love them.  Sorry it took so long to get back to you.

After a battery change about a third of them started up, cleaning corrosion and connections made another couple work.  Opening up the rest of them I got most of them to either sing or dance :/  At least I got a fun summer project now, and a good excuse to try and learn something about electronics.

Hi! wow what a great collection of hamsters!! It’s nice that you have all the boxes still as well. I really like these hamsters, they are so fun to watch. Thanks for sharing the pictures and I’m glad that you got some of them working again :) Hopefully you can get all of them singing and dancing eventually XD 

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I think it's really cool how free you are with your self and your body:) I really wish I had the confidence to post the sort of pictures you post, like I'd be to worried that people would find them or sharing my face idk lol

honestly the more care free you are about other peoples opinions/actions the easier it is to love yourself! body confidence is something everyone should have, no matter what body you have. love your skin & love yourseld

My thoughts as I see people talking about the event:

All the pictures are weird because I was there. I was in that room. I am seeing pictures of people that were in that same room at the same time as me. Did any of you see me? Did I see any of you? Probably. We just didn’t know it. 

Seeing people’s theories about the finale who haven’t heard about it yet. I feel like some being from the future that knows things they don’t yet. 


Whenever I see a picture that I saw happen from another angle, it’s really weird.

When you don’t really want to like or post something in case you give away spoilers to people who don’t want them. I don’t want to spoil anyone. I’m trying to be careful. It’s really hard not to reblog this stuff. 



It would be neat if you posted the original character design.

This character, Yuri, originally started in a sort of test quest (mostly to gauge how much people would like it) called Rednoise. Rednoise was focused on stealing souls, and that was about it as it never really lasted long enough to expand. So after Rednoise died due to lack of suggestions, I brought back this lynx, this time calling them Redd (They were previously unnamed). Nothing came of this for a while longer until I made the third picture. This doodle features two of the characters that were in Rednoise (Misfit never made it on screen). By about this point, the soul stealing aspect was dropped, and Rednoise became Redd Manor, something more based on romance.

So yeah, that’s what happened with this lynx boy. The style I drew him in even changed during the quest itself a bit.

Six years on tumblr!!!

On May 22nd 2011, this blog was born into existence, *explosion noises* *coughs* *waves away dust* *takes a breath*. under the username ‘ebonythestral’ but this past April I finally changed it to something I liked more ‘galaxymagick’! This has been the only year where I’ve actually, really, really enjoyed being on tumblr, thanks to VIXX and the St★rlights I’ve met!

Some short questions you may want to know, or not. I didn’t know what to put in this post so I’m adding them. ( ^◡^)っ

  • Who are you? I’m Rebecca, I usually go by: Becca, Beck or, Becks, so use whichever you prefer, I don’t mind.
  • Where are you from? The east midlands in the UK. 
  • What do you look like? A potato! 🥔 I don’t want to upload a picture to here, but, I have an ★ → instagram ← ★ my face is on there with crappy lighting and quality, be careful you don’t look too long, you might turn to stone (๑ゝڡ◕๑) ~ ★
  • What other social platforms do you have? Twitter, Facebook, & Pinterest I also have a Kakao Talk, message me if you would like us to be friends on there. _(:3 」∠)_
  • Do you know any other languages? Erm, not fully, Ich lerne Deutsch, and recently Japanese, both on Duolingo. I want to learn Korean too! Hopefully Duolingo will get it soon! I’ve tried memrise but I don’t like it as much. I wish I was more efficient at learning. 
  • Who do you bias? If you can’t tell, I can’t help you.

I want to mention some lovelies who I’ve interacted with the most: @nxnight @saltykong @royalbins @smilange @ottokaji-vixx @shit-vixx-say @tranquies @reila-ravkong @chained-up-taekwoon @honeyjaehwan @hoseoks-kitten @lissachan504 ← she got me into this vixx mess and I can’t thank her enough! ˚‧⁺(͘๑̊/﹏)⁺‧˚ ~~~ I need to interact with you all more!! If I ever become a billionaire, *wishes really hard* and if you’re able to go, I’m coming to pick you all up in my private plane, and we’re taking a loooong trip to Japan and S.Korea!! ⛅️🌸✈️

Follower dears, you can stop by my ask box anytime to ask me anything, it can be weird, random or just a, hi!

Thank you to those who like my posts, and smelly gifs! ٩(♡ε♡ )۶

And to those followers who were here before the kpop EXPLOSION, thank you for continuing to follow my mess! ~ ♥ waits for them to realise they made a mistake in staying

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"My Stuff" implies the pics are yours, instead of that term maybe change it to 'my edit' then. Stop acting like a sensitive little baby.

Thank you for sending this on anon and calling me a sensitive baby, it shows your maturity. It is just a tag. A tag. How I organize my blog. It is blatantly obvious I dont own the pictures I edit and upload. Why are you so concerned with a tag? Notice on my main page ‘the edits’ button which directs to them. Ive never claimed ownership. ‘my stuff’ and ‘my edit’ really that different? my edit would be my stuff.

Now how about I do unto you as youve done to me and say stop acting like a sensitive baby over a tag?

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What are your opinions on if youre in a relationship with a guy, but he likes other girls pictures on instagram? It really bothers me but i don't know if I'm just being too serious :/

This is a difficult question to answer because on the one hand, it is just Instagram and a like really isn’t that serious. A like here and there isn’t that big of a deal. On the other hand, social media is how most people meet nowadays, and a Like on a picture can warrant a DM or something. So it really depends on your partner. If you fully trust them and you have a strong relationship, then a like really isn’t that serious or worth ruining your relationship for. If they have a tendency to be flirtatious and talk to other girls and it bothers you, just ask him to stop for respect of your relationship. If he refuses and says it’s not that serious, that’s up to you to decide. But if he goes off and says you’re dramatic and insecure and just plain mean about it, leave him. He shouldn’t continue doing something that makes you uncomfortable whether it’s serious to him or not. This is just my take on it. 

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Like the other anon, I've never really pictured Zalfie as a sexual couple, so it's cool seeing them show affection. Is it bad that for the past ten minutes I've just been picturing Alfie "attacking" Zoe's neck, sounds a bit insane. Like imagine telling someone "Hey I've just been picturing this 23 year old guy I've never met but still watch him everyday "attack" his girlfriends neck, who I've also been watching everyday." Oh God, what do I do with my life?

“seeing” we haven’t seen anything yet! hahaha i know what you mean, especially because they’re so careful about it, it shocks us. i mean after 4,5 years I still get excited when they hold hands walking (which is the most normal thing) because they don’t show us!! that lil bitch alfie deyes especially.


Edge of seventeen tag by @alwaysimming

i was tagged by @soft-almond and @mummasim and i’m so sorry this took so long to do i took this wayy too far.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i have like 3 more posts about this so Look Out

Dragon Cry Spoiler

Picture from @nisowon Thank you so much!😊

I am screaming I translated the bubbles and Lucy really did said it!!! 

I so wanted her to say it!

Natsu:  What do you see? (How do I look like to you?)             Lucy.
Lucy: Natsu
Natsu: *smiles*
Lucy: I am sure of that!


God I love them❤️