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How To Deal With A Break-Up 101 (Kai)

Genre: Angst (mostly post-break-up and memories idk what it’s called)

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(Request:  idk if you take requests but kai angst? :C)

Member: Kim Jongin (Kai)

A/N: I kinda don’t know if you will like this but I couldn’t really think of something creative and I had this idea for a while so I hope like this ^^ Also this probably is going to be series

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! You will know which songs I was listening so don’t judge. Also, the reader is also portrayed as an idol under SM. Also also, I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST OTHER IDOLS MENTIONED HERE, THIS IS JUST FICTION !

Tip 5: Time Does Not Heal At All, Let The Opportunities In

There were lot’s of things she wanted to know. Lot’s of questions unanswered.

First question: How did the relationship she built for approximately 5 years with him came crumbling down?

Second question: Did he snatch out the pictures of them from their frames as well?

Third question: Was he feeling as bad as she was even though it has been more than half a year after their break up?

One way or another, she found a way to get rid of the thought of him, by pushing herself more on her work. Did she need to improve her vocals? She would hold a simple note until her throat hurt. Did she need to improve her rapping skills? She would read Korean dictionary whenever she had free time. Did she need to improve her dancing? She would push herself to the point where dehydration and tiredness would make her vision blur. Did she need to improve her acting? She would go to her ever-so-short sleep with 1-2 hour delay just to pace around her room and read a script to herself. To admit, she was getting better everyday, but only in her job. The truth was, she was feeling empty, like every other girl would after a break up.

The more surprising thing for both media and the fans from both fandoms was that, for the very first time, SM was not responsible for this break up of the somewhat power couple of the generation. Most people had a hard time to believe the couple that won online polls and got ranked number one on the most popular magazines actually came to a split. Well, both partners didn’t believe either. 

On that very night, after their raised voices died soon and got replaced by her small sobs and the sound of his hair getting ruffled by his confused hands, when the moon came down and met the dawn, they didn’t know what happened. They stared at each other until he spoke, “Can we stay friends?”

Yep, he just said that.

In her defense, she was just as tired of this relationship as him. As cliche as it sounded, their hard schedules and all of the things they have been put through, all the stages, all the interviews, all the TV series and other acting roles; it just made her tired as well. Maybe, she thought, we could take a vacation or give ourselves a break. 

But no, he just had to finish it all.

What hurt her more that night, or morning, he left was the fact that he thought one last kiss was too much for her. And just the thought of this alone was what pushed her to reach her tired body’s limit every day.

Except for tonight.

She planned it all, she was a smart girl after all. From a week ago, she ate as much as ice cream she could and drank gallons of cold water. Receiving what she wanted, she couldn’t quite talk at all.

Season of comebacks, her favorite, yet, not-so-favorite. If it was before the break up, this would mean celebrations, toasts, maybe new hair, promotions, interviews and stages. Yes, It still meant the same things. But it also meant possible questions about break up, which she was not ready to answer. Even to add more to it, he started dating with Krystal. She really did like Krystal, and she did not hate Krystal for the situation she got herself into. In all honesty, she blamed herself for all of it. Why would she fall in too deep when she knew from the very start the possibility of something like this to happen was high? She could never answer.

She was glad that in that point, right before the comeback stages and all, she was already past the ‘am I not good enough?’ stage of the break-up.

“You sure you will be alright? People will question it if you’re not here,” her manager said through the phone. 

“Then tell them the honest truth of me catching cold, pretty pleas– achoo!” she interrupted herself with a sneeze.

“Bless you, darling. It’s that then. Do you want me to send someone over?” her manager offered her.

“No, thank you. Just have fun with the girls tonight and stop worrying about me for once, please. I gotta go now, my pizza arrived,” she lied quickly before hanging up.

She sighed and turned up the volume again, going back to watching the reruns of Marriage, Not Dating. But in reality, she was just wandering off and thinking about him. Well, mostly the last 8 months and 21 days of her life but we’ll also get to Jongin.

She tried lot’s of things to get over the break-up as fast as she could, since when all of this happened, her group was just about to start the next tour. Everyone knew that after the sad songs, she would either fake a smile or fly to backstage to re-do her ruined make up. The staff, members, fans, even the cameraman knew. When they returned to hotels or planes, she would either fall asleep at the moment her backside met the soft surface, or plug in her earphones pull over her hoodie. 

“What am I even doing for fuck’s sake?” she asked herself as she got up to make herself a cup of herbal tea. Just when she pressed the button of the kettle, her ears picked the sound of knocking coming from the front door. Puffing her cheeks, she let out a groan and dragged her feet to front door, the cup that had the sign of he group still hanging from her fingers.

To say the honest words, she didn’t know who could be on the other side of the door. It could be anyone, literally anyone. She did not really ordered pizza, she did not really invited someone. The group members were all in the celebration, according to the words of her manager. So… who was left?

Heaven knows how her face turned from careless to the current one she did not know how to name in 0.62 seconds  at all, but she was, in fact, standing on the thin line between shocked and surprised.

The face she was looking up to, was one she hasn’t seen for long, hell, even if wasn’t his hair sticking out from the cap he had on, which she knew he changed the color a little while ago, she wouldn’t recognize him at all.

But here they were with him giving her a weird look of judging her pajamas and her giving him a weird look of judging him for being here in general.

“Oh Sehun, may I know why you’re all up in my grill?

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