i really like this picture

I ship SportaRobbie with both of them asexual because it gives me hope. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever find someone and I just look at this ship and I feel like it’s possible. 

The cute romanticness that the fanfictions bring out between them are just so sweet and cute. I want that. So yes, I’ll ship them that way. They are my first asexual ship. 

Okay, so, ugh… Here I am…
Maybe I will post my full face once but this day ain’t today…
I realized few things after taking that photo:
a) i look bad in every pic i take
b) black nail polish is lit
c) my hair is a mess
d) i look more feminine in here than some my female friends
e) i can’t edit photos at all
f) my eyes seem brown in here while they are actually blueish green

I’m going to regret posting it

@sunset1warrior@ikilledafly@i-write-shakespeare-not-disney (Tagging people who may be curious about my shitty photo *sweats nervously* uh… Yeah)