i really like this photoset ok


everyone always talks about ty lee turning on azula in book 3 and that being the catalyst for azula’s downfall but look at their first interaction in the show months earlier. ty lee is happy to see her friend for the first time in years but when azula tries to recruit her ty lee nervously she tells azula she’s happy where she is and is genuinely relieved when azula seems to respect that. then azula says she’s gonna come to ty lee’s show that night and look how ty lee’s expression changes (the last four frames in the photoset). i feel like this is such a significant moment in the series that is completely overlooked. we all know what happens at the show– azula sets the net on fire to threaten ty lee. she coerces ty lee into joining her, which is like, sad, i mean that azula has to force her friend to pretend to want to come, and they both just pretend it’s ok later. i’m not saying ty lee is completely faking their friendship the whole time they’re together for the rest of the series but this moment really shows that their foundation was based on a lie and that ty lee was at some level always unnerved by azula and there against her will. or rather she was recruited against her will and later she probably slips into the role in the team with azula and mai genuinely, they do seem to be real friends, but when the betrayal comes at the boiling rock, that was always there from the beginning. essentially in her very first scene we see the “true” ty lee who is then put away for most of the series until she comes back in her very last scene when she breaks from azula


I… ok so this is kind of, basically, @luvtowritefics247official ‘s fault in a way b/c they’re working on a HA!Superman au fic (which i’m really interested/excited about btw) and I hadn’t really thought of the similarities between Clark and Arnold at all before they mentioned it but even with the very minimal knowledge that I had of Superman, I was like ‘wow ya they DO have similarities’. And THEN someone on my dash, i can’t remember who, reblogged Clois photosets from smallville, which I’ve never seen btw, and that got me even more intrigued b/c ‘wow ok they’re kind of like arnold and helga interaction wise… and the actor who plays clark makes facial expressions like how I’d imagine Arnold would make and… oh no.’ 

So then I went through a Clois blog’s posts and ended up shipping a pair I hadn’t even known much about but who hits every Thing I like about a ship and from a show specifically that I hadn’t watched!!! and basically I was a goner. and to get some of this out of my head I decided to just, sketch it. Again, I’m not super (lol) knowledgeable about the Superman universe besides what I’ve gathered from analysis posts and stuff, so I’m sure I’ve got some things wrong but there ya go.

vilkasdaina replied to your photoset “Ok so I thew this down in like 15 minutes but the idea of Sigyn-…”

*sobs* (Can we see the hypothetical cradle!Loki?)

I didn’t expect Sigyn to get that far, like Thor stops her before she even gets close to the Cradle. BUT IF SHE DID I imagine the Loki clone would fall apart in her arms because a) Loki’s really alive so there’s no soul to put in the fake body and b) his DNA is alien and the Cradle is geared for Midgardian substances. 



“I-I don’t understand! Why isn’t it working?!”

i need to. like one day, one day soon, draw a photoset of yellowfang w/ that. fuckin grim scene from billy & mandy where like

brackenpaw: you want my soda?

yellowfang, sadly: no, thanks

brackenpaw: no really, you can have it!

yellowfang: oh that’s the nicest- wait it better not be that nasty generic brand cola

brackenpaw: no its name brand!

yellowfang: oh thats the nicest-

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How do you make your stimboards? They're really great, and I'm thinking of making a stim side blog and I would like some tips, if it's not too much to ask.

Ok here’s a quick rundown, I’ve actually gotten a couple questions about this:

I look for nine items to use, I go through tumblr tags or if I REALLY can’t find anything I use google (make sure to save the urls so you can source)

Then I put them all into photoshop and crop them to be squares, usually 177px177p (tumblr’s photoset dimensions) but any size square will work as long as they are all squares

Then I post! The steps are pretty simple, but finding pictures/gifs that match the theme is usually really time consuming which is why I take so long to make stimboards

I don’t really know if I have any tips but I would say it’s helpful to search for the color + “stim” or “slime” or whatever. And if you can’t find anything just go through the stim tag hoping that something comes up lol


The first scene we ever shot was the shower scene in the pilot. So we had only met one other time and then we literally, our first day on set, our first scene we’re like “OK, let’s take a shower together, you know?“And it was amazing… We were so comfortable and the chemistry we have comes across on camera. It’s really, really cool. - Laura Prepon

I wasn’t sure what was happening. I just missed her. I missed having her to work with. I was really happy when that all got resolved. […] I would not have been able to handle [her leaving]. - Taylor Schilling

annachibi replied to your photosetOk I got ACNL to emulate to see how it looks Top:…

looks like it’s mostly a case of antialiasing, the edges are smoother but not much else

3ds doesn’t have antialising, it is the same image just with more pixels that could be used.

It was just a comparison since I was curious and was thinking ACNL is at least ok graphically just that you see it rather small and a bit pixelly because of the res. I really am hoping for a new AC so that we get an actual HD AC game

some-bread replied to your photoset: Ok I got ACNL to emulate to see how it looks Top:…

maybe i just dont have eyes but they look almost identical

Ok I changed it so they’re the same size but the higher res is basically the same but clearer so you see certain details better but the textures still kinda stay the same lower quality

wantabeauthor replied to your photoset“ok oK OK I just made my first animatic and you can go and check it out…”

I just watched it and instantly put it on my fav video playlist and liked it! This is one of the best animatics I’ve seen. (Besides the fact that it’s boyf riends) it’s so well done and obviously you worked hard on it! Seriously this is the best

Thank You!!!! A lot of people are saying the same thing about it being one of the best they’ve seen and  I’m really flattered and honoured that people like it so much! Someone even mentioned about it being on their recommended and I honestly didn’t expect it to be seen by so many people so quickly 

Again, Thank you!

@akamure replied to your photoset: they kept making this mistake in cc where they…

he looks so… alive ??

*infomercial voice* this is you. this is you without your blood.

ok but for real i double checked twice and the original scene really is that pale and low contrast and just… why… sure is a ‘dream sequence’ but that doesn’t apply to all other cutscenes so…

that and i think he looks kinder too…


For this year’s colossalcon I decided to spice up my old Skitty cosplay (that I had sort of retired because I didnt rly feel like it suited me anymore) inspired by @inkerton-kun ’s doodle of a skitty with a “fuck you” leather jacket
(If you arent ok with your drawing being in the photoset let me know and I’ll remove it, and thanks so much for the inspiration. Skitty was one of the first cosplays that I really enjoyed doing, and if I hadnt seen your drawing it would probably still be in retirement 💖)

quenoir replied to your photoset: ok got over 5000pts today, if i continue no-lifing…

whhh how the fuck did you get 5000 points in a day

i wanna say i’m amazing at this but the more likely answer is i have no life. idk haha, i do feel like i do pretty well though, i play on the easier lunatic difficulty with a bonus hero and p much always make it at least to the final round and properly win about half the time. and apparently it’s better for your points to surrender than to lose, so if my two back-up teams die then i just surrender instead of risking one last try.


ok so i had planned writing something really cheesy about comafandom sticking together no matter the weather condition, but yeah obviously i got too embarrassed!! (so haha… have a random weather photoset now without deeper meaning)

Anyway, I’m still happy bunch of ppl ship it with me,despite the lack of new material until Paul gets a cameo, and I hope you guys keep shipping it for a long time too, because comashipping fandom is forever my fav fandom!!!