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[ARTICLE] BLACKPINK Treats “K-Pop Star 6” Contestants With Surprise Appearance

Girl group BLACKPINK made a surprise appearance on the sixth season of “K-Pop Star”!

During a recent recording of the SBS survival program, “K-Pop Star” hopefuls Go Ah Ra, Kriesha Tiu, and Kim Hye Rim visit the YG Entertainment headquarters to practice for their battle audition.

When Lisa, Rosé, Jisoo, and Jennie of BLACKPINK suddenly enter the practice room, the three trainees are stunned. Go Ah Ra shares, “I really like BLACKPINK. I’m a fan who watches all their videos and even saves all their photos, so I’m very happy to meet them in real life.”

The BLACKPINK ladies remark, “It’s like seeing ourselves during our trainee days,” and give each contestant a message of advice and support.

Member Rosé, who hails from Australia, also expresses her feelings of empathy with Kriesha Tiu, who has been training in Korea away from her family in the United States.

The episode of “K-Pop Star” with BLACKPINK’s surprise appearance airs on February 12, at 9:15 p.m. KST.

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Dear Maya
It’s December and I love all the surprises that come with this season.This latest surprise from our favorite girl is simply wow and whoa perfection.
Elvis may sing about a Blue Christmas but she takes blue to another level in this video and there’s nothing sad about it! More like “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree because no one rocks it like she does.

R: honey are you trying to break twitter?

K: not a bad idea

R: No really. I’m serious

K: No really. Breaking twitter sounds rad. I’m serious

R: they’re going crazy over your video and now the new Chanel spread. You are single handedly fucking breaking twitter and I love it when you’re trending

K: trending? Stfu with the twitter talk. just get O U T of there

R: I can’t quit watching or looking at the photos. Wild horses couldn’t keep me away

K: LOL quoting Stones to me?

R: Nobody rides a mustang like you. That was some joyride

K: a fucking amazing joyride

R: I know what’s a joy to ride

K: oh really? hmmmmm sounds like a man of taste

R: I’m a man of wealth and taste

K: that you are. Stones again? Sympathy for the devil

R: I have no sympathy for the "devil”

K: word

R: you can’t always get what you want

K: they may try sometimes but they never will

R: exactly. That’s why we made the popcorn ornament for you

K: what? Love it because of the little hands that made it but if it’s supposed to mean something then I missed it

R: honey if you read twitter you’d know about the popcorn

K: I’m not reading twitter to see what crazy people do with popcorn & don’t think I want to know

R: you would think it was funny

K: doubtful

R: when some fuckwit posts ridiculous photoshopped pictures of me or you then someone will say “get the popcorn”

K: for what?

R: to sit back and watch the drama unfold

K: bwhaaaaaaa ok I get it. Now I really love that popcorn ornament

R: what about the reindeer frames we made?

K: you’re getting really crafty dude, Can’t wait to see what else you come up with

R: Twitter isn’t my only vice. I’ve discovered Pinterest too. That’s my source for all craftiness

K: LOL glad you’re getting to spend all this time with them before you start filming

R: Sometimes you do get what you want. I have everything I want and everything I need right here. Except for one thing

K: oh yeah? what’s that?

R: I’ve been holding out so long, I’ve been sleeping all alone. Lord I miss you

K: I just saw you but I miss you too!!!! great song BTW

R: there ain’t a woman that comes close to you

K: awww. thanks honey. You know I can quote Stones too dude

R: let’s hear it

K: all I want is for you to make love to me

R: hot stuff hot stuff can’t get enough

K: you’ll get some soon

R: I just keep watching the video and picturing you dancing without clothes on

K: can’t stop thinking about that blue tongue can ya?

R: she comes in colors ev'rywhere………she’s like a rainbow………….

K: I had no idea you knew so many Stones lyrics

R: you know you have a magical tongue

K: I don’t know that Stones song.

R: that’s MY song about you. My lady of the magic tongue.

K: hahahah shut up. Yours is magic too dude. I love you so much

R: you have no idea luv just how much I love you more

So sweet Maya,
That’s what makes the holidays special - just having a ball and enjoying the ones you’re with. It’s going to be OK.

thewasabipea  asked:

sooo apparently pansy parkinson's actress is doing/did a nude shoot for playboy's march/april issue just fyiiiiiii

oh believe me friend i K N O W

and she’s not really my favorite fc for pansy but im still ????? feeling really inspired for like a post war faux apologetic spread of Scandalous Photos that just absolutely fucking infuriates harry for reasons he ???? doesn’t really need to inspect too closely, thanks, it’s not like a THING it’s just like. god. who even wants to SEE that much of pansy parkinson right. like. not harry. obviously. he’s not even going to LOOK, really. he just. has to. for work. because she’s a suspect. for, like, crime. or whatever. clues can be anywhere, it’s important to be thorough, and he should PROBABLY conduct this investigation in person, honestly, now is not the time to let his guard down.

in other news it’s fucking official i can turn anything even tangentially related to pansy parkinson into a hansy rom com

behold; my true talent


Yuzuru HANYU | ISU Grand Prix Final 2015/16 | 12.12.2015 | 330.43

Patrick CHAN | ISU GP Trophee Bompard 2013 | 16.11.2013 | 295.27

Javier FERNANDEZ | ISU Grand Prix Final 2015/16 | 12.12.2015 | 292.95

Hello everyone! I’m really close to hit 2.k and thought this would be a nice gift from me to y’all. What’s under the cut? 90+ of mostly faceless pregnant, pregnant!couple, babies, kids, couple with kids. Long story short: overload cuteness. Personally I really like these, I thin these photos give our stories that lil extra spark. Hope you guys like them and find them useful as I do. Love you guys. Thanks for almost 2.k awesome family members. ♥

 please reblog if using, i’ve been collecting these for a long time.

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So recently I’ve got into making lock screens! These are the ones I’ve done so far. Not really that good but ya know. Also I’ve been making Live Lockscreens (the gifs) for the iPhone 6s and above. Well any smart phone with 3D Touch I guess.

I decided to take some requests! Have a request? Message meh! Although I will ask a lot of questions it’s to meet your preference. I do mostly K-Pop but I’ll do others (if you want to use the 3D ones then I’ll send you the actually live photo not the gif, just message me).

Like if you save or use them.


Submission pt 2/4:  ~Hiii~ I really like Vromance but fancams always whitewash them to the extreme. :/ Do you think you could save these boys from their ghostly fate?

Lee Hyunseok, Park Hyunkyu, and Lee Chandong, Park Janghyun - Vromance
Recolour 🌟



I just can’t express how I feel now. I don’t even know Tabi personally, but I feel like I have to say “goodbye” for two years to somebody really close to me. 

Bigbang was my entrance to k-pop along with 2NE1. And T.O.P was the reason why I started to follow Bigbang. Firstly I just fell in love with his voice and later I started like him because of his personality. He’s like an adult serious man but a cupcake at the same time for me. AND THEN I STARTED TO FOLLOW HIM ON INSTA… And this is the most beautiful place among all of my subscribes. I live in a country where celebrities don’t attend galleries and all that stuff often, so photos of beautiful artworks on Tabi’s insta are just fresh air for me.

Time will pass. He will return very soon actually, cause life is fast… I don’t know why I decided to write this post. I needed to share my thoughts with people who most likely can undertsand me I think. 

I’ll miss him. But I will wait. Take care and good luck.  ♡

So…a boy from my class saw this photo of Luhan on my phonescreen and asked me :”Who’s that girl?” I told him that he’s a boy and he replied:”He is so gay and he looks very girly!!Why do you even like him?!?!?”

..so I wanted to prove him that he really is a boy and he doesn’t look that girly using this app

but something went wrong…

and I though that there is something in the photo so I chose another one MORE MANLY


So I didn’t get too many quality photos in Houston because I couldn’t stand still, but I did get this one. It’s a far reach, but I would like to believe that Taylor did recognize my face in the crowd. There were several times this happened throughout the night, and it just made me really happy to be this close to her. 💗💜

PS - Nobody ruin this for me or try to tell me otherwise. K thanks.

When EXO finds nude photos of their little sister in her room.

So I hope I understood what you meant. If I didn’t, just let me know. 


“Why would you take these? You’re fifteen and completely grounded.”


“You’re kind of young for this, don’t you think sis? I’m not happy I had to find them, but I’m even more upset that you think you need this to make someone like you. I’m really disappointed.” 


Went into her room looking for his sweater, saw the pics and immediately turned around and left. 


“Do you think you need to do this to get whoever he is to like you?” Kai shakes his head and holds out his hand. “Give me your phone.” 


Went into his sister’s room to get his laptop from her, saw her social media was open and the pictures. Immediately starts deleting them and eventually just deletes her account. Plans to have a serious talk later. 


D.O.:“I’d appreciate if you didn’t leave stuff like this lying around. Not exactly how I wanted to start my day.” 

Sis: “Kyungsoo, you don’t understand-”

D.O.: “I don’t really want to. Are you even in a relationship with the guy you sent these to?” 


“I did not need to find these in your room when I just went in to feed the cat. Seriously, you’re my little sister. You’re sixteen. Why are you even doing stuff like this?” 


Went into his sister’s room to tell her dinner was ready and sees her send a pic to one of his friends. 

“Oh hell no.” 

Walks up, takes the phone. And throws it out her open window. 


“You’re way too young for this. Phone now.” 


Walks into her room, seeing her just as she snaps pic of herself topless. Marches up to her while shrugging off his coat, throws it on her and snatches her phone. 

“Tell me who asked you to take these, now.” 


Walks into her room and sees his sister on her laptop and spots some naked pictures of herself that she is sending to someone as a PM. Gets instantly saddened, takes the computer, and just walks away. 


“Do you honestly think sending him pics will make him really like you?” 

Just gonna leave this here …

Honestly, this sounds way better than the published work they released. I feel like we would’ve gotten more Sehun and Yixing scenes, as well as Xiumin. Not only that but this original one looks like it has a better story line (with the whole girlfriend theory and whatnot).

I don’t understand why SM is doing this, I probably would’ve enjoyed the original version more. Maybe if they publish it and have it as ‘original version’ in the title (like BTS’s I Need U) then it won’t be as bad. Just think about it, SM.


what did y'all expect? good quality and cool backgrounds? not today!! no but really i’m sorry like wtf is wrong with my quality-

ok so this is my lockscreen/home screen/last thing you listened to.
since my music player isn’t pretty like yours you all… incredible persons with amazing things… last thing i listened to is: miss jackson - panic! at the disco
also, thanks sarah ( @helllointernet ) for tagging me!! ilysm
i tag: @crankybaby, @squiddy-shitty, @croworc, @pleasewarmyheart and @yaikat

32, General Hux

32. “Delete this immediately” General Hux.

I really felt like doing this one today. Requested by Anon. It’s not slightly drunk tho’ ;v Aaand yeah, the last photo is based on an actual one, we took at the party one day XD Now excuse me, while I go and die somwhere in the corner.

K, but imagine waking up on the couch next to Hux, after some serious partying.

The thirst is killing you what makes falling back asleep quite impossible. Opening eyes hurt. First thing you get to see is a mess of fiery hair all over your face below the nose level. The fact that they tickle as hell, makes you wonder how you were even able to sleep like that. Hux has his face buried in your neck, arms wrapped around your body and legs curled, tangled with yours.

The burning urge of finding something to drink makes you sit up. The world spins for a second, and as it stops, the first wave of murderous headache comes in. Staring blankly into the void for a few seconds, you are trying to gather the thoughts. “Still in the party room… Clothed. Thank God. Or maybe?” Something is telling you, that it’s a fortune and a misfortune at the same time. Just as you debate with yourself, whether you’d like to have a drunk adventure with Hux or not, the sound of the tired voice makes its way through the noise in your head.

“Hi” the ginger man covers half of his face with a pillow.

“Morning?” you respond after a few seconds.

“I’m dying” this statement doesn’t surprise you. General has a weak head. “What time is it?”

You take a look around in order to find your datapad. Luckily, it lays on the floor next to the couch. Bending down for it without throwing up is fucking hard but you manage. Forgetting about the hour, you try to unlock the device. It takes a few attempts, although the datapad eventually gives up. “Whaaaaa? I can’t remember those…”

Hux makes an effort of life to sit up and lean on your shoulder to take a look.
“Oh God.” Photos from the party. One of them shows you kissing his nose and messing with red hair. The other, him returning the favor. You keep sliding through the gallery until an old picture, that has been taken a while ago, during the other party, shows up on the screen.

It’s Hux, completely wasted, laying on the floor, hugging a fan to his chest. The whole photo is covered with shitload of heart stickers and glitter.

“Oh… I still got this one” you smile “You fall unconscious do easily. It’s a sin not to take these.”

General just closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. “Delete this immediately” whispers. He doesn’t have strength to even get mad.

You, naturally, agree and don’t do this anyway.

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