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Heya there! So i´m doing this again because I really need to follow new blogs (and the last time i did i found 20+ awesome blogs), so if you guys could please like/reblog if you post any of the following, it would be a great help!

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ok i know that i didnt like aqua’s design before but,
i actually really like it now that ive seen her in action
sorta one of those “better in motion” designs
the same with topaz
they feel distinctly
steven universe
only thing im gonna say is that im sad that they didn’t show more of the two of them
maybe a few episodes involvin the characters they could have run into aquamarine
maybe have her disguise herself as a human
i might make a pic of what i think they could have done
other than that i really like the two of them!
i like aqua as a.. sorta better version of what they tried to do with navy, personality wise
not to say that navy wasnt cool just sayin aqua just has a better bratty kiddo vibe for what she wanted than navy
also i actually kinda like her design now? fits her
i like topaz too, even if theyre is a bit awkward
definitely gives a “im bulky and not human” vibe, which is nice considering that they probably are era 2s

I finished that adult hau doodle, working on the rest- i really like how this one came out, feel free to reblog.

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