i really like this one c:

them: raphael threatened to kill simon’s mom!! he’s EVIL!!!!

me: raphael went to find simon’s mom (without even KNOWING that simon would show up and be there to ‘threaten’) bc he knew simon was worried about her but also knowing that simon going to see her personally and possibly tell the truth about his vampirism would have put both himself AND his mom in danger. raphael was literally protecting them both (tho he’d never admit it) and the only reason he had to ‘threaten’ elaine was bc he NEEDS simon to help him find camille in order to PROTECT HIS ENTIRE CLAN like that’s literally what he’s doing, he’s PROTECTING HIS FAMILY!!!!!

and um side note but if you honestly think raphael would hurt simon’s mom in any way after everything he’s done to help simon and ESPECIALLY after their conversation earlier in 2x03 that alluded to his own mother then…..wow you’ve got another thing coming

Inhale//Exhale an 8tracks Playlist by Me

  • a mix of spoken word, soft indie and folk music for whenever you’re having a rough time or just need to chill for a bit
(flatsound, deathcab for cutie, shane koyczan…)

Who are you? a playlist for those shy little girls who turn into vicious murderesses…  

1. change (in the house of flies) - deftones // 2. becomes the colour - emily wells // 3. will you still love me tomorrow? - likke li // 4. bang bang (my baby shot me down) - nancy sinatra // 5. we must be killers - mikky ekko // 6. la la la melody - ahs coven soundtrack // 7. my turn to evil - letters vs numbers // 8. lose your soul - dead man’s bones // 9. the whistle song - bernard herrmann // 10. summer wine - nancy sinatra & lee hazlewood // 11. rosemary’s lullaby - mia farrow // 12. bloody shirt (remix) - bastille 

{listen here}


If Fullmetal Alchemist was like every other anime (Original)

Inktober Day 17: Battle

This is partially a commentary on the nature of mental illness, but this post by @multsicorn is also relevant.


“If a man hasn’t discovered something that he will die for, he isn’t fit to live” - Martin Luther King Jr.

Kakashi Hatake or Minato Namikaze by anony.

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Siren Danny in "Cool Sunsets"? (If the reblog was for us to send you prompts, that is)

It was to send me prompts, but I got sidetracked and took forever ;W;

(from this colour prompt by torddkin)