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How far you are in the story? Because I saw you answering about things that would happen in day 4 or so in the fiction. But did you write about it already? Or do you have overall a plan about all heat period and you write based on it?

Oh, no. I’m still writing as I go. Everything I post is ‘hot off the press’, so to speak. I do have the smallest plan for what’s supposed to happen during specific days of the heat, which is what I’m referencing, but it’s nothing exciting. It’s just to make sure I’m not leaving out kinks I really wanted to add. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, I ashamedly present to you what I did instead of the art I’m actually being paid to do (*europeanly shoves this at @forovnix*)


I actually had an anon ask if I had a favorite subject 18. My 18, will always be my love. When I first made her there was like I dunno 2 other 18s I saw. And they didn’t use the name subject 18. I love my baby girl. No other 18 will beat her in my eyes.
She’s my little genius. Who is gonna burn Aperture.

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I know you crossed sableye and mawile but they have mega like this is nto a request or anything just an ask to pelase keep them in your heart ;~;

Hahaha, aw, they are very in my heart! I’ve kept single-stage Pokemon crossed out, even if they have Mega Evolutions, since Mega Evolutions aren’t a priority for the time being and I only do them every once and a while as follower milestone extras. But I still plan on getting to all of the Mega Evolutions at some point, including those two :)


hey guys! so this week’s video is focused on the overwhelming crippling fear of the vastness of the universe and the inevitably of death…u know, fun relatable content. hope you enjoy and as always if you like/comment/subscribe i hope you have a great day!!

I’m so sorry...

A while back (like a week or so) I asked for prompts because I didn’t have many fic ideas. Many of you sent in requests and I am so grateful!! However, lately I can’t seem to bring myself to sit down and write any of them. 

I feel so crappy about it, and I’m sure one day I’ll get slapped across the face with a way to write them but I just wanted to let you know why it’s taking me so long  to get them done. 

Hope you can deal with me and have patience about this. 

…on the plus side, I’m less than 10 away from my next 100. Which is crazy since I just hit 600 at the beginning of this month.. So thanks for liking my stuff and tolerating the swarm of emotions that has colonized in the creative parts of my mind. 


relax your eyes and relax your mind . 🌸

On the topic of the Netflix Death Note movie thing, from someone who’s been a fan of the manga for a long time now—

I just wanna say that while I’m not super excited about it, I wouldn’t crucify it for not being 100% loyal to the original story. Death Note already has 3 live action movies (which are really fucking good!), besides the anime and even a musical, so what Netflix did is mostly a…… Re-interpretation? Sort of?

I know people are worried about this being white-washing, but let us remember that Keith Stanfield will be playing L, too! The fact that the cast doesn’t have japanese actors as the main characters is because this movie is set in Seatle– like I said, as in a (sort of) re-interpretation of the story.
I’m not gonna lie and say I didn’t feel suspicious at first, but I’m willing to give it a shot before actually criticizing it, you know. The cast looks good, and the trailer looked really cool too, so… I decided to just wait instead of getting mad ahead of time.

Plus the japanese public actually seems excited about it!

So idk, it’s good to be concerned about stuff like this, but just… Give this one a chance before bashing it.


                              » Howl’s Moving Castle (2004) 

practicing a new style! ; w ;



This is a video I made to congratulate the mods and all our followers for a great year. GET READY TO GET FUCKED