i really like this movie a lot

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oohh have you seen the secret of kells? its by the same people who made song of the sea and i think youd probably like it a lot too if you havent seen it before! :0

hmm i don’t think I’ve heard of that movie before but I might check it out! 8′)

Anon: I actually made a little Selkie plush based on song of the sea! I’m really happy with it             

aw that sounds so cute! :o

Story time: He knew that I was jealous as f*ck.

OK, so there’s this boy I went to College with, we became really close, we’re BFF’s honestly and he is Korean-American. It all started when we got partnered together. The first day we were shy, quiet and didn’t say much to each other but a “How are you?”, “I’m fine and you?” type of small talk. So we never imagined being this close, we went to the movies a lot, went out to eat a lot, I grew hard core feelings for him (crushing hard), I’ve never had a crush this huge, like I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to bust it open for him any where (even though I’m a Virgin, but I’m just saying I was in love with him, still am).

Fast forward about 1 year or so later. We’re still really close. BUT guess what? He has another “friend” that’s a girl that he’s close to. I feel like she came out of no where. I honestly think they’re dating, I know what you’re thinking, “isn’t he your friend?” “shouldn’t you ask?” “you should know if she’s his girlfriend or just a friend”, see no, we became close fast, I’m talking fast but we’re not at the point where we met one another parents yet, my dad talked to him on the phone once but that’s about it and I met one and he’s a dude, so I’m thinking, who this chick?. So she started coming around more. I didn’t want to ask because I feel like it’s not in my place to ask about his personal life and I didn’t want to seem nosy…at least out loud.

BUT let me tell you the way he gives her attention kills me! He grabs her cheeks, he fixes her hair (if it’s in her face) (she’s also Asian by the way), they have little inside jokes and laugh and I’m just sitting there like…

And he never introduced me to her, so I don’t know if he’s doing that on purpose or what. He’s never been touchy with me like that, he helped me down stairs by holding my hand and that’s about it, but we do talk on the phone for hours and hang out and text. But when it comes to seeming like a girlfriend it’s with HER! So the more I see him with her, the more jealous I become. I turn into a kid when I’m jealous. I texted him less, I would make excuses to walk away from him, I didn’t smile at him like I use to, and when I have to get up and leave, I just walk out without saying bye and he would say, “BYE!!” and get upset that I didn’t say bye to him but when I did it was really dry. And he started to notice it and he began to ask “What’s wrong with you?” and in my head I’m thinking, oh you know.

I would just say, “Nothing’s wrong”. and his response, “Bull shit” and he called me out really bad on giving him the cold shoulder, to make matters even worse ‘HER’ was standing not too far acting like she wasn’t listening but she know damn well she was! I was so mad she had to hear that because I was so jealous of her and his relationship…which I think they’re dating. So I left him on read and I always reply to his messages. So days later, still didn’t hear from him. We get back and him and ‘her’ are wearing matching outfits, I asked him about it and he claims it’s a “coincidence” so I don’t know what came over me, but I finally ask “Are you two dating or what?”

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Hypnotic Taking Over Me

A/N:So this is blasphemous and dirty and I needed to sin ya’ll. I couldn’t bring myself to make Chase underage though(even though the legal age of consen in Massachusett’s is 16, I think? idk. I just couldn’t. Plus in the movie he’s already so that makes it a little better? I guess this fic will also be a bit AU, because he’s a lot less evil and a lot more damaged in this then he is in the movie. Pretty much the way I wished the movie would have went.

Word Count: 6k+

Warnings: As with all of my writing there is a permeant warning of cursing. I have a mouth like a sailor and express myself through the word fuck. Teacher/Student relationship. NSFW. Smut. No Underage- but there is a significant age gap. If it makes you uncomfortable reading about teacher/student relationships(and I get that, PLL really bothered me at times), Please don’t read this.

Summary: Chase Collins has always gotten what he wanted, so after months of pining for Spencer’s new Ancient History teacher, he decides he simply has to have her.

It started out innocently, as most things do- at least on your end.

On Chase’s- well that was a different story. Was anything ever innocent with him? You don’t really think so.

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I really hope that if steelheart ever gets a movie, we get to see chicago being transformed into steel, and theres like a lot of shots of the chicago skyline being changed, and the lake, and the parks and shit, and then they show the bean and nothing changes about the bean

Me, a run of the mill asshole: I think TLJ has a lot of good ideas but is also a very flawed movie, that could have used some more rewrites before filming. The character work wasn’t there to the same degree it was in TFA and it really needed some more nuanced world building to support backstory epiphanies. A lot of the scenes individually stuck with me as beautifully done but the movie as a whole wasn’t my bag. I’m a little sad because I really enjoy liking things but that’s what happens when you hop on the hype train too early. My own fault. 

Some douchnozzle: Yeah! And Rose was such a bitch! Finn should have died at the end of this movie. Rey is still such a Mary Sue and if Corran Horn had been there…

Me, a run of the mill asshole: 

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i’m okay with people liking ffxv, whatever, you do you, but there is so much bullshit surrounding this game and a lot of it gets ignored for some reason. when it came out you had to watch an anime and a movie to at least understand what the hell is going on (or read some stuff, whatever), important stuff happens off-screen, freaking lunafreya dispite being an important character is just… there, not really having any character development or proper writing, then there are these obvious dlc holes in the main story that se didn’t even try to cover (like, it’s literally “sorry guys i’m going off the screen to do some dlc stuff”) and apparently people still need to waste their money if they want to experience ffxv in it’s full glory. as i said, i don’t care if people like the game, but you can’t ignore all this bullshit or pretend that it’s okay for se to do what they are doing and that they mean well for the players. they don’t, really, they just want your money. and it’s okay if you’re willing to waste it, but people have the right to be angry, too. 

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hey uhh can we talk about baba yaga like what are your thoughts and idk anything that comes to mind?

Random factoid: Baba Yaga was played by a man – the same man – in a whole bunch of Soviet kids’ movies. He also played Koschei and various other beasties more than once, but he was definitely known for the Baba Yaga portrayal.

It was definitely something I was aware of whenever I watched any of the movies, and I worked this whole concept out for myself when I was maybe 6 or 7 that Baba Yaga was some sort of genderless or bigender being. This was before I got really obsessed with Gollum, so I wanted to be their friend/helper, a lot.

Georgy Millyar as Baba Yaga:

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Random factoid 2: At age 5, I was convinced that the Bilibin illustration of Baba Yaga (from the Vasilissa The Beautiful tale) looked like my great-grandmother. I was suspicious of my great-grandmother for a good week after I decided this. 

If you’re looking for anything more academic than that, I’m kind of sort of sober enough to blather about Baba Yaga as a death goddess, and essentially a connector between this world and the next. Her home has no doors or windows like a funeral hut, it is guarded by skulls, she has control over the knights of Morning, Day and Night, she has one leg made entirely of bone, she is frequently encountered lying down in her hut –  laying from corner to corner, her nose up to the ceiling – like a body in a casket. She is very similar to Vasilissa the Wise, especially in the stories where they appear together, almost like an older version of Vasilissa. Her moniker, Baba, is “old woman”, essentially (also a general pejorative term for a woman overall), but your village baba might be an herb woman or a doula, or a “whisperer”. She fulfills different roles depending on the story: very frequently, especially if placated/respected, she will assist the hero – give magic items, give directions to the underworld (or to the thirty ninth kingdom, or whatever location the hero is trying to reach, especially when he or she is supposed to go “there, I don’t know where” and fetch “that, I don’t know what”), give advice. She may test either the hero or the heroine, and reward them, and punish their enemies. And yet sometimes she is also the napper of children (for eating purposes, usually), and sometimes does start out wanting to eat the hero, who has to cleverly avoid this. Occasionally she is described as having waged war, similar to Marya Morevna – sometimes against Koschei (who is also occasionally her suitor, or her son, or her brother). Um. What else.

I still really want to do something with Baba Yaga!Kylo, but writing’s hard.

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Ey bug dude, you got any recommendations for movies from the last couple of years? I'm looking for something good to watch and you strike me as the kind of individual to have a good suggestion in their pocket.

uhhh. recent stuff is tough for me. i mean i watch a lot of movies, but mostly shit like this

or this

and also of course this

but yeah, not much from the last couple years. i think the last movie i saw in the theaters was Fury Road which did fuckin whip ass. Colossal was alright. uhh it’s not that recent but more so than my usual shit but i really liked Moon.

anyway you should watch Nemesis

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You seem to really like Audrey Hepburn a lot.

She’s one of my favorite actresses! I enjoy watching old movies such as the ones she’s in. And based on what I’ve read, she seemed to be a genuinely kind and generous individual in her personal life, too.

Like, it does make me really sad that being Black Lightning put such a strain on Jefferson’s marriage, but I also find it really intriguing that they discuss that. 

Because with a lot of other shows and movies about superheroes you do get storylines about the hero’s friends/parents/partners being concerned about the hero or the hero trying to keep their secret from their loved ones, but I don’t think I’ve watched a show where they really get into what it means to be married to superhero and having to explain why daddy is bleeding out in the bathroom. 

obviously it’s for a good reason, he was saving someone’s life, but that would still be so hard and so scary to deal with 

Ask meme!!

I was tagged by the amazing @chaicloud

Rules: Tag 9 people you want to get to know better or just because you feel like it!

Relationship status: Single as a Pringle

Favorite Color: light blue, pastel pink and black

Lipstick or chapstick: I use neither but I guess chapstick

Last song I listened to: Santa tell me by Ariana Grande

Last movie I watched: Ferdinand (I cried, it was really good)

Top 3 TV shows: The first 48….uhhh I don’t know what else I don’t really watch TV a lot

Top 3 characters: Momo from Bnha,D.va from overwatch and Mei from over as well

Top 3 bands: Fall out boy, BTS and Coldplay

Books I’m reading: I’m not reading any books at the moment

I tag: @ask-encre @wormsoupp @gaaaylien

All of my other friends have been tagged already…lol

So i recently posted a fic and a one shot for Divergent on AO3 on Sunday and continued writing and posting yesterday. I’m not that submerged into the fandom as I am others, so the fact I’m getting so many hits and kudos and just overall feeling of accomplishment for my work finally (AND THIS SOON)! If anyone here has read it or has been some of the kudos, THANK YOU SO MUCH! like honestly, you do not understand what it means to me that this is getting good praise so quickly, for a fandom I don’t know that much about (but really do love), save movies! Thank you guys, and thank you to the imagine blogs that inspired me to write these, (mainly @obscure-imagines and @book-boys-are-my-guilty-pleasure omg I love you) I’m so happy with it and I don’t feel like this abouta lot of my stuff at all!

Thank you guys! Glad you like it! I may write more if I find new inspiration! <3 <3 <3


Alan’s confessions:

Mariposa: Catania? Fly with me.

Catania: I can’t. I don’t fly. And it’s the Gwyllion.

Mariposa: You can do this, Catania. Be brave.

Catania: I’m not brave. I’m scared. I can’t.

Mariposa: Stay here.

I really like this scene since Mariposa is very supportive of Catania, not just in believing in her and asking her to push herself, but also in not forcing her or pushing her too far. It’s really subtle but I love it lots.

Catania’s wording of “scared” might also remind Mariposa of their first encounter where she learned of Catania’s fear of flying.

Catania: Oh, it must be so terrifying, flying across Fairytopia to get here. Were you scared?

Mariposa: Scared? I don’t know, it was more…

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You can make references/support any movies you like. That movie hasn't claimed to be anything that it isn't. I haven't seen it but I'm aware of the themes. Tumblr inhabitants need to get over themselves a lot and that mindset just bleeds into every facet of this site. Anyway that being said I find your example in which you used it as a reference for Shiro to fall into the support/reassurance theory everyone has is very fitting.

LOOL it’s OK, I only really talked about it for an example towards the show. I thought the movie was cute, but it rlly wasn’t great 😂


I’m here.

What Your Favorite Shakespeare Play Says About You:

Romeo and Juliet: You’re either a hopeless romantic or you really like YA lit, or both. Or you’re in high school and just haven’t read any other plays yet.

Hamlet: You’re gay, emo, death-obsessed, or some combination of the above. OR you’re one of those really pretentious types who like to talk about Shakespeare’s ‘masterpiece’ but I don’t think there’s a lot of those on Tumblr I hope

Othello: You’re either in high school in your Edgy Phase where you think Iago is cool, or you just like the speeches.

Macbeth: You either want to be Lady Macbeth, are gay for Lady Macbeth, or think the witches are rad, which they are. 

Titus Andronicus: You like slasher movies and also laugh in the face of death, probably.

King Lear: You’ve been around too long and have Seen Some Shit. You like to go for long walks and watch sad movies that you know will make you cry. You feel a lingering sense of despair and are yet ever enchanted by the continuing beauty in a grim and thoughtless world. Or you stan Edmund

Julius Caesar: You took Latin in high school and have very strong opinions about the Republic. You will cry about long-dead Romans at the drop of a hat and you are not ashamed. 

Antony and Cleopatra: You’re gay, love war movies, or you only like it because of ‘I wish you all the joy o’ th’ worm’

Coriolanus: You’re REALLY gay and probably most of what’s up there about Julius Caesar applies to you. You have a lot of Feelings also.

Timon of Athens: You love your friends. SO much. Too much

King John: You’re a medieval history nerd in love with the time period, have a weird relationship with your family, or you just like Lady Constance a whole lot. 

Richard II: You’re gay, on a first name basis with a lot of dead monarchs, or you really enjoy David Tennant. 

Henry IV, part 1: You like buddy comedies and having a good time. You cried when Hotspur died and felt no shame in this fact. You probably also like the entire Second Tetralogy but this one is just the most exciting. 

Henry IV, part 2: You watch movies and read books for the theme rather than for entertainment value.

Henry V: You can recite at least one speech from this play from memory, if not more (and will gladly do so if asked). You might be a medieval history nerd, or maybe you just think the battles are cool. You either love Tom Hiddleston or you hate Tom Hiddleston. 

Henry VI, part 1: You like Joan of Arc. A LOT. You’re very defensive and excitable. You think banter is funnier than well-played jokes.

Henry VI, part 2: You like Game of Thrones. You have mixed feelings about Humphrey of Gloucester.

Henry VI, part 3: You will defend Henry with your LIFE but he’s not your favorite character. Your favorite is either Margaret of Anjou or Richard of Gloucester. Also, you think death is funny. 

Richard III: You’re a self-hating misanthrope, or you’re one of those people who liked Iago in high school but grown up. 

Henry VIII: You like Wolsey, probably. 

A Midsummer Night’s Dream: You think romance is hilarious and no, you’re not romantic. You actually think love is stupid. Alternatively your favorite genres are fantasy and science fiction and you have Thoughts about the line “though she be but little, she is fierce” 

The Comedy of Errors: You’re easygoing. You love a good wholesome comedy without a lot of weird dark stuff. Puns are your favorite thing. You also have a soft spot for family (especially sibling) dynamics. 

Twelfth Night: You’re gay as hell but don’t have enough angst-ridden darkness in your soul to enjoy Hamlet. You have all the love of sibling dynamics mentioned for CoE but MORE SO. And you have Opinions about the plight of Malvolio.

The Taming of the Shrew: You lowkey ship Katerina and Petruchio but don’t know why. You secretly love this play but don’t say much about it because it’s really distasteful to modern audiences. Or you spend a lot of time and energy defending it to modern audiences.

Much Ado About Nothing: You wish it would get more notice in the fandom besides the ‘Kill Claudio’ meme but also have to bite your tongue because the meme is actually pretty funny. 

 As You Like It: You’re gay and you hate the ending of this play. You have rewritten various versions of your own ending. 

The Merry Wives of Windsor: You really, really love John Falstaff. 

The Two Gentlemen of Verona: You like Romeo and Juliet. And Twelfth Night. You like both of them better than this play, you just feel like someone should stan for Two Gentlemen.

Love’s Labors Lost: MAYHEM IS YOUR LIFE. Also you like a touch of depth to your comedy. Jokes are all well and good, but it’s the ending that really brings the point home. 

All’s Well That Ends Well: I don’t actually think anyone likes this play, honestly. 

The Merchant of Venice: You like being Conflicted and want a lot of themes in your comedy, dammit! Intrigue? Attempted murder? Racism? Homosexual undertones? Moneylending? Cross-dressing? Lawyer fraud? Weird fairy-tale-esque betrothal games? You want ALL of it. 

Measure for Measure: You either love the Duke or hate the Duke. You will protect Isabella with your life. You also kind of like being Conflicted but prefer (somewhat) happier endings than the Merchant crowd.

Troilus and Cressida: You love the Iliad. You actually don’t care about the title characters as much as you care about the war. Most people have not even heard of this play and you will explain in full detail. 

Cymbeline: You like fairy tales. Actually you love fairy tales. You’re close to your family, but you have a lot of self-reliance. 

Pericles: You probably like mythology and old drama. Also you would kill a man for Marina and think she deserved better. 

The Tempest: You loved Harry Potter as a kid. You love adventure stories the best, and have a dreamer’s spirit. You have a lot of opinions about the treatment of Ariel and Caliban, and you almost certainly cried when Ariel left for the last time. 

The Winter’s Tale: The use of ‘exeunt, pursued by a bear’ as comedy lowkey rubs you wrong but you’re still slightly enthused about claiming the line for your favorite. You love nature and feel at one with it. 

In case ya’ll don’t already know, I feel obligated to tell you that Anya has to literally stand on a box to effectively kiss Dmitry in the Anastasia Broadway musical and it’s honestly too adorable for words.

tag yourself: bts members edition

jin: always there to comfort people. cherry blossoms. contagious laughter. likes satisfying videos. really kind and thoughtful. adventurous. eats the last slice of pizza. sends compliments on anon. pure aesthetics. has different shades of highlighter. fashion icon.

yoongi: sleepy 24/7. grabs coffee every three hours. curses a lot. awkward but fun when you get to know. straightforward. sarcastic at times. have a soft spot for puppies. everything is black. good drinking buddy. a chill person. doesn’t understand gaming. puts phone under the pillow before sleeping. acts tough but is an actual softie.

namjoon: messy room. always carrying a book. knows when to talk and when to listen. likes to recommend songs. opinionated. “quality over quantity” mindset. prefers beer over vodka. astrology addict. snores when asleep. blanket hogger. likes to watch sunsets. loves deeply.

hoseok: likes sunny weather. athletic. uses “lmao” a lot. gets drunk easily. always the center of attention. charismatic AF. says “i’ll fight you” but won’t actually fight you. wears heart on their sleeves. trendsetter. powerful yet unaware of it. dances in the shower. likes forehead kisses.

jimin: knows how to charm people. hardworking. loves compliments but gets shy. laughs a lot. daydreamer. likes to be the little spoon. has A LOT of pictures on their phone. clumsy. good listener. hates conflicts and resolves them. loves looking at the moon. goes with the flow.

taehyung: dog person. video games. sunflowers. knows how to adapt on social gatherings. clingy and loves long hugs. takes a long time to wake up. uses nicknames to people a lot. likes anime and old movies. doesn’t know what’s going on most of the times. likes to wear pajamas. intellectual yet complicated to know.

jungkook: night owl. cares more for others than oneself. has a ton of unread messages. competitive and hates losing. likes to send memes. always bored. god-tier on games. follows instincts. hopeless romantic. enjoys all genre of music. hot chocolates and marshmallows. binge-watches series after midnight. kid at heart.