i really like this mix idk

Out of curiosity, what interpretation of Underfell Papyrus do you guys prefer; the sillier one where his ‘evil acts’ consist of him kicking over trash cans and scribbling mustaches on posters, or the version where he genuinely does really evil and terrible things? I like to mix them, personally.

idk he’s just fun and edgy


(also, I’m currently writing a very long, very feelsy request! get prepared for that <3)

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Why is Harry charging more for large and extra large sized shirts?😞

harry’s team is the one charging more! not harry! (important to point out the difference so people don’t foam at the mouth)

but idk anon :/ like tbh at first, i was like “huh, oh, that’s happening,” and i didn’t really think anything of it - i just felt weird since i don’t really see L/XL/2XL garments being sold for a bit more in price. the only time i’ve ever seen larger shirts being sold at a premium is on those custom shirt order stores and they’ll normally charge like $3 extra. (and this is coming from an american.)

as far as i know from the shows i’ve been to this year (ariana/little mix, panic! at the disco, etc), none of them have charged extra for larger shirts, and i usually wear an L/XL so i feel like i’d know if they charged extra, lol.

so i get why people are bothered by it, and it is a little yikes to me, but in the grand scheme of things, i don’t think there’s anything that can really be done since it is somewhat of a practice somewhere in the industry (as evidenced by those custom order stores).

Voltron Theme [Epic Trailer Version]
Voltron Theme [Epic Trailer Version]

tfw voltron hits the Big Screen™. so here’s my attempt scoring some music for Netflix’s Voltron: Legendary Defender, as if it were a cinematic trailer. Some notes on composition below. Enjoy!!  

note: original VLD Opening Titles written by Alexander Geringas. This is most definitely a homage to his work.

extra: new version here (with updated brass samples + improved mix)

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this love is o u r s

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please gimme more Italian Pidge hc

oh h*ck lemme see

-her grandma/nonna always told pidge not to curse but then five minutes later started cursing out the TV in italian

-dipping bread in oil olive is one of her favorite snacks

-i feel as though sewing is a very italian old lady thing????? idk it could have just been my grandmothers. but anyways. pidge can sew really well and her nonna taught her.

-pidge has a fucking HUGE extended family. like, almost as big as lance’s.

-her dad isn’t italian rather a mix of irish/british/welsh/whatever and because of that her last name is holt. her dad also doesn’t really know which culture to cling onto because of that, so that’s why her immediate family adopted the italian-american culture so fully.

-there’s like…..this de facto old rule in italian-american families that you have to marry someone who’s both catholic and italian. while a lot of italian-american families have dropped this ideaology, we still joke about it a lot so i can imagine that pidge would bring home her first girlfriend (who is an outerspace alien, of course) but then suddenly panics as she’s introducing her gf because she isn’t catholic or italian.

-pidge is like so fucking critical of pizza, pasta, meatballs, and gravy (sauce). like, she even said to hunk (the best cook she’s ever know) in the nicest way possible that his meatballs won’t ever compare to her nonna’s.

-she would rather die than use canned sauce

hallura headcanons
  • Hunk and Allura spend a lot of time together with the mice! They end up giving them baths together and watches them doing little performances together during the Castle downtime. 
  • Allura likes to sit on the counter while Hunk is either cooking/working on engineering. 
    • Hunk likes to listen to her talk about Altea or answer her questions she has about Earth and its customs because she has a lot
    • When Lance or Pidge aren’t around, he’ll ask Allura to test taste his food and he gets really happy when Allura breaks out into a grin and says, “Hunk, this is absolutely delicious!”
  • When things get tense and nervous, Hunk will hide behind Allura unconsciously. 
    • Allura is a calm presence and really helps Hunk when his anxiety gets the better of him. 
  • Hunk is really comforting to her when he catches her alone and letting herself feel emotions. He’ll try and give her reassurance through a hug or by trying to distract her with little interesting tidbits to help her through it. 
    • Hunk: Hey, Allura.
      Allura: Yes, Hunk?
      Hunk, smirking: Coran’s mousestache.
      Allura: [spits out her space juice and bursts into laughter]
      Everyone else: ?
  • Hunk is really protective over Allura. Anyone who yells at her or decides to be an ass will be met with a pissed off Hunk telling you that you better apologize or else.
  • This is straight up canon now, but Hunk is the first to go after Allura if she gets hurt or gets cut off from the rest of the team during missions.
  • Also, Hunk is really stuttery and nervous around Allura after he realizes he likes her, meanwhile Allura is a mix between Wtf Idk How To Do This and asking Lance what Earth courting is like.
    • Allura: So…. Hunk…. You come here often?
      Hunk: Allura, this is the hangar.
      Allura, muttering: Ugh, I told Lance that line wouldn’t work.
      Hunk: What?
      Allura: NOTHING !

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hello! i really love your AU and i wanted to ask you (or request idk?) can you make like.... reverse fight falls??? i mean like the most badass twins mixed with some evil twin or something??? idk hope you enjoy the idea!

This is pretty hard, but I manage to do it

They probably are some badass 17 ↑ teenagers who made some deal with Kill Cipher to obtain their magical power. Under the influence of Kill’s power for years, they became mentally crazy and their hair became gray.  

OK I admit it I just want to draw some evil-sexy costumes LOL
so don’t take it too serious xD

anonymous asked:

Rec me a long, angsty, smutty (not amateur), fic. Preferably bottom!h 😅 but I'm really down for whatever plot. Like FWB, Enemies to lovers, head canon, etc. LITERALLY ANYTHING JUST WANT LONG AND SMUTTY AND MAYBE A LIL SAD BUT HAPPY ENDIG AND HARRY BEING FUCKED :( please :( (But I haven't read a fic where one of them was dared to date the other??)

Ok anon. you asked for a lot in this ask! So here’s kinda a mix of everything?? Idk I tried lol. If you want a more specific fic, message me again. But if you mainly just want long b!Harry fics, I suggest going on the AO3 tag Bottom Harry, and then setting the sort filter to word count. That should do the trick! Enjoy :D

baby loves when daddy gets high by octobertwo (cheshirebottom) (60k words) I love her smut! omg its perfect mix of filth and deliciousness! Check out all of her works !!

au set in los angeles where harry sings in dive bars and hooks up with men twice his age; french painter fresh from paris louis may or may not end up being the sugar daddy he’s been looking for.

[alternatively as: louis is a millionaire with a slight affinity for narcotics and harry just wants to be the coney island queen.]

“daddy gets high, but daddy takes care of business.”

You’ll Breathe Me In (You Won’t Release) by LoadedGunn (95k words) A smut classic. Jesus Christ. It’s sooo good mate. So good. 

His first driving lesson with Louis takes place on a Saturday.

Harry stumbles out through the front gate in thrown-on baggy jeans and his ratty Ramones shirt, sees Louis leaning casually against the car, and his knees nearly give out. Apparently “not another surly teacher” meant a drop dead gorgeous twenty-something scruffy guy with shaggy brown hair and cheekbones sharp enough to chop a salad with. Clearly, Robin’s trying to get Harry killed at seventeen.

Or, the AU where Louis is a 25-year-old driving instructor and Harry is a 17-year-old virgin who’s really awful at seduction, except for the time he gets Louis to fall for him and fuck him senseless and take him on kinky adventures.

The Bet by ShellSea12 (61k words) There’s some dare fics out there, I just can’t find them atm. So I’m recommending a bet au. 

Summary: When Louis bets Zayn that he can make anyone fall in love with him in under a month, he doesn’t expect Zayn to pick loner Harry Styles as the challenge. Larry Stylinson AU COMPLETE

Empty Gold by rainbow_kings (148k words) [long, b!H, enemies to lovers]

AU where Louis Tomlinson attends the vigorous, demanding performing arts school: Guildhall in hopes to complete his theatre degree. He is a scholarship student, always having to work twice as hard to prove his worth which has caused him to feel resentment and anger towards his subordinate position.

Harry Styles is the wealthy, naturally gifted actor who effortlessly snatches all the main roles within the class. The complete contrast to everything Louis is.

Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles have had bad blood and despised each other for the two years they attended Guildhall together, making each task a competition between each other.

In the final year, when Guildhall produces and performs an original play, Louis is heartbroken to learn the lead role has been been received to Harry and he’s the second role. He’s mostly terrified, however, when he realises he has to date Harry in the play as their characters. They come together through awkward stage kisses that transforms to hate sex, heated arguments, rehearsal times after lectures and baking carrot cake together.

Time Bomb by ThisSentimentalHeart (291k words) [long, b!H]

“Why exactly are you here?” Louis asked, feigning annoyance and failing pathetically at it.

“My publicist told me I can’t go anywhere near you.” Harry said, eyes still smudged with last night’s eye liner. “That makes you my favorite person in the world.”

Or the one where Louis has everything: a lead role in a giant Hollywood franchise, a glittering new house with an entertaining Irish neighbor, and a steady, normal boyfriend who he probably loves. Louis never expected to become a household name among young Hollywood overnight. He also never expected to find something endearing about the enigmatic rockstar who keeps showing up on his back porch.

you are in love by wildestdreams (207k words) [long, b!H, angst]

The one where there’s late night coffee runs with deep conversations, lots of frat parties with cute frat boys, TV show references, numerous social network interactions, first kisses in the rain and a slow burn love story between two unlikely people.

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It's so weird to think Harry is only 21 like he seems and acts so much older but in reality like he's so young you know? I'm 21 and most of my guy friends are still so dumb and Harry is just so different and polite but like he's 21 lol idk

Yeah I think it’s a mix of personality, the fact that they got famous so early, but also like, we don’t really see him on his most private.

And we do get glimpses. This is a pretty silly cute boy. 

do you ever like a song so much that just listening to it doesn’t feel like enough?? like you feel like you actually want to inhale it?? idk is this weird i don’t really know how else to describe it

designs for the transistor au idk

Can’t Take the Heat | Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

request: Can you do something where you are tony starks daughter and you are part of the avengers but you are pretty new to it all like peter and when you go to fight together you get really hurt? mixed with Idk if you would take this request but can u write some headcannons about peter dating someone with fire powers? I love your writing so much! Thank you <3

warnings: injury, near death, cursing

word count: 2173


Originally posted by hardyness

You pace up and down the aisle of the personal jet buzzing with thinly contained excitement.

“Hey, hey! Y/N, baby calm down you’re sparking.” Your boyfriend Peter suddenly shouts, gesturing wildly with his hands. You snap out of your daze and raise a hand to inspect it. He’s right, your fingertips are gleaming a sunset orange and small fireworks spark off of them.

“Right, sorry.” You apologize, flushing almost as red as your fingertips with embarrassment. Peter flashes you a nervous smile and gingerly takes your palm.

“You know I love it when you get fiery,” he winks at you, “It’s just we are above the clouds in a big steel thing and if it catches fire we are sort of screwed.” He references your flaming ability, and you can’t help but roll your eyes (even though you know he’s right).

“We are really doing this Pete! We are going on a mission. Sure it’s just a group of some guys who medically enhanced themselves to have animal powers and they have some alien tech, but I mean something isn’t nothing.” You speak extremely quickly.

“What do you mean just some medically enhanced guys with alien weapons?” Peter scoffed at you. You shrug and fall back into the plush first class level recliner.

“I mean it’s not Ultron but I’m ready!” You are chomping at the bit to get going, your dad, Tony (also known as Iron Man), never let you go on missions before. His excuse was always that you needed more training.

“Y/N, I know you’re excited. And I know you can handle yourself, but this is real and dangerous. You cannot go in there to cocky.” Peter is cautious saying this because he knows that you can get hotheaded when someone tells you no.

Sucking in a deep breath you reply, “I know, but I can handle myself, hell I can shoot fire out of my hands.” You felt the mischievous smile spread on your face and you imagined yourself soaring next to your dad in the brand new suit he made you to harness your powers and better focus them.

You don’t notice Peter’s smile falter as he thinks about how new you are to this. He has been worried all week, usually he’s excited for a new avengers mission but this time was different. The girl he loved was coming and she was fresh out of the oven.

You leaned down and pulled at the handle on the bottom of your seat, a small box of chilled waters appeared and you grabbed one hastily. Lifting the bottle to your parched lips you heard the hiss of steam before you felt it on your cheeks.

“Okay, I really do need to calm down.” You admitted coyly to Peter, batting your eyelashes innocently so that he wouldn’t get all worried again.

Glancing out the window you noticed the plane begin to dip and suddenly a ding alerted you and peter to the coming announcement, “We are descending, everybody suit up and be ready for ground transport to our location.” Your father’s voice boomed through the little cabin. You felt your eyes go wide and you swung your body to face Peter’s.

“Alright, let’s go.” He says to you, taking in a steadying breath and standing up, suit in hand.

“Not so fast spider-boy, hop out. I’m changing in here, you go change with Clint.” Natasha bursts through the door and grabs Peter by the scruff of his neck, practically tossing him out of the cabin.

You shot Peter an apologetic smile and then turned to face the malevolent general with a snarl, “Tash, what the hell? It’s not like we were going to have sex.”

Natasha raises a single eyebrow, “Too bad I don’t care. You’re like my little sister and I don’t want a smelly boy seeing your goods.” You roll your eyes but smile at the jovial relationship you have.

You and Peter sit nervously holding hands as Happy drives you toward the battle. A fleet of cars and motorcycles are transporting everyone and you are suspicious of why Happy was here. You figure your dad has him here in case he wants you removed from the battle.

The car suddenly stops and you hear a screeching, “That’s your cue,” Happy says turning around, “Be careful Y/N, Peter.” Both of you solemnly nod. Peter leans over and opens the door on his side before taking your hand and guiding you out.

“Let’s go.” Peter whispers and begins to run, you steel yourself and engage your boosters causing you to lift off the ground.

As you lift higher in the air you can see about 15 men all walking far to slowly toward your group. One man has an arm that is replaced by a purple glowing blaster the size of your lower body.

“Spidey on your left!” You shout as you see a huge chunk of cement go flying from across the lot. You blast it to make it smaller and he expertly avoids it. You change course and choose to get closer to the 3 men farthest right, one is abnormally large and has stripes like a tiger all across his upper body. The other two look identical and seem to be half made of metal.

Your dad is fighting alongside the Hulk and Peter is still coming slightly slower because he is swinging his way here. You dive-bomb the first man and get a right hook in, but he is prepared and immediately kicks you 10 feet away. One of the other guys charges a blast where your chest would be but you duck down in the last second.

Powering up you blast at the third man and shoot fire at him, it scorches his body and you feel proud because you finally got the upper hand. But as the fire melts away metal covers his injuries, making him more indestructible.

“Hey!” Peter shouts and shoots a web around the man’s legs and tosses him against a wall where he webs him up. You give him a nod of thanks and return to the first man who is barreling at you.

“Little bitch, come here.” He shouts. You duck just in time to avoid a punch and then sock him in the stomach. You go to blast him but he grabs your wrist, you try fire again but it seems to just hover over him.

“Not so tough anymore?” He asks you in a growl. Fear must be written across your face as he crushes the metal on your wrists and throws it aside. He raises a large fist and swings it down with such force that you hardly feel the hit in your abdomen and instead feel the impact of your back on the same wall the other man was webbed on.

“Oopsie” You hear in your ear, and that’s when it registers that you didn’t hit the wall, you hit the webbed man, who is no longer webbed. He grips your shoulders and smashes you to the ground placing one hand squarely on your left shoulder and then using his whole weight and pushing down. You hear a sickening crack and feel excruciating heat rush into your shoulder.

Then he stands and stomps on your leg causing your vision to go completely white, laughing as he hears you cry out in pain. Black and silver stars dance in your vision but you feel his weight leave your body, somebody is fighting him.

But before you can get your bearings you manage to make out the gun on the arm of the large man you saw before aimed right at your stomach. A blast sounds and everything goes dark.

The next minutes come in flashes. You hear Steve screaming for your father.

“Baby, please. I never should have let you come.” Your dad.

“No. no no.” Peter.

You can vaguely hear the battle continuing, but honestly you feel next to nothing, it is as though you were floating 3 feet above yourself and underwater.

“Peter, you’re done. Take her to the car and get to a hospital, NOW.” You hear your father delegate responsibility to Peter.

“Of-of course.” Peter sounds shocked, determined, terrified, and crushed all at the same time. You feel his strong arms secure themselves around you and you squeal in pain as he lifts you, your leg and shoulder are unavoidable.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Peter whispers to you. “I’m going to take care of you, please don’t leave me. Fight Y/N. I’m taking care of you.” His voice is desperate but you suddenly can’t remember why he is upset.

The next thing you hear is the slamming of a car door and the familiar tone that Happy always has when he is concerned about you, “Alright, why don’t you immobilize her injuries with your webs, let’s get her to a hospital.” That is the last thing you hear before it all just goes silent for good.

Your eyelids feel like they have barbells holding them down and got one thousand tiny paper cuts. You can hear the labored breathing of someone sleeping near you. Your head is pounding and you can hear your pulse hitting against your skull.

The events leading up to this pain come flooding back to you: the battle, your shoulder and leg, tiger man, the gun, Peter carrying you, passing out. Despite the pain, you force your tired lids to open, revealing a far too bright hospital room. Blinking the sleep out and adjusting to the bright light you try to lift your head, sending a shock of pain through your shoulder. 

The sharp intake of breath wakes up the person snoozing next to you, “Baby girl?” You hear your father’s desperate voice.

“Daddy?” Your voice crackles, it must be weird from disuse. Your father’s bearded face and red eyes come into view. He looks haggard like he’s been crying and hasn’t slept in a week.

He leans over and hits the call button for the nurse. “Dad can I sit up?” You ask him, he nods and uses the button pad on the side of your bed to bring you upright.

The nurse comes running in and begins running tests on you like a fiend. You note to yourself that it’s weird that she’s working so rushed. When she’s done she takes a deep breath and turns to your father, “She’s a miracle, we need to keep monitoring her but trillion to one you know.” She shoots you a smile and leaves you two to talk.

“Dad what happened?” You ask him, suddenly concerned. He goes on to tell you that they crushed 4 of your ribs, broke your leg and shattered your shoulder, fractured your collarbone, and finally got a concussion. You do have slightly accelerated healing abilities but it wasn’t looking good and you’ve been out for 4 days. Basically, they thought they were biding the days until you died.

“Dad, I need to see Peter.” You tell him once you finish talking. “Why hasn’t he visited me?” You can’t conceal the pain in your voice, only this time it’s not about the physical stuff.

“Baby, no one was allowed in but me, he’s been sleeping in the chairs all week. Let me go get him.” You are thankful that he understands that you need to see him, especially because you almost died and he could easily say just him and you right now.

You lift your hand and inspect the cuts and bruises all over it. You are prodding different parts of your body when Peter comes sprinting in. He smiles when he sees you looking at him but it melts almost immediately when he sees the rest of you. “Peter” You call for him, he comes to your side immediately and gingerly takes your hand.

“I stayed.” You whisper in his ear as a tear leaks out of his eye. He nods with a quivering lip.

“I-I thought you were going to die, we all did.” He sounds so broken and sad. But you lift his chin so that he is looking you in the eyes.

“I’m here, and I’m not dead. But I am very injured, so I’m expecting a lot of healing kisses and treats and teddy bears.” You decided to make light of the situation because it was more you than being angsty and sad.

“I will buy you every chocolate on the planet and get you a teddy bear for every minute we are together, and I should probably get started on those kisses.” He smiled at you and leaned down to place an extremely light kiss on your forehead.

“Well that’s not what I meant!”


(tags under the cut)

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ninath/tomato beats artist!au

okay so i wrote this ninath drabble like a while ago but idk i was in my car daydreaming and tbh i kinda want this whole thing to be an au?

  • so like picture nathanael and nino, both in like their mid 20s, being next door neighbors in the same apartment building. nino is trying to make it as a DJ and nathanael is trying to make it as an artist
    • they meet because nathanael accidentally burns a pot of pasta sauce and starts a teeny kitchen fire at like three in the morning. he ran to nino’s apartment, knocked on his door, and begged him for help to put the fire out
  • they eventually become really close friends because they’re both up-and-coming artists trying to make money and be successful so life is tough but they get to bond over the struggle of trying to juggle both. 
  • nino’s only been trying to make a name for himself for the past year, so the biggest gigs he’s ever done were small weddings and birthday parties that he got through friends and family. his facebook page only has like 70 likes but he’s getting there. 
  • nathanael does a lot of canvas art and he’s tried to host a couple of exhibitions just to show off his art and get his name out there. but they’re usually at bars and poetry clubs and so far only like 10 people show up. 
  • it’s definitely frustrating trying to figure out how to market yourself, but when they laugh together about their mistakes and failures, it makes everything seem not so awful. because at least they’re not the only ones. they’ve got someone else going through the same thing. 
  • the two of them hang out in each other’s apartment a lot: nathanael because he concentrates better on his art when there’s noise in his apartment and when he has company over, and nino because he needs opinions on some of his new mixes and nathanael has a really good taste in music
    • nino: wait you like the band magma? seriously? no one else i know likes them!
    • nath: are you kidding me they’re freaking amazing! wanna listen to their new album? i’ll order takeout
  • whenever nino posts a facebook event for one of his gigs, nathanael makes sure to share it like 5 times a day and tell people to “GO AND SUPPORT HIM HE’S REALLY GOOD AND SUPER COOL”
  • nino helps nathanael transfer all of his easels and set up his exhibitions whenever they come along. and even though his gigs aren’t well attended yet, he always makes sure to do shout outs at the beginning and end of every set and tell people to check nathanael out, tell their friends about him, and hey maybe buy some of his art he’s wicked talented
  • imagine the slow burn romance that happens when they go from hanging out as friends to spending almost every free moment they have with each other. 
    • like imagine the subtle “oh!” moment when nino realizes watching nathanael sit in the middle of his apartment with easels, paints, and charcoals everywhere doesn’t make him look crazy anymore. it makes him look cute. 
    • and imagine nathanael showing up to one of nino’s gigs, bragging to all the friends he brought about how cool nino looks up there mixing, and suddenly realizing that he’s smiling ear to ear and feeling his chest warm up at the sight of nino looking so ridiculously happy doing what he loves
You Never Listen (Isaac Lahey)

Originally posted by hothothotgg

Requested by anon: hi, sorry if this doesn’t make sense at all but could you maybe do an isaac imagine loosely based on a mix of the songs wicked game by stone sour and your song by jessie pitts where they hate each other and always fight but when it comes down to it he’ll always protect her and they get in a big fight/get trapped or something and it seems like they get close but still fight afterwords and so the pack forces them to work together and the end is really fluffy? idk. luvyou and your writing btw! :)

Rating: angsty fluff

A/N: I’m very proud of this, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I may have toyed with the request a bit, I apologize.

Isaac and Y/N had quite the eerie relationship; one you wouldn’t necessarily classify as friendship. When Y/N first joined the pack, Isaac fell in love with her beauty, until she opened her mouth which led to their chance at friendship’s demise. 

However, it wasn’t just Y/N that caused the tension between them, Isaac would occasionally throw in something like “Tell me again, what was that thing that caused you to lose your voice the other day? Well, whatever it was, I really, really hope it comes back.” As if it was the most casual thing to say to her. 

But whenever he sensed that she was in danger, he would be there in a blink of an eye. Because no matter what, their urge to protect each other came atop their petty arguments. 

“Hey Y/L/N, looking as sexy as ever,” some irrelevant member of the lacrosse team had dropped off the comment like it was a casual good morning. He fumbled about with his gear before settling his back on the locker next to hers, tilting his head towards her. 

“Why don’t you tell me where you got those jeans of yours, maybe if I buy some for my girl, it would make her ass look like yours.” His breath was warm and dangerous, smelling of fresh morning coffee and intoxicating cigarettes. 

Y/N’s grip on her books couldn’t have gotten tighter, her anger slowly rising to her throat. When she opened her mouth to say something, she was interrupted by Isaac’s voice saying, 

“Back off.” Firmly gripping the back of the boy’s shirt. “The hell do you think you’re talking to, Lahey?” Those ignorant words earned a growl and a flash of yellow eyes from Isaac. 

Y/N snorted, the tips of her fingers covering her mouth as she giggled. Isaac enjoyed the smirk that spread across Y/N’s face as the shorter guy gathered his belongings and scurried away in terror. 

“What the hell Lahey?!” Y/N smacked his chest, trying to fight back the smirk that threatened to appear on her face once more. 

“You don’t think I’m just gonna stand aside and watch some horny dumbass disrespect you.” He stated carelessly, with a strict shrug. She would be lying if she denied that her heart skipped a beat at his unnaturally kind words. 

“I’m no damsel in distress, I can take care of myself.“ 

“I’m well aware of that babe, but like I said, I won’t stand aside and let anyone disrespect you.” Y/N slammed her locker door before properly hoisting her books in her hands, mumbling a “Whatever,” as she escaped his burning gaze with blushing cheeks and a shy smile.

No, I don’t want to fall in love with you

 "Would you two knock it off already?“ Scott losing his temper—which he rarely ever did—was something that terrified both Y/N and Isaac. 

"The last time you two had a fit, you almost killed each other!” Reminiscing on that one night was always a good way to keep them both grounded. 

“You know what? I’m so sick of that big mouth of yours that doesn’t know when to shut up, so when Jennifer comes for your virgin ass, I won’t stop her.” Isaac’s eyes wandered rapidly between Y/N’s, his nostrils flaring with heavy breaths, anger-filled heat radiating off of his body and settling onto hers. 

“Fuck off Lahey, it’s your fault that we’re stuck here–" 

"How is it my fault that Scott kept me on babysitting duty just cause you can’t keep a man." 

"How dare you?” Her offended gasp and tear filled eyes were going to be the death of him. 

“Wait, that’s not what I–" 

"Save your excuses, dickhead. I don’t want to talk to you.” Exhaustion had already taken over her body, and Isaac was shortening her patience. 

“What did you just call me?” His anger settling on his face, because no guy would like to be insulted by the girl he loves and cherishes most. “You fucking heard me.” Her voice low and dangerous and too close to him. 

His movements were fast. Too fast for Y/N’s mind to process.

“Sooner or later, you’re gonna have to ditch the idea of you being everyone’s knight in shining armor. Don’t get me wrong, it’s very entertaining to watch, but there’s a fine line between illusion and delusion and you’re bouncing along that line.” With every word that fell out of her lips, Isaac’s grip tightened. His hands held a painful and tight grip on her arm, his nails mindlessly digging into her flesh. 

 "Let go,“ she stated firmly through gritted teeth. "You’re hurting me.” Those four words sent alarms to his brain, his hands slowly falling to his side in realization. Her white shirt was tinted red, her flesh pulsing where his hands previously were. 

“O-oh god,” his eyes widened with remorse as he stumbled backwards, his heartbeat deafening in the thick coat of silence between them. 

“Y/N, I-" 

"It’s okay,” she said with her head down, examining the fresh wounds. “I’m so sorry, l-let me take away the pain.” The feeling of his fingertips on her skin made her flinch, “Please don’t touch me.” She mumbled lowly, slowly backing into the corner of the room, sliding down the wall and wrapping her quivering, bleeding arms around her knees. 

“I’m sorry.” The anger and tension between them fading away into oblivion, each of them on separate corners, with separate internal conflicts. 

“Do you remember? Or do you guys want me to remind you?” Their heads hung shamefully low, like two children who were caught fooling around past their bedtime. 

“We’re sorry, Scott.” Y/N was the first to speak, giving Isaac a sideways glance. “Yeah, it won’t happen again." 

"You know what? Last time you said the same thing, this time, I’m locking you guys in here until you learn how to behave your age.” Scott’s hands latched around Y/N’s, dragging her to the edge of his bed, and cuffing her hands to the headboard. 

Scott’s grip was far more gentle than Isaac’s, “You can’t cuff me, I’ll break them.” Scott chuckled at Isaac’s arrogant comment. “Yeah but you can’t break through mountain ash, buddy.” Scott stepped out the doorway of his room, dunking the ash across it. 

“She can break the mountain ash, and you can break her cuffs. Let’s see how good of a team you two’ll make.” With that final sentence, Scott left to return to the pack meeting that the two had disturbed with their bickering. 

At first—both of them being as stubborn as can be—not a single word was uttered. Y/N sat helplessly with her arms aching above her head, and Isaac desperately trying to figure out a way to get out of the intoxicating room. 

“You know, not everyone can ‘True Alpha’ their way out of mountain ash.” Y/N’s words coated with venom, scoffing when his second attempt sent electricity through his body. “You never listen–” “You don’t either, or else we wouldn’t be here in the first place.” Silence. 

Y/N had dark hollow circles under her eyes that were visible to Isaac’s eyes, the dull light of the lamppost out the window made her eyes appear a shade darker. She was as exhausted as she looked. Y/N leaned her head back against the wood, her eyes fluttering shut. 

The two of them sat in silence, listening to each other’s rhythmic breathing and the faint humming of the pack meeting that was held downstairs. Isaac’s feet felt heavy as he stomped over to the bed, sitting close to Y/N. She felt his weight dipping next to her, but didn’t bother opening her eyes. Isaac leaned forward to break the cuffs that held her hands captive, the pain had left her skin numb. 

Y/N’s body jolted, moving her hands away from his reach. 

“Easy, I won’t hurt you.” The skeptical look she gave him had his breathing hitched in his throat. His calloused hands felt unusually soft and gentle across her skin. 

Careful not to hurt her, he tugged tightly and his body jerked backwards as the cuffs fell and thudded over the carpeted floor. Y/N made a tired noise, one that resembled a moan, as she examined her wrists. 

“You’re right.” He finally said. Y/N scrunched her brows, slightly confused as to what he meant. 

“I never listen. I should’ve listened to Stiles when he told me I should tell you that I love you, I should’ve listened to him when he told me that I was hurting you, exhausting you, even. But I was so scared of loving you, I was scared of how fast and hard I’d fallen for you. You, Y/N Y/L/N, will be the death of me.” Y/N’s mind was processing his words, her brain stringing up questions like ‘hows’ and ‘whys’. But her face held no reaction, her eyes were darker and far more complicated to read now that he was close. 

“I can never forgive myself for hurting you, I would apologize if I knew it would do any good, but I think I’ve burned that bridge already. I’m so in love with you, and I won’t blame you if you truly and genuinely hated me, because I deser—" 

"No you don’t, and no I don’t. I don’t hate you, Isaac. True, you did hurt me, both physically and emotionally,” he cringed at the memory, “But nothing in this world can make me hate you, cause I saw the regret in your eyes, I know you didn’t mean it.” Her bruised hands gently—almost reluctantly—intertwined with his. Isaac’s eyes stared at his hands in hers, like they weren’t his own, like they were something foreign. 

“I’m scared of turning into my father," 

"Don’t you dare, Lahey.” She gasped so loudly, as if he’d offended her. “You will never be the man he was. You are the most gentle and wonderful person I’ve ever met, and you may not show that to me, but I see the way you’re constantly looking out for Scott, helping him, helping the pack.” Her hand cupped his cheek, making him look at her. 

You see, I’ve forgotten if they’re green or blue. Anyway, the thing is, what I really mean, yours are the sweetest eyes I’ve ever seen.

“Forgive me?” He spoke breathlessly with tears threatening to spill at the corner of his blue eyes that wandered between hers. 

“With time.” She stated simply. “I’m sorry,” he said closely to her lips, “I’m so sorry.” Their hands clutched at each other, like the wild and lost teenagers that they were. 

Y/N was the one who initiated the kiss, so hard he tasted blood. He felt her chest heaving against his, he thought she was crying. Isaac gently dug his fingers into her locks, pulling her closer. She was the one who broke away, but settled with her forehead against his. 

“Can you feel how fast my heart is beating for you?” It wasn’t a question. “I love you, Isaac. I do.” His fingers trailed down her sides, like he knew her soft curves by heart, pulling her to sit on his lap. 

“What are you doing to me?” He pulled her down for another kiss, his heart beating like a drum against his chest. 

“I love you." 

"I love you.”

friend: so do u fancy any celebrities?
me: Damon Albarn
friend: ew?? he’s really ugly
me, continuous tears streaming down my face: WELL im sorry that he doesn’t fill your standards of what is considered conventionally attractive u shallow asshole

APRIL 10-16, 2017 

Last week was a mix of plants and space? Idk. I really like the colors in this spread and the quotes I used. Last week I brought my bullet journal to therapy and my therapist loved it. She said lots of wonderful things about it and it made me feel pretty awesome about my bujo skills. 

Listening: “Sign of The Times” by Harry Styles 

ig: moirajournals 



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