i really like this in its simplicity

okay no offense but gansey was literally the first person to ever show adam uncomplicated, unabridged, true affection. gansey was the first person to recognize just how much adam longed for love, the first person to recognize that adam was too proud to ever ask for it. gansey was the first person to not only recognize the potential and abilities of adam, but tried to make adam recognize it himself as well. gansey was the first person to care that adam was unsafe, to care that adam was unhappy, to care about adam. from the moment they met, it felt real to both of them in a completely new way. gansey was adam’ best friend from nearly the moment they met, and has not ever stopped being it since. their relationship is one of simplicity, respect, honesty, obvious mutual admiration, and it is so evident that, on whatever level u chose to recognize it, they love each other !!!!!! that’s love, bicth !!!!! that’s it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Many Faces of Victor Nikiforov - Episode 2

And finally, the episode in which we actually get to know more about Victor personally! Although his expressions are generally very controlled, there are times where we can glean a greater understanding of his character from both the faces he does and doesn’t make. Continuing on from the first set, I’d like to talk about the gifs chosen this time too!

This first scene we see Victor in is played off as humour, but when looked at in a more serious light, it’s actually packed full of a complicated mix of emotions. Victor is leaving the home he has lived in for years and years. He’s leaving the familiar setting of his home rink and the people there who, by this point, would be pretty much considered family. When he looks back in this frame, we see a lot of things. Primarily, the look is fond but wistfully sad. He knows what he’s going to be leaving behind by going and he appreciates Yakov coming after him even if he isn’t planning on listening. He’s excited to start a new chapter of his life, even if it comes at a risk, but he is also scared. This frame may initially look like a simple smile but when you take off a couple layers, it really is so much more. It also shows the level of comfort he has with Yakov that he’s willing to let him see this expression in the first place.

This second gif… well, I can say more about Yuuri than Victor here. It takes 2 full gifs to capture the entire camera pan for this shot. The kicker being that not only does the shot start distinctly below the waistline, it also is a slow pan upwards even as Victor is talking. We know for a fact that this is from Yuuri’s point of view and the level of thirst that shows (like not even being able to meet Victor’s eyes when he’s talking directly to Yuuri) astounds me.

There are a few things I really love about this third one that I feel have gone either unappreciated or unnoticed. The first is that Victor is sleeping. That sounds like common sense, because of course he is, but my point is more the where and when. Victor is sleeping in an openly public space surrounded by people he doesn’t know in a country he isn’t familiar with. The second is that it’s probably about 2am local time in St. Petersburg by this point. What all this comes down to is that Victor is suffering from jet lag. We don’t see it often in-show since he seems to have himself more together in Barcelona (in compared to Yuuri who just sleeps) but I feel seeing it here makes him look all the more human. Another small thing to note is the little head rub he does onto his pillow as he turns over. This is a thing people do for comfort, the feeling of their cheek rubbing against their cheek is a sensation thing, and it, again, makes Victor seem more human and less of an untouchable god like Yuuri sees him as.

This fourth gif… What more can I say other than it still amazes me how forward Victor was this early on. Even after knowing about the banquet, he’s still so… direct. He is absolutely 100% trying to seduce Yuuri. It makes me wonder what exactly he expected would happen when he came to Japan and where he was planning to go from there when it came to the whole coaching deal.

This fifth gives me a lot of feelings. This is one of the only shots we get in the entire series that features Victor both alone and in a state of vulnerability. He’s in a foreign place, he doesn’t speak the language, and all he has to go on is a drunken promise and a viral youtube video. Even the creators have said that Victor isn’t really the type to cry so seeing tears in his eyes here means a lot. He’s scared, he’s lost, and he doesn’t know where to go next – in more than just the short term. He’s feeling like his entire life is falling apart around him and he left his lifeline and security net back in Russia. But, if nothing else, we can be glad that he brought Makkachin along because I don’t even what to think about how he would have fared without even that tiny bit of home.

The sixth gif I love because of its simplicity. Victor is excited by nothing more than exploring a new place. It’s not news to any of us that Victor loves surprises; he loves things that are new and Hasetsu castle provides just that. I love that Victor got the opportunity to experience the joys of being a tourist before he finally settles down to be a citizen.

I feel that this seventh gif has many layers. He’s obviously trying to be friendly but you can tell that he was wholly unprepared for the attention that he was suddenly swarmed with. You can see it in the way he smiles, it’s not the bright smile and wink that we normally associate with his media persona, and his shoulders keep climbing up and up. Tack onto the fact that there’s almost no way he could understand what any of them are saying and all I can really sense from him is tension and stress. Again, it comes back to him feeling like he’s out of place in a foreign land and is trying to handle it as best he can in the only ways he knows how.

This eighth gif is his thinking face. He consistently holds his hand to his chin in the same way whenever he’s seriously thinking about or considering something. In this case, we can take this to mean that he is sincerely studying Yuuri. Unlike earlier in the episode that attempts to paint Victor is a more lighthearted and flighty light, this shows us that he is there for more than just a booty call. He’s serious about wanting to be Yuuri’s coach and help him with his skating. He’s interested in Yuuri both as a person and a skater.

This second last gif is actually something we don’t see too much of from Victor – he’s being smug. He absolutely has a right to be, given his level of proficiency in his sport, but he’s usually quite humble about it even while being confident. But this shot, and the camera angle and shadows on his face that add to it, all create the image of “I know I’m better than/know more than you in this”. I feel that he is absolutely doing this on purpose. Victor is incredibly aware of how others see him. In this case, he’s playing into how Yurio perceives him and is using that as a way to motivate him into accepting something that would be a definite challenge for him – skating Agape. This is a perfect depicting of the saying “lead by example” in regards to being aware that others’ perception of your image might not be what is really on the inside.

This last gif is an expression I’m especially fond of because it’s one of the first times that Victor is truly stumped by Yuuri. Just to clarify: this is a really good thing! This is exactly the spark that attracted Victor to Yuuri in the first place! This is the first time since he left his life behind in Russia and flew halfway across the globe to Japan that he’s seen this in Yuuri. And his expression and exclamation in the next shot shows exactly how he feels about that.

Well, that got a bit longer than I had initially planned but consider it a way to make up for this set being a day late. I also just have too many thoughts about Victor… Look forward to more coming your way next week!

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Bonus because while it’s not Victor in person, it’s too beautiful not to add:

Sawamura Sundays

His captaincy and why he deserves more recognition

Alright, so first of all, I would like to thank you guys for sharing your thoughts! And some of you have raised some fine points, ones which I would like to include in this installment.

For the official kick off of this… whatever this is, I want to talk about Daichi as a volleyball player, particularly his position as captain, and how important his captaincy is for the entire team.

(I just wanted to include this picture because he looks so damn fine and wow how do I breathe but anyway)

The thing is, for Daichi, leadership comes naturally. I mean, he’s the captain of his junior high team, one where he played with Ikejiri, and from that flashback, it was very obvious that Daichi has wisdom well beyond his years.

He already has this maturity and his stabilizing presence is already apparent from the get go. But see, the thing is, and this has been accurately said by @monkeyingaround, “his character could have been so typical, but Furudate did, as Furudate does”, which is to give characters the dimensions and more colorful facets of personality. And this couldn’t have been truer for Daichi.

He could have been easily the strict, boring captain, but he’s more than that. He could’ve been someone who’s probably super powered, because he’s a captain for a reason, right? But the thing is, what makes him the perfect captain for his team, is because he’s not actually any of that.

And for him, it’s not a bad thing.

Believe me, he provides the team with more than just support! That’s why I am still so grateful for the Daichi centric chapters, because they emphasized how big of an impact Daichi’s responsible nature is for Karasuno.

Valor and Simplicity. 

(I still cry about this.)

It really hammered the point that instead of seeing him as just this boring character, his stability provides the team with the solid and stable foundation that they need. But he does so in various ways. 

A few cases in point, he can be like this:

But he can also be like this:

Coach Ukai and Takeda-sensei thought it best.

(On an unrelated side note: I absolute love how his centric chapters are called Playground and how its cover page is this:

(It’s like basically saying that Daichi owns the game, not just in terms of volleyball, but also his teammates. And I digress, but anyway…)

Aside from being captain, he’s also a wing spiker, although Daichi stands out more, and he’s actually notable because of his solid receives. I cannot stress how much this skill have been so crucial in Karasuno winning their matches. While it is the point that goes over the net and to the opponent’s side of the court that technically counts, not letting the opponent score and keeping the ball in play counts as much. And Daichi, what with the numerous times he’d saved his team by saving the ball during critical plays.

I find this picture kind of ironic though, but oh well.

He’s well lauded for that, and boy am I proud when characters also recognize him for this, but I still agree with @rubysfavorites, that Daichi gets set aside for more popular, flashier characters, and isn’t seen as special or unique. It’s one of the reasons why, as @narubabe mentioned, that Daichi doesn’t get enough credit for being a catalyst for Hinata and Kageyama working together.

Actually, we can go way back than that. Because, honestly, and I will never get tired of saying this, if it weren’t for Daichi, the whole Karasuno, the Karasuno that we know and love today, wouldn’t have been possible. “Chemical reaction of encounters” chapter, remember? Daichi, and the rest of the third years, didn’t let the roots hold them down. They fought their way through it, they gritted and grinded their teeth, just to be able to reach the place where they are right now.

Or when the second years quit the team, but he didn’t lose out hope, and was thankful for having them back?

Even Old Man Ukai knows.

And if that’s not enough for you, Daichi served as the coach. THE COACH for the team, when they didn’t have one. He took on the responsibility of being the coach and captain, and if you don’t think that’s amazing or don’t deserve a high praise and utmost recognition then I don’t know how else to convince you.

In conclusion: Daichi is a great captain, who deserves more love and more recognition than what he’s getting. Karasuno isn’t Karasuno, wouldn’t be the Karasuno without him.

Feel free to add your thoughts! :)

I had an idea for an AU that’s brilliant in its’ simplicity:

Nora Valkyrie became the Fall Maiden.

Why is this so brilliant? Simple really, because

Is NOT the Fall Maiden’s Power. This is Cinder, manipulating Dust, possibily in tandem with her own Semblance.

This is the Fall Maiden’s power:

An elemental force of nature, devastating in the hands of any capable fighter in its’ own right.
But here’s the fun part.
Ozpin confirmed that the Maiden’s powers are separate from Auras and Semblances.

Meaning that Nora could use the god-like powers of a Maiden



koddasoda  asked:

Do you still go on iscribble? I think i've watched every speed paint you have up there and they're so mesmerizing. I love how they go from just blobs of colour and value into these epic compositions. I envy your storytelling and would love to know what would be best in terms of giving art more "umph" or feeling? The comic you did with Orianna and Blitz or the one with Kindred and Soraka, they're FULL of emotion and always make me feel something. Love you art to death :)

Hiya! I pop on iS every now and then, but I don’t use it for sketching anymore.. the new HTML shift kinda changed the feel of its response, and I’m just more comfortable working in Photoshop. Glad you like the replays though, it’s a great feature for sure.

There are multiple things that contribute to storytelling in an illustration/comic: Frame composition, shapes within the frame, camera lens, camera position, lighting, colour, props/background. And then there’s the characters themselves with body language, gesture and expression(acting). Alot of this study is closely tied to cinema!

Pushing for emotional impact often rely on camera placement and framing/shot size to ‘put you in the moment’ or ‘in someone’s shoes’. Colour and value(and every other element/principle of art) helps direct your eye and can enhance the emotions even more.

Book recommendations!!!!!  

  • Framed Ink : Drawing and Composition for Visual Storytellers, Marcos Mateu-Mestre
  • The Visual Story: Creating the Visual Structure of Film, TV and Digital Media, Bruce Block
  • Cinematic Storytelling: The 100 Most Powerful Film Conventions Every Filmmaker Must Know, Jennifer Van Sijill

What I like to first do when working on a scene is to decide what part of the story/moment appeals to me the most, then work toward selling that scene. It’s a highly subjective process and everyone has their personal way of composing from the same idea, the challenge comes in leaving a strongest impression.

The Blitz/Ori comic was really bare- simple render/lighting, no backgrounds, alot of close-ups. But its simplicity helped immerse you in the scene more, since the characters and their emotion(or lack of) are the focus of the story. (but this doesn’t work all the time, context is very important). The frames lead the viewer’s eye, and you have to be conscious of what visual information you’re putting in(or leaving out).

I left the general palette muted and dull to synergize with the mood, and let the colour blue be the contrast colour of the light(life). I’m not always aware of what I’m doing, but the more you understand what you need, the more you can design your work to be successful.

I can’t tell you how to UMPH a piece of art in the best way- there are only multiple variations with different focuses. Build your own visual library of artwork like illustrations or screenshots from film/comics that you find interesting. Learn the conventions that artists use by breaking down an image to its elements. You’ll start seeing patterns everywhere. And if that’s difficult, just look around online for blogs/tutorials/studies where smart people explain the thing for you.

Good luck! Practice alot! And constantly ask friends/people for feedback. They don’t have to offer fullblown critique- they’re just as valuable for telling you that ‘they don’t understand what something is’ or ‘something feels off’ or if their response is opposite of what you hoped to achieve.

[SFW] Genji comes home to Reader

The enticing scent of bacon and waffles lifted you from a peaceful slumber. With a stretch you rolled out of bed and rubbed the sleep from your eyes. The sound of a man’s cheerful humming made you swell with glee. There was only one other person with a key to your apartment and that was, “Genji!”

“Good morning my love. I have returned with breakfast! I hope you are hungry.” Genji brandished a tray of hash browns fresh from the oven.

“Oh my God, what are you wearing?” You erupted in laughter when you noticed his attire. He had borrowed your 1950s inspired black and white polka dot apron and was strutting around the kitchen like a domesticated housewife. “You look absolutely ravishing, darling.” He perked up, genuinely thrilled by your compliment.

“You really think so? I thought it made me look flat chested…” He frowned, looking down at his lack of breasts.

“Aren’t cyborg ninjas supposed to be streamlined?”

“Right as always!” A beep from the waffle iron signaled it was time to feast. The two of you tucked into a full course meal. In between bites you chatted about this and that. Genji told you all about his latest mission, you talked about the girls at work. It was a ritual you honored for its simplicity. With him being away as often as he was, you both agreed to dedicate free time to the relationship. Another of your favored activities was simply lying in bed together.

Genji understood the limitations of his omnic body and knew it was something alien to hold. Zenyatta suggested removing what armor he could. With Dr. Zeigler’s blessing, you’d become practiced at detaching the beige chassis that covered Genji’s stomach. His torso, neck, and head were the only human parts left of his former body. Out of those, only his belly and face could safely be exposed.

This portion of him had become particularly ticklish after the augments were installed; it was the last place he had any organic sensation. Of course what good was knowing someone’s tickle spot without exploiting it every once and awhile?

You waited until he’d nuzzled into your silken hair before slipping a hand down and teasing the sensitive skin. He squeaked out a startled sound and tried to wriggle away. This never lasted long but you loved it just the same.

Once he’d settled down the two of you connected on a more physical level, making sweet, slow, passionate love until late afternoon. In your post coital bliss he talked about all the placed you two should go.

“I would give anything for you to visit the Shambali temple in Nepal. Master Zenyatta has been eager to meet you.”

“We could always host him here. I know the apartment is small but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind. I still need to visit Lena in London. It’s been ages since we last talked.”

“My brother asks about you as well. We’ve been together for…. How long was it? 8 months?”

“Genji!” you laughed, “It’s been 3 damn years. Our anniversary was last month!”

“Oh that’s right. I got you confused with one of the other girls…” He chuckled and kissed you reassuringly. “Hanzo wants to know if I plan on marrying you.”

“Yeah well Hanzo can worry about his own love life. He’s like, 40, and still single.” Genji snickered at your playful jab.

“Does that mean you don’t want to marry me?”

“Oh Genji. I would marry you in an instant but… Overwatch needs you. The world needs you. I’m just one girl. How could I be so selfish?” This answer did not satisfy the cyborg but he bit his tongue for now.

As the perfect day came to an end a heavy melancholy set in. Each morning was a gamble. Genji could be summoned at a moment’s notice and there was nothing you could do. So to make the most of every night Genji tucked you in and told you a bedtime story. It was a childish practice but you wouldn’t give it up for the world. This night, however, held something special in store.

“Are you ready my beloved?” You nodded and curled up into his embrace. “Very well. Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess. She lived alone in an ivory tower with only one valiant knight to protect her. But the knight was also sworn to protect the people of her kingdom. Sometimes he had to travel far and wide to keep her enemies at bay and the princess was very lonely. The knight was often conflicted about how best to serve the princess and the kingdom. Should he continue to fight the warlords abroad or should he stand vigilant at the tower?” You looked up at him. His eyes glistened as the story went on.

“He knew a decision had to be made but feared making the wrong choice. If he abandoned the kingdom then many would die. But if he left the princess he’d be sacrificing the love of his life. The knight prayed for guidance every day, but his prayers went unanswered. He asked the lord that trained him but still had no way of knowing what to do. So he returned to ivory tower and laid down his sword before the princess.”

“Genji… What is this?” But he continued on.

“‘Princess,’ he cried, ‘Help me, for I am lost. I have sworn to protect the kingdom and I have sworn to protect you, but I am just one man. I cannot keep walking down this path but I fear my choice will have terrible consequences. I beg of you, please guide me. Tell me what to do.’”

He closed his eyes burrowed into your shoulder. You felt the hot tears on your skin. With a shaky voice you finished the story.

“The princess wept for her valiant knight. It pained her to see him so troubled. But the princess was as wise as she was beautiful and knew the answer to all of his problems. ‘Brave warrior. You have been a loyal and faithful servant to me and to my kingdom. For this I offer you absolution. I will take away all of your burdens. I will provide you the strength to carry on. I will heal you, protect you, give you shelter from the storm. For you I will do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true. But you must go on one final quest.”

“Genji… Will you marry me?”

And without hesitation his answer was,  “Yes!”

Thoughts On the Beauty of Katsuki Yuuri

apparently there’s been a debate going on about whether yuuri ought to be called beautiful or not? idk, here’s my thoughts on the issue I guess, for what it’s worth.

I’m just gonna start off by saying I think yuuri is a REALLY well-designed character. there’s a lot to talk about here! his design is not only appealing and charming (because tadashi hiramatsu is a goddamn professional) but I’d even go a step further and say that the finer points of yuuri’s character design are also a vehicle that communicates the show’s themes. this is a really impressive and unfortunately rare thing in anime these days! 

When Hiramatsu has talked about his thought process for designing yuuri in the past, he’s said that yuuri is meant to look as plain as possible. this is pushed further by comparing him to the rest of the flashy-looking characters in the cast, but I’ll just use victor for now as a point of comparison.

Yuuri: he’s Japanese, obviously. He has many prototypical japanese features (black hair, brown eyes, shorter legs etc). His looks are virtually never commented on by anyone in the story, and when they are it is most often in a negative light, though it is mentioned his skating is beautiful. Victor: he’s russian. he has straight-up silver hair and really bright, somewhere-between-blue-and-turquoise eyes. uh… this is… normal for russians..? he is universally acknowledged in canon as, at the very least, distractingly good looking, causing heart attacks and fainting spells all around him with but one wink.

point is victor looks like an anime character, and yuuri looks like a real person, comparatively.

however, the MOST IMPORTANT feature of yuuri’s design is how dramatically he can change his look and still be recognizable as himself.


ok yeah this is obvious, I know it is, because I know every single one of us had A Reaction when yuuri turned on the eros for the first time. After inching closer and closer to a nervous breakdown for the first 3 episodes, we get nice and comfortable in our perception of what yuuri’s character type is; then the Onsen On Ice event comes and he suddenly does a 180 and becomes Sexy Confidence Personified for 2 minutes on the ice. I’m thinking woah, this is the fabled Gap Moe, where a character’s seemingly predominant personality traits are contradicted in certain situations. The gap moe only works because we love to be surprised, which just happens to be a recurring theme in YOI. :O 

But yoi handled characterization really well and sidestepped a number of oft-tread tropey paths for most of the characters. Especially Yuuri. The series portrays him as having a wide range of feelings, motivations, and reactions to things. He is revealed more and more to be a really complex, real-feeling person. The expressiveness of his design, and his ability to transform visually in so many different ways (there are so many different variations of his design! his body goes through physical changes as well as his changes of attitude physically changing his design. is this why he has 3 different nendoroids already…?) reinforces the wide range of his personality as well. His well-written character and carefully-designed outward appearance work together to express a really believable person, who is capable of surprising us with his depth episode after episode.

So, think of yourself as Victor, for a moment. The first time he sees yuuri, he arguably doesn’t even recognize him as a skater, from looking at him. Nothing special, probably just a fan, of which he has and has-seen zillions. Victor, like the viewer, comes to appreciate yuuri by experiencing his depths over time, learns how he works and how to exist successfully alongside him, and eventually comes to really capital-L Love him. As the viewer, speaking for myself, I found myself developing my feelings for this character at much the same trajectory as victor: over time, and in response to his gradually-revealed depths. My first impression was indeed of a shy, plain, regular-ass guy. I was like “oh looks like Hiramatsu re-used Parasyte Guy again” (which, lol, joke’s on me: Parasyte Guy is also designed with versatility of his look in mind). That’s all you get when you see a person for the first time. Just an impression based entirely on how they look. It is completely purposeful that he looks pretty regular in the beginning, to the viewer and to victor. Because it makes uncovering all the beautiful details SO much more enchanting.

it’s necessary for yuuri to come off as plain in the beginning, because how else will we feel that sweet, sweet surprise when he brings the Eros all of a sudden?

I think, as viewers, we fall in love with yuuri just as victor does. As we accumulate knowledge of his personality, little things about him start to take on beauty you probably wouldn’t have noticed as keenly at first. It’s what can take you from:

“This is a pretty cute anime-smile”



I’d argue it’s appropriate to call yuuri “plain-looking”. He looks like a regular person (well, caveat: he looks like a regular figure skater. that’s the only explanation for his ass) His magnetism is not in blinding, fae-like beauty like Victor’s or Yuri P’s. The effect of his confidence is never as obvious on him as it is one someone like JJ, with his near-permanent smirk and half-lidded eyes. the appeal of his eros isn’t like Chris’ overt, exaggerated sexuality with full lips, bright eyes, and prominent eyelashes. He never even really fits into the Eros costume perfectly. it’s never skin-tight on him. It is even, technically, a borrowed costume. But while not really fitting his body, it grows more becoming on him as he brings more and more of his genuine feelings into his performance.

(as an aside: one of the only times a character outright calls yuuri himself beautiful, it’s Victor, and yuuri is wearing his free skate costume, designed for a routine that expresses yuuri’s own emotions and development of himself. a.k.a.: symbolizes everything I’m talking about here lol)

Yuuri’s beauty is never JUST about how he looks, because that’s not how his character was constructed in the first place. Our impression of him is crafted carefully over the course of the series, using his character design and character writing in tandem with eachother. It is through Yuuri that the show’s recurring theme of Surprise is delivered, as yuuri continuously surprises his audience, himself, Victor, and us as viewers. Just because he is indeed “plain-looking”, doesn’t mean he isn’t also so, so beautiful. Yuuri’s beauty flows out gently from within him and manifests in response to learned facets of his personality. His smiles are so beautiful because you’ve seen him in his worst panic. His eros is so mesmerizing because you’ve seen how hard he’d struggled to access it, because you know what honest feelings he tapped into to release it; alluring, because you realize the shy, plain dude from the beginning is just the top layer. Every Yuuri we see is an honest yuuri, it’s all recognizably him, and the variety and surprise as you watch him open up to you and you begin to piece all these visions of Yuuri together into a cohesive picture of his character… is what leads you to fall in love with him, and see him as beautiful. Much like what drew victor to fall in love with him, and see him as beautiful. Much like how a real person might fall in love with a real person, and come to find their beauty as well. 

Very few of us are like Victor Nikiforov, Instantly Stunning With A Chin So Perfect It Could Fell A God. Most of us are Katsuki Yuuris, overlooked by 99.9999% of people on the street, but whose beauty waits to be seen by someone who wants to look close enough. 

so anyway I guess this is why I’M not completely sold on fics and stuff where victor is immediately all hummina-hummina over him. I just feel like that skips over the most interesting angle of Yuuri himself, and imo it’s just plain less interesting to read about a relationship where BOTH sides are smoking hot in much the same way…? There’s something really interesting to me in acknowledging something is plain but finding it absolutely beautiful in its simplicity at the same time. Somehow reminded I heard of a fic where kissing was described as, instead of sweet or fiery or melting, “tastes like mouth”. That’s just… so memorable and wonderful to me, lol.

this sort of bleeds into a thing I’ve been thinking about writing on designing sets of characters anyway, ideas about contrasting the designs against eachother and using a character design to subvert expectations later on down the line. related, but eh. it’s why I latch so hard onto the idea that yuuri can be considered genuinely plain AND beautiful AND sexy all at the same time, just cause… that’s the kind of effect I’ve been trying to achieve in my characters for a long time XD

Anyway that was a ramble, ty for reading, yuri on ice saved my soul goodnight

clarahopecbus  asked:

Last 5 Years!! Thoughts on gender bent/all female?

I really like this show! Almost more as a concept than as it actually functions onstage. I’ve only seen it live once and it was…pretty boring. But I love the soundtrack and I suspect strong actors would make it more interesting to watch, too (I certainly loved the movie). Its simplicity and tiny cast and compact plot make it perfect for experimentation, so I’ve given a spectrum slide of this one a LOT of thought…

I’ve actually pitched a production where the actors switch each night as to who is playing which character track (Jamie or Cathy/Charlie). This really lets audiences question what role gender plays in our interpretations of the situation and characters. To quote myself:

“If the roles in “The Last Five Years” were reversed, would we call Jamie a bitch for putting career before relationships instead of just ambitious and focused? Would the audience view a male-identifying Cathy as whipped and pathetic instead of loyal and strong to stick with her man through it all?”

And there is a sort of societal stigma that the man is “supposed” to be more successful and support the woman financially. Is it a threat to GB Cathy’s masculinity that his wife is more successful? And will we judge a powerful woman lusting after men and cheating on her husband more harshly than we judge Jamie in the original version?

Further, Jamie and Cathy are both very sterotypically gendered in the way that they argue and communicate, with Cathy being emotional and Jamie logical – almost to the point that Jamie at times seems to be almost gaslighting her. In the movie version (and likely some productions), there’s also a scene where he feels a little violent (in parts of “If I Didn’t Believe in You”). Reversing those roles would remove the social baggage and expectations attached to their discussions.

Maybe most importantly, I think the genderswapping would make us pause and really take a look at how unhealthy Cathy’s hero-worship/codependency is for the relationship and her own well-being…rather than audiences writing it off as typical woman-in-love stuff.


In my ideal dream production, there is a actor who plays Jamie, and an actor who plays Charlie, an actress who plays Jamie, and an actress who plays Cathy. Four in total. In an extended run, they rotate in and out of the roles so that there are nights with “original” casting, genderbent casting, a gay casting with two men, and a lesbian casting with two women. It’s the ultimate examination of gender politics and the interactions between couples. How do we view Jamie as a man cheating on a woman, a man cheating on a man, a woman cheating on a man, and a woman cheating on a woman? Do we, as an audience, look on those situations differently? Why? Who do we, as an audience, root for or identify with in all these different-yet-the-same stories? Why might it change as the gender identities do?

Don’t read Super Sons yet (or Jon Kent is the proof of how watered down a Superkid need to be in order to stay alive)

Before we start, I want to clarify that I liked Super Sons, despite its horrible writer, the art is amazing and it gives us a decent enough replacement for a Batman/Superman title. However, I’m writing this post to hopefully raise some kind of awareness that the book is more like a filler title, which means it is not suitable if you really want to know about Jon Kent (or Damian Wayne in that matter).

As far as I’m concerned, Super Sons is a title that’s disconnected from any events happening whatsoever in the continuity. It’s not only me, but a lot of my friends, who have been long time fans of Damian, have complained about its lack of regard for all canon developments of the characters as well. While I can see why its simplicity could be appealing to many (also thanks to the outstanding art), it creates false impressions about the characters, especially for people who are new to the fandom. And the thing is, first impression sticks. Maybe for Damian it’s okay because he’s been around for a while and has a big fanbase that understands him, Jon is not as lucky.

Jonathan Kent does just not appear out of no where in the page of Superman #1, smiling and giving a thumb up to his dad while proudly thinking “My dad is Superman”, nor he is just a kid enjoying a happy life with his family when Robin came knocking on his door in a moonlit night. He had a normal life before that. A kid who existed for like one year but no one paid attention to until his name was attached to a Batkid.

If anyone asks me where to read about Jon, I would always point them to Congvergence: Superman and Lois & Clark. Then, to a more extent, the entire preN52 Superman. Because once you do, you will realise Jon is not a cardboard cutout model of a sunshine baby with red S on his chest, who always smiles and endures everything people throw at him, who has no life and no stories beside his relationship with the Bats - something fandom seems perfectly content to take the Supers as.

Jon’s existence alone involves the death of New Earth, of Superman, of Superman. I don’t think enough people know this and it honestly pains me. The biggest shift of Superman’s character in the last decade and no one points it out because it’s covered up in all the media brainwash and the hate bandwagon that implies the death of N52 Superman is something we all should celebrate. And no one knows the death count is not one but three.

First is the death of New Earth (preN52 universe), the second is of N52 Superman, and the last…is of Rebirth Superman.

Yes, he died the moment he appears. Not in physical sense, but in the sense that all of his ideals and morals are dead. The very essence of him is dead. Rebirth Superman - who people and even DC are hailing as the real Supes, left his homeworld to die and did nothing. Nothing. The magnitude of this is x2 when you consider survivor guilt is one of the main things that make Clark who he is. The man literally used to say out loud he should have stayed and died with Krypton. The man to whom family is everything, Earth is the home he has vowed to protect. And he let his world burn and ran away.

That brings me to the second point. I used to hate that. A lot. I could not stand the thought of Clark actually did it, and even let N52 Superman die before his eyes without helping (what happened to the ‘he can’t save everyone, but if Superman is there, it’d be okay’????). Maybe I’m just trying to rationalise this so it would not eat me alive, but if the motive of Clark is shifted to exclude everyone BUT his children, it would be a different story. It would make sense. (Im only saying his CHILD, not including Lois because I was also surprised she would let him run away from their dying world, but consider her condition at that time? Even she would be on the same page as him.)

This is certainly NOT the first time Superman is a father. But certainly the first time he let the world burn so his child would be safe. That child? Jon.

And it is not even OOC if one knows the history of Clark being a father. Tragedy. Tragedy because Clark is capable of being a good dad, and his fear of being alone means that once you’re his family, he’d love you so so much. There used to be a time when he was afraid of having a kid because of the life he led, but he accepted every superpowered kids that were thrown his way. Even when most of them were created to kill him. And as I said before, because they bore the burden of that knowledge, it drove them to self-sacrifice most of the time.

But ah, Superkids die and don’t come back (even the ones that are alive [Traci, Nats] are often forgotten). Clark saw Kon died, saw Mae died, saw Cir-El died, saw Chris threw himself to a life worse than death twice. I honestly can see why he could not let the same thing happen again when he had another chance… with Jon.

Jon is Clark's redemption. As a friend of mine remarked, Clark doesn’t just love Jon, he needs him. Clark looks into the future and Jon is the only thing he sees (actual quote in canon). He can’t lose another child again. He’s in too much pain already. And because most people don’t know, a discourse literally happened when Clark crashed down the Batcave with blazing red eyes demanding where his son was. He seems to be overreacting, and I think the writers didn’t even know they’re doing it, but for a Superfam fan, Clark’s action makes so much sense.

So that’s the story behind Jon’s existence, but what about Jon himself? He did not even like the fact that Clark was Superman from the start. His dad was revealed to be Superman and his reaction was why did you and mom lie to me all this time? How could you call this normal? How could you call this safe? Maybe that’s the reason i truly like the way Jurgens writes Jon better (besides the fact he’s his actual creator duh) - his Jon has…layers, his Jon is an actual kid yet there is quality to him that you can get away while writing fictional characters. He reacted angrily when he discovered his parents lied to him, yet a part of him from the start had known there was something wrong with his family. He was aloof and sad because he had no siblings or relatives. I don’t think he realised the magnitude of the thing Clark did for him (because yet again Clark and Lois did not explain to him clearly about their homeworld, and what had exactly happened to their N52 counterparts, and Jon only wanted his family back. Rebirth Superfam is as dark as it gets man). And while he finally accepts the cape and title (notice how Lois and Clark never really ask what he wants, even though the answer would have still been the same, the “Superboy” and the cape have been assigned to him since the first day), a part of him is clearly unhappy how much the revealation has altered his life. And somehow, he just accepts that being Superman is the most important thing to Clark. (I was yelling “NO THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO HIM IS YOU BABY” in my head the whole time when he said that).

Those conflict and pressure certainly do not show in Super Sons title (for real though Jon has three sets of personalities at this point: when Jurgens writes him, when Tomasi writes him, when Tomasi writes him with Damian). And the sad thing is I truly think it is also the title that is keeping Jon alive this long. Chris went through a dramatic life as well, but because his main character focus was always within Superfamily circle, he was killed off twice. The problem is not that DC didn’t try, but the problem is the fandom would not change. Superkids never stand a chance in the first place.

But who knows? Maybe things would be different comes the Oz Effect. I do think Jurgens and a portion of Rebirth Superman team do not like the trend that Jon is being detached from his story in Superfam either (for real Action Comics is the only title that has Jon but never lets him mention the event in Super Sons or even Superman once. They had a crossover and that’s it. Even when Jon expressed his dislike to moving to Metropolis it’s like he and his parents magically forgot that it would mean he’d be closer to where Damian lived). I hope they have just all gone “fuck it we gonna bring New Krypton back and kick the Superfam up there y'all can take it or leave it it’s Kryptonian heritage time”.

So yeah I guess my point can be concluded as: it’s fine if you like Super Sons, but it’s not a title I would recommend if you really like Jon as a character. Lois & Clark only has 6 issues and is very neat. And all preN52 Superman content you need to know I’ve summed up pretty much all above. I really hope this post has been informative.

However, if you want to look at Jon as a one-dimensional character then well I guess you do you, but please just be mindful that he is not as simple as you perceive him to be, nor is Superfamily. They’re not, and never, to be reduced into “perfectly happy family with three kids only”.


Roman Holiday

This is short and sweet but I hope you like it anyway :)


“Shaaaaawn cooome oooon I wanna go to the ruins” I whined whilst tugging his hand and pulling him towards the entrance.

“Babe chill they’ve been there for thousands of years we don’t have to sprint up the mountain” he replied with a chuckle and a kiss on my head. Clearly noticing that I wasn’t going to give up on my relentless begging, Shawn took my hand and we started to make our way towards the first temple.

We were currently in Agrigento, Sicily for a quick escape from everyday life. Shawn had a few days break in his tour schedule and I had a break from school so we decided to get away so we could spend as many moments uninterrupted as possible. As a small island, Sicily seemed like a good place to retreat and my love of archaeology drew us to the Ancient Greek ruins that still stood in Agrigento.

As we reached the first temple, one which was dedicated to the goddess Hera and where marriages frequently took place we stood back to admire the grandeur in front of us. The temple had been destroyed by the Byzantines whilst they ruled as it was deemed a pagan symbol but the majority of the temple still stood.

“Would you like to know something interesting?” I asked Shawn as we stood admiring the ruin. Not giving him the chance to respond I carried on. “the saying tie the knot comes from the ceremony that would take place here where the groom would tie a gold belt around his bride”

“That is interesting” he replied, once again placing a kiss on my forehead. “I love all the random knowledge that floats around your brain”

We were silent for quite some time then before Shawn spoke again. “Y/n, one day, we’re going to come back here and I’m going to propose to you right here on this spot”

“Why this exact spot?”

“Because in this moment, with no interruptions and all this history and your beautiful, random brain, I’ve never loved you more” he confessed causing my breath to catch in my throat slightly. Not quite knowing how to respond to something as honest and heartfelt as that I said the only thing that came close.

“I love you” I whispered as I stood on my tiptoes to give him a lingering kiss.

“Do you have faith that I mean every word of that?” He asked, sounding almost scared.

“I have faith in it as I have faith in relations between people” I responded causing Shawn to laugh at the movie reference.

“You can’t quote Roman Holiday when we’re in Sicily” he giggled.

“Well when Audrey Hepburn makes a film called Sicilian Holiday I’ll quote that one but until then you can stop being the movie quote police” I retorted whilst sending him a smile. We stood for a moment longer simply smiling at each other and it was perfect in its simplicity. Then, we intertwined our fingers and continued our walk on to the next temple: the temple dedicated to Hercules.

“Would you like to know another fact?” I asked as we walked.

“Don’t I always, babe?”


I’m half Sicilian and I’m here over the summer visiting family so that’s what inspired me to write this. That plus my love of archaeology and Roman Holiday (the Audrey Hepburn film and the Halsey song)

I know this is short but I really really hope you like it as much as I do and feedback is ALWAYS welcome :)

Lucifer is one of those shows you can enjoy for its hidden depths. Overall the show comes across with simplicity. Nothing too mind bending, but the actors provide a layer of depth that you never really expected out of a show like this, and that is what I signed up for.

There is something genuinely fun and lighthearted about the show that really draws you in. Yes, there is drama, but in the end - it’s a show that allows you step away from reality and just relax. And the cast, totally gets that.

I believe the underlining layers of depth and story captivate unlike any other show. The writing is simply superb. The actors are brilliant in their performances. Not a single episode goes by where you aren’t dumbstruck with an outstanding performance from at least one cast member. The show is really under-rated when it comes to the acting skills of this cast.

And the best part? They understand when to take things seriously and when to let loose. There is genuine affection between all cast members, and they are gracious enough to share a little insight into their world. It only adds to the adorkable love we have for them.

I cannot wait until our May debut for the last portion of Season 2. They will no doubt leave us wanting more. So if you haven’t taken time out of your lives to watch this incredibly fun show. Do so. It will fill your heart with joy as much as it will leave you heartbroken in moments of time wondering of the future of these beautiful characters.

knat-the-kat  asked:

Why is star trek 9 your most disliked Trek? Like, it definitely wasn't good and had plenty of stupid (ie, freeze the moment bs), but I thought it was less offensive than say, turning a beloved black female starship officer into a bad sex joke. It was just space pacifists who could probably learn to share better and some really dumb villians.

Its message of “Rural simplicity” runs counter to what Star Trek says - that advancements in technology and science will ultimately lead to better people and a better world, one without wants and a great big universe to explore. The selfish space pacifists themselves piss me off, walking around with an air of moral superiority and smugness that is infuriating - hoarding a planet that could help billions of people for an advantage that is neither all that useful to them as space farmers nor is it conducive to a growing population (of which their 600 would have otherwise inbred themselves to extinction long ago).

And even if you don’t care for that, it’s just DUMB. Everything about it is DUMB - at least Star Trek 5 aspired to be ABOUT something, to try to explore issues of faith and misleading people with a spiritual message (it didn’t do it well, but at least it TRIED). Insurrection aspires to be nothing but a tale about crappy action scenes centered around a supposed moral dilemma that requires everyone to be stupid, with the largest being: “Why didn’t the Federation just ASK to have the planet?” with of course the answer being “Because if they said no, the people we’re supposed to be rooting for would look like dicks, and if they said yes there would be no movie.”

The villains are cardboard cutouts, the characters aren’t well-developed, and the movie runs counter to many of the messages of Star Trek. Even when it comes to forced relocation, it’s not equivalent at all - 9 times out of 10 in history, it’s motivated by greed, racism, and shortsightedness. This is motivated to prevent these people from dying from something that could help more people than these hippies could ever hope to create in however many more centuries this planet would keep them alive. Comparatively, there’s an episode of the Next Generation called “The Ensigns of Command,” where Data ALSO has to forcefully relocate people who don’t want to leave in order to save them from certain death, but he ends up demonstrating to them an important lesson: their houses? Their colony that they’re so proud of because they survived the otherwise deadly radiation on this planet and thrived? “This is just a thing. Things can be replaced. Lives cannot.”

Rest assured, I am not saying the other terrible films in Trek’s track record are not bad. But Insurrection makes me angrier than the rest.

…Although I freely admit I love the “A British Tar” scene.

team7fangirl  asked:

Totally random question, but what is your favorite outfit of Sasuke's?

aaaah, it’s really hard to choose because i love a lot of his outfits tbh but if i had to choose just one i’d probably go with his adult outfit

i love everything about it, from the cloak to the fingerless glove to the vest to the boots, it’s basically a combination of everything i’m a sucker for, lol.

i also really like kishi’s original design for his the last outfit because i find the flowy cloak super elegant, as well as his shinden outfit because of its simplicity. :)

How to turn a shitty dorm into a cozy room

Good lighting = Good room. If you have shit lighting the best thing to do is to throw as much light into the room without going overboard and to use warm-temperature bulbs.

Get IKEA items, the simplicity of it allows you to add complexity somewhere else within the room and it doesn’t make you look like you’re stocking ramen noodles like its the apocalypse

Learn how to use the color wheel to your advantage. Take your favorite color and explore (i use the Adobe Kuler Wheel, it’s free and online and really fun to play with) different options to create a harmonious atmosphere within the room.

However, in order to keep it calm I’d recommend from using any “loud” colors (eg firehouse red or lightning yellow) and to stick with calmer tones of your favorite colors. The loud colors can be used for accenting (eg posters, lamps, plants, etc)

And speaking of accents, try to work with something that might break the monotony of the room. The best way to do that is with posters, textiles, curtains, or rugs. Try to keep it in a tasteful design so that stereotypes don’t bring down the room quality (so no, that black light Bob Marley poster would not work in most circumstances). A good rule of thumb is that; if it’s good to (CALMLY) trip in, it’s good to live in.

Also, organize your shit! Try to utilize empty spaces within your room to reduce clutter. (A great way is to use risers in your bed frame so that you can fit things under it)

Basically that’s what I got in terms of tips. You could also research and incorporate common elements in what you would consider to be a cozy room into your own room.

If you’re looking for a good way to get a large poster for cheap if recommend “Rasturbator”, which will enlarge an image so that you can print it out onto multiple sheets of paper in order to construct a giant poster (or you can shell out relatively little money for a nice poster of it to get sent to your house). The process rasterizes the image so that any loss of quality just looks artistic rather than weird.

Consider how people or visitors will be inside your room. Basically try to make as much empty floor space as possible in order to create something where your friends or family can actually visit from time to time and not have to jump over a bed or anything. In that same vein, the most important item to make your room great is to consistently CLEAN YOUR ROOM and MAKE YOUR BED.

taur-whore  asked:

That explanation about how your bot works is awesome, though I'm surprised at its simplicity. Have you considered categorizing names/phrases (even to a basic degree, like nouns or adjectives, though I imagine you could expand on that) and then write the prompts as (basically) Mad Libs? I figure that would be a relatively easy way to more consistently get generated results that make "sense", even if they're still outlandish and silly.

i have, and i have bots where i’ve gotten REAL complex on this stuff– @thinkpiecebot is a kludge-y behemoth of a project by now with like 50 variables and 100+ formulas– but this one isn’t really one of my big projects, and i like keeping it simple. plus, i like being able to explain the basics of it to people who are new to making stuff like it, so that it can teach that you don’t need to get really advanced to make something fun.