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Last 5 Years!! Thoughts on gender bent/all female?

I really like this show! Almost more as a concept than as it actually functions onstage. I’ve only seen it live once and it was…pretty boring. But I love the soundtrack and I suspect strong actors would make it more interesting to watch, too (I certainly loved the movie). Its simplicity and tiny cast and compact plot make it perfect for experimentation, so I’ve given a spectrum slide of this one a LOT of thought…

I’ve actually pitched a production where the actors switch each night as to who is playing which character track (Jamie or Cathy/Charlie). This really lets audiences question what role gender plays in our interpretations of the situation and characters. To quote myself:

“If the roles in “The Last Five Years” were reversed, would we call Jamie a bitch for putting career before relationships instead of just ambitious and focused? Would the audience view a male-identifying Cathy as whipped and pathetic instead of loyal and strong to stick with her man through it all?”

And there is a sort of societal stigma that the man is “supposed” to be more successful and support the woman financially. Is it a threat to GB Cathy’s masculinity that his wife is more successful? And will we judge a powerful woman lusting after men and cheating on her husband more harshly than we judge Jamie in the original version?

Further, Jamie and Cathy are both very sterotypically gendered in the way that they argue and communicate, with Cathy being emotional and Jamie logical – almost to the point that Jamie at times seems to be almost gaslighting her. In the movie version (and likely some productions), there’s also a scene where he feels a little violent (in parts of “If I Didn’t Believe in You”). Reversing those roles would remove the social baggage and expectations attached to their discussions.

Maybe most importantly, I think the genderswapping would make us pause and really take a look at how unhealthy Cathy’s hero-worship/codependency is for the relationship and her own well-being…rather than audiences writing it off as typical woman-in-love stuff.


In my ideal dream production, there is a actor who plays Jamie, and an actor who plays Charlie, an actress who plays Jamie, and an actress who plays Cathy. Four in total. In an extended run, they rotate in and out of the roles so that there are nights with “original” casting, genderbent casting, a gay casting with two men, and a lesbian casting with two women. It’s the ultimate examination of gender politics and the interactions between couples. How do we view Jamie as a man cheating on a woman, a man cheating on a man, a woman cheating on a man, and a woman cheating on a woman? Do we, as an audience, look on those situations differently? Why? Who do we, as an audience, root for or identify with in all these different-yet-the-same stories? Why might it change as the gender identities do?

another attempt at the whole b/w->color thing. you really have to carefully stick to the greyscale painting when coloring or it’ll just look crap (see background for gross example). i don’t know, i want to like this workflow for its speed and simplicity but i’m not really warming up to it


Yes, yes, revisiting old recipes now. To be frank, I overlooked this due to its simplicity. How wrong I was. At the expense of sounding like a broken record, it’s remarkable how delicious simple ingredients have been re-imagined. Furthermore, this is an extremely economical recipe and with such familiar ingredients, it almost has an air of reassurance. To add more flavour, I would recommend frying garlic and onion in combination with chicken and to add more pops of texture (and a vegetable element), corn to complement the sweetness of the eggs further. But really, this is just nitpicking and it’s fine the way it is. You will see why even the God’s Tongue had to lie through her teeth to proclaim is disgusting haha. it is pure genius to use the collagen contained within the wings in order to secure an unprecedented richness to the dish. And it’s so low maintenance as well! Sorry, what was that? Have I dropped the subtlety far too much? Make it. I highly endorse!

Yukihira Souma’s Transforming Furikake Gohan Recipe

500g chicken wings, 1 tblsp sesame oil. (Optional: garlic and whole onion)

FOr the stock: 700ml bonito broth, 1 ½ tblsp of sake, mirin and sugar. 1 tsp grated ginger, 50ml light soy sauce (you may need to err with liquid ingredients to ensure that the chicken wings are entirely submerged)

4 eggs, 1 tblsp sugar, pinch of salt, spring onions (Optional: corn)

Heat 1 tblsp of sesame oil in a frying pan and brown chicken (add garlic and onion if you prefer)

Boil the chicken wings in the stock made of 700ml bonito broth, 1 ½ tblsp of sake, mirin and sugar. 1 tsp grated ginger, 50ml light soy sauce. Add additional liquid proportionately to cover the chicken wings completely. Bring to the boil on high, skimming the scum at the surface occasionally. Lower heat slightly and simmer for 2 hours. 

At this point, the chicken will virtually be falling off the bones, remove and strain the broth into a container set over iced water to cool it down quicker. Leave to set in the fridge. Remove the meat from the bones and set aside.

Scramble the eggs in the pan used to brown chicken with 1 tblsp sugar and pinch of salt until it resembles mince. 

Once the broth jellifies, dice into cubes. 

Serve the jellied meat broth, scrambled eggs and chicken over piping hot rice. Sprinkle over green onions (and corn!!) and serve. Watch it melt spectacularly!


Note: I have fixed the images and the quantity of chicken wings is not 500 but 500g. I mean, I won’t argue if you use 500, it is that good haha 

How to turn a shitty dorm into a cozy room

Good lighting = Good room. If you have shit lighting the best thing to do is to throw as much light into the room without going overboard and to use warm-temperature bulbs.

Get IKEA items, the simplicity of it allows you to add complexity somewhere else within the room and it doesn’t make you look like you’re stocking ramen noodles like its the apocalypse

Learn how to use the color wheel to your advantage. Take your favorite color and explore (i use the Adobe Kuler Wheel, it’s free and online and really fun to play with) different options to create a harmonious atmosphere within the room.

However, in order to keep it calm I’d recommend from using any “loud” colors (eg firehouse red or lightning yellow) and to stick with calmer tones of your favorite colors. The loud colors can be used for accenting (eg posters, lamps, plants, etc)

And speaking of accents, try to work with something that might break the monotony of the room. The best way to do that is with posters, textiles, curtains, or rugs. Try to keep it in a tasteful design so that stereotypes don’t bring down the room quality (so no, that black light Bob Marley poster would not work in most circumstances). A good rule of thumb is that; if it’s good to (CALMLY) trip in, it’s good to live in.

Also, organize your shit! Try to utilize empty spaces within your room to reduce clutter. (A great way is to use risers in your bed frame so that you can fit things under it)

Basically that’s what I got in terms of tips. You could also research and incorporate common elements in what you would consider to be a cozy room into your own room.

If you’re looking for a good way to get a large poster for cheap if recommend “Rasturbator”, which will enlarge an image so that you can print it out onto multiple sheets of paper in order to construct a giant poster (or you can shell out relatively little money for a nice poster of it to get sent to your house). The process rasterizes the image so that any loss of quality just looks artistic rather than weird.

Consider how people or visitors will be inside your room. Basically try to make as much empty floor space as possible in order to create something where your friends or family can actually visit from time to time and not have to jump over a bed or anything. In that same vein, the most important item to make your room great is to consistently CLEAN YOUR ROOM and MAKE YOUR BED.


More eyeliner looks from Dawson. Playing with some heavier eyeliner tonight. Also, cameo by my newly dark green nails (I sorta love this color). 

Thoughts on the heavier eyeliner? Too much? 

it’s weird ‘cause the MSPA style is simultaneously very easy to draw in and exceedingly difficult. I was working on something recently where Joey’s head was turned at just the right angle that it took me forever to figure out how to keep her on model to his style while giving it a clear planar depth, WHILE maintaining the exact expression.

their bodies are so stoutbeanish, too, that it feels like the classic floursack test. Getting their body language just right is tricky since it needs to be so simple.

I really, really do like drawing Joey though. Everything about her design is just very appealing in its simplicity, but because antler boy’s my favorite, I find myself often struggling to make him look as nice as the Joeys come out and getting frustrated that I find the drawings of her more appealing lmao

And though it is very very very handy being able to draw in just about any style, with the style I lean towards naturally being very detailed and far more rendered, it’s still a huge leap.

On that topic, Their -HANDS- though. The way Andrew draws hands is just the most appealing thing in the world and I LOVE THOSE LITTLE BEAN FINGERS. 

Anyway, this train of thought is brought by “I did a quick doodle not in the MSPA style of a char I almost always draw in MSPA style and it was like I forgot how to draw briefly”

I was hesitant to write about “Breakaway,”partly because there are so many amazing tracks jam-packed into the titular album and partly because, well, I feel a little bit embarrassed about how much I love this song. It’s so stripped down, musically and lyrically, that revealing yourself as a fan of this song might reveal a bit too much about your inner soul. But then, that’s also kind of true of every song. Music has a way of making me nervous like this.

That rawness is what drew Kelly to the song, originally written by Avril Lavigne and company for her album Let It Go and passed down to her, it quickly became not only a favorite but the title of her second, much-anticipated album. Breakaway had a lot to live up to after Thankful’s success, but that challenge didn’t intimidate our girl.

“I think that its simplicity is what’s beautiful about it. Whenever writers or producers come to work with me, they take advantage of the fact that I can really belt it out. What’s cool about ‘Breakaway’ is that it doesn’t take advantage of that. The song just uses the simplicity of my voice. I’ve done country music, I’ve done pop, I’ve done gospel… all of my singles have sounded different. But this song was different from everything I’ve done; people didn’t even know it was me!”

She’s not wrong; it wasn’t what people expected from her after the Mariah vibes of her debut. I can hear the Avril in it, and that’s not a dig— one time, I covered my entire head in a jar of mayonnaise because I read in a magazine that it was the trick to Avril’s super straight hair. Spoiler alert: it didn’t make my hair any more manageable, but I did mysteriously attract a few seagulls for a week or so. Early Avril was always founded upon the whole sk8r girl misfit image, which might seem contrary to the fact that Kelly’s fame was literally jump-started by a popularity contest, but her expressive voice and endearing performances have always been able to cut down to the insecurity inherent in being, like, a person on the planet Earth, and “Breakaway” manages this brilliantly, because it isn’t hiding behind anything. It is bare-boned, confessional, self-motivational. Catnip for the kind of person who spends their early teen years doodling “wanderlust” in the margins of their notebook, and as someone who grew up in a town whose population was less than 5,000, I was totally enraptured. “Breakaway” was the perfect staring out the window in the rain, crafting your facial expressions as though a camera was following you around, keeping your headphones on and pretend everyone else on the marching band bus wasn’t doing the exact same thing kind of jam. It belonged alongside “I’m Not That Girl” from Wicked and the entirety of Ashlee Simpson’s Autobiography, and it earned its place in those playlists and many others made by people who want a friendly kick in the pants.

My favorite thing about this song is that for as much as it bemoans the dull ache of the familiar, there’s no real, clear endpoint in it. It’s not a song about jealousy or goals or even really ambition; it’s not “I want to be there” but rather “I want to be anywhere but here.” Wherever “there” is, it will be better than this because it will not be this. Wherever I am, I will be better. It’s not foolish dreaming either; it’s a to-do list. Do you know what you need to breakaway? First, take a risk. Then, make a change. Cool. I’m surprised “floss teeth” isn’t on there.

           I tease, but mostly so that I won’t cry. “Breakaway” really is the best motivational track for the hopeful misanthrope, or for anyone who’s ever wondered why people stay in their small towns for generations. I’m sure those people are happy; I don’t judge them for their happiness, and Kelly doesn’t either. I listened to this song when I was 12 and getting pink and blue string braided into my hair at a street festival on the hot sidewalk a block away from where I would soon be heading into high school, when my plane touched down in San Francisco when I was 18, 3,000 miles away from home, and only had one friend in the city, and now, writing this, 22, an adult, for all intents and purposes, with a unicorn bathrobe on and a full-time job that I love. It tells me to keep going. Whether you’re satisfied or not, keep going. It doesn’t wallow, and it doesn’t blame. It’s plain, straightforward, unapologetic. Why be afraid of change when it’s all that we can count on? Why seek pardon for your growth? Taking up space is your inheritance in this world, and finding new homes is a blessing. It has nothing to do with who you’ve been and everything to do with who you will be. Out of the darkness, and into the sun. I am here, but not for long. I needed this, but I need more now. I’m thankful, but I’m not stunting myself. I love you, but I’m leaving.

Man, I’m so excited for you guys to finally see this cover! We went through so many different options, but this one was always my favorite for its classic simplicity, and I am mega excited that Leia is my big featured character. As I mentioned before re: the hair, there wasn’t really a way to make the double buns work because of where they’re positioned on her head and the angle of the silhouette. The book touches on Leia, Han, and Luke’s lives before the film, so I like to imagine this is just one of Leia’s many rotating hairstyles. 

Here’s the full summary:

The galaxy is at war.

Although the Rebel Alliance has won a few battles against the Empire, hope is fading. The Empire is about to finish building the greatest weapon the galaxy has ever seen-the Death Star. The rebels’ only chance to defeat it now lies in the unlikely hands of a princess, a scoundrel, and a farm boy… .

Acclaimed, New York Times bestselling author Alexandra Bracken delivers a captivating retelling of Star Wars: A New Hope like you’ve never experienced before. Since the premier of the original film, Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Luke Skywalker have become iconic, larger-than-life characters. The Princess, the Scoundrel, and the Farm Boy takes a deeper look at these three heroes as they join forces to defeat the evil that threatens their entire galaxy.

I jokingly call this “The Star Wars Breakfast Club” because it plays with the idea of labels–how Leia is dismissed as being a mere pretty princess when she’s trying to earn respect as a senator, and, later, work her way up through the ranks of the Rebel Alliance; how Han struggles to balance his need to stay alive and the sense of right and wrong he’s tried to suppress; how Luke is dismissed as “kid” and a “farmboy,” even by himself, and ultimately rises up to become a hero. 

(Editing this next bit from my original post to clarify since I was basically drunk with excitement and not totally clear and got a few questions–sorry for the confusion!) 

In addition to delving deeper with the characters, I had THE BEST time writing a bunch of “off camera” scenes you don’t get to see in the films; aside from the film script, I had permission to pull directly from the radio drama script (the sorely missed) Brian Daley was commissioned to write (something I’ve always loved and held as true canon), bits of the EU that have remained canon, and in certain moments, solely from my own imagination, so long as it stayed true to the new canon they’re developing with the upcoming films and novels. (Side note: it was super interesting to see what bit of lore/character backgrounds I couldn’t use–it gave me a little hint or two about what might be coming.) It was a privilege to have the freedom to use pretty much anything I wanted from this super rich material to create something that will hopefully feel fresh, but extremely true to the canon longtime Star Wars fans know and love.  

These are meant for younger readers, but I honestly think readers of all ages will get a kick of the retellings. I grew up reading Star Wars EU books exclusively (pretty much from ages 8-13, if it wasn’t SW, I didn’t want to touch it), and, as most of you know, it is a huge part of my life. My greatest hope is that you’ll share it with kids who are just taking their first steps into a much larger world, and that you’ll enjoy the story of this “found family” together with your own. 

If you’d like to pre-order it, you can find it available here:


Barnes & Noble





Okay, so…. In Transfusions it is pretty obvious that Dylan has a crush on Carolyn. And Joa has mentioned his girlfriend Jess a couple of times. They have also talked about how sex with a guy is something new to them and that they have not really thought of doing it. But since they now love each other they start to want to make love with each other. That’s it.

It is just a really sappy love story in all simplicity.

And it’s not like I’m highlighting their heterosexuality or anything. It’s not the point of this comic. The point is really just their relationship.

I’ve never said Transfusions is a queer comic or that it has some kind of big lgbtq message. I really support all the minorities and I’m all for equality and all that and sure I could make a queer comic with a deeper meaning but there are tons of comic artist who really know about those things and can talk about those issues much better than I do.

Transfusions is just a love story. That’s all it is. And it is BL because it has two boys who are in love.

It’s 1:30 AM, I’m really tired and I have to be up early and I’ll be away pretty much all day tomorrow. So I’ll just leave this whole thing to this and say good night to you all.

I’m sorry if I have offended anyone, I did not mean to do so. You all mean a lot to me, regardless of your orientation.


Wow, people seemed to really like this little house. :) I’m flattered. Thank you for all the comments/likes/reblogs. :)

Anyway, I finished it up today, so have its floor plans and some interiors. It is literally just a 10x10 box with a gable roof, a couple dormers, and a deck on the front (because the beach is across the street from where this house sits), but there’s just something about the chalet style that’s cute despite its extreme simplicity. I also tend to like two-story spaces, being a bit of a claustrophobe in real life, and chalets lend themselves well to that. 

I just wish that it was possible to “paint” the inside of roofs, so that places like this, with a half-story loft, don’t have big white slabs of under-roof showing when you take pictures with the walls and roof up. In builds like this, you can’t use ceiling to hide it because that would defeat the whole purpose of the multi-story space. :) But beggars can’t be choosers, I guess. Have to work with what we’re given.

Now to decide…Do I want to just play the game or do I want to build more stuff….? Hmmmmmmm….

this is an unhinged structureless ramble but i’ve still got Bismuth On My Mind

the far-fetched thought that i can’t get out of my head is what if rose and bismuth’s argument was about more than just the Breaking Point. or wasn’t about that at all. what if that was just the…well, breaking point of a deeper conflict.

i don’t have any evidence for this besides the fact that the Breaking Point is really, really, really strategically unsound???? it seems like rose the brilliant strategist would’ve had the foresight to be like ‘yknow this thing is really elegant in its simplicity bis…what the hell are we gonna do when homeworld reverse engineers it’ and then the worst thing that would’ve happened was some ‘whoops didn’t think about that’ wounded pride on bismuth’s part 

idk maybe not maybe there’s a factor i don’t know about but it seems like bismuth’s a wayyyyy better social theorist than she is a battle strategist and that could actually be kind of a cool character thing, like, for her to be the Political Thinker of the team once she’s UNBUBBLED AS SHE RIGHTFULLY SHOULD BE more than an actual warrior just b/c like. she’s huge and butch and it would be a stereotype breaker for her to be their Idea Gem mainly (and also make swords and stuff)

but that also seems like it could be a key to talking her around, i feel like the only reason she acted like she did (besides HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE WRITING CHOICES) is because she’d put all her hope in what she thought would work and once she knows it won’t she’d be open to plan B and then they can get to talking and come to an understanding