i really like this guy okay

Okay, but everyone talks about James Potter realising Remus and Sirius were meant for each other before they even did. Like he wouldn’t even have blinked when they told him they were dating.

But.. Guys… This man is the father of Harry James Potter. The most oblivious boy I have ever seen.

Sirius was probably lying on top of Remus, furiously making out with him, the two of them rolling around the couch in the common room only to have James walk in like, ‘Hey guys, Remus there is this really pretty girl outside the common room you wanna go talk to her?’

Then Sirius sits up, ‘James?! Remus and I have been dating for like a year now???’

James is standing there all confused like, ‘Wait Padfoot.. you like guys??? Since when????’

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Something I've been thinking about (Speculation)

dreamskya submitted:

Okay so here goes nothing.
So I don’t know if I’m overthinking but when I read the part where Chara says 

“Is that-?!”

“Asriel! Stay away from it!”

I feel like Chara is talking to Frisk and not to Asriel? I mean, unless Chara really despises humanity so much to the point they use “it” to refer to a person- *cough* anyway… When you continue both sentences together (also, Chara seems to be looking DOWN at Frisk when they say that) it does seem like Chara’s telling Frisk to “stay away from it”. “It” being, well Asriel. Then again, why would there be any reason for Chara to warn Frisk to stay away from Asriel? Shouldn’t they be glad that Azzie’s gonna help finish their job?

Also, something else that has to do with speech direction. Someone’s mentioned this before, but could it be possible that in the following piece of speech from Asriel:


could be referring to Chara and not Frisk? Then again, we don’t know much about the history between Asriel and Chara, or their relationship with the humans, so there isn’t much evidence to back up.

What we DO know, however is that Chara locked themselves in the Ruins. This may mean that whatever they planned, they didn’t want interference from the outside. But as we can see, Chara likely didn’t trust Asriel enough to tag along in whatever plan they had. This could mean a shaky history between the two.

Heck I’m so excited for the next page! Until then, have some rambling of mine, hehe!


I don’t mind clearing this up, since we clarified it earlier!

Asriel: “Wh-what th–?! Chara??”

Asriel: “Is that–?!”

Chara: “Asriel! Stay away from it!” (“it” refers to Frisk.)

Asriel: “Don’t even try to escape!!” (directed at Frisk)

Hopefully that helps!

Who else had a fangirl moment when Jack mentioned Over the Garden Wall? I DID! AHHH!!!!

Okay so I was watching Jack’s play through of Night in the Woods (which is a fucking cool looking game) and he said that one of the characters he did a voice for reminded him of Jason Funderberker. *Squeals*

Jack, I freaking love you right now! OTGW is my shit! And I will watch it for the one trillionth time. If you guys haven’t seen it, it’s like 10 episodes long, but it’s really good. I even have a Wirt cosplay cloak. So yeah, watch all 10. You won’t be disappointed. ;)

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lol yall so heated im seein people threatening to delete their blogs & shit as if it's gonna fix the situation and i'm gettin mad flashbacks to #cutforbieber LOLOLOL

but like really y'all it’s out of Shawn’s control, the deal is done, charlie will probably give an apology and what not.

also, i see people talking about how Shawn has been silent about like Trump and the social issues of our country and are gettin like upset that he hasn’t been vocal in politics but like

he isn’t american
he most likely isn’t enthralled in american politics in his free time

stop expecting him to be this super hero activist and shit

like he’s an almost 19 year old dude tryna juggle a career, i highly doubt he wants to spend the milliseconds he has to breathe immersed in American Politics.

My Crush || Story time

Okay so my crush is actually my elder brother’s best friend (anyone remember my fic haha). He and two other friends came over on Friday. The last time I had seen my crush was sooo long ago!! but we texted and talked online. Still duh.

Cute things that happened:

When I said hello he (and the other friend) kissed me on the cheek.

We hung out all the time coz I really like them.

My crush went on my laptop and found a folder I called guys… bc he wanted to post something on my tumblr

me and him had a chat about deep things and politics alone for like half an hour

We played lots of games together

We played a game that is like guitar hero and i now have videos of him singing (badly) it was so much fun. I haven’t laughed that much in a long time

We went to bed at 5am

and now to the good part:

my brother being the weirdo he is just got into his bed and fell asleep while his friends had nowhere to sleep yet

so after me and my crush brushed our teeth next to each other he goes:

‘i’m going to my room and sleep in my bed’ and then he walks straight to my room and get’s into my bed although I had already prepared mattresses for the 3 guys.

So basically at the end of the day I shared my bed with 3 guys one being my crush! and he took his fucking pants of like???

We spent the whole Saturday together as well and when he left i felt super empty.

Now I can’t stop thinking about him and I’m trying to figure out how and what to text him. I’ll probably do that tomorrow but I’m also so insecure when it comes to things like that bc maybe he thinks i am annoying?

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How about that oscars thing? Wasn't it satisfying seeing high-level movie execs realize they didn't win?

I didn’t see it live– I don’t watch the Oscars. (I’ve gone to a particular restaurant every Oscar night for the last 5-7 years since LA restaurants are nice and empty on Oscar night;  I did that and then I was working till 9 last night). I don’t know. It was interesting for reasons, I guess?

One, heard a guy on the radio talking about that symbol of old out of touch white liberalism befuddled about having to make way for young gay minority liberalism. That wasn’t my first thought but okay, sure, I can kinda get with that.

Second, it’s just the thing that unites people anymore are these weird moments. We don’t really share a culture much anymore, people, but … Trump winning, the Super Bowl, this Oscar thing, it’s like … all these things that aren’t “supposed to happen” keep happening and it’s like … it’s interesting that the shared experience that unites us the most lately is “wait- what- what the fuck is going on???” (I mean, I’m stretching a little cause that World Series game 7 wasn’t quite like that but… that was a rad game, even if it didn’t play out the way I wanted that night).  I think Nate Silver predicted La La Land would win, too… 

Three, I didn’t see Moonlight– but I saw that La La Land, and it was interesting how a lot of the feelings around that movie were so polarized. Like people either pretended that it was some great film (which it totally isn’t– it doesn’t get LA at all and the jazz shit is hokey as hell and it’s just … it’s a bimbo of a movie– pretty but dumb for miles) or that it was this archvillain (which it isn’t either– Emma stone and Ryan gosling sing some cute songs about wanting to bone each other – what’s wrong with that??  If I saw them bone, I’d probably write one of those Yes albums about it, too). It’s just a mediocrity but it’s not some horrible movie. But people who care about this kind of thing, that middle ground going away, all reactions to art being completely overheated to the point of uselessness– well here’s another example of that in both directions.

I don’t feel any great schadenfreude here because the whole thing the Oscars represents is just lame. It’s like people mocking trump for not wanting to go to that correspondents dinner. He’s right– that thing was noxious fucking trash, media circle jerk bullshit, I hope he kills it dead. I like that part where the guy goes “no actually moonlight has won” because of how spectacularly it underlines that it doesn’t fucking matter. No one remember who wins that shit in a week anyways. If you asked my dad, my dad’s probably 100% certain that Brad Pitt won an Oscar for Troy. So, The underlining of the absurdity is swell.

And then four, accountants fucked up putting paper in an envelope…? This is just a country that stopped being able to do shit! And people think they’re going to survive global warming??? Ocean level’s rising– learn to swim.

autumn (@ffawkes) update

okay just a quick and final update, as this will be the last i post about this

autumn is back (home, i assume) and she’s doing really well :D

she’s been dealing with depression and stayed in a psychiatric hospital for a week to get properly treated, but she’s now doing a lot better!

she will be back soon but would like to not receive messages at the moment just because it’s very overwhelming

(also all of this is being shared with her approval) 

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(command) ca has to stab hhhm let's go with misfit's soul and watch her die >:3

CA: You guys really like to make me do things I’d regret. *he sighed* Rain come with me.

Rain: No problemo! 

CA: *he goes up to Misfit and lightly stabs her in the soul* Okay, now.

Rain: *he goes to her and heals her*

CA: Yeah sorry anon, I’m not offically killing anyone right now, buisness is closed for a while. *He sticks out his tongue*



here’s another imagine….

Harry x reader

sad stuff

k bye enjoy

Ever since you left to America, you and Harry had tried to talk every day. But now since college work was catching up to you, and Harry uploading more videos, you guys haven’t talked for 3 days. Sure you guys text, but it was different.

Today, after you left your class, you got an unexpected call from Harry. “Hello? I didn’t expect you to call.” You answered.

“Yeah about that. I’m sorry.” Harry’s voice cracked. From your side it sounded like he was crying.

“Harry? Are you okay? Are you crying?” You were worried because Harry never cried unless something really bad happened.

“I’m sorry. I can’t do this anymore. Ever since you left I feel like we are drifting further apart. I’m scared.” Harry’s voiced cracked even more. Your heart dropped. You couldn’t breath, you couldn’t feel your legs. You started gasping for air. “Y/N? Are you okay? Oh my God. Hey breath, you’re having a panic attack. Breath with me.”

You started to breath normally and feel okay again. “You’re right Harold. Good bye.”

If you guys want a part 2 tell me. I feel like this isn’t that good though. Anyways bye :)


Okay guys, Just hear me out!
I’ve been having this idea in my head for so freaking long and I now I finally got to draw it out! So this idea just came because well… Uno just has freaking long hair! And it made me think of Rapunzel.
I tried to keep the design on the clothing like Punzie’s dress but when I wanted to coluor it I decided to use Uno’s original colour palette, instead of using hers.
I’d really like to keep this AU going! So if you got some ideas! Please share them with me!

Hope you like it!
XXX Yoyo

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artist: The Cab i did not realize how old they are holy shit also i don’t usually listen to this style of music i just really like this one band okay guys

what’s your gender? I am Who I Am
describe yourself? Risky Business
how do you feel? One of THOSE Nights
if you could go anywhere? Moon
favorite mode of transportation? Bounce
your best friend? Angel with a Shotgun
favorite time of day? Zzzz
if your life was a tv show? Grow Up and be Kids
relationship status? I’m a Wonder
your fear? Temporary Bliss

this isn’t ten people but whatever (also if you don’t have the time to do it, that’s fine, I’m just procrastinating)

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I didn't even know it was okay for a guy to not want to be dominant till really reasontly. So just like thanks a whole bunch

You’re welcome 😊 I’m really glad that you’ve found this wonderful community 💕

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i don't understand why carol had ANOTHER episode all to herself when beth died in her solo episode, she's so much more interesting

          lmao okay well beth is dead so she cant really have another episode to herself and also carol is going through shit right now idk if you’ve noticed my guy so yeah she needed an episode about that and her character development and im sorry if ur angry that ur fave white girl died but honestly there are so many more characters that would appreciate your passion and love my dude !

                                                               RANDOM HATE. & @.anon !

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Can you write something for Komori again for the serial killer au? This "reward" is nice but i want to see him sufFER

“I’m sorry, Toya-chan,” their captor sighed. “But I have to punish Kyoomi, and the only way to do that effectively is through hurting you. I promise I’ll make this up to you later, okay?” Motoya struggled against his restraints despite knowing he shouldn’t, trying to move away from the knife that slowly descended toward his face.
“Please,” Motoya whimpered. Sometimes it worked. This time, it didn’t.
“I would spare you if I could,” their captor said mournfully, tracing Motoya’s lips with the tip of his blade before flicking his wrist and opening a cut along his jaw. Motoya hissed at the pain, jerked his head away. “Now, now, hold still, and stop trying to keep yourself from screaming. It’s been weeks, Toya-chan, you know how to behave,” their captor chided.
“I’m sorry,” Motoya whispered, because if he cooperated and said what their captor wanted to hear, maybe he’d be distracted enough to stop this. “I’m sorry, I’ll do better.” Motoya closed his eyes to stop himself from tensing when the blade neared his skin. If he couldn’t see it, he couldn’t try to avoid it.
A gentle hand slid over his hip in soothing circles, fingertips digging into his skin slightly. The pressure was kind, reassuring.
“Good,” their captor murmured. “Since you’re so good, I’ll make this quick if you scream nicely for me a few times. All right?” Motoya nodded, keeping his eyes closed. “Excellent.”
Pain lanced through Motoya’s side, opposite the hip their captor was still rubbing comfortingly. Motoya screeched as the tip of the knife scraped his hip bone, unable to stop himself from writhing in agony as the knife was twisted in the wound.
Kyoomi’s sobs and pleas were barely audible over Motoya’s cries, and even if he had been able to hear them clearly, their captor wasn’t about to listen.
“Can you give me one more, Toya-chan?” their captor murmured, bringing the hand not holding the knife up to cup Motoya’s uninjured cheek. Motoya nodded and tried to keep himself from leaning into their captor’s touch, despite how grounding the soft contact was in the midst of his pain. “You’re so good.”
The knife sank into the side of his thigh, and Motoya wailed.

okay but what if:

 hunk and lance are on a mission one day and there’s not much going except some hardcore girl talk™ and lance is all like “idk man i don’t think I can ever tell Keith how much I like him” then it just cuts to keith and shiro on their mission side eyeing the speakers on their helmets because oh my god did that really just happen?? and a little while later there’s this crackle on lance’s end and just a quiet Keith voice out of nowhere like “I like you too?”