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Hey Ria, in terms of deep, dark secrets, could you possibly tell us how you'd interpret the boys' Chiron asteroid (if you're versed in that) and how to best handle them with care? Please and thank you!

of course i can do that! chiron is a powerful asteroid that represents our “wounds” and insecurities, often due to childhood trauma and just bad experience in general. whatever house and signs it lies in reveals things that we feel aren’t good enough, or cause constant pain throughout life. it’s also associated with healing. once we heal our chiron wounds, we can help others who felt the same

anyways let’s look at the tea on bts:

jin - leo chiron in the sixth house

  • leo is the sign of the spotlight and center stage
  • he feels that his talents are constantly overlooked and unappreciated, especially in his work (6th house)
  • is constantly pushed to the back which causes him to doubt his self worth and abilities
  • “chiron in leo needs to find a way to touch their inner child and reawaken their creativity” 
  • and i think he’s been doing that really well recently! he’s transformed a lot from the reserved, quiet guy he once was 

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yoongi - leo chiron in the 5th house

  • just like jin, a feeling of not being in the spotlight
  • (interesting that they both have leo chirons and are in a group that was disregarded heavily when they first debuted)
  • as a child, parental figures rejected his creative expression (5th house = creativity, music) 
  • had to learn that it’s okay to be expressive, different, and not have to conform to others
  • can be a great role model to suppressed youth once he overcomes this

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hoseok - virgo chiron in the 5th house

  • another chiron in the 5th, suppressed creative expression in childhood
  • virgo chiron is a big indicator of a perfectionist. 
  • can lead to compulsive behaviors
  • struggles with anxiety, pressure, and stress
  • never feels good enough, especially in areas dealing with music and dance
  • needs to learn to accept imperfection, that it’s ok to not be perfect

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namjoon - virgo chiron in the 10th house

  • another virgo chiron: a perfection, quite hard on himself
  • now with the 10th house, wounds and trauma come from his career, reputation, public image, and maybe the father
  • public rejection or humiliation has a long lasting effect on him
  • father may have rejected him or was overly strict or critical. never was good enough in his eyes
  • struggled with finding courage to follow his dreams, but once he did he became a prominent public figure who used his influence to help others find their place in the world

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jimin - libra chiron in the 4th house

  • chiron in the 4th can mean many things but usually manifests in trauma related to the home, family, and youth
  • may have felt that he didn’t belong anywhere when he was younger
  • unstable home, parents are emotionally or physically absent 
  • this can lead to him relying on others to provide a sense of security
  • libra chiron: trauma in relationships and love. may have experienced unrequited love, feels constantly betrayed and disappointed by others 
  • this can create someone who seeks approval from others throughout life and is willing to sacrifice his happiness in order to gain it
  • but he’s graced with an amazing ability to provide for others and give people that feeling of acceptance he never felt

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taehyung - libra chiron in the 10th house

  • you can kinda combine namjoon’s (10th house) and jimin’s (libra)
  • for him i think it manifested through feeling rejected by peers and society
  • i believe he mentioned being bullied or made fun of in school
  • however once he feels that he has gotten the recognition and level of success he’s dreamt of, he feels content

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jungkook - libra/scorpio chiron in the 1st house

  • his chiron is 29 degrees in libra so it’s right on that libra-scorpio cusp so i’ll look at both 
  • wounds and fear relating to love (libra) and sex (scorpio)
  • many failed relationships, depending too much on others 
  • feeling powerless, scared of being taken advantage of
  • chiron in the 1st is quite a tricky placement 
  • can be an indication of self hate and insecurity
  • highly critical of his appearance. trouble expressing himself
  • self acceptance is a big journey 

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Thoughts about Chloé

her character, the influence of her mother and her future role

I am sure you all looked up when this came on in the second episode of the new season. It tells us a little bit about Chloés mother and a lot about why Chloé is how she is.

This obviously contains SPOILERS from the second episode. More than just the picture above~

This is going to be a small analysis focusing on Chloés character, her behaviour and the connection to her mother. You can always skip a part because there will be a bit of text to read. I will also discuss what’s with her being a future miraculous holder. Enjoy!

Let’s start with the screenshot.

It seems like she gets the bear from her father. It would be just another gift for his precious daughter and looks logical to me. Like every other child she does everything with Mr. Cuddles and he is her dearest friend. I assume that because of the huge impact he has on her in the second episode. Not everyone would hear to what a butler and an old bear say. Not if he wouldn’t share important memories and emotions with Chloé.

But let’s move through the three illustrations on the right. They spend a good time together. The teddy comforts her and is there when she is sad. He takes away her loneliness and is always by her side. She proudly shows her friend to little Adrien (wearing the same outfit he does in the present XD) who seems interested. Something everyone with a dear stuffed animal from the childhood can realte to.

However most important is the picture on the left. I guess the woman who faces Chloé with her back is her mother. (Honestly I am not super sure if there is any more information in another episode on her mother. Please let me now, I will edit the post then^^) Her mother looks like a model or a rich woman. Trendy, expensive and chic. If she is a model she might have traveled a lot in Chloés childhood. Even if she just married rich she could have also been traveling a lot just for fun. She might have been ignorant since we know nothing about her character. That would underline the guess that Chloés mother gave her little attention leaving her mostly alone with a stack of toys or whatever. Her father trying to fill the empty side of her with gifts. Another option would be that her mother and father are divorced. It would lead to the same conclusion about her getting even more spoiled from her father. Nothing special for a divorced couple right?

This is a huge thing because it pretty much explains why Chloé is such a brat. I couldn’t really understand why she would get a miraculous! She was just such an annoying character causing mostly the akuma attacs in season 1… Even Thomas Astruc twittered in 2016 that mean people (like Chloé) would never be holding a miraculous.

It was really interesting to think about it and I am looking forward to a huge character deveopment in season 2. Maybe what happend in the second episode is the start.

But lets get back to the explaination of her behavior. She needs the attention she never got when she was little. A lack of trust and little experience with relationships leading to her finding it the easiest to get bad attention. She might not even see the bad attention just looking over it.

It’s obvious that she is still a child in heart. Still a little lonely, still with a lack of confidence (only getting it through expensive brands and other people like her father, Sabrina or ladybug. Even through Adrien. And through showing her power by mocking others). Look at the way she acts when she was upset about Adrien not wanting to be her friend anymore. Suddenly she is a little child eating chocolate and sticking her finger in her mouth. No confidence, just sadness and not knowing what to do. She really is helpless sometimes. Also she snapped back to her childish behaviour in the episode of antibug. She plays with Sabrina like every child would do. Running around in (now well made) costumes and having a good time but keeping it a secret since she isn’t a real child anymore.

Furthermore she was very upset with her butler when her classmates saw Mr. Cuddles. So she is embarrassed about her childish side. Loosing all confidence in the moment and getting strength back through showing her power by fireing her butler. (Or acting impulsive because she is angry…)

So what do we overlook about Chloé?

  • She is very childish
  • She has no real confidence
  • She needs attention because of her busy parents

A solution for these “problems” would be her getting good and strong friends. Together she could overcome her bratty characteristics making her suitable for a miraculous holder. Sabrina sure is a good friend but she agrees with everything Chloé says and that does not help her. Adrien helped her in the second episode by telling her the truth. She is mean to others. So what if she gets less and less mean in every episode? If we consider what Thomas said she can’t be mean anymore when she gets her miraculous.

Guys there is a lot I could talk about! Like why hawkmoth has a miraculous when he is mean? What does he value more: his son or his power and what the hell does he want to archive when he has all the power he wants? If it’s okay to compare Marinette and Chloé, what’s with the relationship of her and Adrien, her having ladybug as a role model? I have sooo many thoughts and please let me know what you think!! I spend a few evenings working in this XD Oh man… I really could do stuff with more sense…

tuesday mornings

member: kang daniel
genre: fluff
summary: your terrible habit of sleeping on the subway actually lead you somewhere.
requested: yes! (finally) but this is actually based on my irl experience and horrible habit of sleeping when i commuted to school except i didn’t have a cute boy like daniel around…
a/n: it’s daniel fic week on my blog for my constantly writing a soulmate au fic soulmate’s birthday week @deepdickdaniel !!! happy birthday bitch. (also thank you @onlyjihoons for helping me with my writers block)

  • university has been cutting into your sleeping time.
  • because of all the group projects, essays, and assignments, you developed unsafe habit of sleeping on the subway, 
  • you’d often get older but really kind strangers shaking you awake, telling you it’s unsafe for someone so young to sleep on the subway alone.
  • honestly, you couldn’t help it….
  • there were many times where you missed your stop so you started to tape a sign on yourself saying “wake me up at xxx station”
  • that’s when you had a regular (?) waking you up every tuesday in the same subway cart at Your Seat™ (yes you had your own seat)

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okay this is going to sound really dumb but. i. am loving the way this fic is going so far and i’m as excited to read it back as i am to write it and i can’t wait for you all to have it. it’s been a long time of not being happy to write and i feel really good about the tone of the story and the characters and just. relief. i think you guys will like it, too. or at least, i hope! x

You’ve Got to be Kidding Me

Okay, so me and my friend (who is also a girl) have this pact that whenever a guy hits on us or something, we pretend we’re dating.

So, we just ate at this one bar (they have really good burgers) and we both agreed not to drink. Well, while she’s in the bathroom, this guy slides in the stool next to me and asks if he could buy me a drink. Panicking, I said no because I was pregnant.

At that moment, my friend (who again is a girl) comes back, sees this guys flirting, and proceeds to wrap her arms around me and kiss my cheek, and says “Hey, babe! Who’s this?”

The guys immediately catches on and just gives me this blank stare, and I’m sweating so I just let out this awkward laugh and say, “It’s a miracle!


I learned to play ukulele Probably The Wrong Way To Learn An Instrument, in that I didn’t learn to strum and then sing independently of the strumming – for me the two are intertwined. It’s not really that this is Inherently Wrong, per se, but when you can’t separate the two actions, it limits both what you can sing (because your vocal tone is cued off the strum) and the rhythms you can strum (because your strumming is cued off the words you’re singing). It is in some ways a disadvantage, even if it means you get to singing full songs a lot faster.

I can’t really say that I’m relearning how to play because I am much too impatient for that, but now that I’ve mastered the basics I’ve started trying to vary my strumming rhythms, and also started on the super scary task of learning to sing around the strums – not just off the beat but also off the tone. When I sing a song I’ve heard before I mimic the song exactly, which is nice but not that interesting as a cover. So I’ve started trying to alter the melody (is it…melody? It is, right?) and raise or lower the note in a way that still corresponds to the note I’m playing. 

This is really nervewracking because as long as you get your fingers on the right strings, you can’t play a chord “wrong”, but it’s very easy to lose control of your voice and hit the wrong note accidentally, especially when like me you haven’t had any formal vocal training. Also, since I’m not super strong on theory, it’s anybody’s guess whether the note I’m going for will actually harmonize with the note I’m playing.

But I’m working hard at it, and I’m doing okay; my rendition of “Can’t Help Falling In Love” is now significantly more interesting, and I do all right with “Free Fallin’” (RIP Tom Petty). 

Just thought you guys would like an update. Also, some of this is due to R saying I have a ridiculous natural skill that I should be developing, so remember kids: if you are super good at something and a friend of yours is in the beginning stages of learning it and trying really hard, telling them you think they’re doing great really makes a difference. 

Hurricane - Leon Draisaitl

A/N: Okay guys, I’m really really really super proud of this one. I just love it. It is based on the song and music video of ‘Hurricane’ by Luke Combs (x). I hope you like it!

Word count: 1536

A/N: I don’t know, man. Bad stuff as always.

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Hadn’t had a good time
Since you know when

Leon haven’t seen you in what it seems like forever, but maybe that was because you’ve made a huge effort on avoiding him. He could not pinpoint the moment when you went from a-little-more-than-just-friends to you completely shutting him off your life. He doesn’t blame you, he knew he was a dick and he deserves the cold shoulder you are giving him, but he hadn’t realized how much he needed you until you weren’t there.

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Trick or Treat (Part One)

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A/N: Wow I’m really hoping I finish this small series up before halloween!! I really hope you guys like this bc it’s really short but it kinda is just background for the rest of the story soo… Shoutout to the ever so lovely @dej-okay for reading through this for me today!! I love you!! 

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word Count: 741 (yikes it’s so short! I promise the following parts will be longer!)


Music was playing through the radio in the small kitchen yet again as Peter was trying to make some kind of Halloween cupcakes May had shown him from Pinterest and (Y/N) was sitting on the counter closeby.

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Okay... so this have been in my head for days...

I honestly don’t like to talk about those things, but I’ve been fighting it for days. I’ll most likely ignore any notes and comments that you guys have because it’s honestly just something I want to get rid off.

This is a clear subjective point of view, so if you don’t agree, I don’t really care, it’s just how I see it.

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*Note: in this fanfic, I’m writing as if the KOL Concert is the first time Taylor saw Joe, which isn’t correct but we’re not familiar with their timeline so I’m writing this well aware that they had met before. Enjoy :)*

Music was blasting through the speakers and people were dancing like never before. Kings of Leon were playing a concert in NYC that night and Taylor couldn’t miss it for the world. She gathered a group of friends together and they made their way to the location, going through a private back entrance obviously. All of Taylor’s friends had been separated during the concert and were dancing with other people, fully drunk yet fully enjoying the moment too. Taylor was with Martha at a table near the bar. She wore a tight black dress, with a see-through top that made her black bra underneath visible because of the flashing nights. Her hair was tied up in a cute little pony tail and she looked hotter than ever in her black combat boots that she was obsessed with. They had been taking shots of tequila as a celebratory task, just as an appreciation for their friendship.

“So what is this, 4 years now?” Martha asked, taking another shot of tequila. 

“Who even fucking knows at this point?” Taylor stuttered as they both laughed amongst themselves, clearly starting to get very tipsy. 

“Come on T, take my hand, let’s dance!” Martha exclaimed, pulling Taylor away from the table and closer to the bar counter where there was some space for them to dance. 

“Just like a reverend, like a reverend on the radio!” They both sang loudly at the top of their voices, as they moved their hips to the music. 

“Your heart will never say so!” They both sang to each other, giggling away as if they were in their own little world. Once that song ended, they both made their way back to the table, fixing their hair slightly after the outburst they just had to the music. 

“You know what” Martha spoke as she poured herself and Taylor another shot.
“Who needs boys when you have good fucking music and tequila?“ 

"I agree!” Taylor shouted as they both took the shot and started to feel the alcohol kicking in. 

As the night continued on, Taylor and Martha danced like nothing else mattered. They didn’t even know where the rest of their friends were, probably busy dancing with others they assumed. Taylor was starting to get really intoxicated and slightly unaware of her surroundings, that was until her eyes locked with a certain fella who made his way over to the bar counter. The only thing she could notice was that he was tall and blonde, and his ass looked great in those jeans, she thought to herself. He stood a few feet away from Taylor and Martha and looked back at them a couple times. Taylor watched as the man with luscious golden blonde hair and a skin tight top smirked at her before turning around to order a drink. Her heart skipped a beat as she stared at him without blinking. Her mind was all over the place at this point, but one thing she was certain of, was that he was gorgeous from what could tell from that far back. His smirk sent her mind wandering off in thoughts she wish she could avoid. 

“Duuuude, who you staring at?” Martha nudged Taylor as she looked over to where she was looking. 

“Oh fuck me….” Taylor sighed with exhaustion, still constantly looking over at the man who was clearly checking her out at this point. 

“Go ask him to then” Martha exclaimed as she finally understood who Taylor was staring at with heart eyes. 

“Martha!!” Taylor slapped her arm slightly.

“Okay, but what just happened to the whole ‘I don’t need a guy’ talk? Just drop it he’s probably a douche” Martha told Taylor, trying to turn her away from staring at him. 

“But he’s so gorgeous…..” Taylor whined, stamping her feet like a child having a tantrum. The alcohol was really starting to kick in at this point. 

“So is every other guy in this club!” Martha exclaimed, pouring herself a shot. 

“These guys aren’t worth it, they get close just to screw you off later and leave you to deal with the heartache alone. You should know that better than anyone” Martha was less drunk than Taylor so was still in her right mind. 

“Ugh for fucks sake, I need a drink” Taylor sighed, taking the bottle from Martha and pouring herself a shot, then taking it. 

Martha noticed that Taylor was peering over her shoulder. 

“Oh my gosh, are you really that intrigued? He literally looks like the type of guy who’d take you to his room once than disappear from the face of the earth” Martha put both her hands on Taylor’s shoulders and looked her in the eye as she spoke, knowing that Taylor was clearly drunk and whatever she was thinking was not a good idea. 

“I know, I know but…..” Taylor trailed off as a confused look surfaced on her face.

“What?” Martha asked, looking over at where Taylor was looking to see Garrett, a friend of Lily’s walking over to the blonde guy and sitting with him for a drink. 

“Wait, how do they know each other?” Taylor questioned, fully confused as to what she was seeing. She watched as he and Garrett chuckled loudly, sipping their drinks. Martha looked around for Lily, spotting her not to far away from them dancing, and pulling her over. 

“Lily, who is that guy?” Taylor asked desperately, as if her life depended on it. 

“What guy?” Lily asked, confused as to why her friends were acting so weird. 

“That blonde over there talking to Garret” Taylor tilted her head to the right to get Lily to look over. 

“Oh, that’s Garrett’s co-star from his recent film” Lily explained. “Why?” She questioned curiously. 

“Because Taylor’s in looooove” Martha mocked her, giggling. 

“Oh shut up! I’m not!” Taylor raised her voice slightly to make herself seem stable in her thoughts, when she clearly wasn’t. 

“Awww that’s cute Taylor, but weren’t you just preaching yesterday how every guy is a douche?” Lily giggled, seeing her friend completely head over heels for someone who is a stranger to her. 

“Will you two stop, all I’m saying is that he’s just really pretty okay, I don’t wanna get in his pants or anything” Taylor shrugged her shoulders, trying to sound as believable as possible. 

“Ooookaaayyy……” Martha rolled her eyes slightly, clearly not believing a word her drunk friend was saying. 

“Do you want to talk to him?” Lily asked Taylor. 

“No!” She responded immediately, knowing she would make a fool out of herself in this state. She looked over to the two men at the counter, and noticed that they were both looking back at her. She watched as they both got up from their stools and started making their way over. 

“Oh fuck, they’re coming here, um” Taylor began fixing her hair, trying to look as decent as possible. 

“Oh calm down, I thought you didn’t care anyway?” Martha joked, seeing how flustered Taylor looked. 

“Lily!” Garrett greeted her, with the blonde following behind him. 

“Garrett, how are you?” Lily asked. 

“I’m doing great, thanks! Lovely to meet you ladies, I hope you’re having a splendid evening” he spoke to Taylor and Martha, but Taylor was in her own little world. She had made eye contact with the guy once, and looked away suddenly. He was beautiful, he really was. So much better looking closer up. His eyes were a gorgeous blue colour, the type you only see at the beaches in the Bahamas. His lips were beautifully pink and plump, making Taylor breathe in deeply to compose herself. 

“Hey ladies, I’m Joseph, or Joe for short” he spoke. Taylor’s heart literally sped up so much she felt like she had just ran a marathon. He was British, and he had the most soothingly sexy voice that sent Taylor’s mind In a spiral. The way his words flowed, she couldn’t contain herself, it was like he was deliberately speaking knowing well enough that she was checking him out too. 

“Nice to meet you Joe, I’m Martha and this is my friend Taylor” she greeted him by shaking his hand. 

“It’s lovely to meet you, Martha and Taylor” his deep voice echoed in Taylor’s mind, as she processed how he said her way in the most attractive way possible. She was drunk at this point and was struggling to fight the urge to act normal. 

Tayyyy-lahhhhh” Taylor repeated in a crappy British accent and giggled like the happy drunk she was, mocking Joe’s accent as a coping mechanism to not blow her cover of clearly being so attracted to him. Martha shot over a ’what the fuck’ look at Taylor. This caused him to chuckle, his laugh sounded so beautiful in Taylor’s mind. 

Just then, the rest of Taylor’s friend all ran over to join them, causing Garret and Joe to move closer to Taylor to give the other girls space to stand, forming a circle. Joe was stood right beside Taylor, and it was causing her to go crazy. What was even happening right now? Who is this guy? Why am I so attracted? Taylor’s mind filled with endless thoughts of how she ended up in that situation. He was stood so close to her that she had even accidentally brushed her arm against his, feeling his tensed bicep, that literally made her heart begin to flutter. His side profile was absolutely gorgeous. He was perfect, and Taylor knew deep down that she wanted him. She did her best not to make any eye contact with him and just ignore him entirely, but the thought of touching him wouldn’t leave the back of her head. 

The music volume increased at this point and people began raving to the music, all of Taylor’s friends and Garrett began dancing to the music. Taylor was dancing a little bit but couldn’t focus on anything other than Joe next to her, who she still hadn’t looked over at. Just then, the hairs on her hand stood up as she felt something brush up against it. She looked down, to see Joe slowly touching her hand and grabbing a hold of it. Taylor made direct eye contact with him, finally, and he smiled the most sweetest smile she had ever seen. Her heart was beating like crazy at this point. Was he actually trying to make a move on her? Not that she minded it, but still. Taylor noticed that she hadn’t let go of his hand either, and they both just stood there, gazing into each other’s ocean blue eyes with lust, his tender touch making her go crazy. 

“I saw you looking” he finally spoke up, smirking at her and breaking the silence between them. Her heart stopped for a second as she realised her cover was blown and she had clearly made it obvious that she was checking him out. Taylor opened her mouth to speak but no words came out, she just looked down shyly, biting her lip, and slowly let go of his hand, which she noticed were huge, sending her drunk mind into thoughts she wished she wasn’t having at that point. She was so nervous by how gorgeous he was that she couldn’t even say anything, especially not to his face. What was she supposed to do at this point? Ignore him completely, or give in and exchange numbers? Maybe she should invite him over? She suddenly stopped herself as she had that thought, thinking she was going insane. She had literally just met the guy and now she’s already thinking of jumping into bed with him? Come to your senses Taylor, she thought to herself, but was aware that her drunk mind was far different and much more inappropriate then when she’s sober.

Just then, Garret spoke and Interrupted her train of thought.  

“Hey bro come on, I’ll introduce you to Caleb” he said to Joe. 

“I’ll see you around” Joe mouthed to her, then smiling as he walked away. Taylor watched lovingly as his gorgeous physique walked away, her heart feeling so warm and fuzzy. She couldn’t deny that she was very attracted to him, but was it lust because she was drunk, or was she genuinely falling for him? 

The rest of that night consisted of Taylor and her friends dancing, and drinking even more to a point of becoming completely wasted. As much as she tried focusing on the present situation, she couldn’t stop thinking about Joe and his beautiful face, and accent, and that smile. Oh my gosh, am I really falling in love with this stranger, she thought to herself.

Taylor was now back at her NYC apartment, her bodyguard had dropped her off safely and made sure she was okay before he left. She sat on her bed, her hand on her head that was aching from having drunk so much. Meredith and Olivia were sat on the bed in front of her. She sighed to herself, replaying the event of that night in her head. Joe. That’s all she could think about. His face, the way he spoke so elegantly. The way he said her name, and she cringed to herself remembering how she must have made a fool of herself when she mocked his accent. 

“What do I do now?” Taylor began speaking to her cats. She usually has drunk conversations with her cats quite often. 

“He was so pretty I just…..I couldn’t help myself from staring. And I literally made it so obvious too. Way to go Swift.” She sighed, feeling slight embarrassment but also annoyance at how head over heels she was for Joe. 

“I shouldn’t trust him right? He could just be trying to get with me because I’m, well me" 

Meow. Olivia purred and Meredith shifted slightly, making herself more comfortable. 

"Yeah you’re right, I should just forget about him. We all know what’s gonna happen. He’ll probably hook up with me once and I know I’ll be left devastated and wanting more. The cute guys are always the worst” Taylor threw herself back on her bed, and then unexpectedly threw a pillow across to the other side of the room. 

“But he’s just so gorgeous arrggghh!!!!” She shouted at the top of her voice, she hated how conflicted she was feeling right now. She knew in her gut that she shouldn’t trust random people, that she was smarter than this, but deep inside, her heart was telling her the opposite. Go for it, have fun, see where it leads.

She lay in bed that night, cuddled up under the covers, feeling hungover and so much more worse than she had imagined. She had never drunk THIS much, but seeing Joe made her lose all self control. It was her way of dealing with the situation of not being able to get to know him, just drink it away, she thought. But that clearly hadn’t worked. 

I’ll see you around, his soothing voice echoed in a loop, haunting her mind for the rest of the night before she finally dosed off to sleep

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Lol girll this is the best meet ive ever read! Not only was it your bday and u also got to meet her jack, alana, ruby etc but finaally, someone who actually spoke TO taylor instead of something abt themselves esp on wrt red and even gave tay encouragement using her own words! Soo happy for u and ive decided to stan u forever! Hehe ❤️ also, i hope there’ll be less drama with these group of sessioners. 😬

I really wanted to get that message across, you know that it wasn’t about me. It was about both of us, sharing a moment. When i took her hands and started talking about taking her own advice, it was so surreal because she was looking me in the eyes as i was telling her that it hurt me looking at the person i love most hurting and she literally stopped me and said “i hate seeing you guys hurt too” and like this angel, just wow. I just wanted to make sure she was okay too after the horrible year of just everyone hating on her again like it was 2013 again. I really just wanted her to know she was loved, and truly cared about as much as we care about her.

^o^/ I actually wanted to submit a drawing here for a while, since I’ve been looking forward to the game ever since 2015 I want to say. Your game is a huge inspiration to me since it’s just looks amazing. What happened a while ago did upset me since no one deserves to get messages like that. (Like no one, It just made me upset to see people act like that)

But I do hope thinks are going okay, also take as long as you guys needs to work on the translations for the game. Since I know that the work and game is going to be worth everything, because of the amount of detail and care that went int this project.

I apologize if I’m rambling a lot, also I hope the sketch I drew out is okay. But I hope you have nice day and I’ll be 100% supporting you and your team if anything like that happens again. Since no one deserves that. Also I’m really looking forward to the game, let there be a bunch of bunnies, donuts, and books for little Aria. >:3cc


Waaah so cuteee! She looks adorable!! <3
Thank you so much, I really love the sketch!
It makes me so happy that you’ve been following the project during these two years! I really hope you like it!

Yes, I think the problem has been solved now! I agree, nobody should receive messages like that. Developers already have a lot of pressure ;;

Thank you so much for your support, I appreciate it! (*´▽`*)

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tbh I want to be your best friend !! I love your writing, I do writing myself but I'm so bad at cramming all the ideas together and turning them into something (also my faves of your characters are Rooney, Ramona, Lou, Fiona, all the girls?? idk I love girls sorry but I love the boys too!) also Santi reminds me of Elliot Alderson from Mr. Robot + Rooney is one of my favorite names and I'm rambling now whoops


honestly the girls deserve the most love. (especially eli and miyu, their time is coming once pets comes out) 

AND IT’S REALLY FUNNY YOU SAY THE MR. ROBOT GUY because i remember last year i reblogged a gif of him to santi’s inspo tag not because he even looked like him but like his facial expressions reminded me of him…i’m glad we’re on the same page (even tho i’ve never even watched that show)

it’s okay i ramble a lot too that’s how u know we’d be fast friends

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Okay so I know your request are closed but I just had an idea nand had to send it. How do you think that a diner with SD!Thomas, the reader, Peggy and her boyfriend would go?

maybe i’ll write a drabble later but okay!

-thomas actually brings up the idea
-he’s like “you always hang out with my friends so i should get to know yours”
-and you’re like “okay!!!”
-he doesn’t really get peggy’s situation (“she’s dating two guys? who are also dating each other?”) but he doesn’t question it too much
-she’s happy, and it’s not really his place to say anything anyways
-herc and laf are both there with you two and introductions ensue
-herc and laf know he was your sugar daddy but they don’t say anything (they’re actually very happy you found someone!)
-laf admits he’d snatch up thomas in a heartbeat while thomas goes to the bathroom
-peggy chokes on her drink
-laf and thomas click because of their love for france and art
-you could have sworn laf was batting his eyelashes at thomas the whole night
-(you stick your tongue out at laf while you leave the restaurant with thomas so it’s clear who won)
-(besides its all in good fun with laf,, he’d never steal thomas from you and he loves his partners so much)
-herc and thomas click because they’re both really into fashion and they’re both in business
-thomas and peggy are already tight because they both love you
-you’re just really happy that he’s getting along with your friends
-he’s the oldest at the table but he keeps up with you youngins
-by the end of the night peggy’s like “don’t you think laf and thomas look alike” and you both kind of stare at them as they figure out how to split the bill
-they’re like “wtf”
-but you’re both like “hmmm”
-(you don’t think they do but peggy does)
-all this to say you have a really great time and thomas is the best boyfriend

Keep forgetting to post this here for months lol

This was for the @chasingrainbowszine but unfortunately it did not happen. But that is okay! It was still fun to put together and the experience was great. Hope to do it again soon. Thank you guys for the fun and I wish you all well!!!

These guys came in 10 minutes before we closed tonight and were like, “We’re so sorry, we can leave.” And I can’t turn people away or my boss will fire me so I’m like no, it’s fine, come on. And they’re super nice dudes. They come in every so often so if I had to stay open for anyone, I’m okay with it being them. And then they tipped us $25 and I was like. Wow. Thank you. You fantastic humans. So. That’s how my night was.

guardian angel au !! javid !!

-okay so i imagined this somewhat like that short film ‘welcome to hell’

-so there’s davey and he’s not really feelin so great about life

-he doesn’t really have anything to look forward to after college and he doesn’t really have any friends sounds like me

-so he was sent a guardian angel to just sorta help him out and make his life a bit brighter

-one day this guy sorta just starts following dave around and he found it really creepy

-after a while he approached the dude and was like

-dude what the fuck

-and the guys is just like um okay how do i explain this, im an angel and im here to help you ?

-dave just slams the door in his face bc this dude is probably a creep

-he takes a deep breath then he hears


-from the other room



-'i told you i’m an angel and i’m here to help you’

-'jesus fucking christ’

-'hey that’s disgusting don’t say that’

-cue frustrated scream

-davey thinks if he just plays along he can just get the guy to go away

-so he does

-so him and the guy are sitting there and davey gets up to go make some ramen

-and he comes back and the guy is floating looking at the books at the top of the book shelf

-dave passes out bc

-wtf this guy is floating ???

-he wakes up to the guy floating above him staring at him

-the guy is panicking bc he thinks he killed him or something


-davey gets a good laugh out of that

-he cleans up the spilled ramen and goes to get ready for his afternoon class

-to be continued

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the person im sorta dating is strictly into guys, and has told me that sometimes they don't feel attracted to me because they'll slip up and think of me as a girl

Hey that’s really not okay. That’s not a person that sounds like they would be good dating a trans person. You deserve to be respected and gendered correctly. You are gonna find someone who will do that. I do suggest you talk to this person thiugh and tell them why what they are saying is transphobic and not Okay. I’m really sorry you’re going through this