i really like this ep k

I had to sketch these two because of ep 12…!
Yata showing Fushimi how fun it’s to skate with a “fire powered” skateboard orsomethinglikethatidk

“logan was an awful jerk!!! he was the worst!!”

k well maybe u forgot that he:

  • respected rory as a reporter (he literally gives her the nickname ‘ace’. he’s literally calling her a great reporter)
  • he comforted rory when her boyfriend broke up with her in public 
  • was upfront to rory about what kind of guy he was (he told her that he had only had casual rel. before. he didnt hide it and understood that rory didnt feel the same)
  • lent his car and driver to rory bc her mom was upset 
  • he asked her for permission before they had sex. he. literally. asked. for. her. consent.
  • he recognized his feelings for rory and gave up his other casual relationships bc he liked her sm
  • he stood up to his shitty family who were awful to her
  • he understood that she was upset and wanted to talk to her about it
  • understood that rory needed to make her own decisions about school. (i know a lot of ppl hate him for this but honestly…wtf was he supposed to do? he challenged her by not demanding that she go back— he let her do what she thought was best for her)
  • the entire vineyard valentine episode
  • he respected lorelai and all the work that she went through in running away raising rory. he makes an effort to understand her and her relationship with rory.
  • “if you come with me i wont get on the plane”
  • the love rocket
  • he literally got so happy and excited about work and he was super good at it. a real work dork
  • faked a meteor shower
  • “im tired of not being around you.”
  • accepted that he made the wrong decision and took responsibility for it
  • denounced his family and gave up his wealth to start fresh and work hard to earn his own money
  • “I want to work. I’m ready to work. And I want to work hard.” 

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Hey, when Mon-El gets more screentime than James Olsen (where was he even this ep?) it's getting really fucked up. (At least Mon-Hell didn't get locked up with them when they were fighting those Martians, but i mean, that's like only a really small good thing). But y'know what, i'm gonna focus on Maggie a.k.a. the perfect girlfriend ever! Cause that's like the only good thing that's left in this show.

HONESTLY THIS WHOLE SEASON IS FUCKED!!! James Olsen, series regular since season 1, is getting passed over for a jar of mayonnaise. Also Kara broke up with him like 2 weeks after they were happily dating for no reason and then soon after mon-hell shows up and they put kara with him??? And then they send m’gann off, an interesting and complex character who turned her back on her society to do the right thing, and keep the boring white prince from daxxam, a planet that literally has slavery and he did nothing about it I call racism on keeping cosmic fratboy instead of james and m’gann 

I, too, will be focusing on maggie. precious cinnamon roll who is the best girlfriend ever and also a puppy. But tbh at this point I might quit supergirl. I have a history of emotional abuse and gaslighting so seeing the kara/mon-hell storyline is really fucking hard for me especially since I relate to kara so much as a character.

sorry for going off on a rant I’m just really angry and bitter about the entire thing and at this point I’m just Tired

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Actually, I don't hate mon-el. I just wish he wasn't karas romantic interest, since she's had so many of them. It just seems like she needs a friend right now, especially after tonight's ep. And I really don't think she needs a romantic interest for a while, though I love the idea of s*percorp and k*rolsen. I don't hate him cause he's straight, I just dislike him a bit cause he's a generic love interest.

i hear you. i loved k*rolsen. i truly did. & i’d be all for it if they brought them back together. people might not like me saying this, but i honestly don’t like lena. i personally cannot picture s*percorp. i’m just tired of seeing people talking shit about mon el when he’s actually done nothing wrong and they’re just pissed because they think he will come between s*percorp. 

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I did a Wild mashup! I started making it in my head like the day after the ep came out but I was on holiday so couldn’t properly work on it till I got home. But I hope you enjoy it & I didn’t completely ruin troye’s songs. I’d really appreciate feedback:) love you troye, im so proud

Jonghyun has my respect as an artist, and I also think that he has the potential for international recognition, because he really seemed to imprint his own brand of artistry on his EP ‘Base’. He wrote all of the songs, co-composed a number of the songs, picked his collaboraters and concept… I look forward to observing more of his work in the future. I would love to see other K-pop idols expressing their creativity and individuality like this too. Can anybody recommend to me other idols like this?

my anger at the writers for the handling of the pearl/rose/greg triangle is…ebbing, tbh. I just rewatched “We Need To Talk” this afternoon and l i k e

They couldn’t have known what the fandom response to that would be. They really pushed the envelope to show Very Requited Pearlrose, yes they didn’t have cheek kisses like Ruby and Sapphire but tbh it would’ve felt out of place in that scene…like, idk, we’ve gotta remember that the network is trying to keep SU in syndication in a lot of places that have harsher restrictions and could censor things, that ep DID get censored…and they also pulled out every stop to make Pearl sympathetic even though she hurt Greg’s feelings, like, they DID NOT have to show her reactions that much or make Greg that…threatened and apologetic and specifically trying to imitate what SHE did…

idk it’s just…the writers couldn’t have known how that episode would be read and received. they did everything they were allowed to do to show that in the beginning, this is how it was: pearl and rose were together, greg was the outsider and intruder (if also the pov character, but let’s be very real, pearl wouldn’t tell steven this story); pearl was jealous and rude but it was because greg was in the wrong, and now, with another couple decades of maturity, he KNOWS he was in the wrong, which we see him admit, both implicitly by including Pearl’s side of the story in “We Need To Talk” and explicitly in “Mr. Greg” (although I do still believe it would have been better to include discussion of how Rose felt about Pearl. I think there were narrative and artistic reasons for not doing so, but they don’t outweight the benefits saying it outright would have had).

TL;DR they tried but internet fandom tends to be homophobic, lesbophobic and misogynist; and it’s likely the network does have some limits that they don’t want to risk repurcussions by pushing, and it’s likely they don’t want to discuss those limits because keeping their show on the good side of those who control its distribution is more important.

Basically like

I’m not mad at the crewniverse, I’m mad at the world