i really like this ep k

I had to sketch these two because of ep 12…!
Yata showing Fushimi how fun it’s to skate with a “fire powered” skateboard orsomethinglikethatidk

Not...unhappy? THOUGHTS about 409

First things first kiddos I missed the beginning of the ep and came in when Octavia of Gonder and Not-So-Murderous Elf Prince were snuggling, and was just like “….k.”

But really, this felt like a very uneven episode.  There were some really great moments mixed with some really not-so-great moments, and maybe it’ll improve once I’ve seen the start but honestly I doubt it.

All of the Science Island stuff was top notch though, from Murphy and Emori being like “fuck it, let’s go live in a bunker and hope we don’t have to eat each other” to Murphy and Raven having such a beautifully touching moment.  And Lindsey fucking KILLED IT, so brave and strong and smart and sad.

Also top notch?  BELLAMY AND HIS DELINQUENTS.  He’s letting them go, and protecting them from violence and having adults once again overrule their wishes.  Bellamy snapping you sent them down here to die was a really great moment, as was Jaha (what am I calling him these days?  Cult Dad?  I don’t think that was it, but I’m gonna go with it) seeing Wells in window.

Harper just giving up was really painful to watch, but even more painful was Monty’s pain in seeing it happen.  He’s losing everyone but staying so strong and god I want him to be wrapped in a blanket and given like, 15 hugs.

For once I didn’t want to give Clarke a hug, though.  Look, girl.  I know you’re trying.  And your Polis 2.0 hair is wayyyyy better than your hair last season and overall you were like, crazy fucking hot this episode, and you really thought that you being the Commander would fix things.

But that culture does not belong to you and it never will.  I cheered when Abby and Roan fucked it all up for her, even though I know she meant well.  There’s some shit that’s just never fucking okay, and “Clarke being commander” is one of those things.  Roan calling her out on her arrogance was a great fucking moment and I may or may not have cheered.  (They really are not great at writing coherent Grounder culture, so whenever they try I just cringe and wait for it to be over.  I hope s5 serves as a soft reboot and we lose most of this garbage, because it just isn’t very well done.)

Octavia of Gondor murdering all of those random grounders while Not-So-Murderous Elf Prince left for like two seconds was kind of hilarious though.  (Someone please insert him into that scene from Community when Troy comes back with pizza to fire and chaos and death.)  But Octavia has been verrrry stagnant as a character (or rather she gets better and then regresses immediately) for so long that I am not really enjoying her too much.  Hopefully she pulls out of it soon.

Not hilarious?  Bellamy’s goodbye to Harper and Jasper.  Jasper, in particular.  I have a LOT of feelings about how Jasper was the first non-Octavia, non-Clarke person that Bellamy really, genuinely took under his wing in s1 who didn’t then immediately commit a murder seemingly on his advice.  He loves Jasper so much, and for Bellamy to just leave him behind shows so much growth and strength and god, Bob looked so sad in that scene.  Snaps all around.

Lastly, not gonna lie, Bellamy “I lose all hand-to-hand combat fights unless they’re against Murphy; no really even my brother-in-law going easy on me had me pinned in less than ten seconds” Blake is really lucky Octavia of Gondor showed up to fight.  Because he was gonna volunteer and then lose in like, two minutes.  He does not stand a fucking chance against Luna.

Next week: We’re going full Hunger Games.  I hope Peeta shows up to make me swoon.

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Can you please please explain to me how we know Kim shumway doesn't like bellarke or Bellamy?

I don’t collect receipts, so if anyone wants to attach them to this post? Feel free! Because this is going to be quick and, frankly, weak lmao.

But honestly, it’s not like she ever said anything EXPLICIT that I recall, so who knows? Bellamy could be her fave (lol) and she could be a hardcore Bellarke shipper for all we know. 

AND ACTUALLY, I’ve said this before, she’s written some fan favorite Bellarke moments throughout the series. I don’t think she’s opposed to them at all lmao. I think, if she doesn’t ship them, she at least knows they’re endgame and tries to find ways to incorporate them into her stories if she can, just a smidgen. Here’s a list of episodes she’s written with Bellarke moments we love to love:

  • Unity Day
  • Bodyguard of Lies
  • Ye Who Enter Here
  • Nevermore

That’s…almost all of her eps. Except for the most recent, A Lie Guarded, which? Had a touch of Bellarke.

But yeah, she has talked down to BC shippers in the past. I think that has more to do with the weird, warped perception everyone has of our fandom, though. She’s not the only member of cast or crew to do that. She didn’t hide that she favored CL when the ship war was at its worst either. Which, whatever. I don’t care, I ship CL too. But it doesn’t hurt to appear unbiased on social media, in my opinion, especially…during that time. Don’t even get me started on her besties who are VERY anti-Bellarke.

As for Bellamy, it’s all in her writing. Here are the list of eps she didn’t write him to move the story forward for Clarke or Octavia:

  • Many Happy Returns
  • Bodyguard of Lies

Hey, I think she LIKED him in S2? Anyway, she tends to sideline him or use him as a plot device or a catalyst for her favorite Bada$$ Ladies. It’s not so much that we think she DISLIKES Bellamy (though there have been instances on SM that make me wonder) so much as she just really loves writing for the girls. I personally think she may not be totally comfortable writing for Bellamy without them.

MY issues with K!mshum have more to do with white feminism and her…unusual take on romantic and familial relationships, which just happen to leak into things concerning Bellamy and the other MOC in the show. Which she tries downplaying if not justifying.













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i feel like the remaining yuehua trainees (hyungseob, euiwoong, justin, jungjung) have so much potential and ability to grow. i really wanted them to go far but it seems like all the yuehua kids except hyungseob will get eliminated after this ep :(( i think justin is the biggest diamond in the rough especially after seeing him in "shape of you". He's sooo young and seems so diverse, theres so much to explore with him. whats your opinion on them?

Apologies in advance for the mini essay

Hyungseob didn’t get a lot of screen time this episode which was weird but I sort of expected it from the way Mnet edited his recent attitude controversy. In the previews they showed him apologizing (for his “attitude” controversy) but they cut the apology from the actual episode which is kind of sketchy and unfair. At first, I honestly thought Mnet had a thing for Hyungseob because he had positive screen time (and I’m never getting over that A reevaluation tbh) but then his controversy happened and now it’s a complete 180?? I would speculate that it seems like Mnet is trying to influence voters into not voting for certain people but who knows…

Justin is seriously amazing. I wasn’t too keen on him at first (the ab showing threw me off) but he’s definitely grown on me. His Replay performance was very cute without being too saccharine. I was really impressed by his performance on SoY, though. I was worried he might not be able to pull of the more mature concept without being cringey or resorting to extreme (*cough* ab flash *cough*) methods but he really surprised me with his charisma on stage. I especially loved his little mini solo (it’s honestly one of my favorite parts) where each member “revives” (lmao i don’t know anything about dancing so bear with me) as Justin passes in front of them. I kind of want him to do a dark concept??? It would be an interesting juxtaposition with his visuals. If he can continue to grow and adapt to a variety of new concepts- man, this kid can go far. 

I have so many feelings about Jung Jung. He’s so fluid in his dance and the acrobatics he does are so smooth (I was sold on him since the evaluation performances, I replayed his part a million times. Evidently I’m a sucker for acrobatics). The one he did for the Pop performance looked so effortless and flowed so well (also that zipper thing k i l l e d me). He’s been consistent in every performance which is why I’m glad he got some recognition in this episode. ;__;

I like Euiwoong, I do, but that ab flash during Boy in Luv put me off and now I sort of just warily watch from the side. His rapping tone is great, his diction.. not so much, but he’ll learn and he’ll grow. His rapping was really good in ep. 7, though!!! I honestly loved that entire stage and I think he held his own among Sangkyun (who was on fire) and Jinyoung (who was on fire x100). I like his stage presence and how expressive he is (and those ears are seriously cute). 

All together they’re a really promising group! They stood out to me from the first evaluation so it’s been hard seeing rank lower and lower. I’m not Chinese or Korean myself so I don’t feel qualified to give an accurate opinion about these matters, but from what I’ve read and what some people have mentioned, the tense relations between Korea and China could be one of the reasons keeping the voters from voting for most of the Yuehua kids. If true, it’s sad and unfortunate because they shouldn’t be judged by their nationality (or the nationality of their company).

I can’t wait to see their debut, though. They have the visuals and the raw talent to be a really great group. :)

k on the one hand i’m wildly interested in all the info we’re getting out of john right now, but on the other hand my little grubby fanfic-loving heart really really wants them to just have casual conversation like “what was your world like” “what’s your favorite kind of food” “what did magnus do this time” “hey i brought a movie”

My Top 10 K-Dramas of 2013 - What's Yours? [Spoiler Alert]

2013 is about to end and K-dramaland has been kind in bringing us so many goodies this year. Below are my Top 10 favs on the year (my favs so it might not be yours so please don’t judge) :

The Book of the House of Gu

While the ending was a bit meh because WHY THE HELL did Lee Seung Gi have to be such a chaebol like person in modern Korea and all when it could have ended less cheesily but other than that I really enjoyed the drama. Suzy and Lee Seung Gi had great chemistry and the other characters were really well executed to, like Choi Jin Hyuk the forest god daddy and Yoo Yoon Seok as the possessed hyung. And god how much I love these two actors now.

Empress Ki

This drama is amazing. It is still going on now (because it is those 50 ep super long dramas) but I am pretty sure I will cling on all 50 episodes. All the actors are superb and while I got a feeling Ha Ji Won and Joo Jin Mo are supposed to be the otp (because of the Ep 1 K-drama styled stare), I cannot help but love the chemistry and scenes between her and Ji Chang Wook (I love him but I am not being bias here). The puppy emperor is too adorable and right now there is more of a legit reason for the two to be together as they are both ally-less and alone in this freaky baddies infested court of intrigues. Like nearly everyone in this drama is up to something O.O I forsee myself going down with another ship after Reply 1994.

Good Doctor

One of the best medical K-dramas in a good long time and Joo Won was played the role of an awkward genius young doctor with savant syndrome perfectly. The background to his character made the drama all the more interesting and perhaps brought the idea of helping people in a medical drama without being that cheesy (because his character has more reason to stop people from dying and to believe in it stubbornly). Moon Chae Won was also great and jksjkdnslkakncklas it’s just a drama that I would highly recommend. It just makes me feel fluffy inside :)

I Can Hear Your Voice

I had my doubts when I first started because it had the oh we met when we were young thing going on but I think the age difference yet opposite to what you expect in the maturity of the characters really got my attention in the get go. Lee Jong Suk portrayed his mind-reader role really well and I like how the story made his use of it for justice less forced on like what you would expect from a show with a super power possessing lead. Lee Bo Young nailed the playful immature and at times condescending public defender who grew to care for others like she used to while keeping the sassy attitude. Also kudos to Kim Sohyun who played Lee Bo Young’s counter part really well, allowing the growth in the character to be all the more realistic. I also admire the work done for Lee Da Hee’s storyline as most second female leads get demoted to the love ruining villainess and cunning master of manipulation without much explanation or some really unrealistic back story. But this role had development and a reasonable story too so YAY! Also, this drama had one of the better K-drama endings in the year to boot :D

Nine: Nine Times Time Travel

So I heard an American Version is being made and I am not surprised. This drama was that good. Unlike the overused back in time model used by many dramas already, this drama actually had a murder mystery for us to follow, with the hero’s love life being tossed back and forth in the most gut wrenching ways possible with every change he makes to the reality keeping us on our toes. This was a great breakout role for Lee Jin Wook who portrayed our cold city man time traveller extremely well while bringing out his emotions at each discovery and change with ease. Jo Yoon Hee was also a pleasant surprise (for me because I never watched anything with her in it before) and her role as the cute but tough journalist was a breathe of fresh air from the pretty poor girl or stunning idol heroines as of late.

Queen of Ambition

Seriously, this drama is so melo, it made me have my doubts in humanity. If North Korea hates Kim Tae Hee for Stairway to Heaven, someone needs to smuggle this drama there and they will discover that things only get worst with Soo Ae. You think she will kill an old man? NO. She tells him his missing son is dead. You think she will blackmail someone with proof of dirty secretsNO. She does that with so much skill she can out pwn a manipulative CEO with blank sheets of A4 paper. She is that good. And there is Kwon Sang Woo, whose amazing acting brought the hero, the man blinded by love now out for revenge, so believable to the point when he was really out to get her, you are scared of him too. Basically you have two amazing actors on a show down of wits and life ruining. Splendid stuff to wet your pants from fear but also cry your eyes out for our poor second male lead of TVXQ‘s Yunho and second female lead Go Jun Hee who involuntarily gets stuck in the mix.

Reply 1994

One of my favourite dramas of the year no doubt. While it was not super dramatic like Queen of Ambition or good at mystery as Nine (why you drag this hubby mystery for so long…), this was one of the best slice of life coming of age K-dramas ever. The emphasis on friendship and growing up together as a family was done fantastically, giving time for all characters to flesh them out into people that seem so real that we cannot help but love (maybe not to Yoo Yoon Seok’s love line though, oh well he left the show with all the woman who watched the drama dying to marry him) Go Ara was also really good, kicking all the critics away with a slipper (say that in Masan dialect XD) as the epic Na Jung who grew from wild girl to mature woman. Jung Woo also broke out as the reliable and manly Oppa for all Korean women (who will trash your house).

School 2013

Korea and its school problems have been touched on in many dramas but School 2013 has to be the most direct one of all. Apparently, there is even more work done in Korean schools now against bullying because of the success of the drama. And of course other than great acting from Choi Daniel and Jang Na Ra, School 2013 won’t be so great without the famous bromance between Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woobin, which led to a real life bromance off screen (and speculations that the two are a gay couple)


Oh betrayal. After watching Queen of Ambition and Secret, it really makes me wonder if that many people go to jail for their loved ones in Korea. Isn’t it guaranteed they will betray you and leave you to rot in there? Isn’t that the point? Oh well, I won’t complain since this drama is so good and this is needed to get it going! Ji Sung was AMAZING (wow you and your wifey are a on roll this year ;) ) and Hwang Jung Eum did such a good job. And Lee Da Hee AGAIN (you killing these second female lead roles girl) wowed me. Now thank you, Bae Soo Bin for doing so well in reminding me yet again that power ruins people in K-dramaland.

The Sun of My Master

The smartest drama of the year - seriously a female lead who sees ghost and a male lead who by touching her stops that from happening; THE PERFECT FORMULA FOR ENDLESS SKINSHIP OPPORTUNITIES!!! Now add in Kong Hyo Jin as the ghost seeing girl and So Ji Sub as the guy she must touch - BAM! Fans = dead. Ok, just to ensure we kill a few more fangirls, let’s also add in Seo In Guk and give him a super hot role and let Infinite's L be mini So Ji Sub! Other than an wonderful storyline, that’s enough reason to watch it, but seriously, watch it for the story XD

What’s your Top 10 K-Dramas of the Year? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below and may the drama sharing begin (and the road to more excuse for holiday procrastination!)

okay time for some sadness.

in the ep k/en 10 its shown that 42 y/o gwen and kenny are VERY close bc she couldn’t make it for his birthday bc she was hunting down aliens in the 8th pit of navato and kenny seems to be REALLY excited to see her ( via hologram ) and then REALLY upset when she says she cant make it

i feel like even if gwen had her own kids she would still be close to kenny but prob not as much so i feel like gwen spoils kenny a lot and is SUPER close to him bc she doesn’t have any kids.

by this point ben and kevin have kids but not gwen. and gwen strikes me as someone who would want a family some day

but what if the reason she’s really, really close to kenny is bc she can’t have any kids. whether for medical reasons or maybe an injury on the field, who knows, but what if she couldn’t have children at all and because of that she spends all her time spoiling kenny bc its the next best thing even tho it kills her bc she wanted a child tbh

If everybody are still discussing Yukari’s orientation, it means, that K is still alive, so I will share my little thoughts. Too bad, that they are not about Yukari. Today I wanna talk about Nagare and Mikoto.

Long time ago, Mikoto was one of my fav character. After watching S1, I started to search more info about K world and the first things I read, were Memory of Red and Side Red. So, the old Homra with Mikoto and Totsuka became my favorite clan. But now, my King is Nagare and my beloved clan is Jungle. And, you know, I love Nagare much more, than I ever liked Mikoto.

That’s why there’s a thing, that I really can’t understand. Why series treats Mikoto like a super hero and in the same time continues to repeat, that Nagare is just a dead corpse?

This dissonance really, really bothers me. The difference between their positioning became clear even in K ROK: look at strong flashbacks with Mikoto (our dead hero earned some airtime even in the 13th ep) and characters’ feels about him. Look, how his death affected lots of people. And now… Nagare. Was called «nothing, but a corpse» several times, stared at the Slate, fell and died. Everybody celebrates, happy ending.

And it’s just the beginning. The more franchise gives us, the more I get confused.

For example, the last chapter of Dream of Green. Yes-yes, that scene with naked Nagare. Was it really necessary, if we have only 5 eps? Was it really necessary in THE LAST CHAPTER, that should had given us FEEELS? I can’t imagine any other reason, except money (maybe naked Kings increase sells on 300%). But for me… it’s all like @kotowari-and-ayamachi said: «That’s how I’ll remember you, when you’re gone: Suoh Mikoto – the Indomitable Lion. Hisui Nagare – the King of No Pants. No honor, no respect». (с)

Or the short story from BD vol.6. I liked it in general, but Fushimi’s POV, when he thought, that Nagare looks like a corpse and lifeless doll, made my hair move again. What’s up, Pink? Fushimi isn’t stupid enough to accept, that corpses can eat, can think and create one of the most popular social networks in a country. Moreover, he lived with Jungle for a while and could see things, that no one from table alliance had seen. They are family – you told it yourself. Do you want to ruin the family and kill all of them?

Gora, please. Can you reach an agreement and arrive at a common in grand questions, like this? Or you simply hide your plot holes and poor characterization with «ow, all other people thought, that he’s just a crazy corpse, that wants to ruin the world, so it’s ok to kill him without thinking and without trying to understand and any other bothers». I think, lot’s of characters could be deeper, than that. And Shiro and Anna are first in this list.

But you know, what’s even more sad? That Mikoto, our dear hero, indomitable lion, have sooo many respect and love from the series, that it makes me wanna laugh.

If you think about it, Mikoto is absolutely egoistic and lazy man, that has great powers, but prefers to lie on a sofa, doesn’t work, lives on mama Kusanagi’s money and yet can’t keep his own fire in control (he managed to live without Totsuka a whole week, applause!). What’s more important, he put thousands of innocent children in a deadly danger (let’s think about their parents as well), deeply hurt his close friends (Kusanagi and Anna), fucked his clan (zero responsibility) and ruined the state of Munakata (no comment).

Ok, Nagare isn’t a God dandelion too and has his own flaws. But! He did for the world much more, than Mikoto (I already mentioned it, but Jungle is one of the most popular social networks in the country, that became part of the daily life). Nagare is hardworking (do you remember, how he apologized to Iwa-san, when overslept a little?). And the main thing: he plays not only for himself, but for all the people. For something great and wonderful.

You can say, that Mikoto had a hard time with his powers. But it can’t be compared with all, that Nagare experienced, all, that he lost, and all, that he beared all these 14-15 years. But if Mikoto chose the sofa, Nagare continued to live, to create something you, to fight and change the world, even if most of his life went on a wheelchair. He’s a very, very strong character and one of the best role model in the series.

That’s why there’s a thing, that I really can’t understand. Why? Gora, WHY. This is not fair. Is it because you are so fond of your friendship and bonds lines, so putting the world and people in danger, hurting your close ones and killing yourself for a revenge is much more cooler, than continue to live, change the world and make something great? Or it’s just because you loved your own characters much more in 2012-2013 years?

As usual, sorry for my English.


Preview pics….
Fushimi visiting scepter4 jail possibly trying to break douhan out.For jungle points definitely.
Awashima and kusanagi at Christmas party by jungle in order to find whereabouts of sekiban.Awashima getting worried about fushimi as they still don’t know where he is and can’t get into contact with him.And kusanagi being seri’s support. Cool!
Hisui and co enjoying victory and planning to cause more ruckus. Although I don’t get hisui’s appearance here.Why is he white haired now, is using his power or its influence of sekiban.Maybe he has already started releasing sekiban’s power…
Yata probably being worried about saruhiko(I wish).But it could be worry about kusanagi to for obvious reasons.
Munakata smirking(while looking very sweet doing so) in his office, possibly relating to achieving something(possibly an answer or reply in a way he expected) he wanted . Which by the next set of pics looks like engaging zenjou san(it looks like zenjou san is attacking munakata or maybe threatening to or it could be something else, well gora is getting good at surprises afterall).Getting an answer out of zenjou san and probably compelling and actually making him join.If he does we will see that scene from PV soon where zenjou san protects munakata.And the green clans waste clansmen were shooting torpedoes and missiles towards munakata.Damn it I just realised something that muna didn’t had his sword in those PV shots right(or am I mistaken? ).That’s why muna isn’t defending himself, zenjou is defending him.So, it looks like zenjou san is munakata sword now.
And lastly fushimi gaining initial jungle powers.So he gathered enough points. That means he broke douhan out I guess?

This is really just too interesting… So the game finally begins…
At the very least, they are Munakata’s men. Fushimi knows full well that Scepter 4 is by no means incompetent.

LSW, Last Period - King’s Dagger

Fushimi’s real thoughts when he told the pursuit squad that they only get leftovers for being so incompetent. But he’s aware that they aren’t, because they’re here out of Munakata’s choice.

Now we know when our tsundere here calls his colleagues incapable idiots, he’s just venting and doesn’t really think so. :p

Kinda surprised that this didn’t catch attention back when the translation was posted. But I really want to point this out after ep.11. I laughed so hard when he said “those idiots” in front of Nagare. Nagare took it literally, having no idea what he really meant was more like “those cute dorks”.

Jonghyun has my respect as an artist, and I also think that he has the potential for international recognition, because he really seemed to imprint his own brand of artistry on his EP ‘Base’. He wrote all of the songs, co-composed a number of the songs, picked his collaboraters and concept… I look forward to observing more of his work in the future. I would love to see other K-pop idols expressing their creativity and individuality like this too. Can anybody recommend to me other idols like this?

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Whether or not any EXO members have a girlfriend or is gay is really none of our bussiness. I actually really hate the fact these boys are viewed as bad when they show any true emotions (like Suho in Ep.6) [GO XIUHAN! but Baekhyun's mine ^0^]

I really appriciate fans having this attitude. Because consider this: (Warning: Admin K gets real serious)

EXO, right now, is constantly in the spotlight. They’re always practicing, going from concert to concert to music show to interview, and when they do have free time they can’t leave their homes without getting recognized. It’s even more so now that EXO’s Showtime is being filmed. Now they’re probably using whatever free time they did have to try to act endearing while a camera crew films them doing basically nothing for an entire day. And as mundane as Showtime is, I was really surprised to learn that most of my students - including some of my male students! - watch it. EXO is a huge deal, and every little thing they do is put under a microscope.

EXO seem to be pretty normal, harmless guys. Think about this: even with people hacking their phones and computers the worst things they could find was cute selcas taken with other members and the fact that Sehun, Baekhyun, and Kai sometimes play online games. And yet people are still trying to dig up dirt on them. It’s as if people want to see the world through this dark lens where all idols are terrible and we just need to uncover their filthy secrets. Why are we so obsessed with idols if we truly believe them to secretly be terrible? And think about yourself. You’re not that bad. Can you imagine if thousands of people were constantly trying to uncover every single tiny detail of your life, trying to dig up all your skeletons and find out all your secrets? You’re not a bad person, but there are parts of your life you want to keep private. Not because they’re bad, but because they’re just personal. If you want that luxury, shouldn’t the idols you supposedly love be given that same luxury? It seems some people want to know more about their idols than they would expect to know from their own friends. How crazy is that? I’m not saying this to pass judgement… because to some extent I think all of us dedicated fans struggle with this. But the important thing is to remind ourselves that we aren’t entitled to know anything about them that they don’t willingly offer up. If you wouldn’t expect it from your friends, don’t expect it from your idols.

I kind of got off track, but the point I’m trying to make is that these boys are human. They have things that make them upset, and things that make them sad. Suho is a leader, and I think his frustration with EXO in Showtime made some sense. The show it obviously heavily edited, so we don’t know everything that happened, but it certainly looked like many of members acted in a somewhat lazy manner in Episode 6. It’s not entirely their fault - the show runners of Showtime have a sloppy and almost non-existent premise for the show, and seem to be more or less relying on EXO’s adorableness to carry the show for them. It seems like the boys often don’t seem to know what they’re supposed to be doing, and I suspect they were just told to “do as they would usually do” with no cameras. Which is why I think we get members sleeping and eating and wandering off to get coffee or shop in the middle of an assignment. Baekhyun and D.O seemed to think it was entirely on the EXO members shoulders to create entertaining content for the viewers, but it seems to me like good show runners would have better planned activities and challenges for the members so they didn’t have to stumble around trying to be entertaining with little to no instruction from the people filming them. That’s a lot of pressure! It makes sense that Suho would be stressed, that that he would be displeased with the people he’s leading when they didn’t help with the chores or work hard to make a fun broadcast. And I also understand why, with little instruction and lots of pressure, some of the members would want to sleep. There wasn’t really a “good guy” and a “bad guy” in that situation - we were just witnessing normal human interaction showing that, yes, in fact, EXO are people just like you and me.

This is getting longer than I expected so I’ll just say one more thing. As I was reminded today, EXO is currently on a NO DATING CONTRACT. So if they are dating someone, not even their company can know about it. We’re likely to not get any actual confirmed information about EXO having girlfriends or boyfriends for quite some time. So don’t put stock into dating rumors right now. The majority of them appear to be completely made up. And even after their dating contract runs out, sadly (this really does break my heart to say), they probably won’t be able to be open about their sexual orientation if they are gay. The few Korean celebrities that did come out destroyed their careers, which is why Kim Jonghyun is seen as so brave for walking that line as often as he does. Hopefully this will change in the future, but right now an EXO member coming out of the closet could devastate his career, and could possibly take the rest of EXO down with him. :( I really want to believe things have changed. Lumin is becoming a very, very beloved “love line” even in Korea, so it would be interesting to see how people would react if it came out that they were really dating. But for now we can’t possibly know because of the “no dating” rule.

Wow that was long winded I’ve gotten a lot of feelings about this issue lately haha

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because imo the I love you was added in ADR. it just cut to lexa when clarke said it and there wasnt really a reaction for lexa so

also I know lmao it was super anticlimactic and boring it was so weak lmao