i really like this dude tho he should have had a lot more screen time

RFA + Minor Trio: Video Games

So I got bored, and being the Mystic Messenger obsessed game addict that I am, my mind wandered to wondering what sorts of video games the RFA would play, like types or genres and some examples (aside from LOLOL in Yoosung’s case of course lol), which led to making this headcanon post. Of course, these are all just my personal headcanons, and I would love to hear what thoughts you guys have for this subject! Sharing headcanons is fun~!! Sorry this got kinda long tho lol I guess I got carried away ^^;;;

Note: If you’re on the mobile app and only see Yoosung’s section, copy and paste the post’s URL into your mobile web browser. That should fix it~


  • Well we all know that he’s addicted to LOLOL, and probably plays or has tried other MMOs. As perfect as those are for him, I’m looking at other types of games for this. Otherwise it’s too easy lol
  • Plays RPGs and adventure games the most
  • When he can make a custom character, his preferred classes are knight or warrior classes, but he’s also open to playing as mages
  • Definitely the kind of player that picks up every. Single. Side quest. Because he wants to help everyone
  • Need a certain number of rarely dropped items? No problem!
  • Want to deliver an item to someone who’s not even a two minute walk away? He’s on it!
  • Got a super difficult optional boss that you want dead that can–and will–display the Game Over screen multiple times, and you’re offering a class-specific item he can’t use as a reward? Sign him the fuck up!
  • Unless they want something he doesn’t agree with… -gives Skyrim’s Blades the side-eye-
  • No matter how hard he tries, he just can’t bring himself to play the “asshole/aggressive character” style
  • “Sure, this assassin was hired by that one traitor who wants us dead, my party is totally against letting him live since he might try to kill us again, and we have absolutely no reason to trust him aside from his seemingly honest answers which he could have just fabricated to save himself, so logic seems to point at killing him to be safe…………buuuuuuuuuut he could be a helpful party member and then no one has to die!”
  • Also, he loves games that encourage interaction with other players!
  • “People think that you don’t get any friends if you play games… but you get tons!” TRUTH!!!
  • So yeah, games with interaction are great!
  • Honestly MMORPGs are fucking perfect for him and and that’s why he’s addicted to LOLOL! lol seriously dude game with me plz
  • Really likes Pokemon for the sense of community with trades and battles and such
  • Totally attempted to make a competitive team at some point
  • Whenever new games are announced, he and Seven figure out who gets what version so they can trade version exclusives and such
  • Can never beat Seven in a battle tho… The one rival battle he can never win T^T
  • Also this guy is a Kirby fan fight me on this

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jirehthedisciple  asked:

Top 5 favourite fruitship moments

wow i’m so sorry kouhai this is damn overdue (and i owe you a lot) and honestly now i’m regretting getting back to this because aughsfndifdjsls there are SO MANY cries why did u make me pick just 5 i hate u

top 5 so far as of today (rip we just got thru ep 146):

5. Episodes 50/51

ah yes the first episodes where yuya not only begins to realize a bit of his own denseness in regards to his feelings towards yuzu, he openly states out loud all of the reasons why yuzu is so important to him: she stayed with him even when he was bullied and cheered him on despite this, she was the one that gave him an idea of how to evolve as a duelist, he straight up says both rune-eyes and beast-eyes are monsters he was able to summon thanks to yuzu, he realizes the reason she was trying to get stronger was to protect him and his friends… and of course even reiji takes advantage of his feelings for yuzu. reiji. taking advantage. of his feelings. before this duel, yuya wanted nothing to do with becoming a lancer, but by the end of it… he joins because, just as reiji stated, he wants to save yuzu. and then episode 51 ends like this

oh my god the pain in his voice

(also quick shout out to ep 54 becuz it shows us the struggle of being separated from yuzu’s perspective and well she cries just as bad *dies*)

4. Episode 125. I think this post pretty much sums it up. 

3. The end of episode 129. idk what to say i mean… yuzu actually gets through to yuya for a moment (and it almost seems like he’ll come back to his own senses but…), then afterwards we get this

and yusho pretty much explains that them being so close to each other isn’t a coincidence… like…………….. i’m sorry i’m such a sucker for the whole… destined intertwining fates/red-string-of-fate trope… except for the kicker here is that they weren’t exactly meant to (uh) fall in love? their red-string-of-fate was just meant to pretty much stop him from becoming a demon and destroying the world… and also the fact that they’re reincarnations of zarc & ray who were enemies (technically)… oh my god……. the irony ugh my heart this is the kind of shit i fall for every damn time

2. Episode 140.

episode 140.

episode 140.

oh my god first of all just the lone fact that Yuzu is the only person, out of all of the ones that had been trying to get him back for five episodes straight, that Yuya explicitly responds to would have pretty much been enough for me tbh like that is all i needed but then they also had to throw in this

like shit even Zarc himself is surprised

and it doesn’t stop there

just look at her holding out her hand to him so gently even having to look at him like that as a demon like ashfkjsdlf

look at this shit Zarc is so dumbfounded yet Yuya’s like you know what you’re right babe like just looking at her and hearing her makes him feel calm and gives him the strength to overcome his own inner (er, outer, i guess i should say) demons aaaaaa

1. my favorite fruitship moment and the one moment that made just go from casually shipping them for the heck of it to straight up OTP AF status is this:

(episode 69)


THIS IS HOW YOU SELL ME ON YOUR OTP. Like honestly tears because one of them is dying or because they miss the other are also good but HOW OFTEN DO YOU SEE CHARACTERS CRY OUT OF JOY FOR THEIR SIGNIFICANT OTHER???? LIKE. LEGIT TEARS OF JOY. 

I am not kidding when I tell you that even with all the ship tease before this episode (and there’s A LOT of it), i was still pretty on the fence on this ship like i was in the “yeah i kinda ship it” part of the fandom not because i didn’t really like it (all the ship tease was good and their relationship has ALWAYS been wholesome) but more out of pure caution because I KNOW how main male/female ships in yugioh usually go and they are usually not very good imo. But this. this moment. This EPISODE. Yuzu shows she cares. Yuya very fucking explicitly shows he cares (he cares so much that his body has a real autonomic physical reaction to this emotional stimulus oh my god my psychologist is showing). They’re not even in person next to each other or anything yet they are communicating and understanding and supporting each other. 

as far as for yugioh goes tho, even with ship teases, usually the main female/male pair keeps to status of “friend” because ofc this is yugioh this is all about the nakama. and they usually stop there. or just they leave it at that for the most part and don’t go in depth as to why they should be shipped together besides just them being boy+girl friends = a couple but in this case they, imo, they really went above and beyond that and welp now i’m here crying

idk bout you but this convinced me their feelings for each other were more than that. and i wasn’t fruitshipping trash before this so.

anyways, that’s the end of my list but you’re probably wondering why i didn’t include the episode 99 reunion they had… dude… trust me… i love that scene… but i feel that if you ship these two, that scene is a given as a fav moment. lol it’s like if you made a “fruitshipping moments” bingo, the episode 99 reunion would be your free space lmao i mean i ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT and i will watch it a million times over and never get tired of it but it’s also so obvious lol

Jack goes into the NHL draft on schedule (in 2009) and Bitty keeps up figure skating… for a while. Hilarity ensues. A terrible fic-in-bullet-points that I couldn’t get out of my head. Enjoy. 

  • Saying that Eric got into hockey because of a boy was a little unfair.
  • He got into hockey because of a really cute boy.
  • Andrew, 5’11, green eyes, fellow figure skater, nice to Eric, did I mention green eyes?
  • So Eric likes Andrew and Andrew likes hockey, so Eric does some Late Night Googling™
    • He looks up stats and player names and talking points
    • Watch hockey? What? Why would that help?
  • Next day, Eric discovers that the only thing boys love more than talking about sports is Explaining sports
    • Furthers his hockey understanding
    • However, much of it can be summarized by “Fuck the Blackhawks”
  • Eric does some more googling over the next few weeks - because why not?- and, well, when a boy spends enough time on the Internet…..
  • He doesn’t mean for the fanfiction to show up, it’s just there
    • Not Without You” - 9,764 words, 3 chapters, M/M, angst then smut, For Mature Audiences
    • Jack is faced with a tough decision, and Parse just wants to help
  • Kent Parson and Jack Zimmerman are players for the Las Vegas Aces, and Eric knows their stats (fighting for the Calder, great chemistry, highest scoring pair)
    • And Jack Zimmermann is *totally not* exactly Eric’s type

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anonymous asked:

caulscott thing in alt universe where nathan meets max and is like "OH MAN SHES SO CUTE AND COOL I WANT HER IN MY CLUB" and makes vic propose it to the others bc he doesnt want 2 seem smitten

oka Y i spent like two days straight writing this ngl. i also somewhat got v e r y lazy towards the end, but i hope that you still enjoy this sin i have created???

(shoutout to epitome-of-bad-puns for helping me proofread at 5 in the morning ily)

also titles???? whatre those lmao

Fandom: Life is Strange

Pairing: Caulscott (Max Caulfield/Nathan Prescott)

Rating: T????? idk they use some explicit language im just bein safe ok

Words: 1,800+

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((NOTE: I wrote this between 10:30 pm and 2:00 am intermittently. You can… certainly tell what was written when. There are some things later on that I have no idea the meaning of, but they made me laugh this morning, so I decided to leave them unedited. Most of it is pretty decent observations, imho, so enjoy that much at least!)

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This is how I spent my new year haha this is all I can post I’m sorry
Anyways, I’ve only had this blog like 4-5 months now but a big thanks to everyone who have put up with me! I hope I’ll draw a lot next year and get at least a bit better.

Also I forgot his other nipple oops where did it go

spacecadetomoly  asked:

Tell me what you think Tavrosprite has been doing

Okay, you and other people who decided to wake up about this matter only when I decided to drop it, convinced me. Thank you, whoever/whatever is responsible for my insomnia now, my brain still didn’t let go of the issue and is working around it in circles.

So, gather round! We’re gonna talk about this sexy mofo:

But before we can even start, we have to make one thing clear: Tavros we are seeing here is not this one:

but this one

What’s the difference? Tavrisprite. After being prototyped and exploded, part of each of these two was left with the other. They’re tiny itsy bitsy parts, but it’s just about enough to make the Tavros from discarded timeline act with enough sass to try to grab ring behind John’s back or fly off when he has enough (and in reverse - punk!Vriska can turn into punk!Vriska exactly thanks to sharing herself with Tavros - we’re talking about her actually laying low when she admits she’d rather spend time in dreambubbles than act on her mischevious possible plans). 

So, what exactly I’m getting at here? My point is, that this blue flying cookie is nothing else but this:

That’s right, folks! Tavrosprite is exactly the embodiment of Tavros’ wildest fantasies: dead forever-child-at-heart troll, who can fly and discover the world without any responsibilities whatsoever. In the other words, what Tavrosprite has been up to since the moment he was prototyped up till the very now?

Absolutely nothing.

You heard me correctly. Tavrosprite had been wasting time on frolicking around just like Peter/Pupa Pan would do. Even more; he had been doing it at cost of Jane’s session. I’m willing to go as far as thinking of the situation of such kind:

-Vriska prototypes Tavros into the kernelsprite; Tavrosprite says hi, just like we see him do here:

and then proceeds to be amazed by the fact that he is alive again and that he can fly. Vriska explains to Jane that her new guardian has to be prototyped with something else again, and while she does that, Tavrosprite floats so far off that he becomes unreachable to Jane. Vriska decides it’s Jane’s problem and leaves her with it - from now on Jane is on endless bonus (to her other game quests) hunt for Tavrosprite just so she can prototype something else into him and make him act like a proper guide.

The thing is, Tavrosprite doesn’t want to be prototyped with anything so SBURB would bound him down to Jane as a game construct. Tavros part of the Tavrosprite doesn’t give a shit - he is amazed by the fact that he gets to know so much about game same and yet different from his own (SBURB) and that there are four worlds to explore, that he goes on ADVENTURE

How is that possible?

Well, Tavros always has been a bit of a rebull (hehe), and every time situation demanded from him to do something one way and not the other, Tavros either was like:




uH, (this is example of how he manages to end up like this without making conscious choice)

…and even if his “nO,” turns into “oKAY, i GUESS,”, he already has been stalling for so long that the opportunity to act is gone. So even if game itself somehow tries to turn him around and act like a guide, he is strong enough to resist it.

Now, the question is: why is this important? Why does Tavros get to be waste of air that brings literally nothing into the plot for three years?

Two reasons.

Reason no.1: continuation of the broken growing-up personal quest that was absolutely wrecked by Vriska getting to him and pushing him off a cliff when he wasn’t ready for it (as I mentioned here and here). It’s a very ironic situation - by becoming Pupa Pan, endless child, he manages to get some more time to grow his own (non-existent, ectoplasmic) spine. The proof for that is here:

Why is this a sign of a change? Because last time someone winked at him

Tavros literally went into blue screen of death mode

and most likely forgot the fact that response is even a thing (or rather, forgot on purpose, as in: closed his husktop and avoided Gamzee from now on; Gamzee probably waited for his answer for a night or two, but then decided it meant rejection and fell back into his sopor addiction to comfort himself).

Reason no. 2! Ignorance. By flying off and away wherever the hell he wanted to, Tavros went completely out of the loop when it came to things that happened both on meteor and Alpha Kids session. I’m even willing to bet that us seeing Tavrosprite with others is his actual, very recent reunion with the group. So, when he is saying this:

he is being bubbly after having great adventurestuck as he always wanted to and basing on his memories from when he was alive: lick Vriska’s shoes so she will go on with talking and will leave you be, so you can actually ignore the fact she is talking. Also, it’s equivalence of some dude entering a party three hours late, seeing that someone he knows is prone to talking big and lots and yelling “yeah! Go you!” without having any context, because he wants to blend into the situation.

Now, for the important part of the whole situation: the CHOICE. 

Right now Tavros Nitram achieved his primal objective: he became dead child-at-heart who can fly and “lives” without any adult responsibilities, without a chance to grow up. This is identical situation to this:

Equius faced his dream coming true: Alternian hemocist system working like it should in person he always wanted to be part of it. SGRUB put him to a test and asked a question and gave him ultimatum: are you satisfied? Is this what you wanted to achieve? Because this is not what you were meant to achieve. To continue playing, forget about your biggest dream.

Equius picked his dreams.

Very soon game will put Tavros in identical situation and ask identical question:  are you satisfied? Is this what you wanted to achieve? Because this is not what you were meant to achieve. To continue playing, forget about your biggest dream.

Two things can happen.

a) Tavros can pick to dream on. He will stay imprisoned in kernelsprite as a part of the game, endless adventure he can explore and roam through, including whatever is left of dreambubbles and game reality. SBURB/SGRUB will become his Neverland and he will stay in it and eventually he will be the only thing keeping it alive, just like Peter Pan was responsible for existence of Neverland just as it was responsible for not letting him go to the land of the dead.

This has already happened here.

(yeah, sorry for damaging your dreams - this is equivalence of dooming yourself to be the spirit that haunts the game disc. Ridiculous, but really sad in the end).

b) Tavros can pick to grow the fuck up. However, this, just like growing up in real life, has to be triggered by outside events that shape you up. As a sprite, Tavros can’t do anything, so he has to tavrosplode, so he can quit being game construct and become tied to his own remains again (which, I don’t know how would happen, since every sprite that exploded left nothing behind; there’s possibility that Vriska threw only one part of Tavros into sprite while second is in the fridge tho). Then it’s up to Jane to revive him (and she will most likely be reluctant to do so, since Tavros really did her a big disservice), so he can become alive member of the group again, and a leader as well (and he can most likely take part of Vriska who said she will be going off and away and fulfill the Peter Pan in Scarlet prophecy as well).

Question of the day: how will Tavrosprite explode?

Answer: Thanks to this motherfucker.

How? Easy. As I mentioned above, Tavrosprite is completely out of the loop when it comes to current situation and everything that happened during the past three years (he might have some vague idea thanks to being a sprite and having ultimate game knowledge linked to ARquiusprite, but it surely isn’t enough. Also, ARquiusprite might be voiding out his thoughts from Tavros, either on purpose or because of AR) so he doesn’t know anything about Gamzee being a vent-ventruing murderclown. More: Tavros never had any idea that something went wrong with Gamzee, because when Gamzee went sober and gave himself up to Lil Cal, Tavros was during his duel with Vriska and as a result of that - dying.  In the other words - to Tavrosprite, Gamzee is a naive soporified happy bro, who wanted to make out with him last time he heard of him. So far he is keeping up with tiny honks from heavily cuffed fridge only because as Peter/Pupa Pan, he finds cruel and dangerous situations funny due to his childish naivety. He most likely thinks that Gamzee WANTED TO hide in the fridge and logic of the situation hadn’t caught up with him yet. Once it will, he will:

-tease Gamzee, not wanting to believe this whole thing is wrong and that something is wrong with Gamzee;

-demand to open the fridge; if refused to, he will force himself through and open the firdge himself with his sprite powers (without touching anything);

-he will see tied up Gamzee in the fridge with dead bodies; then, Tavrosprite will RAGE and will act as line of defense of Gamzee Makara against everyone. At some point, his rage will be too much for him to handle and he will explode. If his rage is big enough, he might continue to rage after he is revived.

This will result in obtaining wings, because his anger will be tied to extreme sass. Extreme sass = rebellion = Summoner = wings ex machina. In this form, Tavros has everything to become ultimate (and only) chance to SAVE GAMZEE MAKARA FROM LIL CAL.

And it will be fABULLOUS, 

but only if Tavros decides to pick option 2. If  not - Gamzee will be doomed right along with him, either as game relict or Lord English getting rid of him.

So yeah, hold your fingers for l1L P1MP, because he is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.

P.S. For anyone wondering what Jake has to tell Tavrosprite in next upd8 here:

they will talk about how wonderful is to be boy skylark who doesn’t have to achieve and be responsible for anything. Jake, by mentioning that he feels like he was always up to be something more than he had chance to be in Aranea-less session, might tickle Tavros’ inner Page to actually want to evolve. This also might have absolutely opposite result, also thanks to Jake and Vriska. We will see. As I said before: right now we have exactly 50% chance for either this or that happening.

Why season four sucks

So this season started with a stupid episode where the first thing we noticed was that Malia suddenly is a wild animal like girl who doesn’t give a fuck and is still an animal, while in season 3B she wasn’t acting like that at all. Then we noticed that Stiles was OOC as fuck, wanting to leave Lydia, not even getting mad at some bitch wanting to eat her, etc. Oh don’t forgot how fucking mean he was towards her.

Then we see this Scira scene while Allison was only dead for two fucking months like are you kidding me, sure Scott, you have to move on, but hold your horses man .. how the fuck can you move on THAT fast.

The best thing probably was that Lydia showed she was a little jealous because of Stalia, but the fact that Malia and Stiles were writting this bad was like .. a shock I think.

So baby Derek shows up and we kinda confused but it was a good cute moment for the Sterek fandom, so it was kinda a good thing.

However, starting from episode three, the McCall pack kinda fucked up. Like Scott and Stiles took their girlfriends and they pushed away Derek and Lydia because .. yolo? I mean why is no one caring about Derek or Lydia? Do they even ask them how the fuck they feel? How Lydia is dealing with the dead of her best friend? How Derek is dealing with the fact that his crazy, once dead, ex girlfriend turned into a fucking were jaguar? How he is feeling after he was 16 again? If he is okay after being kidnapped for so long? Do they care about them? Like they can make free time while people are DYING to hook up but NOT to make sure their packmembers are okay? What’s up with Kira and being al obsessed with Scott anyways? How the fuck did Scott forget about Allison so fast? How did this happen?

And Stiles. Probably written by someone who is new to the show and never watched it? How OOC can someone be? How can you forget about the love of your life, the girl you loved since 3th grade, the girl you’d die for .. in two months? How can you fall in love with someone else so fast, while you know that new girl for two fucking months. How can you do all that in two months? Is that even possible .. oh wait .. NOPE.

So are we getting any McCall pack scenes? Nope. What we get is: scott and stiles and their girlfriend or Scott and Liam or lonely Lydia or Peter and Derek. I want Scott and Derek. I want Lydia and Stiles. I want Stiles, Derek and Scott. I don’t care who you want to put next to them, but they have to be together. That’s the real pack. Scott, Stiles, Malia and Kira IS NOT THE PACK. THAT’S NOT THE FUCKING PACK OKAY. NOPE.

I can understand everything about Liam and call me obsessed, but I don’t care. Liam is Scott’s Beta. He is automatically a part of his pack, even if he doesn’t care (Which .. he does. He does care, a lot). Liam is a beta, Scott’s beta. He’s supposed to be in the pack. So please don’t talk shit about that. 

Kira and Malia. I see how Kira works for the pack. She constantly asks about Lydia. She tries to help. She gets help from other people, like her dad and mom. She’s trying to fight with the pack. You know she tries to be a part of it, so she’s welcome. Why not? The only thing extremely stupid is the fact that she all of the sudden is totally obsessed with Scott. This girl gets slapped and waits to get killed and still thinks about Scott. Gurl wake up and save your fucking ass. Where is the badass Kitsune? I want that. I need that. The second negative thing Kira brings is probably the fact that she is like .. so empty. It’s like she doesn’t do much and I think Jeff is just out of ideas for her, which is such a pity. She deserves more. She deserves to be a badass Kitsune. I just can’t stand the fact that she wanted Scott and her to be more so fast. Bitch calm your tits the love of his life just died two months ago. Please yourself for a couple more weeks, he’ll come. Don’t worry.

Now Malia. Don’t tell me anything positive about her. She doesn’t give a flying fuck about the pack and don’t you dare telling me she acts like that because of that coyote shit. Then why can she do EVERYTHING except for caring about the pack. Lol she can fuck, she can go to school, she can part, she can dance, she can drink, she can act nice when she needs something, she expects others to care about her .. but when it’s coming to the pack, she doesn’t care. Like are you kidding me? Where is the Malia in season 3B? Gone? She wanted to be a coyote again and now the only thing she wants is Stiles his D. Oh no wait she’s mad cause they didn’t tell her the truth about her dad. I can understand that, even if they wanted to protect her, it was unfair. But dude you didn’t care about the pack right? Then why would they care about you. Why do you expect them to be loyal, if you’re not loyal yourself?

Stalia is a whole other thing and it’s just unhealthy imo. It’s ao agressive and it looks like Stiles is scared, which he shows a couple of times. And it is forced as fuck. The hooked up in a mental hospital after knowing each other for a couple hours, then all of the sudden they’re together. As if Malia said: ‘Now you’re mine ..’ Just the worst ship ever in my opinion. There is no chemistry at all.

Now for Lydia and Derek. They’re being pushed away. Lydia is all alone, because she lost her best friend. She has to deal with her banshee powers all alone. Where the fuck is Stiles huh? Is this shit for real? Even if he has someone else now, I thought he cared about her as much as she cared about him. She always did. She protected him. She was with him all the time while he was being fucking possessed. Where is he now? He found a pussy and now he’s gone? How fucking desperate is Stiles or is it because he’s OOC? I think the last one yeah. She doesn’t even get enough screentime. As if Jeff forgets about her and then puts a little three minutes in the episode. SHE DOESN’T DESERVE THAT. She’s still a main, she’s still important, she’s still a part of the pack. It’s just rude to treat her like that. Plain rude.

Same for Derek, but the only good thing for him is, that he has Peter (i don’t know if this is good tho) and now Braeden. He’s not alone, but he’s dealing with a lot of shit and his pack should care. I also really think it’s stupid how they showed us about his powerloss and then ignored it for a couple episodes and now all of his powers are totally gone. I wanted to see more. How he reacted on it, etc. I want more Derek. He’s someone who helped out Scott and Chris with nearly everything, where is he now? Why aren’t they telling them everything and why isn’t he helping while the pack is fighting? Because Scott and Stiles want a double date with their girlfriends while fighting? Please kindly fuck off. 

Then some non-character realted things. 

First of all I think it’s kinda chaotic. We had the desert scene with Kate and the Berzerkers and then there is this Wendigo dude and the Mute just to find out the Mute is a no one and there is this Benefactor person. Like .. chill. I can’t handle all of it. It’s too much. Too much characters. Too much plotholes. Too fucking much.

Because of this Derek, Lydia, Peter, Chris and Kate get a little screen time. It’s too much. But they do deserve more screentime, because we want answers. There are just so many plotholes I can’t even ..

Yeah this is it kinda. I really don’t like this season, there are some things I like which is Jordan Parrish and Liam Dunbar and Mason for example. I loved the Orphans, but they’re dead and I like Brett. But it still sucks. I need a season 5 like it used to be. The pack and not so chaotic. Not an OOC Stiles. Not an obsessed Kira. Just .. I want Teen Wolf. Not .. wtf is this Wolf.