i really like this coloring idk

Wip - stuff

Poked at the mesh some more and ended up with moving some stuff around on the uvmap. Gave it a 3rd channel, but that made the overlay preset not look so good. Wasn’t really a fan of that anyways. (I like coloring things myself) So….Onto doing the flipped version. Idk, it functions and looks okay, but sims climbing the walls….Idk. *scampers off to read some modding tutorials*

Still have some other stuff I need to finish from last year and release them - the chip bag and the limbo bar. Would be good for Summer coming up. Dag Dag…

i think im really scared for Star Wars actually :/ like Kathleen Kennedy is the female george lucas apparently which isnt exactly new but its definitely i guess more apparent bc of how people pay attention to the leverage she has in casting + marketing departments and how the decisions she makes affect the branding and story of the star wars franchise but considering her kind of awful reaction to being asked abt Finnpoe, and Colin Trevorrow (a sorta wildly misogynist director dude) directing Ep IX… idk. Its not lookin good and Rian Johnson better give us gays of color some plot armor cuz i can Feel a storm coming

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name: anahat

nicknames: none i hate nicknames 

zodiac sign: scorpio :)

orientation: im a bisexual bitch 

nationality: american

favorite fruit: cherries, pineapples and raspberries 

favorite season: spring!!!!!

favorite book: idek i rarely read anything anymore but a while ago i read this punjabi book about death and it really impacted me so maybe that

favorite flower: tulips peonies roses or lotus idk i love all flowers

favorite scent: the smell outside in the spring or coffee 

favorite color: dude i love every colour maybe red?

favorite animal: flamingos 

coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: coffee & chai

average sleep hours: 6 maybe 5

cat or dog person: both but ive only ever had dogs 

favorite fictional character: annalise keating from htgawm, piku from piku, linda belcher from bobs burgers, charlie kelly from always sunny 

number of blankets you sleep with: 1 

dream trip: italy, morocco, nepal, spain, punjab on the pakistan side

blog created: this one was made in december last year

number of followers: 3 

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(afycso anon) My emo boy is back (time to buy yet another mcr shirt) I'm so happy, he suits dark hair so much. I stared at yoongi sprawled on the couch on the group picture for 5 minutes for some reason, what other memos are you gonna send him 'cause I'm game (ps well I read the Assistant again, ps2 did I already said Nevermind is a masterpiece and that we don't deserve Min Yoongi?)

me when i saw jeongguk’s dark hair: 

he really does suit dark hair colors the best, like the blond was a great color on him but it was so dried out the last time and just ??? black and dark brown suit him wonderfully honestly (also… red hair jeongguk)

idk, i mean he got my memo about the undercut im fed enough rn 

oooh, i’m going to try and read ‘the assistant’ today or tomorrow, it looks good and if u read it and liked it, it should be good i trust u 

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have you ever thought about designing tattoos? your art style is like really weird (in a good way) and cool with a lot of roughness and your coloring when u use those bright colors would look super cool as a tattoo imo... idk i just feel like if u drew like a brightly colored manticore or a dragon i could see that as like a big ass full back tattoo or smthn...

ahh thanks! i think it would be fun but i’d probably have to make like, pre-drawn tattoo designs bc i think the stress of someone specifically commissioning me for something to go on their body would make me overthink the drawing

SPEAKING OF TATTOOS i really want one by tarmasz, mariñe perez or tayri rodríguez but THEYRE ALL IN EUROPE so if anyone is tattoo-savvy and knows of someone in the eastern US who has a similar style let me know blease

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name: alison

nicknames:  ali, alison minaj, sonny

zodiac sign: aries

orientation: bisexual

nationality: portuguese american

favorite fruit: coconuts, strawberries, grapes, bananas

favorite season: spring

favorite book: fangirl by rainbow rowell

favorite flower: tbh idk how to answer this because i was going to pick a rose, but then i really don’t know omg

favorite scent: i can’t think of any for the life of me. omg how sad

favorite color: red, pink, burgundy, olive green

favorite animal: dogs, seals, turtles, elephants

coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: coffee and hot cocoa

average sleep hours: 7-8 hours

cat or dog person: dog

favorite fictional character: moana, the get down brothers, the soul madonnas, cookie lyon, groot, the belcher family

number of blankets you sleep with: 5 during the winter and then 1 or 2 during the summer

dream trip: visit the main land of portugal where my dad grew up and the island in portugal where my mom grew up. also disney world in florida is one of my favorite places to be so i honestly would adore traveling to every disney in the world too.

blog created: i made this piece of shit in 2011 

number of followers: five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred

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name: jalyn
nickname: jay 
zodiac sign: cancer
height: 5′4
orientation: straight
ethnicity: chinese + cambodian
favorite fruit: I looove fruit, so I can’t pick just one so my faves are mangoes, bananas, strawberries, cantaloupes, and raspberries
favorite season: winter (bc christmas, cold weather, and cozy nights in)
favorite book series: ofc harry potter
favorite flowers: white roses; so simple and pretty!
favorite scent: idk how to describe this, but scents are really meaningful to me??? whenever something smells really good it makes me super happy idk lol anyways my faves are lavender and vanilla
favorite color: white and any pastel colors 
favorite animal: dogs 
coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: honestly can’t decide, somedays i want coffee and some days i want tea 
average sleep hours: 7 hours (i’ve been trying to shoot for 8.. ps it’s difficult)
cat or dog person: definitely dogs.. i hate cats w a passion 
favorite fictional characters: the 10th and 11th doctor (doctor who)
number of blankets you sleep with: one
dream trip: a europe trip (france, italy, uk, etc) or an east asia trip (korea, japan, china)
blog created: december 2016
number of followers: just reached 100! tysm yay

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>Old pic of me, this was the first one I could find since I don’t really take selfies hahaha.

Home Screen: Picture of a heads up display
Lock Screen: Civil engineers build targets, aerospace engineers build weapons meme
Last Song: Sleeping In and lemme tell ya it’s an awesome song 
Relationship Status: I lik the bred :)
Favorite Color: I freaking love neon yellow. I like Air Force blue, navy blue, tron blue. Red, white, and blue. 
Last Movie: The Grand Budapest Hotel!
Top 3 TV Shows: Hmm….Peaky Blinders, Extreme Homes Collection, Psych? That list changes everyday 
Top 3 Characters:  Nathan Drake, Shawn Spencer, idk fam 
Top 3 Ships: Okay this is easy: USS Alabama, the Iowa, and of course the Sea Pyramid. AlL hAiL tHe SeA PyRaMiD

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So I really wanted to have a comic finished today, but I have one in the making that I’m really liking and didn’t wanna rush it, or separate it into parts. So have this Stardust Ruby Rose thing till I get back from vacation, and can upload a cute team STRQ comic!

Sidenote: Anyone think “Dust” in RWBY could be Star Dust? Idk what that would mean, but it sounds cute~!


this was supposed to be a shallura tangled au but this isnt even in the actual movie lmao

anyway, allura grew up with magical growing hair that glows different colors depending on her mood, and lived in a tower since she was young till an escapee climbed into her tower to hide

bonus klance (this au probs only have side klance tho lol):

cant believe how dumb they are that person is literally just next to you–


dark willow + seven devils by florence and the machine for @mylittleshipperhart

They can keep me out
‘Til I tear the walls
'Til I save your heart
And to take your soul
For what has been done
Cannot be undone
In the evil’s heart
In the evil’s soul

alright! *cracks knuckles* let’s talk about klance! i know all these points have been made in other posts but i’m just irritated and want to make my own post lmfao. i don’t understand people who say keith and lance don’t have any chemistry/potential/”romantic” moments…like…are you watching the same show that i’m watching? you don’t have to like the ship, dude, but there is no denying there’s something going on.

lance, your bi is showing.

do i even need to talk about the, “we are a good team” scene? this was ridiculously gay. holy fuck. tender hand holding. EVEN THE WAY KEITH SAYS LANCE’S NAME IS TENDER. they just sit there holding hands the whole time. they could have let go, either one of them could have let go, dude. keith wasn’t helping lance up. he kneeled down next to him and just…fucking held his hand? those soft smiles? lance doing the “fond eyebrow raise”? gay. and i know the purple lighting is from the galra crystal, but like…wow this whole set up was romantic as hell. seriously, sit back and imagine if one of them were a girl. boom, romantic. everyone would see it. so why is it so hard for some of y’all to see it here? not to mention the fact that we never actually saw the supposed “cradling” (i refuse to believe “I cradled you in my arms!” refers to this hand holding. there has to be more. a full on cradle). that was probably so fucking gay. AND THE EPISODE RIGHT AFTER, WHEN LANCE IS IN THE HEALING POD, KEITH BEING AN IMPATIENT LITTLE FUCK, FULL ON POUTING, TAPPING THE POD BECAUSE ALLURA WON’T LET LANCE OUT OF IT YET. EVEN THOUGH SHE SAID “JUST A FEW MORE TICKS.”

like, this boy can’t even fucking wait a few ticks because he just wants to see lance. there is no way to deny that he wants to see lance, talk to him, probably about their bonding moment. i bet he thinks everything is going to be different between him and lance now. 

he’s also the last one to walk away from the pod. *eye emoji* why did they choose to show that? what was the Point? then, when lance comes out of the healing pod, keith gets this precious little smile on his face. he’s happy to see him. looking forward to talking about feelings and shit, most likely.

but! lance instantly flirts with allura and keith just says, “Classic.” he then proceeds to look salty as fuck with his signature broody arm crossing included. this poor boy. you’re killing him lance, you really are.

not to mention the many other times he has appeared jealous when lance is flirting. (”Jealousy, thy name is Keith.”) i’m not posting screencaps of all those moments because i’m so lazy and like i said, all these points have been made in other posts and i got other shit i’m focusing on. 

here it is, the iconic, “We had a bonding moment! I cradled you in my arms!” scene. listen. i honestly can’t even think of a reason why keith would bring this up, unless he has a big fat crush on lance. it just did not fit into the conversation at all. let me type it out for y’all even though you probably don’t need me to. we’ve analyzed this to hell and back already but…

Lance: “Wow. Thanks, everybody. Sounds like the mice did more than you, though.”
Keith: “I punched Sendak!”
Lance: “Yeah, apparently after I emerged from a coma and shot his arm off.”
Keith, looking completely fucking devastated: “We had a bonding moment. I cradled you in my arms!” (his voice CRACKS)

honestly, he looks like he just witnessed his world fall apart around him. #mood

i don’t know about you, but this would not be my reaction unless, like i said, i had a big fat crush on the other person. he looks so betrayed, oh my god. and lance…wow. lance says, “Nooope. Don’t remember, didn’t happen.” now, is it just me or is this totally lance being a little shit about the fact that keith didn’t remember him in the first episode when they’re saving shiro? i bet it is.

alright, now this here, this is my favorite. this screenshot is titled “GAY this is so fucking GAY” in my files because um? their faces? those are very fond and tender expressions. this whole scene was so gay i stg. keith was flirting up a storm with this boy and it was amazing. let’s not forget that the planet lance was on with nyma highkey had the bi flag colors and there was two rainbows in this episode. symbolism, guys. these things mean a lot and are very important in animation. (there’s a lot more symbolism that many people have pointed out, including what i said above but my ass don’t have the time to put them all here)

the flirtation is strong in this one. here’s some more moments (i probably didn’t put them all idk i can’t remember) where keith is either a) flirty or b) looking at lance with that oh so soft expression. he doesn’t really look at any of the other characters like this (definitely not at allura lmfao), at least not that i’ve noticed. correct me if i’m wrong. 

wow keith you’re soooo cool…

a very underappreciated Soft Look.

this whole scene kills me every time, i love everything about it.


this still haunts me. it haunts all of us. why!!! did!!! he!!! say!!! it!!! like!!! that!!! you can hear the winky face in his voice. the way he says this is equivalent to 100 winky faces. if you don’t think this is blatant flirting, you’re a lost cause.

of course you were. of course. you want his attention. it’s okay, we know, lance.

LOOK AT THAT SMIRK KEITH IS SPORTING!!! anyways, that is the face of someone flirting. i make the same damn face keith makes when i flirt. if one of them were a girl, IT WOULDN’T EVEN BE A QUESTION. IT WOULD BE OBVIOUS FLIRTING AND PEOPLE WOULD SHIP THE HELL OUT OF IT. but no, they’re two boys. dudes bein’ dudes. just guys bein’ bros. wow, what a great bromance.

now, just for shits and giggles, let us compare how keith looks when he’s literally cradling allura in his arms vs. when he’s holding hands with lance.

he deadass looks like this -_- with allura. there’s actually a fucking…slight frown on his face now that i really look at it, oh my god. even when allura removes herself and blushes, he still looks like that. now, wouldn’t you think that, hm…if they wanted it to be known that keith wants to smooch allura, they’d at least put a slight blush on his face to match allura’s or maybe have him appear to be a little flustered? 

he’s gay. i can’t imagine him not being gay. (imo, him being galra is a big metaphor for him being gay. coming to terms with who he is and “coming out” to the other paladins. everything hunk says to him in “The Belly of the Weblum” are common things straight people say to gay people. a lot of people in the fandom seem to agree with this, but maybe we’re all just reaching idk) i just feel like…someone who likes girls would have a different reaction than keith’s when faced with a beautiful girl like princess allura in their arms. yeah, i know, this has already been said. but!!! it’s!!! true!!! all of their “romantic” scenes together were awkward, forced and came right out of nowhere and keith just…had no reaction. compare that to all the faces he’s made at lance. yeah. the difference is ridiculously obvious.

there’s honestly so much more i want to add to this, stuff from the comics and more subtle things (including a screencap of lance’s face in “Escape from Beta Traz” when he’s talking about keith and how he does cool shit. boy had the most fond expression known to man. u know the one), but everything has already been said by someone else. i’ll end it by saying this, again, because i’m really fucking salty: if one of these boys were a girl, there would be ZERO question about the purpose of these interactions. it would all be seen as flirting and romantic. it’s such a common trope. red and blue. fire and ice. they balance each other out. peace the heck out.

hey um this is a random long caption. I really appreciate you all. The fact you take time to tell me about your day or how you feel or your opinion on something I ask is just nice and sweet and I know it’s small but like just speaking to me is cool even if it’s not direct. Yeah so Um I’ve been feeling weird. I’m not sure why, well I know why but idk. I know this has been emphasized time and time again but I don’t think it hurts to emphasize it again. I mean maybe it does it’s probably annoying but hey that’s me right. You know I do these over the top colorful looks and am overly bubbly sometimes it may seem but um it’s not always like that. I’m not always an angel, I can lie, I can breakdown, Im insecure, I can misinterpret things, sometimes I won’t listen.. and so on. But i try really try to be a better me and try hard to do whatever I want when it comes to what will make me feel good and not worry about outside opinions ya know (doesn’t work at times but a lot of times it can). So however you want to express yourself it’s okay. Something someone says about you or a friend or your dog isn’t about that specific thing, it’s about them and their own view of the world and how things should be. And we’re all different so we’re all gonna have different outlooks. What they think you should do may not be what you think you should do about a situation or what to wear to an event or the best way to approach that person you like.. etc. idk this really doesn’t have a point and I’m just typing as I think but.. remember ppl look through different eyes and remember to look through your own and find what works best for you and it could be wearing a yellow wig, over lining your lips, investing in equipment to efficiently stream you playing your favorite games, or entering a spoken word contest even tho you’ve only written one poem before. Idk we’re only here for a short period of time and I just want you to do and be whatever makes you smile a little bit or lose yourself in. But yeah thank you for always being kind to me and sharing that kindness and love with others as well. seriously love you all