i really like this coat

i cant believe the lego batman movie cured my depression

Just imagine Sherlock ambushing Molly for a cuddle because his mind is racing so much and he can’t take it. Cuddling with Molly, burying his head in that space between her shoulder and neck, enveloping his arms around her waist, tangling his legs with hers, blocking the world by sinking in her comfortable embrace - he had discovered that this is how he could let his mind calm down.

Imagine Molly running her hands in his curls, soothing away tangles, knots, confusion and pain. 

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  • Godstiel: Bow down and profess your love unto me, or be destroyed
  • Dean: ....Um...noo
  • Sam: Just say it, he didn't say we have to mean it
  • Dean: Yeah, but still
  • Bobby: He'll kill all of us! Ya idjit, Sam included. Just say it
  • Dean: Can't I just make a demon deal?
  • Godstiel: Omg, no you can't. Just tell me you love me
  • Dean: No, am not saying it. I already made you a fucking friendship bracelet, what more do you want?
  • Godstiel: For. you. to. profess. your. love. unto. me
  • Sam: Can I do it for him?
  • Godstiel: No, it's literally just three words Dean. Just say it
  • Dean: Well then....I....Guess you'll have to kill us all
  • Bobby: Or just him. Just kill him. I personally love you
  • Sam: More than I've ever loved anything
  • Godstiel: See how easy it is Dean?!
  • Dean: ...I.... really like your coat
  • Godstiel: Omg

While I have my costume analysis brain on, Bioware has actually done a good, logical design: The flight/shipsuits. I think that this may be a Bioware first.

They appear to be inspired from a blend of bikersuits and protective work gear and good ol’ uniforms, these are actual garments that would be completely feasible to be widely worn in a space exploration setting. Padded and fitted with a high neck they’re neat and functional with a high level of protection when if things go awry. Appropriate for the myriad jobs and scenarios that any individual may find themselves in whilst being uniform. Colours and panelling denote role and status. And there are logical fastenings. All while sitting in that Mass Effect Aesthetic.

Bonus! The ladies don’t seem to have faux-wedgies/-cameltoe via crazy panelling and I think they may be bum-window free. Good job, Bioware.

“You can remove my handcuffs now, Ed.”

The tall man smirks, looming over the former ‘king’ of Gotham like a cat that’s discovered a very small, very irresistible rodent in its food bowl. He shakes his head once and pushes his cane beneath Oswald’s chin. “I think I like you better this way, Mr. Penguin.”

For you, my problematic fav, as requested.


Here’s my boy Silver/Sel next, I really wanted to revamp him and… he turned much cuter with his bright yellow coat than I expected. D: He really looks like a young kid. (Don’t be fooled he’s not as young as he looks lol)